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colonolGronupdate-grub should detect all OSs on the computer right?09:43
colonolGroni have ubuntu installed, now installed gentoo from inside ubuntu to another partition09:43
colonolGronwhen i run boot-update in the ubuntu now, will it detect the gentoo? and i dont have to do anything?09:44
colonolGronhm there is not update-grub..is lubuntu using grub2 or grub by default? so i can reinstall update-grub...10:21
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newbooterCould anyone tell if it is possible to create a desktop shortcut that only shows on one desktop page when you use multiple desktops? If I create one now it shows up on all pages...14:59
newbooterIs this possible with LXDE?15:00
holsteinnewbooter: i dont know what that means, friend16:36
holsteinnewbooter: i mean, in FOSS, typically *anything* is possible, but, it will be a matter of conveying what you are looking for to a volunteer in the community to assist you with it, or, implementing it yourself16:36
holsteini get that you want an item on the desktop, that, im assuming you want to click it to activate an action..16:37
holsteinyou only want that item on one of several multiple desktops, correct? so, you literally *cant* have it on all of them? that is *not* an option? why?16:38
holsteinwhat is the goal?16:38
colonolGroni dont think that why is important for him, just whether its possible with lxde :)17:44
newbooterSorry holstein I missed your response!17:51
newbooteryou only want that item on one of several multiple desktops, correct? Yes, that is correct.17:52
holsteinnewbooter: sure.. why?17:52
newbooterSo LXDE by default has a desktop 1 and a desktop 2, right?17:52
newbooterI have added 2 more, so I have 4 now.17:52
holsteinnewbooter: you literally dont have room for the icon on the other desktops?17:52
holsteinwhats the goal?17:52
newbooterSo I would like to have desktop 1 for general stuff, 2 for work/projects, 3 for all kind of Linux lubuntu stuff, so for example have all the settings/configuration/look and feel shortcuts on desktop 3, and not on all the other ones.17:53
newbooterSo it's to organize basically.17:54
holsteinsure, but you can have icons for that organize, and have them on all desktops, and not break that17:54
holsteinyou just click on the ones you want on the deskop you want them on17:54
holsteini think the "Easiest" way to get to what you are looking for would be a panel or dock.. get one of those per desktop17:55
newbooterThat would become very cluttered. If I have 10 icons for linux stuff, 15 for work stuff, 10 icons for development stuff all on every desktop etc., that's a lot of icons that always show up. Messy.17:56
newbooterOkay panel or dock17:56
holsteinnewbooter: sure, and i think what you are trying to do, as i said *is* possible, since all of lxde is open17:56
holsteinthat doesnt mean its easy, or something that others want, or that a developer cares to implement17:56
holsteinwhat i usually say is, lxde is meant to be light and lean first.. so, if its not pretty close (like 90%) of what you want "out of the box", you may want to try something else17:57
newbooterOkay... I understand you could probably develop it to do that. But I was primarily looking at if it is possible with the current one.17:57
holsteinor, just build up something custom with openbox, for example.. openbox and your own panels and desktop icon manager17:57
holsteinnewbooter: *everything*, again, is possible.. the issue is, implementation17:58
newbooterI mean you can also send open applications to a particular deskop, so I was expecting that if I create a shortcut, it would only show up on that desktop.17:58
newbooterYes I understand that completely. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking an option that already existed.17:58
holsteinnewbooter: i dont think that is an easy setting in a menu.. i would go for a panel, or dock per screen17:59
holsteinsomething like wbar or plank..17:59
newbooterThanks holstein, I will look into panels and docks.!17:59
holsteinnewbooter: cheers..17:59
newbooterWould like to make it work with lxde rather than switch... lxde feels really fast and settings are quite logical so far. Also I am on older HW (1GB RAM), so trying to keep it lean.18:03
holsteinnewbooter: sure.. *any* panel like that will work with any DE18:06
holsteinim just saying, mostly folks tweak lxde to the point that its heavier than something else that is made to be more robust and have more features18:06
holsteinthats why i mentioned, for example not even using lxde, but, even lighter than that. openbox, with just what fits your needs custom built18:07
holsteinyour own desktop icon managers in place.. or no desktop icons.. and whatever light panels or docks that deal with what you are trying to implment18:07
guest2When i want to see the details of updates, why is the text disaphere ? i using 14.04.118:08
holsteinor, just simply a directory on the desktop called "workspace 1".. where you have the stuff you want to access from workspace one18:08
holsteinyou add a click, but, you dont add anything that consumes resources18:08
holsteinguest2: doesnt here18:08
holsteinguest2: you can use the terminal if you prefer... "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"18:09
guest2it is before i start to download updates. but it works ok anyway.18:10
newbooter"or, just simply a directory on the desktop called "workspace 1" ". Tried that earlier, if I create new dir on a desktop, it shows up on all desktops...18:10
holsteinnewbooter: correct18:11
holsteinnewbooter: i never meant to imply that its on one.. im simply saying, you have 4 directories.. and that is all.. they will fit, and look neat, and organized18:11
holsteinnewbooter: and, you dont have to hack anything, or compromise on the lightness of the system by adding a dock or a panel18:12
newbooterRight 4 dirs that show up on all desktops.18:12
newbooterCleaner I agree.18:12
holsteinwhen on workspace one, you click on the directory containing the workspace 1 items you want.. etc18:13
holsteinno doubt, what you are asking for is a "nice" feature for some.. and AFAIK, KDE allows for that easily, with per workspace items.. widgets and launchers18:13
newbooterAh yes and then it ONLY opens in that particular desktop... better.18:13
holsteinthere are other ways to add the same functionality to lxde18:13
newbooterSure but KDE prob too heavy for my 1 GB18:14
holsteinthe exact same tools, if you wish.. but, that is a compromise18:14
newbooterLooking further into docks/panels for lxde at the moment18:14
newbooterIf it's possible in openbox than should be poss to impement in lxde, bc lxde works on top of openbox correct?18:15
newbooterLooking at panels/docks, brb18:15
holsteinnewbooter: friend.. what you want *is* possible18:15
holsteinnewbooter: everything is possible.. the issue is, it will add to your light system18:15
holsteinwhat i was saying was, in an *only* openbox system, you are already at a lighter setup than lxde18:16
holsteinthen, you add something lighter, per workspace, to deal with icons18:16
holsteinnot adding just the ~/home/Desktop do the desktop, which is what is happening18:17
holsteinnewbooter: when thunar, or PCman, or whatever you want to use just uses the ~/Desktop director, then, thats all that will be used18:17
holsteinbut, if you use a different tool per workspace, then, you can likely easily point to whatever directories you like18:18
holstein~/Desktop/workspace1 ..etc18:18
newbooterHm let me read that for a mo18:18
holsteini suggest a dock/panel, since, its not pulling from ~/Desktop18:19
newbooterOk so create a dir /Desktop/worspace1, and have lxde use that as the default desktop folder? Etc.?18:19
holsteinnewbooter: no18:19
holsteinnewbooter: then, you are getting the contents of that directory ;)18:20
holsteinnewbooter: you would need to implement a different tool, and undo the current tool18:20
newbooteroh you mean different dock/widgeting tool?18:20
holsteinnewbooter: which, again, adds to the resources that lubuntu is current using18:20
holsteinnewbooter: i mean, a custom desktop icon tool18:20
newbooteroh you mean different dock/widgeting tool per workspace?18:20
holsteinnewbooter: correct18:20
holsteinnow, the goal, for *all* operating systems, basically, is ~/Desktop is just that. on your desktop18:21
holsteinyou have to change that rather drastically18:21
newbooterRight, prob not the best idea going forward.18:21
holsteinKDE uses widgets.. i have seen it done with panels, and docks.. etc18:21
holsteinnewbooter: well, just think that for me, a directory called "workspace 1" gets me all i want.. and doesnt add any resources, or take time to implement18:22
holsteinits all "baked in" to lxde there18:22
holsteinit adds a click, but, it doesnt break anything, and makes things cleaner, anyway18:22
newbooterHm meanwhile I see that different wallpaper per desktop is possible out of the box with lxde18:23
holsteinright, and that is *not* being pulled from ~/Desktop18:23
newbooterAh from where then?18:23
holsteinnewbooter: where ever the location of the image is..18:23
holsteinits not depending on ~/Desktop is my only poing18:23
newbooterOr is it more of a "on desktop switch, show that wallpaper" type of thing?18:24
holsteinnewbooter: its just that.. per workspace wallpaper18:24
newbooterSo I get this message during boot: no caching mode page found20:57
newbooterAnd some other messages.20:57
holsteinnewbooter: *great*.. any errors?20:57
holsteinany issues?20:57
newbooterAre those normally logged in /var/boot/boot.log ? I can't find them there... different log maybe?20:58
holsteinnewbooter: if its just a "message", just ignore.. any errors? or issues?20:58
newbooterWhen boot completes to GUI I get a sytem program problem detected window20:58
holsteinnewbooter: should be able to complete that with a bug report, and ask not to be promted any more20:59
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.20:59
newbooterOk but how can I have a look at the error messages during boot? So I can make sure it's not just a HW error for example of my older laptop? Do I need to enable some extra logging or something?21:01
holsteinnewbooter: i just test for that21:01
holsteinnewbooter: i assume i *do* have bad hardware, and test and rule that out21:02
newbooterThe system profiler does not show issues... is that the correct way to test hw on lubuntu?21:03
holsteinnewbooter: i dont use an operating system to test21:04
newbooterThe error window detail says: unreportable reason, you have some obsolete package version installed... libpam, libpam-systemd, systemd, udev (some others).21:04
holsteini mean, i will, but i just use whatever tool "best" does the job21:04
holsteini'll use the memtest in the live iso's.. ill run a smart test from a live iso21:05
holsteini'll run bios tests.. trade out cables.. whatever it takes..21:05
holsteinnewbooter: if you have "legacy" hardware, and its working, you may just want to disable that report, and accept the compromise of using an operating system from 2014 on that hardware21:05
newbooterHm makes sense. And the obsolete packages thing? Those seem like they are pretty essential packages? Software updater does not report them as out of date, but if I look in synaptics it shows there is a never version ( for example libpam is on 8.1, newest version is 8.2). Do I upgrade those straight away or wait for software updater to advise updating?21:14
holsteinnewbooter: i use the terminal.. "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"21:22
newbooterOk thanks for your help.21:26
newbooterInteresting to see that software updater does not show it as an update, but boot messages say packages are out of date. Maybe bc difference between ubuntu core and lubuntu?21:30
holsteinnewbooter: shouldnt be.. though, i would just upgrade, and see if you have any issues..21:31
newbooterWill do.21:31

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