Shirakawasunaunixist: I'm just thinking of packages that trigger module rebuilds after the get installed - there's some system, for which I don't remember the name, that finds all installed kernels and builds the module for them00:00
notfadssssssseric^^: kk00:02
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EriC^^notfadsssssss: ok, sudo apt-get install pastebinit00:02
EriC^^notfadsssssss: sudo parted -l | pastebinit00:03
unixistShirakawasuna: DKMS looks interesting, but it happens client-side. I was hoping that ubuntu/debian/fedora/centos etc. would have mechanisms for identifying a package that must be built against the latest version of the kernel when it gets revisioned00:04
notfadssssssseric^^: _> I'm writing an out-of-tree kernel module that I want to make available in at least ubuntu's repo. Since a module must be built against the same kernel version that is currently running, how do I go about ensuring that the module gets built against all versions of the kernel that are available in ubuntu's repo?00:04
notfadssssssseric^^: oops00:05
unixistShirakawasuna: So that it would happen server-side and be made available as a new package version in apt, for example00:05
notfadssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9643034/00:05
Shirakawasunaunixist: Oh sorry, I don't know anything about that00:05
ObiwantjeBashing-om, Jordan_U --> 3.16.7-031607-generic <--- It worked!00:05
Obiwantjethanks so much guys00:05
Shirakawasunaunixist: there's a channel called #ubuntu-kernel, maybe they'll be helpful!00:06
unixistShirakawasuna: sweet, thanks00:06
Bashing-omObiwantje: Good things do happen. Jordan_U said it would work !00:07
ObiwantjeI am totally back in business00:07
Obiwantjewhat a great achievement00:08
Bashing-omEriC^^: notfadsssssss Now we have that 'sda' appear ! .. so what is the deal ?00:08
Obiwantjethanks once again - and no doubt I will be back soon with more silly issues00:08
notfadsssssssbashing-om: I did a cmos bios reset last night00:08
Shirakawasunaha, figured it out00:09
Bashing-omObiwantje: Pleased to help, I too learned a bit .00:09
Shirakawasunafor whatever reason, the package python-cairo was one from saucy and wasn't upgrading, had to force remove it and reinstall the trusty version00:09
Bashing-omnotfadsssssss: So recon that reset the bus controllers ?00:09
notfadsssssssbashing-om: removing the battery on board? yup. had to go to #hardware and stuff00:10
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Bashing-omnotfadsssssss: Had the thought, just not the certainty to say so .. we live and learn .00:11
notfadsssssssbashing-om: oh i could be wrong, I am just making an educated guess since thats the only variable that had been changed to cause the reaction?00:14
EriC^^notfadsssssss: try sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt00:14
notfadssssssseric^^: kk00:14
EriC^^notfadsssssss: sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/boot/efi00:15
k2gremlinHello all, I am trying to setup a perl script and when I run "perl Makefile.PY" it tells me, Can't open perl script "Makefile.py": No such file or directory00:15
EriC^^notfadsssssss: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done00:15
EriC^^k2gremlin: linux is case-sensitive00:16
EriC^^and .py is python00:16
notfadssssssseric^^: kk00:16
k2gremlintrying to setup a squid analyzer..00:17
k2gremlininstall guide says..00:17
k2gremlinperl Makefile.PL00:17
k2gremlinmake install00:17
RNevilleI'm trying to set up sounds in hexchat running under Ubuntu 14.04, have no idea how to get sounds into machine00:17
k2gremlinSo is Python not working right?00:17
EriC^^notfadsssssss: sudo chroot /mnt00:17
RNevilleapparently, no default sound files!00:18
EriC^^k2gremlin: you're typing makefile.py00:18
notfadssssssseric^^: kk00:18
k2gremlinEriC^^, Yes00:18
EriC^^k2gremlin: it's Makefile.pl00:18
k2gremlinyep shoot me now... must be tired.00:18
k2gremlinThanks EriC^^00:19
EriC^^k2gremlin: no problem00:19
EriC^^notfadsssssss: grub-install --recheck /dev/sdb00:19
guest_RNeville why not use xhcat?00:19
k2gremlinEriC^^, Still not working lol00:20
EriC^^k2gremlin: Makefile.PL maybe?00:20
k2gremlintried all different sorts of upper and lower00:20
EriC^^k2gremlin: what's it say?00:20
notfadssssssseric^^: no errors reported00:21
k2gremlinEriC^^, http://pastebin.com/8Q1GNJBU00:21
EriC^^notfadsssssss: ok, update-grub00:21
k2gremlinTried with sudo as well00:21
k2gremlinno go00:21
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notfadssssssseric^^: kk00:21
EriC^^k2gremlin: is it in your home dir? type ls00:22
EriC^^notfadsssssss: efibootmgr -v00:22
k2gremlinEriC^^, 1 sec.. was in wrong dir. its working now :P00:22
notfadssssssseric^^: pastebinit?00:22
EriC^^notfadsssssss: yeah00:22
RNevilleguest_: don't want to pay for xchat - if I had more funds I would be glad too!00:22
guest_RNeville, you don't have to pay for it. its as free as hexchat. just grab it from the software centre00:23
jeniahello. Is ubuntu compiled for i7?00:23
k1lboth xchat and hexchat are free on ubuntu. hexchat is the successor of xchat00:23
RNevilledidn't know xchat was free!00:24
theadminjenia: i7? As in, Intel Core i7? You don't have to compile for a particular processor... Just grab the AMD64 version00:24
k1ljenia: its build for all PC cpus00:24
notfadssssssseric^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9643101/00:24
theadminRNeville: It's free on UNIX, but not on Windows00:24
squintyRNeville:  if you are talking windows side then use ychat (xchat revised)00:24
RNevillewhich is better, or which, I should say, is better for a newbie to irc00:24
k1lguest_: RNeville hexchat is the successor of xchat. so better use hexchat00:24
notfadssssssseric^^: thats interesting ...00:24
MrWinnerHello All00:25
RNevilletheadmin: whow , I really learned something, thx00:25
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guest_k1l, i just threw xchat out there as he was having trouble getting hexchat to work00:25
RNevilletheadmin: I'm on Ubuntu 14.0400:25
EriC^^notfadsssssss: what is?00:25
theadminRNeville: The reason was that Windows is a proper pain when you want to compile some software using unix stuff (like GTK), so the developer has to deal with tons of trouble just to get it working.00:25
iceroot_jenia: no, ubuntu is build for i686 or /amd64 but not for specic cpus inside these architectures00:25
theadminRNeville: But yeah, on Ubuntu it's free00:26
RNevilleStill no default sounds to use with hexchat, though, any ideas?00:26
pupilRNeville: use pidgin00:26
notfadssssssseric^^: seems wrong does it not? boot order00:26
Guest49171if same games is available on windows as well as on ubuntu does it use same amount of resources on either os or one is better? or it depends on particular game?00:26
bazhanghexchat is free on windows theadmin00:26
RNevilletheadmin: very informative, thx, again00:26
daftykinsGuest49171: down to the game.00:26
iceroot_Guest49171: depends on the implementation00:26
theadminbazhang: I know, I'm using it. I'm talking about XChat though.00:26
iceroot_Guest49171: opengl, directx, driver and so on00:27
jeniaokay. thnaks00:27
EriC^^notfadsssssss: hmm, ubuntu is first on the list, the rest of the entries were deleted in the cmos reset00:27
EriC^^notfadsssssss: is your ram from another pc or custom installed or something?00:27
EriC^^notfadsssssss: any additions, etc?00:27
notfadssssssseric^^ the whole thing is custom installed00:27
EriC^^notfadsssssss: ok, there's a guy who said he installed the ram as instructed by ASUS but the MSI suggested a different order, and that solved his cann't find required map name error00:28
theadminGuest49171: Please change nickname. Also, yeah, basically. I find that VALVe titles, such as Half-Life 2 or Team Fortress 2 or Portal work better on Ubuntu for one.00:28
theadminGuest49171: But some other games work better on Windows00:28
EriC^^notfadsssssss: intel recommends pressing on exit, then reset bios to defaults, power off server and unplug it from the outlet for 20 seconds then plug it back in00:28
notfadssssssseric^^: Additions? idk whats native and added after the fact.... that is interesting00:28
EriC^^notfadsssssss: but i guess resetting the cmos is pretty much the same?00:29
notfadssssssseric^^: yup it would be consdiered a hard reset taking out the battery00:29
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daftykins'hard reset' is not the term for removing the CMOS battery at all :)00:29
EriC^^notfadsssssss: try to switch the order of the ram maybe00:30
EriC^^notfadsssssss: what do you think?00:30
notfadssssssseric^^: i dont know enough about ram and order of things ~ I have 24gb in there....12x2gb sticks so I wouldnt know where to begin00:31
notfadssssssseric^^: it was very cheap 5$ per I got a guy who does hardware updates for companies and for 10% their new bill they give him old hardware00:32
iceroot_notfadsssssss: 12x2gb sounds like a server setup, they normally want ECC ram and have special requirenments00:33
notfadssssssseric^^: there all ecc00:33
notfadssssssseric^^: and there all the same ram nothing different00:34
monkeyjuicenotfadsssssss:  are there four memory slots, your using 2 of  them, it might matter what ones your using ,00:36
notfadssssssseric^^: it is a server :P but that shouldnt prohibit any action different from a pc... there are 12 slots00:36
notfadssssssseric^^: 6 for each00:37
monkeyjuiceoh ;)00:37
notfadssssssseric^^: got a steal on the setup00:37
EriC^^notfadsssssss: oh ok00:37
notfadssssssseric^^: hey if your ever in the tri-state I got a guy lol :P00:37
EriC^^notfadsssssss: is it a msi board?00:37
daftykinsit always matters which slots the RAM is in00:37
betternicknamei have usb headset but after plugging in i have to go to settings and set it as default, is it possible to make it automatically default so it would be redefaulted once i plug it in?00:38
notfadssssssseric^^: eric^^: Intel® Server Board S5520HC00:38
RNevilledon't mean to spam, but need to ask again, how do I get sounds into my Ubuntu install?00:38
betternicknamenot sure but i guess i would have to redefault it everytime i reboot system00:38
RNevilleI have no default sounds in Hexchat to set as defaults00:38
k1lRNeville: what do you mean?00:38
RNevilleWhen I browser to set default sounds for notices in Hexchat, I find I have no default sounds installed to set00:39
RNevilleHope this makes sense00:39
k1ljust choose some soundfiles00:40
EriC^^notfadsssssss: ok, type exit, then restart00:40
chocnotfadsssss: have you fixed your raid issue?00:40
notfadssssssseric^^: kk00:41
k1lRNeville: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152508000:42
notfadsssssssiceroot_: sorry I thought eric said that.00:42
chocnotfadsssss: have you fix your raid issue?00:44
RNevillek1l: thx00:44
notfadssssssschoc: I wish00:44
notfadssssssschoc: efi shenanigans? idk how to classify it correctly anymore00:45
JNixxAnyone know of a good replacement for OneNote on Ubuntu?00:45
daftykinsonenote is just a text editor on steroids practically, i'm not sure how you can't repeat that functionality00:46
EriC^^notfadsssssss: i think it's a hardware issue00:46
notfadssssssseric^^: i think it MIGHT be the raid controller tbh but I dont know enough I am use to the perc system by dell, not this current one00:47
EriC^^notfadsssssss: intel recommend to remove all ram but one dimm00:47
notfadssssssseric^^: tried lol ><00:47
EriC^^they also say all processors but one00:48
RNevilleany help finding where hexchat folder is on my ubuntu install would be appreciated00:48
EriC^^notfadsssssss: also it says if you press f2 you can change quiet boot to disabled and it'll be more verbose00:48
notfadssssssseric^^: already did that ;\00:49
EriC^^notfadsssssss: are there any extra add-ins you can remove?00:50
Steve_Jobslooking to monitor my ubuntu server with some VMs00:50
EriC^^just need the board one dimm and the drive00:50
Steve_Jobswas going to set up pushbullet notifications00:50
EriC^^get to the efi shell and try map -r00:50
notfadssssssseric^^: kk00:50
Steve_Jobscan anyone suggest an OSS project?00:50
grilled-cheesebekks: so the solution to my earlier problem turned out to be switching back to zfs sharenfs from /etc/exports, then changing the zfs inheritacl property to passthrough00:52
EriC^^notfadsssssss: maybe update the firmware?00:52
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grilled-cheesethat was painful, but it's good now00:52
notfadssssssseric^^: oh i tried alot of stuff like that days ago lol00:53
notfadssssssseric^^: eric^^: fs0 blk0 blk1 hd48f0b             but remeber the live cd is still there00:53
EriC^^notfadsssssss: try boot dump -v00:57
notfadssssssseric^^: boot is not recognized?00:57
sacrosanticanyone knows of an app from ubuntu centre that works the same as ms publisher?00:58
EriC^^notfadsssssss: bcfg boot dump -v00:58
notfadssssssseric^^: bcfg unrecognized00:59
EriC^^notfadsssssss: do you have another drive around01:00
EriC^^notfadsssssss: it sees the flash drive no problem, it wont see the drive, drive is mounted fine though from the live usb01:01
mietekI’m looking for some help with Upstart "start on socket"01:01
EriC^^kind of odd01:01
mietekWith initd, there is a "nowait" option01:01
mietekWith systemd, there is an "Accept=true" option01:02
mietekHow do you do the same with upstart?01:02
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notfadssssssseric^^: might be a bad raid contrtoller tbh i am kinda out of ideas since it DID work with windows server01:03
AlphaTechHow would I make my own telnet slideshow similar to the one at towel.blinkenlights.nl?01:03
RNevillewhen your new to an os everything is difficult01:03
EriC^^notfadsssssss: try mount blk1 efi1:01:04
RNevilleI can't even locate the Hexhat folder01:04
EriC^^notfadsssssss: i wonder why there's blk0 and blk1, the live usb only has 1 partition01:04
RNevilleI know it should be under my home directory, then under user01:04
bazhangRNeville, .hidden folder01:04
RNevillebazhang: can I ask why it would be a hidden file?01:05
bazhangthats the norm RNeville01:05
EriC^^notfadsssssss: i meant, mount blk1 efi101:05
notfadssssssseric^^: succes - force file system to mount      map efi1: 0x169   map: invale sname efi101:05
k1lfor better reading of the users eyes01:05
notfadssssssseric^^: arg kk trying that01:05
notfadssssssseric^^: efl1 : removeable block device - alias blk101:06
EriC^^notfadsssssss: try efi1:01:06
notfadssssssseriv^^: kk im there01:07
EriC^^notfadsssssss: ok, try ls01:08
EriC^^is it the live usb?01:08
notfadssssssseric^^:  ls/dir: no dir found01:08
EriC^^notfadsssssss: windows was working, you deleted the partitions, then used the ubuntu installer to make the new ones?01:11
notfadssssssseric^^: no just rewrote the full disk01:12
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EriC^^notfadsssssss: you selected the erase everything and install ubuntu?01:12
notfadssssssseric^^: yup01:12
taaclbcI have a problem that I can't seem to figure out01:14
EriC^^notfadsssssss: try typing exit01:15
EriC^^what happens?01:15
taaclbcI just installed Xubuntu 14.04.1, chose English language for the installation,01:15
notfadsssssssit exits >.>01:15
EriC^^what do you get?01:15
taaclbcthen once installed, added another language (which worked fine)01:15
notfadssssssseric^^: blank black screen01:15
taaclbchowever when I tried to put the secondary language on top of the list in gnome-language-selector, it crashed01:16
taaclbcwith an org.freedesktop.Accounts.Error.PermissionDenied exception01:16
rnetuserHey question: is there a way to get bandwidth usage of a single process? Something similar to time except for network io?01:16
taaclbcI looked it up, but most launchpad entries say it has been fixed01:17
taaclbcI did an update && upgrade, to no avail01:18
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taaclbcI don't know much about Ubuntu (yet) and I'm not sure which permission is being denied01:19
notfadssssssstaaclbc: add sudo infront of command?01:19
choctaaclbc: http://askubuntu.com/questions/149876/how-can-i-install-one-language-by-command-line01:20
EriC^^notfadsssssss: try to boot to the efi shell01:20
taaclbcnotfadsssssss, wouldn't that just set the secondary language for root ?01:21
taaclbcchoc, thanks, looking it up01:21
taaclbcchoc, this page explains how to install language support (which is good) but I could already do that ; the graphical language selector hangs when *choosing* the preferred language01:24
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notfadssssssseric^^: kk there01:24
notfadssssssseriv^^: i think the raid controller has to be at fault tbh01:25
grilled-cheesewho do you report spam PM messages to on freenode?01:26
OerHeksgrilled-cheese, join #ubuntu-ops please01:27
Sa[i]nTThe ignore command.01:27
k1lgrilled-cheese: #freenode or if the user is in here in #ubuntu-ops01:27
neldogzHi all, my ubuntu 14.10 system booted to a black screen with only the mouse cursor visible after manually removing the proprietary Nvidia drivers using the --uninstall option at the end of the script file provided by Nvidia. Has anyone here run into this problem?01:30
notfadsssssssneldogz: nomodeset01:30
neldogznotfadsssssss: grub?01:31
guest_how would you change the splash screen?01:31
notfadsssssssneldogz: have you booted it before? or is this initial installl reboot?01:31
neldogznotfadsssssss: i upgraded from 14.04 to 14.10 and tried the newest driver from Nvidia, but theres a bug where at times the screen flickers.. so i removed it and now this.. It booted fine after the install.01:32
notfadsssssssneldogz: and yes in grub01:33
neldogznotfadsssssss: will give that a try now01:33
daftykinsneldogz: pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:33
notfadsssssss^^listen to him01:33
Niko_Master /server irc.rizon.net01:36
neldogzdaftykins: the problem is i cant even get to a terminal.. all i have is a black screen and a cursor01:36
neldogzi am going to try recovery mode01:36
rnetuserThoughts anyone on monitoring the bandwidth usage of a single process? Perferably something like `time` except which reports net stats versus wall/sys clock01:37
taaclbcmy problem is only 5 years old01:37
daftykinstaaclbc: ah, brand new then01:37
taaclbcdaftykins, I'm a sucker for antiques01:38
neldogzdaftykins: ssh is not enabled on this system.. But using recovery mode i was able to drop into a terminal. Reviewing the Xorg.0.log file i can see an error: Failed tl load module glx01:40
daftykinsneldogz: pastebin the file if you can, picking and choosing won't be accurate enough01:40
neldogzdaftykins: ok will try01:41
notfadssssssseric^^: kk im doing to sleep for now I go and see my buddy tomorrow I will let you know tomorrow what ends up happening!01:41
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taaclbcw t h01:45
taaclbcjust created another user and tried to set it to prefer a secondary language01:46
taaclbcand it works01:46
* taaclbc is even more stumped01:46
taaclbc...and now it works for the first user O_o01:47
taaclbcok, problem... er... solved ?01:47
daftykinswell, all's well that ends well.01:47
taaclbcthat made no sense to me01:47
daftykinslogging out and in was probably all you needed, then01:47
taaclbcI didn't log out !01:48
taaclbcI just locked the session and opened another with my second user01:48
daftykinsoh. nevermind then!01:48
taaclbcthen came back and POOF it works01:48
taaclbcit's not just Windows that's voodoo computing ;-)01:49
mybitdoes anyone have any idea why /bin/login -f would be spawning bash processes that take up 100% of the cpu? im running ubuntu 14.04 on an odroid c101:49
mybiti straced the pid of this bash process that is taking up 100% cpu and it is this http://pastebin.com/W36Q0yhj01:50
daftykinsARM v7 toy, oh dear - #ubuntu-arm ? :)01:50
mybitdaftykins: thanks ididn't know there was that channel01:51
daftykinsi didn't even know there was an appropriate ARM build01:51
neldogzdaftykins: i was able to fix it by dropping into a terminal in recovery mode then installing nvidia-current. Then followed this article: http://askubuntu.com/questions/17381/unity-doesnt-load-no-launcher-no-dash-appears01:52
daftykinsthat'll be the ghetto nvidia-304 then01:52
daftykinsi don't need a guide on how to do that :)01:52
daftykinsreading the log would've stated a clear path concluding in that01:53
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terakilobyteHello, sorry to bother. I'm a volunteer at a non-profit website and was wondering if I could talk to someone about how I'd create an ISO of ubuntu that's set up for fullstack javascript web development. The idea is to remove the initial setup of a development environment and give users an option to download the image and run it in a VM01:59
daftykinsterakilobyte: why not install and set it up once, then zip and share virtualbox disk images?02:00
daftykinsif you're going to have people virtualise, why not remove a step? :)02:01
rsullyyeah, otherwise the ISO makes sense for livecds maybe?02:01
terakilobytewell, I didn't want to necessarily tie someone to virtual box, but more just have a preconfigured image that they could use in any VM02:01
terakilobyteor am I misunderstanding?02:01
Stanley00terakilobyte: here you are https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization :302:01
rsullywell, virtualbox is pretty ubiquitous02:01
daftykinsi don't see what's wrong with providing images to a free virtualisation technology02:01
daftykinsi see your point, but why make someone install at all :)02:02
daftykinsanyway not to worry, both options catered for. NEXT!02:02
terakilobyteThanks, appreciate it!02:02
Sa[i]nTJust set up a barebones ubuntu in a vm, build the environment you want like it yours, terakilobyte, copy+paste02:03
rsullyStanley00 is it supported to create a live image of ubuntu server?02:04
Stanley00rsully: well, it should work with any live Ubuntu cd02:04
daftykinsthese days i would just drop some money on digitalocean and spin up a VPS ;)02:04
tewardrsully: i don't believe there's a 'live' server image out there, but keep in mind that 'server' running lie is a little interesting for your question, you're better off spinning up a VPS or a VM02:04
rsullyI am inspired by smartos - I want to customize a server installation and be able to build it to an image, plug in a USB drive to my server and have it boot and run in ram02:05
rsullyall persistent storage would be in separate volumes that the server would mount02:06
daftykinsrsully: you realise that sounds just like a persistent live session? :>02:07
rsullydon't persistant live sessions write to the usb disk for persistence?02:07
daftykinsyeah on a partition02:07
rsullyyeah this is nothing like that :p02:07
rsullywell it is kind of02:08
rsullybut its for a server02:08
tewardrsully: but, why?02:08
daftykinsi genuinely can't think of a situation where you would ever want to do that02:08
tewardrsully: i can understand this if you need a temporary testing environment, but the 'server' stuff is not designed to be persistent02:08
tewardrsully: therefore, what's the situation you would need this for?02:08
tewardrsully: if you're simply looking for a portable, usable-anywhere server environment, virtual machines work wonders02:08
rsullyno one moment, writing it up :p02:09
* teward yawns02:09
rsullyI would be able to customize an image that I know has a working state. If something breaks I just boot the old image, if I want to upgrade I create a new image and reboot onto it. Same concept as SmartOS: https://youtube.com/watch?v=ieGWbo94geE02:09
rsullythe server would boot with my customizations (kvm, zfs, etc.) and mount my ZFS storage pools and load configuration as necessary (e.g. root ssh key, network config) from the storage pool02:10
daftykinsor you could disk image backups regularly :)02:11
daftykinsor snapshot with virt tech02:11
rsullyI really like the ideas in the video there, I suggest you take a look if you're interested02:11
linman32hi, i am using 14.10 and have audio problems. youtube audio works, but video audio doesn't work02:11
linman32can anyone please help?02:12
rsullyI know there are other ways to do it like real backups, etc.. but then I'm wasting HDDs for my host OS, and upgrades that could mess up system files are much harder to roll back from (especially if I'm not using ZFS as my root filesystem for OS)02:12
daftykinsdoesn't sound appropriate for servers to me02:12
rsullydaftykins my argument is pretty much just paraphrasing some of that video :/ I really think this is a good way to run my system02:13
=== lrx is now known as Guest70390
daftykinsgood stuff02:14
linman32i mean to say that running avi files, the audio doesn't work. online video/audio works02:14
daftykinssounds like codecs02:14
Stanley00...or video player problems02:15
linman32both vlc and "Videos" app don't play audio on avi file02:16
blackangelprhi there02:20
=== zz_saschpe is now known as saschpe
blackangelprmachiel, !cn02:21
blackangelprmachiel wo pu shi tao02:21
Stanley00blackangelpr: lol02:21
=== alan_ is now known as Guest8848
blackangelprit means i dont understand i was not joking just in case :P02:22
linman32how do i try reinstalling linux codecs. there might be an audio codec problem02:23
OerHeksnote the dvd part, css script to unlock dvd media02:24
d1str0Hey guys, I have a machine with only 4 SATA ports. I have 3 SATA HDDs, 1 SSD, and a SATA DVD drive. My goal is to install Ubuntu on the SSD, from disk (DVD). Then, when I'm installed, unplug the DVD drive and plug in all three HDDs02:29
d1str0So I installed it on the SSD, but now when I try and boot with the HDDs connected, Ubuntu's boot takes forever02:29
d1str0It's 14.10 desktop 64-bit02:29
d1str0I get to Starting configure network device, and then it hangs.02:29
d1str0Is there any way to get it to skip whatever it's doing right now?02:29
tewardd1str0: it means that it's trying to verify network settings or get them from dhcp - you will have to wait for that prompt to finish, I believe02:31
d1str0teward: sorry, wasn't clear, it already said [OK] to that02:32
d1str0But it isn't saying what it's doing next02:33
d1str0it's been going for 5+ minutes02:33
d1str0teward: do you know what it's doing next?02:37
tewardd1str0: not without seeing dmesg output or watching the whole list of things happening at boot (by default that's suppressed by the splash screen)02:37
tewarderm, meant boot log data, not dmesg02:37
d1str0Stopping cold plug devices, stopping log initial device creation, starting configure network device [OK].02:38
d1str0All are OK up to that point02:38
d1str0I could take a screenshot if that helps?02:38
d1str0I have a feeling it's trying to do something with these new HDDs02:39
d1str0which I don't need it to do at this point. :P02:39
bradley23228whats a good budget video card? just set up dual monitors and my GeForce 210 is at 80%02:40
thequietonehello! does anyone know where I can find the latest drivers for Intel Bay Trail integrated graphics?02:40
mojtabaHi, I have bought a new laptop. Do you know how can I transfer my programs and their settings to the new one? (Some of them can not be installed with apt-get like truecrypt.)02:40
d1str0teward: I'm going to try and run GParted on them and partition them to something easy to digest. Hopefully that will make it easier for ubuntu to boot02:41
tewardd1str0: probably won't...02:42
d1str0well they are really old and haven't been used in a while02:44
d1str0can't hurt can it?02:44
codepython777anyone has a recommendation for a usb gps that will work with ubuntu?02:46
taaclbcthanks guys02:49
taaclbcand good luck to all those with unresolved issues02:49
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Ma__Anybody familiar wtih LTSP?02:55
Alencar_23Boa Noite galera!!02:57
mojtabaHi, I have bought a new laptop. Do you know how can I transfer my programs and their settings to the new one? (Some of them can not be installed with apt-get like truecrypt.)02:59
daftykinsmojtaba: disk image it over. as long as it's the same processor architecture it'll boot fine03:07
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ViperSixo hai03:11
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pb_#join zwiebelfreunde03:20
ConnyIve been trying to mount some windows-shares from 14.10 lately, using mount -t cifs with correct credentials i get mount error 5, input output error03:22
monkeyofbrassHey guys was hoping someone could assist me in getting audio working on ubuntu 14.0403:23
monkeyofbrassin alsamixer my card is HDA intel PCH03:24
monkeyofbrassRealtek ALC66803:24
ConnyAfter some googling, it have some similarities as the kernel-bug https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kernel-team/2014-September/048751.html . But this bug is closed in kernel 3.16. Any one else having this CIFS-issues03:24
function9xmonkeyofbrass: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-driver/+bug/136372803:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1363728 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "[N550JK, Realtek ALC668, Speaker, Internal] No sound at all" [Undecided,New]03:25
monkeyofbrassfunction9x, so it appears that its a bug?03:27
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chochi, how to upgrade old ubuntu server 7 to latest?03:37
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | choc, but clean install to LTS is a better idea03:38
ubottuchoc, but clean install to LTS is a better idea: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades03:38
danishanishhey guys, i need some help. im trying to get ubuntu on a hard drive03:42
danishanishwhich has a partition03:42
danishanishbut i get a root file system check failed error03:42
danishanishim using windows now.03:42
danishanishwhat do?03:42
function9xwhich fs did you select?03:43
bubbasauresdanishanish, this a wubi install?03:43
IAmFreedomanybody here have a xchat license key i could use?03:43
danishanishthis is live 14.0403:43
danishanishnot using wubi03:43
bubbasauresIAmFreedom, no key needed in linux and no piracy here.03:43
Stanley00IAmFreedom: for window? switch to hexchat then03:43
function9xIAmFreedom: is xchat still going? I thought they stop developing on that app????03:44
IAmFreedomHexChat don't work as good as xChat though03:44
cfhowlettIAmFreedom, license key?  xchat HAS no license key.03:44
Stanley00IAmFreedom: then don't use window, and this channel is not for xchat or window, so I'll stop here03:45
bubbasauresdanishanish, If you're doing a manual install root mount is /03:45
bubbasauresformat the partition with the installer if there03:46
EriC^^danishanish: when do you get this error?03:46
happyfr0ggHow do I get iTunes running on Ubuntu?03:47
cfhowlett!itunes | happyfr0gg,03:47
ubottuhappyfr0gg,: itunes is not available on Linux, but there are many audio player alternatives (see !players). For Daap clients (sharing music with other iTunes clients on the network), install banshee03:47
function9xhappyfr0gg: wine03:47
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happyfr0ggI got an iPad for Christmas and need to transfer a CSV file of contacts to my iPad.03:48
daftykinshappyfr0gg: i don't think it's going to happen03:48
cfhowletthappyfr0gg, email the file to yourself.  open the email on Ipad03:48
daftykins^that's a good idea03:49
daftykinsor use dropbox etc.03:49
happyfr0ggcfhowlett - I will try that.03:49
erasmusUbuntu sucks ass.03:50
erasmusyou do an update and then you can't use your system at all.03:51
cfhowlett!ops | erasmus profanity, trolling03:51
ubottuerasmus profanity, trolling: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang03:51
bynariewhy dont you like ubuntu03:51
erasmusfuck you cfhowlett03:51
erasmusI don't like it cause I do an update and then cannot get bck into the system.03:51
bynarieok.. whats wrong we can try to help you03:51
Tm_Terasmus: either behave nicely or leave03:51
erasmusit puts me into this stupid blue screen where I cannot even load gnome03:51
bynariecan you get into terminal?03:51
erasmusTm_T fuck you too brah03:51
cfhowlettbynarie, don't feed ...03:51
bynariehm.. ok03:52
* cfhowlett sends a beer to the ops in gratitude for their vigilance03:52
Tm_Tit seems sometimes people just want to vent in here03:52
daftykinsthat they do03:52
l0rdkermitany av/malware software suggestions?04:08
l0rdkermitpoked around on the web.. a couple free ones it seems04:08
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cfhowlett!clamav | l0max04:11
cfhowlettl0rdkermit, ^^^04:11
Stanley00l0rdkermit: the best outthere I know for you is yourself, just install all thing from repos, and don't run anything else is enough :304:12
cfhowlett!antiviruus | l0rdkermit04:12
somsip!virus | l0rdkermit04:12
ubottul0rdkermit: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus04:12
l0rdkermityeah i gathered linux is a rather virus free media... its my nature to be paranoid :P04:13
cfhowlettl0rdkermit, no one would claim "virus FREE" ... and just cuz you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.04:14
l0rdkermitsry... virus free = relative04:14
l0rdkermithehe... i know they're out to get me... my rice crispies tell me so04:15
mojtabadaftykins: you mean both should be 64bit?04:18
daftykinsmojtaba: if your old install was 64-bit then if both processors are x86-64 that's fine yeah.04:19
daftykinsmojtaba: in fact clonezilla the disk from one to the other, you might have to remove graphics drivers if the hardware has changed though04:20
mojtabadaftykins: How should I remove that? (my current system is Dell Studio 1555, my newer one is Thinkpad T440S)04:21
daftykinsremove what?04:21
mojtabadaftykins: graphic drivers04:21
daftykinssorry i'm not going to look up the specs for you :) what've you done with the new one so far? have you booted a live session?04:22
daftykinsif you find out what graphics hardware each uses that'd be a good start04:22
nightdemon666i have a question, why does empathy suck and not let me log into freenode with my nick and password, but if i do it via webchat.freenode.net over web browser, I have no problems? :-(04:33
motushello somebody to speak in spanish?04:33
somsip!es | motus04:34
ubottumotus: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:34
motusok muchas gracias ubottu soy nuevo en ubunto,me cambie hace unos minutos04:35
ilhamithis bot knows nothing. :-D04:42
whoeverilhami: what are you tring to do04:43
OerHekstry !find or !info <whatever04:43
ilhamiI want to find out if there is a package for phps composer, the dependency manager04:43
collosicAnyone willing to help me out with, what I believe are, RAM issues?04:44
choc!find heaven04:44
ubottuFile heaven found in crossfire-maps, crossfire-maps-small, freeorion-data, lmms-common, openclipart2-png, openclipart2-svg, openlugaru-data, picon-users, ubuntu-gnome-wallpapers-trusty, ubuntu-gnome-wallpapers-utopic (and 2 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=heaven&mode=&suite=utopic&arch=any04:44
chocno, it doesnt work04:44
daftykins!details | collosic04:44
ubottucollosic: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)04:44
somsipchoc: what are you looking for?04:45
collosicAm I allowed to link to a screen shot of my free -k?04:45
cfhowlett!paste | collosic,04:45
ubottucollosic,: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:45
collosicI seem to not be using all of my ram04:45
daftykinscollosic: an image of text? that's not really all that bright :)04:45
collosicI have a total of 8 gigs of ram, but when I add up my used and free its not coming out right04:46
somsip!linuxatemyram | collosic04:46
daftykinscollosic: www.linuxatemyram.com04:46
collosicI'm either not certain how free displays the output or something is wrong here04:46
somsipcollosic: have a read - it explains how ram is displayed http://www.linuxatemyram.com/04:46
whoeverilhami: nope https://github.com/composer/composer/blob/master/README.md04:47
collosicthanks guys04:47
ilhamiwhoever: :/04:47
daftykinscollosic: and yeah, "command | pastebinit" would be good in future ;)04:47
collosicI'll remember to use that next time, appreciate all the help04:47
whoeverilhami: you can add a ppa, if it will make you fell better or write your own script04:48
ilhamiwhoever: I should. :-)04:48
OerHekscollosic, 8192 - 256 videocard onboard?04:48
ilhamiI might do it.. but not right now.04:48
ilhamiwhoever: please remind me later.04:49
whoeverilhami: remind you to write a pkg ?04:50
collosicOerheks: that's correct04:50
whoeverilhami: all you gotta do is though the commands to a script , change the header on te file and call it  a day04:51
whoeverilhami: what are you do django ? other then that i don't see much of a use for it04:51
ilhamiwhoever: composer is for php.04:51
whoeverilhami: yes but it manages on a per proj bases04:52
pg172can anyone tell me how to get netgear wna3100 to work in 14.0.4 lts04:52
whoeverilhami: so i assume your not doing straight php04:53
ilhamiwhoever: what do you mean by straight?04:53
somsipilhami: you started out asking for advice on installing composer. What is it you really need to know?04:54
pg172i need help with netgear wireless adapter04:56
whoeverilhami: using it as  server side code on a web server04:57
daftykins!details | pg17204:57
ubottupg172: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)04:57
pg172my problem is that have  a netgear n300 wireless adapter and I need drivers  for ubuntu 14.0.4 to use it04:58
daftykinspg172: yes. work out what chipset it's really using, plug it in and run "lsusb" if it's USB, or "lspci" if it's an internal card05:02
whoeversomsip: ah, for all we know he is trolling now , first he wanted to know if there was a pkg  for it, then after i told him there wasn't and said he could write his own , I then asked him if he was doing something like django  since it manages on per proj. bases05:02
pg172ok i will find it05:03
somsipwhoever: that's why I asked a direct question. The query seemed to be going nowhere. Anyway, the responding silence is golden05:03
whoeversomsip: and how is it gloden, annoying yes, golden not sure05:04
somsipwhoever: if he was trolling, he's gone.05:04
whoeversomsip: for all we know, he is now in #webdev asking about php now05:05
somsipwhoever: not our problem, and end of thread for me.05:05
whoeversomsip: that or he went to sleep05:05
pg172ok its a usb with a BCM43231KFBG chipset05:05
somsip!bcm | pg17205:06
ubottupg172: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx05:06
OerHeksmight be available in additional drivers05:06
pg172its not ive checked05:07
pg172when i installed this with ndisgtk it detects my wifi but websites dont load05:08
daftykinsndiswrapper is not a wise idea05:08
daftykinsonly in extreme circumstances should it be considered05:09
daftykinsbecause you're wrapping a driver from an OS it wasn't designed for05:09
daftykinswhich to any of us that understand tech, screams "OH MY DEAR TUX WHY!?"05:09
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pg172how do I install the drivers then05:10
daftykinsdid you read the above broadcom driver link?05:10
pg172yes and i did this but I get a wifi problem like i said where the wifi work for a little but then doesnot not work05:11
TheTopBlokevery carefully05:11
whoeverpg172: i think it in the networking pkg05:12
TheTopBlokegot logs?05:12
whoeverpg172: are you using dhcp05:12
whoeverpg172: when did it stop working05:13
daftykinspg172: actually you only said you needed a driver05:13
daftykinsnothing about getting it working but then it playing up05:13
TheTopBloketry not using dhcp.05:13
pg172ok thanks05:14
ilhamihow can I remove something from $PATH?05:14
somsipilhami: redeclare it without 'something'05:15
bynarieilhami, do you have path varabile in bashrc?05:15
ilhamibynarie: let me check.05:15
ax562I believe i need some help05:16
ilhamibynarie: I do05:16
ax562Just installed 12.04 lts 64bit on a laptop with windows 8.105:16
ilhamiexport PATH="$PATH:$HOME/.rvm/bin"05:16
ilhamionly this though05:17
whoeverilhami: unset05:17
ax562I resized internal hd and installed on 250gb space05:17
whoeverilhami: unset <var>05:17
TheTopBlokeand then?05:18
ilhamithe path will be removed when I restart right?05:18
ilhamithe things I added to it05:18
ax562Now Im not getting boot options05:18
whoeverilhami: after issue05:18
ilhamilet me reboot. brb05:18
TheTopBlokeWin 8 was on their first? And it was the only OS on there?05:18
ax562Just goes straight into ubuntu05:18
whoeverilhami: no05:18
ilhamiwhoever: it wont?05:19
whoeverilhami: you do not need to reboot , what are you thinking05:19
ilhamiok let me show you my path05:19
TheTopBlokeYeah, I haven't done it in a while, but Google is your friend. Try ubuntu dual boot or windows 8 dual boot and there should be plenty of info on it.05:19
ilhamioh its gone now05:19
whoeverilhami: export path=<some/path>05:19
ax562But i have a few  other partitions on hd05:19
whoeverunset path05:19
toad_I got a problem.  I changed my ownership on my /etc/sudoers and sudoers.p folders to my main user profile and cannot change them back to root ownership05:19
TheTopBlokeMy guess is that it is going to be the win8 boot loader05:19
ilhamiwhoever: already gone when I opened another terminal05:19
toad_am I hosed?05:20
daftykinswhoever: are you skateboarding again? it's facepalm :D05:20
ilhamiok what I want is....05:20
imbezoltoad_: reboot into recovery mode05:20
daftykins!recovery | toad_05:21
ubottutoad_: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode05:21
toad_did that05:21
imbezoltoad_: start a root shell05:21
imbezoltoad_: "mount -o remount,rw /"05:21
toad_I did that imbezol05:21
TheTopBlokeso, your new owner does not have no privelege?05:21
whoeverden9ie: yes i am key surfing :-d05:21
imbezolfix the permissions05:21
imbezoltoad_: then reboot05:21
ilhamiI moved composer.phar to the bin but I dont want to type the .phar all the time.. how would I achive that?05:21
ilhamiI just want to type composer05:21
somsipilhami: rename it to composer05:21
toad_I am trying to dd an image05:22
toad_and what I get is this05:22
ilhamisomsip: ok.05:22
ax562So google is the answer?05:22
whoeversymlink alias05:22
toad_dd: opening ‘/dev/sda’: Permission denied05:22
toad_then when I try and do a sudo05:22
ilhamiI think symlinking is better than renaming it05:22
somsipwhoever: composer is happy being on path and slf-updating correctly. Maybe best not to get too complicated...05:22
TheTopBlokeYeah dual boot. It's not uncommon. there should be plenty of info on it, I have done it several times, just haven't done it in a long long time05:22
TheTopBlokeIts fairly easy, simply RTFM05:22
toad_sudo: /etc/sudoers is owned by uid 1000, should be 005:22
whoeversomsip: yes but for whatever reason exported then wanted to remove it05:23
whoeveri have no idea what he is actualy tring to achieve05:23
ilhamiwhoever: I did try to add it to path but it failed.05:23
imbezoltoad_: do the root recovery as mentioned and "chown root:root /etc/sudoers"05:23
somsipwhoever: I'm answering his questions though I'm not sure what mess he's making. That's his issue05:23
imbezoltoad_: you can also do a "chmod 440 /etc/sudoers" while you're there05:24
whoeversomsip: same here05:24
toad_k...I will try that again.05:24
whoeverilhami: how did you export and why do you think it faild05:24
ilhamiso ln -s path/to/file /path/to/symlink?05:24
toad_I will do all that05:24
whoeverilhami: its eather that or transpose the two paths :-)05:25
somsipilhami: where did you save it to? What path?05:25
ilhami/usr/bin/ I moved it from home05:25
ilhamiso it works when I just type composer.phar now05:25
whoeverilhami: curious how new are you to *nix05:25
ilhamiwhoever: not that new. but I forget stuff sometimes.05:26
somsipilhami: rename it as composer if you're doing that. It'll be less confusing for you maybe05:26
ilhamiI want the best solution.05:26
ilhaminot whats easy.05:26
ilhamibest practice is?05:26
whoeverilhami: how long have you been using a terminal consistantly05:26
ilhamiI use a terminal everyday. but I mostly use it for vim05:26
somsipilhami: then put it in /usr/local/composer, create a symlink from /usr/local/bin/composer to /usr/local/bin/composer/composer.phar and add /usr/local/bin to path05:26
imbezoli think /usr/local/bin is in $PATH by default in ubuntu05:27
somsipilhami: tidiest is not always "best" if you don't know what you're doing. I'm out05:27
whoeverexporrt e=path/to/some/dir then add the same line to ~/.bashrc05:28
ilhamisomsip: I understood what you wrote there.. but it seems like a silly solution.05:28
ilhamianyway get out of here.05:28
ilhamiwhoever's solution seems better. thanks05:28
whoeverilhami: from what you have told us there is about 3 ways to solve the same issue05:28
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imbezolilhami: if it's just your user that will need to execute composer, leave it whereever you've installed it, and make an alias to run it05:29
ilhamiwell yeah but I want best practice. I dont think moving the file to /usr/bin was a good idea in  the first place.05:29
ilhamilet me move it back05:30
imbezolilhami: edit your .bashrc and do... alias composer='/path/to/composer.phar'05:30
ilhamiimbezol: great!05:30
ilhamiseems even better.05:30
ilhamithank you.05:30
imbezolyou'll have to logout and back in or run ". .bashrc" in any terminal you have open to pull in the alias05:31
whoeverilhami: i hate to brake it to you but that was suggested right after you asked about export05:31
ilhamiwhoever: I may have missed it on my 10inch screen. :-D05:31
whoeverimbezol: he could source it05:31
imbezolwhoever: . and source are the same05:31
chuwhoever: Yeah ". ~/.bashrc" is a sourcing05:31
cfhowlett!cn | machiel05:33
ubottumachiel: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:33
ilhamiso I had to logout and login?05:33
whoeverimbezol: ya but i thaught you said .bashrc but to source you could . .bashrc05:33
machielYou are chinese?05:34
whoeverimbezol: ah, i missed that first . in your post05:34
machielWhere are you?05:34
ilhamiI am in Denmark05:34
somsip!ot | machiel05:34
ubottumachiel: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:34
chuilhami: Or run "source ~/.bashrc" from a terminal.05:34
cfhowlettmachiel, this is ubuntu support.  pretty sure, we're all on planet earth.  ask your ubuntu questions.05:35
ilhamichu: thanks05:36
ilhamiworks smoothly now!05:36
whoeverilhami: we still don't know your end game , it would help so we arn't just thouging out shit that may work05:36
machieloh .it's my honor to comminicate with you05:36
ilhamiwhat do you mean my end game?05:36
chuwhoever: Please watch your language in #ubuntu channels.05:36
whoeverchu: sorry05:36
ilhamimy goal was to make composer available without having to refer to the full path. Nothing else. and the alias command worked fin05:37
machieloh ,amazing!05:37
ilhamilol machiel05:37
whoeverilhami: the end goal, your are striving for here, so we arn't all giving you just answers that may work , when there is a "best" awser for a given end solultion05:37
ilhamihard to type on these small buttons heh05:38
whoeverilhami: well attach a real monitor to your netboo-05:41
ilhamiI am in my bed atm. the time is 06.41am and I still havent got any sleep.05:41
ilhamiand it's cold. cant get outta bed right now.05:41
cfhowlett!ot | ilhami,05:42
ubottuilhami,: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:42
whoeverilhami: nothing like nix sweet nothings in the AM to wake up :-)05:43
ilhamiwhoever: I didnt understand that sentence. Can you rephrase that?05:43
whoeverilhami: nevermind it then, it would be to difficult to explain then05:44
ilhamianyway I hear that Adobe is not updating Flash player more for Linux, is that right? SO what do we do now? Do we need some alternative like pepperflash?05:45
ilhamior what its called05:45
whoeverilhami: nope remove it, you don't need it at all05:46
ilhamiremove what?05:46
TheTopBlokeagreed. kill it.05:46
whoeveryou will just get a warming on flash content, and you tell it to play05:46
ilhamiyeah I have that warning now05:46
whoeverilhami: click the link above the one that says "check for update "05:47
ilhamiso how will I remove it? sudo apt-get purge flash-plugin? :-D05:47
ilhamiI cant use something that is not getting updated anymore. It's silly.05:48
ilhamiit's a security risk.05:48
whoeversudo fdisk /dev/sda  d 1 w05:49
whoeversudo reboot05:49
ilhamisda is where grub is. why would I remove grub? :S05:49
whoeverso you can install windlws 1005:50
ilhamiand install a keylogger at the same time?05:50
sheapI have a fresh install of 14.04 but I can't install python-dev because libc6 (2.19-0ubuntu6.3) is what the dependency chain wants, but (2.19-0ubuntu6.4) is the version currently installed... how could that happen?05:50
ilhamiI hate Windows corporation.05:50
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daftykinsthat's not even its' name05:51
ilhamiwhatever it is05:51
daftykinsnow check your comments about Windows at the door when coming in here, it's childish05:51
null_______Why does pkcon exist!?!!?05:51
ilhamidaftykins: it's childish to hate a company and what they stand for?05:52
ilhamiwell if you like paying for software then go ahead.05:52
whoeverilhami: he is still secretly in the closet about his windows desirse :-)05:53
ilhamiwhoever: are you from Spain? desirse? is that a Spanish word? :-D05:53
ilhamior you mean desire05:53
whoeveryes the second one05:54
ilhamiwell windows does have some OK products like Visual Studio(not the installer). They are decent but I mean they are not worth he money.05:54
whoeveraparently some peeps hate it when you speak the truth of  a large corperaction that fails at their own product production and now sells branded hardware05:54
whoeverilhami: there are a few different ide's you could use05:55
ilhamiwell I have heard of Mono development as an alternative to .NET.05:56
ilhamiI guess Mono is the name of the framework. Not sure.05:56
whoeverya it is singuler05:56
ilhamibut of course it wont work as well as native stuff.05:57
whoeverilhami: you could use vim instad of visual studios as a psudo ide05:57
ilhamiwhoever: yeah you could.05:57
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:57
lickalotthey guys, whats the package name for the 32bit libraries?05:57
ilhamii386 :-D05:58
kg_anybody has issue with f12 boot key in Toshiba05:58
ilhamilickalott: not sure though. you may need to get it confirmed05:58
daftykinskg_: issue with it? sounds like a question for toshiba, not us05:58
whoeverkg_: whats it doing05:58
kg_well, i can't seem to boot from usb05:58
kg_before, I just press f12 when the computer is booted to find the booting device05:59
kg_now it doesn't seem to show the menu05:59
whoeverkg_: are you sure you don't need to enable anything in bios05:59
kg_bios is f205:59
kg_but nothing happens when i press f2 neither05:59
ilhamikg_: you can also change those settings in bios itself.05:59
whoeverkg_: is  your usb bootable05:59
whoeverilhami: i just told him that06:00
hoverflowHello, does anyone has problems with wirless connection when installed Ubuntu on MacBook Air? I have a problem. the internet is always gone regularly for 1 min. or so and back again. It doesnt disconnect from the router or anything. only there is no internet for 1 min. and back again.06:00
kg_it's bootable though06:00
whoeverkg_: is f12 recognised during boot when you press it, maybe your not pressing it at the right spot06:01
lickalottlol...i was just on that site.  thanks ilhami!  For some reason i didn't think it was going to be that easy to google.06:01
prakash99trying to push Android 5.0.2 factory image on my Nexus 7 and my terminal is stuck on "sending 'boot' (5152 KB)" for a while06:01
prakash99how long is normal06:02
daftykinsprakash99: that's not even vaguely an ubuntu support question.06:02
ilhamiprakash99: doesn't seem relevant in this channel.06:02
prakash99I was using the terminal in ubuntu so I thought I would ask here ...06:02
prakash99I will seek a different channel06:03
whoeverprakash99: wrong channel for that, try #android  and 5-10 min06:03
prakash99and I apologize again06:03
ilhamior #android-dev06:03
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daftykinsprakash99: if i had a fire and i was using a bucket to carry water, would i go to the bucket company to ask how long it'd take to put the fire out?06:03
ilhamidaftykins: you are a bit cheeky.06:03
ilhamiGuest70338: nick what?06:03
daftykinssimply highlighting how peeps need to use their head a bit more.06:04
ilhamidont give the guy a bad experience.06:04
whoeverilhami: he's grumpy his windows 10 won't boot up in less than a day and a half :-p06:04
ilhamilet people feel good when they come here and leave.06:04
ilhamiwhoever: :-D lets not start a smear campaign against each other.06:05
zuzup(zuzup) Running ubuntu 14.04; Geforce 108m gt 525m; nvidia driver 340.29; built-in laptop lcd monitor (1366x768) and 24" NEC (1920x1080) on vga port. Have trouble with detecting both monitors successfully06:05
whoeverB-) some peeps just need to smile06:05
ilhamiwhoever: exactly!06:05
ilhamiaaah hardware issues are always tougher.06:06
ilhamidriver availability is not always good on Linux dists.06:06
daftykinsilhami: keep your comments to yourself.06:07
daftykinsat least i stay on topic :)06:07
whoeverlickalott: xradr06:07
whoeverzuzup: xrandr06:07
ilhamidaftykins: what comments should I keep to myself?06:07
Bushmastergreetings all, i am looking for a software under ubuntu package repository, the software for converting mp4 to mp3, anyone knows any good one?06:07
daftykinsilhami: all of them.06:07
ilhamidaftykins: and why so? did I lie?06:07
zuzupOk. I'll get the output06:07
daftykins!ot | ilhami06:08
ubottuilhami: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:08
ilhamithat wasn't even off topic. It was related to the guys problem.06:08
ilhamiwas just poiting out it could be a driver issue.06:08
whoeverzuzup: and what do you mean you can't detect both monitors06:08
daftykinshmm, ok clearly you're not an english speaker / very bright.06:09
ilhamidaftykins: ah now the arrogance pops up :)06:09
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ilhamistarting to shine like the sun.06:09
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zuzupNvidia-settings doesn't show 2 monitors so that i can configure them06:09
daftykinsnah that was the guy talking about Windows in a Linux channel :D06:09
zuzupBoth are being painted06:09
zuzupBut the lcd builtin is just a corrupted screen06:10
whoeverzuzup: what do you get xrandr06:10
zuzup@whoever Pastebin?06:10
whoeverzuzup: yes bpaste.net06:10
ilhamidaftykins: just stop it.06:11
hoverflowBushmaster: try pacpl tool06:11
Bushmasteri did under ubuntu but it does not work hoverflow  it comes with some kind of error messages but i do not have the copy of the error message06:11
gourerror mounting /dev/sda5 at /media/gour/SONG_MOVIES: Command-line `mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=0077,fmask=0177" "/dev/sda5" "/media/gour/SONG_MOVIES"' exited with non-zero exit status 14: The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).06:12
daftykinsilhami: stop highlighting me. you are not an op.06:12
gourwhy this type of error is occuring frequently what is the permanent solution for this06:12
whoeverilhami: type /ignore daftykins06:13
zuzup@whoever link aove06:13
gourhello any pone to help me to overcome this problem ?06:13
gourerror mounting /dev/sda5 at /media/gour/SONG_MOVIES: Command-line `mount -t "ntfs" -o "uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000,dmask=0077,fmask=0177" "/dev/sda5" "/media/gour/SONG_MOVIES"' exited with non-zero exit status 14: The disk contains an unclean file system (0, 0).06:14
hoverflowBushmaster: soundconverter ?06:14
whoeverzuzup: what do you mean "they are not both detected "06:14
Bushmasterhoverflow,  i can try, is it on ubuntu repository?06:14
daftykinsgour: sounds like it was dealt with, with Windows and wasn't shutdown properly - chkdsk it from Windows if possible.06:14
zuzupWell, although the position etc are right, they are not being painted properly06:14
hoverflowBushmaster: yes06:14
zuzupLike, i cannot move my mouse from the left to right monitor06:15
Bushmasterthere is a guy here talking about windows, very weird06:15
gourfrom windows?06:15
whoeverzuzup: so both monitors are one , what do they both show the same thing  or different06:15
daftykinsgour: yeah if that's an option06:16
zuzupThe bigger one is fine06:16
zuzupBut when i, say, open the all launcher by hitting the windows/super key is painted in a fragmented manner on my lcd monitor06:17
zuzupWhere as the launcher is expected to show up on the bigger monitor06:18
whoeverzuzup: what happens when your mirror them06:18
zuzupWhich is to the left with position 0 006:18
whoeverdoes it still happen06:18
frustroso handbrake.06:19
zuzupIf i turn off the lcd things are fine. But i want it on. Invent tried mirroring because i want a higher res on my larger monitor06:19
frustroI have a dvd9,06:19
zuzupI havent*06:20
frustrowant to turn each chapter into a separate vid.06:20
frustrohow to do that?06:20
whoeverzuzup: its zuzup xrandr --output LVDS1 --same-as VGA106:20
frustrotbh it's a music dvd06:20
zuzupI'll give it a try06:20
frustrownat to rip each chapter into a separate file06:21
whoeverfrustro: use something like vobcopy or dvdbackup ... easier to script and saves time06:24
frustrowhoever, I have the dvd9 in vob format,06:24
frustroit's music vid dvd06:25
frustrowant eack sont as a separate mp4  or whateve06:25
frustrowow. each song as a separate video file06:25
whoeverfreanux: soundconverter06:25
whoeverand import the disc, make your output format selection and select output path06:26
whoeverall customers satisfied ... well most06:28
frustronot so much06:29
machielhow are you06:32
daftykinsmachiel: support questions only in here, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic06:34
frustrohmm, seems that handbrake does more that it says it does in the gui.  looks lite it will rip the title intoe separate tracks.06:34
whoever*everyone google will solve most or all problems *06:35
whoever*everyone google will solve most or all problems*06:35
machielI'm sorry, my english is poor06:35
zuzup@whoever, here's how it looks when I try to move one window to the other after running xrandr06:35
zuzupYou can see how the remaining part of the window appears elsewhere, not immediately to the right if the larger screen. Further, it didn't mirror.06:38
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zuzupI've edited the image to get rid of my reflection in the lcd monitor, but need assured that there wasn't anything there. Just plain black06:40
lotuspsychjegood morning06:40
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zuzup@whoever any suggestion?06:43
lotuspsychjezuzup: whats your issue mate?06:45
emmazuzup: on IRC it is not customary to put @ in front of someone's name and might even make it less likely they see you.06:46
emmazuzup: most IRC clients will highlight the name alone.06:46
zuzupOhhh... I see. lotuspsychje and whoever, I've sent an image link on imgur of how my screen looks when i move one window to another06:48
lotuspsychjezuzup: can you re-paste plz i just joined06:49
zuzupThanks emma btw06:49
zuzupBriefly lotuspsychje06:50
zuzup(zuzup) (zuzup) Running ubuntu 14.04; Geforce 108m gt 525m; nvidia driver 340.29; built-in laptop lcd monitor (1366x768) and 24" NEC (1920x1080) on vga port. Have trouble with detecting both monitors successfully06:50
lotuspsychje!xrandr | zuzup06:50
ubottuzuzup: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1206:50
lotuspsychjezuzup: did you check screen options, maybe change to mirror?06:50
zuzupYes the image is after running  xrandr --output LVDS1 --same-as VGA106:52
lotuspsychjezuzup: maybe xrandr --auto ?06:52
zuzupubottu I'll check that06:52
ubottuzuzup: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:52
zuzupubottu haha, very funny06:53
ubottuzuzup: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:53
lotuspsychjezuzup: or check nvidia setting tool06:53
zuzupI did lotuspsychje06:53
zuzupThe second monitor is not at all showing up06:53
zuzupAll that does up is xscreen006:53
zuzupWith a virtual resolution if 3280x1080 something06:54
zuzupI guess its sum of my horizontal resolution x108006:54
lotuspsychjezuzup: think xrandr can solve this but not sure howto06:54
lotuspsychjeMosalut: welcome06:55
zuzupI ran arandr and generated xrandr command and tried that too06:55
zuzupDoesn't work lotuspsychje06:55
lotuspsychjezuzup: grafix drivers of laptop installed correctly too?06:56
Mosalutps command cannot found06:56
lotuspsychjeMosalut: what are you trying to get work?06:56
zuzupYes, dropped to tty1, stopped lightdm and installed from rep06:56
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lotuspsychjezuzup: did you try mirror screens both? see what it does?06:57
zuzupI guess graphics driver is fine. I think I'm having trouble with configuring it06:57
zuzupFrom "Displays"?06:57
lotuspsychjezuzup: yes06:57
zuzupI'll try06:57
lotuspsychjezuzup: maybe folling around might help you find the issue06:58
Mosalutoh! shit! cause xshell disconneted lotuspsychie thanks06:58
Mosalutthank how to start a server in ubuntu06:59
lotuspsychje!server | Mosalut06:59
ubottuMosalut: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server06:59
zuzupActually, i do not want to mirror. But I tried and ofcourse both displays work. Resolution is both skewed and screwed06:59
lotuspsychjezuzup: check your logs maybe it will show you some errors07:00
lotuspsychjezuzup: xorg, syslog,dmesg log07:00
zuzupAlright. I'll do that07:00
zuzupI'll check back in tomorrow with that information07:00
lotuspsychjezuzup: kk good luck07:01
zuzupAnd will do around in the meantime07:01
zuzupThanks lotuspsychje07:01
Mosalutthank you07:03
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MosalutThe program 'server' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:07:17
Mosalutapt-get install rsplib-legacy-wrappers07:17
Mosalutit's awfaul!07:18
Mosaluthow can I start a server without rsplib-legacy-wrappers07:18
whitehat-hackerare u sure u don't want07:19
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whitehat-hackerif u hack governor and turnn to botnet just see07:20
whitehat-hackerthey gun you07:20
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bazhangwhitehat-hacker, not here07:20
whitehat-hackerget mepis.org07:20
whitehat-hackerif u love debian07:20
whitehat-hackeris stupid07:20
whitehat-hackerAstaraOS is latest package07:21
bazhangwhitehat-hacker, offtopic, please stop07:21
whitehat-hackerdebian or linux get their source from freebsd07:21
whitehat-hackereven gentoo07:21
whitehat-hackeri already told u bazhang07:21
whitehat-hackerare u a chinese07:22
whitehat-hackeru should support Us07:22
bazhangwhitehat-hacker, dont start here again07:22
whitehat-hackernot this fucker gay ubuntu07:22
whitehat-hackercome to #hackerzone07:22
nopnopubuntu good07:22
Ilhamilet me make the popcorn ready.07:22
Ilhamiwhy bazhang? :d07:22
bazhanglets stop that Ilhami07:22
Ilhamiok ok .07:22
aaaaa45551hi, im switching to ubuntu on my laptop, and we all probably know that nvidia optimus probably does not work well on it, and my laptop which is a thinkpad t420s thankfully gives a option to either use optimus, or use integrated intel or use nvidia. im wondering which works better on linux, the nvidia or intel? the nvidia is more powerful but are the drivers OK?07:26
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-prime | aaaaa4555107:28
ubottuaaaaa45551: nvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.6.7 (utopic), package size 11 kB, installed size 102 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)07:28
Mosalutit's said07:28
ararobaaaaa45551: I run open source intel drivers on my laptop and they work great.07:28
Mosalutserver is deprecate07:29
Mosalutsuggest me use rspserver07:29
Mosalutbut rspserver echo some data and not go on07:29
lotuspsychjeMosalut: keep this channel free for ubuntu support please07:30
Mosalutyes I do it on ubuntu07:30
lotuspsychjeMosalut: if you have a question ask it, dont flood the channel with your steps07:30
jdzielnyhi there.  is there any way when installing Ubuntu Desktop 14.04.1 to set up encrypted LVM as the install config?07:31
jdzielnyIt seems to not be present07:31
MosalutI am going to type it in one line07:31
aaaaa45551so your experiences on intel drivers are good, i have never used intel graphics on linux, only AMD or desktop NVIDIA, so no intel experience, so you who have, intel drivers work ok on linux? no performance issues etc?07:31
lotuspsychjeaaaaa45551: for optimus cards to work, you need nvidia-prime07:31
aaaaa45551since i would be fine with intel probably because i really dont do anything heavy on a laptop, thats what i have my desktop for07:31
ararobaaaaa45551: they should work fine, i even play some games on it, works fine. I have GM45 chipset which is abit older though. what chipset you have?07:32
aaaaa45551lotuspsychje: does that mean its needed even when running only the nvidia one, my laptop has the option of using optimus, or using the integrated only or using the nvidia only and im choosing between using the nvidia only or intel only07:32
lotuspsychjeaaaaa45551: if your system had an optimus card, why would you use less grafix?07:33
aaaaa45551ararob: QM67 is my chipset07:33
aaaaa45551lotuspsychje: idk, if optimus works fine i could use that too, so should i try your option then?07:34
lotuspsychjeaaaaa45551: if you sure your nvidia is an optimus card, yes install nvidia-prime07:35
aaaaa45551well its quite likely an optimus card since nvidia lists as optimus supported and my laptop has "NVIDIA optimus" option on bios and it uses intel integrated for mosts tasks on windows and for heavier things it uses nvidia07:35
aaaaa45551so, nvidia optimus has been getting better on linux then and nvidia-prime is worth a try?07:37
lotuspsychjeaaaaa45551: nvidia-prime is the driver you need for optimus cards07:38
aaaaa45551sooo, are you saying the CARD will use "nvidia-prime", but does it then switch between intel and nvidia, or is it that optimus does not work but if i use nvidia only i use the nvidia-prime driver or what are you meaning now, does the optimus technology work on linux with that or not, i didnt quite get it now07:39
jdzielnynvm, got it07:40
lotuspsychjeaaaaa45551: your system has 3 grafix ways, your optimus card and your onboard intel cpu/gpu card right?07:41
aaaaa45551bios lets me choose: optimus (switching between intel and nvidia), nvidia only, intel only07:42
lotuspsychjeaaaaa45551: so, to have full use of your optimus nvidia on ubuntu you need to install nvidia-prime package otherwise it wont work07:42
lotuspsychjeaaaaa45551: nvidia only07:42
aaaaa45551so you are saying to use nvidia only and then use that driver, its the one for this card, and i will not have switching between intel and nvidia but have the better nvidia in use?07:43
lotuspsychjeaaaaa45551: indeed07:43
aaaaa45551alright sounds like a worth of try too although i dont get the switching between intel and nvidia but its not that important after all anyway07:43
aaaaa45551well im going to go switch to nvidia only and going to install it, have my usb ready already07:44
lotuspsychjeaaaaa45551: np07:44
delthaving trouble compiling dbus stuff...07:58
deltbunch of undefined references: listen.c:(.text+0xb9): undefined reference to `dbus_bus_get'07:59
delttrying to compile a simple dbus example07:59
deltcommand line i'm using to compile: gcc `pkg-config --libs --cflags dbus-1 glib-2.0 dbus-glib-1` listen.c -o listen08:01
delt[pts/20][user@laptop]:~/phobos/dbustest$ strings /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libdbus-glib-1.so.2.2.2 | grep -i dbus_bus_get08:02
delti don't get it08:02
Peace-hi there i have a  sdb: unknown partition table , connectin the hdd with 152d:2509 JMicron Technology Corp. / JMicron USA Technology Corp. JMS539 SuperSpeed SATA II 3.0G Bridge08:04
Peace-btw i can't format the hdd because i have in that hdd windows 808:04
jdzielnyHi everyone.  I'm setting up Ubuntu Desktop 14.04, and it completed installation, but I got an "unhandleable error" when I tried to update it, now it says "read only file system"08:04
vocxjdzielny, I encountered a similar problem, but I was installing in a virtual machine with nothing important. I ended up reinstalling.08:18
zeleninaale šupy po ránu08:25
cableLinson did you try to google that issue?08:26
White_CatSh3r1ff hello, you around?08:33
eightballDuplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ trusty/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_trusty_  how to fix?08:34
dreamonhello. I'm having sound issue. sound comes only if plug in a external speaker on laptop, there is no internal sound. and it jumps to intel00 hda instead ad88908:35
dreamonhello. I'm having sound issue. sound comes only if plug in a external speaker on laptop, there is no internal sound. and it jumps to intel hda, instead ad889 realteak08:36
dreamonits a notebook Acer aspire 5935g08:36
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: i am08:37
steph_steph has joined ubuntu08:37
emmawhat's the most likely reason that sound would work in vlc with alsa but not in any other apps?08:38
White_Cat_[2014-12-29, 17:28:32] <Sh3r1ff> White_Cat: if i read your guide, you first need to add a efi partition08:38
White_Cat_how can I do that?08:38
White_Cat_create an efi partition I mean08:39
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat: did you try to follow the guide?08:39
White_Cat_I imagine I need to resize a partition to make room for the efi partition08:39
White_Cat_well yes and the guides first step is where I am stuck08:39
White_Cat_I try to sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt08:40
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat_: you booted from the live cd right?08:40
Sh3r1ffuse gparted to create the extra partition08:40
White_Cat_one question though08:43
eightballDuplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ trusty/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_trusty_  how to fix?08:43
White_Cat_Sh3r1ff in the example the first partition sda1's start changes08:44
White_Cat_so am I supposed to add sda3 in front of it?08:44
damnmei need fix a problem in update system08:44
damnmesudo apt-get -f install08:44
damnme[sudo] password for damnme:08:44
damnmeReading package lists... Done08:44
damnmeBuilding dependency tree08:44
damnmeReading state information... Done08:44
damnmeThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:08:44
unopastedamnme you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted08:44
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat_: yes08:45
Trudkohi guys can anybody help me with performance issues. i am running folding home at ubuntu but eventhough i am running it at medium level I have problem to even scroll smoothly. I have installed proprietary drivers (at least I think I did) for GPU (AMD) not sure what else i should do08:46
White_Cat_Sh3r1ff my disk is a bit different. I have my first partition of unknown filesystem (its possibly gpt) with a size of 512k08:46
White_Cat_this may be for the raid08:46
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat_: can you paste the output of fdisk -l?08:46
White_Cat_ah I can pastebin08:46
blackyboyWhich software can do a incremental backup in ubuntu server, I want to do incremental backup from my ubuntu server to Amazon s3, i have tried with backup gem but it's gives lot of problem. Any other software which can provide tar incremental to s3 ?08:47
=== brian is now known as Guest7294
Roryblackyboy: duplicity might be what you're looking for http://superuser.com/a/288273/8285908:48
damnmehow to fix this problem08:48
Rorydamnme: There's no actual errors there, but if you like you can remove the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sources.list.save.108:49
blackyboyRory: ok let me try08:49
Roryblackyboy: I've not ever used it myself, mind08:49
jsheldonI know i've done this before, but I can't seem to figure it out.  Does anyone know how to add a launchpad PPA from the command line?08:50
skaojsheldon: add-apt-repository ppa:...08:52
eightballDuplicate sources help?08:52
=== whowantstolivef2 is now known as whowantstolivefo
Rory!details | eightball08:53
ubottueightball: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)08:53
eightballDuplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ trusty/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_trusty_partner_binary-i386_Packages)08:53
eightballrory that08:53
zambai'm looking for tools to monitor system temperature.. what can be used for that?08:54
whowantstolivefoi use ubuntu 14.10 LTS and i need my monitor screen size get to 1900 * 1050 resolution, but in Display app there is no this resolution, how i will do that manually ?08:54
zambacpu and motherboard08:54
=== lubuntu is now known as Guest21699
skaozamba: are you looking for a real monitoring solution or would a call on console help that you could execute from time to time?08:55
zambaskao: the latter is fine just now08:56
zambai just need to confirm the temperature08:56
skaozamba: try out sensors then08:56
jsheldonskao: thanks.  i was trying to install the pidgin-developers repository, and they for some inexplicable reason want you to download a .deb file to do that when it's one line on the command line.08:56
White_Cat_Sh3r1ff is that helpful?08:56
jsheldonskao: i now have the latest pidgin :-)  woot!08:57
francihey! i need a little help with printing of file lines. i would like to print file from third to the end except the last three lines. can you please help me? i was trying with sed, but there's a problem because i don't know how to tell the command the number of lines minus three...08:59
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat_: seems to me that the 512k partition you need is already there08:59
White_Cat_its a raid 509:00
White_Cat_would that be raid used stuff?09:00
White_Cat_raid uses first few sectors IIRC09:00
White_Cat_512k is kind of large for that I have to admit09:00
White_Cat_its possibly the bios/legacy boot stuff maybe09:00
White_Cat_is there a way i can check?09:01
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat_: just read the guide and it needs a 512mb partition09:01
Sh3r1ffso i would create the partition before sda209:01
White_Cat_okay so I need to shrink sda2 from its front by that much?09:01
franciplz help09:02
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat_: yes09:02
Sh3r1ffnormally gparted let's you do that without much hastle09:03
eightballi fix it thanks09:04
White_Cat_Sh3r1ff free space preceeding field is disabled09:04
White_Cat_I tried resizing09:04
nikisfranci: print, as in, to your screen, I assume?09:04
damnmehi-how to fix this problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9644480/09:05
White_Cat_I am trying to resize sda209:05
francinikis: yes for now, then i will use > to redirect output to file09:05
White_Cat_Sh3r1ff sorry for asking mundaine quesitons but I am not faimilar with the boot stuff09:05
Name141Anyone know a decent mail client that works well with gmail ?09:05
White_Cat_I wouldnt mess with it if I didnt have to :(09:05
Name141I guess not really a specific ubuntu question though..09:05
bazhangName141, thunderbird, pretty much all of them09:06
Name141bazhang: Did thunderbird pick back up development ?09:07
Name141as in being updated agian ?09:07
bazhangName141, check with their community, its in the repos09:07
White_Cat_Sh3r1ff the options seems disabled09:11
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat_: are you sure the disk is not mounted?09:11
White_Cat_I can edit the new size and space following fields09:11
White_Cat_it may be mounted09:11
White_Cat_how can I check09:12
White_Cat_let me google09:13
White_Cat_its telling me unmount command not found09:16
ShirakawasunaI messed up my locale somehow and can't figure out how to fix it. Running locale shows this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9644504/ . I want them to all be set to en_US.UTF-8. If I export values directly in the terminal, everything is fine. Nothing else I've tried has worked, however - running locale-gen en_US.UTF-8 over and over again or dpkg-reconfigure locales09:16
Shirakawasunaall of the google results say to do those last two things, but for whatever reason, it does not affect the output of "locale"09:17
feurdWhite_Cat_: I think it's 'umount', not 'unount'09:17
Shirakawasunaand as a result, I get locale errors when logging in and whenever I run e.g. apt-get ("perl: warning: Setting locale failed.")09:17
ShirakawasunaAny ideas?09:17
nikisfranci: hm, you might want to combine sed and head in this case. sed -n '3,$p' will get you the the line starting from 3 until the end of document, and head -n -3 should strip the last 3 lines. It probably can be done with sed by itself, but I don't really know how at the moment.09:20
White_Cat_ah yes09:20
damnmehi-how to fix this problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9644480/09:20
nikis(and this way will likely be easier, albeit possibly adding a slight overhead (which is only really troublesome if you are processing huge files), heh)09:21
flux242he should use head and tail actually, but he's gone09:22
White_Cat_dang gparted is taking a while09:23
White_Cat_it wasnt kidding09:23
eightballhelp how to install https://get.popcorntime.io/build/Popcorn-Time-0.3.6-Linux32.tar.xz09:26
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat_: you are able to resize it?09:27
flux242skipping 3 first and last lines: for i in {1..10}; do echo $i; done | tail -n +4 | head -n -409:29
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=== luis_ is now known as MadurDotdCoru
damnmehow to fix this problem:http://paste.ubuntu.com/9644594/09:44
White_Cat_Sh3r1ff yes its resizing right now09:47
White_Cat_its saying 34-36 hours but I think its being incorrect09:47
White_Cat_since there is only something like 250gb of data09:47
Sh3r1ffWhite_Cat_: i hope for you it's windows time calculation :p09:49
White_Cat_its jumping back and forth so I imagine so09:49
White_Cat_its just resizing 512mb so probably moving all data 512mb equavalent sectors to the right09:50
White_Cat_it had something like 250gb of data so it shouldnt be overly lengthy in time I imagine09:51
White_Cat_then again I have quite an imagination09:51
jarocześć mam problem czy wie ktoś czemu na linux studio cały czas wywala mi sieć wifi??10:03
jarowykryło mi poprawnie połączenie 3g i właśnie z niego klikam ale nie moge przełączyć sie na wifi10:04
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=== White_Cat_ is now known as White_Cat
Hayroalayınızın   bacısını sikim10:21
reggie-manIs Steam best installed with PlayOnLinux or winetricks?10:22
leonidreggie-man: Why not install from Ubuntu Software Center?10:23
reggie-manOh, I have, but I need the Windows version as well for Windows-only games on Steam, leonid.10:24
leonidOh, ic10:24
reggie-manI wish Steam would support Wine.10:25
nimix000Hi ! Qualche italiano ?10:25
Fuchsnimix000: vai a #ubuntu-it10:26
=== Alphakarem is now known as Massrawy
jarohello i have big problem ( my wifi not work ) im i see wifi i write password  and click connect the wifi conect and disconet a five secends my english is not verry well and this is a frist instalation of linux studio in my comp acer aspire one d10:29
jaroi have big problem ( my wifi not work ) im i see wifi i write password  and click connect the wifi conect and disconet a five secends my english is not verry well and this is a frist instalation of linux studio in my comp acer aspire one d... but my modem 3g in my comp work ok10:39
=== tcpman is now known as Guest4269
jimmmHey, im trying to get ubuntu to run correctly, i have installed ubuntu to a pen drive, when i boot it, half my screen is cut off (the display is shifted to the right), adjusting settings on my monitor doesnt help (i can shift the screen to the left a little but not enough to get the whole monitor in screen)10:40
=== ARMEN_ is now known as EREVAN
jimmmany ideas?10:43
jimmmin settings the display is incorrect identified as a built in monitor10:44
reggie-manYou might try installing proprietary video drivers, jimmm.10:44
reggie-manjimmm: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI10:45
jimmmreggie-man: is there anyway, i can get the system to redect the monitors, when i run xrandr all is this http://paste.ubuntu.com/9644795/10:49
=== supergauntlet is now known as boypussy
reggie-manI'm not sure, jimmm. I just know that the first thing I would do if I ran into graphics issues it try to install the proprietary graphics driver.10:50
jimmmreggie-man: okay ill keep that in mind, i feel like it should be possible to force the computer to re-detect monitor10:51
ZeedoxHow does Ubuntu 14's login screen (I guess from Unity) determine which users to list?10:51
ZeedoxReading /etc/passwd lists many more users10:51
reggie-manIf you feel like you're waiting too long, jimmm, you might try another support resource. http://community.ubuntu.com/help-information/finding-help/support/10:53
reggie-manYou could post on one and check back the next day.10:53
zorajhi there, I'd like to install php5-curl, so I did sudo apt-get install php5-curl10:56
zorajbut I have this https://bpaste.net/show/54edd633f7be10:57
Roryzoraj: Just to be sure, can you run "sudo apt-get update" first? Or did you already?11:00
Peace-guys .... gpt windows partion can't be mounted ...11:00
Peace-and gparted ==>http://wstaw.org/m/2014/12/30/plasma-desktopyq1947.png11:01
zorajRory, yes I did11:01
=== Kartagis is now known as anyone
Peace-and btw the hdd is connected via satatousb cable11:01
RoryPeace-: That looks screwy. Could you put the output from the command "sudo fdisk -l" onto a pastebin11:01
=== anyone is now known as viktor
Peace-Rory: that says that gpt is not supported by fdisk11:02
Peace-Rory: http://paste.ubuntu.com/964484711:02
=== viktor is now known as anybody
Peace-Rory: instead gdisk says http://paste.ubuntu.com/964484811:03
Peace-btw the hdd it's windows 811:03
Peace-and it boots correctly if i change my internal ssd with this hdd11:03
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ni886105big small penis ubantu11:24
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang11:25
theadminLike... really.11:25
ararobyou can tell a channel is popular when it has its own peni trolls11:25
A\\\Hi Everyone)11:25
popeyplease stop11:26
A\\\Hey Guys11:26
Mr_SheeshAnother way is to +q them, they can join but not talk :p11:27
popeyA\\\: do you have a support question?11:27
A\\\Nope I just come to hello you all)11:28
theadminA\\\: Please try to keep discussion on-topic. This is a support channel.11:29
A\\\popey: but i will contact you if there will be any))11:29
A\\\i see thank you11:30
michele993a good editr video?11:30
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=== nicklas_ is now known as nicklasmoeller
feurdHi. Does someone know how to change the keyboard layout on i3 with ubuntu 14.4 ?11:53
feurdOr how to set the keyboard layout system-wide?11:55
flux242feurd: setxkbmpa -layout de11:58
feurdflux242: it would be for a swiss-french keyboard11:59
flux242feurd: sexkbmap -layout us11:59
flux242feurd: sexkbmap -layout ru11:59
flux242and so on11:59
flux242oh, it's just setxkbmap us12:02
feurddoesnt work12:02
KumaCan anyone direct me to where I can get solid info on MPD? A tutorial possibly?12:03
flux242does work here12:03
lotuspsychjeKuma: whats mpd12:03
Kumamusic play daemon12:03
feurdflux242: It does not give me the good mapping12:04
lotuspsychjeKuma: man mpd?12:04
feurdflux242: where can I find a list of all options? I might find the one I need (swiss-french)12:05
flux242by googling I suppose12:05
flux242i don't know any better12:05
demahumWhat is the exact name of #ubuntu-offtopic channel?12:06
lotuspsychje!ot | demahum12:06
ubottudemahum: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:06
demahumubottu: Thanks. :)12:07
feurdflux242: Ok, it simply was setxkbmap ch fr :)12:08
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Guest74404hi sexies12:09
command-lineciao a tutti12:12
lotuspsychje!it | command-line12:12
ubottucommand-line: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)12:12
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gourwhere all comand of linux ubuntu be available as pdf file12:23
gourwhere all comand of linux ubuntu be available as pdf file12:24
gourhow the comand for terminal is available12:24
nomadistcan I not ssh into two vps at the same time (from different terminals)?12:33
nomadistssh -X root@ip1 from one terminal works12:33
nomadistbut typing same from another for ip2 says connection refused12:33
nomadistis it immoral to do two VPS at the same time?12:34
tunafishI can't edit connections using sudo nm-connection-editor, is there a fix for it?12:35
zambai have two hard drives on 2TB each.. and i want to use this as data disks for a server.. should i first set up raid-1 and then lvm on top of this?12:35
zambaor should i just do lvm?12:36
pfanneI've been trying to add paramters to the i915 kernel module with a modprob config file as well as grub boot options, but when i check with systool -vm i915 they don't seem to be activated12:37
=== chalcedny is now known as chalcedony
=== White_Cat_ is now known as White_Cat
tunafishany idea what this means?  Could not initialize NMClient /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager: Permissions request failed: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: Action org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.enable-disable-network is not registered12:46
nomadistcan I do 2 ssh at the same time from 2 terminals?12:47
b10s_how can i install java on ubuntu for my chrome?12:48
ikoniatunafish: what are you doing ?12:48
tunafishikonia: Trying to edit my connections, normal one also doesn't work so I get that with sudo nm-connection-editor12:49
ikoniatunafish: how are you trying to edit it ?12:51
tunafishwith sudo nm-connection-editor,12:51
ikoniathere is no need for that12:51
ikoniaedit it through the control panel, or direct clicking on the applet in the top right of the screen12:52
kaiohi, how can I find the real conf file of refind ?12:52
tunafishI think so, but I can't edit it though the control panel, or with applet: (32) Not authorized to control networking.12:52
b10s_ikonia, there is no any apllet. when i on https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp?detect=jre i got message that plugin not installed12:53
ikoniab10s_: applet ? what are you talking about,12:53
b10s_i thought about my question :)12:53
ikoniatunafish: are you the system owner12:53
tunafishikonia: Yes, I am an user with sudo capabilities.12:54
ikoniatunafish: there is no need for sudo - your network manager session should be running under your user12:54
ikoniatunafish: I suggest you reboot to reset your system, then walk through it with me, do not try to do anything after the system comes up12:54
tunafishikonia: I know, I should be able to edit it, but I think I changed something while trynig to let unpriviliged user set up vpn.12:55
ikoniatunafish: I suspect so12:56
tunafishAnyway easy to reset polkit?12:56
ikoniadepends what you've done12:57
tunafishI've purged and reinstalled polkit desktop package and network-manager package, created net user with sudo.. No luck.12:58
ikoniaof course thats not going to change anything12:58
tunafishI thought it could restore default polkit policy.12:59
b10s_any ideas?13:00
EriC^^!java | b10s_13:04
ubottub10s_: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.13:04
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Unknown0BCHello, when i plug my webcam into a usb hub on ubuntu it will not work. But under windows it works via the hub.13:17
Unknown0BCI  wonder why ? The hub works under ubuntu I mean if I plug in a usb stick to it it works.13:18
Unknown0BCSo i'm puzzled.13:18
shumanUnknown0BC: missing drivers maybe?13:19
Unknown0BCThe webcam works on its own. The hub works.13:19
Unknown0BCshuman, not sure which drivers could be missing then....13:19
BluesKaj_Hiyas all13:19
shumanUnknown0BC: so when you plug cam directly to usb it IS working?13:20
Unknown0BCyes shuman13:20
shumanok :)13:20
Unknown0BCwhen I plug the  webcam into the hub the can appears when I do a lsusb and the /dev/video appears but none of the webcam software including skype manages to use the webcam.13:22
Unknown0BCbut under windows the hub/webcam combo works.13:22
Unknown0BCvery weird.13:22
b10s_EriC^^, thx, but i have already  icedtea-7-plugin, ls -la /usr/lib/chromium-browser/IcedTeaPlugin.so : /usr/lib/chromium-browser/IcedTeaPlugin.so -> /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64/jre/lib/amd64/IcedTeaPlugin.so13:22
b10s_but chrome doesnt see that13:23
Unknown0BCchinese noname funny hub.... ok sure, but it works under windows...13:23
Unknown0BCstill puzzled.13:23
=== Raansu is now known as ShapeShifter499
b10s_EriC^^, any ideas?13:26
=== din_ is now known as din
cofffeebean  is their a tech or support room in here to set-up a dial connection ??..13:27
MonkeyDustcofffeebean  throw your question in this channel13:31
=== IKRAM_ is now known as IKRAM
cofffeebeanMonkeyDust,   i did ! ..13:33
cofffeebean   i'm not gettin a response thanks anyway..13:36
clipse_Any ideas why I wouldn't be able to access my System Settings from my menu? I click it and nothing happens.13:49
vbgunzI'm having an interesting issue. I've changed my PS1 colors to adapt to a white background on Yakuake and Konsole. Looks perfect. Ctrl+Alt+F1-6 though is a black background terminal and my "black text" disappears... how to fix other than change colors of my PS1?13:50
vbgunzcan I add an "if" to my bashrc?13:50
flux242any suggestion on a small and fast image viewer editor? Something like gpicview but with simple editing functiolns like crop, cut, resolution change13:52
clipse_is there another way to access my system settings in gnome since the link in the cogwheel isn't working?13:53
theadminvbgunz: You can check if $TERM is set I would think.13:54
theadminvbgunz: Or. You can have your $PS1 contain a white background13:54
MonkeyDustclipse_  right click on the desktop, change background, selct "all settings"13:55
vbgunztheadmin: it's a really weird problem in a sense. there's got to be a simple fix, I don't mind not having color in F1 through F613:55
ssddkkaallcan ubuntu be made to run on galaxy s7580 w\o CM13:56
MonkeyDust!phone | ssddkkaall13:56
ubottussddkkaall: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:56
clipse_monkeydust: tried that and for some reason I don't even have the option available to change background when I right click the desktop.13:56
MonkeyDustclipse_  what's the outcome of   cat /etc/issue13:57
theadminvbgunz: It is a pretty easy fix yeah13:57
clipse_let me check13:58
theadminvbgunz: if [ -n "$DISPLAY" ] ; then export PS1="PS1-with-color" ; else export PS1="PS1-without-color" ; fi13:58
theadminvbgunz: That should work13:58
theadminOf course, set the prompts to whatever they really should be13:58
clipse_MonkeyDust: this is what I get when I run that Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l13:59
MonkeyDustclipse_  in a terminal, run   unity-control-center14:01
vbgunztheadmin: thank you, that *DID* the trick nicely!14:02
clipse_MonkeyDust: that's it, apparently it must of been uninstalled somehow.14:02
clipse_MonkeyDust: working now, thanks for your help.14:03
MonkeyDustclipse_  glad i could help14:04
mynameisdeletedso.. unity/compiz+gnome both have issues on 4k screens(at least on pcie2 16x) in that they require too much graphics card io, and make windows update only a couple times a second and feel very sluggish14:04
mynameisdeletednon-compositing window managers work fine.. as does kwin with compositing turned on or off14:05
Radii have an issue with ubuntu14:05
MonkeyDustRadi  throw it in the channel14:05
mynameisdeletedmy guess is there is no option for unity without compiz... so if I write post on ubuntu on 4k I have to recommend an alternate desktop, or find some way to performance tune compiz14:05
mynameisdeletedany known tricks to make compiz work better on ultra-high resolution displays14:06
MonkeyDustmynameisdeleted  unity IS a compiz plugin for gnome314:06
RadiI tried to install the nvidia driver for my GeForce 410M card, and it all went fine. However when I installed wine, the moment I ran winecfg, it started complaining for issues with xRandr 1.2, also games wont run in full screen14:06
MonkeyDustmynameisdeleted  try !ccsm14:06
mynameisdeletedmy guess is if it doesnt work on gtx 970 well on any quad-core desktop processor then its broken at 4k14:06
mynameisdeletedand has to be discouraged for resolutions above 1080p14:07
Radii am running on ubuntu 14.04 LTS14:07
MonkeyDust!ccsm | mynameisdeleted14:07
ubottumynameisdeleted: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' (or 'simple-ccsm' for pre-Oneiric). If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz14:07
mynameisdeletedI have that.. I dont think I see options where it wil fix it14:07
ActionParsnipRadi: did you check the wine appdb to see if the games you have installed can run fullscreen in wine?14:08
mynameisdeletedthats the first thing I played with when I saw it running slowly14:08
RadiI forgot to mention, that when using Nouveau driver, the game runs in fullscreen, but graphics are pretty bad14:08
RadiAnd the other issue is that with the newest nvidia driver from their site, I get the screen to flicker at times14:09
ActionParsnipmynameisdeleted: unity is a plugin for compiz. You cannot currently run unity if compiz is stopped14:09
MonkeyDustmynameisdeleted  then maybe unity-tweak-tool14:09
b10s_are there someone competent about chrome and java-plugin on ubuntu?14:09
MonkeyDustb10s_  use "familiar", rather than "competent", please14:10
ActionParsnipRadi: if you run: sudo lshw -C display , do you see an Intel GPU as well?14:10
mynameisdeletedfor right now is it ok if I recommend not using unity till someone finds decent performance tunig for unity on nvidia @ 4k resolution?14:10
ActionParsnipb10s_: ask you question and see14:10
Radiroot@Home-PC:/home/radi# lshw -C display   *-display                       description: VGA compatible controller        product: GF119M [GeForce 410M]        vendor: NVIDIA Corporation        physical id: 0        bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0        version: a1        width: 64 bits        clock: 33MHz        capabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom        configuration: driver=nouveau latency=0        resou14:11
flux242mynameisdeleted: how well does it work with other compositors and window managers?14:11
ActionParsnipmynameisdeleted: recommemd what you like.....14:11
Radionly this14:11
MonkeyDust!paste | Radi14:11
ubottuRadi: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:11
Radii reinstalled the OS, so now using nouveau14:11
flux242what did you try?14:11
mynameisdeletedany window manager including composited ones except for those using compiz14:11
mynameisdeletedso gnome+metacity or kde+kwin or blackbox or whatever14:11
ActionParsnipmynameisdeleted: kwin, mutter, xcompmgr14:12
mynameisdeletedhavent tried xcompmgr or mutter14:12
mynameisdeletedbut kwin yes14:12
ActionParsnipmynameisdeleted: why is compositing so important?14:12
mynameisdeletedit isn't for me.. but it is the new ubuntu standard for unity desktop14:12
flux242xcompmgr doesn't use gl, does it?14:12
ActionParsnipmynameisdeleted: so, its not essentia14:12
flux242it's based on xrandr14:12
mynameisdeletedthe issue is politically unity is ubuntus big push towards unified desktop for every device14:13
flux242mynameisdeleted: i'm using compton and i314:13
b10s_i cant use java-plugin IcedTeaPlugin.so in my chromium in ubuntu (14:14
mynameisdeletedusing ubuntu wiki to recommend against compiz might be bad for those reasons14:14
Radii think i dont have intel GPU14:14
b10s_ActionParsnip, how can i fix it?14:14
tete__hi, i just downloaded 14.10 and wanted to start it in virtualbox, but seems like the video settings are horrible f*cked - i just see a lot of stripes in a few different colors14:14
=== tete__ is now known as tete_
mynameisdeletedI'll test the other mutter and other window managers too.. if those work well they can be recommended14:14
mynameisdeletedI have to keep in mind not everyone has gtx 970 or 98014:15
mynameisdeletedso I shoudl get maybe a gtx 760 or 750 and see which work well with those and maybe set those as minimum recommended 4k graphics card14:15
mynameisdeletedany window manager recommended has to work well with 10 windows on a gtx 750 including good resizing firefox performance14:16
mynameisdeletedand watching youtube etc14:16
flux242try i3 with compton14:16
ObrienDavetete_, did you install Vbox guest additions?14:16
mynameisdeletedinstalling that now14:17
tete_ObrienDave, can i install them without a distro running?14:17
flux242or even xfce with compton14:17
ObrienDavetete_, what is the host OS?14:17
tete_win7 x6414:17
MonkeyDusttete_  ubuntu runs better in vmware than in virtualbox14:17
ActionParsnipb10s_: I use the webupd8 ppa to install oracle java personally14:18
flux242xfce compositor is a waste because it's not gl based - tearing14:18
ActionParsniptete_: did you md5 test the iso you downloaded?14:18
tete_no will just try that14:19
mynameisdeletedi3 with compton works great14:19
mynameisdeleted100% light-weight feeling14:19
ActionParsnipmynameisdeleted: I prefer to install gnome shell for new installs, unless its my own then I use openbox as standalone window manager, no desktop14:19
ObrienDavetete_, sorry, i meant the Vbox extension pack14:20
tete_md5 is ok14:20
mynameisdeletedso no hard feelings about discouraging unity/compiz14:20
ActionParsniptete_: if you didnt test it, how do you know that the file is complete and consistent14:20
tete_ActionParsnip, because it completly boots up14:20
tete_but as mentioned, its equal14:20
ActionParsnipmynameisdeleted: none, you are free to your opinion14:20
tete_vbox extension pack? is this for the host or the guest?14:21
ActionParsnip tete_ did you try changing the graphical setting in the guest settings14:21
tete_ActionParsnip, yes, from very low (12mb) to all enabled (128mb with 3d, 2d, ...)14:21
b10s_ActionParsnip, is it for crom or chromium?14:21
ActionParsnipb10s_: it should work in all browsers14:22
DeathspikeHello. I installed transmission-daemon and added torrents. When I stop and start the service again, all the torrents are gone from my list. How can I prevent this?14:22
tete_ObrienDave, are you sure i need them?14:22
ActionParsniptete_: I'd ask in #vbox as it seems the issue is with settings in virtualbox, not ubuntu14:22
Radiany idea what should i do with that wine thing? only i havent tried installing xrandr 1 with wine 1.514:22
tete_ActionParsnip, i have running debian too without any problems14:23
ActionParsniptete_: maybe there are nuances in vbox for ubuntu. You could even try the mini iso then install the GUI from there.14:24
ActionParsnipDeathspike: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue14:24
DeathspikeActionParsnip, Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS \n \l14:24
MonkeyDusttete_  also consider using free vmware player, download and execute the bundle, then follow instruction https://www.vmware.com/products/player/14:25
tete_will try vmware..14:26
ActionParsnipDeathspike: may find a solution on https://forum.transmissionbt.com could also post your own question14:28
=== Radi is now known as Ignored_Radi
ActionParsniptete_: I'd try mini iso first14:28
DeathspikeActionParsnip, the problem is that I don't have a concrete question. It just "forgets" all the torrents I loaded when it restarts. Is that the intended behaviour?14:28
tete_vmware works...14:29
ActionParsnipDeathspike: "why are my torrents vanishing when the daemon is restarted"14:29
=== spartan is now known as Guest24250
MonkeyDustDeathspike  if transmission fails, try Deluge14:31
DeathspikeMonkeyDust, can I set it up headless deamon with auto load from folder?14:35
ActionParsnipDeathspike: is there a bug reported?14:35
DeathspikeActionParsnip: Not be me. I can't find info on it either. I can be almost as helpful as the usual "It doesn't work" which does absolutely nothing for anybody. I thought I had it set up, rebooted the service and bang; I don't care enough about transmission to report it and wait and pray for a fix if deluge works to my needs :/14:37
DeathspikeThat may sound really crude I'm sure.14:37
ActionParsnipDeathspike: report the issue. The bug guys wil request details from the system14:37
DeathspikeIt's just Ubuntu 12.04 LTS x64 base image.14:38
DeathspikeAdded PPA and installed. That's it.14:38
DeathspikeNothing special at all.14:38
=== axon is now known as Guest56777
ActionParsnipDeathspike: why a PPA?14:40
ActionParsnip!info transmission-daemon precise14:41
DeathspikeActionParsnip: Recommended installation from transmission site. I did with and without, same issues regardless.14:41
ubottutransmission-daemon (source: transmission): lightweight BitTorrent client (daemon). In component main, is optional. Version 2.51-0ubuntu1.4 (precise), package size 226 kB, installed size 531 kB14:41
Ignored_Radianybody has any idea from where to get wine 1.5 deb with dependencies14:42
ActionParsnipDeathspike: but the package which has been tested and known to work with your distribution without any issue is in the repos14:42
ActionParsnipIgnored_Radi: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue14:42
DeathspikeActionParsnip: Like I said, regardless of PPA or not, the same issue persists. But hell, I'll spin up another VM and try it again then.14:42
Ignored_RadiUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l14:43
ActionParsnipDeathspike: I suggest you ditch the ppa and reinstall with the official package, you can do this with ppa purge14:43
ActionParsnip!info wine1.5 trusty14:43
ubottuPackage wine1.5 does not exist in trusty14:43
Ignored_Radido i need downgrade ubuntu?14:43
ActionParsnipIgnored_Radi: not at all14:44
DeathspikeActionParsnip: PPA purge and then?14:44
ActionParsnipDeathspike: you said you installed the OS then added the PPA and installed the daemon, you never said you tried the official package14:44
DeathspikeActionParsnip: I did tell you that I tried with and without the PPA.14:45
DeathspikeBut I spun up another VM and I'll give it another go then14:45
ActionParsnipDeathspike: sudo apt-get install ppa-purge; sudo ppa-purge ppaaddresshere14:45
tete_since 10min. "Installing VMWare Tools. Please wait..." blinking cursor .. is it really that hard to get ubuntu working in a vm? 0o14:47
ActionParsnipIgnored_Radi: I'm not seeing 1.5 for Trusty. There may be a PPA somewhere. The Wine PPA has 1.714:48
ActionParsniptete_: never had a problem14:48
MonkeyDusttete_  i'm using it myself in vmware as we speak, works like a charm14:48
Ignored_Radiyes, but the card is having issues with xRandr 1.2 (at least this is what i read on forums)14:48
Ignored_Radiand only wine not to use it is <1.614:48
ActionParsniptete_: try Lubuntu. It is lighter and will impact less on the host14:48
MonkeyDusttete_  what ActionParsnip says, i'm using lxde14:49
tete_guess i will try it with jessie as i already have another jessie running without problems14:49
tete_jessie in virtualbox14:49
tete_anyway, thanks14:49
=== ian is now known as Guest20596
MonkeyDustwhat's jessie?14:55
chuMonkeyDust: Debian Jessie, I assume.14:55
tete_jop sorry, debian jessie14:56
glcheethamHi, does anyone know when ruby going to be updated in the trusty repos from 1.9.3, which is now over a year old? I'm slightly concerned because rails 5 will not support ruby versions below 2.214:56
nicklasmoellersorry, my bad14:58
BluesKaj_bad what ...mistake ? ...dumb movie lingo15:00
theadmin!info ruby2.1 | glcheetham15:02
ubottuglcheetham: ruby2.1 (source: ruby2.1): Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby. In component main, is extra. Version 2.1.2-2ubuntu1.2 (utopic), package size 68 kB, installed size 139 kB15:03
theadminglcheetham: Just install whatever version you want. The "ruby" package defaults to 1.9.3, but there are alternative ones as you see15:03
glcheethamtheadmin: Cheers, thanks for that!15:04
=== the_real_derpher is now known as derpherder
VimFleedCould someone recommend a good download manager?15:06
xanguauget VimFleed15:06
xanguayou can integrate it in firefox with flashgot addon15:06
ssddkkaallhave a galaxy 7580 lying around. looking at it its just a souped up rbpi; can ubuntu be installed on it15:07
xanguayou can also see a list of compatible download managers in flashgot15:07
VimFleedxangua, thanks, I'll try it15:07
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
MonkeyDust!hardware | ssddkkaall start here to find out15:12
ubottussddkkaall start here to find out: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection15:12
EriC^^VimFleed: aria2 is pretty neat too, and can be used as a plugin with uget15:14
EriC^^( it's cli based )15:14
VimFleedthanks EriC^^ I'll try that too, I like CLI based tools15:16
=== Vogone is now known as Guest41057
pg172hi i when ever I install bcmn43x64.inf in ubuntu my wifi works for a little bit but then stops working I have a wna3100 usb wireless adapter15:18
EriC^^pg172: check dmesg15:21
pg172how do i do that?15:21
EriC^^type dmesg15:22
pg172now what do i do15:22
EriC^^load it and see what happens15:24
EriC^^and if any messages appear when it drops15:24
pg172theres a lot of stuff15:25
EriC^^also type tail -f /var/log/syslog in another terminal15:25
pg172ok did that15:25
EriC^^anything interesting?15:26
pg172it has a lot of activatin stuff15:27
EriC^^pg172: anything about it dropping?15:27
EriC^^in syslog15:27
aek1924hi guys15:28
pg172nothing says dropping just network manager stuff15:28
EriC^^pg172: type tail -n100 /var/log/syslog | nc termbin.com 999915:29
altecnologicI need help.15:29
compdocdont we all15:30
blackangelpraltecnologic,  just ask15:30
altecnologicalready tested several distributions , but all not access my hotmail account , already installed on different computers, but the result remains. only the computer with windows open hotmail15:31
pg172it says nc: getaddrinfo Name or servixe not known15:32
MonkeyDustaltecnologic  iirc, hotmail is called live mail, these days15:32
EriC^^pg172: ok, install pastebinit if you want15:32
EriC^^pg172: sudo apt-get install pastebinit15:32
blackangelprMonkeyDust, outlook.com :p actually new name again15:33
pg172its stuck on 0% connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com15:34
EriC^^pg172: load the wifi and run the command before the net drops15:35
=== paulbx is now known as pbx
pg172ok it installed now what15:37
EriC^^pg172: type tail -n100 /var/log/syslog | pastebinit15:38
pg172ok it says http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/964595615:39
=== Enissay_ is now known as Enissay
MonkeyDustpg172  it says "<info> (wlan0): IP6 addrconf timed out or failed.", try diabmling ipv615:41
pg172diabmling comand not found15:43
MonkeyDustpg172  that was a typo, disable ipv6 in your network manager15:43
EriC^^pg172: click on the the network icon > edit connection > ipv6 > method , set it to ignore15:44
pg172did it15:44
EriC^^pg172: how long does it take it to drop15:44
pg172the wifi you mean?15:44
asahihello, how can I see where a particular binary is pointing to? (i.e. psql)15:45
MonkeyDustasahi  which [program]15:45
chuasahi: "which <binary>"15:45
pg172after about 4 minutes or so15:45
Lucax1what does Apetiss mean? sounds exotic and allmost spiritual15:46
EriC^^pg172: ok, when it drops reconnect, then type tail -n200 /var/log/syslog | pastebinit15:46
MonkeyDustLucax1  did you have a ubuntu question?15:46
Lucax1however, I have a question. How to run Java in ubuntu?15:46
asahithank you15:46
EriC^^pg172: we only got the log of it connecting, not the previous drop15:46
Lucax1any simple way to do that?15:46
EriC^^!java | Lucax115:46
ubottuLucax1: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.15:46
myrtohello from greece15:47
altecnologicalready tested several distributions , but all not access my hotmail account , already installed on different computers, but the result remains. only the computer with windows open hotmail15:48
pg172failed to contact to server:[Errno socket error] [Errno -2] name or service not known15:48
altecnologicsomeone help me15:48
xanguaI can perfectly open oultook.com in firefox altecnologic15:48
altecnologicI can not , then the login screen the screen goes blank15:49
EriC^^pg172: load the wifi again and try it15:50
altecnologicalready tried, chrone , firefox and opera15:50
Lucax1seems to be I just had to add a browser plugin to the default OpenJDK 715:50
blackangelpraltecnologic, i had also log in right now no problems15:50
Lucax1which is avaliable in SC15:51
pg172same error happens15:51
MonkeyDustaltecnologic  outlook.com opens here too15:51
=== razor-home is now known as razorsharph
EriC^^pg172: i think it means you dont have net access15:52
pg172yes it does15:52
MonkeyDustaltecnologic  what happesn when you go to outlook.com15:53
EriC^^pg172: type tail -n200 /var/log/syslog | grep -i error15:53
altecnologicMonkeyDust,  tail -f /var/log/syslog ?15:54
EriC^^pg172: if you see anything interesting copy it here15:54
MonkeyDustaltecnologic  what about it?15:54
pg172there nothing15:54
EriC^^try it with grep -i err15:55
blackangelpraltecnologic, that was for another person just tell us what happend when you click singin on outlook.com15:55
pg172still nothing15:55
EriC^^pg172: try grep -i err /var/log/syslog15:55
pg172ok now i see stuff15:56
EriC^^pg172: ok15:56
EriC^^start from the bottom, most interesting15:57
pg172irq0 used by override15:57
EriC^^pg172: what else15:58
=== Cygnus-XI_ is now known as Cygnus-XI
pg172Network manger[781] <warn> error requesting auth for org.freedesktop.Network Manger.wifi.share.open15:59
=== hades_ is now known as Guest48234
=== Guest48234 is now known as hades__
pyroyoshiHowdy everyone especially Jordan_U! I was hoping to get a little help adding an application to the Unity Launcher today16:08
matthias_hello, i want to be able to use my computer to answer phone calls from my android phone. use the speakers and my microphone instead of the phone ones. i tought i could do this if i let my phone think, that my pc is a bluetooth headset. any advises? later i will program a waiting line for callers.16:08
=== halo is now known as Guest318
cfhowlettmatthias_, pretty sure airdroid has the functionality16:09
pyroyoshiI did it with steam and it was as simple as launching the program and then locking to launcher. but that didnt work with Kerbal Space Program16:09
matthias_cfhowlett: only starting and ending the call, not stream the audio: http://help.airdroid.com/customer/portal/articles/1296531-can-i-make-a-phone-call-with-computer%E2%80%99s-mic-and-speakers-16:11
xanguapyroyoshi: if you did not install this program from repositories, you'll need to make a .desktop file https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles16:12
lmatat-spi2-registryd is taking lots of cpu. What is it, and how do I get it to relax?16:13
lmatIt looks like it's an accessibility package in gnome.16:13
lmatIs it okay to kill it?16:13
kostkonpyroyoshi, search for it in the dash then drag it over to the launcher16:13
delti'm trying to compile a very simple dbus example16:15
delti'm pretty sure i'm using all the right compiler flags, but i get a bunch of undefined references16:15
deltlisten.c:(.text+0xb9): undefined reference to `dbus_bus_get'16:15
deltetc etc16:15
=== badon_ is now known as badon
lmatdelt: Did you pass any -l flags to cc?16:19
deltlmat: yeah, using pkg-config16:20
deltwhich expands to all the necessary include and lib flags, as far as i can see16:21
lmatdelt: um yeah, I think that's good :)16:22
lmatdelt: you should probably go to a programming channel and describe your problem in detail. ##c comes to mind.16:22
deltlmat: thanks16:23
deltDUH ---> 11:24 < barometz> delt: make sure your -ldbus or whatever the flag is doesn't come before the source files16:26
pyroyoshixangua: So i made the .desktop file according to the instructions you sent but I can't drag it onto the unity launcher or into the usr/share/applications folders16:26
deltthanks for your help!16:27
pyroyoshiWhen I tried using the Move to from right click it said permission denied as the error16:31
pyroyoshiI figured out how to do it with sudo cp thanks!16:37
jabojaI tried to switch from Windows to Ubuntu. I've installed 14.04PL, but it works terribly. Firefox sometimes hangs for a second or several until reacting to clicks. On the other hand Windows 7 works on this PC correctly. What could I do about that? Will installing Ubuntu 12 help or should I try something other like moving from Gnome to other desktop environment?16:38
=== cyphase is now known as Guest38896
timedifference13Hmm. Specs?16:40
dae-jaboja ?16:40
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:40
dae-what is your configuration ? desktop or laptop ?, RAM ? CPU ? HDD ?16:40
dae-and what is the distrib and version tester ?16:40
jabojadesktop; the problem might be with graphics card as I had to remove my Nvidia card which stopped working and now am running on card integrated to motherboard16:41
timedifference13jaboja: What processor do you have?16:43
dae-i don't care to your graphic card ....16:43
dae-what is you proccessor frequancy, you memory RAM and you HDD capacity16:44
dae-free -h16:44
dae-hardinfo or sudo apt install -y hardinfo on ttf116:45
dae-(ctrl alt F1)16:45
matthias_nobody a idea?16:45
jabojamoment please, I am writting from other PC, and need to turn on the problematic one16:46
dae-matthias_  what is your probleme guy ? =)16:46
matthias_dae-: i want to be able to use my computer to answer phone calls from my android phone. use the speakers and my microphone instead of the phone ones. i tought i could do this if i let my phone think, that my pc is a bluetooth headset. any advises? later i will program a waiting line for callers.16:46
dae-i don't have the knowedge for this probleme sorrry16:47
matthias_dae-: is it clear ?16:47
dae-jaboja , boot on your computer and go on tty1 (ctrl alt F1)16:48
dae-or boot on LiveUSB16:48
matthias_dae-: okay :/16:48
timedifference13matthias_: You might be in the wrong place to ask that. But as far as I know this isn´t possible with Ubuntu16:49
matthias_timedifference13: where's the right place ? :)16:49
jattI'm getting16:49
jatt[ 7213.071302] init: plymouth-log main process (7722) terminated with status 116:49
jattwhat is this?16:49
guitedaftykins: Hi, concerning my openCL install (we talked about yesterday), I read the post you sent me but doesn’t help much in fact… I don’t really know what I should do and I don’t want to install bumblebee16:50
timedifference13matthias_: I wouldn know. Sorry16:50
dae-timedifference13 evrythink is possible with ubuntu if you have hope and wait16:52
guitedaftykins: I installed cuda toolkit just to see if it would help dri not to fail… but that didn’t change anything :)16:52
dae-hi jatt , i suppose it's a self-killing processus ?16:52
dae-jaboja ? are you ok ?16:53
jabojadae-: RAM: 2GB, CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5200+, HDD: 186GB (SAMSUNG HD200HJ SCSI)16:53
matthias_dae-: timedifference13 i read that bluez 5 dropped support for hfp. a2ap works for me out of the box. does anybody know how to path the hfp profile afterwards to bluez=16:54
dae-jaboja , download Lubuntu 14.10 and install it16:55
dae-LXDE is more light and fast16:55
dae-il you have less 4Go on RAM you can't une correcly unity / gnome16:55
dae-Lubuntu existed on x6416:55
dae-if you ahve some question on install contact me or #lubuntu16:56
dae-i have Lubuntu to and it work very speed ...16:56
timedifference13jaboja, I dont think that your iGPU is able to handle Unity. I´d take the advice from dea and switch to a more lightweight distro or desktop.16:57
dae-you can personnalise anything16:57
jabojaDo I have to find non-gnome replacements for software I use (like gedit) or just the desktop envirnment itself?16:57
dae-format all16:57
dae-clean you HDD16:57
dae-and install correctly Lubutu (with LXDE) on 14.1016:58
cfhowlettJabo, testing an alternate DE is easy.  sudo apt-get install lxde xfce4            then logout/choose a session/login16:58
timedifference13jaboja, You can run gnome software on Lubuntu16:58
dae-gedit => leafpad by default but after you can isntall it if you want16:58
jabojaWont gnome dependence cause any problems?16:59
dae-you don't need gnome16:59
dae-maybe sometime KDE16:59
timedifference13Bye guys.17:00
=== marko is now known as bg-momak
sudormrfI think I figured out what is happening to my machine and preliminary research indicates why17:02
sudormrffor some reason my entire file system is switching to read only at random17:02
sudormrfcausing major issues17:02
sudormrfpreliminary research indicates this is due to a failing drive17:02
sudormrfbought a new SSD, will reinstall the OS to that when I get it and hopefully have better luck17:02
cfhowlettsudormrf, this is documented???17:02
sudormrfcfhowlett, is that a question or statement?17:03
sudormrfbecause the question marks at the end make it confusing17:03
=== tcpman is now known as Guest93551
cfhowlettsudormrf, question.  I've never heard of random "readonly" happening, much less associated with drive failure.17:04
deshymersHello, I have virtualbox installed with a guest os of centos, it is setup with a bridged network, and has received an ip, and I can ping internal as well as external addresses. However I cannot ping from my host os (Ubuntu) or other internal machines. I have disabled the firewalls on both the guest and host.17:08
deshymersthe error I get when I ping is "Destination Host Unreachable"17:09
dae-hey ?17:12
PrezidentHey unrar, whats on your mind today? Shoot your question and 1698 people will try do the best for help you.17:12
alex__cHi, I'm having some trouble finding a game in the repositories17:14
alex__cAccordint to this, the game isn't available on 14.10 ? https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/applications/ryzom/17:14
alex__cI would need to know if/when Ryzom was un-listed from the repository for 14.10, if anyone knows :)17:16
blackangelprfor games alex__c would be better to stay with lts releases17:17
alex__cagreed, but another user told me they didn't find the game using Ubuntu Software Center on 14.04 either17:18
blackangelprmiss type i just verify and its there17:20
alex__cI'm pretty sure I've spelled "Ryzom" right..17:21
dae-you can use the 14-04 sources's if you want ...17:21
blackangelpralex_c i mean your friend on 14.04  the game is not on 14.1017:22
alex__cit's possible they didn't have the relevant repository enabled, yes17:23
alex__cok, any idea why the title isn't available for 14.10 ?17:23
sudormrfcfhowlett, http://serverfault.com/questions/456337/server-responds-bus-error-to-every-command17:23
soeewhen changinf font DPI are there any recommended values to use or i should just adjust it to what i need ?17:23
dae-add just on etc/apt/source.list your last version17:24
dae-and the game recoming17:24
dae-i use the old version of software17:24
sudormrfcfhowlett, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=144882117:24
dae-and i am on 14.1017:25
thequietoneokay firefox is glitching in the strangest way I've seen yet17:25
alex__cdae- what do I add to source.list ?17:25
cfhowlettsudormrf, waiting to read ... China i . s . p. is so . .. s - l - o - w17:25
sudormrfcfhowlett, http://serverfault.com/questions/186671/why-is-my-filesystem-being-mounted-read-only-in-linux17:25
thequietoneit seems to be a pattern where no matter what Im typing, I will type "das"17:25
sudormrfcfhowlett, lel ok.17:26
thequietoneholding backspace? "das" then the key works normally for about 6 characters17:26
sudormrfcfhowlett, I found a server fault thread where someone specifically said that linux will switch a file system to read only when a certain type of situation exsists17:26
cfhowlettsudormrf, got it.   if that describes your issue, replacing that HDD will will hopefully fix it.17:26
thequietoneoh my god the arrow keys do it too17:27
sudormrfcfhowlett, pretty sure this is the problem.  it's a NUC, so really there are only 2 things I can replace other than replacing the entire unit.  the SSD or the RAM. lol17:27
ada_Hi All, How do I transfer all files within a directory to another and not transfer the whole directory? I'm trying to accomplish this on a headless server.17:27
cfhowlettsudormrf, ... seems like a good excuse to upgrade to SSD17:27
ada_When I meant whole directory I mean the folder itself. I just need to transfer the contents. I tired mv -v but it transfers the folder as well.17:28
adrian_lchow do I install a package without executing the postinstall script?17:30
dae-gksudo gedit (or leafpad) /etc/apt/source.list17:30
dae-and you add trusty17:31
k1l_dae-: dont mix releases17:32
ada_is there a mv command to transfer contents of a folder and no the entire folder itself?17:34
SchrodingersScatada_: mv foo/* bar/ ?17:35
J1nyone der17:37
k1l_!ot | J117:37
ubottuJ1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:37
ada_I take it "foo" is the source and "bar" is the dest?17:37
J1can u guys help me with some advanced commands for terminal17:37
asimsure JI17:38
asimwhat do you basically want to do?17:38
vexati0nhey -- i have an ubuntu 14.04 server with 2 NICs. until now, the 2nd nic has been inactive, but i need to assign it an address. i edit /etc/network/interfaces, then ifup eth1, and i get the IP correctly. but 30-60 seconds later, the system removes the IP and leaves the interface unconfigured17:38
J1search packages on the net17:38
asimgoogle is your friend..17:39
ada_Thanks SchrodingersScat17:39
J1ya but not a close one17:39
SchrodingersScatada_: correct, you can check out 'man mv' for more17:39
k1l_!google | asim17:39
ubottuasim: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.17:39
jiridoResults for | asim on Google:17:39
J1ubottu thats the way to go17:40
ubottuJ1: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:40
k1l_J1: can you explain your issue more?17:40
J1i never did17:40
SchrodingersScatJ1: you can do a 'sudo apt-get update' then search through them with 'apt-cache search <keyword or package>'17:41
J1like if i download some packages they do get downloaded but some shows package not available17:41
k1l_J1: please show the exact errors in a pastebin17:42
J1arent all packages accessiblle through terminal if we want to use cli17:42
J1ok @ schrodinger17:43
k1l_J1: yes. but we need to get to know what is going wrong on your system before we can blame someone17:43
dae-k1l_ , hi have some version on my sources and i don't have any problemes17:43
k1l_dae-: you are lucky that your system runs at all with that mess of sources.list with different releases and that much PPAs17:44
J1Reading package lists... Done17:44
J1Building dependency tree17:44
J1Reading state information... Done17:44
J1E: Unable to locate package evernote17:44
dae-SchrodingersScat => i have better  ^^17:44
dae-alias apt-get1='sudo apt update -ymu --fix-missing && sudo apt upgrade -ymu --fix-missing && sudo apt-get -ymu dist-upgrade --fix-missing && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean'17:44
dae-bad copy past ...17:44
k1l_dae-: "your way" is not supported here17:44
PiciJ1: There is no package by that name.17:45
SchrodingersScatJ1: right, I also don't have an evernote in my repos.17:45
k1l_J1: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=evernote&searchon=names&suite=trusty&section=all    there is no evernote program at all17:45
flux242what's the purpose of the +o command an a channel followed immediately by -o ?17:46
SchrodingersScatflux242: that was an op kicking a bot out of the channel, they don't walk around opped.17:47
alex__cEvernote is currently not available17:47
alex__cfor Linux17:47
alex__cTry Evernote's Web Client.17:47
alex__cthat's what says on their website17:47
PiciJ1: is a plugin for emacs.17:48
flux242SchrodingersScat: wouldn't -o be sufficient then?17:48
flux242or simply +b17:49
oldsternot a lot going on here17:49
SchrodingersScatflux242: shouldn't dwell on it, but if you see there's a +o to make them the op, then they take care of their business, then there's the -o to remove them from op.  You should probably ask further questions in the !ot or #freenode ?17:50
J1 ok guys thans17:50
oldsteris irc dead?17:52
SeveasWe just buried it.17:52
oldstergood god that was quick17:52
k1l_oldster: for chitchat we have #ubuntu-offtopic :)17:52
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Defunktdoes anyone have any recomendations for automatically update/upgrade client computers?  We are currently using cronapt to do so but on some of our laptops we run into instances where they were turned off while the update process has started.  This results in all future runs of cronapt failing until being hand-touched18:14
Defunktany suggestions would be appreciated18:14
d3er23I have a problem\18:14
d3er23When I click Suspend, and then wake it up, Ubuntu freezes18:15
dae-what is you distrib and the version ?18:15
dae-and what is your config ? (HDD RAM CPU)18:15
d3er23250gb external hd18:15
d3er238gb ram18:16
laurenhello everyone, sorry but I am new to linux and ubuntu. I just installed 14.04 and I have choppy audio/video in VLC and default video player. can anyone help?18:16
d3er23and the dis is the newest one18:16
d3er23I wonder if it is causes my my external hd18:17
d3er23caused by*18:17
XCVBlaure: Is it a cd?18:17
XCVBlauren: Is it a cd?18:18
laurenXCVB no its a local file18:19
laurenhow do I type to you?18:19
laurenor where it highlights18:19
XCVBlauren: what video type is it?18:19
TuggyDear Ubuntu Community I'm having bit of a problem here, whenever I send firefox to background to deal with something else the whole system freezes, does anybody know why?18:19
laurenXCVB, MP418:20
XCVBlauren: I think firefox or chromuim open them18:20
laurenXCVB, vlc has very choppy audo and video, when I open it in default video app the video is okay but the audio cuts out after a few seconds...18:21
dae-d3er23 maybe the swap ?18:21
XCVBlauren: have you played that file before?18:21
d3er23not sure what you mean18:21
dae-the echang part18:22
laurenXCVB, yes on my windows laptop it plays fine18:23
adrian_lchow do I install a package without executing the postinstall script?  anyone knows please?18:23
d3er23dae-: ubuntu is on an external hd and I almost never used it18:23
squinty!tab | lauren18:23
ubottulauren: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.18:23
diminotenhey when would I be bitten by this bug? https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=60323718:23
ubottuDebian bug 603237 in python2.7-minimal "python2.7-minimal: fails to configure with "IOError: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.7/config/Makefile"" [Grave,Fixed]18:23
d3er23so nothing should have corrupted anything18:23
diminotenI'm having a bit of a hard time figuring out if I could be hit by that guy or not, I'm experiencing similar symptoms18:24
clausenhow can I disable getty?  I can't figure out where it's invoked18:24
diminotenbut its' from 2010, surely not something I could have run into with anything resembling a modern system18:24
XCVBlauren: Maybe the file is corrupted. DId you try firefox or chomuim?18:24
laurenXCVB, but it plays fine on my windows laptop?18:25
squintylauren: to highlight a participant just type their name/nick.  besides the tab compleation, your irc client may also allow the use of double clicking on the persons nick and then pasting it18:25
diminotenspecifically this error: "IOError: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.7/config/Makefile (No such file or directory)"18:25
dae-d3er23 , if you need faster use you need install on local HDD18:25
d3er23what about an external ssd drive?18:25
d3er23wouldn't that be fast?18:26
clausenanswered my own question -- it's logind (*not* /etc/init/tty[1-6]) very confusing!18:26
laurenXCVB playback in chromium is choppy as well18:26
dae-lauren check your MP ^^18:26
XCVBhow did you get it on your computer?18:27
dae-d3er23 nop is't a good idée18:27
NeozonzAnyone know what a kernel panic error looks like in demsg? looking to set an alert that would grep for it but dont know how exactly the error code displays18:27
squintylauren: if this is a new install, then make sure your system is up to date.  look for Software and Updates in menu.  Also look for Additional Drivers in your menu.... see if that displays any video drivers to install18:27
dae-use a HDD for a live USB18:27
laurenXCVB from an external hdd18:27
dae-instal ubuntu on external HDD is realy not a good idea18:27
EriC^^clausen: /etc/init/tty1.conf18:27
d3er23but why18:27
XCVBlauren: have play any other sound?18:28
d3er23if it can be installed on a flash drive usb a external hdd is much superior18:28
clausenEriC^^, I figured out it's actually in /etc/systemd/logind.conf18:28
clausenEriC^^, it moved (in 14.10)18:28
laurensquinty its a new install and i did all the updates first and tried recommended video drivers as well as proprietary with same result18:30
laurensquinty choppy audio and video in vlc18:30
clausenEriC^^, actually, it's *neither*!  I've disabled both, and they still keep on coming!18:30
EriC^^clausen: are you sure? did you comment out the exec line in tty?.conf ?18:30
XCVBlauren: have play any other sound?18:31
clausenEriC^^, I deleted /etc/init/tty*18:31
XCVBlauren: go to youtube and see if it plays correctly?18:31
Paradiseeis there any program to stream on twitch by recording the screen?18:31
XCVBlauren: go to youtube and see if it plays correctly18:31
thebozzGuys, I need help recovering data from a dead server. I took out the disk where the data was and put it in another ubuntu server, but it's not recognizing the partitions inside. Is there anything I can do about that?18:32
EriC^^clausen: hehe :D18:32
bekksthebozz: How do you try to "recognize the partitions inside"?18:32
laurenXCVB, youtube plays fine18:32
EriC^^clausen: if you comment it out, you won't get a tty anymore18:32
XCVBlauren: try coping the file again18:33
EriC^^clausen: if you comment out tty1 lightdm will still start though18:33
thebozzbekks: I just sorta hoped the server's OS would recognize there's an EXT4 partition inside that disk and list it accordingly (like, "/dev/sdd1").18:33
XCVBlauren: maybe took out the hdd to soon18:33
clausenEriC^^, I uninstalled lightdm already :)18:33
mac_hy all.. i have a little problem.. my pc's cam is upside down..18:33
clausenEriC^^,  just need to figure out how to disable systemd-logind...18:34
EriC^^clausen: ok, then a comment should do it18:34
thebozzbekks: it actually did, but it used another letter for the drive :D18:34
thebozzProblem solved.18:34
clausenhmmm, anyone know where ubuntu 14.10 invokes systemd-logind?18:36
MonkeyDustclausen  what are you trying to do?18:38
clausenMonkeyDust, I want to disable all "getty" logins18:38
clausenMonkeyDust, (I want to just start some shells via a script in /etc/rc.local, without any login procedure)18:39
MonkeyDustclausen  is this useful http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/miscellaneous/4116-turn-off-extra-gettys.html18:40
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XCVBclausen: Do what run a script when you boot?18:40
MonkeyDustclausen  nvm, ubuntu has no inittab18:41
clausenMonkeyDust, right18:41
clausenXCVB, yes, a script to open some shells (without asking for passwords)18:42
XCVBthis work for ubuntu: http://www.raspberrypi-spy.co.uk/2013/07/running-a-python-script-at-boot-using-cron/18:42
clausenXCVB, the problem isn't starting my shells18:43
clausenXCVB, the problem is that the virtual terminals are all taken up by getty18:43
clausen(but thanks for the link!)18:43
clausenyour link does have a relevant bit, but I'm afraid it's out of date... Ubuntu 14.10 no longer uses /etc/inittab18:44
XCVBclausen: it uses cron18:45
clausenXCVB, I mean, disabling getty involves finding where it's launched, and disabling it there18:45
clausenXCVB, getty used to be in /etc/inittab (as your link points out), but no longer18:46
PiciXCVB: cron isn't really relevant in this context.18:46
XCVBI did that and it worked for me.18:46
XCVBI used @reboot18:46
Piciclausen: getty is started by upstart currently, look at /etc/init/console.conf18:46
Picithe transition to systemd from upstart is just at the beginning, and really hasn't been implemented, although some of the packages are now available (and some may be installed by default)18:47
XCVBI had no problem18:47
clausenPici, ps aux | grep systemd reveals that systemd-logind is running...18:47
Piciclausen: hrm.18:48
clausenPici, /etc/init/console.conf seems to be inactive on my machine18:48
clausen(there are no getty instances whose command line matches it)18:48
Piciclausen: I guess I should upgrade at least one of my Ubunut installs to 14.10 then... (still on 14.04 for the most part)18:49
clausenPici, it's very generous of you to take a look for me, though :)18:49
PiciSorry I couldn't be of more help.18:50
clausenI'm trying to think about how I could find out how it's launched...18:50
clausenI suppose I could do a "binary search" through the boot process18:51
clauseni.e. interrupt the boot process at different stages, trying to locate exactly when systemd-logind is started18:51
hichamathow to give a user permission to home folder only18:58
MonkeyDusthichamat  as opposed to what?18:59
clausenhichamat, unix isn't very good at that kind of thing18:59
clausenhichamat, selinux is designed for that kind of thing...19:00
hichamatthe user can see / tree but he must edit his home directory only19:00
FreeMacHello everyone! I Have a question about installing Ubuntu on my Mac. Newbie here : )19:00
clausenhichamat, oh, if that's what you want... it should already be like that :)19:00
FreeMacI want to install Ubuntu on my drive, but first I want to partition it into two parts. My drive is 256GB SSD.19:01
FreeMacMy problem is that I have a Time Machine backup for my entire drive. If I partition the drive on my computer, how would that affect my Time Machine backup on my external drive?19:02
bekksFreeMac: How did you get "Time Machine" for non-OSX? :)19:03
FreeMacHello bekks, I didn't. I haven't installed Ubuntu yet.19:03
FreeMacI want to install Ubuntu on a separate partition on my internal drive. However, I was wondering how that would affect my Time Machine backup on my external drive.19:04
clipse_it won't19:04
FreeMacWouldn't there be any loss in data, @clipse?19:05
myrtohello from greece19:06
clipse_not if your partitioning your drive to install ubuntu, Time Machine will continue to backup your OSX using whatever settings you have now.19:06
XCVBFreeMac: remove the external drive before installation19:06
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XCVBsomething might happen19:07
clipse_that's probably a good idea also19:07
clipse_so you don't accidently parition or format your external drive19:07
myrtogo a gnu retaliation19:07
myrtoaek athens19:08
myrtois the greatest team in the world guys19:08
FreeMacMhmm, that was my concern too.19:08
clipse_once you parition your ubuntu partitions will basically be invisible to time machine so you shouldn't see any change there.19:08
myrtoeven though i have installed xubuntu19:08
myrtothe system tells me there i have to boot19:09
myrtoor reboot from media19:09
myrtowhat should i do?19:09
jkhlI have an encrypted HDD that became inaccessible, got it in an external docking, the docking recognising the encryption and the correct key, but says 'the unlocked device does not have a recognisable file system on it'19:09
clipse_myrto: are you using a VM?19:09
jkhldoes that mean I won't be able to access the data?19:09
jkhlor is there some other way to recover the data?19:10
myrtoi can only access xubuntu by pressind ctrl alt delete19:10
jkhl(I don't know why the HDD originally become inaccessible)19:10
myrtois there a way to fix it?19:11
clipse_myrto: hrmm not sure then, sounded like an issue I had while using a VM but since it's not I have no idea what it may be.19:12
myrtothank you very much19:12
myrtohave a great new year19:12
FreeMacI think I should be a bit more clear here. I have a 256GB SSD on my mac. My external drive is a 500GB HDD. I've partitioned my external drive like so: 300GB for Time Machine Backup, approx. 200GB for miscellaneous. My Macs drive is not partitioned. Now, however, I want to partition my Macs drive as well, so I can install Ubuntu in the additional partition. My question is, since my previous backup was made for the entire 256GB hard driv19:12
FreeMacmess the Time Machine backup?19:12
myrtowhere are you from?19:12
clausenso, in my quest to remove getty, I'm trying to find what /sbin/init is chosen by mkinitramfs...19:13
clausenany ideas?19:13
clipse_myrto: Michigan19:13
myrtonice is it snowing there?19:13
clipse_FreeMac: I don't think it will change anything on your Time Machine setup..it should continue to backup whatever is left on your OSX parition like normal and will ignore your new Ubuntu partition(s)19:14
clipse_myrto: nope, haven't had hardly any snow yet this year.19:14
clipse_FreeMac: are you trying to install ubuntu on your SSD or External?19:16
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FreeMacClipse: I'm trying to install Ubuntu on my SSD.19:17
=== LOL is now known as Guest8232
clipse_FreeMac: you should be fine then and shouldn't notice any change in your TM.19:22
bubbasauresjkhl, No backup?19:23
FreeMacclipse: Awesome, thanks for the help, Clipse!19:24
clipse_FreeMac: No problem and don't forget to disconnect your external before installing just to be safe.19:24
FreeMacclipse_: Sure thing, I will.19:25
clipse_FreeMac: I once wiped out around 100g of mp3s by not doing that lol19:25
FreeMacclipse_: lol19:25
FreeMacclipse_: that sounds horrible!19:25
MonkeyDustFreeMac  i erased my 500gb with all my backups and collections, years ago19:26
clipse_FreeMac: it wasn't fun that's for sure haha19:26
Lorthirkhello, i'm having hard times installing ubuntu 14.10 on my notebook. it seems noveau is causing troubles, i also tried nomodeset but it keeps freezing before installation screen... can someone help me?19:27
temporary_btrfsHey guys, what's the easiest way to use btrfs during Ubuntu LiveUSB installation?19:28
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MonkeyDusttemporary_btrfs  start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs19:30
=== DavidBlaine is now known as dm7freek
clausenso, ubuntu seems to use busybox's init at the end of initramfs... is that right?19:31
OerHeksOur german friends have an excellent BTRFS howto http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Installieren_auf_Btrfs-Dateisystem19:31
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!19:32
temporary_btrfsclausen: Time to pack out that German then, thank you a bunch!19:32
Guest10endlich jemand der deutsch spricht!19:33
trismclausen: logind will be running even if you are using upstart, are you sure the /etc/init/tty?.conf files are the ones starting getty? sudo stop tty2; then see if you can type anything on tty219:33
trismerr are = aren't19:33
k1lGuest10: in #ubuntu-de gibts die deutsche community. hier wird englisch gesprochen19:33
clausentrism, right, I'm sure logind is running, and I'm sure that /etc/init/tty*.conf are NOT responsible for getty19:36
clausentrism, I just don't understand why logind is running19:36
clausentrism, "stop tty2" gives "unknown job: tty2"19:37
trismclausen: we have been using logind for a while, it's running on 14.04 too, but there the tty?.conf jobs certainly are managing the getty instances (if you switched init to systemd in 14.10 then it would be different)19:37
clausentrism, I'm using upstart on 14.1019:38
dopiehow do i add a user that only has access to a specific directory?19:38
clausentrism, so I have two questions: (1) how should I configure logind to do nothing? and (2) can I disable logind?19:38
clausenon (1): it is well documented, and I did what it says, and it's still active19:39
clausen(I put NAutoVTs=0 and ReserveVT=0 in /etc/systemd/logind.conf)19:39
clausenon (2): I have no where logind is getting launched19:40
clausenso I don't know where I can disable it19:40
dopieany help?!19:41
trismclausen: started by dbus19:42
clausentrism, ah, should have thought of that.  thanks!19:42
clausentrism, so, I can just comment out the ExecStart line of /lib/systemd/system/systemd-logind.service ?19:44
trismclausen: I'm going to boot a 14.10 system and take a look, but I don't really think logind is your problem19:45
trismclausen: it's probably not using that though unless you enabled systemd manually as init19:45
trismclausen: oh wait, maybe it is that they just changed the path19:46
clausen trism: yes, my last proposal worked, finally!19:47
unopastedragos you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted19:47
liamhow do i log in here?19:47
jjbeefcakeHello all, trying to get XRDP working on Lubuntu installation. When I RDP to the Lubuntu box, I get a login and then get what looks like grey checkered background and the X windows cursor19:47
jjbeefcakeCan anyone point me in the correct direction?19:48
jjbeefcakeI made a change to startwm.sh, |  #. /etc/X11/Xsession . /usr/bin/startlxde | per an article here http://wademurray.com/2014/xrdp-remote-desktop-on-lubuntu-14-04/ but still not much luck19:49
moonlanderthe links here seem to be broken https://unity.ubuntu.com/projects/appindicators/19:53
moonlanderdid they move somewhere else?19:53
MonkeyDustjjbeefcake  http://wademurray.com/contact/19:54
jjbeefcakeThanks MonkeyDust! Not sure I want to trouble Wade, was hoping someone had XRDP knowledge the could help me out with. For some reason I thought Lubuntu had it enabled / installed by default.19:55
Francis_LeachI need a little help....I just installed a fresh install of Ubuntu, after getting a memory upgrade. Problem is, strangely, the remnents of a previous Opensuse mess appears to be still here, despite intending to format all and fresh install. Can anyone help me delete this partition (I think)?19:56
jjbeefcakeI'll happily try another distro if you know it has xrdp enabled19:56
jjbeefcakeby distro, I mean ubuntu distro of course19:56
hayhi, we have a server running 12.04 LTS with some ancient kernel - "Linux version 3.2.0-24-virtual" and I would like to upgrade kernel... can I use v3.18.1 .deb files with dpkg on such a system or some incompatibility issues might occur? thanks19:59
bubbasauresFrancis_Leach, How are you seeing opensuse now?19:59
Francis_Leachunder devices...20:00
Francis_Leachgives me an option (mount and open open suse)20:00
bubbasauresFrancis_Leach, So far that makes no sense.20:00
Francis_Leachin nautilius, under devices, is computer..and opensuse20:01
Francis_Leachthe opensuse, is from back when I made a mess installing/deleting20:01
bubbasauresFrancis_Leach, devices meaning the partitions yes.20:01
Francis_Leachyes, I believe so20:01
Francis_LeachError mounting /dev/sda2 at /media/liam/openSUSE 13.1 KDE Live: Command-line `mount -t "udf" -o20:02
Francis_Leachthis is what comes up when i try to mount it20:02
bubbasauresFrancis_Leach, Can you pastebin sudo parted -l and tell us which partition is which?20:02
bonhoefferhow do i prevent apache2 from starting on boot20:03
trismclausen: glad you figured it out, did disabling logind help?20:04
clausentrism, yes, it was the culprit20:04
clausentrism, I suppose there's a bug in it -- it wasn't respecting /etc/systemd/logind.conf20:04
clausenI suppose I should file a bug report20:04
clausenalthough I feel like the whole configuration is transitory20:05
clausen(in 15.04, it will be all changed all over again, and it's probably all temporary shims)20:05
notaeon5 year old celeron w/integrated graphics, 3gb ram, 5400 rpm hdd; is stock ubuntu too much?20:05
xanguafor celeron better try xubuntu or lubuntu, if you want a smooth experience notaeon20:05
EriC^^bonhoeffer: sudo update-rc.d -f disable apache220:06
EriC^^bonhoeffer: sudo update-rc.d -f apache2 disable20:06
bubbasauresFrancis_Leach, only two partitions there an ext4 and a swap in an extended, not sure why you would see any partitions in devices, any externals not showing here?20:06
notaeonxangua: ok, so unity is still very heavy20:06
clausentrism, thanks a lot for the help!20:07
clausentrism, dbus is the last place I would have looked20:07
notaeonxangua: thank you20:07
clausen(I was expecting systemd would launch dbus, not the other way around...)20:07
clausen(but I don't know much about systemd)20:07
Francis_LeachNope...that readout is actually exactly what I wanted...I deleted all partitions and started again. So I am really amazed as to how this shows up20:07
EriC^^Francis_Leach: udf is like an iso isnt it?20:08
EriC^^just press the eject button it should disappear and never come back i guess20:08
Francis_LeachNo option to eject, but an option to format20:09
clausenEriC^^, yes, UDF is a filesystem designed for multisession write-once media20:10
Francis_LeachTried to format, got this:Error synchronizing after initial wipe: Timed out waiting for object (udisks-error-quark, 0)20:11
dongerinohas anyone converted their ubuntu to systemd?20:11
NeurOSickHow can I run a .rdp or simply run a Virtualbox Remote Desktop server on Ubuntu 14.04 ?20:13
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: you can install a Windows VM and RDP to it from the host20:14
EriC^^Francis_Leach: type udisksctl status20:14
weaksauceis it common for fetchmail to not respond to `/etc/init.d/fetchmail stop` commands? it says it worked but the daemon is still running20:15
weaksauceubuntu 10.0420:15
Francis_Leachudisksctl status20:15
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: if you set the network interface to bridged, it will get an IP from your LAN's DHCP server and will appear as a new system on the LAN20:15
EriC^^Francis_Leach: open a terminal and type it20:16
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: if you want an RDP client then they do exist in Ubuntu. You can use rdesktop and connect to Windows systems via RDP20:16
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: have you not started using PowerShell yet?20:17
ActionParsnipweaksauce: does: service fetchmail stop , not work?20:17
weaksauceActionParsnip it does actually20:18
ActionParsnipweaksauce: then use that then, that's how it should be done20:18
weaksauceActionParsnip actually the /etc/init.d/fetchmail stop also worked after I killed it and started it back up20:19
NeurOSickActionParsnip: ok, but how can I run the gui like windows? normaly, I launch the WinXP VirtualMachine via a Remote Desktop Server port like ip:9000 via an .rdp on another windows7 machine.20:19
ActionParsnipweaksauce: strange indeed20:19
weaksaucewhy would fetchmail not stop is the better question I guess20:19
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: run what GUI?20:20
FoothebarHey! I'm workin in a small hardware startup where we use Ubunt on the control computer that runs the machine we are selling. Now a possible investor wants to have a proof that Ubuntu can be used for free and I'm really having troubles to find a quotable soure for the GPL-Status of Ubuntu20:22
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: if the OS is running you can connect to it via RDP. It's that simple....20:22
NeurOSickActionParsnip: My Virtualbox is on a debian server, when I start a VM via Win7, I just need to launch Remote Desktop and I use the Virtual Machine to use WinXP (for exemple)20:22
jjbeefcakeNeurOSick: I think you need to install a desktop GUI and then enable vino / xrdp / x11VNC to login via GUI interfcace like windows remotely20:22
FoothebarDoes anyone know where I can find that?20:22
ActionParsnipFoothebar: http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/licensing20:23
peyamHi, I use dual monitor. one of the monitors blinking all the time. This , I think, happened since I update the kernel to
FoothebarPerfect. And know I feel a bit dumb :(20:23
FoothebarThanks a lot!20:23
MonkeyDustFoothebar  ask in #ubuntu-offtopic20:23
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: as20:23
Foothebar@MonkeyDust: Ok, i'll check the other rooms.20:24
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: as long as the VM is running and accepting connections then you can RDP to it.... set the instance to run at boot and it will be good to go20:24
serventHello fellow linux users20:24
ActionParsnipHi servent20:25
Francis_LeachSo...can anyone help with my extra partition that I cannot locate yet is here in my display?20:25
NeurOSickActionParsnip: yes this is I want to do, but how can I RDP to it?20:25
ActionParsnippeyam: do you use proprietary drivers for video20:25
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: set the network to bridged instead of NAT20:26
peyamActionParsnip, I tried it last night. same problem. no I use the opensource one20:26
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: it will then get an IP from your DHCP service and appear as a system on the LAN (as I said earlier already)20:27
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: you can then RDP to that IP and connect20:27
godlike1hello! everytime i reboot my laptop the gnome shell reverts to a regular black background when i want it transparent.. is there a way to make it to where i dont have to set the transparency every time i reboot?20:27
ActionParsnippeyam: what video chip are you using?20:27
peyamActionParsnip, you mean the graphic card?20:28
godlike1maybe something added to my .bashrc or .profile?20:28
physixer14.04.1: what's the easiest/quickest way to upgrade to evince 3.14? (ubuntu latest is 3.10.3)20:28
ActionParsnippeyam: the card itself is moot, we want the GPU. sudo lshw -C display , will tel20:28
benxyzzyWould performance be affected by putting /usr on a USB HDD? Easiest (but probably slowest) solution being symlink off to some directory on the OS-mounted drive. This is an old headless box doing occasional admin on my home network - mostly idle. ubuntu server20:28
ikoniagodlike1: thats a gnome shell extension20:29
ikoniagodlike1: nothig to do with your non-gnome shell enviornment20:29
godlike1i want the gnome shell to be transparent is what im saying20:29
ActionParsnipphysixer: evince is strongly linked to the Gnome version, so you will need the Gnome PPA which will also upgrade the entire desktop environment and mean we cannot support it here20:29
ikoniagodlike1: yes, and you're using an extension to do that20:29
peyamActionParsnip, product: Barts XT [Radeon HD 6870]20:29
godlike1when i load the gnome shell up i have to reset the transparency20:29
ActionParsnippeyam: ok then that is the GPU....20:30
ikoniagodlike1: talk to the person who wrote the extension20:30
peyamActionParsnip, what should I do?20:30
godlike1...ok then?20:30
ActionParsnippeyam: have you checked in /var/log/Xorg.0.log for warnings and errors?20:30
NeurOSickActionParsnip tanks :)20:30
ikoniagodlike1: he will fix/support the extension20:30
godlike1i'll email him20:30
ActionParsnipNeurOSick: easy days :)20:31
peyamActionParsnip, its empty20:31
ActionParsnippeyam: have you tried disconnecting and reconnecting the display?20:31
peyamActionParsnip, ohh sorry. I do have a log20:32
ActionParsnippeyam: case sensitive dude20:32
sivikanyone every had any luck keybinding one key to anothe set of keys?20:32
peyamActionParsnip, it's huge. do you wana see all of it?20:32
peyamActionParsnip, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9647429/20:33
bonhoefferhow do i kiill a stopped job: [1]-  Stopped                 sudo emacs includes/location.conf20:33
MonkeyDustbonhoeffer  fg, then kill it20:34
jjbeefcakeref XRDP problem, this is the background when I try to RDP http://imgur.com/BbdE1sE  Anyone have any idea where to look for support?20:34
bonhoeffersudo kill %1 kill: failed to parse argument: '%1'20:34
=== motto is now known as Guest23572
cpt_yossarianbonhoeffer, you don't need the sudo. running it with sudo will try to kill root's first job20:35
benxyzzy Would performance be affected by putting /usr on a USB HDD? Easiest (but probably slowest) solution being symlink off to some directory on the OS-mounted drive. This is an old headless box doing occasional admin on my home network - mostly idle. ubuntu server20:35
ActionParsnippeyam: if you use the display settings, can you set the res lower on the display?20:35
bonhoefferkill %1 -bash: kill: (4056) - Operation not permitted20:35
Jordan_Ubonhoeffer: Where did you get "%1" from? That is not a valid argument to kill.20:35
benxyzzynever mind, wrong channel20:35
cpt_yossariando you own the process bonhoeffer?20:35
bonhoeffernot sure — but i was able to kill the pid20:35
EriC^^bonhoeffer: type jobs20:35
bonhoefferall gone20:36
cpt_yossarianalright, that was strange20:36
peyamActionParsnip, yes. buyt its  huge difference. lowe resolution is 1152x86420:36
cpt_yossarianJordan_U, %1 is a valid argument. it's the first job.20:36
benxyzzy Would performance be affected by putting /usr on a USB HDD? Easiest (but probably slowest) solution being symlink off to some directory on the OS-mounted drive. This is an old headless box doing occasional admin on my home network - mostly idle. ubuntu server20:36
Jordan_Ucpt_yossarian: Thanks, learned something new :)20:36
ActionParsnippeyam: seems the EDID says it supports higher, maybe you cannot go higher than that on open drivers20:37
cpt_yossarianNo problem :)20:37
ikoniabonhoeffer: yes20:37
ikoniabonhoeffer: oops sorry20:37
peyamActionParsnip, what are you suggesting then?20:37
Jordan_Ucpt_yossarian: I even diligently checked with "man kill", not realizing I needed "help kill" :)20:38
ActionParsnippeyam: could see if there is a known bug, or try the proprietary driver. Not sure really, I don't use Radeon GPUs.20:38
cpt_yossarianJordan_U: yeah, i20:38
peyamActionParsnip, thank you very much. I think I will go with the property drivers20:38
cpt_yossarianJordan_U: not sure why it isn't documented in the man page...*20:38
cpt_yossarianprobably just an oversight lol20:39
Jordan_Ucpt_yossarian: Because /bin/kill doesn't support %1, only bash's builtin kill does. So the man page is actually correct.20:39
cpt_yossarianJordan_U: oops, that was dumb of me. that makes much more sense :)20:39
mob4Recently my keyboard no longer scrolls through the grub menu using Ubuntu Studio--Acquired a new keyboard the same behavior occurs20:40
Jordan_Ucpt_yossarian: Now we can both feel dumb together :)20:40
cpt_yossarianJordan_U: true :D20:40
Jordan_Umob4: Is your boot firmware UEFI or BIOS based?20:41
mob4BIOS intel20:41
=== Guest23572 is now known as m8
Jordan_Umob4: Was your old keyboard that did work a ps2 keyboard?20:42
mob4No, USB 2 Razor worked just fine until recently the new one  is coolermaster devastator20:44
xMopxShellso am i right in thinking, that if youre cpu load is 1.0520:46
=== Guest60657 is now known as mfisch
xMopxShelland your system stays exactly as busy20:46
xMopxShellshit will pile up over time?20:46
xMopxShellassuming you have 1 core20:46
ikoniatone down the language20:46
ikoniathere is no need for it20:47
ikoniaxMopxShell: there is no promise it will acculate, it depends on your system20:47
ikoniaa load of 1.5 can be very healthy20:47
ikoniaor a short busrt20:47
ikoniaor bad news20:47
ikonia1.5 is not a concern20:47
xMopxShellhm, yeah that makes more since20:50
RyviusHelp, windows often open on the wrong monitor, how do I fix that?20:51
ubuntuheartHi, i am running the latest lts ubuntu server and was wondering if you know how to git pull an old version of an open git repo that i don't control20:54
ubuntuheartlets say that the latest version is 3.05 and i need version 2, but i am not the author of the code. the code is open source on github20:55
ubuntuheartwhat command can i use to get the desired version of the software20:56
ikoniaubuntuheart: you can't20:56
ikoniaubuntuheart: you use the versions supplied in the ubuntu repos20:56
willwhubuntuheart: you can easily, git clone <repo>20:57
willwhgit branch -a20:57
willwhto see all branches20:58
willwhand then, git checkout <desired_branch>20:58
bekkswillwh: I guess his problem is that he needs an old version of git, not an old git branch :)20:59
ikoniathat will not get you the software20:59
ikoniathat will just get you the source code20:59
PiciI think thats what they were asking?20:59
ikoniaI'm not sure,20:59
ikoniabe nice to clarify20:59
ubuntuheartso that would only work if i there is a branch that is populated with the old code20:59
ikoniaor a tag20:59
ikoniayou cn pull a tag21:00
ikoniadragos: ?21:00
bynariei have a file, busybox, which says i need to setuid root to it.. how do i do that?21:01
ubuntuhearti found that the repo had a "releases" tab that had older versions21:02
ubuntuheartthank you guys21:02
bekksbynarie: How did you get that file? Did you install it manually somehow?21:02
bynarieyea, well i compiled it from source21:03
Jordan_Ubynarie: What is your end goal? Setuid can easily lead to a security nightmare and you shooting yourself in the foot.21:04
bynariei was compiling busybox for arm.. i loaded it on my phone, tried to run it but i get permission denied... so its not really a ubuntu question per se, but im working on it on ubuntu21:05
RyviusNo one...? Is there no way to tell ubuntu only to open windows on a specific monitor?21:06
Jordan_URyvius: devilspie is a tool that allows you to configure which screen a window is created on, though there might be easier to use tools available.21:07
Ryviusdevilspie says "No s-expressions loaded, quiting" ... wut?21:07
nikis!language | Ryvius21:10
ubottuRyvius: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:10
yvearhow do I upgrade python3 in 14.04 to latest release? or would that break things?21:10
ikoniayvear: I'd advise you to leave it alone21:12
ikoniayvear: unless there is a very specific need to change it21:12
l0rdkermitif there is a better tool than devilspie I'd love to know... all my web searches turn up zilch21:12
ikonial0rdkermit: what are you trying to do21:12
yvearikonia, afaik 3.4.0 has ssl heartbleed bug21:13
ikoniayvear: thats ssl - not python21:13
l0rdkermitmake my startup stuff go to certain workspaces in certain locations instead of dogpiling in ws 121:13
ikoniaand ssl has been back ported with the fix21:13
yvearikonia, ok tyvm21:13
synirestarting on setting up a homelab, anyone have suggestions on some projects that would be good for gaining experience with linux?21:14
ikoniasynire: just using it on a day to day will get you experience21:15
bekkssynire: Getting that homelab to be up and runing will be the first thing to learn :)21:15
synireI got the network setup on the desktop to server, and can see shared folders. but now just wonder what other cool stuff to try.21:16
Brandon1000hey anyone here? :)21:17
_marx_not sure of the human to bot ratio21:18
zuzupHello, i have installed nvidia drivers on my laptop. But after trying a lot, i could not get it to drive both my built-in monitor and external connected through vga. My Intel card does that like a breeze. Hence, i want to turn off my nvidia gpu while still keeping the drivers for cuda capabilities21:19
bekkszuzup: You cannot turn off the GPU without uninstalling the drivers.21:19
zuzupAny suggestion? I do not want to install bbswitch if i could do it using tools already shipped with x/nvidia drivers21:20
zuzupbekks that sucks21:20
tewardzuzup: you can't turn off the GPU without uninstalling the drivers21:20
C1V0zuzup, there are also thirt-party nvidia drivers that I've had some better success with in the past. Searching the interwebs now to see if I can find the name of the mpackage.21:21
zuzupteward that sucks, bekks says so too21:21
zuzupSure C1V021:21
Brandon1000I'm trying to complie a program and I don't know where to start, the program is: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=731923.msg8879760#msg8879760 thanks for any help :)21:22
bekksC1V0: The nouveau driver does not support cuda.21:22
C1V0Ah, maybe it wasn't Nouveau then, after reading https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia21:23
C1V0I think what I thought were third party drivers WERE Nvidia drivers, lol.21:23
_marx_NVIDIA Breached story on /.21:25
moonlanderwhat's the difference between the packages virtualenv and python-virtualenv?21:26
OerHeks!info virtualenv21:27
ubottuvirtualenv (source: python-virtualenv): Python virtual environment creator. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.11.6-2 (utopic), package size 5 kB, installed size 57 kB21:27
OerHeksnothing, i guess21:27
compdocif you program in python, the one should be more useful21:27
* Brandon1000 is so confused by linux XD21:29
jjbeefcakelubuntu 14.10 does not have lxde installed. there was no "startlxde" in . /usr/bin. Now I'd rather actually have the default lubuntu 14.10 gui desktop, anyone know what that is called?21:29
Picimoonlander: 'virtualenv' seems to provide manpages and something in /usr/bin/ while python-virtualenv provides the actual python portion.  I don't have 14.10 here installed to check exactly what is in /usr/bin/virtualenv though, sorry.21:30
synireif I just install ntfs-3g via apt-get I should automatically see whats in my ntfs partitions right?21:31
moonlanderyeah i just realized that virtualenv pulls in python3-virtualenv21:31
moonlanderi was wondering why python-virtualenv wasn't installed hah21:31
JoaoCSNspeak portugues21:32
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.21:32
_Amadeus_can anyone help me about Xubuntu volumen indicator????????????????????21:34
ActionParsnip_Amadeus_: not without some details, no21:34
mob4jordan_U Thank you for your efforts -- Is there an avenue I might explore?21:34
Brandon1000Amadeus, hey what's the format for a file path for linux and how do I find the path to like just copy paste?21:35
ActionParsnipBrandon1000: how do you mean the path to copy paste?21:36
_Amadeus_Brandon1000,   right click on the file and see Location21:36
ActionParsnip_Amadeus_: what is your issue with the volume indicator?21:38
_Amadeus_I fied the problem21:39
Brandon1000ActionParsnip: like the location of a folder, how would I write the path (or is there a way to just copy the path like windows)?21:39
ActionParsnipBrandon1000: sure, click in the address bar in nautilus and it should show the real path of the folder you are in21:40
=== ian is now known as Guest33477
_Amadeus_Hey dose any of you guy do programing I'm interested in HTML and CSS21:41
paradisebunnyhi! is there a way to add workspace icons to the top title bar in unity like it is in say xfce?21:42
motaka2Hello I had a file called task.php21:42
motaka2I deleted it from netbeans21:42
motaka2is there a way to recover it?21:42
_Amadeus_motaka2: trash?21:42
Brandon1000ActionParsnip: thanks I think I've got it now :)21:43
Brandon1000still pretty much lost but oh well XD21:43
motaka2_Amadeus_: no it doesnt go there21:43
Brandon1000I've having issues starting a .exe now in linux :P21:43
_Amadeus_use Wine21:44
ikoniaBrandon1000: you shouldn't really be trying to run .exe files in linux21:44
ikoniathey are designed for windows21:44
ActionParsnipBrandon1000: what are you wanting to run?21:44
Brandon1000ActionParsnip: well the file type is executable (application/x-executable)21:45
ikoniathat wasn't the question21:45
ikoniawhat software are yo uwanting to run21:45
ActionParsnipBrandon1000: ok, what are you wanting to run?21:45
Brandon1000ActionParsnip: http://burstcoin.eu/download/12-uray-burst-miner-%28linux-x64%2921:45
ikoniathat shouldn't contain a .exe file21:46
_Amadeus_Hey what do you think about Atom text editor?21:46
ikonia_Amadeus_: whats the problem ?21:46
Pici_Amadeus_: you might be interested in #ubuntu-offtopic, #ubuntu is for support only.21:46
Brandon1000ActionParsnip: the file type says executable (application/x-executable) not sure if that means it's an exe or not :P21:47
MonkeyDustBrandon1000  exe is a windows extension21:47
Brandon1000what's the linux equivalant?21:48
PiciIt sounds like it is just some sort of binary file, no telling what it actually is.21:48
PiciEr, no telling from that provided info, that is.21:48
ActionParsnipBrandon1000: looks like its just a binary, open it in a terminal21:48
Brandon1000ActionParsnip: what command?21:49
ActionParsnipBrandon1000: what is the exact location and filename of the executable?21:49
bonhoefferi’m in a wierd state with too many emacs jobs over ssh — any control keys results in ^C characters — any options?21:50
bonhoefferi have three emacs jobs open21:50
Jordan_Umob4: Check your BIOS menus for an option like "Legacy USB support", which you want enabled. If you don't find any BIOS options you can try grub's native USB keyboard drivers, the process for which isn't currently well documented and I'm leaving now. #grub might be able to help, and if you can't find a BIOS option I can help you try grub's native drivers later today.21:50
Brandon1000ActionParsnip: executable (application/x-executable)21:50
Brandon1000ActionParsnip: opps '/home/brandon/Downloads/burst-miner-r4/burstminer'21:50
ActionParsnipBrandon1000: perfect21:50
revois it possible to use qbitorrent to copy http files i want to download ?21:51
ActionParsnipBrandon1000: that is th command to run in terminal21:51
=== Darknet_a is now known as Darknet
mob4I have enabled Legacy support Thanx again21:51
Brandon1000yayyyy :) thanks ActionParsnip!!21:52
Brandon1000ActionParsnip: when it says compile a program what do I have to do??21:52
Brandon1000was trying to complie this program: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=731923.msg8879760#msg8879760 but I've got no clue what to do21:52
rypervencheBrandon1000: The instructions are right there on that page. The make command will compile it.21:52
ActionParsnipBrandon1000: I suggest you become more fluemt with your OS before you start compiljng21:54
l0rdkermit<-^^ true story... learned the hard way21:54
Brandon1000ActionParsnip: lol yeah, the only thing I need the linux for is the one set of programs for now XD21:55
ActionParsnipBrandon1000: is there no alternative.... something prebuilt21:56
revo can sum1 advise of program that can grab multiples http links for download ???21:56
Brandon1000ActionParsnip: there's some prebuilt but it said complie unless you can't (not sure if there's a reason why)21:56
Brandon1000revo: I know there's a link grab plugin for chrome, but it just clicks them.21:57
gelliothI plugged in two identic joysticks, but ubuntu just recognizes one, any idea? both are ok, I tested them in another computer21:57
ActionParsniprevo: deluge can do rss feeds (I think) utorrent may do it too21:57
hpheads33can i boot ubuntu from a floppy drive?21:58
hpheads33i have p2 266Mhz 128MB ram and 8GB Hard disk21:58
revoActionParsnip, i downloaded qbtorrent, but had no luch, only works with torrent files21:58
ActionParsniphpheads33: there is an image on pendrivelinux which will then boot usb21:58
gelliothnop.. I recommend you another distro21:58
revoBrandon1000,  clicks them ??21:59
ActionParsniphpheads33: with that much RAM I would go with tinycore or puppy or slitaz etc21:59
gelliothor zenwalk21:59
gelliothI plugged in two identic joysticks, but ubuntu just recognizes one, any idea? both are ok, I tested them in another computer22:01
=== Yukitteru is now known as Yukinotteru
jhutchinsgellioth: Joystick ports or USB?22:07
gelliothjhutchins: USB22:10
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang22:15
phunyguyyes, hello.22:15
phunyguystop that22:16
popeyhpheads33: please don't abuse the bot22:16
hpheads33!ops | HFSPLUS IS REVEALED!22:16
ubottuHFSPLUS IS REVEALED!: please see above22:16
elkycalled it.22:16
natasciairon man22:18
k1lnatascia: no warez in here22:19
kokutanyone knows what's the ulimit -u command for?22:20
philwongis there any way to change the look of the window menu's in the new Ubuntu?22:21
rypervenchekokut: max user processes22:21
rypervenchekokut: Type "ulimit -a" to see all of the options.22:21
RyviusThere's a new ubuntu?22:21
MonkeyDustphilwong  you mean the theme?22:21
bekksRyvius: 14.10 since October, 15.04 in April 2015.22:22
MonkeyDustphilwong  find unity-tweak in the software center22:22
philwongI tried to load a new windows theme that I downloaded, but only the colors of the windows changed, the menu buttons do not22:22
philwongyes I have it22:22
kokutrypervenche: thanks man22:22
MonkeyDustphilwong  gnome-look.org has some nice themes22:23
=== zzz_Ridley is now known as Ridley5
civilizedgravyanybody here?22:37
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
Chuck_NorrisChuck Norris present -.-22:37
civilizedgravylol how do i change directory to a block device from /dev/disk/by-label/22:38
=== waterboard is now known as Guest35198
philwongcan someone tell me the room for linux mint?22:38
k1l!mint | philwong22:39
ubottuphilwong: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org22:39
Chuck_Norriscivilizedgravy: i don't know about lvm sry22:40
civilizedgravyanyone know ho to cd to /dev/disk/by-label/drive_name?22:40
civilizedgravyoh :/ where could i ask?22:40
bekkscivilizedgravy: Whats your actual question behind that?22:41
Chuck_Norriscivilizedgravy: oh! i think you first have to mount that drive_name them you can "cd" to it22:41
Chuck_Norristhen* you can...22:41
philwongubottu: this link does not work22:41
ubottuphilwong: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:41
civilizedgravyokay lemme try22:41
rwwphilwong: it's not a link, it's the hostname of their IRC network22:41
=== annoymouse is now known as JailbrokenSith
kokutHello, is it possible to block an application in ufw?22:42
rwwphilwong: since you don't have an actual IRC client by the look of it, you perhaps want http://spotchat.org/connect/22:42
k1lphilwong: mint support is on a different irc server/network. see their website if you need more help (that should be automatic joining if you start a irc client on mint anyway)22:42
philwongok thanks22:42
philwongwill check22:42
philwongactually I got it when I manually typed it in google22:42
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civilizedgravyayyyyy it worked! thanks chuck_norris22:44
Chuck_NorrisxD np22:44
davido_My mouse scroll wheel has stopped working reliably in Ubuntu (like in the past week).  Are there any recent known problems?22:47
zuzupHello, I have installed nvidia driver (340.29) on my lenovo laptop having optimus support. I have a dual monitor (builtin+external on VGA) setup and had trouble configuring nvidia to work with the setup. I used `prime-select intel` to switch to intel which works well for my dual monitor setup. I am booted and logged in and would like to `modprobe nvidia_340` so that I can use NVIDIA only for CUDA programming purpose, i.e. selectively load NVIDIA drivers when22:48
zuzup I want without disturbing the display through intel.22:48
zuzup`modprobe nvidia_340` fails saying no device found22:48
zuzuplspci | grep VGA shows both NVIDIA and Intel22:49
k1ldavido_: are you sure its not a hardware failure? does the mouse work on other OS/pcs?22:49
davido_k1l : I'm not sure it isn't a hardware failure.  I'll have to give it a try elsewhere.  I do know that it DOES NOT fail within a VirtualBox Windows guest.22:50
tunafishEven though I got the rules file, polkit daemon doesn't include network.management file? any way to trigger it to read it? I can't edit my network settings22:51
rberg-zuzup: are you sure the module is called nvidia_340? usually its just nvidia22:51
davido_So I guess actually that does indicate that it's probably not hardware related.22:51
zuzuprberg: yes tab completion shows so22:51
zuzuprberg-: yes tab completion shows so22:51
tunafishfound it, polkitd was interrupted bcz I got another file, backup, of the orginal.22:53
zuzuprberg-: there are 2 modules - nvidia_340 and nvidiafb22:54
rberg-weird on my system its always nvidia, but I dont know anything about how optimus works22:55
zuzuprberg-: Ok, thanks!22:55
kaz_Huh, weird22:59
kaz_I'm trying to get this executable running and Ubuntu doesn't recognize it at all23:00
kaz_"bash: ./dosbox: No such file or directory"23:00
kaz_Wookong SVN... yes, I did chmod23:00
nmatrix9Anyone ever have a weird experience where they can't access a share on their NAS?  But it can be accessed through the NAS admin interface?23:01
JNixxnmatrix9: What sort of NAS? Running Ubuntu?23:01
daftykinsnmatrix9: read the logs23:02
nmatrix9JNixx, it's linux based I believe DLink Share Center 32023:03
JNixxnmatrix9: Are you usually required to log in to access the share or are they all public?23:04
nmatrix9daftykins, I did they just say anonymous or nmatrix9 tried to enter the share, but here is the weird thing even when I turn off password and make it readable to all I still cannot access the shares23:04
daftykinsnmatrix9: as in make it guest readable?23:05
nmatrix9daftykins, yep23:05
daftykinsquite honestly i have found consumer NASs to be the most simple of things to get going23:05
JNixxnmatrix9: Restart device ? :P23:05
nmatrix9daftykins, yeah worked reliably for years until last Saturday.23:06
daftykinsnmatrix9: what's your method of mounting? GUI via nautilus? get playing with smbclient if so, makes life a lot easier23:06
daftykinssmbclient //IP of NAS/share -U username23:06
nmatrix9JNixx, tried that even did a factory reset23:06
JNixxnmatrix9: So after factory reset you cannot access shares?23:06
rypervenchekaz_: Any reason you're not running the version of dosbox from you rrepos?23:06
nmatrix9daftykins, only think I could think of is when I tried to create a mount point on my ubuntu box access that share23:07
daftykinsnmatrix9: only thing that would do what? :)23:07
JNixxnmatrix9: Jut out of curiosity. Are these NFS shares or SAMBA shares?23:08
nmatrix9daftykins, f*** things up like this some how23:08
daftykinsnmatrix9: nah that's absolutely ridiculous. have you spoken of this in here before, too? i feel like i've seen the same topic from you for a week or more :D23:08
w0lfman, when unity disappears, unity really disappears23:09
bubbasauresthat's the punchline, what's the setup23:09
nmatrix9daftykins, yeah I talked about with you before last Saturday or Sunday23:10
daftykinsnmatrix9: ah ok, no progress since huh?23:10
nmatrix9daftykins, No I had to go to bed then go to work23:10
kaz_rypervenche: http://postimg.org/image/dzzydgkih/23:10
JNixxnmatrix9: I guess you tried a firmware upgrade?23:10
nmatrix9JNixx, yep23:10
daftykinsnmatrix9: so what clients *does* it work from?23:11
nmatrix9Just a sec23:11
rypervenchekaz_: The question remains. Any reason you need the SVN version of dosbox? The Ubuntu version is the latest stable version.23:11
kaz_Well the SVN version accompanies my needs23:12
daftykins^ sounds like a "i don't know" :)23:12
rypervenchekaz_: What needs are those?23:12
rebshey im trying to edit a file so i do : sudo vi file, but when I go to save it it doesnt let me save. I though sudo should override that23:12
revo_how can i check how many processor does ubuntu uses when booting up ?23:13
daftykinsrebs: what file?23:13
kaz_I think I figured out my answer to why it's not working.... It's probably that the "dosbox" executable is 32-bit and I'm running this on amd64 system.23:13
rebsits a config file for a game in my home dir23:13
rebsgame isnt running23:13
daftykinsrevo_: what? for the boot process? 0o23:13
nmatrix9JNixx, It has shares for NFS, CIFS and FTP, the NFS and CIFS were set to r/w for guests23:13
k1lrebs: dont use sudo in your homedir23:13
daftykinsrebs: you wouldn't need sudo for a file in your home directory, that's unnecessary. show a "ls -la" in a pastebin of this file23:14
revo_daftykins,  like in windows, by default, if u have 2 processors and 2 gb of memory windows by default only uses half of this23:14
revo_daftykins,  is this the same on ubuntu, ...point hee is to spedd my pc to its max potential23:14
daftykinsrevo_: sorry, totally pointless topic in my eyes. does it boot? yes, excellent job done :)23:15
revo_daftykins,  very slow....23:15
daftykinsmust be your setup23:16
revo_bios ?23:16
revo_os ?23:16
rebsre the file permission : http://paste.ubuntu.com/9648130/23:16
rebsi can see that the file in questoin is owned by root. isnt that sudo?23:17
daftykinsrebs: which?23:17
rypervencherebs: you can write to it with :w!23:17
rypervencherebs: or :wq!23:17
rebsbut :wq wont take23:17
rebsthats odd23:18
rypervencherebs: The reason is that you don't have write permissions on it, even as root. So you need the ! at the end to force it.23:18
rebsis that vi nuance i dont get or linux permissions23:18
daftykinsrebs: sudo chown -R boris: .nethackrc23:18
rebsi see23:18
k1lrebs: sudo chown boris:boris that whole folder of .nethackrc23:18
rebsok Ill try this - thanks for the tips folks23:18
k1lah, daftykins is on it.23:18
rypervencherebs: I would chmod 644 the file to no longer have the problem, I'd also chown it as daftykins showed you.23:18
daftykins^5 team!23:19
rebsheh yeah good work23:19
kaz_nope thats not it, multiarch is already installed23:20
kaz_i'll just compile it and see if it d0es anything23:23
JNixxnmatrix9: Seems strange. Without detailed logs it would just be guessing. Typical with appliances. Maybe you can SSH into the box and check /var/logs or whereever they keep logs - SSH Access explained near the end: http://dns323.kood.org/dns-32023:24
XinosLinux sucks!23:26
JNixxXinos: Why? Maybe we can help :)23:26
XinosI dont think so23:26
k1lXinos: this channel is not for ranting/flaming. please keep this channel clear for technical ubuntu support23:27
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XinosOk, Im sorry and i know all of this. But everyone knows it: Linuxers are hobos23:28
ghost562hello people23:29
ghost562quick question, i don't have a backup hard disk, is it safe to upgrade from 12.04lts to 14.04.1 lts using command line?23:29
daftykinsyou should backup regardless. get one :)23:30
daftykinsserver or desktop?23:30
ghost562i don't have a very recent backup, im planning on getting a backup drive soon, once i recover from the holiday expenses23:30
ghost562desktop dafty23:30
JNixxghost562: I would backup first. No point loosing data for no reason.23:30
daftykinsok, sounding like a really bad idea then23:30
OerHeksghost562, make an 14.04 lts usb, just in case23:31
bubbasauresghost562, Both have years of support I would backup first.23:31
daftykinsghost562: use any PPAs? proprietary graphics? that all has to come off first23:31
ghost562ok sounds good, im gonna see if i can find something, i do have 2 drives in my pc, one for storage and one for os, would unplugging storage work fine? im creating a 14.04 usb as we speak23:31
ghost562daftykins, no all using onboard gfx, i dont think ive added any ppa23:32
daftykinswher is it mounted?23:32
daftykinsis it your /home ?23:32
ghost562it mounts as if it were a usb drive23:32
ghost562mounts as /media/storage23:32
daftykinsah ok23:32
ghost562thats what i call my drive, storage23:32
daftykinsgot enough space to backup your /home?23:33
daftykinswoohoo, give that a go23:33
JNixxghost562: disconnect it, then try to upgrade. Should also take a backup of your 'home' directory so you keep all your personalization settings as well if everything gets busted.23:33
ghost562jnixx, whats the command for that?23:33
ghost562dafty, will do23:33
JNixxghost562 "cp -r /home/<user>/* /media/storage/home_backup/"23:34
ghost562JNixx, thanks will do23:34
ghost562jnixx, do i have to create that directory in my backup drive?23:36
JNixxghost562: Yes :)23:36
JNixxghost562: But you can call it wheever you want23:36
ghost562JNixx, keeps saying my folder isn't a directory23:38
JNixxghost562 "cp -r /home/<user>/* /media/storage/home_backup"23:38
JNixxtake away trailing slash23:39
ghost562ok i think i got it, hit enter, got a blinking box23:39
daftykinsand a busy disk light with any luck23:40
ghost562yeah, hdd indicator is going berzerk23:40
JNixxCool :)23:41
ghost562daftykins, yeah i checked the directory i pointed it to and its filling up.23:41
ghost562JNixx, thanks so much23:41
JNixxghost562: Anytime.23:41
daftykinsalthough you probably want all programs closed whilst doing that so nothing gets skipped23:41
daftykinsi'd probably even do it from a live session23:41
ghost562daftykins, yeah, i went thru my home folder, nothing really on there, everything is on the storage drive. once the backup finishes, i will unplug drive and proceed with a clean install :D23:42
daftykinsghost562: if you don't have much software that'll be easy, yep23:43
ghost562daftykins, i very rarely use my desktop just booted it today after not using it for a while. decided to upgrade and mess around and see whats new23:43
daftykinsah right23:44
daftykinsnot a lot ;)23:44
JNixxghost562: Another neat trick is to keep /home as a seperate mount point. That way you can nuke the system partition (/) and reinstall, but still reatain your /home. Even if you change distro.23:44
daftykinsalthough some config from that ~ can invariably cause issue with such reinstalls still23:45
dts|pokeballhey guys... ive got this program aporia, which is a specialized ide for a programming language, and i was wondering how i can add it to the quick launch bar to the side? just clicking lock to bar doesnt do anything, because when i exit out of the app and click on it again nothing happens23:45
JNixxdaftykins: Yepp, true.23:45
ghost562daftykins, sweet ill check that out once i get the upgrade going :D23:45
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ghost562dts|pokeball, drag it there or right click on it and select add to launcher23:46
dts|pokeballim dragging but it wont stick there23:47
ghost562dts, have you tried right clicking the icon and selecting add to launcher>?23:47
dts|pokeballghost562, yes, and as i said, when i open it up again it doesnt do anything23:48
JNixxdts|pokebal: YOu can try creating a .desktop file. That's how i get touch to "Stick" programs on the launcher: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles23:48
JNixxtouch = tough*23:48
dts|pokeballJNixx, thanks. thats what i was looking for i think23:48
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kaz_uh, so I had to delete my tmp folder in root23:53
kaz_and created it again'23:53
kaz_it doesn't show up23:53
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kaz_but I do have the directory23:55
daftykinsis there a question hidden in there somewhere, or are you just venting? :)23:55
kaz_[18:55] <daftykins> is there a question hidden in there somewhere, or are you just venting? :)23:56
kaz_[18:53] <kaz_> uh, so I had to delete my tmp folder in root [18:53] <kaz_> and created it again' [18:53] <kaz_> it doesn't show up23:56
daftykinsthose look like statements to me23:56
ikoniakaz_: what's the actual problem23:57
kaz_The tmp folder in root isn't visible in explorer23:57
kaz_but I can cd to it in terminal23:57
ikoniakaz_: do you mean "/tmp" ?23:57
kaz_yesh that23:57
ikoniakaz_: how did you create it ?23:57
kaz_ikonia: by su - root admin mode, "mkdir /tmp"23:58
ikoniakaz_: ubuntu has no root account, so this doesn't sound like ubuntu23:58
ikoniakaz_: please be specific about what you did23:59
kaz_god dangit23:59
ikoniaok, don't23:59
ikoniagood luck23:59
kaz_I can't explain it well23:59
ikoniaI'm not interested any more23:59
SavenportMy Ubuntu install decided to just stop working for no apparent reason this morning :( When I boot up, I'm automatically sent to tty1 instead of the standard login screen. If I switch to tty7, I just see a bunch of lines with [OK] next to them. Does anyone know what might cause this?23:59
ikoniaSavenport: sounds like a video card/driver problem23:59
ikoniaSavenport: changed anything/updated anything23:59

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