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pngo_I can send mms but can not receive one. Is this known issue or is it only my phone?00:10
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gaducouchhey guys! I'm totally new to this chat and with ubuntu touch, so i have a question regarding my phone and sms not working02:33
lotuspsychjegaducouch: wich device?02:33
gaducouchI looked it up and found some things about removing the pin-code from my sim card but there is none02:33
gaducouchnexus 5 (hammerhead)02:34
lotuspsychjegaducouch: maybe nhaines might know this02:34
gaducouchunless i just checked wrong02:34
lotuspsychjehe has a n5 i think02:34
gaducouchok and how can i contact him?02:35
lotuspsychjeidle here sometime02:35
gaducouchokay thx a lot02:35
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices02:35
lotuspsychjecheck also the status here02:36
gaducouchok will do one sec02:36
lotuspsychjesome things might not work properly on some devices02:36
gaducouchokay browsing it right now02:36
gaducouchokay seems i could have some trouble with the bluetooth but i don't really mind but thx guys i'll try to get to nhaines02:38
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nhaineslotuspsychje: I do have an N5 but I don't use pin codes on my SIM.02:44
gaducouchokay so I don't have any problems booting or anything but my phone and sms don't work02:44
gaducouchwell that's the point here02:44
gaducouchcuz I don't think i have either unless there's something i didn't understood02:45
gaducouchbut it still doesn't work02:45
nhainesOh, Bluetooth just doesn't work on N5.  So that's easy enough.02:45
gaducouchalso i have multirom so it's a secondary boot partition02:45
nhainesWhat happens, does your N5 just not see your SIM?02:45
gaducouchit does see it though02:45
nhainesI use multirom too.  It shouldn't have an effect.02:46
gaducouchcan i make sure somehow with cm11 that my sim doesn't have a pin-code?02:47
nhainesI don't know.  I suspect you'd have to unlock your SIM each time you turned on your phone if it did.02:47
nhainesCan you press the VolUp and VolDown buttons together to take a screenshot and show us what the problem is?02:48
gaducouchsorry i can't since i have to install stuff to take screenshots though but i can't try to install those and take a screenshot02:48
gaducouchwhat would be relevant to screenshot the system info? or the sim card info?02:49
gaducouchand i can try i meant02:49
gaducouchlooking it up02:49
nhainesYou don't have to install anything to take a screenshot.02:50
gaducouchno? i thought i had to because of a nexus 5 issue i'll try right away then02:51
gaducouchok it does work02:52
gaducouchwhat info could be relevant?02:53
gaducouchis there a terminal log you'd like to see?02:53
gaducouchoh and is there a terminal built-in? or i have to download an app for that purpose?02:53
nhainesYou have to download the terminal now.02:56
nhainesI don't understand what your problem is.02:56
gaducouchmeh thx a lot anyway! I' continue looking it up but i really don't need this this is more like a challenge to me right now cuz cm11 works perfeclty :) thx a lot again and thx for the patience have a nice one!02:57
nhainesYou're welcome, but I literally mean I don't know what you're asking.  You have a SIM card with no PIN, and no way to remove the PIN.02:58
gaducouchholy shit i got it, it was in my carrier option all i did was check my carrier in the APN section (altough I don't really understand all of it, it somehow worked... XD)03:01
gaducouchcheers guys!03:01
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dholbachgood morning07:57
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pittiogra_: guten Morgen, wie gehts?08:44
pittiogra_: would you know how I could boot touch (in the emulator in particular) with temporarily modified kernel args?08:45
ogra_pitti, moin moin08:45
ogra_hmm, specifically for the emulator i dont know that08:45
pittiogra_: there's obvioulsy no grub, but is there something in between fastboot and linux, or does fastboot directly boot the kernel?08:45
Wellarkjgdx: hi!08:47
ogra_pitti, its just qemu but i dont know where/how the cmdline args are set for it08:47
pittiogra_: ah, looks it migth all be hardcoded into /usr/bin/ubuntu-emulator indeed08:48
Wellarkjgdx: was there a reason why this was not landed for rtm as well? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~system-settings-touch/ubuntu-system-settings/trunk/revision/124708:48
ogra_ubuntu-emulator used to be a script so you could look that up in the past ... sadly it is go now08:48
Wellarkjgdx: you seems to have approved the vivid MP08:48
ogra_ogra@anubis:~$ grep parameters .local/share/ubuntu-emulator/touch/hardware-qemu.ini08:51
ogra_kernel.parameters =  androidboot.hardware=goldfish clocksource=pit08:51
ogra_pitti, ^^^08:51
* pitti hugs ogra_08:52
pittididrocks: ^08:52
* didrocks reads08:52
pittiogra_, didrocks: hm no, that doesn't seem to work08:56
pittiI can set a bogus/nonexisting kernel.path or add additional options to kernel.parameters, no change08:59
ogra_then i have to refer to sergiusens08:59
ogra_not sure if there is any other option you can set09:00
pittiogra_: I'll poke around in the .img files09:00
pittithanks so far!09:00
ogra_yeah, sorry i couldnt help09:00
ogra_pitti, didrocks "ubuntu-emulator run --help"09:02
pitti$ strings sdcard.img |grep hardware=09:02
pitticmdline = console=ttyHSL0,115200,n8 androidboot.hardware=mako lpj=6767709:02
pittiogra_: *blush* that's clearly too easy!09:02
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pittiogra_, didrocks: works like charm, danke!09:04
pittiogra_: /etc/init/android-tools-adbd.conf does "exec su - -c adbd" -- what is the su doing there? for changing the environment in some way, or starting PAM?09:16
ogra_pitti, making locales work09:18
pittiogra_: oh, ok; thanks09:19
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy International Hot and Spicy Foods Day! :-D09:46
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pittiogra_: will we ever go back to the "non-flipped" model? I suppose not, i. e. /etc/init/lxc-android-boot.conf is obsolete?10:00
ogra_pitti, porters used to start from unflipped for the first porting step (to then switch to flipped)10:01
pittiogra_: ah, ok; I was wondering if it's worth porting that to a systemd unit, or just drop it10:02
ogra_i guess dropping is fine for all the mount stuff ... keeping the copying of the udev rule somewhere as a saftey net wuld be nice though10:03
pittiogra_: i. e. do that if there is no /android? sure, that sounds simple enough10:03
pittiogra_: yep, I'll include that then10:04
pittiogra_: btw, I'm quite optimistic -- didrocks and I got the emulator to boot with systemd all the way up to unity and stuff10:04
pittiautomating that now :)10:04
pittiogra_: we just need to provide a systemd unit for starting the container, and an equivalent for lightdm.override -- quite simple for now :)10:06
pitti(of course that's still missing lots of services like HERE and stuff, but one after the other)10:06
uhhimhereso reading up on mir on wiki suggests some controversy10:53
uhhimhere"In September 2013, an Intel developer removed XMir support from their video driver and wrote "We do not condone or support Canonical in the course of action they have chosen, and will not carry XMir patches upstream""10:53
uhhimherewhy all the fuss?10:54
uhhimhereGPL vs MIT?10:54
uhhimherewouldnt GPL be easier10:54
uhhimhereand "healthier"10:56
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didrocksogra_: I'm unsure to understand well android-tools-adbd.upstart11:07
didrocksogra_: is that the developer mode as well and /sys/class/android_usb exists in developer mode?11:07
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ogra_didrocks, developer mode consists of three parts that should never go out of sync (very very tricky to get that working race free) ... one is the android side that manages the usb_gadget config, one is adbd on the ubuntu side and there is the upstart property bridge making them talk to each other11:34
ogra_the upstart start condition is only true if the container is running *and* the property contains "adb"11:35
ogra_the /sys/class/android_usb check is for the emulator11:35
didrocksogra_: my emulator instance doesn't have /sys/class/android_usb?11:35
ogra_(if the gadget device exists (which it indeed only does on real HW) it mounts a possible adb functionfs11:36
ogra_would be odd if it had that, yeah11:36
didrocksnot sure to understand this gadget device part and mounting a possible adb functionfs (I see the job does that, but unsure what this means actually :))11:37
ogra_the gadget driver only supports two functions by default ... i.e. adb and mtp11:37
didrocksyeah, and you switch between one or the other11:38
ogra_some kernels have a functionfs for the driver that allows more features to run at the same time11:38
ogra_adb wont work at all on such kernels if the functionfs inst initalized since the in-container boot scripts need to configure it forst11:39
didrocksah, making sense11:39
ogra_so the script checks sysfs if the ffs is enabled at all in kernel ... and then mounts it11:39
didrocksand that's why you store the developer mode flag inside the container?11:40
ogra_i store it in the property system as persistent property11:40
ogra_the property system is accessible from both sides ...11:41
ogra_android as well as ubuntu11:41
ogra_(properties with persistent. pürefix11:41
ogra_(properties with persistent. prefix are stored on disk)11:41
didrocksogra_: this is the persist.sys.usb.config=*adb, right?11:42
uhhimhereso why is there so much negativity around mir?11:42
ogra_usually either persist.sys.usb.config=adb or persist.sys.usb.config=mtp,adb in our case11:43
didrocksogra_: just to sum up, it's the android container kernel which creates /sys/class/android_usb, visible on both side?11:43
didrocks(if the device has this capability)11:43
ogra_/sys/class/android_usb is created when the usb gadget driver is initialized11:44
didrocksand this driver is inside the container? (or I totally misunderstood the container part)11:44
ogra_there is no such thing like a "container kernel"11:44
didrocksyeah sorry, I mispoke my thought :)11:44
ogra_there is a kernel ... and it has drivers :)11:45
ogra_both systems make use of these drivers11:45
ogra_usually the driver for adb is compiled into the kernel (not as a module) on touch11:45
ogra_so on real devices you most likely always have that sysfs node11:45
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ogra_the whole configuration of the device is done by init.rc configs on the android side and controlled by the property system11:46
ogra_the whole daemon part is handled by the upstart job *based* on the property setting11:47
didrocksok, I think I need to dive into this a little bit more, but now, at least, I have a good base :)11:47
didrocksthanks ogra_ for all the help :)11:47
ogra_np, ping me if you have more questions11:48
didrockswill certainly do! :)11:48
ogra_(it is easier to understand if you understand the android boot and how the init.rc files manage the boot ... but thats true for everything in touch where the container is somehow involved)11:49
didrocksogra_: ok, will start from the init.rc then11:50
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pittiChickenCutlass: hey Michael, how are you?14:37
ChickenCutlasspitti: hey14:37
pittiChickenCutlass: do you care about reviewing adding a systemd unit to powerd, or are you ok with doing that between didrocks and me?14:37
ChickenCutlasspitti: I trust you :).  But sure I will take a look14:38
pittiChickenCutlass: it's a no-op for upstart, and I tested it in the emulator; I'll test the arm debs on the real phone of course14:38
pittibut it's simple enough14:38
ChickenCutlassok great14:38
pittisil2100: I wanted to add a silo for my powerd branch, but the job failed because powerd was already in another silo14:59
pittisil2100: which is correct, it's in http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?distro=ubuntu&q=landing-00014:59
pittisil2100: but it seems even though the job failed, it assigned a silo anyway: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/citrain_dashboard/#?distro=ubuntu&q=landing-00114:59
pittisil2100: should this be "unassigned" again, to not block the silo?15:00
sil2100pitti: hey! I actually took and overwrote the warning, since we now allow having silos with conflicting components15:00
sil2100But well, we prefer if those are coordinated between landers15:01
sil2100pitti: so if you make sure that rsalveti is aware of your work and you coordinate with him who lands first, it's all ok15:01
sil2100The other person will have to rebuild after the first lands though15:01
pittisil2100: (meeting, bbl, but I'm fine with postponing mine)15:02
rsalvetipitti: let me check15:07
rsalvetipitti: have one landing for vivid and should be doing yours in a few15:08
rsalvetiso don't worry15:08
pittirsalveti: right, thanks15:08
pittisil2100: so I guess we should unassign mine?15:09
rsalvetino need15:09
rsalvetijust need to coordinate the build & landing steps15:09
sil2100pitti: yeah, it can stay assigned and you can build when rsalveti lands his parts15:15
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jgdxWellark, I wonder if this is a bug in your connectivity code? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-network/+bug/141171415:32
ubot5Launchpad bug 1411714 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "indicator-network not functioning after modems reboot" [Undecided,New]15:32
jgdxWellark, incidentally, that was the thing I was pinging you for15:33
jgdxjust remembered15:33
kenvandinejgdx, so your tech-switch branch, should really be tested on both mako and krillin right?15:36
kenvandinejgdx, just for regressions on mako15:36
kenvandinesince it has only one modem15:36
jgdxkenvandine, yes15:36
kenvandineso on mako, i should test tech pref changes right?15:37
kenvandineanything else?15:37
jgdxkenvandine, I'm doing something on krillin right now, mind posting list-modems | grep has3G ?15:40
kenvandinejgdx, sure, one sec15:42
kenvandine        Has3G = 015:42
kenvandine        Has3G = 115:42
jgdxkenvandine, huh? mako?15:44
pittisil2100: ok, if blocking the silo for a few days isn't hurting15:44
pittisil2100: (sorry, was in a long meeting)15:44
kenvandinejgdx, whoops... that's krillin :)15:45
kenvandinejgdx, 5m on the mako15:45
kenvandinejgdx, returns nothing on mako15:50
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ogra_dholbach, HÄÄÄPPIE BÖÖÖRSDÄÄÄIII16:00
dholbachthanks ogra_ :))16:00
kenvandinejgdx, it'll be a little bit before i get to testing that branch, my krillin is busy running the full AP suite for silo 18 :)16:06
kenvandinei really wish our tests were faster16:06
jgdxUrsinha, I second that16:08
jgdxUrsinha, tab fail, sorry16:08
jgdxWellark, seems connectivity has nothing to do with it. Updated the bug.16:13
Ursinhajgdx: :)16:15
phunHey, I'd like to know how to get into developing for the Ubuntu Touch platform via Launchpad?16:23
jgdxkenvandine, just did some mako testing using the tech switch package: looks good16:33
jgdxkenvandine, now, some krillin single sim testing16:34
kenvandinejgdx, ok, cool16:34
gcolluraElleo, ping16:42
Elleogcollura: pong?16:42
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gcolluraElleo, do you remember https://code.launchpad.net/~gcollura/content-hub/fix-1384490/+merge/240156 ? can I make a branch with the fix for the labels color (and header background for vivid ui-toolkit), since you're just want the background to always be plain white? :)16:43
Elleogcollura: ah yeah, sorry, I was meaning to get back to that after the break, but let it slip16:44
Elleokenvandine: How do you feel about exposing colour settings for the content peer picker? I see the mhall119 has already done some hacks in his reddit app to set the colour, so I figure it might be best to just let people do that reliably than have them implement hacks around it?16:45
MasterAwesomeI have doubts regarding the build process16:45
Elleogcollura: I'm thinking now that maybe we should just expose a few colour properties for the background, but lets see what ken's thoughts are16:45
MasterAwesomei keep getting no rule to make target .../extract_elf_ramdisk which is required by boot.img16:46
MasterAwesomebut i have created an android.mk file16:46
mhall119Elleo: all I needed was 2 properties, but really you can probably expose just one and use Qt.darker/lighter to produce the other16:46
MasterAwesomeand i included it in the yuga.mk16:46
mhall119Elleo: or just make it transparent?16:46
gcolluramhall119, Elleo in the current MP branch I'm setting the background as the same as the app16:47
Elleomhall119: transparent could work16:47
Elleogcollura: that doesn't set it the same as the app unfortunately, that sets it to the theme colour (which gets determined by the app colour, but isn't the same)16:48
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gcolluramhall119, like this? http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~gcollura/content-hub/fix-1384490/revision/16116:48
gcolluraElleo, ok16:49
Elleogcollura: I'll have a play with making it transparent on monday and let you know how it goes, otherwise I'd be infavour of exposing colour properties if kenvandine's okay with it16:49
Elleogcollura: making the background rectangle transparent, not the white apps rectangle16:50
mhall119thanks Elleo16:50
gcolluraElleo, ok16:50
Elleothe main issue would be whether it might cause any issues for apps already using it16:51
mhall119Elleo: if the apps rectangle won't be transparent, we should add a color property to change it16:51
ElleoI think really we need to expose colours16:51
Elleomaking it transparent seems risky, since some apps aren't embedding it in pages they're embedding it in dialogs16:51
mhall119I'd be happy with that, then you can default to what it is now and won't break anybody's app16:52
mhall119I just want to remove that really ugly hack from my app :)16:52
mhall119it (rightfully) pains me to see it in there16:52
gcolluraElleo, most apps are using ContentPeerPicker this way I think http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/messaging-app/trunk/view/head:/src/qml/PictureImport.qml#L4716:53
gcolluraRectangle should be white by default16:53
Elleogcollura: we can't guarantee all apps are though16:53
gcolluraElleo, ok, let me know how you will tackle this issue as soon as you decide :)16:56
Elleogcollura: will do16:57
Elleogcollura: I'll put it to the top of my list for Monday, assuming I can get the bug I'm working on now sorted before EOD16:58
kenvandineElleo, that's fine with me16:58
Elleokenvandine: okay, cool16:58
kenvandineas long as the app grid isn't16:58
kenvandinethat could be hard to read16:58
Elleokenvandine: keep the app grid white at all times?16:59
kenvandinei think so16:59
kenvandinewell... i guess color properties would be ok16:59
Elleokenvandine: we could be using the luminence tools to make sure the font is always readable (like the toolkit does)16:59
kenvandineif a developer really wants to make it hard to read, they can :)16:59
kenvandinethat helps16:59
kenvandineplay around with it :)16:59
kenvandinejgdx, should changing has3G change which sim to use for data?17:08
kenvandinejgdx, i set sim1 to 3g, and it was already set as the sim to use for data17:08
kenvandineafter the switch, it changed to sim2 for data17:08
cyphermoxnuclearbob: hey hey17:10
nuclearbobcyphermox: ahoy17:11
kenvandinejgdx, the sim change for data happened like a full minute after the 3g switch17:11
cyphermoxnuclearbob: power management metering is coming up again, do we have a way to get this in daily testing?17:11
cyphermoxie. I'm thinking wifi power, battery usage and such17:11
nuclearbobcyphermox: there's a power meter on its way to me, when it gets here I'll be automating power measurements on it17:11
cyphermoxah, I guess yeah the lack of tools can't help17:13
cyphermoxdo you know when we'll receive it?17:13
nuclearbobshould be early next week17:13
kenvandinejgdx, oh... this might have been my fault17:16
* kenvandine reboots17:16
jgdxkenvandine, /me reads17:16
jgdxyeah, after upgrading ofono you'll need a reboot17:16
kenvandinejgdx, for t-mobile i need to force it to not use ipv6 after wiping17:16
kenvandinei forgot to do that17:16
kenvandinedo i need to upgrade ofono?17:16
kenvandinei thought the right ofono was in vivid already17:17
jgdxI don't think so, the plan is to land them together17:17
kenvandineso where do i get the right ofono?17:18
kenvandinei thought landing together was for the rtm landing17:18
jgdxkenvandine, maybe it is17:19
jgdxright, https://code.launchpad.net/~phablet-team/ofono/vivid-update-1/+merge/24228717:19
kenvandineseems better now that i worked around the ipv6 problem17:20
kenvandinejgdx, but... there is a bit of a delay in updating the UI after the UI comes back17:21
jgdxkenvandine, if you hit 1411714, maybe just mark as affecting you too17:21
kenvandinewhen the spinner stops, it says data is off17:21
jgdxkenvandine, yeah… not sure what to do about that17:21
kenvandinethen 10 seconds or so later it switches17:21
jgdxwe stop spinning when present is true.. if we wait for connman, we could wait forever17:21
jgdx(data might be off)17:22
kenvandinecould you wait for connman if data was on when the switch started?17:22
kenvandinei guess if it fails to register that could happen too17:22
jgdxhm, we could17:23
jgdxI have a thing now, but I'll be back later17:24
jgdxbad timing17:24
julienrbtI've recently bought a Nexus 4 and installed Ubuntu Touch17:27
julienrbtquestion: the nfc works?17:27
ogra_julienrbt, i dont think it does yet ...17:30
ogra_iirc mzanetti took a glance once17:31
ogra_not sure he had the time to actually implement anything for ti yet17:31
mzanettinah, haven't gotten anywhere17:31
davmor2mzanetti: man you been slacking off and only working 24hours a day instead of 48 again?17:32
mzanetti... sort of, yes17:34
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rezaaI Can Install ubuntu Tuch For Sony Xperia Z Ultra19:02
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julienrbtrezaa https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices :)19:11
julienrbtif it is not available: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting :D19:11
kenvandinemandel, confirmed, your rtm backport for fix-pause works :)19:38
kenvandinemandel, i top approved, i see you had a silo request already, so i leave that with you19:42
kenvandinemandel, thanks again!19:42
mandelkenvandine, awesome19:47
jgdxkenvandine, lol, pass on a ap run20:13
jgdx(on jenkins)20:13
jgdxgood job!20:13
kenvandinejgdx, :-D20:29
touchwhat tablets are good for Full desktop convergence20:30
touchwhat tablets are good for Full desktop convergence20:31
jgdx!devices | touch20:32
ubot5touch: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices20:32
ZacharyIgielmanBUG: I have a weekday alarm which should repeat everyday but now turns off after each alarm so I have to turn it back on everyday after the alarm. Anyone else getting this?20:32
jgdxkenvandine, ok that I land https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/rtm-1388044/+merge/244878 and https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/rtm-1390557/+merge/242121 monday?20:33
kenvandinejgdx, please do!20:33
jgdxkenvandine, I'm looking into your comment.20:33
kenvandinejgdx, if you could, land other rtm branches that are ready and ack'd for ww03 or ww05 :)20:34
kenvandinejgdx, i'll be out monday20:34
jgdxkenvandine, roger20:35
jgdxkenvandine, for how long are you on tonight?20:35
kenvandinejgdx, the fix-pause branch is in an rtm silo building now20:35
kenvandinehopefully that'll get cleared out before you are ready to land those20:35
kenvandine2 more hours20:35
kenvandinemaybe 1.5 hours :)20:35
kenvandineit is friday20:35
kenvandinejgdx, what do you need?20:36
kenvandinemaybe another review of tech-switch?20:36
jgdxkenvandine, yea20:37
kenvandineif i'm afk by the time it's ready, i'll likely look at it later tonight20:37
kenvandinejgdx, np20:39
nik90ZacharyIgielman: that has been fixed in the latest rtm promoted image today20:40
nik90ZacharyIgielman: btw it just appears turned off, but it works as expected in case you still have the bug20:40
ZacharyIgielmanSo it has been fixed? I don't have to report it?20:41
nik90ZacharyIgielman: yup it has been fixed in the latest promoted image #1420:43
jgdxkenvandine, problem: connMan.powered both come back false after the reboot20:43
ZacharyIgielmanFantastic thanks! Where can I find the release notes for each image?20:43
nik90ZacharyIgielman: here's the bug report that was submitted before https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/141117120:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1411171 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) "Repeating alarms appear disabled in clock app after it went off once" [High,In progress]20:43
nik90ZacharyIgielman: not sure since there are a couple of images before they promote one .. so one has to combine the changelog for a couple of images20:44
ahoneybundoes anyone have working mms?20:45
ZacharyIgielmanThanks guys :D20:46
kenvandinejgdx, i guess that makes sense20:46
kenvandineand we have to wait for them to come up20:46
jgdxkenvandine, not if the interfaces isn't there, which it is not20:46
kenvandinejgdx, do we have to display "off" for data access in that case though?20:46
jgdxI think it's a bug in libqofono, and I'll file it.20:46
jgdxbut I can wait for the interface to come back up :)20:46
jgdxso yay, most likely fixable20:47
touchwhat tablets are good for Full desktop convergence20:50
nhainestouch: none.20:51
nhainesCheck back after 16.10.20:51
touchnhaines:what do you mean20:54
nhainestouch: full desktop convergence doesn't exist in Ubuntu.20:55
nhainesSo one will need to wait until the feature is developed before we will know which hardware it will run on.20:55
dobeyahoneybun: works fine for me21:07
ahoneybundobey, what settings do you have for apn and what carrier?21:08
dobeyahoneybun: if you have t-mo us (or another carrier that defaults to inet6 you need to change the apn to use inet)21:08
ahoneybunI have cricket (at&t) dobey21:09
ahoneybunthe apn says ndo21:09
dobeyahoneybun: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/132415721:10
ubot5Launchpad bug 1324157 in ofono (Ubuntu) "cannot receive MMS using AT+T" [High,Fix released]21:10
dobeynot sure if that will help though21:11
ahoneybundobey, not sure about receiving, but I can;t send21:11
dobeyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/android-src-vendor/+bug/1351434 might help too21:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1351434 in android-src-vendor (Ubuntu) "APN info for Straight Talk via AT&T" [Medium,Confirmed]21:11
dobeyahoneybun: i've had problems sending when network connection was finicky too21:12
dobeyswitching between wifi/3g and such21:12
ahoneybundobey, I have the apn as ndo for internet but not sure what to do with the mms apn21:12
ahoneybunin android the apn handles both21:12
dobeyi don't know what ndo is21:13
ahoneybunwell cricket says it is a the apn: https://www.cricketwireless.com/support/apps-and-services/bring-your-own-device-byod/customer/bring-your-own-android.htmlhttps://www.cricketwireless.com/support/apps-and-services/bring-your-own-device-byod/customer/bring-your-own-android.html21:14
dobeyahoneybun: does 3g data work?21:18
ahoneybunI set the mms apn as custom but I can't switch it to same as the internet apn21:19
ahoneybunthere is a list to select it but I can't change21:19
dobeynot sure21:23
dobeyjgdx: ^^ any ideas, if you're still around?21:23
jgdxdobey, not really. Wellark ^21:24
jgdxkenvandine, it looks like the connection manager is pondering for ~10 secs before telling libqofono that sim n is using data. So right now I don't have a solution. Other than maybe waiting 10 extra seconds.21:46
jgdxawe_, ping21:47
awe_jgdx, pong21:48
kenvandinejgdx, ugly21:51
jgdxawe_, we're having a problem in u-s-s after a modem reboot. When the ConnectionManager interface is re-created (reported to exist by ModemInterface), it spends ~10 seconds figuring out that one of the SIMs had "Powered" set to true before the reboot.21:51
jgdxawe_, I'm not sure where the lag is. Ofono-monitor is not reporting exactly when the ConnectionManager powered setting changes, so it could be libqofono's fault. What do you think?21:54
awe_monitor-ofono should show all the prop changes...21:54
awe_it may be that it takes that long for the ConnectionManager iface to get re-created after the reset21:55
awe_I can try on my end if you'd like?  I think your best bet is to send an email to me & Alfonso with the details21:56
jgdxawe_, that'd be great. I see Attached and Bearer events, but not Powered. This is after the reboot, not under normal conditions, then I see Powered as well.21:57
jgdxhm, Powered is set to false on has3G = true. I missed that.21:59
jgdxNoskcaj, that's on Modem21:59
jgdxNoskcaj, I mean21:59
awe_OK.  The devil's in the details... ;)-22:00
awe_if you need me to run the scenario, I will22:00
jgdxawe_, I dont' know what's best considering the plan. It's seems to be an ofono bug and I don't know where that leaves us.22:01
jgdxawe_, I'm going to send alfonso an email asap.22:01
awe_ok. Please send the email, and I can give it a try over the weekend.22:01
jgdxcool, thanks22:02
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
SturmFlutI'm building a cheap network scanner app and my current approach is to run /bin/ping on the phone using QProcess. The app works on the desktop, but fails on the phone with error type QProcess::FailedToStart. Is QProcess generally unavailable on the phone or do I need additional apparmor privileges besides "networking"?22:12
dobeySturmFlut: you're not allowed to run processes that aren't part of your own app, under confinement22:13
SturmFlutdobey: I see, thanks. On to the next approach...22:22

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