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DrManhattanI have upgraded my samba to version 4.1.6 but Im still getting the talloc memory leak error. Is there any way I can keep samba password sync to user accounts and get rid of this memory error? no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory08:33
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elopiogood morning.14:19
elopioping rhuddie, about the launching click app.15:29
rhuddieelopio, hey15:30
elopiorhuddie: hello.15:30
elopiorhuddie: can you please add a card for the application custom proxy object, and put an estimate on it.15:31
elopiohopefully, we will have time at the end to document it.15:31
elopiorhuddie: and, about the last part of launching with qmlscene, I was referring to do it from a test.15:32
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elopioqmlscene would be the binary to launch, and the qml file the argument.15:32
rhuddieelopio, ah, I was going to check with you about that15:32
elopioso it would be something like self.launch_test_application('qmlscene', '....qml')15:32
rhuddieI'll add the card and make that update15:33
elopiorhuddie: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/ubuntuuitoolkit/base.py#L4715:34
elopioI'm not sure if we should document that's the function we should use. It feels like it's in the wrong module.15:34
elopiobut in many cases, you need to pass the full path to qmlscene, and that depends on your arch.15:34
elopiorhuddie: and lastly, this doesn't work for all click applications. Some will need to be compiled and launched from the binary they generate.15:37
elopiorhuddie: "A click application can also be launched directly from source."15:37
elopiomaybe instead you can say, the main qml file of some click applications can be launched directly from source.15:38
rhuddieelopio, I'll do that15:39
elopiorhuddie: thank you.15:39
elopiorhuddie: veebers didn't reply about the failing tests, so I think we'll have to wait until monday to merge all your branches.15:40
rhuddieelopio, ok. I ran your new test this morning and got it to work15:41
elopiopaulliu: I will touch a little your rotation branch, so we can have a branch for everybody to review. I'll send you the MP by mail, in case I finish too late for you.15:41
elopiorhuddie: yes, in order to run the autopilot tests from source you have to do like15:42
elopiopython3 -m autopilot.run run autopilot.tests.functional...15:42
elopiootherwise it will use the installed ones.15:42
elopioit took like a month for me to realize that. I used to rely only on jenkins results :)15:42
rhuddieelopio, well, you learn something new every day.... I'll make of that one!15:43
balloonselopio, rhuddie :-) Do we think the docs could be more explicit about that . . . because you know, we are updating them15:49
elopioballoons: I think so. Can you please write two cards, and estimate them. One for documenting on the readme how to run the tests, and one for documenting on the readme how to generate the docs?15:50
balloonselopio, sure thing15:50
elopioballoons: thanks.15:50
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alesageelopio IMO let's stop adding cards else the work will "expand to fit" the sprint as for the last few16:01
alesageneed to plan better if we're not really serving the story16:01
elopioalesage: we need the cards. I'm not sure if we have to move them to the backlog, or to do them this sprint.16:03
elopiothat's something to discuss in our meeting.16:03
balloonsalesage, I agree in principle, but they are 2 hour tasks. In addition, I feel like this might be a natural thing and thus we should plan a buffer of hours which we intend to fill16:04
balloonsdoes that turn afoul of scrum?16:04
alesageelopio, balloons, just don't want to ride off the rails, we'll discuss; balloons imagine we're billing (as if we're not really :) )16:05
balloonsalesage, it's a somewhat outlandish idea, no worries about knocking it down. But if I was billing I would most certainly adjust it into my estimate, or set expectations. It's not work we're forced to do, simply something that needs done which is 'on sale' because we're already working in that area16:09
balloonsI would upsell it if billing by the hour, or try to squeeze it in as a value-add if billing contractually16:09
alesageballoons, I like the "on sale" idea :)16:10
balloons"it'll never be cheaper"16:10
alesageweird scenario in that you're both the client and resource here balloons16:14
balloonselopio, have you updated the template for autopilot tests in qtcreator yet?16:15
balloonsif so, I'd love to have it16:18
balloonsI just wanted to have a peek at the ap tests ofc16:18
knomeballoons, if elopio and alesage aren't billing you, can i?16:21
balloonsahh knome, I knew you could offer something on this subject :)16:21
knomeof course16:21
knomei can make you an offer you can't deny16:21
balloonsalways compelling knome16:22
knomenot if it involved blackmailing ;)16:22
alesagewe need a currency based on Launchpad karma16:22
* knome gets some coffee16:22
knomealesage, if only the launchpad karma would be an accurate figure of how much you have contributed to *anything* in ubuntu...16:23
rhuddieelopio, I made updates to the click mp, but I didn't mention get_qmlscene_launch_command(), as it seemed like the wrong place to mention it16:24
knomebesides, wouldn't that mean canonical employees should decide if they take their salary in money or karma :P16:25
alesagepersonally I do it for the t-shirts16:25
knomehah :)16:26
elopiorhuddie: +116:26
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rhuddieballoons, for autopilot launch, you mentioned -t parameter for specifying toolkit. I can't find mention of that, do you mean -i ?16:45
balloonsrhuddie, indeed I do sorry about that16:46
balloonsrhuddie, I was just looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/autopilot/launch-cmd-doc/+merge/246601; I'm working on the tutorial re-write, and I'm wondering if it might be easier for you to not update the references to python3 so my mp goes in easier16:46
balloonsor I should just depend on yours16:47
balloonsI think I'll just merge yours and depend on it as it should be set soon16:47
rhuddieballoons, I don't mind. quite happy to remove the 3s from mine. then all my changes are in 1 place and easy to merge16:48
balloonsrhuddie, thanks. I'll do the updates as I go then16:53
rhuddieballoons, no problem16:54
elopioballoons: I'm not working on autopilot for qtcreator. At least not yet.17:22
elopiowhat I updated was the qml template.17:22
balloonselopio, ack, no worries I just carried on myself anyway17:23
elopioand after our meeting and lunch, I'll need to re-merge it, so it's not done yet.17:23
balloonsmmm.. lunch17:23
elopioballoons: even better, lunch not cooked by me, but by somebody who knows how to cook, my mother-in-law :)17:24
elopiothere's plenty, you should come.17:24
balloonselopio, wonderful. Food by someone who can cook is always welcome17:25
alesageelopio, rhuddie balloons forgot that we don't have a standup today :)17:32
balloonsalesage, I realized the same, but went to the hangout anyway17:32
elopioalesage: balloons: rhuddie: charles: can you join please?17:34
elopioit's an error that we don't have a standup in the calendar for today.17:34
alesagecharles, care to hop on for a sec?17:35
alesageballoons too :)17:35
sakballoons are you their?17:49
balloonshey sak, I am indeed17:50
sakAwhile back, I was maintaing, or trying to create test cased for two ubuntu packages, vimo and other I can't remember.  would like to get back into package maintaining. Is this on option for QA testers?17:51
balloonssak, maintaining the test or the package?17:52
sakI think that was what I was doing.17:52
balloonsif you want to help maintain tests that is always welcome and definitely possible. elfy loves to see people helping out :-)17:52
sakThe test, I think17:52
sakIs there a list of packages that needs test cases?17:53
balloonssak, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests, and you can use the tags to find bugs specific to a flavor, or things that are easy (bitesize)17:54
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sakAlso, is launchpad used as the central news site for anything or everything related to ubuntu development , testing milestones and beta releases?17:57
balloonssak, planet.ubuntu.com is helpful for a what's what. Specific to testing, you can use the qa calendar17:58
balloonsfollowing ubuntu, ubuntu qa, etc on social media also helps17:58
balloonssak, also don't be a stranger on IRC, plenty of folks idling here happy to help you out or chat :-)18:05
sakOk, I will try to be more active here. I figured if not related to QA, there wasn't much to say18:08
charleselopio, sorry I didn't join, you're right I didn't think there was a standup today b/c of your comments yesterday and it not being on the calendar today18:10
balloonssak, speaking personally I like channels to feel alive. Feel free to say hello anytime18:10
charleselopio, did alesage discuss the code we've been working on?18:10
sakHello!!! LOL. balloons, you got18:12
balloonssak, :) Howdy! I think you'll fit right in here18:14
elopiocharles: if you can go to the document and update your status there, it would be great.18:17
elopiocharles: sorry about the meeting. I still don't know how to move it from nz monday to rest-of-the-world friday18:17
sakHave to go. Thanks for the helping balloons ;-)18:19
elopioI'm doing a mess and the calendar is still not updatig :@@18:23
elopiocharles: balloons: alesage: next week stand ups will be one hour from now, at 19:30 UTC.18:24
elopioI'll keep trying to fix the calendar.18:24
balloonselopio, just to keep us on our toes?18:24
charleselopio, ack18:24
elopioballoons: you lost me :) Can you translate that to plain english?18:25
charlesballoons, maybe different participants & he's trying to find the median time for the timezones18:25
* alesage now wonders about the origin of balloons' phrase18:26
elopioI'm just going back to the original time. Next week we'll have thomi and veebers.18:26
balloonselopio, you are moving the time for the meeting just as we've gotten used to it. The 'just to keep us on our toes' is an idiom meaning keep us attentive and guessing18:26
elopioballoons: got it :)18:26
elopioI was confusing toes with ankles. That was a lot harder to picture...18:27
balloonselopio, right, I suppose on your toes instead of on your feet means you are nimble18:29
balloonsready to react :-)18:29
balloonsidioms are so fun18:29
elopiowe could do that. Surprise stand ups, whenever someone feels like bothering the rest :D18:30
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saksomeone please tell summer to speed up. Could not feel my hands for a good 5mins after I got home22:45

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