bluesabreUnit193: do we want apt-offline 1.6?00:18
bluesabreochosi: saw and packaged your latest greybird addition for daily, https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~shimmerproject/xubuntu-artwork/shimmer-themes-debian/revision/600:39
knomeqa processes are up @ wiki00:39
bluesabrenice knome00:42
knomeyep, getting things done lately00:45
bluesabreochosi: got a potentially new one for you, http://imgur.com/CfaquBf00:52
knomepleia2, updated the assets branch (https://code.launchpad.net/~xubuntu-website/xubuntu-website/static-assets), ping me when you've pushed to production01:49
Unit193Could use git! :D01:58
knomeeverything else is under that project, makes no sense to diverge.01:58
knome(i know you're kidding)01:58
Unit193I was going to trollingly say that, but that was in the middle of the meeting.02:00
knomewell done ;)02:08
ochosibluesabre: yeah, noticed the bluetooth icon messup. after a theme-switch back and forth it fixed itself though and i don't think there are actually icons missing/wrong08:50
* ochosi reads up on backlog08:50
brainwashochosi: b3nmore has added additional test results and feedback. do you follow the "power manager ignores lid close settings" report?09:26
ochosibrainwash: i do, but as i said, i have too many other things on my agenda atm09:27
brainwashochosi: I understand. I just want to make sure that you or bluesabre take a look at the recent test results and maybe add some comment (if you notice something odd).09:30
brainwashit feels like we are getting somewhere09:31
brainwashnow that makes me wonder, how do other (logind based) distros manage to avoid this problem..09:36
ochosiless options usually09:41
ochosiand less modularity09:41
ochosibluesabre: yeah, meh, i might have to fix something there with the bluetooth icon10:03
slickymasterWorkhey ochosi, morning10:05
ochosihi slickymasterWork 10:06
slickymasterWorkochosi I noticed that isn't updated for a while. Is there someone in charge of that or can any of us in the team do it?10:06
slickymasterWorkhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings/Archive ^^ 10:06
slickymasterWorklast addition to it was from 2014-12-11 meeting10:06
ochosii presume that it has to be manually updated if it isn't up-to-date10:07
ochosibut i'm not sure10:07
ochosimaybe it just needs some switch flipped for 201510:08
ochosiknome: ^10:08
ochosigah, the wiki is so slooooow10:08
slickymasterWorkok, let's wait to see knome input on it10:09
ochosiif the wiki ever saves the page, i've added 2015 into the mix10:09
slickymasterWorkwiki -> business as usual ochosi :P10:09
ochosiknome: nvm that10:09
ochosislickymasterWork: ok done10:10
slickymasterWorkyeah, noticed :)10:10
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ochosibluesabre: i recently added a second notification theme to greybird, would be great if we could package that so it gets installed in the right place (i.e. /usr/share/themes/Greybird-bright/): https://github.com/shimmerproject/Greybird/tree/master/xfce-notify-4.0_bright10:40
ochosilunchtime, bbiab11:02
bluesabreochosi: way ahead of you....11:29
bluesabre[19:39:20] <bluesabre> ochosi: saw and packaged your latest greybird addition for daily, https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~shimmerproject/xubuntu-artwork/shimmer-themes-debian/revision/611:29
ochosinice work bluesabre :)11:42
ochosinote to self: actually check the links bluesabre posts11:42
bluesabrenote to self: stop dropping ochosi links for huge money transfers11:43
ochosistill have to find the proper fix for the bluetooth mess11:45
ochosiwhy oh why does blueman have to use the same icon name for tray and settings-app...11:45
ochosiwould be nice to port xfce4-notifyd to gtk3 btw, that would make many things (e.g. monochrome icons) a lot easier to use11:47
brainwashochosi: the MATE team has some problems with xdg-utils too https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=75421912:04
ubottuDebian bug 754219 in xdg-utils "several breakages in xdg-utils 1.1.0~rc1 (esp. MATE)" [Important,Open]12:04
brainwashyou have said that someone will package a newer release or git snapshot, right?12:04
ochosifor debian you mean?12:05
brainwashubuntu mainly12:05
ochosimy original plan was to get a patched version with light-locker support into ubuntu and submit a patch upstream12:06
brainwashcurrently no one cares about this package in ubuntu or debian12:06
ochosihmpf, really don't know what to do about that blueman icon...12:15
ochosibluesabre: hmmm, i wonder whether we can use this somehow: https://github.com/blueman-project/blueman/commit/9733f33a4d590d1c676b80dec37487fed077b06012:20
bluesabreochosi: is anybody maintaining notifyd?  I was wanting to put some fixes in for that anyway :)12:38
ochosii don't think there's an active maintainer atm12:38
ochosijeromeg has been away for quite a few years already12:39
ochosibut you can ask gaston, i think they were in touch because of screenshooter12:39
ochosiwill you be around this weekend?12:39
ochosi(i'd like to take a look at the state of the greeter with you, if you have time)12:40
ochosiali1234 reported that master doesn't build and we seem to be having a problem with the root pixmap again12:40
ochosialso, all those branches...12:40
bluesabreideally, yes I'll be around12:41
knomediscussion on #xubuntu reminds me we probably should look at updating our "keeping safe" section of the docs12:42
slickymasterWorkyou mean the discussion about virus and dualboot knome?12:44
brainwashochosi: the root pixmap issue seems to be resolved in the daily ppa (I could not reproduce it anymore). the current package in vivid just seems to be really outdated12:44
knomeslickymasterWork, yes12:44
ochosibluesabre: ok, well we can keep in touch and see whether we can maybe reserve a specific time that fits both our schedules12:44
knomesince sidi is a "security expert" and whined about that, maybe he can give constructive feedback on that12:45
slickymasterWorkyou're thinking on adding something about file sharing within the two SOs?12:45
sidiwas my name mentioned?12:46
slickymasterWorkjust vaguely sidi 12:46
ochosisidi: work work work12:46
sidiochosi, brilliant idea.12:46
knomeslickymasterWork, i meant updating the documentation :)12:47
knomesidi, ^12:47
bluesabreochosi: sounds good12:47
ochosibrainwash: btw, your patch for xdg-screensaver seems to work, i guess we should try to get that pushed to ubuntu12:48
bluesabreochosi, brainwash: link?12:49
ochosibluesabre: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/136354012:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1363540 in xdg-utils (Ubuntu) "xdg-screensaver resume does not restore previous X11 screensaver timeout" [Medium,Confirmed]12:50
bluesabrewe can toss that into -staging while waiting12:50
ochosii think that's a pretty good idea12:50
knomeisn't that what -staging is about :)12:50
ochosiso yeah, just tested again, without the patch :(. with the patch :)12:51
ochosiknome: yeah, i just hadnt really had time to test the patch, is all12:51
knome...isn't that what -staging is about :)12:51
ochosiand i originally wanted to pursue a different solution12:51
ochosiwhich i still might do, but the patch is valuable either way12:51
brainwashit's just a shell script and I've attached the patched version to the report already, so it can be easily tested12:52
bluesabreyup, I'll diff that and check it out :)12:53
ochosii think the patch is in the upstream report12:53
ochosiso no need to diff12:53
brainwashit's git version + patch12:53
ochosiwell apart from the silly code duplication in ubuntu not much has changed upstream i think12:54
brainwashif someone packages the new git version, he could drop many of the debian patches12:54
ochosiUnit193: wanna push newer xdg-utils to debian? (or at least get in touch with someone about that)12:55
ochosidebian-liaison ftw :)12:55
brainwashthe MATE team would benefit also12:56
ochosibluesabre: i've submitted a bugreport about the blueman icon upstream, i only have a dirty dirty workaround and it doesn't give us the monochrome icon i think12:57
bluesabretime to patch blueman into oblivion12:59
ochosianyway, i'll meanwhile push my patch13:01
ochosion second thought it's working better than i feared13:01
ochosibluesabre: lemme know whether that problem doesn't go away after the most recent patch for e-xfce13:04
bluesabreheading out, bbl13:10
knomewhy did we want to drop l-l-s from the seed again?13:25
ochosibecause those settings now live in xfpm-settings13:26
knomefair enough13:26
ochosithere's a "security" tab now13:26
knomei was just wondering as i saw that since i obviously didn't register that well enough before13:27
knomei'm off, let's see if i'm back for the CC checkup13:31
ochosislickymasterWork: btw, that change ^ (l-l-s being replaced by a tab in xfpm-settings) should probably reflected in the 15.04 docs...13:34
brainwashbluesabre: is it worth to apply the workaround for https://github.com/chjj/compton/issues/189 to the xubuntu compton config?14:48
brainwashbluesabre: shadow-exclude = [ "_GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS@:c" ];14:51
slickymasterWorkin our current documentation there are no references anywhere  to the light locker settings ochosi 15:23
slickymasterWorkthere's just one small sub-section about screen locking -> http://docs.xubuntu.org/1404/guide-keeping-safe.html#lock-your-screen15:24
slickymasterWorkan it falls within the Keeping your computer safe chapter15:25
slickymasterWorkknome, re what you said earlier about updating the "Keeping your computer safe" do you want to wait from some pointers from sidi or are you willing to try sketch something this weekend?15:38
sidiknome, ping me this weekend wrt that16:15
slickymasterWorkthanks sidi :)16:18
slickymasterWorkI'll be around this weekend so between the three of us, we get it done16:19
sidislickymaster, sure. note I have no clue on earth what I signed up for16:21
sidibut I love to rant about security advice so16:21
sidiwont miss an opportunity16:21
slickymasterWorkwe'll be here to here your rants gladly sidi 16:23
sidiyou'll be hear to here? :P16:24
elfyI'll be here to giggle 16:24
sidielfy, good16:24
sidielfy, giggle for entropy16:25
pleia2anyone about for the CC catch up over in #ubuntu-meeting?17:01
pleia2ochosi, bluesabre, knome?17:03
knomepleia2, sorry, didn't quite make it17:39
knomeunless you're still running :)17:40
elfyfinished knome 17:40
knomeok, good17:40
elfythese 2 random peeps turned up and said stuff17:41
knomevery random17:42
elfyone was randomer 17:42
knomeso what's the outcome?17:43
elfyrandomness wins everytime :)17:43
knomethe xubuntu team will be deceased and developers decapitated for bad work?17:43
pleia2everything is awesome except it's hard to get testers probably because testing is hard17:44
pleia2dholbach also invited a Xubuntu person to the weekly community Q&A - any volunteers? :)17:44
pleia2I know we're a camera-shy bunch17:44
pleia2I don't want to do it17:45
knomei voluntell elfy17:45
elfyyou voluntell away - I'll be driving 17:46
knomewhat's the time of the meeting?17:46
knomemaybe we could organize a few q&a's per cycle17:46
knomewith varying people showing up from xubuntu17:47
PaulW2Upleia2: testing is not hard. the reporting of the results of the testing puts testers off further testing17:47
knomePaulW2U, and that leads us to another topic; if there is anything that would make it easier (considerin you'd still have to use the same tools), what would that be?17:47
pleia2PaulW2U: a lot of folks struggle with even creating USB sticks :(17:47
elfyknome: usually 160017:48
pleia2PaulW2U: but yeah, my "testing is hard" comment encompassed everything from making the stick, using the tracker, submitting bugs; the whole process has a lot of pain points where people quit17:48
knomepleia2, no wonder since unetbootin and usb-creator-gtk work/don't work alternately each cycle :P17:48
pleia2knome: indeed17:48
knomeelfy, any day?17:48
knomepleia2, *i* have problems creating usb sticks17:49
pleia2me too17:49
elfyseem to be tuesdays knome 17:49
knomei can obviously overcome them, but yeah, that's not easy :(17:49
knomeor good:(17:49
knomeelfy, oki17:49
pleia2I asked lubuntu to see what they do, but they struggle as well (using a dd tool, but dd is hard on usb sticks, especially cheap ones)17:49
elfyI don't have problems creating them - but have to know how to force the boot with them 17:49
PaulW2Upleia2: Submitting bugs against the right package is where testers such as I often struggle17:49
pleia2PaulW2U: yeah, me too17:50
elfyPaulW2U: same 17:50
pleia2PaulW2U: I'm hosting a global jam in san francisco in a few weeks, having contributors join here so we can get help mostly with that specific issue17:50
elfyat the end of the day - as long as bug is reported and linked on the tracker - people can always tidy up afterwards17:51
pleia2last time I did this (september 2013) some devs even fixed issues on the spot, so we didn't even need bugs :D17:51
pleia2or at least, the bugs were on the radar immediately, even if not in the right spot exactly17:51
elfybut knowing package to report against is always going to be an issue for the bulk of people 17:51
knomepleia2, elfy: technically, is the weekly q&a a g+ hangout?17:52
elfypersonally I would rather bug got reported - even against the wrong thing - at least it's then visible 17:52
elfyknome: I believe so 17:52
knomeok, added an agenda item17:53
pleia2knome: yeah17:53
elfyok - wandering for a bit now 17:53
* pleia2 wanders to work17:53
knomei don't have any problems people testing xubuntu reporting bugs against xubuntu-desktop if that helps17:54
knomeit's often trivial enough for people involved to figure out the right package17:54
elfyknome: yea - that I meant to say 17:54
knomeif it isn't, then it's usually a nastyish bug, and needs developer triaging anyway17:54
Unit193ochosi: You know Debian is still in freeze, so likelyhood of getting anything in that's not a security update is low and hard?19:15
Unit193Err, right.  Thanks for updating the blueprint.19:21
elfybrainwash: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-settings/+bug/1410760/comments/219:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1410760 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "Can't assign Ctrl+Fn as global hotkey" [Undecided,New]19:49
elfyI can - exactly the same in clementine 19:50
elfythat is I can confirm it :)19:50
elfyctrl+f8 is set for workspace 8 - don't appear to be able to change that key combination19:53
Unit193You normally can change that in xfwm4-settings19:55
elfyaah yes19:57
elfynot sure why it won't let you force the issue without removing the old ctr+fn 19:57
Unit193Some shortcut conflicted with LibreOffice too, had to remove it.20:01
brainwashelfy: it's strange. I did not expect this to happen in 14.10 and up20:23
brainwashali1234: do you actually see the corrupted root background or assume that it has to be broken (code-wise)?20:31
ali1234i never see corruption because i am using virtualbox20:32
ali1234i see a grey background because that's the default20:32
brainwashthe daily ppa package fixes it for me. no clue which branch or tweaks it really includes20:33
ali1234what daily ppa?20:33
brainwashpackage was built 5 weeks ago20:34
brainwashI've only noticed that the greeter draws a grey background before loading the actual background picture20:36
brainwashthis was fixed months ago I think and is now back after the rewrite20:37
ali1234nope, that ppa also does not work20:37
brainwashfor you :)20:38
ali1234it's not even close to working20:38
brainwashbut I see no visual breakage, so it somehow "works" :(20:40
brainwashand vbox is a different case20:40
ali1234okay, master actually does work20:51
ali1234daily ppa doesn't though20:53
Unit193...Wow, I see the failure.22:02
Unit193bluesabre: xfpm and stuff fail to build, xdt-autogen tries to copy stuff into m4/ before creating the directory...22:08
brainwashohh.. now I need to have xfpm running to change locker settings22:44
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