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beuno_gcollura, hey01:43
beuno_it doesn't affect existing apps at all01:43
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ahoneybunanyone still online to help out with a twitter scope?02:41
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nik90_zsombi: ping07:27
nik90_Good Morning07:27
zsombinik90_: good :)07:27
nik90_zsombi: hey, I noticed a different behaviour in the listitem in rtm and in vivid currently which is causing my clock app qml tests to fail. (I am not referring to the new listitems)07:28
zsombinik90_: that's weird, because all changes in RTM are also synched to vivid07:28
nik90_I am using a ListItem.Standard + Control (Switch) where in rtm, the user can click anywhere in the listitem to enable/disable the switch. While in vivid, they have to explicitly click the switch to enable/disable it.07:29
zsombinik90_: aaah, yers07:29
nik90_and my qml tests click in the middle of the listitem and thereby work on rtm as expected but fail in jenkins since it runs vivid07:29
zsombinik90_: that behavior is a bug in RTM07:29
zsombinik90_: yes07:29
nik90_It seems a bit of a inconvenience to press on the tiny switch box explictily to enable it07:30
zsombinik90_: I'll try to find the bug07:30
zsombinik90_: well, it is also inconvenient to alter a state of a component if you tap anywhere on teh item :)07:31
zsombinik90_: and teh checkbox is big enough to aim it ;)07:31
nik90_zsombi: well it was made smaller in vivid07:31
zsombinik90_: the new ListItem behaves teh same07:31
nik90_anyway I will adapt my qml tests to the new behaviour07:31
zsombinik90_: yes, but not much smaller :P07:31
zsombinik90_: however, with the new ListItem you can have that behavior, simpli toggle teh state of teh CheckBox in onClicked, and saionara07:32
zsombinik90_: I'm really curious to see your feedback on the new ListItem API....07:33
nik90_hmm that's true07:33
nik90_zsombi: oh I checked out the demo of the new listitem in the sdk gallery. I will check out the API today with some sample apps to get a feel for them07:33
zsombinik90_: the current staging does not contain teh whole API yet, i.e. select and drag modes are not there, pressAndHold is also missing, etc07:33
nik90_yeah I am keeping track of your branches07:33
zsombinik90_: you can have as many actions as you want in both leading and trailing side07:34
zsombinik90_: you can show them each differently07:34
nik90_so I just import Ubuntu.Components 1.2 with the ubuntu-14.10 framework to get the new listitems?07:34
zsombinik90_: more, you can define your own style to trigger the actions!07:34
zsombinik90_: unfortunately it is not enough... you need to use ListItem from Ubuntu.Components07:35
zsombinik90_: I am still trying to find out whether we could put that as base for teh old ListItems, for a sake of transitions, but that might not be possible as I might not be able to support all the API there07:35
zsombinik90_: and we still need the layouts, this ListItem is an empty dude, does nothing07:36
zsombinik90_: with teh layout I mean :D07:36
zsombinik90_: and yes, one more thing: the current style implementation of the leading/trailing actions triggers teh action when the snap out animation completes07:37
zsombinik90_: the deletion must be handled by you guys07:37
zsombinik90_: as well as teh animation07:37
zsombinik90_: but, tbh, the current ListItem's doing teh delete animation is a bad practice07:38
zsombinik90_: ListView has removeDisplaced transition, that should be used!07:38
nik90_that should be ok..although now that I think about it, the delete animation was never explicitly mentioned by the designers07:39
zsombinik90_: and, UbuntuListView will have the moveDisplaced animation set by default, so when you drag, that will be doing the animation for you07:39
zsombinik90_: no more need for DelegateGroups to track selected items07:40
zsombinik90_: ListView.ViewItems.selectedIndexes (the name might change) will have the indices selected07:40
nik90_oh yeah the new listitems provides multiselect mode ... sweet!07:40
nik90_I have a separate clock vivid branch where I can try these new experimental listitems and remove our custom implementations of it.07:41
zsombinik90_: dragging is on your hands, you get ListView.ViewItems.onDraggingStarted() and onDraggingUpdated() signals, where the first one can be use to pose restrictions on the dragging  and the second one is mandarory to implement and you will there decide when to move teh model07:41
zsombinik90_: like in start signal you can restrict moving elements out of a section for instance07:42
zsombinik90_: or lock teh first n items in a ListView from being dragged at all07:42
nik90_ah ok07:42
zsombinik90_: I hoipe you guys are gonna like it :)07:43
nik90_zsombi: well it is getting a ton of features..what's not to like in them :P07:44
zsombinik90_: :D07:45
zsombiyou never know...07:45
nik90_popey: Here is the MP https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/update-alarm-page-ui-correctly/+merge/246657 that fixes the alarm page ui refresh as promised in the meeting yesterday.07:54
dholbachgood morning07:56
nik90_dholbach: good morning :)07:58
nik90_and also Happy B'day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!07:58
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dholbachthanks nik90_ - and good morning to you too08:03
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popeythanks nik9008:44
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nik90popey: mind kicking jenkins on https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/update-alarm-page-ui-correctly/+merge/24665709:20
nik90popey: hey, who in the QA team familiar with autopilot is online at this time? I would generally ask balloons, but I would presume he's not online yet09:37
popeynik90: brendand09:37
nik90popey: cool, thnx09:37
nik90brendand: ping09:38
brendandnik90, hey09:39
AkivaAvrahamnik90, did you see my new autopilot plugin?09:39
nik90brendand: hey, I am getting a AP failure on jenkins that I am unable to resolve.
nik90brendand: the video log doesnt seem to open for me either09:39
nik90AkivaAvraham: erm no I didnt...got a link?09:40
AkivaAvrahamnik90, wip; working on getting autopilot to be autodetected,09:40
popeynik90: he's on a video call right now.09:40
nik90popey: ack.09:40
AkivaAvrahamand something else... in any case; its working right now, and it allows you to run autopilot from the sdk.09:41
nik90AkivaAvraham: Is this something we could see merged into qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu in the future?09:41
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AkivaAvrahamnik90, yes, if I can satisfy the two requirements layed out by bzoltan_09:41
AkivaAvrahamauto detection and... what was it...09:42
AkivaAvrahamoh and running on devices09:42
* nik90 watches the video09:44
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy International Hot and Spicy Foods Day! :-D09:46
AkivaAvrahamJamesTait, If you are anything, you are predictable and reliable.09:47
AkivaAvrahamYou never miss a beat in your greetings.09:47
JamesTaitAkivaAvraham, I'm reading "You should have gone for Nothing Day". ;)09:48
nik90AkivaAvraham: the plugin look pretty cool. Nice work!09:51
AkivaAvrahamnik90, thanks. Now I just need to become better versed in c++ classes, namely how to gain access to qtcreator's currently opened projects.09:54
nik90it would be nice to add a new button to the left sidebar where in that tab, devs can see the list of tests, test logs and other stuff09:55
AkivaAvrahamnik90, yah I was thinking that too.09:55
brendandnik90, the videos do seem to be broken09:56
brendandnik90, you'd need someone with jenkins expertise to see why they can't be downloaded09:56
AkivaAvrahamnik90, as it stands, the latest version will check mark the test you ran, and seems to work well as is.09:56
nik90brendand: yeah...so I tried running the tests locally, but the repeating alarms tests fail for me ... let me paste the output09:56
* nik90 brendand: just the last few lines of ap fail log -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/9760705/09:57
nik90brendand: and I am pretty sure that this has nothing to do with my MP.. I will try with trunk just to confirm that09:57
brendandnik90, locally on desktop or mako?09:58
nik90brendand: locally on desktop09:58
nik90the clock app starts with the a white screen and then immediately ends09:59
bzoltan_nik90: I am in :) but this test importing feature should be integrated to the active open project. So we should not have a separate "open" path ... I open a project and I want to see the tests on a Tests tab. And when I say "Run tests" then the tests are executed on the device what is assigned to the selected Kit. So it all comes together to the same flow.09:59
nik90brendand: I think something is wrong with my test environment10:00
nik90bzoltan_: cool.. makes sense10:01
mzanettipopey: rpadovani: http://notyetthere.org/data/com.ubuntu.developer.mzanetti.machines-vs-machines_0.1.2_armhf.click10:06
popeyhah, haven't had time to play with the last one yet!10:06
sturmflut-workI intend to build a cheap Network Scanner app, but QtNetwork doesn't support ICMP. Are there any other approaches besides calling /"bin/ping" using QProcess and parsing its output?10:39
AkivaAvrahamFinally!  Okay remember; reference error is a dependency issue in .pro >:S10:51
mivoligomzanetti: ping10:52
mivoligoAny native English speaker please help. Is it a proper sentence: „You have collected all the stars playing at easy difficulty”?10:55
AkivaAvrahammivoligo, mmmm its decent, but a bit fandangled.10:55
AkivaAvrahamFirst of all, ",," is incorrect.10:55
mzanettimivoligo: hey ho10:55
mivoligomzanetti: hey10:56
mivoligomzanetti: I'd like to show you my first end of the game proposition10:56
* mzanetti leaves the native english speakers precedence10:57
mivoligoAkivaAvraham: what are the other problems10:57
AkivaAvraham"You have collected every star on "Easy Difficulty" " is one way perhaps10:57
AkivaAvrahammivoligo, -at +on10:57
AkivaAvraham-all the stars +each star || +every star  -- if you want it to be shorter.10:58
mzanettishouldn't we perhaps use "easy mode" instead of "easy difficulty"10:58
* mzanetti finds difficulty a strange word for some reason :D10:58
mivoligoAkivaAvraham: does not need to be very short10:58
mivoligomzanetti: ok10:59
mzanettiAkivaAvraham: here you'll get an updated package for your help: mivoligo: ah great. I've enabled full screen mode11:00
mzanettisorry. wrong paste :D11:00
AkivaAvrahamI would almost be tempted to take out "On easy mode" or "On easy difficulty", but rather make it an achievement.11:00
AkivaAvrahamAchievement: Easy Mode - "Collected every star!"11:01
AkivaAvrahammivoligo, in any case, you can go with your original, just replace "at" with "on"11:01
mivoligoAkivaAvraham: I'd prefer it to be a sentence11:01
AkivaAvraham"at" implies a location.11:02
AkivaAvraham"Easy Difficulty" is not a location.11:02
justCarakasmzanetti maybe also include something to force it in landscape because portait is too small on the phone, buttens overlap11:02
AkivaAvrahamblah blah blah - oh btw!  Do you have any screenshots?11:02
mivoligoAkivaAvraham: „you have collected every star playing on easy mode” is that good?11:02
justCarakasalso a mute button would be nice11:02
AkivaAvrahamWhy are the quotes on the bottom?11:03
justCarakasnow I can't play it at work during my break because there are always sounds coming trough even togh I set my volume to 011:03
mivoligoAkivaAvraham: there won't be any quotes11:03
AkivaAvrahammivoligo, yep its fine!11:04
mivoligoAkivaAvraham: great, thanks :) „„„„„„„„„ „„„„ :D11:04
mzanettijustCarakas: can't force it to landscape atm11:04
mzanettijustCarakas: not supported, or am I missing something?11:04
mzanettijustCarakas: there are sound settings11:05
mivoligomzanetti: see finish-easy in the drive11:07
mzanettimivoligo: nice :) I like the popcorn bag with stars11:08
mzanettimivoligo: could the well-done banner have some fewer corners? :D11:09
mivoligomzanetti: no ribbon effect, you mean11:10
mzanettiribbon effect?11:11
mzanettiI mean more like this: http://www.vectorfree.com/media/vectors/fancy-banner-vectors.jpg11:11
mivoligomzanetti: ak, you like it to be more round11:12
mzanettimivoligo: having some broken enemies and parts from the explosion effect laying around would be cool11:12
mivoligomzanetti: yes, but for easy mode, just a popcorn :D11:12
mzanettiah ok :D11:15
mzanettimivoligo: cool :)11:15
mivoligomzanetti: from a technical point of view I think to make its width and height same as level backgrounds, so we can adjust it in the same way to the screen. What do you think?11:17
mzanettimivoligo: +111:18
AkivaAvrahamnik90, ping  - do you know if there is a mandatory filename for autopilot? I am trying to catch whether a project has an autopilot suite in it.11:28
AkivaAvrahampopey, ^ same question to you.11:28
popey← Not an autopilot expert.11:29
popey^ brendand11:29
brendandAkivaAvraham, the convention is to have a directory called autopilot, but it is not technically necessary11:30
AkivaAvrahambrendand, what about an __init__.py?11:30
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brendandAkivaAvraham, but it is necessary to derive your test classes from 'AutopilotTestCase' so you could grep for that11:31
AkivaAvrahammmmm wish I had more than a convention.11:31
brendandAkivaAvraham, __init__.py is a python thing not autopilot11:32
AkivaAvrahambrendand, Yah I know. my goof.11:32
AkivaAvrahamhmmmm okay ; is that AutopilotTestCase going to be in a .py file?11:33
mivoligomzanetti: take a look at the second version in the drive11:33
justCarakasmzanetti: I have seen apps where you get an animation telling you to turn the device if it is in landscape, maybe you can try something like that ?11:33
mivoligomzanetti: I'd like to keep it rather simple for the easy mode :)11:33
mzanettijustCarakas: hmm... there should be.11:34
mzanettijustCarakas: which version do you have?11:34
mzanettithe info dialog just says 0.1, check the click package's version you installed11:34
mzanetti0.1.1 doesn't have it, 0.1.2 should have it11:35
mzanettimivoligo: better, but it's still a bit straight imo11:35
mivoligomzanetti: ok ok :)11:35
mzanettimivoligo: the banner gives the impression that it's made of fabric, yet it's totally straight like some solid material11:35
mzanettiknow what I mean?11:35
mivoligoI know :)11:36
AkivaAvrahamokay .py files it is :)11:39
AkivaAvrahamah I guess not all projects have the python tests included in their projects.11:43
AkivaAvrahambrendand, good suggestion on the grep11:43
mivoligomzanetti: check the version 311:45
mzanettimivoligo: now we're talking :)11:46
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mzanettimivoligo: I also have a nice outro music :D11:46
mivoligomzanetti: great!11:46
joehow do we import the example in qtcreator12:00
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justCarakasmzanetti: I had 0.1 I now installed 0.1.2 but that one wont start12:58
justCarakasnexus 412:58
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mzanettijustCarakas: you sure you refreshed the home screen?13:01
mzanettior rebooted?13:01
justCarakasI havent rebooted13:02
justCarakasIll try that later13:02
mzanettiif the app version changes, the apps scope won't pick it up13:02
justCarakasok :)13:02
mzanettipull it down to refresh it, it should work13:02
mzanettialecu_: ^ :)13:02
justCarakasthx that worked13:03
alecu_justCarakas: did you install the click from the cmdline, or from the store?13:16
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om26erartmello, Hi! can you tell if gallery is a click package ?14:43
artmelloom26er: yes, it is14:44
om26erartmello, oh, ok. I found the click package in the sheet.14:45
om26erartmello, how do I install the click with right permissions ?14:51
artmellopkcon install-local com.ubuntu.gallery<version>.click --allow-untrusted14:52
dpmmzanetti, rpadovani, I had a chat with Penk and cwayne last night. It seems Penk is no longer working on the scope. What I've done is to grab the code from the private branch and put it in a reminders-app branch, so that we can merge it from there14:54
dpmI've just rearrange the layout, so it does not even build yet, but I'll see if I can get it to build and include it in the click package this weekend14:54
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mzanettidpm: this doesn't look right: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~dpm/reminders-app/scope/files/head:/src/scope/data/15:02
mzanettidpm: also it doesn't use the libqevernote yet (and with it no cache or offline mode)15:03
elopiokenvandine: it seems the job for system settings is broken at some point in the lab.15:03
mzanettidpm: might be a nice task for rpadovani once he's done with exams. let's see if he's willing to pick it up.15:03
dpmmzanetti, there seems to be 2 .ini files too much you mean? As I said, I just copied over the code and rearranged the layout to have it in a reminders-app branch15:03
kenvandineelopio, yeah, i asked for cihelp15:03
elopiokenvandine: I was told last week that somebody from ci was going to fix it. But it seems you will need to poke the vanguard again.15:04
kenvandineelopio, the tests pass though :)15:04
kenvandineelopio, i poked them an hour ago15:04
elopiokenvandine: ok, you are two steps ahead.  I'll just shut up :)15:04
kenvandineelopio, don't do that :)15:04
kenvandineelopio, i wanted to ask you about a similar question to what we talked about yesterday15:04
mzanettidpm: yeah... looks like there are generated files comitted.. but yeah, I guess this needs to be reworked quite a lot15:05
kenvandineto get the about page tests to pass in rtm, i had to make a change to the page validation stuff15:05
kenvandineItemPage vs. PageComponent15:05
kenvandineone works in vivid15:05
kenvandineand the other works in rtm15:05
elopiokenvandine: do you have different branches for vivid and rtm?15:06
kenvandineelopio, yes, we have quite a delta too15:06
kenvandineelopio, hoping to sync after the 30th15:06
kenvandineelopio, i had to do that to get tests to pass on rtm15:07
kenvandinebut the same change breaks tests on vivid...15:07
kenvandineelopio, any insight?15:07
elopiokenvandine: you could do a trick, like putting on the validate_dbus_object:15:07
elopioif name == 'PageComponent' or name == 'ItemPage':15:07
elopio    return True.15:07
kenvandinethat would help for sync, but i'm more concerned about why...15:08
kenvandineperhaps something else in the sdk that differs?15:08
elopiokenvandine: but this generally means that your QMLs are different between the two versions. If you have different versions, the versions of the tests should be different too. That's lot saner than making a test that adapts to all the possible versions.15:08
elopiokenvandine: we would have to check the code. But it's like this:15:09
elopiowhen you have a qml file that extends from PageComponent, qt reports it to autopilot as being named 'PageComponent'15:09
kenvandinei'd be surprised if that differs between rtm and vivid15:09
elopioonce you add a property to that qml file, qt no longer considers it a PageComponent, it reports it to autopilot as being named just like the qml file.15:09
kenvandinei'll double check15:10
elopiokenvandine: one second to give you a link...15:10
elopiokenvandine: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/trunk/revision/1228#plugins/about/PageComponent.qml15:11
elopiokenvandine: when jgdx added that modemsSorted property, he changed the type we see in the qml tree.15:11
elopioit's a little crazy what we can introspect out of the running app. That's why we added the validate_dbus method.15:12
kenvandineelopio, oh... so just adding that property do a PageComponent did that?15:13
elopiokenvandine: yes. If you just inherit using the existing properties, it will be named as the parent.15:13
elopioif you extend adding new properties, it will be named as your qml file.15:13
kenvandinewait... in trunk it matches PageComponent15:14
kenvandinein rtm it matches ItemPage15:14
kenvandinei see your point :)15:14
kenvandinei thought this fix landed in rtm though... i'll double check that backport15:14
elopiokenvandine: generally, it will be because you didn't land the same things in the two branches. So my recomendation is to keep the tests different as you are keeping the QMLs different.15:15
elopiosometimes, it will be harder.15:15
elopiolike the change comes from the SDK, or from an even deeper dependency.15:15
kenvandineelopio, indeed15:15
elopioin that case, we can use tricks to keep the tests working with the same code for two versions.15:15
kenvandineelopio, i see, that wasn't backported yet15:20
kenvandineman i hate having this delta!15:20
elopiokenvandine: tell me about that! we have to automate a sanity suite that works on rtm and vivid, so if we have a test that uses unity, an indicator and an app, sometimes we find that the versions for the three are different.15:23
kenvandineelopio, ugh... no fun15:26
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dakeraquarius: official response https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-html5-theme/+bug/1338445/comments/616:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 1338445 in qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu (Ubuntu) "Cordova runtime not installed when creating an HTML5 app template" [Undecided,Fix released]16:09
aquariusdaker, ah, ok16:09
aquariusI shall comment16:10
dakeraquarius: if you want :)16:10
aquariusdone so, just so the app.js gets fixed :)16:10
rpadovanimzanetti, dpm I'll take a look :-)16:18
AkivaAvrahambrendand, mmmm I found an autopilot test that does not have AutopilotTestCase in it :/16:25
brendandAkivaAvraham, do tell16:25
AkivaAvrahambrendand, its in one of the templates. I have an untitled project here.... nothing. Let me double check though.16:25
AkivaAvrahambrendand, confirmed. I picked the first template, and created a new project16:36
AkivaAvrahambrendand, the template had two tests, and not once did they have the term AutopilotTestCase16:36
AkivaAvrahambrendand, do you know if there is a neccessarry import perhaps?16:36
brendandAkivaAvraham, can you pastebin the files?16:37
AkivaAvrahambrendand, do you want my grep output, or the test files?16:37
brendandAkivaAvraham, the files16:37
AkivaAvrahambrendand, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9762434/16:40
AkivaAvrahamboth files are in one pb16:40
mhall119dpm: latest devportal code is in production16:43
mhall119I've setup the blog in chinese, and added one article to it for now: https://developer.ubuntu.com/zh-cn/community/blog/16:44
mhall119I've also set every other article to the English category so it they show up properly16:44
AkivaAvrahambrendand, bb in 30 minutes.16:45
doflahertyhow well supported are svg images in scopes?  I'm trying out a clippath but it doesn't actually clip and shows the whole image16:48
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dpmawesome, thanks mhall11916:50
dpmmhall119, could you set up the "Keep up-to-date" section on the front d.u.c page to show only the Chinese blog posts? For the "Keep up-to-date", "Latest from the blog" and "Latest events" texts, you can use the English text, and I'll update it with the Chinese translation16:53
AkivaAvrahambrendand, so whats the deal with the tests?17:09
brendandAkivaAvraham, yeah, see they derive from UbuntuUIToolkitAppTestCase17:09
brendandAkivaAvraham, you could grep for autopilot (lowercase) as well17:10
brendandAkivaAvraham, but it is possible to write a valid set of autopilot tests without mentioning the word autopilot anywhere in your code17:10
AkivaAvrahambrendand, I'm afraid of having multiple results.17:10
AkivaAvrahamlol blast17:11
mhall119dpm: done, but the latest articles on the chinese page is still showing everything, I suspect it's cached it from before I added the filtering17:11
AkivaAvrahamI could brute force "autopilot list [folder name]" recursively I suppose... See any issue with that?17:12
AkivaAvrahambrendand, ^17:12
nik90balloons: ping17:13
dpmmhall119, I had some issues with the filtering when I added the section on the English page. I wasn't sure if it was the caching or a bug in the filters17:14
balloonsnik90, pong! How is 2015 for you? :)17:14
brendandAkivaAvraham, it's a long story17:14
nik90balloons: hey, 2015 seems ok..started of a bit busy :) How about you?17:14
balloonsnik90, eventful for me as well, but much better now17:14
nik90balloons: wait you injured your arm, how is it now?17:15
balloonsnik90, yes my wrist. It's doing much better now and I'm typing with it ;-)17:15
dpmmhall119, http://developer.ubuntu.com/zh-cn/blog gives me 40417:15
mhall119as it should, is there a link pointing there?17:16
balloonsI was concerned / afraid I had broken it and didn't have use of it for several weeks17:16
dpmmhall119, I thought you had added /blog to the navigation17:16
mhall119dpm: the blog location is https://developer.ubuntu.com/zh-cn/community/blog/17:16
nik90balloons: you always injure your arm17:16
nik90glad its all better now17:16
balloonsnik90, I'm abusive.. be nicer to your body17:16
nik90hey I need some help with a MP jenkins failure17:17
nik90balloons: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/update-alarm-page-ui-correctly/+merge/24665717:17
AkivaAvrahambrendand, :o lol   I didn't think it'd be this hard. bzoltan_ zbenjamin  -- for the autopilot plugin; it appears that detecting tests is a tad bit hard due to the fact that you can write tests without using the words "autopilot" among other things. Got any suggestions?17:17
nik90balloons: in the jenkins report, I cannot see the video for some reason..and also the failure is unexpected17:17
dpmmhall119, ah, on the English site we've got http://developer.ubuntu.com/blog17:17
AkivaAvrahamup until this point, I have been grepping for keywords that would indicate the project has an Autopilot test suite in it.17:17
balloonsAkivaAvraham, technically we encourage authors to layout there directories a certain way17:18
balloonsbut if python exists in the project, a __init__.py file exists; that's pretty indicative17:18
balloonsaka, tests/autopilot17:18
mhall119dpm: the properl location of the english blog is https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/community/blog/17:18
AkivaAvrahamballoons, yah, just not neccessarily needed. i think Ive actually come across some tests that don't have __init__.py17:18
mhall119/blog/ is there to work around a bug in the zinnia/django-cms plugin17:19
AkivaAvrahamballoons, but the .py is basically neccessary.17:19
mhall119/blog/ will actually show everything, english and chinese17:20
balloonsAkivaAvraham, a __init__.py is absolutely required; autopilot runs python packages17:20
AkivaAvrahamperhaps .py and grep "autopilot" should be reasonable enough.17:20
mhall119I couldn't find a better workaround than this17:20
balloonsso nik90 I see
nik90balloons: yup17:20
balloonsand I can see the ogv's17:20
nik90the video links dont work17:20
AkivaAvrahamballoons, sec; i'll try to see if I can find the test without an __init__.py17:21
balloonsnik90, I can see them. are you using firefox?17:21
nik90balloons: no chrome atm17:21
* nik90 tries using firefox17:21
balloonsnik90, yea I remember chrome not supporting embedded ogv's happily17:21
balloonsnik90, you can always download them and run them locally if needed17:22
bzoltan_AkivaAvraham: I have not studied yet the issue. No idea what would be the best way to discover autopilot tests of an app.17:29
nik90balloons: hmm I have an interesting failure point. The AP tests fails to save an alarm while another qml test doing exactly the same, passes.17:31
AkivaAvrahamballoons, blast, it appears you are correct, which is a good thing for me17:32
nik90balloons: I have created a MP with just the trunk and seeing if the ap tests pass there17:32
balloonsAkivaAvraham, lol, it's funny you would want the opposite; it makes it easy for you to find them17:33
AkivaAvrahambzoltan_, will you accept the patch if I am able to catch 99% of the tests, ignoring the insane people who decide not to have __init__.py, and actively change their autopilot tests to never include the word "autopilot" at any point?17:33
balloonsnik90, interesting indeed17:33
balloonsnik90, I can generate a trunk run one sec17:34
balloonsno need for an mp17:34
AkivaAvrahamballoons, I'll show you; I'll find happiness in how wrong I was, just so you don't have the satisfaction of being so right.17:34
nik90balloons: trunk qml tests pass on rtm (utopic) but fail on jenkins (vivid). I have fixed that in the MP I linked before.17:35
nik90now only the AP tests remain17:35
balloonsAkivaAvraham, that's the spirit. I enjoy being wrong more than being right. (It's a way of coping with the fact you I am wrong so often)17:35
mhall119beuno: so am I reading this email correct, my application will change from com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.ureadit to ureadit.mhall119?17:38
mhall119and does this affect everywhere APP_ID is used, or only click package names?17:38
mhall119for example, QML apps use APP_ID in their MainView to identify with Mir/Unity what app they belong to17:39
mhall119and that, in turn, set's the Qt Application class's organizationName and applicationName17:40
beunomhall119, it doesn't change, no17:40
beunoexisting apps don't change at all17:40
beunonew apps, however, will use the new format17:40
mhall119but just for package name, not anywhere else, right?17:41
mhall119this seems potentially disruptive, as the APP_ID format was supposed to be the standard used by everything17:42
bzoltan_AkivaAvraham: Let me see the merge request :) Usually I do not like hackish workarounds ... but let's see17:48
nik90anyone here running a vivid phone?17:49
bzoltan_nik90:  me17:51
bzoltan_nik90:  nexus17:51
nik90bzoltan_: mind running this MP on your phone and create a repeating alarm? https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/update-alarm-page-ui-correctly/+merge/24665717:51
nik90bzoltan_: I just rootted my nexus to rtm17:51
bzoltan_nik90:  ehh... I am running an RTM UITK landing .. so I can not mess around for about 20 hours17:52
nik90ah ok17:52
nik90np I'll figure out something17:52
beunomhall119, the app namespace17:56
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beunothe APP_ID is based on the namespace17:56
beunomhall119, nothing breaks for existing apps or new apps17:57
beunono client-side changes needed17:57
beunonew apps get a different namespace, that's all17:57
mhall119beuno: they're also in a different order17:58
beunomhall119, yeees?17:58
mhall119it's not <namespace>.<app>, it's <app>.<namespace>17:58
beunonamespaces are unique strings17:58
beunoit doesn't matter how they are composed17:58
beunoit could be a UUID17:58
mhall119beuno: I'm just saying that the change is going to affect a lot of places17:58
beunomhall119, again, I don't understand why at all17:59
beunoI talked to the SDK folks, to the security folks, click folks17:59
beunonobody saw any problems with this, any required changes17:59
mhall119as long as they're all changed to match, yes17:59
beunomhall119, nothing is changed!18:00
mhall119beuno: eventually you want app developer to use the new format, yes?18:00
mhall119my com.ubuntu.developer.mhall119.ureadit should eventually be changed to ureadit.mhall119, yes?18:00
balloonsnik90, so how'd it go?18:08
balloonsnik90, this was the trunk run: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/update-alarm-page-ui-correctly/+merge/246657/comments/60966618:09
nik90balloons: no that was my proper MP18:10
nik90trunk run was https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/test-jenkins/+merge/24674518:10
nik90trunk AP passes...so the failure is related to my MP18:10
balloonsok, I'm here if you need me18:11
nik90for some reason, I am not able to run AP tests on my vivid lxc. So I am going to flash my phone to vivid and then try running the tests on it.18:11
nik90after dinner though18:11
balloonsnik90, would you like me to pull and try locally18:13
nik90balloons: sure that would be helpful, atleast then I can verify if it is a jenkins issue or not18:14
* balloons pulls the branch18:14
* nik90 looks eagerly18:16
balloonsohh right, compiling ;-)18:16
balloons1 sec lol18:16
nik90just the alarm repeating tests would be sufficient18:18
balloonsit's all running, I assume it'll go somewhat quickly18:23
nik90~7 mins18:23
balloonsmmm..  the alarm didn't show after creation.. same as jenkins yes?18:24
beunomhall119, did you read my email at all?  :)18:26
balloonsnik90, I get 3 failures18:27
beunomhall119, the last 2 paragraphs explain this18:27
balloonsnik90, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9762962/18:28
nik90balloons: yup18:28
nik90thnx for running it18:30
nik90I will have look at my MP to see why no alarm is shown after creation18:30
balloonsnik90, no problem. just ping if you need a re-run, it's simple for me18:30
mhall119beuno: I did read it, this is the part that concerns me: "In the future, we plan to introduce a one-time migration option that18:31
mhall119will move over apps with the old-style namespace to the new one"18:32
beunomhall119, and what concerns you about that?18:44
beunoit explains it right after:18:44
beuno, and18:44
beunorename it properly in all installed clients as well, to ensure your18:44
beunousers aren't affected in any way.18:44
beunoso the process in the future will migrate it properly18:44
beunorename the folders on the device, etc18:44
pmcgowannik90, will this be addressed soon? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/135446618:52
ubot5Launchpad bug 1354466 in Ubuntu Clock App "Cities and Countries are not translatable in the timezone selection dialog" [High,Confirmed]18:52
mhall119beuno: I'm concerned that it won't rename everything that needs to be renamed18:57
mhall119like, things in code18:58
mhall119beuno: BTW, I'm not trying to criticize the move, just wanting to make sure everything has been thought about18:58
beunomhall119, yeah, it won't rename code. You shouldn't hardcode the APP_ID, you should use the API to get it18:59
beunomhall119, I get that, yeah. Happy to comb through specifics in case we missed everything19:00
beunowe haven't fleshed out the rename19:00
beunoin detail19:00
beunoit isn't a requirement either for this19:01
beunowe could keep the old namespaces around forever19:01
beunoI would prefer not to do it, but we could if it turns out to be impossible19:02
mhall119beuno: MainView.applicationName is the one I'm most concerned with: https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/Ubuntu.Components.MainView/#applicationName-prop19:02
mhall119some apps may have also hard-coded ContentPeer.appId: https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/Ubuntu.Content.ContentPeer/#appId-prop19:02
beunomhall119, right, that would be a problem19:02
beunoit'll have to be coordinated with an upload of a new version19:03
mhall119MainView.applicationName is required, so every QML app has that set to a static string19:03
beunobecause the manifest file will need to point to the new namespace19:03
mhall119right, and they have to match otherwise Mir/Unity don't like it19:03
beunoso what would happen is that at some point in the future, we'll ask you to change it, and the review scripts will catch the MainView.applicationName bit19:03
beunoother hardcoded bits, probably not, but I'm sure it's not hard to grep for it in the review scripts for the transition19:04
mhall119ok, I think there may already be a review script that checks that they match19:04
mhall119popey: ^^ do you know for sure?19:04
beunomhall119, there is, yes19:04
nik90pmcgowan: hey, that bug is out of my expertise and would require someone with the translation framework knowledge like dpm or tsdegos to help fixing it.19:04
beunomhall119, I think the rename is 6-12 months down the line19:05
mhall119ok, so plenty of time to think of all the potential issues19:05
mhall119thanks beuno, sorry for being so negative :)19:05
pmcgowannik90, ok19:05
beunomhall119, totally fine, it's Friday, we all get a pass on Friday!19:05
beunoI'm a bit tired, we had to push hard to get to this on time  :)19:06
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Purebe_|WorkI don't get it22:31
Purebe_|WorkI run a script 1x a minute roughly, it spawns a process in the BG, stores it's PID, does some other stuff, sleeps for 5 seconds and runs pkill on that child PID, and for the first 14 times, every time, it kills the child process22:32
Purebe_|Workbut the 15th time, the child process lives22:32
Purebe_|WorkI don't think I've ever been more confused22:33
Purebe_|Workso it has to be23:55
Purebe_|Worklinux has some kind of limit on how many levels deep a process can go23:56
Purebe_|Workso, it seems to be roughly about 15 processes in and your children PIDs don't work anymore or something23:56
Purebe_|Worki don't know that seems unlikely but it has to be related to that23:56
Purebe_|Workexcept it doesn't make sense as I can still pkill the child process manually23:57
Purebe_|Workbut the parent script can't pkill the child anymore23:57
Purebe_|Workwell that just makes no sense at all23:57

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