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duflu_Does anyone know how errors.ubuntu.com works? It seems to only match stack traces to depth 4. Is that correct?02:40
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pittiGood morning06:35
pittiduflu: should be the topmost 5, if it's using the same algorithm as apport06:35
duflupitti: OK, hmm...06:36
dufluI wonder if that's enough06:36
pittibonjour didrocks, ça va ?07:17
didrockspitti: ça va bien, c'est vendredi ! et toi ? :)07:17
pittididrocks: je suis d'accord, merci; j'ai dormi très bien07:17
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seb128good morning desktopers!07:59
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didrockshey willcooke08:37
seb128hey willcooke08:39
seb128how are you?08:39
willcookeWhat is the point of Reddit?08:40
willcookeit just seems to be a forum for people to make things up and pass it off as fact.08:40
seb128sink your productivity on the internet? ;-)08:40
willcookethe Ubuntu things are 99% BS08:40
willcookeI want to reply but... no actually, I don't08:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 1324101 in Mir "need way to position menus and tooltips (relative positioning to parent)" [High,In progress]08:49
willcookelarsu, relevant to your interests I expect ^^08:49
larsuindeed :)08:51
larsumorning willcooke!08:51
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didrockshey Laney!09:05
larsuhappy Friday Laney!09:05
Laneyhappy friday!09:05
seb128hey Laney, wie gehts?09:08
Laneyhey seb12809:15
Laneyfeeling good!09:15
Laneyquality climbing session last night09:15
Laneywhat about you?09:15
seb128doing good09:15
seb128it's friday!09:15
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seb128that is a weird bug09:32
seb128that happens sometime, not sure what to blame, video driver, xorg, toolkits, ...09:32
seb128letters get missing in text, happens in most apps and is random, sometime on refresh they show and then hide again09:33
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willcookeseb128, ?!?!?!?!?09:55
seb128willcooke, exactly...09:55
willcookeseb128, are you reading the matrix?09:55
* didrocks lost his ^09:56
didrocksthey are going to an unfocussed window!09:56
didrocksa gnome-terminal one09:56
willcookeI'd think it was a tk issue, I think if it was a video driver thing it would be more broken09:56
didrocksI wonder if this isn't a gnome-terminal issue09:57
didrocksLaney: ^09:57
didrocksbetween 2 g-t09:57
Laneylost his what?09:58
Laneysorry I don't understand what you are saying09:58
seb128Laney, I guess he means the "^" key?10:00
* seb128 is unsure as well10:00
didrocksLaney: so, all keys were going to the current gnome-terminal10:01
didrocksas you can expect10:01
didrocksbut ^ keystrokes were sent to another gnome-terminal window10:01
didrockshappened twice since this morning10:01
Laneynot heard of that10:03
Laneyhow can I make it happen?10:03
didrocksyeah, that's the part I'm unsure10:03
didrocksif I change the focused windows, then, it resets10:03
Laneytry using shell for a bit or something to rule in/out the WM10:12
didrocksLaney: nice idea, will do that10:13
didrocks(not now, getting rules to get Touch booting on systemd)10:14
darkxstdidrocks, Laney, I've heard of wierd focus issues but it involves non-standard settings10:17
didrocksit's still weird it's only one key though10:18
didrocksnot the others10:18
darkxstdidrocks, only one key gets sent to the wrong window?10:18
darkxstthat is incredibly strange10:19
didrocksit was the same twice10:20
didrocksall the other ones worked10:20
darkxstdidrocks,  no idea then10:25
darkxstthe reports I have heard all keyboard input goes to the wrong windo, but on;y when diabling window modifier key binding (i thing)10:27
didrocksI didn't disable it here, so not that one :/10:35
darkxstdidrocks, my best guess is the unity key grabber, is messing up somewhere10:56
didrockscan be10:57
didrockswill see first if I can reproduce it more than twice10:57
willcookedesrt, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-3078488611:31
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Chipacawhat can make 'quilt push -a' work, but bzr-buildpackage fail complaining about fuzz and reversed patches?16:27
didrocksChipaca: bzr bd is more restrictive than quilt pushing16:27
didrocksChipaca: so in that can, quilt push <the patch that has fuzz>16:28
didrocksquilt refresh16:28
didrocksbzr commit, blablabla16:28
Chipacaquilt refresh says no changes16:28
didrocksthe amount of fuzz it accepts it stricter16:28
didrocksbzr diff?16:28
Chipacathere is no fuzz, no diff, no status16:28
didrockshum, that's weird, do you have the branch?16:28
Chipacai'll pastebin the session because i wouldn't believe it myself16:29
Chipacaah, sure, let me push it16:29
didrockslet me see if I reproduce first :)16:29
didrocksI remember having spent quite some time due to that16:29
Laneyif you forget to edit with 'quilt edit' or similar16:29
didrocksbut generally, it was just because of what I explained above16:29
Chipacadidrocks: lp:~chipaca/ubuntu-push/fix-1376282-for-rtm16:29
ChipacaLaney: this is a cherry pick, onto a project that didn't have patches before16:30
Chipacait's the first distro-patch16:30
ChipacaLaney: so i did 'quilt import' to the patch16:31
Chipacai have no idea if any of that is relevant to the problem :)16:31
Laneyor if a file is directly edited before you then use quilt on it16:31
Laneyso quilt and dpkg-source get different ideas about the before state16:32
Laneyyou can probably not use quilt for this branch though and just cherry-pick directly - I think that's usualy for rtm branches16:32
Laneykenvandine: confirm/deny ?16:33
* kenvandine reads16:33
kenvandinei'd say just cherry pick for rtm branches16:34
kenvandineinstead of quilt16:34
ChipacaLaney: kenvandine: my perhaps misguided idea was that i could use quilt to make keeping the base tree in sync easier16:35
Chipacaie the tree without the patches is exactly a given revno of upstream16:35
kenvandinei think quilt is going to just make it harder16:35
didrocksyeah, the workflow with package branch is to be able to bzr merge from upstream16:36
didrocksthat avoid those quilt issues16:36
kenvandineimo quilt makes most things harder :)16:36
Chipacawell, it has, but at least now i feel less bad about it :D16:36
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* Chipaca throws away quilt and does what he knows16:40
didrocksChipaca: yeah, I'm getting failures with LC_ALL=C patch -t -F 0 -N -p1 -u -V never -g0 -E -b -B .pc/info-loglevel.diff/ --reject-file=- < debian/patches/info-loglevel.diff16:40
didrocksChipaca: really, the whole "release from branch" is about bzr merge upstream to your branch16:41
didrocksChipaca: so I would really go with this :)16:41
Chipacadidrocks: I don't know what “the whole "release from branch"” even *is*, but i know bzr and am not afraid to use it16:41
didrocksChipaca: if your branch has been properly bootstraped, just bzr merge :)16:42
didrocksif not, complain to #ubuntu-ci-eng ;)16:42
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Chipacaalso, also, schroot on shm + my little python .deb cache on shm === 5 second bzr-buildpackage16:43
willcookeunlol:  https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/367116:49
seb128that's a fail indeed16:50
didrocks rm -rf "$STEAMROOT/"*16:52
didrocksoh come on!16:52
didrocksI thought that would only happen at "professionals", I have names! :p16:52
andyrockseb128, do you know who should I ping on #gtk+ to get some info about GtkIconTheme16:52
didrockswillcooke: where it happened, it was on the company vcs-like (all very centralize) machines :p16:53
seb128andyrock, no, but maybe larsu or desrt can help you16:55
andyrocklarsu, desrt http://paste.ubuntu.com/9762431/16:56
seb128larsu, thanks16:56
seb128andyrock, he replied on gtk16:56
larsuandyrock: you're not very patient ;)16:56
andyrockseb128, larsu that's what is causing the '?' icon bug in vivid16:57
seb128why are icons queried differently on first start and later?16:59
andyrockseb128, not sure17:01
andyrockseb128, Trevinho should know more17:01
andyrocklarsu, thanks using lookup_icon should work just fine in bamf17:06
larsuandyrock: ya. Seems to me that has_icon() is pointless anyway17:06
larsuespecially for bamf's use-case17:06
xnoxpitti: i look how upstart handles -1 from fork() call -17:12
xnox        /* Goodbye, cruel world. */17:12
xnox        exit (signum);17:12
pittixnox: heh17:13
pittixnox: well, at that poitn pretty much everything is lost, I figure :)17:13
xnoxpitti: well documentation is EAGAIN, spawning jobs it does loop until fork >= 017:15
* xnox needs lunch17:15
didrocksxnox: EAGAIN had_lunch >=0 :p17:15
didrocksxnox: sounds weird to not fail in that case though and looping retrying forking17:16
pittixnox: well, when it happens in a generator, I think it's safe to abort -- if you can't fork during boot, you are busted anyway17:18
didrocksEOW! have a nice week-end guys :)17:36
willcookeEOW - party hearty17:49
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* Laney relocates downstairs to finish watching The Tunnel :O18:03
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