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duflualf_: Did you try to reproduce the heap corruption by reverting my fix yet?08:42
alf_duflu: no08:42
dufluI'm hesitant to revisit it. There's likely days of work in that still and I have one hour left in the week really08:44
alf_duflu: probably not a good time to start :)08:44
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alf_kdub: Hi! @more-helpful-hwclist, so are "//HWC 1.1 to 1.2 have int sourceCrop and *no* fbtarget" and "//HWC 1.1 to 1.2 have int sourceCrop and fbtarget" both true?13:41
kdubalf_, no, 1.1 and 1.2 have a fbtarget layer13:41
alf_kdub: so the first comment is wrong?13:42
kdubyes, but the code is right... wil go change13:43
alf_kdub: ack13:44
kduboh, reading in context, I just copied the comment without changing it13:44
attente_AlbertA: hi, is your menu api also implemented in the mir_demo_server?16:19
AlbertAattente_: the server currently does not have default semantics for menu surfaces yet16:23
tedgIs there any progress on getting Mir to build on PPC?16:41
tedgKinda annoying that my packages lose architectures when adding Mir dependencies :-/16:41
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* alan_g still hasn't fixed all the tests he broke this morning17:06
racarrtedg: As you may have guessed by now I think the answer is no :p17:37
tedgracarr, Yeah :-/17:49
tedgNeed to find some PPC phones17:49
mlankhorstthey exist? o.O19:32

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