delt*sigh* where's the output log of the X session again :/01:20
deltlocked myself out of my X....01:20
deltoh *duh* never mind.... my .ICEauthority was owned by root01:25
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sunstarstudio keeps on doing things that thousands of dollars worth of software fail to do..09:30
delti'm trying to compile a very simple dbus example16:14
delti'm pretty sure i'm using all the right compiler flags, but i get a bunch of undefined references16:14
deltlisten.c:(.text+0xb9): undefined reference to `dbus_bus_get'16:15
deltlisten.c:(.text+0xc9): undefined reference to `dbus_error_is_set'16:15
deltetc etc16:15
holsteindelt: i would try #ubuntu for larger operating system issues like that16:15
deltah, good idea thanks16:15
holsteinthough, you will eventually just need to go to whomever is providing the code you are compiling..16:15
deltasked in #dbus, not much help so far....16:16
holsteinsure.. but, its not likely a dbus, or ubuntu issue, or question16:17
holsteinif i made some random code and you downloaded it, ubuntu nor dbus states "run any random code you find, easily, and with all the support and resources of ubuntu/canonnical".. you see?16:17
holsteinat some point, you have to see where the code is coming from, and ask the creators. they may say something like "we didnt intend to support the ubuntu 14.04 kernel version" etc.. something that is not easily resolvable16:18
holsteinwith ubuntu, i personally run from the repo, *or*, i'll try and find an isolated .deb, or simple PPA.. even ppa's can break things sometimes.. then, i'll move on to other "out of repo/unsupported" options16:19
holsteinif i need support, i know, at that point, i have to go to the project its self.. and, in many cases with the open software we are likely discussing, the teams can be small16:19
deltDUH ---> 11:24 < barometz> delt: make sure your -ldbus or whatever the flag is doesn't come before the source files16:26
Bernhard_LHello out there!?18:45
Bernhard_LHave some problems with audacity and jack. Pls help!18:46
holsteinBernhard_L: personally, i dont use audacity with JACK, and dont suggest it18:46
ubottuFor information on professional audio tools in Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro18:46
holsteinBernhard_L: i would try and isolate the issues.. see that jack is working,a nd routing well.. and stable.. *then* move onto whatever audacity issues you have18:47
Bernhard_LWhy not. It is could for editing, such as clippings ...18:47
holsteinBernhard_L: sure.. but, you dont need jack to use it18:47
holsteinBernhard_L: you can use audacity without jack.. and should18:47
Bernhard_LProducing lots of xruns, all the time.18:47
holsteinBernhard_L: sure.. thats why i say, *stop* audacity, and all other audio applications, and work with the jack config18:48
Bernhard_Lholstein: Yes but then I have to break music production with ardour, rosegarden and hydrogen.18:48
holsteinrelax the settings, and get something well known working well, with a higher latency, since, you dont need low latency18:48
Bernhard_Lholstein: My jack config is working good with any other audio apllication.18:48
holsteinyou dont need jack or low latency to edit some audio files in audacity18:49
Bernhard_Lholstein: My latnecy is 5.33 ms18:49
holsteinBernhard_L: sure. thats what i found.. that audacity *did* *not* support jack well.. and its not an intention of the project, so, i just stopped18:49
holsteinBernhard_L: sure.. set the latency *more* relaxed.. more like 40+ms18:49
holsteinBernhard_L: you have no need of 5.33 ms latency to use audacity for editing audio files18:50
Bernhard_Lokay, is there any other app, that could correct an almost good audio file. I didn't find it.18:50
holsteinBernhard_L: use audacity18:51
holsteinBernhard_L: you just dont need to use it with jack18:51
holsteinBernhard_L: stop jack, use audacity.. close audacity, go back to jack18:51
holsteinor, relax the JACK settings a lot and test18:51
Bernhard_Lholstein: Is there any other audio editor working better with jack?18:51
holsteinBernhard_L: many18:51
Bernhard_Lholstein: Thanx, I will do it.18:52
holsteinBernhard_L: non, ardour, qtractor.. etc18:52
Bernhard_LYou got my wrong, editing a file on a certain moment. Like audacity can correct it at certain moment.18:52
holsteinBernhard_L: you want audacity, use it18:53
holsteinBernhard_L: it doesnt boast, nor intend to faciliate great jack performance18:53
Bernhard_Lholstein: for example, I got a wonderfull audio file from cc mixter. Only a pop at the beginning. Nice voice.18:53
holsteinBernhard_L: if i wanted to use it, i would fire it up using pulse, and just use the routing of the pulse jack dbus if for some reason i needed jack running18:53
holsteinBernhard_L: sure.. so, stop jack, fire up audacity , and do what you like18:54
Bernhard_Lholstein: Okay I see.18:54
Bernhard_LThank you.18:54
holsteinBernhard_L: or, edit the "pop" with ardour, or *anything* else.. or audacity in jack using pulse, or in jack with your settings relaxed18:54
Bernhard_Lholstein: That's it.18:54
Bernhard_LBy the way, do you know tracktion?18:56
Bernhard_L.. or Bitwig18:57
Bernhard_LI love ardour, connected with hydrogen and rosegarden. But I am curious.18:58

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