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jarnosI can't remove/reassing keybinding for Ctrl+Escape.11:53
jarnosWhich is assigned to a nonexisting command by default.11:54
jarnosWhat is the version of Xfce in up to date Mythbuntu 14.04?13:43
Kwisher_wrklook in synaptic13:46
jarnosKwisher_wrk, for which package? I want the version of Xfce. Version of xfce4-session is 4.10.1-3ubuntu5, version of xfce4-settings is 4.11.2-1ubuntu2...13:50
jarnos"dpkg-query --show --showformat='${Version}' xfce4" shows nothing13:52
Kwisher_wrkjarnos: looks like it 4.1014:07
jarnosKwisher_wrk, ok, thanks15:26
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