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dholbachgood morning07:56
josedholbach: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!07:57
* jose hugs dholbach07:57
dholbachhi jose07:58
dholbachthanks a lot :)07:58
josehaving a good day so far?07:58
dholbachvery good - now making some coffee first :)08:03
silverlionmorning folks09:10
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popeydholbach: happy birthday!09:25
dholbachthanks popey09:25
silverliondholbach : oh in that case I'll pass a "happy gl├╝hstrumph" as we germans say ;)09:29
dholbachthanks silverlion :)09:29
dholbachsome Germans maybe :-P09:29
silverliondholbach : I'm from the Ruhrpott. Here it's common :P09:29
popeyYou crazy Germans :)09:45
dholbachI need to run a few errands, bbiab10:02
popeydpm: http://projects.davidplanella.org/stats/ is that updating properly now? (the date is blank at the bottom)11:21
popeydpm: I'm also seeing same stats for utopic and vivid there.11:21
dpmpopey, yeah, I'm pulling the data from the upstream projects' trunks (most don't have separate branches), that's why the data is the same. I've not managed to get an export from LP to get source package stats.11:30
popeyok. can you please add terminal app reboot?11:30
popeywe need to get translations done for that before we can replace old terminal with new one11:30
dpmyes, it's on my list. First was to get the stats back up after breakage that happened before xmas11:32
bkerensapopey: https://github.com/bkerensa/mozmill-ci-dockerfile11:45
bkerensaUbuntu tool to do Firefox Automated testing11:45
popey\o/ automated testing11:48
dpmpopey, hm, the terminal app reboot was not even set up for translations in LP12:10
popeyah. that wont help12:10
dpmok, I've done that. It will take a while for translations to import12:10
popeyok. thanks.12:10
dpmI'll give translators a heads uo12:10
popeythank you!12:12
popeywe're planning to replace the current terminal in a week or two, once all the translations are decently done.12:12
dpmin terms of adding it to the stats, I've just remembered I set them up to show the status of only what's included by default on the phone, that's why I didn't initially add the terminal there. I think I'd like to keep it that way, but as with other apps, I'll make sure translators are aware of the new strings12:13
dpmfile manager is not on the stats, either12:14
popeyI assumed they were all there.12:15
popeyWhat's the rationale for not including other core apps?12:15
popey(note calendar will be coming back so will need updated translations)12:15
dpmOnly preinstalled apps are included, regardless of whether they are core apps or not12:15
dpmso music & co are included12:16
dpmthe rationale is to have an accurate view of how well translated the default phone installation is12:16
dpmand to narrow the focus of translators12:16
dpmeverything can be translated in LP12:16
dpmbut the stats page gives you a better idea of what the phone looks like in a particular language and helps translators concentrate on the higher priority translations12:18
dpmI'll make sure Calendar gets added12:18
popeythanks for the clarification12:18
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nigelbdholbach: Happy Birthday!12:38
dholbachthanks nigelb12:47
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dholbachdpm, did Rupinder get back to you? :)13:08
dpmdholbach, yeah, I'm sorting it out right now13:09
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mhall119happy birthday dholbach14:40
belkinsaHappy b-day, dholbach14:40
dholbachthanks mhall119, thanks belkinsa14:56
belkinsaNot a problem.14:56
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dholbachallllllllll rightie16:25
dholbachI'm going to call it a day16:25
dholbachhave a great weekend everyone16:25
dholbachand big hugs!16:26
dpmhave fun dholbach16:27
dpmenjoy the rest of the birthday!16:28
dholbachthank you :)16:37
popeycould do with some help here, if I have missed any? https://pad.riseup.net/p/LinuxPublications17:01
belkinsao/ czajkowski18:29

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