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DrManhattanIs there an ETA for a fix on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/samba/+bug/125718608:26
ubot5Launchpad bug 1257186 in samba (Ubuntu Trusty) "memory leakage messages (no talloc stackframe)" [High,Triaged]08:26
DrManhattanI have upgraded my samba to version 4.1.6 but Im still getting the talloc memory leak error. Is there any way I can keep samba password sync to user accounts and get rid of this memory error? no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory08:26
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cjwatsonDrManhattan: This isn't a good channel to ask about that.  This channel is about launchpad.net, the project hosting site, itself.  Perhaps try #ubuntu-bugs.08:57
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jonathonHi, I tried backporting the Vivid kernel to Trusty and it uploaded and built correctly in my PPA (~jonathonf/testing), but then errored with "Failed to upload", "Unable to find source publication" (https://launchpadlibrarian.net/195004995/upload_6719769_log.txt). Can I fix this?11:21
jonathonSearching the 'net for "launchpad unable to find source publication" returns no hits11:22
wgrantjonathon: Launchpad needs to be able to link back the binary package to the source package. It does that by a combination of the Source and Version fields in the binary package's control file.11:25
wgrantNormally, the binary version is the same as the source version. You'll get 'Source: $SOURCEPACKAGENAME' and 'Version: $SOURCEPACKAGEVERSION'11:25
wgrantA few packages override their binary versions to something different from the source version. In that case the binary's control file needs to say 'Version: $BINARYPACKAGEVERSION' and 'Source: $SOURCEPACKAGENAME ($SOURCEPACKAGEVERSION)', so the original source package can be found.11:26
wgrantIt sounds like your source package is producing binaries with a different version from the source, but without encoding the original version in the Source field.11:26
wgrantlinux packaging is somewhat special, and I don't know the ins and outs any more I'm afraid.11:27
jonathonno worries, that's already much more information than I had :)11:27
jonathonat least i know where to start looking11:27
jonathoni'm assuming it's because the linux source will be 3.18.2 but the ubuntu package version is 3.18.0-911:28
wgrantNot quite so simple.11:28
wgrantThe linux packaging is fairly magical.11:29
wgrantThe version is treated specially for ABI checks and such.11:29
wgrantI have to reread all that code every time I try to do a patched version in my PPA...11:29
jonathonthank you anyway :)11:33
jonathonquite happy i got a response ;)11:34
cjwatsonjonathon: I think your problem may be that your debian/changelog is out of sync with debian.master/changelog.  Normally the former is generated from the latter in the Ubuntu kernel packaging (which, as wgrant says, is weird and magical), but you may have made a mistake somewhere and broken that.11:40
wgrantah yes, that could do it.11:40
cjwatsonThe kernel's "debian/rules clean" copies debian.master/changelog to debian/changelog, so perhaps you built the source package in a way that didn't clean it.11:40
cjwatson#ubuntu-kernel will probably have better advice on doing this properly.11:40
jonathonah, nice11:41
jonathonI used the 'backportpackage' script which may not work well for linux11:42
cjwatsonIndeed not.  And it uses debuild -nc, which would explain the lack of debian/rules clean.11:49
jonathonI _thought_ that script made things too easy :D11:52
cjwatsonIt's pretty good for just about anything that isn't the kernel.11:59
jonathonTrust me to find an edge-case...12:02
jonathonI am impressed with Launchpad now I've started actually using it12:03
jonathonlove the source build recipe feature12:03
wgrantlinux is a good guess for an edge case for just about everything :P12:03
jonathonthough there are a number of packages that haven't got a recent import to their source branch12:03
MezAre there any plans for launchpad to be able to have github issues as the upstream bug tracker?12:11
wgrantMez: That's https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/848666, and it's on our todo list for the next few months.12:12
ubot5Launchpad bug 848666 in Launchpad itself "Support GitHub issues as external bugtracker" [Low,Triaged]12:12
wgrantNo guarantees, but it's likely to be done some time soon.12:12
Mezwgrant: awesome :)12:13
Mezwgrant: and openldap's bug tracker ? :)12:13
wgrantMez: That one's unlikely.12:13
Mezwgrant: got any tags for wishlist features?12:14
ubot5Launchpad bug 1411634 in Launchpad itself "Does not recognise OpenLDAP bug tracker as upstream Bug Tracker" [Undecided,New]12:14
wgrantMez: Done.12:15
Mezty wgrant12:15
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marcoceppi_I can't seem to log in to the staging instance of LP13:00
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silviuanybody help me to creat a ppa?15:19
silviumy linux its xubuntu15:19
SalehiHi , I cp & paste finger print part of `$gpg --fingerprint` to launchpad, but I deal with "       Launchpad could not import your OpenPGP key       Did you enter your complete fingerprint correctly?         (Help with fingerprints)", Whats the problem?!15:29
dobeydid you upload the key to the ubuntu keyserver?15:32
SalehiNo! :D15:34
SalehiI got it, Thanks :)15:35
cjwatsonsilviu: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA has documentation.15:37
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SalehiWhats should be happened after uploading a package to luanchpad ? I uploaded rcssserver package : http://paste.ubuntu.com/9763124/ , But I can NOT see that on the launchpad19:04
SalehiUh sorrty19:05
Salehi* Sorry19:05
SalehiAn Email has been sent to me :)19:05
tewardSalehi: yeah it takes a few minutes sometimes for the system to pick up the recent PPA upload - it'll eventually catch it.19:05
teward(I think it's a cron task?)19:06
SalehiSource/binary (i.e. mixed) uploads are not allowed."19:19
SalehiWhat is this problem? And what is the solution?19:19
dobeySalehi: you can only upload source packages to launchpad19:33
Salehidobey: Means that, I have to build source only and  no binary files? -> "-S" option?19:36
tewardSalehi: you have to `debuild -S` then upload to the ppas19:36
Salehiteward: dobey, Thanks :)19:37
silviuanybody help me to creat a ppa?19:50
silviumy linux its xubuntu19:50
dobeysilviu: 10:35 < cjwatson> silviu: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA has documentation.19:51
tewardhow often do the PPA publishers actually publish, again?20:02
dobeyteward: when they feel like it?20:12
dobeyi think quite often though20:12
dobeybut never as fast as you want20:12
tewardwell 10 minutes was slow20:13
dobey30 seconds is slow if you're watching the pot and waiting for it to boil :)20:14
SalehiCan I see log of other builds?20:57
tewardSalehi: 'other builds'?20:57
SalehiMeans that builds which is not belongs to me20:58
tewardSalehi: if they're in a ppa, then yes, you just have to expand the data under the "View Packages" section of the PPA20:58
tewardassuming the ppa is publicly visible *and* the ppa belongs to a team and not an individual20:59
dobeyteward: anyone can see the build logs for any public ppa or the ubuntu archive21:01
tewarddobey: two of my lines crossed21:01
* teward kicks his computer21:01
tewarddobey: meant to say:21:01
tewardif the PPA is public anyone can see it (includes the ubuntu archives)21:01
tewardif it's private, you need to have team membership of some sort to see the logs for that ppa21:01
* teward failed due to staring at command line the past couple hours21:02
dobeywell, if it's private you probably won't even know the ppa exists unless you have permissions to see it already :)21:02
tewarddobey: true, but without any inforamtion from Salehi it doesn't hurt to answer while covering all bases :)21:03
tewardoh goody, in other news, non-deterministic build failure in a PPA...21:03
dobeyalso ubuntu archive isn't PPAs, so i try to be clear about that when answering such questions, by referring to them as separate things21:04
* teward yawns21:04
cjwatsonteward: The cron job fires every five minutes, but in practice it generally cycles about once every ten.23:10
cjwatsonMaybe a bit slower, looks like it has a little more to do than it did last I checked.23:12

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