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dholbachgood morning07:57
dholbachlan3y, css is fixed - thanks to mitya5708:40
lan3ythanks dholbach09:03
lan3ycool nickname (not)09:03
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highvoltagedholbach: happy birthday!12:05
dholbachthanks highvoltage12:08
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* nxvl birthday hugs dholbach 16:05
* dholbach hugs nxvl back :)16:06
nxvl(yes i only joined the channel for that)16:06
dholbachhow are you doing?16:07
nxvldholbach: friday birthday, that usually doesn't end pretty good, really fun, but now pretty good16:07
dholbachlet's see16:07
nxvlworking like a donkey, as we all, have been packaging some debian custom packages, i forgot how FUN it was16:07
dholbachwe can't have a long big party anyway, we both need to get up early on Saturday :)16:07
nxvli need to find some time to get back to Ubuntu development16:08
dholbachnice :)16:08
dholbachit'd be great to hang out more with you again :)16:08
nxvlyeah, let's see how thing turn out in the following months16:08
nxvlwell, anyways, only came to wish you a great birthday!16:09
nxvlnow back to work :D16:09
dholbachtake care16:09
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