guest_i have searched around a bit but have not found a resolution. thats why i'm here00:01
bennypr0faneHello, if my music collection is stored in the root part of the file system, how can I give  my music player (Amarok) access to it?00:10
AgAuwhy not store your music collection in your home dir?00:12
knomebennypr0fane, just make sure it is readable by your user00:13
bennypr0faneAgAu, that's because I want to be able to sync it with Owncloud - *on my server*. That means, all the music files are under the owncloud server root, which is served to the web by Apache and has to be there00:14
AgAuah okay :D00:14
bennypr0faneknome, reading shouldn't be a problem normally, should it?00:14
knomenot really.. have you even tried if it works or not?00:15
bennypr0faneknome yes, just now. Doesn't seem like it's working00:15
knomehave you launched amarok from the terminal and looked if it outputs some errors?00:15
bennypr0faneknome, good idea, trying that00:16
bennypr0fanegotcha: "QFileSystemWatcher: failed to add paths: /var/www/owncloud/data"00:18
bennypr0fanemy music is actually three more levels below that, but the file chooser wouldn't let me go any depper00:19
knomecheck the subdirectory permissions00:22
bennypr0faneah, and above that I have: "QInotifyFileSystemWatcherEngine::addPaths: inotify_add_watch failed: Permission denied"00:23
bennypr0faneknome, how do I do that?00:23
bennypr0faneah right, this is strange. the data direct is readable only with sudo00:24
knomethere you go, you'll need to make it readable by your user00:24
bennypr0fane*/var/www/owncloud/data directory00:25
knomei would probably add a subfolder that is owned by you00:25
knomebut naturally you need read permission to the parent directory as well00:25
bennypr0faneI never remember those chmod options00:25
bennypr0fanewhy a subfolder?00:25
bennypr0faneknome, you wouldn't happen to have any idea *why* that folder is closed for user?00:26
knomeif the data directory is created by the owncloud software, i would only touch it as much as i needed00:26
knomenope, i don't use ownclod00:26
knomebut many directories like that aren't at least writable by users00:26
knomemaybe there's another way you should populate the directory00:27
bennypr0faneyes it is, that's why I'm having doubts...00:27
bennypr0faneI don't understand what "populate the directory" means, and which one you mean00:28
knomei meant that if that's the directory that is synced, maybe owncloud expects you to put the files there in some other way00:29
knomewhich would explain why the directory is not readable by the user00:29
knomebut still, i don't know owncloud, so it's just a guess00:29
knomemaybe you should visit their support channel00:29
bennypr0fanethat is definitely the case, Owncloud wants the content of this dir to be changed only by the software itself, i.e. through the web interface or sync client. but to ensure that, it would be enough to make it read-only, but it's no read-no write00:31
bennypr0faneyeah, I gues I'll have to ask them00:31
tazaHow did I list and unload kernel modules? (Can I do it live?)01:16
tazaA laptop of mine is refusing to shut down cleanly because of the Broadcom chip being... ornery.01:17
deshipulsmod to list them01:18
deshipurmmod to unload it, but may crash01:18
tazaIt's crashing on every shutdown as is, so can't hurt01:18
taza(It's a HP Compaq nx6310 with a bc431101:19
tazaI dunno what else to do really01:35
tazaThe hardware button stays dead; the system won't shut down01:35
tazaThe BIOS settings don't seem to have an effect; no package does. It worked once, with firmware-b43-installer, but hasn't since01:37
squeegilyIs there something that's run every time the laptop resumes from suspend?04:38
squeegilyI want to put something to take a picture of whatever's in front of the webcam whenever I log in (whether the session was a new one or reattaching to an existing locked one), and also whenever the laptop resumes from suspend04:40
squeegilyI already have the command concocted, but I can't figure out how to make it do this. The various ~/.x* files are just run on login04:41
argoneusdate returns 10:40 but xfce panel shows 9:40, why is that?09:44
argoneusI set utc to no because I dualboot with windows09:44
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xubuntu32wHi All, Quick question. How to I transfer the files in a directory to another? I tried using mv -v but it moves the entire directory. Is there a way to move the files only?17:11
xubuntu32wI'm using the terminal btw17:12
Alexfrenchwhy ? it is impossible on the desktop ??17:14
xubuntu32wIts on a headless Ubuntu server17:14
xubuntu32wI did smb to the server and tried to drag and drop within the window(server) but it just makes copies.17:17
tazaSo yeah18:36
tazaI have a HP Compaq NX6310 with Xubuntu 14.04.118:37
tazaThe hardware buttons don't work, the wireless OR wired connections don't work18:37
taza(BCM4401 and BCM4311 respectively)18:37
holstein!broadcom | taza18:38
ubottutaza: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:38
holsteintaza: if "they dont work", then, they dont work.. see if you can add support for the broadcom chips.. though. i have a USB wifi dongle for those cases, so i can connect and sudo apt-get what i need. but, you can do it following the "without internet access" direction18:39
tazaWhat about the BCM44xx?18:40
holsteinif this is hardware you dont well well, then, you may want to entertain that this could be a larger hardware issue, and test the hardware accordingly18:40
holsteintaza: i dont have that hardware, but, i can say nothing about linux/ubuntu/xubuntu is preventing it from working. have you *ever* seen the bcm44xx you have work? in any OS?18:41
tazaYes, it works fine under Windows18:41
holsteinthese days, i'll give it about 10 minutes, then, i'll just move to hardware that supports linux.. but, i'll start with the general steps here..18:42
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:42
holsteindo i see the device in lspci or lsusb.. and ifconfig.. and so on18:43
tazaIt shows in lspci, using wl as the driver, but not rfkill18:44
holsteintaza: *if* the wl driver supports the device, then, you should be able to use the device18:44
holsteintaza: are you familiar with connecting to wifi access points in xubuntu?18:44
tazaMy USB dongle also works fine18:45
tazaAnyway, I managed to figure out an iteration that worked just as I asked, after literally six hours yesterday18:45
holsteintaza: and that is a wifi usb dongle?18:45
holsteintaza: yes, it can be frustrating, and take a lot of time to force hardware to work in operating systems they are not intended to work in18:46
tazaI turned on WLAN/LAN switching in the BIOS, fresh install, purged bcmwl-kernel-source, installed every package, installed firmware-linux-nonfree, installed firmware-b43-installer...18:46
taza... and the remaining key was booting with the cable connected18:46
tazaGood job, asking it in an IRC channel. 60% of the time it works every time.18:48
tazaStumble upon the right irritatingly exact steps to reproduce a bug18:48
tazaOr well, things working perfectly, but it feels like I'm reproducing a bug18:48
tazaIt was wl, wl wasn't actually working with the device, but it sure was blacklisting the right drivers.18:49
taza... I'm just gonna make sure I have spare Intel/Realtek chips for the next problem.18:50
holsteintaza: thats what i do..18:50
tazaI'll go back to 802.11b if it means I don't have to tolerate Broadcom18:50
tazaI mean, I had tried each steps by themselves - the WLAN/LAN switching, booting with the cable, purging bcwml-kernel-source18:54
tazaAnd I'm still not convinced all of that is required. But hey, it sort of works now.18:54
holsteintaza: well, the ideal first step would be, broadcom officially supports the operating system you are trying to use.. since they dont, then, you can have a challenge18:55
pescehi all22:10
vadraghi guys22:12
vadragjust installing my xubuntu for the first time in virtualbox. I was wondering how can i get the guest additions with a command or something like that22:14
bekksvadrag: https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/ch04.html :)22:14
bekksThe official vbox docs sum it up very well, basically you just have to click the menu entry mentioned, and run the installer.22:15
vadragalright thanks ill check it , now ill have to restart :)22:16
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ylzhanHi, can I ask a question not directly related to Xubuntu?23:57

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