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m01hey guys. I just spoke to the OpenStack guys about static IP config w/o DHCP. There's this blueprint here: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/nova/+spec/metadata-service-network-info, which is supposed to make network config data available. Does that sound like a sane thing for cloud-init to try to use to setup the networking?16:44
wwitzel3smoser: ping, just wondering about https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/140431117:13
wwitzel3smoser: what action I need to take, if any, to help it get deployed to GCE for testing17:14
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smoserwwitzel3, i'm gonna upload that to vivid today17:53
wwitzel3smoser: awesome18:04
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harlowjam01 u should talk to JayF about the network-info stuff :)18:18
JayFm01: hey, we have a downstream patch that uses that :)18:19
JayFm01: because we have our cloud (Rackspace) putting that formatted JSON in vendor_data today18:19
JayFm01: https://github.com/racker/cloud-init/tree/config-drive-network-json18:19
smoserharmw, around ?18:41
smoserdmidecode and freebsd18:41
harmwsmoser: no, I'm trribly afk18:43
harmwno sir!18:44
* smoser thinks harmw said "Siri, please tell smoser in irc that i'm not near a keyboard"18:44
harmwsiri, isn't that that super duper hot voice from inside my macbook?18:45
harlowjathats a ad u forgot to close...18:53
harmwoh hm18:55
harmwsmoser: Ill comment on thatMR18:55
smoserharmw, the path would seem to be to make a 'dmidecode' module that did the right thing and just passed back a dict18:56
harmwthats more or less what I've commnted, atleast I hope :p18:57
smoserk. thanks.18:57
smosernow go back afk18:57
smosersiri, tell harmw that it is late on friday night, and that he should not be near his laptop.18:58
harmwsmoser: you happen to know some firewall webgui thing I can just yum install, or apt-get install ?20:58
harlowjasiri be quiet21:01
harmwlol harlowja 21:01
harmwi find you amusing harlowja 21:01
harlowjaglad someone does, ha21:01
harmwopnsense.org looks nice21:03
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