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soeegood morning07:18
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jubo2Suppose I have a machine with Ethernet and WiFi connected. Can I choose what to route to what internet ?08:26
jubo2I mean I'd like to download all the big data items via landline coz it's unecolo to do so on wireless networks08:27
hateballjubo2: sure08:29
jubo2hateball: got any software names or urls ?08:30
jubo2or is it with not-off-the-shelf stuff08:30
hateballjubo2: well actually describe a bit more in detail08:30
hateballyou have two interfaces on a LAN, but you want only one of them to be used for WAN?08:30
hateballor should both use WAN but iface1 for certain urls, and iface2 for others?08:31
hateballhmmm, seems you couldnt set metric with network-manager until recently08:33
jubo2hateball: I have ethernet connected to 20/1 Mbit/s ADSL. I have wireless connected to a portable 4G WiFi basestation. I want irc to go to wireless, all upload ( 4G is 15x faster uploader here where I live than the landline ) goes to 4G and TOR.. I dunno where TOR goes..08:33
hateballthat'd be one way to go about it08:33
hateballthat's.... tricky08:34
jubo2hateball: The System™ would hate this kind of software enabling versatile configuration and even randomization for people with many internets08:35
jubo2If one could dynamically route traffic to via many different internet conncetions would really cook the NSA stalk-guy's noodle08:35
hateballjubo2: google led me here, but I havent tried it http://www.evolware.org/?p=29308:36
hateballthere is the option of iptables per ip etc but that's annoying...08:36
jubo2hateball: I hear https://duckduckgo.com and https://ixquick.com are the most privacy respecting search engines08:38
jubo2keep those Exabyte stacks building in the "Not-yet-cracked SSL encrypted traffic" in the NSA data silos08:39
jubo2plus they don't record your IP nor your search terms nor your click08:41
jubo2"If you are not paying for the product. You are the product." ~ Some guy08:41
jubo2So good reason to avoid dominant and rich companies and choose smaller SME self-capitalist who makes the pay-checks happen businesses..08:43
jubo2I'm having a LibreOffice Draw not starting situation on a Kubuntu1408:45
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jubo2I'm downloading LibreOffice for Windows as a work-around08:47
jubo2really rare on GNU/Linux that a program just won't start08:47
hateballjubo2: Does it state anything if started from a terminal?08:49
jubo2hateball: I dunno. I always use the KDE-menu on the low-left08:49
hateballYes well that's not very helpful when troubleshooting08:50
jubo2hateball: in other words.. how do I start it from shell08:50
hateballjubo2: open terminal, "lodraw"08:50
jubo2hateball: I do that. Rebooting to Kubuntu14 GNU/Linux now08:51
jubo2hateball: ok.. I run 'lodraw' now08:56
jubo2doesn't print anything, doesn't open any window08:56
jubo2I ctrl-c ?08:56
lordieva1erGood morning.08:57
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jubo2mah libreoffice is brokeh08:58
jubo2Trying to get my brain to use Windows LibreOffice draw is causing it to warp09:09
jubo2Someone plos fix mah LibreOffice09:09
soeejubo2: whats wrong with it on Kubuntu ?09:10
jubo2soee: won't start at all09:10
soeeLO Math ?09:10
jubo2I tried09:10
soeeworks fine for me09:11
jubo2'lodraw' but that just hangs and doesn't print anything09:11
soeedo you have officail packages from ubuntu repos ?09:11
soeeare you sure its not opening on some different screen / activity for you ?09:11
jubo2soee: yes.. nothing is installed via other methods then 'sudo install this'09:12
yu_is it a commone problem in 14.10 that fonts change by themself to something unreadable?09:27
yu_and its usually not the special fonts either, its like v or o and so on letters you have in most languages09:28
yu_its happens frequently and I dont like to change fonts 1 or 2 times each session09:32
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yu_damn fonts changed by themself for 2nd time in just hours. This never happened with other distros I tried11:07
yu_it happens only with mozilla : firefox and thunderbird...11:12
yu_maybe problem solved, I found something in settings about allowing websites to set fonts by themself as a default.11:15
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hateballyu_: if it's the GUI fonts, those are GTK apps so maybe something is off with the oxygen-gtk11:47
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BluesKajHowdy folks12:12
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mazalGood day everyone. Can someone recommend me a good KDE guide of everything the desktop can do. Recently installed Kubuntu and want to learn this desktop and it's features12:41
soeemazal: i think you must play with it a bit, though what you expect it to do/what you need ?12:46
mazalSoee , I just want to learn all it's features12:47
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mazalBeen on Unity a long time and switched now , don't know KDE at all , so just want to learn it12:48
soeeBluesKaj: you are more experienced, can you give some advice here, or lordievader ^12:48
soeeim not usre what advice should i give :) for me learing something is clicking here and there, looking for a ferature i need etc.12:49
mazalJust like a link to a nice full how-to / manual. Nothing specific I need , want to learn it all12:49
soeemazal: for a very basic stuff take a look at http://www.kubuntu.org/feature-tour12:52
soeethan i just suggest click here and there and test stuff12:53
soeeSystem Settings secion is your  friend to see what  can be configured12:53
soeeso Alt + F2 and type: System Settings and investigate each section there12:53
_zxq9_Hrm... anyone know if Postgres receives minor version release updates during the life of a single LTS version?12:58
_zxq9_Some distros only upgrade patches, so 9.3 will get updates to 9.3.1, 9.3.2, etc, but never 9.4 -- which is why I'm wondering.13:00
klerikMay be you add some advanced repositary?13:00
klerikwith postgres13:01
_zxq9_klerik: I usually do, just wondering if I should expect to skip adding the upstream deb repo, or if that's necessary with this distro.13:02
_zxq9_I'm not as familiar with this distro as with some of the others I've worked on for longer.13:03
yofel_zxq9_: #ubuntu-server might know more about that13:03
_zxq9_yofel: ty13:03
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Walexcsed: _zxq9_ you may not be entirely familiar with the notion of "LTS" :-)14:37
_zxq9_Walex: Not whatever the meaning is in the Ubuntu community. I'm rather intimately familiar with the idea in rh, suse, and aix -- but the ubuntu world seems to see many things very differently (and recently rh has changed its tendencies as well).14:42
_zxq9_So it was worth checking. No sense including a repo that the distro was going to be moving along with anyway.14:43
noahI'm having trouble connecting to a network14:48
_zxq9_noah: A bit vague... care to elaborate?14:49
noah_zxq9_: it's suck at "connecting"14:50
_zxq9_To the internet, or a specific network?14:50
noah__zxq9__: all networks14:50
_zxq9_Wireless or with a cable?14:51
_zxq9_(like ethernet cable)14:51
noah__zxq9__: Both I think. it started when "vmnet1" and "vmnet8" appeared in my networks. I had had vmware installed for a while and had never seen them (as far as I know)14:52
_zxq9_Is your kubuntu a virtual guest, or the host?14:52
noah__zxq9__: so I uninstalled vmware but the problem is still persisting. Kubuntu is a host.14:53
_zxq9_Where are you seeing "vmnet?" entries? Like, what command are you using to see this?14:54
yossarianuki hate vmware..... KVM is far more flexible.14:55
_zxq9_yossarianuk: +114:55
noah_zxq9_ I was seeing them. In the networks module. I uninstalled vmware and they diappeared14:55
_zxq9_otoh, vmware is sort of the braindead "right" solution for people who hate thinking hard, and honestly, so is ubuntu for desktop types who like linux.14:55
_zxq9_noah: Can you paste the output of "ip addr" somewhere?14:56
noah_zxq9_: unfortunately this is dual booted with Kubuntu so I have to shut off to go check.14:57
_zxq9_oh, that sucks.14:57
noah_zxq9_: what might ip addr give out? I may know unless it's something real technical.14:58
_zxq9_noah: Usually, I troubleshoot network issues from absolute zero on the command line (regardless of distro).14:58
_zxq9_noah: It should show you what network devices you have enabled, and then what addresses each device should be listening for.14:58
_zxq9_So, for example, here is mine right now: http://fpaste.org/170524/14214203/14:59
_zxq9_Given that, I can usually get a grip on what is wrong.14:59
noah_zxq9_: OK. Well I'm pretty sure the ones I need are enabled. But I'll check.14:59
noah_zxq9_: This issue does have an interesting symptom though15:00
_zxq9_There is a Gentoo wiki page about ip manual setup that is usually remarkably useful in other situations... let me find it.15:00
_zxq9_noah: What is the interesting symptom?15:00
noah_zxq9_: You know how when not connected it displays a wifi bar with a yellow dot?15:01
noah_zxq9_: And that yellow dot stays there until it is absolutely connected.15:02
noah_zxq9_: Well the yellow dot disappears even before it is done connecting.15:03
_zxq9_That is sort of weird.15:04
noah_zxq9_: Yeah, so it shows a wifi bar, and the loading circle spinning.15:04
_zxq9_So you *are* connection across wifi.15:05
_zxq9_And you're using the KDE environment directly.15:06
_zxq9_as in, GUI experience.15:06
noah_zxq9_: Yes for the KDE GUI. And, Well, no. Websites and stuff still don't work. The loading circle goes on and on. I haven't let it go on that much because it usually doesn't take that long so I assume that if it takes much longer than that, something is messed up.15:07
_zxq9_noah: Have you clicked it to pick a specific wifi point to which you want to connect?15:08
noah_zxq9_: Yep15:08
_zxq9_And it just takes forever. I assume you have checked the password, encryption type, etc?15:08
noah_zxq9_: Yep.15:08
_zxq9_I've had cases where the encryption type have spontaneously switched to something different than the real one -- so its good to double check.15:09
noah_zxq9_: It was having this problem on previously saved networks as well. Interestingly, before all this I had gotten the "disk is unavailable. press s or m" error, but it resolved itself.15:10
_zxq9_edit connection > wireless security > security: Type15:10
_zxq9_hrm... that is a really wild error message for this problem, though.15:10
_zxq9_What vmware product did you install?15:11
noah_zxq9_: vmware player. And I had had it on there for a while.15:11
noah_zxq9_: and the disk error was at boot15:11
_zxq9_Let me get this straight: before vmware, OK; after vmware, not OK?15:11
_zxq9_btw, I don't think this applies to your case just now, but its a profoundly useful future reference: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Handbook:X86/Full/Installation#Manual_network_configuration15:12
noah_zxq9_: Installed vmware fine. Used it for a while (weeks, maybe months). Screwed around and broke something not related to network but fixed it. Boot error. vmnet1 and 8 appear. Not fine15:12
_zxq9_What was the thing you broke?15:13
noah_zxq9_: my kdm theme15:13
_zxq9_What about the theme broke?15:13
noah_zxq9_: I deleted it accidentally.15:13
_zxq9_ah. Anything else disappear accidentally at that time along with the theme? (wondering if it was something more general in /etc)15:14
noah_zxq9_: Don't know. Didn't touch anything there. Although my bootsplash did disappear. But the network still worked for a little bit after that. Anyway. Even after I uninstalled vmware the problem persisted.15:15
noah_zxq9_: would there be some kind of log for what it's trying to do as it connects?15:16
_zxq9_How long ago did the problem start?15:18
BluesKajnoah, how did you remove vmware?15:18
noah_zxq9_: yesterday. BluesKaj I uninstalled it via vmware-uninstaller.15:19
BluesKajnoah, strange then it should have removed the networking config file which seems to be hijacking your internet connection15:21
lordievadersoee: Learning KDE means using it, there is not really a guide for that...15:21
noahBluesKaj: what do you mean?15:21
BluesKajnoah, I had the same experience with vmware a while back15:21
noahBluesKaj: stuck at connecting as it goes on and on?15:22
noahBluesKaj: how did u fix it?15:23
BluesKajnoah, look for vmware files and i purged them , sudo rm -rf vmware*... it was drastic but it was the only way iirc15:24
BluesKajlordievader, any suggestions, that are less drastic ?15:25
noahBluesKaj: and do I need to be in a certain folder to do so?15:25
lordievaderBluesKaj: Err, what? About this wifi thing? I haven't really been following the conversation.15:26
BluesKajnoah, that commandf I posted my be very dangerous , I don't advise using it15:26
BluesKajmay be15:26
_zxq9_bah... wrong channel15:28
* BluesKaj vowed to never use vmware again15:28
BluesKaj!cn | _zxq9_15:29
ubottu_zxq9_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw15:29
_zxq9_noah: try something like "locate vmware" first, just to see where everything names *vmware* is first.15:29
_zxq9_BluesKaj: Japanese, not Chinese. Anyway, misspost there.15:29
_zxq9_!jp | _zxq9_15:30
ubottu_zxq9_, please see my private message15:30
_zxq9_heh, interesting.15:30
BluesKaj_zxq9_, oops sorry ...my japanese is a little rusty15:30
lordievaderBlegh, my utf-8 support is broken (again) :(15:31
_zxq9_BluesKaj: np, just totally wrong thing. My head was mixed in two conversations and two languages at once. blurp.15:31
noahBluesKaj: do you know if there is a log where I can see what network-manager is doing while it is stuck connecting?15:31
BluesKajnoah, var/log/syslog15:31
_zxq9_BluesKaj: btw, there seems to be an army of just me in the jp channels... hehe. Typical.15:32
noahBluesKaj: oh. well that will show everything. Anything more specific?15:32
BluesKajerr /var/log/syslog15:32
_zxq9_noah: Be prepared to plow through a few bajillion messages to find the pertinent ones in there.15:32
BluesKajnoah, nope, can't think of anything...syslog is the latest one usually afaik15:33
noahok. I'm gonna hop over there. hopefully I can come back soon. BluesKaj I found this: grep -i networkmanager /var/log/syslog15:33
BluesKajnoah, when was your last boot?15:34
noahthis morning15:34
BluesKajthen itshouldn't be too long15:34
noahbut I'm going over to my kubuntu boot now.15:34
lordievadernoah: Turn off NM, and try connecting with wpa_supplicant.15:35
lordievaderGives you all the nitty gritty you need to debug the issue.15:35
noahim back BluesKaj\16:18
noah_zxq9_: im back16:18
noahis anyone on?16:21
lordievadernoah: Did you receive my message?16:21
noahlordievader: no16:21
lordievadernoah: Turn off NM, and try connecting with wpa_supplicant.16:22
lordievaderGives you all the nitty gritty you need to debug the issue.16:22
noahI found the issue16:23
noah"No secrets"16:23
BluesKajnoah, ok, care to share ?16:24
noahI thought I had copied it and saved it but forgot to save16:24
noahbut i remember16:24
noah"no secrets"16:24
lordievaderNo secrets, sounds like a wrong wpa passphrase.16:25
noahlordievader: well I know it is correct.16:25
noahlordievader: this was in the syslog16:26
noah_did i miss anything16:28
noah_BluesKaj: what was the config file you found that was messing up ur wifi16:29
lordievadernoah_: Could you pastebin the relevant syslog output, please?16:30
BluesKajwth is wrong with launchpad , i changed IP addresses a long time ago when i changed my ISP, now I can't change the registered email address to one that actaully works16:30
noah_I though I had saved it, but it messed up. It will take a while for me to try it again.16:30
BluesKajnoah_, it was a vmware network config file iirc16:31
noah_lordievader: i have to redo it. I had to save to a file but forgot to click save. it might take a few mins.16:31
lordievaderBluesKaj: Since when does LP care about your ip address.16:32
noah___lordievader: I was disconnected. did u say anything?16:32
lordievadernoah___: No.16:33
BluesKajyeah , lordievader, good point, maybe aI'm being a bit anal about it but it bugs me that LP won't let me change i9n the my profile after logging in ...seems silly to me16:33
noah___lordievader: ok. so i'm going to have to boot back into kubuntu to get the log.16:34
BluesKajhi Jbuug16:42
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noah___lordievader: you still on?17:03
noah___ok. I got the file I'm gonna pastebin it17:03
noah___lordievader: should I use some synatax highlighting to make it easier?17:05
lordievadernoah___: No, just pastebin the contents.17:06
noah___lordievader: just pmd you the link17:06
noah___lordievader: i used x's to hide some personally identifiable info17:07
lordievaderApp armor kills your dhcp request it seems, you are connected just fine.17:09
noah___lordievader: what is app armor?17:09
lordievadernoah___: A ubuntu security thing.17:10
lordievaderSee lines 144 till the end.17:10
noah___so It appears it actually connected with my friends hotspot but it couldn't ping17:11
noah___lordievader: what could i do to fix the ping?17:12
lordievadernoah___: You are connected, but you cannot get an ip since your dhcp client is getting killed before it can request an ip.17:13
noah___lordievader: how do I fix that?17:14
lordievadernoah___: No idea, I don't know app armor as it has never bothered me. Figure out why it is blocking it, and make an exception or something.17:16
noah___lordievader: it could be a route thing. I'm gonna go try route -n/17:17
lordievadernoah___: It ain't, look at the logging.17:17
noah___lordievader: why now of all times? how did it work before?17:18
noah___lordievader: i'm gonna try it any way17:19
MadRabbithi all, downloaded 14.10-amd64 iso by utorrent (3 times) and direct 2 times. md5's do not match from either download, Burned 1 of each type download (at 1x). Neither will do an install; stops at 33%. No disc spin, no hd light...45 minutes later, both died. What's wrong?17:29
noah____lordievader: you still on?17:36
noah____what again were you saying was blocking it?17:37
BluesKajMadRabbit, from this mirror ? http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu17:38
lordievadernoah____: Look in your log, it is killing a dhcp client.17:38
noah____lordievader: k.17:39
noah____lordievader: gonna b disconnected in a bit for a few17:40
noah_____lordievader: can u explain it a little better17:43
lordievadernoah_____: Do you know what dhcp is?17:44
noah_____lordievader: sort of.17:44
lordievadernoah_____: Define sort of.17:44
noah_____lordievader: As far as I know it is the system that dyamicaly gives out ip addresses17:45
lordievadernoah_____: Yes, a client does a request for an ip, and a server supplies it with one.17:45
lordievaderYour client is getting killed.17:46
noah_____lordievader: good. So what is happening here? where does it say it is killing it.17:46
lordievaderJan 16 11:52:11 Noah-Kubuntu kernel: [  985.105770] type=1400 audit(1421427131.682:84): apparmor="DENIED" operation="exec" profile="/sbin/dhclient" name="/usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-helper" pid=5361 comm="dhclient" requested_mask="x" denied_mask="x" fsuid=0 ouid=017:47
lordievaderJan 16 11:52:11 Noah-Kubuntu dhclient: execve (/usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-helper, ...): Permission denied17:47
noah_____lordievader: ok17:47
BluesKajnoah_____, sudo dhclient wlan0 ...does that show a connection?17:48
noah_____lordievader: just a moment17:49
rberg_personally I would be suspicious if apparmor was preventing dhclient from running. unless maybe you were modifing the config files or changing paths.17:51
rberg_also on my system I dont have a "/usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-helper" but I do have "/usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-client.action"17:53
noah_____rberg_: lordievader am going over to kubuntu to try something. Also while i was over there route -n gave up empty17:54
rberg_check and see if "/usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-helper" actually exists17:55
BluesKajrberg_, think it's a leftover setting in networking config file modified by vmware, which has since been removed17:55
rberg_ohh that could be.. (I dont use vmware)17:55
BluesKajnetwork manager actually17:56
MadRabbithi all, downloaded 14.10-amd64 iso by utorrent (3 times) and direct 2 times. md5's do not match from either download, Burned 1 of each type download (at 1x). Neither will do an install; stops at 33%. No disc spin, no hd light...45 minutes later, both died. What's wrong?18:02
BluesKajMadRabbit, from this mirror ? http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu18:03
MadRabbithmm, I'll double-chk the site...18:04
MadRabbityes, plasma 418:06
MadRabbitfrom ther, I downloaded both iso AND torrent18:09
MadRabbitok, md5 sum listed on http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu are WRONG!!! The sum on http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/utopic/release/MD5SUMS match.18:18
noah_____lordievader: i'm back. I realized I forgot to do the command u asked my to. what was it again?18:23
noah_____i think I got it. am trying again18:25
noahlordievader: u there? I think I fixed it.18:46
BluesKajnoah, how ? share nit with us so we can make a note if this comes up again18:48
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noahlordievader: ok I "fixed" it. Now I have a totally different issue.19:03
noahlordievader: you still there?19:13
BluesKajnoah, just state your new issue, perhaps some one else can help19:15
noahnetwork-manager is having trouble managing secrets19:16
BluesKajsecrets ?19:19
BluesKajnoah, ^19:19
noahBluesKaj: the wifi secrets.19:19
BluesKajpassword ?19:21
noahBluesKaj: no. but it is have problems connecting to previously saved networks.19:22
lordievadernoah: Doesn't nm give them to kwallet?19:24
noahlordievader: yeah. I think it's a kwallet issue19:24
noahlordievader: I'm getting "...has security, but secrets are required."19:28
lordievadernoah: I'm going to suggest again to use wpa_supplicant: disable NM and use wpa_supplicant.19:30
lordievaderNM is usefull, but it can be a large pita.19:30
noahlordievader: what is wpa_supplicant and how can I make sure disabling NM wont break internet?19:30
lordievaderIt will. That is the fun part :P19:31
lordievadernoah: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WPAHowTo#WPA_Supplicant19:31
noahis wpa_supplicant gui compatable19:33
noahlordievader: is wpa_supplicant gui compatable19:33
lordievadernoah: No idea.19:35
* lordievader has to go19:35
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lordievadernoah: Any progress?20:19
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apb1963I lost my virtual desktops....  ubuntu 14.04 with kde... any help getting them back?21:38
apb1963Reinstallation of plasma-desktop is not possible, it cannot be downloaded.21:38
xnoxadding "plasma" session to upstart-xsessions21:53
xnoxcause otherwise the session is not managed by upstart21:53
xnoxwait, no21:53
xnoxit's managed by systemd user session.21:53
Unit193xnox: Hello.  Though it seems it may be moot now, #kubuntu-devel is where the developers hang out and pay attention.  Since this is the support channel, much more likely to just slip past.21:55
noahim have wifi/kwallet issues21:58
DaPoneKinehowdy howdy howdy22:09
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noahI am having wifi issues23:26
noahwith kwallet23:26
ScuniziAny reason why kmail from within Kontact won't switch from the "Welcome to Kamil 4.14.2" screen when trying to view downloaded gmail?23:39

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