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darkxstcydd_, hi10:33
ubot5Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:33
cydd_need help with permissions trying to execute file but no option to10:35
darkxstcydd_, what file?10:36
cydd_a jar file10:36
darkxstchmod +x <file> ?10:36
* darkxst runs from java!10:36
cydd_in properties under permissions tab excute  file option not there ?10:39
darkxstcydd_, use the terminal10:40
cydd_ok how?10:51
darkxstcydd_, <darkxst> chmod +x <file> ?10:53
cydd_keeps saying no such file or directory11:12
mgedminmaking a jar file executable won't help anything (I just tried)11:14
mgedminyou need to run it with 'java -jar ...'11:14
JockeTFI can run executable jar files with Nautilus just fine.11:29
JockeTFcydd_: If it says "no such file or directory" for chmod you need to switch directory to where the jar file is located.11:29
JockeTFThen run the command again. :)11:30
JockeTFcydd_: Running "java -jar myfile.jar" should also work when you've changed directory.11:32
JockeTFBut after running chmod you may be able to run it by double clicking on it or right clicking and "open with (-->) Java Runtime".11:35
mgedminoh, interesting!  I didn't know that nautilus checks for the execute bit before launching jars with the jre11:36
mgedmin(I tried ./foo.jar from shell and got an error, even after enabling the execute bit)11:36
JockeTFmgedmin: Yeah, you get a little dialog if it's not +x.11:38
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octoquaddarkxst, I haven't forgotten about the evolution task, will look at it as soon as I can.16:20
* octoquad is like HexChat better than XChat16:20
octoquad*liking tsk tsk16:20
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