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soeegood morning07:18
Riddelllhola chicos08:49
soeehiho Riddelll08:50
soeeRiddelll: can you confirm that activities manager does not work in 5.2 beta ?08:50
RiddelllI don't even have plasmashell running on my computer :(08:50
soeeoh :o08:51
* soee wonres why08:52
Riddelllit was moaning something about kscreen and xranr for 1.1 but I had 1.408:52
Riddelllanyway let me dist-upgrade and see what happenes08:52
lordieva1erGood morning.08:57
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lordievaderHey soee, how are you?08:59
soeelordievader: im fine :) nice week we have here in Poland, sunny, ~ +4/5 during the day, how are you 09:00
lordievaderDoing good. Just loaded my new fridge with some beverages :)09:02
soeelordievader: are on vivid maybe ?09:02
lordievaderNot at the moment, I can reboot this machine though.09:03
soeenah, ill wait for a Riddelll to test it :)09:05
soeei see he got promoted, he has 3 l now :)09:05
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sitterRiddelll: ping09:20
Riddelllhi sitter 09:23
sitterRiddelll: do you happen to be able to do a qt backport with a higher revision say ~ppa10?09:24
Riddelllmeh, why?09:25
sitterRiddelll: because unstable ci had ppa1, so people wouldn't get upgraded to your backport09:26
sitternot profoundly blocking for now I guess, but would be good to have fixed09:26
Riddelllis it just a problem with the version number, can I fudge it and bump the version number?09:28
sitterRiddelll: sure, sure, I expressed myself badly there09:32
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sitterversion bump to ~ppa10 is totally sufficient ^^09:32
* Riddell puts on todo09:34
Riddellhooray, dist upgrade make plasmashell work09:38
soeeRiddell: can you check the activities manager ? Click RMB on desktop and pick Activities09:38
Riddellsoee: works for me09:39
RiddellI can see current activity and create a new one and switch to it09:39
* soee wonders what went wrong yesterady09:39
* sitter continues to wonder how one checks if all package copies succeeded09:39
soeeRiddell: i tested it yesterday ~ 22:00, are there any new packages since than ?09:40
Riddelldunno, I'm using kubuntu-ppa/staging and vivid archive09:40
Riddelllots of bits transitioned yesterday09:41
soeeRiddell: i tried to enable staging but it wanted to rmove a lot of packages, importane one09:41
Riddellbut not all09:41
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* lordievader goes to update his plasma5 install09:42
Riddellsoee: yeah it will be complete if you don't have staging, I'll upload the missing packages now maybe that'll help09:44
soeeRiddell: ok thought so, thanks09:45
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Riddellhi ovidiu-florin 11:58
ovidiu-florinhello Riddell11:58
ovidiu-florinRiddell: I've added the extra luggage to my plain ticket12:03
Riddellovidiu-florin: ooh great so you can bring the t-shirts?12:05
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ovidiu-florinI'll get a cab once I get there12:05
Riddellgreat, keep receipts if you want a refund12:06
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Sick_RimmitGood afternoon friends12:10
Sick_RimmitI have some good news12:10
ovidiu-florinhello Sick_Rimmit12:10
Sick_RimmitIt appears that after update yesterday, the screen freeze problem is FIXED12:10
Sick_RimmitI have been testing, and using Google+ Hangouts (Which guaranteed the problem to present after just a few minutes )12:11
Sick_RimmitNothing, nada12:11
Riddellyay call12:11
Sick_RimmitAll is working good12:11
Riddellyay calligra built12:11
RiddellSick_Rimmit: awooga, what updated yesterday?12:11
Sick_RimmitAh right so that I am not sure12:11
Sick_RimmitI was playing with Muon, 12:11
Sick_RimmitAs I have volunteered to have a try at maintaining it for apol12:12
BluesKajHowdy folks12:12
Sick_RimmitI set my sources to pull in Pre-relesase sources, and ran an update12:12
Sick_RimmitHey presto fixed12:12
Sick_RimmitLet me see If I can find anything in the logs12:12
Sick_Rimmit! pastebin12:13
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:13
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Here is the apt history.log 12:14
RiddellSick_Rimmit: you have?12:15
Riddellthat'll be plasma 5.1.95 with all its kwin updates12:15
Sick_RimmitRight OK, So I think I'll update the bug with this info12:15
Sick_RimmitOK I have updated Bug #1384512 with details, and set to Fix Committed..12:23
ubottubug 1384512 in Projet OpenGL "Plasma 5 frequent screen freezes" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/138451212:23
sitterRiddell: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-active please delete12:31
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yofelRIP :'(12:32
soeeso plasma active is dead or just the team that supposed to bring it to kubuntu ?12:36
yofelour team12:38
soeebtw someone tested current version of plasma media center ? it crashes when trying to start12:43
Riddellsitter: launchpad says "The team is queued to be deleted."12:57
yofelwhatever happened to updating digikam?13:01
Riddellyofel: ahem, I might turned the ec2 off without uploading it13:04
Riddelldidn't have the heart to tell the student13:04
yofeloh well13:05
yofelI'll do a nc rebuild for marble then13:05
Riddellit still needs to be worked out why he disabled the libkface library from building without doing an external release of libkface13:05
soeeso the user @ #kubuntu asked about features the desktop has becaus ehe want to lear it, this might be a good idea to do such section on the promo site :)13:06
ovidiu-florindo we have the Kubuntu logo in svg ?13:08
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Riddellovidiu-florin: https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/Artwork13:09
soeeovidiu-florin: there is 13:09
Riddellhola Darkwing chico13:09
DarkwingHow is everything in KubuLand?13:09
Riddellbusy busy, all these 5 releases keeping me occupied13:09
DarkwingI hear ya. How is 5 shaping up?13:10
Riddellyofel: any thoughts on what is stopping kate4/kate and konsole4/konsole from transitioning?13:11
RiddellDarkwing: mostly awesome13:11
Darkwingis vivid running 5?13:11
yofelit is, although I wouldn't really call it "awesome". It's getting better though.13:12
Riddellthat's why I said mostly awesome13:12
Riddellbut really I wouldn't want to go back to 4 land now13:12
yofelmy favorite part of the last update is that my panel is now on my non-primary display if I connect another monitor...13:12
DarkwingLOL still buggy upstream or, is it the intergration to Kubuntu?13:12
Riddellpanels skip around all over the place, I like chasing them sometimes13:13
yofelmostly upstream IMO. But some of that comes from us integration unfinished things because they were missing13:13
soeesince 5.1.2 i have my 2 panels on 2 screens aligne dnice13:14
soeeone on primary,  and second on next13:14
yofelI have only one. But as there's not much difference between primary and !p, it doesn't matter much13:15
BluesKaj_VDs still won't allow different backgrounds 13:15
BluesKaj_and where'st13:16
BluesKaj_the quicklaunch13:16
soeeBluesKaj_: ill test activities today 13:16
soeehope they work fine now in 5.2beta13:16
BluesKaj_not activities, virtual desktops13:16
soee*read: aps can be assigned ot them, wallpapers does not jump from one to another etcv13:16
soeeBluesKaj_: yes, yes i know 13:17
DarkwingWill it be ready for an April release?13:17
soee*dont jump13:17
yofelI hope so because we're definitely not going back to kde413:17
BluesKaj_hey soee, when's 5.2 being released?13:18
soeeend of the month ?13:19
BluesKaj_I like kde4 , it only took me 5 yrs to get used to it and it's solid13:19
DarkwingLOL all or nothing eh?13:19
yofelpretty much ^^13:19
DarkwingI might push it and test it on my laptop.13:19
soeeBluesKaj_: 27th https://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/Plasma_513:19
DarkwingI want to see what 5 does with my screen13:19
BluesKaj_ok soee thanks13:20
soeebut still i think 5.2.1 or 5.2.2 will be the one we can say stable 13:20
Darkwingsee if they fixed HiDPI scaling issues13:20
BluesKaj_Darkwing:  large monitor ?13:23
DarkwingThinkPad X113:23
DarkwingI went all out when i replaced my laptop lol13:24
BluesKaj_right, there are several different X1s tho, sort of like this G500...several different versions depending on the HW etc13:26
Darkwing2560 x 1440 non touch13:27
BluesKaj_X1 is a nice laptop 13:27
Darkwing2nd Gen13:27
DarkwingI love it.13:27
DarkwingI won't be leaving ThinkPad ever I don't think.13:27
DarkwingWhen my old Dell Vostro finally died, I got a Chromebook. After a while I decided that I needed a real laptop again. But, I wanted light without sacrificing speed and power.13:29
BluesKaj_wife gave me this g500 after consulting with my daughter at Christmas 2013... i3 but it serves my needs nicely13:29
RiddellDarkwing: how did you find the chromebook?13:29
DarkwingI loved the Chromebook. Just development of any sort with it is... An exercise in patience.13:30
BluesKaj_guess the chrome book isn't a real laptop :)13:30
DarkwingIts close. Very very close.13:31
DarkwingI had the Samsung ARM version.13:31
Riddellhow close is it to normal linux?13:31
DarkwingAs close as Android. 13:32
Riddellwhat graphics layer does it use?13:33
DarkwingIts own. Blink. In its natural state, its a beefed up Chrome Browser13:35
Riddellit makes me jelous, it's what desktop linux has always wanted to do but nobody has been able to do13:37
DarkwingIts brilliant. For ppl who are looking for an internet machine. Email, google docs, GFaceSpace+ etc... Its perfect.13:38
BluesKaj_Riddell:  I just reinstalled W7 and Kubuntu 14.10 on this laptop , guess which was faster and easier >13:39
DarkwingI was doing well for a while running an online code editors... However, full online IDEs are still lacking.13:39
BluesKaj_W7 didn't even provide a decent bcm wifi driver, while kubuntu ubiquity hasd13:40
BluesKaj_]it ready during the install13:40
Riddellwhat is W7?13:41
Riddelloh windows?13:41
BluesKaj_W8.1 is totally hopeless13:41
RiddellI find windows so hard to use these days13:41
DarkwingI don't mind 8.1... Then again, I have recovery disks.13:41
DarkwingNever tried to hunt and peck drivers. Eff that lol13:42
BluesKaj_i keep windows around for wife's sake, gotta keep up to date somewhat if she runs into trouble13:42
DarkwingI keep it for Diablo 3. Brother and I play.13:46
BluesKaj_she plays Lord of the Rings Online, not available on steam yet, altho there was talk 13:46
DarkwingAt least I can blow up Kerbals in Linux.13:46
BluesKaj_kerbals wth is that?  :)13:47
yofelRiddell: sorry, I don't see any obvious reason for kate and konsole being stuck either13:48
DarkwingKerbal Space Program...13:48
DarkwingIts amazing.. Sandbox space game. Best game outside of ingress13:48
Darkwinghttps://kerbalspaceprogram.com free demo. Totally worth twice what they are asking13:50
* BluesKaj_ isn't a gamer so I get lost easily during gaming talk13:50
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DarkwingI'm not either13:50
DarkwingSandbox is you create everything. 13:51
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Darkwingthis is ksp.: http://youtu.be/y40NZHPaJJA13:56
BluesKaj_ok , this laptop is up to date plasma 5 wise ...bbiab13:58
yofelRiddell: do you still have the digikam work around somewhere? (It doesn't seem to be in bzr)13:59
Riddellyofel: no I don't14:03
Riddellyofel: it wasn't much a few files changed14:03
Riddella few build-deps too, libkgeomap and libkface14:03
Riddellone has a release, one doesn't14:03
* Riddell uploads plasma 5.1.95 to kubuntu-ppa/next-staging14:05
stefan`so we'll have 5.1.95 in next before it lands in kubuntu-ci?14:08
stefan`uh - just realized that ci-stable has 5.1.95 and ci-unstable still is with 5.1.214:10
stefan`it seems i still don't really understand those archives ;)14:10
sitterunstable just has build problems and no one is fixing them14:11
shadeslayersitter: I fixed a few yesterday14:15
shadeslayerbut clearly shit broke again14:15
sitterwouldn't get into daily if everything is green14:15
sitterand mck also didn't fix kaccounts-providers so that is blocking anyway14:16
sitterall incomplete license situation14:16
Riddellyofel, ScottK, anyone: any thoughts on why kde-runtime is Not Considered? http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html14:17
RiddellI set force-skiptest on marble, cantor and kde-runtime14:17
* shadeslayer loosk14:24
Riddellok I need to skoot off to my spanish class14:25
Riddellplasma-desktop needs retried once plasma-workspace has finished14:25
shadeslayerRiddell: might want to show it to someone in #ubuntu-devel, I'm not sure what's wrong14:27
Riddellshadeslayer: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/log/vivid/2015-01-16/14:15:27.log14:28
Riddellshadeslayer: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-release/britney/hints-ubuntu/files14:28
Riddelland the utopic backports need poked into compiling, needs groo's backports for bluez and it needs testing before moving to kubuntu-ppa/next-backports14:29
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Riddellyay calligra is in vivid!14:50
Riddelljust in time to package beta 2 :)14:50
RiddellSergobot: fancy packaging the new calligra beta?14:50
SergobotRiddell: Sounds good :)14:53
RiddellSergobot: start with https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/calligra/1:2.8.90-0ubuntu914:54
Riddelland https://www.calligra.org/news/calligra-2-9-beta-2-released/14:54
RiddellCalligra is now a fully Qt 4-based software" hmm that' a bit late :)14:55
soeeekhm :)15:14
soeebreeze decoration is gone 15:15
soeewhats is teh name of package responsible for breeze decoration ?15:18
cmaginasoee: i am experiencing a similar issue, i think, on vivid. no window has a decoration. if you open settings and go to the decoration config, the only one listed is plastiq and you can't apply it. the breeze packages are still installed, but breeze and the decoration bits were recently updated15:30
SergobotRiddell: I can't download sources from http://download.kde.org/unstable/calligra-2.8.91/calligra-2.8.91.tar.xz It says, I haven't got permission to access15:32
_Groo_guys, kio-mtp is MIA from the latest build15:33
_Groo_was it removed?15:33
_Groo_cant conect to my nexus anymore :(15:34
soeeok a small summary, after todays upgrades: no window decoration (Breeze is gone also form systrem settings), activities manager does not work, plasmashell does not start (needs to be fired manually), logout, restart, shutdown buttons dotn work15:36
cmagina_Groo_: i noticed it had a conflict with a new kio-extras package, not sure if it was moved there. at least for me, since dropping it for the kio-extras package it sees my phone connect, but there seem to be some other issues, maybe lower level that prevent it from being mounted15:37
_Groo_it connects and it shows in devices but cant be mounted via dolphin15:38
_Groo_so something is up15:38
cmaginayeah, that is what i see15:38
cmaginasoee: i haven't had access to the activities manager since installing vivid a week ago. everything starts fine here, restart worked for me, however logout seems to fail to complete, leaving me with a black screen and a cursor. my window decorations are also gone as of this mornings update15:40
BluesKaj cmagina, I rm -rf'd the conflicting installed kio package and the upgrade continued15:47
cmaginaBluesKaj: i ended up removing the kio-mtp package, which allowed the kio-extras package to install. maybe i should try and install it now15:49
cmaginanope, that would remove plasma, kubuntu-desktop, etc15:50
BluesKajcmagina, give me a few mins, I'll track the package name down on my 15.04 install15:51
BluesKaj_cmagina: does this look like the right one?  /usr/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/kio_mtp.mo15:55
BluesKaj_mtp alright15:56
cmaginaBluesKaj_: yeah, that is the one15:57
cmaginahad to go back to the apt log to verify15:57
cmaginait looks like kio-mtp is set as a conflict to the new kio-extras package which is required by plasma15:58
BluesKaj_I ran, sudo rm -rf /usr/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/kio_mtp.mo , then I updated and upgraded, and also a dist-upgrade15:59
cmaginayeah, that is one way, but the real problem is that kio-mtp doesn't get removed prior to installing kio-extras15:59
BluesKaj_well, i solved the dependency and upgrade error with that removal ...I gambled and it worked, since i had nothing to lose ...this just a test bed OS to me16:01
cmaginaah, it'll probably need to get fixed before release to ensure 14.10 -> 15.04 upgrades don't fail16:02
BluesKaj_oh you are on 14.10...ok that expalins it16:02
BluesKaj_err expalains16:03
cmaginano no, i am running 15.0416:04
cmaginai mention the 14.10 -> 15.05 upgrade path as that might break due to this conflict16:04
BluesKaj_ok, so yoy're sayin the rm -rf  wants to remove the plasma 5 desktop?16:05
BluesKaj_anyway, one of me in here is enough :)16:05
cmaginano, what i am saying is that is a workaround, a fix will probably be needed to ensure users don't hit it when upgrading from 14.10 to 15.0416:06
BluesKajwell that's a given, i'm sure the devs are aware of the bug by now16:07
cmaginaand this recent loss of decorations is probably due to a version requirement being missed, the libkdecorations... packages probably require the newer version of kwin or something like that16:08
cmaginastill good to report such things, gotta find time to do that myself16:09
cmaginahere is the kio bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kio-extras/+bug/141125716:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1411257 in kio-extras (Ubuntu) "package kio-extras-data 4:5.1.2-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/locale/cs/LC_MESSAGES/kio_mtp.mo', which is also in package kio-mtp 0.75+git20140304-1" [High,Confirmed]16:11
_Groo_the thing is, to me kio-extras and kio-extras-data installed correctly (using 14.10 with ci) and removed kio-mtp16:42
_Groo_i have the new kio.so in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/kf5/kio/mtp.so16:42
_Groo_but dolphin is 14.10 so i believe dolphin doesnt mount mtp because it cant use kf5 plugins16:42
_Groo_is still kde 4.x16:42
soeethe current beta packages are in general somehow "incomplete", a lot of thigs does not work16:43
_Groo_which explains why it shows up using solid (kf5) but cant be mounted (dolphin kde 4.x)16:43
_Groo_soee: but 15.04 has the new dolphin kf5 based already?16:43
soee_Groo_: im not sure16:44
soeeits 4.11.9716:44
_Groo_soee: aahh that explains it, mine is 4:4.14.1-0ubuntu116:45
_Groo_from kubuntu-ci16:45
_Groo_is Riddell around? what is the status on the 4.12 backport to utopic16:46
_Groo_Riddell: ping16:46
soee_Riddell, yofel: http://pastebin.com/hpnTjke616:56
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soeeBluesKaj: can you confirm this problems with upgrdes ?16:59
BluesKajsoee, not that one, the errors i had were with kio-mtp17:02
_Groo_soee: do we have a experimental ppa for applications 4.12 backports?17:08
soee_Groo_: im not sure17:13
yofelsoee: hm, kscreen shouldn't have migrated... are you using proposed?18:08
yofeler wait, it did migrate18:09
yofelbut then this shouldn't be happening -.-18:09
ScottKRiddell: Fixed the version in the marble force.18:11
ovidiu-florinyofel: how do you upload images to the current site?18:44
yofelovidiu-florin: on kubuntu.org?18:45
yofelyou put them in the template and hope to find a sysadmin that syncs it. Drupal can theoretically attach images to a post, but that's broken18:45
yofelat least it was last time I tried it18:46
_Groo_any news on a new kde-baseapps? dolphin cant use the new kio libs anymore19:16
_Groo_since dolphin is kde 4.x and the new kio-data and extra-data are kf519:16
ovidiu-florinyofel: you around?19:20
ovidiu-florinI have sudo access on the docs server, but I'm not in the sudoers file. How does this work?19:20
ovidiu-florinRiddell: ^19:20
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer: ^19:20
_Groo_ovidiu-florin: you are in a group who has access19:28
_Groo_ovidiu-florin: prolly19:28
ovidiu-florincan I add jose to that group?19:29
_Groo_ovidiu-florin: havent a clue, just guessing19:30
ovidiu-florinI mean, am I allowed to?19:30
yofelovidiu-florin: add him to the sudo group19:36
yofeland he's an ubuntu member and member of kubuntu-website, so I think we can risk adding him19:37
ovidiu-florinme and jose want to make a new wiki page with guidelines and rules for webside related stuff19:41
ovidiu-florinwhere should we make it?19:41
ovidiu-florin<jose> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/Website19:41
ovidiu-florin<ovidiu-florin> https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/Website19:41
ovidiu-florinthis is a question for everybody19:42
soeeyofel i did install the updates20:12
soeeit removed plasma worksapce, kwin etc :/20:12
soeei have installed them and have the system running more or less20:12
yofelyou might've updated at a bad time20:12
soeeoh nvidia-prime update :o20:14
soeemaybe propritty drivers start working20:14
soeelaso i have this marked as not needed anymore: gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad libcdaudio1 libdeclarative-multimedia libdirac-encoder0 libgstreamer-plugins-bad0.10-0 libkf5baloocore1 libkf5baloocore5 libkf5baloofiles5 libkf5balooxapian5 libplasmamediacenter1.3 libqtmultimediakit1 libslv2-920:14
yofellooks reasonable20:14
soeekubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-plasma-5-desktop are the one responsible fgor valid installation ? 20:16
soeethe meta package ?20:16
yofelkubuntu-desktop is. plasma5 was the utopic next thing20:16
soeeso i can remove kubuntu-plasma5-desktop ?20:16
soeehwhats teh m,ain difference between kubuntu-desktop and plasma-desktop ?20:20
soeekio-mtp has some serious problems20:21
ovidiu-florinin case you didn't see it20:32
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soeeuhm, propriety drivers break loading system20:55
soeeactivities seems to be broken to :-)20:56
yofelsoee: kubuntu-desktop is a metapackage that installs everything we consider to be part of a kubuntu desktop system. It doesn't contain anything21:16
yofelplasma-desktop is the actual plasma shell21:16
soeeyofel: thakn you, are you pn 5.1.95 maybe ?21:17
yofelyep, so far I have the panel fun I mentioned earlier, no breeze decorations and a couple crashes -.-21:18
yofelah wait, no, not on .9521:18
yofeler.. right, I have a version mix installed, that can't work right...21:19
soeeprobably same as me :)21:20
soeeanyway, can you confirm maybe https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34293521:20
yofelyeah, updated an ~hour ago21:20
ubottuKDE bug 342935 in rules "Application can not be bind to single activity." [Normal,Unconfirmed]21:20
yofelI have only one activity here (don't use them)21:20
soeebrb, 1 min have to reboot21:20
tsdgeoshi guys, any idea why kwin is stuck in proposed?21:40
tsdgeosalso this looks a bit empty tbh https://paste.kde.org/pcpnxzro321:41
xnoxScottK: Riddell: framework5 session is managed by systemd?21:56
xnoxin vivid?21:56
ScottKPlasma 5.  Frameworks is the library.21:56
ScottKDunno the answer to your question though.21:57

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