rwwwhoo, it's that dude from last time00:00
ikoniaahh you know him00:00
rwwcurrent nick list: badape, BadApe, batsazz, chinkese, choke, copsblk, helltest, liberalPIGS, macadoo, macataxs, nontot, ratlerkaa, ratsbag, ratsbe, scatsear, snakebreath, strangle, ubagtu00:02
elkyi wonder what racial slur "kingtat" plays to00:06
elkyor i guess, which anti-liberal bent00:07
rwwin PM with him, will paste it to BT when I'm done00:07
rwwit's... not polite on his part00:07
elkyif this is the guy who was strangle/choke yesterday then no he won't be00:08
rwwit is00:08
rwwodd, this sort of person always seems to have very good queerdar00:09
rwwnot sure why they always seem to find my orientation relevant though ;)00:10
rwwPM log added to BT#6581200:15
rww@duration 65812 180d00:15
ubottu65812 will be removed after 6 months.00:15
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