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ApplesInArraysroot@Local:/var/www/html# dir shows js.js. /var/www/html# scp root@ForeignIP:/var/www/html/js.js /var/www/html yields scp: /var/www/html/js.js: No such file or directory. Any ideas on how to fix this?00:11
ApplesInArraysI thought it'd be really straightforward00:11
sarnoldApplesInArrays: how about "ssh root@foreignip ls -l /var/www/html/js.js"00:13
ApplesInArraysthe file needs to be appended like so: scp myusername@university_computer:/home/myusername/file.odt homeusername@Felix:Desktop/file.odt00:14
sarnoldApplesInArrays: I don't think that's it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9758961/00:16
ApplesInArrayssarnold: you're probably right. I was looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/TransferFiles00:16
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F^3Hey hey. I know this isn't exactly an ubuntu issue, but seeing as we are all sysadmins in here maybe someone has seen this before? I am working on a rather old server that's lenny based giving segfaults (http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=GXiuCQcj) that don't make any sense to me.00:44
sarnoldF^3: a few thoughts; most of them happen at the same point in the program, it'd be worth getting core dumps from the thing and the ngetting stack traces00:51
sarnoldF^3: it might be bad memory modules, memtest86 might help, but it seems too consistent to me00:51
F^3I don't even know what app it is.00:51
F^3sarnold, Maybe a full stick has gone bad?00:52
sarnoldF^3: oh? I assumed the 'b' was some anonymization you'd done..00:53
F^3sarnold, No :(00:53
F^3'b' was taken directly from dmesg00:53
sarnoldF^3: you could use a tool like 'execsnoop' here to try to find it: http://www.brendangregg.com/blog/2014-07-28/execsnoop-for-linux.html00:55
F^3sarnold, Since this is lenny I can't access repo00:55
sarnoldF^3: there's a chance the program changes it's name after execution, which might make it harder to spot..00:55
F^3's anymore to install compiling apps.00:55
sarnoldF^3: ohhhh. so it might be too old to use the kernel's ftrace tools?00:56
F^3Possibly. It hasn't been updated in nearly 3 years and this system has been generating abuse reports lately which is why I'm looking into it. All signs point to it not being an intrusion unless they're erasing their specific entries in the logs.00:58
F^3There is a squid proxy though so I assume they're using that to make the abuse happen.00:58
sarnoldif it had a -reasonable- process name I might think it's brute-force exploit testing00:58
sarnoldprobing for correct offsets to use or something similar00:59
sarnoldbut 'b' is just so strange.00:59
sarnoldintrusion feels plausible for me; you've got t ofigure out what is spawning that 'b' process. That'll answer a lot of questions.01:00
F^3I'm probably going to just wipe/rebuild the server if it passes memory tests. Else I'll just move the ip to a new box.01:01
sarnoldthat might be faster :) but my curiousity would eat at me..01:01
F^3Since I am a programmer this b proc doesn't intrest me ;P01:02
F^3The only thing that interests me is getting the proxy back up to keep my inbox from being flooded.01:03
gorelativeanyone here help with an LVM question?01:03
sarnoldF^3: aha :) then happy fixing :)01:04
gorelativetrying to extend an lvm partition and it cant find /dev/sda*01:04
gorelativebasically / is 100% utilized..01:04
F^3On another note why does the default partition setup for ubuntu server only give /boot 250mb. Old kernels are not getting automatically removed so I keep filling it up.01:05
F^3sarnold, I'm going with the server being rooted. Found this in /etc as 1418130075.pl http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=wzgBPMY1 (one of about 8 different .pl files)01:07
sarnoldF^3: yup. there's no good reason for that to exist.01:08
sarnoldF^3: sorry.01:08
sarnoldF^3: on the plus side, that means your way forward is clear :) new install from scratch.01:09
F^3sarnold, But that takes the fun out of upgrading through two eol debian versions.01:14
sarnoldF^3: oh man. I guess you can always try home dentistry if you really miss it..01:15
F^3I'll pass. I don't trust myself using a drill in my mouth using only a mirror to see.01:17
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gorelativeanyone else here using apt-mirror ?02:15
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blackyboyNow i have Ubuntu 13.04 i want to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS how can i do ? Will it upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS if i use sudo do-release-upgrade or it will upgrade to 14.10 ?05:24
MACscrcan i disable gpg checks fo a single repo like i can with yum repos? i dont want to do it per check, i want to do it for all checks on that particular repo. its my private one06:46
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sarnoldMACscr: it's probably easier to sign your own repo...07:39
DrManhattanI have upgraded my samba to version 4.1.6 but Im still getting the talloc memory leak error. Is there any way I can keep samba password sync to user accounts and get rid of this memory error? no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory08:25
DrManhattanI have upgraded my samba to version 4.1.6 but Im still getting the talloc memory leak error. Is there any way I can keep samba password sync to user accounts and get rid of this memory error? no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory08:27
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lordieva1erGood morning.08:57
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bimmaI've this question for you :D08:59
lordievaderbimma: Shoot ;)09:00
bimmaI would mount via fstab a windows share with  possibility to change permission, with chmod, of the subfolder... with cifs is not possible...09:00
bimmawindows neetwork share09:01
lordievaderMakes sense, your Windows share is likely NTFS. NTFS doesn't support Unix file permissions.09:02
bimmayeah i know09:02
bimmabut there isn't a workaround?09:02
bimmaor another way to mount?09:03
lordievaderNo. The solution would be not using NTFS ;)09:03
DrManhattanI have upgraded my samba to version 4.1.6 but Im still getting the talloc memory leak error. Is there any way I can keep samba password sync to user accounts and get rid of this memory error? no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory09:07
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jamespagehallyn, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qemu/+bug/1411575 can you give your opinion on that10:00
jamespagehallyn, it would nice to have that in vivid; not sure about the backport :-)10:01
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jamespagezul, coreycb: adding qemu and libvirt to the kilo CA for ppc64el support10:42
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blackyboyHow can i Control a user not to Access crontab Command in Ubuntu Desktop and server10:46
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Craig4whohow do i enable this?11:58
Craig4whoi cant find what the command is11:58
Craig4whothanks in advance11:59
rbasakCraig4who: instructions are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Security/Upgrades12:02
CodmadnessproSo I plan on migrating servers but i'm not sure what software to use for this, I don't really want to pay $100 for a migrate, so is there anything free?12:13
Craig4whohi rbasak12:21
Craig4whowhat do i search for on that link?12:21
Craig4whocant find anything useful i can follow12:22
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Craig4whoyea i dont want to implement the fix12:27
Craig4whoi have already done this12:28
Craig4whoi want to reenable it so it works again12:28
Craig4whoShell command execution can be re-enabled using the expandaddr option.12:28
_zxq9_Does an LTS release receive updates between Postgres minor versions, or only patch updates? As in, 9.3 will forever be 9.3, but 9.3.X are expected updates. Or would 9.4 or 9.5 ever hit an LTS repo?13:05
shauryaanyone there?13:07
_zxq9_shaurya: People are here, just probably most are doing Friday things.13:13
shauryai'm installing the badgekit api from mozilla. anyone know why im getting this error when I run a script? http://pastebin.com/p26qNmVG13:14
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hallynjamespage: looks trivial enough13:40
hallynjamespage: also, we have 2.2.0 in a ppa for now,13:41
hallyni'll merge it into vivid soon, but am hoping it goes from experimental into unstable first13:41
jrwren_zxq9_: postgres would get minor updates only, afaik.13:41
jrwren_zxq9_: there are other ways to get postgresql packages: http://www.postgresql.org/download/linux/ubuntu/13:42
_zxq9_jrwren: ty13:43
hallynjamespage: i'll go ahead and push it (well, after testing) to v13:44
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jamespagehallyn, awesome13:51
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hallynjamespage: but i'm having fs corruption issues on my rootfs.  grr.  which doesnt' allow me to create a lv to build in.  this'll slow me down13:53
hallynbreakfast first, then deal with it.  bbl13:53
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streulmahello my dovecot sql roundcube quota is displaying 0MB from unknown15:55
sudormrfhow easy is it to rebuild a software RAID array in ubuntu using the default software raid setup?16:35
sudormrfasking because I am entertaining potential ideas16:37
ppetrakisudormrf, https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/RAID_setup#6._Manage16:38
sudormrfppetraki, ? looked at that wiki entry before coming here.  that wiki entry doesn't talk about rebuilding an array when a disk fails16:39
ppetrakisudormrf, you just do an add while in manage mode, the man page has the rest. It's all pretty straight forward. like so http://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/Mdadm_recover_degraded_Array#Re-adding_the_partition_to_the_array16:41
sudormrfppetraki, thanks.  I am going to test this out in a VM right now (build the array, simulate a failure) to see what happens.  if I like it I will probably use it on my new NAS16:42
ppetrakisudormrf, faster to use loopback block devices http://www.thomas-krenn.com/en/wiki/Mdadm_recover_degraded_Array#Re-adding_the_partition_to_the_array16:42
ppetrakisudormrf, woops old link http://askubuntu.com/questions/546921/how-to-create-virtual-block-devices16:43
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sudormrfppetraki, so here is what I am trying to do -> main FS on SDA, sdb-e will be raided together.  do I need to run through the normal install first and then go back and setup RAID or is there a way I can accomplish this through the normal setup?17:25
ppetrakisudormrf, If it were me, I would keep the install simple and script the data array creation after the OS is up17:34
sudormrfyeah.  that seems like the way to go17:34
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sudormrflooking at doing this in cent now.  thank you for your help ppetraki19:10
ppetrakisudormrf, np19:10
RoyKany idea what this is about? "[504700.275921] IPv4: Oversized IP packet from
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RoyKany idea what this is about? "[504700.275921] IPv4: Oversized IP packet from"19:11
RoyKthe IP address is the address of the machine19:12
sarnoldRoyK: look slike that error message comes from IP packet fragment re-assembly.19:14
sarnoldRoyK: someone trying to sneak packets through NIDS is my first guess19:14
sudormrfppetraki, are you familiar with mdadm at all?19:18
ppetrakisudormrf, yeah19:18
sudormrfppetraki, ok.  so I have a couple of questions about it, would you mind answering them if you can?19:18
ppetrakisudormrf, go ahead19:19
sudormrfso to simulate a disk failure, I removed one of the HDDs from the VM19:19
sudormrfthe system would then not boot (dropped me into maintenance mode)...is this normal behavior?19:19
sudormrffirst time ever messing with this stuff19:20
RoyKsudormrf: IIRC ubuntu still refuses to boot off a degraded raid by default (which is rubbish)19:20
RoyKsudormrf: this can be changed easily https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID#Boot_from_Degraded_Disk19:21
rberg_yeah hang I think I know what you need to boot degraded19:21
RoyKrefusing to boot from degraded is rubbish19:21
RoyKthe whole point of a raid is to allow the system to work with a dead drive19:21
rberg_in "/etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/mdadm" set "BOOT_DEGRADED=true" and rebuilt the initrd19:21
sudormrfok so that is normal behavior if you don't change it.  that is good to know.19:22
ppetrakisudormrf, RoyK +119:22
sarnoldRoyK: network intrusion detectio nsystem19:23
rberg_I also set "md-mod.start_dirty_degraded=1" in /etc/default/grub just in case19:23
RoyKsarnold: possibly my openvas scans ;)19:23
sarnoldRoyK: aha :)19:23
sarnoldRoyK: feels likely19:23
RoyKsarnold: thanks19:24
RoyKsarnold: any idea how to disable that for outgoing packages?19:25
sudormrfthanks, looking in to this some more19:25
sudormrfwill be back with more ?'s later I am sure :)19:25
sarnoldRoyK: it was probably -incoming- with faked source address19:26
RoyKsarnold: well, it hasn't happened since I paused the scan19:26
RoyKsarnold: and the scan is against some computers at work19:26
RoyKjust trying to open some eyes about computer security at work :P19:27
RoyKthis guy with a PhD has setup a lot of stuff, but doesn't seem to spend much time patching i19:28
sarnoldRoyK: I'm not sure how a packet could be fragmented on the sending side, but .. i'm not -that- familiar with the networking code, it's pretty finely tuned which sometimes means not easy to reason about :)19:29
sarnoldRoyK: ugh.19:29
sudormrfok another question...how can I verify that the stuff is actually being mirrored? :X19:33
rberg_you could use hdparm to grab the same sector from each drive an diff it19:35
ppetrakior dd19:36
RoyKsudormrf: just run a check19:36
RoyKsudormrf: echo check > /sys/block/mdX/md/sync_action19:36
RoyKor perhaps19:36
RoyKsudormrf: echo repair > /sys/block/mdX/md/sync_action19:36
RoyKsudormrf: mdraid is used in thousands or millions of home NAS systems and in large-scale production systems19:37
RoyKsudormrf: it works19:37
RoyKsudormrf: https://raid.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/RAID_Administration <-- good docs here19:38
ppetrakisudormrf, dd if=/dev/foo skip=$(((17408/512) )) bs=512 count=1 | hexdump -C19:44
* ppetraki took me a min to find that19:44
ppetrakiwhere 17408 is your block number19:45
ppetrakisudormrf, so if you were really paranoid you would read say 10 blocks from each disk, create an md5sum and then check19:47
sarnoldor use cmp to compare them directly19:47
rcaskeydoes the url parameter in kickstart honor the proxy setting?19:48
bekksrcaskey: if you want to use a proxy in kickstart, you have to specify it.19:51
* ppetraki forgot about cmp, uses dd rune to debug metadata format19:51
rcaskeybekks, I want to use a proxy for fetching packages only19:51
rcaskeyand attempted to the line I used was...19:51
rcaskeyurl --url=foo --proxy=
rcaskeyerr (also tried it without the trailing /, although it was present in a lot of examples)19:53
bekksrcaskey: For me, that works.19:54
rcaskeyif it fails to access the proxy server does it try directly or just fail?19:54
bekksrcaskey: Thats something you have to find out, since we cant know it :)19:55
sudormrfRoyK, thanks!19:55
rcaskeywell i'm not seeing it go through the proxy so i'm trying to figure out if it was maybe trying and falling back and I had an issue with the proxy or if i don't have the config quite right19:55
sudormrfRoyK, yeah, I believe you :).  this is my first time playing with it so I am trying to wrap my head around it so I understand it before I put it to use with my files :D19:56
sudormrfbasically right now I have 2 NASs + 2 servers19:58
sudormrfone of the server is a file server19:58
sudormrfthe other is just doing stuff19:58
sudormrfwell the file server is doing more than file serving19:58
sudormrfone of the disks on my WD EX2 failed19:58
RoyKsudormrf: replace it ;)19:59
sudormrfthinking about replacing that with something more beefy and pulling the EX2 + my cloud NAS out of production and putting a 4 disk RAID 1 setup in place.  these things are primarily used as backup devices.19:59
sudormrfso I go from 2 plugged in devices down to 119:59
sarnoldsudormrf: investigate zfs; this series of blog posts are a nice fast read and will give you a nice overview of how it works: https://pthree.org/2012/04/17/install-zfs-on-debian-gnulinux/20:00
sudormrfsarnold, yeah I have.  been toying with the idea of running BSD on this thing with ZFS20:02
ppetrakisudormrf, http://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/Xeon/C600/X9DRX_-F.cfm beefy?20:02
sudormrfbut ZFS will require a larger investment for the hardware20:02
sarnoldsudormrf: don't believe the crap about it -requiring- ECC memory..20:03
sarnoldsudormrf: ecc just tends to align well with the paranoia levels of the people who like to deploy zfs :)20:03
sudormrfppetraki, don't tempt me :P.  I don't have space for it20:04
sudormrfsarnold, has nothing to do with that20:04
sudormrfahd everything to do with ZFS being very RAM hungry20:04
sarnoldsudormrf: ahhh20:04
ppetrakisudormrf, get you some NVDIMMs and run your whole NAS out of ram20:04
sudormrfalthough, it is not off the table, just something I have to consider20:04
sarnoldsudormrf: whatever you do, do not use de-dupe20:04
sudormrftrying to build something under the price of the synology thingy20:04
sarnoldthat'll help memory needs immensely :)20:04
sudormrfuse dd for what?20:05
sudormrfppetraki, lol20:05
rcaskeysudormrf, what kind of workload you got?20:05
sudormrfrcaskey, this is a home device that will primarily be used for backing up the main file server and acting as a file server for some other data (which will get sent to the main file server as necessary)20:06
sudormrfnothing too crazy20:06
sudormrfdepending on your definition of crazy, I suppose20:06
sudormrfalthough the WD EX2 is a bit slow for my tastes20:06
rcaskeysudormrf, how much space you need?20:06
sudormrfrcaskey, this will be an 8TB RAID1 setup when done.  4 disks, raid 1, all 4 disks being 4TB drives20:07
rcaskeysudormrf, i'd think basically you can grab anything cheap and do a software raid controller without zfs and be very happy20:07
sudormrfsoftware raid controller?  software raid needs a controller?20:08
rcaskeya raid needs a controller20:08
rcaskeythat might just be in software20:08
sudormrfI was working under the pretext that software raid needs no controller as it it software20:09
sudormrflet me show you what I was thinking for the build20:10
rcaskeyalso i'd strongly consider at least some ssd storage + bcache20:11
thor77how can i change the locale globally?20:13
sudormrf+SSD for system drive20:13
thor77i set the local yesterday with update-locale LANG=... but after a reboot, locale still show's no LANG20:13
sudormrf120gb ssd would do nicely20:13
RoyKsarnold: ZFS doesn't require ECC20:15
sarnoldRoyK: that's what I told sudormrf :)20:15
ppetrakisudormrf, Micron M500/600 are good20:15
sarnoldthat little norco is cute :)20:16
sudormrfppetraki, I like samsung drives meself20:18
sudormrfsarnold, it's a pretty good deal for the money.  hard to find many cases like that.  although I got this link from faug in another channel: http://www.mini-itx.com/store/nas20:19
ppetrakisudormrf, we kinda destroy drives a living around here and have found the Micron ones to be the most resilient20:19
sudormrfppetraki, heh noted :)20:19
ppetrakisudormrf, low write amp, decent garbage collection20:20
sudormrfdon't know the quality, but this case looks nice: Chenbro ES34069.  if it is anything like the quality of lian-li, I am not going to touch it.20:20
sarnoldsudormrf: I've been looking at "larger" systems myself, I'd like to build something with three 3-way mirrors and room to grow by adding another 3 or 6 drives.. and it'd be nice to have space for some SSDs for l2arc and OS20:20
sudormrfsarnold, if I had the space I would soooo do that20:21
sudormrfbasically trying to come in with better specs for cheaper than this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822108183&cm_re=synology-_-22-108-183-_-Product20:21
sudormrfI think I have done so.  not sure how the i3 in my parts list compares to the atom in the synology, but typically core i > atom20:22
sarnoldsudormrf: it's impressive, isn't it? it's just cheap enough to tempt you to do better, but ... :)20:22
sudormrfyeah it is heh.  one thing about the synology is there is an app for my phone that would allow me to access the files on my iPhone.  that is a really nice feature to have20:22
sudormrfdon't think there is any way I can do that with a home built system (not fond of owncloud)20:23
sarnoldnginx? :)20:23
sudormrfI think the problem would be that there needs to be an app for the iPhone to act as the client20:24
sarnoldI don't blame you about owncloud, I've gotten bad vibes about them..20:24
sudormrfI have used it and it just feels clunky on anything but a computer20:24
ppetrakiand it's written in PHP20:24
sarnoldyeah, bad vibe #1 :)20:24
sudormrfI don't have the development ability to help the project, unfortunately.20:24
ppetrakieven if you did, it's in PHP :-p, that stuff just repels developers20:25
sudormrfthere was some other thing similar to owncloud, but it was primarily developed in china, so....pass.20:25
sudormrfbased on the parts list, do you think I need a beefier CPU?20:26
sudormrfI could upgrade the CPU in my main file server to an i7 and pull the i5 that is in that and repurpose20:26
sudormrfoverkill I am sure, but someone was saying that software RAID is pretty CPU intensive.20:27
sarnolddepends on the services you're going to run; if it's mostly backup and over-the-internet mobile-based accesses, i3 ought to do alright20:27
ppetrakisudormrf, probably not... but more cores are better, especially for distributing interrupts20:27
sudormrfI want to figure out the over the internet mobile based access part :S20:27
sudormrfI am sure there is some sort of app that would let me access samba shares somehow20:27
ppetrakisudormrf, if you could get more memory, do that, and add a cache, if read speed matters that is, but it doesn't sound like it. So just pocket the difference and buy yourself an even bigger monitor20:28
sudormrffirst google hit20:28
bekkssudormrf: Yeah, the samba client20:28
thor77how to use the locale-command to change the LANG-variable permanently?20:28
sarnoldI'd be reluctant to expose samba to the whole internet.20:28
sudormrfppetraki, I have no need for a monitor :D.  I don't have a desktop in my place (no space for it).  mobo only has 4 sata ports, so I might be having to find a new mobo.20:28
sudormrfsarnold, I wouldn't.  I would vpn back home20:28
sarnoldsudormrf: good good20:28
ppetrakisudormrf, well there is that super micro...20:29
sudormrfas long as I can get to it, that is what matters :D.  ppetraki is that supermicro mini-itx?20:29
sudormrfhas to fit in that norco case20:29
ppetrakioh no, there's nothing micro about what I proposed, let me check your link again20:29
sudormrfI know of a board that is mini itx with 8 sata ports and dual nics...but it forces you to use an atom CPU20:29
sudormrfif my tax return is as big as it is looking right now (still waiting on second w2), then this is going to be built pretty soon20:31
ppetrakisudormrf, what you have looks fine honestly20:31
ppetrakisudormrf, you got a 3x PCI slot, you could get a LSI card and do HW RAID20:32
sudormrfppetraki, don't know if that would fit in the norco case.  looking for another mobo with 6 sata ports.  just thought about it since I need 1 sata port for the system drive.20:32
ppetrakisudormrf, I mean 16x, v3.020:32
ppetrakisudormrf, they have dimensions maybe not on their site, but I'm sure if you google it you'll find somebody posted it20:33
sudormrflike this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128720&cm_re=mini%2bitx%2bmotherboard-_-13-128-720-_-Product but without all the garbage on it (wifi, bluetooth, etc).  that wouuld be nice.20:33
vonsyd0wppetraki, curious what language you'd prefer owncloud to use? i would assume anything but php, heh?20:33
sudormrfdual nic is nice20:34
ppetrakivonsyd0w, basically20:34
vonsyd0wsudormrf, have you considered the intel avoton boards such as this one? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813132230R&cm_re=gigabyte_avoton-_-13-132-230R-_-Product20:34
ppetrakivonsyd0w, "go is the future" I suppose20:34
vonsyd0wthats what I'm looking at to replace my HP N54L20:34
vonsyd0wppetraki, i'm seeing a lot of projects starting to use "go"20:35
vonsyd0wlike this new ansible gui i saw on reddit earlier this week uses go20:35
ppetrakivonsyd0w, python community isn't doing itself any favors. That whole annotation thing that just came out...20:35
vonsyd0wannotation thing? i'm not familiar with that?20:35
sudormrfvonsyd0w, price too much out of range20:36
ppetrakivonsyd0w, it was on lwn recently20:36
sudormrfbut nice board :)20:36
vonsyd0wsudormrf, it includes the CPU remember that20:36
ppetrakivonsyd0w, http://lwn.net/Articles/627418/20:36
sudormrfoooohhhh that was one of the ones I think I was looking at before20:37
ppetrakiI mean I use python everyday but if we were going to build something large in userspace I would probably push Go, especially vs C++ which is the other prevailing camp here20:37
sudormrfbut has atom20:37
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sarnoldppetraki: honestly, if python had -started- with type checking with a better non-hacky syntax from the start, I might have enjoyed using it ;)20:40
sarnoldppetraki: but bolting on a bunch of stuff to the side .. sigh20:40
vonsyd0wsarnold, whats your preferred language?20:41
ppetrakisarnold,  right, that's the thing, and in python's defense it's been around a loooong time20:41
sarnoldvonsyd0w: I haven't done more than toys in Rust, but it looks very promising.20:42
ppetrakiWeren't there like exclamation points in the Rust syntax?20:42
vonsyd0wsudormrf, there are a bunch of boards with the intel avoton chip to consider as well. give that a search and see if it fits your budget. Here is a case I was looking to get w/ an avoton board: http://www.u-nas.com/cases.html20:42
sudormrfif I remove dual NIC from the picture my options are not as limited20:44
sudormrfvonsyd0w, but how does that perform vs an i3?20:44
vonsyd0wwell aren't all i3's dual cores? The intel avoton is a quad or octa-core board. It really depends on your work load. If its a storage box, then the avoton will do just fine. Here is a cpuboss.com comparison between the two that are similarly clocked: http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Core-i3-3110M-vs-Intel-Atom-C275020:49
sarnoldppetraki: yeah, to differentiate macros from non-macros. I LIKE IT BETTER THAN C AND C++'s WAY OF INDICATING MACROS :)20:49
gorelativeanyone here familiar with debmirror20:51
ppetrakisarnold, heh20:57
cmirceaI've just upgraded the packages on a 14.04 server and it hangs with this warning "W: mdadm: /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf defines no arrays"21:38
nickanderare you using a software raid?21:39
cmirceaI have a RAID 10 array configured as /dev/md127 that still works but I'm afraid of issuing a reboot as I might lose it.21:39
cmirceaShould it be present in mdadm.conf?21:40
nickanderit looks like something to be concerned about though i'm not familiar with its functionality21:40
cmirceamdadm --detail --scan shows the array21:41
cmirceashould I add it to mdadm.conf?21:42
nickanderseems like a good idea21:42
ppetrakicmircea, theres a copy of it in your ramdisk21:43
ppetrakicmircea, mkdir /tmp/foo; cd /tmp/foo; zcat /boot/initrd-BLAH | cpio -id; cat etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf21:43
cmirceappetraki, uh, what ramdisk?21:43
ppetrakicmircea, initial ramdisk, Linux needs an early copy of it to assemble your array at boot to form things like booting to an MD21:45
cmirceappetraki, I see. I have several initrd images, one ending in .new which I assume is the one being installed.21:46
cmirceaShould I zcat the latest non-new?21:46
ppetrakicmircea, yup!21:46
ppetrakiany of the old ones should do, its not something that changes often21:47
cmirceappetraki, looks like the array wasn't mentioned in mdadm.conf21:47
cmirceappetraki, root is not on the array21:47
ppetrakicmircea, well, here's what a working config looks like, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9763976/21:48
ppetrakicmircea, just get your UUIDs from mdadm and you're good.21:49
cmirceappetraki, thanks, I've added mine to mdadm.conf21:50
ppetrakicmircea, \o/21:50
* ppetraki it's so friday21:51
cmirceaWhat should I do about the hanged SSH connection from which I ran aptitude upgrade?21:51
sudormrfdo any of you guys have any experience with time machine on ubuntu server?  setting it up and what not21:51
cmirceappetraki, last thing is said was that mdadm defines no arrays.21:51
sudormrfwondering if this is still valid: https://www.64bit.co.uk/ubuntu-as-a-osx-time-machine/21:51
ppetrakicmircea, kill it, run it again but this time from within a tmux session but not before you copy your new shiny config file in place21:52
ppetrakicmircea, shift  ~ .21:52
nickandercmircea: start running long-running commands in screen :P21:52
nickanderor tmux ^21:52
ppetrakisudormrf, don't know much about macs anymore but everything in that article looks reasonable. The mac itself is the biggest variable21:54
sudormrfyeah.  I have an OSX vm here I can test with22:01
thor77whats the prefered way to set the LANG-variable globally on ubuntu server 10.04?22:02
sudormrfppetraki, for the mdadm setup, would you say the steps listed here: https://www.grumpyland.com/blog/183/installing-software-raid-on-centos-567-via-ssh/ will work in ubuntu server (changing the obvious things like yum)?22:02
Patrickdkthor77, to wait 3 more months, when it goes unsupported, so you don't have to?22:02
thor77Patrickdk: no good solution22:03
Patrickdkjust saying, support ends in 3 months, you should be moving off it as quick as possible22:03
thor77uh. wtf22:04
thor77i meeant 14.0422:04
cmirceappetraki, SSH connection refused :<22:04
thor77my hoster doesnt even provide a 10.04 image^^22:04
thor77i tried to set it with update-locale, but after a reboot it was gone22:05
Patrickdkthor77, edit /etc/default/locale22:05
Patrickdkupdate-locate updates the *available* locate, it doesn't make one a default22:06
thor77^ my /etc/default/locale22:06
Patrickdkhmm, maybe it does22:06
thor77but after a reboot "locale" -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/9764047/22:06
thor77everything's gone22:06
thor77i think should set it for every user, right?22:07
Patrickdkthat only sets the DEFAULT for system services22:07
thor77how can i set it for every user?22:07
Patrickdkin /etc/profile.d ?22:07
thor77what should i insert there?22:08
PatrickdkI would imagine it would inherit it though22:09
thor77looks like the users doesnt take the LANG-var from /etc/default/locale22:10
Patrickdkit should actually22:10
thor77but it doesnt22:10
Patrickdkwhat does, locale -a, show?22:11
thor77its rly weird22:11
thor77there's de_DE.utf8 but locale-gen said de_DE.UTF-822:11
thor77dont know whats the right name22:11
Patrickdklooks right22:12
thor77should i set the default to de_DE.utf8 ?22:13
thor77what should i do then?22:14
PatrickdkI am not sure22:14
Patrickdkcause everything you did is right, not sure why it didn't work22:15
Patrickdkand it should never be empty22:15
Patrickdkbut it is22:15
thor77im very confused22:16
ppetrakisudormrf, looks right, doesn't talk about updating the initrd though, which should copy the config there too22:31
ppetrakisudormrf, which I guess would be dracut22:32
ppetrakisudormrf, ... and that's the end of my day, have  a good weekend!22:33
sudormrfthanks! laters!22:41
sudormrfgoing to try this tut: https://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-set-up-software-raid1-on-a-running-system-incl-grub2-configuration-ubuntu-10.0422:49
sudormrfomitting the whole swap area thing as the drives to be used are not boot drivse22:50
sudormrfon this tut: http://feeding.cloud.geek.nz/posts/setting-up-raid-on-existing/23:00
sudormrfwhat is this talking about? Specify these devices explicitly in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf:23:01
sudormrfDEVICE /dev/sda* /dev/sdb*23:01
sudormrfI tried that (using the appropriate devices) then did the check and it said something about unknown something or other23:01
sudormrflooks like it is working to me23:03
sudormrfso I don't need that device line?23:04
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