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perrito666wallyworld: hey, yes I think i got it01:54
wallyworldgreat :-) hope i made sense with my ramblings01:55
wallyworldyou need sleep, so we'll catch up tomorrow01:55
perrito666you did, I think I stayed as close as possible :p01:55
wallyworldno problems, we can see how it turns out and adjust if the idea is too insane01:58
perrito666wallyworld: ow please sleep is a poor replacement for coffee02:01
perrito666wallyworld: ok i have updated now its backwards compatible and consistent02:03
perrito666if you go for a setstatus it will use the agent02:04
perrito666and if you call explicitly you get the right ones02:04
wallyworldperrito666: awesome ty, will look after my cuurent meeting and provide feedback, you need to sleep :-)02:04
perrito666now yes I need to sleep02:04
perrito666cheers man02:04
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axw_wallyworld: updated the diagram, do you want to take a look and see if it's what you had in mind?03:19
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wallyworldsure, ty, looking03:20
wallyworldaxw: looks good ty03:22
wallyworldaxw: if you have a moment, could you please look at a small review for a 1.22 bug http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/748/04:38
axwwallyworld: sure04:39
axwwallyworld: reviewed04:44
axwneed to make lunch... bbs04:44
wallyworldaxw: so by the looks, Datastore in code is what's in the spec as Storage Provider, and Datastore.Kind is analogous to Storage Provider type?05:08
wallyworldalso, i did find in the spec --disks for add-machine05:09
axwwallyworld: no, Datastore is an early name I came up with for storage instance05:29
axwI may just rename it to StorageInstance ...05:29
wallyworldah right ok05:29
axwKind is block|filesystem|object05:30
wallyworldand a StorageInstance will reference the provider type / pool from which it came05:30
axwwallyworld: correct05:31
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wallyworldthanks axw, i need to buy some glasses06:08
axwwallyworld: nps. to be fair, someone may want the string; I don't think the backend should be in the business of rendering though06:08
axwits job is to tell the user about changes in the model06:09
axwwallyworld: there's a followup to change the API right?06:09
wallyworldyes, but the megawatcher already does some rendering i think06:09
wallyworlddoes there need to be an api change?06:10
axwwallyworld: I'm sure you'll need to change something in apiserver/params at least...06:10
wallyworldlet me look06:11
axwwallyworld: sorry, I assumed you were splitting up the branch06:11
axwI believe you need to update AllWatcher, which uses MegaWatcher06:11
wallyworldi've not ever done much with megawatcher so am not sure of all the artefacts06:11
axwwallyworld: re rendering, perhaps you should double check with fwereade what he wants it to do06:12
wallyworldaxw: looked in params, it seems the api layer just json marshals the struct directly06:12
axwhuh, ok06:13
wallyworldbut i can see a params_test that will fail06:13
axwso it does06:13
wallyworldi'll wait for the failure and fix the params_test06:13
wallyworldi think i had it at theback of my mind that i just needed to change the machineinfo directly but couldn't remember why06:14
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axwwallyworld: any opinion on the name of the thing I was talking about before? StorageInstance? StorageUnit? (it's currently "Storage" in state, which has too many meanings...)06:37
axwthe thing being an instantiation of a store declared in a charm06:38
wallyworldmaybe StorageInstance just to make it not Storage and we can search/replace later if a better name comes up06:39
axwsounds good06:39
axwmorning dimitern07:02
axwwallyworld: just sent you an email with a UML diagram - please take a quick look when you have a moment to see if it's what you had in mind07:03
dimiternhey axw07:03
wallyworldaxw: sure, ty07:03
* dimitern is amazed07:04
dimiternno blockers todat yay!07:04
axwand here I am with nothing to land07:05
dimiternjust in time for the 5 branches I had in mind :)07:05
dimiternaww ;)07:05
dimiternhmm.. after all the live testing my ec2 bill grew a bit - $0.32 now hah07:06
wallyworldaxw: thanks yeah, that's something we can start with and evolve over time07:07
axwwallyworld: cool07:07
anastasiamacdimitern: thnx for review on list charms07:34
anastasiamacdimitern: m moving them into a separate client but have taken ur feedback on board :007:35
dimiternanastasiamac, cheers :)07:35
dimiternanastasiamac, I'd like to have a look when you propose it please07:36
anastasiamacdimitern: thnx! m hoping later on tonite - got my hadns full of kids atm07:36
anastasiamacdimitern: hands that is07:37
dimiternanastasiamac, np07:37
anastasiamacdimitern: committed updates with new facade08:06
anastasiamacdimitern: i have copied CharmInfo only in this PR08:06
anastasiamacdimitern: I'd like to land it b4 copying the rest of charm stuff from old client08:07
anastasiamacdimitern: like AddLocalCHarm, AddCahrm and ResolveCharm08:07
anastasiamacdimitern: this way old client's dealings with charm will be "deprecated" :)08:07
dimiternanastasiamac, good plan, but we shouldn't remove them from the old facade08:08
anastasiamacdimitern: agreed.. Hence "copy" :)08:09
dimiternanastasiamac, right :)08:10
anastasiamacdimitern: thnx for double-checking! it's amazing to work with ppl that r diligent and care!08:11
dimiternanastasiamac, oh c'mon :) thanks08:15
anastasiamacdimitern: :D08:20
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Muntanergood morning, I'm quite new to Juju and having problems08:57
Muntaneram I in the right place to ask for some help?08:57
dimiternMuntaner, hey, welcome!09:04
dimiternMuntaner, You can ask questions either here or in #juju09:04
MuntanerI asked in Juju, if it's ok I can copypaste my question here09:05
dimiternMuntaner, This channel is more about Juju development, while #juju is more for users, charmers, etc.09:05
dimiternMuntaner, no need - I'll have a look09:05
Muntanerok, thanks :)09:06
dimiternmorning TheMue09:35
dimiternTheMue, feeling better today?09:35
TheMuedimitern: heya09:35
TheMuedimitern: in IT I would "project not yet done, but it's getting better with each iteration" ;)09:36
TheMuewould say09:36
dimiternTheMue, glad to hear it :)09:37
TheMuedimitern: yeah, me too. today I'm working from a convenient place in the living room, having my cat beside me. better than alone in the home office.09:39
dimiternTheMue, :) nice09:41
TheMuedimitern: yep09:41
* TheMue looks around10:01
dimiternTheMue, voidspace, sorry guys - omw10:05
voidspacedimitern: o/10:05
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perrito666good morning12:22
anastasiamacperrito666: o/12:43
wwitzel3perrito666: feeling better today?13:15
perrito666wwitzel3: yes tx a lot, was a state of mind more than of body and I really didn't want to share my frustration in negative ways13:18
perrito666my grand mother used to say that you should not do hangouts when angry13:19
wwitzel3perrito666: yea, I can understand that13:19
wwitzel3perrito666: haha13:19
perrito666since she died before google rose above the search engine I might be missquoting her :p13:20
dimiternTheMue, voidspace, ping14:31
TheMuedimitern: pong14:32
dimiternTheMue, hey - we have approval for the sprint (check your mail) - please submit the form14:32
TheMuedimitern: just seen Sarahs mail :)14:32
dimiternTheMue, :)14:33
wwitzel3ericsnow, perrito666 ping14:58
perrito666wwitzel3: pong?14:58
wwitzel3oh i guess I'm a minute early14:59
perrito666says my clock I still have 1min14:59
ericsnowperrito666, wwitzel3: I'm going to the upstart-systemd-migration call14:59
TheMuedimitern: my flights are bad for the times we're planning, cannot come early enough or have to leavy too early. I would would prefer coming on Monday during morning and leave on Saturday then. what do you say?14:59
dimiternTheMue, if there are no suitable flights - yeah, but I'd still wait to hear from the travel agent to be sure15:02
dimiternTheMue, she might have better options to offer15:03
TheMuedimitern: sure, but my usual portal is very good, checking lots of flight. I have also to do one hop15:04
ericsnowperrito666, wwitzel3: I did wrap up the tests for instance and conn_availzones15:04
dimiternTheMue, which airport you usually take - hamburg or bremen?15:05
TheMuedimitern: bremen, hamburg is badly to reach15:06
TheMuedimitern: but maybe this time it's worth it, will take a look. from here to hamburg it's about 2:30h (with train and sub).15:07
voidspacedimitern: cool, thanks15:12
bodie_is there an api for hook tools or is the only way to use them to invoke them from the shell?15:52
bodie_e.g. relation-set15:52
bodie_I think it would be nice to be able to use them programmatically from within a hook or action15:53
ericsnowwe only run one jujud per instance, right?15:55
bodie_I believe so15:55
ericsnowmy understanding is that we *used* to run one jujud per agent (or something like that)15:55
sinzuiericsnow, 1 jujud machine per instance15:56
bodie_you could use a local http service (is that insane?)15:56
bodie_then that could be wrapped for different languages15:56
bodie_or, rpc server as we do for api/apiserver15:57
bodie_but that might be overcomplicated15:57
ericsnowsinzui: do you mean 1 jujud *per* machine per instance?15:57
sinzuiericsnow, 1 jujud as a machine agent per instance. 0-* jujud unit agents per machine.15:58
ericsnowsinzui: so there may be more than one jujud running?15:59
sinzuiericsnow, add-machine will give you a machine with just 1 jujud running on it. deploy will usually give 2 jujuds running as machine and unit.15:59
ericsnowsinzui: ah15:59
sinzuiericsnow, and with subordinates, many more juju unit agens get added15:59
ericsnowsinzui: but there is only one upstart job for jujud (or one for each jujud that runs)?15:59
ericsnowsinzui: so one jujud per machine agent16:00
sinzuiericsnow, there is an upstate job for the machine, and for each service running16:00
ericsnowsinzui: ah, okay, that's just what I needed to know16:01
ericsnowsinzui: thanks :)16:01
sinzuiericsnow, this is what I see on my apache3 machine with has a lot on it16:02
* perrito666 notices he forgot to add something to his patch16:04
sinzuiHi voidspace ericsnow perrito666 TheMue dimitern wwitzel3: can anyone help with these two issues that block 1.21 an 1.22? https://launchpad.net/juju-core/+milestone/1.21-rc116:04
TheMuesinzui: taking a look16:05
ericsnowsinzui: perfect16:07
ericsnowdist-upgrades don't happen on running instances, right? (other than as part of the initial start-instance stuff)16:13
ericsnowsince everything in juju is series driven :)16:14
sinzuiericsnow, correct. Deploy a new service to get the new os, not upgrade an existing one16:15
dimiternsinzui, i have a clue re bug 140373816:28
mupBug #1403738: upgrade tests fail on multiple substrates with revision 24c1b80d <ci> <regression> <upgrade-juju> <juju-core:Fix Released by menno.smits> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1403738>16:28
dimiternsinzui, I think the fix for that bug wasn't backported to 1.21 and hence current blocker - bug 141150216:30
mupBug #1411502: ERROR upgrade in progress - Juju functionality is limited <openstack> <uosci> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.21:Triaged> <juju-core 1.22:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1411502>16:30
sinzuiah, thank you dimitern16:30
dimiternsinzui, yep - I've just checked the source of 1.21 - no backport in sight16:32
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alexisbdimitern, can you delegate the two tasks you highlighted in mail for the 1.21 bugs16:38
alexisbto some us based folks so we can get them landed today if possible16:38
dimiternalexisb, two tasks? I haven't actually had time to look at the other bug, just the upgrade one16:40
alexisbwell the backport tasks16:41
dimiternalexisb, sure16:41
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dimiternericsnow, wwitzel3, can any of you find some time to backport https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/1343 to 1.21, so we can unblock people affected by bug 1411502 please?16:43
mupBug #1411502: ERROR upgrade in progress - Juju functionality is limited <openstack> <uosci> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.21:Triaged> <juju-core 1.22:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1411502>16:43
ericsnowdimitern: if wwitzel3 can't, I'll do it16:44
voidspacedimitern: ping16:44
dimiternericsnow, thanks! I'll assign it to you - please sync-up with wwitzel3 and reassign if needed16:44
voidspacedimitern: did you think that goamz already supported the DescribeNetworkInterfaces call?16:45
voidspacedimitern: it doesn't look to me like it does16:45
voidspacedimitern: I can implement ec2 filtering without it16:45
dimiternvoidspace, it does, but the filtering by instance-id is not implemented by the ec2test server16:45
voidspacedimitern: ah, I can't see it in the goamz source code16:47
voidspacedimitern: just filtering by network name might be *easier* anyway16:47
dimiternvoidspace, well, I started doing it for ec2 (the Environ.NetworkInterfaces() implementation) and realized I can't test it without the filtering16:51
dimiternvoidspace, and resorted to using Instances instead and the NetworkInterfaces from there16:51
dimiternvoidspace, unfortunately there were too many distractions today to finish it :/16:51
voidspacedimitern: ok16:51
voidspacedimitern: I have a basically done implementation *without* using DescribeNetworkInterfaces16:52
voidspacejust filtering on the provided network IDs16:52
voidspacebut I have an oddly failing test - possibly due to the test server16:52
voidspacejust investigating16:52
dimiternvoidspace, cheers - i need to step out now though16:54
dimiternhappy weekends y'all ;)16:54
voidspacedimitern: o/ have a good weekend16:55
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perrito666ericsnow: have a moment for a completely non work related question?17:45
ericsnowperrito666: sure17:45
perrito666ericsnow: priv17:45
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voidspacehappy weekend everyone18:27
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ericsnowsinzui: does bug #1411502 actually apply to 1.22?18:52
mupBug #1411502: ERROR upgrade in progress - Juju functionality is limited <openstack> <uosci> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.21:In Progress by ericsnowcurrently> <juju-core 1.22:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1411502>18:52
ericsnowsinzui: from what dimitern indicated, this should be fixed there already (with 1403738)18:52
sinzuiericsnow, I think the change is in 1.22 I believe 1.22 was master at the time18:53
sinzuiericsnow, If you agree, I will remove the task18:53
ericsnowsinzui: k18:54
ericsnowsinzui: I have a patch up for review that backports the 1.22 fix18:54
sinzuiericsnow, okay. I will remove the 1.22 since the change comes from 1.2218:55
alexisbericsnow, perrito666 do we have an idea on this bug:19:02
mupBug #1410876: Error executing lxc-clone: lxc_container: utils.c: mkdir_p 220 Not a directory - Could not destroy  snapshot %s - failed to allocate a pty; Insufficent privileges to control  juju-trusty-lxc-template <lxc> <oil> <trusty> <juju-core:Triaged> <juju-core 1.21:Triaged> <juju-core19:02
mup1.22:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1410876>19:02
ericsnowalexisb: I haven't looked at that one19:02
ericsnowwwitzel3: ^^^ ?19:02
perrito666alexisb: I haven't either19:03
alexisbsinzui, lp 1410876 is a blocker for 1.21 right?19:04
perrito666alexisb: I am not sure I even know how to reproduce it19:05
sinzuialexisb, I think so since it was found in openstack testing19:05
alexisbwell if we need repro steps to make progress we need to make that request in the bug19:05
perrito666sinzui: do you know how to reproduce this or should I ask for more info?19:07
sinzuiperrito666, We will need more info. We obviously never saw this in our testing19:08
perrito666sinzui: ah, i assumed since you re-classified it you knew how to make this happen19:09
sinzuiperrito666, No the stakeholder makes it important. it was found in oil testing19:09
perrito666aghh I hate whatever shortcut my client has that allows me to close this19:17
perrito666ericsnow: wwitzel3 did you guys knew that monday apparently is a holiday there?19:19
ericsnowperrito666: yep19:19
perrito666ericsnow: wwitzel3 then all we said was happening on monday will be happening on Tu, right? :p19:21
perrito666I am going to be sooo alone in here on monday19:21
ericsnowperrito666: yep19:21
wwitzel3back, ericsnow I haven't looked at that one19:52
wwitzel3perrito666: yeah, Mon = Tue ;)19:52
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