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* knightwise shakes fist06:38
mapitohi all06:39
knightwisehey mapito06:40
knightwisenothing much06:41
knightwiseworkin for da man06:41
mapitothis early?:D06:41
knightwisebeen up since 5.4006:42
mapitodoing what exactly06:42
zmoylan-piwondering where the sun went...06:43
knightwiseI'm a freelance it consultnt06:44
knightwiseMy client is in the us , so i can have flexible hours06:44
mapitohow was that emulartion thingy06:45
knightwiseneed a bigger sd card to get it working06:46
knightwiseGot the games on there but it did not recognise the controller06:46
mapitothis state of affairs show is quite cool06:49
* knightwise dont have a tv :) 06:54
knightwisewell ,we dont have cable06:54
mapitoi dont have a tv here nor cabke06:55
mapitocable since i moved06:55
knightwisewe have a tv in the living room06:57
knightwisewith a pc hooked up to it06:57
knightwiseand a chromecast06:57
knightwisedoes everything we need06:57
zmoylan-pisurely you can use jedi powers in place of controller knightwise? :-)06:58
mapitoi have 2 50!" in uk06:59
mapitobut nothing here06:59
knightwisezmoylan-pi: I should be able to :p06:59
mapitoi do miss having my desk nice comfy chair and 2 big tvs06:59
mapitocant fit a desk and big tv in my room here06:59
knightwisebut I dont think a commodore 64 rom from 83 supports a kineckt06:59
zmoylan-pias long as the kinnect can mimic a keyboard you'll be grand07:00
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knightwise  hey sebsebseb07:49
sebsebsebknightwise: hi07:49
knightwisehey dude, hows it hangin07:52
sebsebsebknightwise: yeah ok,  just thinking a bit hmm to the Belgium news.  todays, since going there soon07:53
knightwiseits not that bad..07:57
knightwisejust a raid in some town07:57
knightwisenews is making it sound like we have a terrorist cell ready to strike. little bit of a media huff07:57
knightwisesebsebseb: where in belgium are you going ?07:57
sebsebsebknightwise: Brussels for FOSDEM :)07:58
knightwisecool :-07:58
knightwisei'll be going too :)07:58
sebsebsebyou know what FOSDEM is right?07:58
knightwiseon saturday07:58
knightwiseyep :)07:58
knightwiseyou flyin in from the Uk ?08:00
sebsebsebknightwise: you shouldbe there on the FRiday evening really08:01
sebsebsebfor the beer event08:01
sebsebseband yes flying08:01
sebsebsebknightwise: oh your in Belgium  according to your host name08:02
knightwiseyep :)08:04
knightwiseAbout an hour from brussels08:04
sebsebsebknightwise: right that's it,  your not alloweed here,  your not in UK :d08:04
sebsebsebit's called ubuntu-uk08:04
sebsebsebknightwise: oh wait I don't really use Ubuntu anymore, maybe I shound't be here either hten heh heh,  altough actsaully  I plan to buy a BQ Ubuntu Phone :d08:05
sebsebsebhowever I got this awesome Jolla phone already now so :d08:05
MooDoo_hello all08:05
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sebsebseboh and popey likes me maybe,  I Have meet him in person twice at leas08:05
sebsebsebMooDoo: hi08:06
knightwisesebsebseb: coool :) hows that workin out for ya ?08:06
knightwisebeen curious about them08:06
knightwisemorning MooDoo08:06
sebsebsebknightwise: hows what working out for me?08:06
knightwisethat jolla phone08:07
* knightwise needs to reboot ... the first time i got up this morning I was all ugly .. perhaps if i reboot it will be gone08:07
sebsebsebknightwise: oh  Jolla phone is interesting :)08:08
sebsebsebLInux based OS08:08
sebsebsebGUI is apprnatly propritary though or for now, but yes rather interesteing OS08:08
knightwisecool :)08:08
sebsebsebruns it's own OS,  has it's own apps, but here's the thing,  it's compatible with Android apps08:08
sebsebsebso yes who needs Anroid now :d08:08
sebsebsebI don't08:09
knightwiseits like a resurrection of the n900 ?08:09
sebsebsebto me Android seems  to be so popular since it's from peoples beloved Google08:09
sebsebseband  since it's  pretty much open source,  loads of  different companies could use it so08:09
knightwisewell ... its one of the THE mainstream brands/OS's out there. (android is)08:10
sebsebsebyes it's ok for what it is, but what Jolla runs is more interesting trust me :)08:10
sebsebsebin fact08:10
sebsebsebit runs Wayland08:10
sebsebseband BTFS as well08:10
sebsebsebknightwise: proper  Linux geek phone :d  altough  they want to go main stremae really.  small company  by former NOkia people08:11
sebsebseband yes get actsaul proper  OS upates to :),  altough I  ignored the geeks who tol me to just go an upradei it straight away, since I Wanted to mess around with the old shipped version first08:12
mapitoisnt jolla from ex nokia people?08:14
sebsebsebmapito: yes as I just put08:14
mapitooh sorry didnt see08:15
mapitoits late im tired:)08:15
sebsebsebmapito: late?  more like early08:15
sebsebsebaltouh depends on where people are from08:15
mapitoi work nights08:15
sebsebseboh right I see08:15
sebsebsebknightwise: mapito need a differnet sim card  to use my Jolla phone as an actsual phone though08:16
sebsebseb,but about to switch network anyway08:16
sebsebseband then I'll have the one I need :)08:16
knightwisesebsebseb: like a different format ?08:20
sebsebsebknightwise: what you mean?08:20
knightwisewhy do you need a different card for the jolla ?08:21
sebsebsebsince my old card isn't the right one08:22
sebsebsebthere's like four  sim cards08:22
sebsebsebI need another type08:22
sebsebsebI need a microsim or whatever yeah08:22
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popeysebsebseb: i thought jolla had open sourced everything in the UI now?08:46
sebsebsebpopey: I don't know maybe08:46
knightwisemorning popey08:47
knightwisewill you be coming to fossdem ?08:47
sebsebsebmaybe I should meet knightwise whoever that is whilst there :d08:48
knightwisewell .. i'm one of the few english-podcasting belgian podcasters you can meet at fossdem :)08:48
knightwisewww.knightwise.com sebsebseb :)08:49
knightwisearticles + podcast08:49
popeyknightwise: maybe08:50
sebsebsebpopey: really your maybe coming?08:51
popeyindeed, maybe08:51
sebsebsebCanonical willl pay for you to go?08:51
popeymaybe :)08:51
knightwiseCoolz I owe you a drink for all the times you've helped me out08:52
knightwise+ for having one of the coolest brit radio voices i know08:52
* knightwise envious of popeys bass-like brawl08:52
sebsebsebpopey: ok  tell me if your coming closer to the time :D08:52
sebsebsebknightwise: oh you haven't met popey before? I have08:52
knightwiseI should come over to oggcamp some day08:52
sebsebsebpopey is really an alien, whoops so much for that secret08:53
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sebsebsebknightwise: yeah, but FOSDEM is way better than OGG Camp and oh I Know :d08:53
sebsebsebway bigger to08:53
sebsebsebdifferet styled events08:54
sebsebsebOGG Camp has the UK feel to it08:54
sebsebsebFOSDEM has that European internatioanl even feel08:54
knightwiseFosdem does not have Laura"s delightfull northern accent08:55
sebsebsebknightwise: altogh at FOSDEM get hose like08:55
sebsebsebwell coloureful t-shirts08:55
* knightwise cannot search anything in duckduckgo without giggling08:55
sebsebsebin like purple and green and such08:55
sebsebsebI wasn't so sure the first year I went so didn't buy one, regret that a bit now, but ah well08:55
knightwisesebsebseb: you're gonna be me guide ! :) its my first time at fosdem08:56
sebsebsebOGG Camp gets well black t-shirts and such08:56
sebsebsebcan't go wrong with black really :)08:56
knightwisesizes are mostly too big for me08:56
* knightwise is scrawny08:56
sebsebsebknightwise: you need to be there FRiday evening really08:56
sebsebsebknightwise: beer event yeah08:56
sebsebsebbeer event is out of this world :d08:56
sebsebsebso full that if in UK, it would break some health and safety laws probably08:57
sebsebsebsince it gets so full08:57
sebsebsebso packed way  to packed for that venue really08:57
sebsebsebso full that  the quotee out side ends up going back to the near by road full of people,  mixed in with the smokers08:58
sebsebsebpacked full of people08:58
knightwiseGotta dash , be back laters08:58
knightwisebusiness meeting in antwerp08:58
sebsebsebknightwise: and  the guy I was with there last year, was worried when the lights up stairs went out08:58
sebsebsebok bye for now08:58
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popeysebsebseb: knightwise yes, I'm now booked to go to fosdem.09:15
sebsebsebpopey: when you going then?09:15
sebsebseband back?09:16
sebsebseband do you have to do a talk or something09:16
sebsebsebor they just let you go?09:16
sebsebsebThursday to Monday for me09:17
popeyI am not giving a talk.09:17
sebsebsebpopey: how you getting there09:20
popeychoo choo09:20
sebsebsebtrain ok.09:20
* sebsebseb is tring to get some plans sorted out already to some extent now :d09:21
sebsebsebso  Thursday should be hpefuly meeting some intersting people :)09:21
sebsebsebin the evening09:21
sebsebsebFriday maybe someone interesting to09:21
sebsebsebMonday  not sure what wil happen09:21
sebsebsebother than checking out etc, flying back in eveing09:21
davmor2and auto mobiles09:22
popeyThose aren't pillows!09:22
sebsebsebpopey: what are you going to do on Friday and Monday?09:24
sebsebseband so on09:24
sebsebsebwhat are your plans in other words? :)09:24
popeywell I wont get there till late on friday09:24
popeyso will probably go directly to beer, do not pass go09:25
sebsebsebdo not pass go what's that?09:25
sebsebseband indeed beer event is on late09:25
davmor2do not collect £200 for passing go09:25
sebsebsebhmm I don't undersatnd it seems uh09:25
sebsebsebI should be meeting two geek girls on the Thursday evening that wil be interesting09:27
davmor2sebsebseb: just a word to the wise Geek Girl probably not a good thing to call them :)  Shockingly They prefer names or Ladies :)09:28
popeysebsebseb: where you staying?09:28
popeysome do09:28
popeyI have a friend who attends "Geek Girl Dinners" in London.09:29
sebsebsebdavmor2: well yes names are used :)09:29
sebsebsebpopey: a cheap  hotel, a bit outside the centre09:29
sebsebsebpopey: altough one that seems to give a half used toilet role hmm,  and a new one09:29
sebsebsebmight change hotel this year though if I have proper reason09:30
sebsebseb,but otherwise there again09:30
sebsebsebsince some from my project should be staying thre again09:30
sebsebsebcan still cancel09:30
sebsebsebfor now09:30
sebsebsebpopey: yeah I complaind about that like lats yaer or the year before at reception, and it's like, oh I'll pas on the message09:31
sebsebsebdid they? no probably not09:31
sebsebsebpopey: I   guess some hotels don't really care much about the room etc09:32
sebsebsebwhere are you intending on staying?09:33
* sebsebseb already paid a load on flights and insurances with that, so may as well have a cheap hotel agian then, not going to be there that much anyway09:34
popeysebsebseb: scandic09:40
sebsebseboh Scandic I think that's one I stayed in in  Denmark years ago09:41
sebsebsebwhen we we  went by car al the way to SWeden  from  Engalnd yeah09:41
sebsebsebpopey: I think most people go for somethig more centrla yeah09:42
sebsebsebwho com to FOSDEM09:42
sebsebsebmaybe I should start doing the same, if the trams are oging to be a pain each time uh.   it changed last year, from the year before.  so that really was  something  trying to get to FOSDEM and back09:42
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Friday, and happy International Hot and Spicy Foods Day! :-D09:46
* zmoylan-pi celebrates the diversity of international hot and spicy foods day with coffee and toast :-)09:47
* sebsebseb celebrates, uhmm nothing :d09:47
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)09:49
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:55
* davmor2 throws JamesTait into the curry pot and cranks the heat up, there you go good sir hot and spicy09:57
* JamesTait just thanks davmor2 for already having reported the bug with repeating alarms.09:58
davmor2it's fixed in latest09:59
davmor2JamesTait: and I thought it was jibel that reported it I just confirmed and added details :)10:00
JamesTaitdavmor2, possibly. Either way, you beat me to it!10:02
davmor2JamesTait: technically that is our job ;)10:03
JamesTaitdavmor2, and a valuable one it is, too.10:04
davmor2JamesTait: we like to think so :)10:04
awilkinsre: Dualit toaster (from yesterday)10:32
awilkins+1 on them being the best toasters10:33
awilkinsWhen I was a junior doc, those toasters were the major source of comfort and sustenance10:33
awilkinsThey are an absolute toast juggernaut. Regardless of how you felt, how many hours you'd pulled, they produce evenly done, consistently brown, perfect toast, day in, day out, for a small army of medical staff, with no complaints.10:34
awilkinsThe only downside was they got used so much that you had to clean the crumb tray out quite often10:35
awilkinsDualit Toasters : The toaster keeping the NHS alive.10:35
ThomasRedstoneMorning all!10:36
ThomasRedstoneNice when you can start your day by watching Question Time... :-) that is one funny show!10:37
awilkinsSure you don't mean QI  ?   ;-)10:40
brobostigonor HIGNFY :)10:45
popeyawilkins: I love the phrase "toast juggernaut"10:56
popeyawilkins: didn't know you were/are a doctor.10:57
awilkinspopey, A long time ago now... but I still do healthcare IT stuff, as I have for most of my working life11:04
DJonesWho better than a doctor to deal with software bugs11:05
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davmor2DJones: you mean to work with anitviruses right :)12:14
DJonesThat'd work I guess :)12:18
Myrtti_soldering irons are great12:20
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Myrttioof. https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/367112:32
MartijnVdSthe rm -rf one?12:33
MartijnVdSGiven the attention, I'm sure they'll fix it soon12:34
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MyrttiTesco sells these lovely whole grain Kellogs raspberry poptarts imported from Italy. 100% recommend.12:41
ThomasRedstoneawilkins, nope, question time, the arguments are very funny sometimes :-) and it's even funnier, because these are respected (to a degree) academics, (not so respected) members of parliament, and other people, not just a load of comedians :-P12:55
popeyi had to switch of question time last night and go to bed12:59
popeyI was just getting cross with them all12:59
popeyhttp://blog.monumentvalleygame.com/blog/2015/1/15/monument-valley-in-numbers is fascinating13:01
popeyaquarius: ^ you seen that?13:01
aquariusI have indeed13:02
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knightwiseafternoon peeps13:06
* knightwise just went to a meeting with a man that looked like the director of Jurassic Park.13:07
daftykinsthe late Richard Attenborough?13:08
knightwiseWhen he was comparing his company to this big place with all these little sub companies .. i was DYING to say : "kinda like jurassic park"  ?13:09
knightwisewith the big park and the little pens for the dinosaurs ? :)13:10
daftykinsdid you don a girls wig and proclaim "i know this, this is unix!"13:11
knightwiseLOL :) I would look hot with a ponytail13:12
knightwiseAriana Richards ... She has aged quite well.13:18
MartijnVdSknightwise: it's a unix system. She knows that.13:22
ThomasRedstonethat Steam bug is dreadful :-| I have steam on my computer... I think I'll avoid launching it for now...13:23
knightwiseThomasRedstone: nownow .. lets not panic.13:24
daftykinsor run it as another user :>13:24
knightwisewhats the chance that code will get exexuted ?13:24
ThomasRedstoneit's just me and root here...13:24
knightwisesame for my system.13:25
ThomasRedstoneand he's not a proper user, nah, if I felt safe uninstalling it, I would, but without reviewing their code, I don't think I do!13:25
MooDooit's ok as long as you installed in a seperate folder and not /home or /13:25
MooDooor i might have totally missread the post :D13:25
knightwisebut whats the command rm -rf /13:25
knightwiseor rm -rf13:25
popeyrm -rf $FOO/13:26
popeywith $FOO unset13:26
knightwisewhy put that in the the first place13:26
daftykinsmust've been the interns job13:26
popeybecause there's a button in steam to remove apps13:26
* knightwise annoyed at police helicopters flying around13:26
popeyit just isn't sanity checked properly13:26
daftykinsknightwise: they're onto you13:26
knightwisedaftykins: I would not be surprised :p13:26
* knightwise burns his torrents13:27
knightwisenah , big court case in town today13:27
knightwisewe have the district courthouse in this town13:27
knightwisealways some sensational murder trial on..13:27
daftykinsoh dear13:28
knightwisethis week its a "hells angels shooting showdown" murder-mistery13:28
knightwiseLeather clad nose pierced agatha fletcher buzzing about13:28
daftykinsi imagined a biker agatha christie just then, which had me think of Miss Marple in a biker gang13:34
knightwisewith her little white nail-studded purse blowing in the wind as she races along.13:36
* knightwise 's mind is always full of this kind of strange imagerie13:36
aquariuspopey, the most interesting point about that numbers thing was summarised excellently in a tweet I saw, which said "see, it is possible to make money from ios development! you just need to spend over 12 months and nearly a million dollars developing one of the best games of the year, and then you'll make money!"13:36
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aquariuspopey, you ever heard of http://www.prestigio.com/catalogue/MultiPhones/MultiPhone_3502_DUO ?13:44
aquariusnor me13:45
aquariusor the company!13:45
MyrttiI caved in and bought a new battery for my old Galaxy Nexus which I keep my Finnish SIM card in13:48
daftykinsi'm sure you know, but full charges whilst switched off give them the prod they need to function properly again13:49
knightwiseis it possible to play the audio of a command line app over ssh ?13:49
Myrttidaftykins: it wouldn't turn on or charge the old battery at all after running out of battery and being dropped behind the nightstand where I forgot it to for three weeks...13:50
aquariusknightwise, do you mean: sat in front of machine A, ssh into machine B and play sound out of B's speakers, or do you mean to ssh from machine A to machine B and play sound out of A#s speakers?13:50
aquariusknightwise, that is: do you want to send audio back along the connection, like you can with X forwarding?13:50
aquariusknightwise, if you do, then pulseaudio can do that; see http://askubuntu.com/questions/371687/how-to-carry-audio-over-ssh13:51
daftykinsMyrtti: i mean after putting the new battery in :)13:52
Myrttiwell, the old battery was bad enough anyway, so no harm done.13:52
aquariusRight, question for you all. My dad's thinking about getting a new computer. It will run Ubuntu 14.04. He doesn't need anything super-powerful; he wants a desktop machine. I've had quite a lot of luck in the past with him and "self-contained" machines -- the Aspire Revo, that sort of thing, for cost reasons; that sort of machine normally shakes out at under £200. He's already got monitor, keyboard, etc. He uses Fla13:53
aquariussh stuff, so x86 rather than ARM, please. Any suggestions?13:53
daftykinswhat i'm getting at is a friend got a new battery for a samsung he has, but it was still acting like the battery was as dead as the old one - no matter how long he left it on charge. i said i'd take a look, ran it flat then charged whilst off (which he didn't do) and then it was back to lasting for days instead of 30 mins \o/13:53
knightwiseaquarius: audio file + app is on machine A . i'm SSh'd in from machine B but would like to listen to the file13:53
aquariusknightwise, right, then try detecting pulseaudio across the ssh connection as per askubuntu article above13:54
MartijnVdSaquarius: is an Intel NUC an option?13:54
MartijnVdSthe low-end ones are quite reasonably priced, and run Ubuntu well13:54
knightwisethanx aquarius13:55
aquariusMartijnVdS, dunno, is it? You tell me :) What's good and bad about them? All I know of them is people like Dustin using ten of them in a box to set up a juju thing13:55
MartijnVdSaquarius: they're tiny, some are fanless (and even those with fans are quiet); they're all-Intel so everything is supported out of the box13:55
MartijnVdSaquarius: and they're available from Celeron to i513:56
MartijnVdSyou can put in some RAM, an SSD (mSATA) and wifi card (mini-pci-e) and you're done13:57
daftykinsyou won't get a NUC for that money13:57
willcookeaquarius, cheap laptop?13:58
aquariuswillcooke, nah, he doesn't want a laptop -- and he's happy with the monitor etc he's got13:58
willcookewhats wrong with the revo?  Did it give up?13:58
aquariusdoen't need any portability -- they have a separate machine for the living room TV, and he's got the tablet13:58
daftykinsone does not simply intel atom13:58
MartijnVdSdaftykins: tjere13:58
daftykinswho put that j there :O13:59
MartijnVdSdaftykins: there's an atom nuc with 4GB built-in emmc (no ssd needed)13:59
aquariuswillcooke, yeah... it's started to occasionally throw a seven, and it's aging a bit, so I suggested a new machine -- the one he has is about 4 years old as it is13:59
MartijnVdSit's slow, but it works.. and once everything is in RAM.13:59
aquariusah, he needs more storage than that; photos and whatnot.13:59
willcookeaquarius, http://www.ebuyer.com/662872-acer-aspire-xc-115-desktop-pc-dt-svtek-00314:00
aquariushaha, yu google for "intel nuc ubuntu uk" and you get the Orange Box, which is not quite what I'm looking for ;)14:00
daftykinsMartijnVdS: eww14:00
aquariuswillcooke, yeah, that's the sort of thing I'm imagining, indeed14:00
willcookeaquarius, oh - no wifi, but fixable for a couple of quid14:01
MartijnVdSI have a spare mini-pci-e wifi card if necessary 8-)14:01
aquariusis ok wired; it's right next to the router14:01
MartijnVdSOrdered two for $5 on ebay14:01
aquariusalthough having wifi in it is handy for fallbacks :)14:01
willcookebecause as we all know, wifi sucks.14:01
willcookeYES it does14:01
willcookeshut up you14:02
popeyi might follow this and get my mum a new pc14:02
willcookeaquarius, might be worth considering a Dell if you want some kind of warranty: http://www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-3847-desktop/pd?oc=cd84701&model_id=inspiron-3847-desktop14:03
willcooke(better than the standard return to base you'll get with ebuyer)14:03
willcooke((but at that price, probably not worth it))14:03
popeyaquarius: http://www.ebuyer.com/447255-intel-next-unit-of-computing-kit-dccp847dye-c847-1-1-ghz-barebone-boxdccp847dye14:03
aquariusbit too big, that one, ideally14:03
aquariusthe revo is nice for size as well -- don't really want a tower if it can be avoided, even a little one14:03
willcookeI reckon that NUC is probably a good bet then14:04
popeyi think you can get revo-like ones14:04
willcookeoh, except you've got to put ram in it14:04
popeyyeah, they're barebones14:04
aquariusnuc is interesting, but I think it might be a bit expensive once I've added both ram and disk, no?14:04
popeythe asus ones come with everything14:04
popeyyes aquarius14:04
popeycheck out that nettop link14:04
popeysome non-nuc nuc-like things with cpu/ram/storage included14:05
popeymac mini :)14:05
willcookeMac mini, 638 quid. lulz14:05
popeyI hear good things about the Gigabyte brix14:05
popeythey're all a bit low spec, pentium d, celery14:05
MyrttiDell's can be bought as factory refurbs with some discounts...14:06
Myrttithey're loverly14:06
aquariusthe nettops are all over 200 quid, it seems, and that's not including ram etc...14:06
aquariusunless I'm missing one with ram and disk in14:06
aquariusthese brix? http://www.ambros.co.uk/buildlist/285/gigabyte-brix-mini-fully-assembled-pc-systems.html14:08
davmor2aquarius: just buy a cheap desktop http://microdream.co.uk/complete-set-of-cheap-dell-windows-xp-desktop-pc-computer-80gb-dvd-refurbished.html?gclid=CPO_uNXXmMMCFcPKtAodrC8AHw#.VLka5t-cfCI14:08
Myrttithis reminds me that should probably update my sisters desktop at sometime14:08
aquariusdavmor2, too big in size..14:08
aquariuswow, they're really small!14:09
davmor2aquarius: that takes you back to the nuc then, our job is done ;)14:09
Laneyfound a bag of posh christmas chocolates I forgot to give \o/14:09
* Laney scoffs14:09
aquariushttp://www.ambros.co.uk/builds/1865/gigabyte-gb-bxbt-2807-celeron-fanless-pc-system.html is interesting, and under £200. 2GB RAM is a bit miserly, mind; I'd wanna jack that up14:10
popeyyou can of course take the hard disk out of the revo and put it in that14:10
aquariusdo we think an SSD is de rigeur in this day and age?14:10
popeyi would. spinning rust is for the past14:10
daftykinsyou can't go back once you've used one14:10
daftykinsthat said, OS on SSD, storage on mechanical14:11
aquariusthey're bleedin' expensive for lots of storage, though.14:11
popeydefine $lots14:11
daftykinsnot as bad as they once were14:11
daftykinsi picked up 512GB for £130 a bit ago14:11
popey240GB SSD is big enough for anyone14:11
aquariusooh, actually, fifty quid for 240GB, that's not bad.14:11
MartijnVdSwow.. prices are that low these days?14:12
aquariusso, a nuc or a gigabyte brix. Those seem good choices.14:12
aquariusIs there anyone we trust selling these things with Ubuntu on? I like supporting such vendors when I can14:13
awilkinsThey're getting better14:13
popeydont think so14:13
popeymost people dont pre-install on Nuc14:13
awilkinsI have an mSATA one on bcache though14:13
popeygoes against the whole point really14:13
MartijnVdSmsata <314:13
popey\o/ msata14:14
awilkins32GB SSD and 750GB of spinny rust14:14
daftykinsmSATA is ghetto, it's all about M.2 now \o/14:14
awilkinsDon't have to worry about partitioning etc14:14
awilkinsIt works out where all the bits should go to make stuff fast14:14
knightwisepeeps :)14:19
daftykinsi didn't even see you leave!14:20
knightwisequick reboot14:21
knightwisesomebody have a minute to test my mumble server ?14:21
knightwisepopey: see pm14:22
popeyyay, it works14:24
popeyalthough you clearly can't hear me14:24
knightwiseyep , but i'm not getting any audio in this linux instance14:26
knightwisealso took a look at the network load of the pie with nmon while you dropped in14:27
knightwiseseems to deal with it pretty good14:27
popey 2061 root      20   0  632368 227172 150604 S  81.9  1.4   1381:55 Xorg14:29
MartijnVdSleaky again?14:30
ali123419222 al        20   0 19.146g 9.908g   5512 S  10.3 63.2 299:00.22 mousepad14:31
ali1234xubuntu default text editor14:31
MartijnVdSwhy so huge14:31
ali1234it's like gedit before they ruined it14:31
MartijnVdSis it gvim yet? :P14:31
ali1234what is gvim?14:32
knightwisevim in speedo's14:32
popeywell, i also have firefox eating 90%14:32
ali1234vim is stupid14:32
knightwisevim isnt an editor .. its a puzzle14:32
popeyburn the heretic!14:32
ali1234at this point people who use vim are like hipsters who still listen to cassette tapes14:33
ali1234just stop, nobody is impressed14:33
knightwisewatch out , here is the editor police ... (turns out the sirens : nano nano nano nano )14:33
* popey uses nano mostly14:33
diddledanI like vim but don't really understand it14:34
* knightwise is so into nano he uses CTRL-X to close the door in the house14:34
diddledannano annoys me when I get used to using ctrl+w for find14:34
diddledani.e. when I'm NOT using nano14:34
diddledanctrl+w - hmm where'd my window go?14:34
knightwiseSliders-problems :)14:35
davmor2aquarius: http://www.dabs.com/category/computing,desktops-and-monitors,desktop-pcs/11101-45969000014:35
knightwiselike me trying to copy and paste with ALT because I have the super key on the mac14:35
diddledanI'd like to bind copy and paste to cmd+c too14:36
daftykinsdiddledan: morning sir14:36
daftykinsdiddledan: :D my mate is always suggesting i check out this Brooker stuff14:44
daftykinslucky blighter married to Konnie Huq14:44
diddledanoh wow, that's a name I've not heard in ages14:44
shaunowith that name, I still picture someone in knee-high wellies and a flat-cap wandering around mars whistling and calling "heeeeeeear boy"14:53
daftykinswe had a beagle14:55
daftykinshe was nicknamed Houdini as he loved to sneak off the property and go and get attention from states house kids up the road14:55
diddledanand then we have: http://www.theverge.com/2015/1/16/7555633/falcon-9-barge-landing-images-released14:56
shaunowe had a basset.  I can't describe his hobbies in a 'family-friendly' atmosphere.14:56
diddledanshauno, randy?14:57
shaunoand then some14:57
daftykinsto the falcon i mean, not your randy basset14:58
shaunopfft.  I've done that in KSP!14:58
shauno(where we term that particular manoeuvre 'lithobraking' ;)14:59
diddledanshauno, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8atKXFZefA#t=1914:59
daftykinsjudging by the pics, any kind of braking at all would've been ace14:59
shaunowhere aerobraking is slowing by hitting the atmosphere, lithobraking is slowing by hitting the floor :)15:00
daftykinsJeb would not be pleased15:02
diddledanmore space news: http://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/creating-the-worlds-largest-ever-satellite-constellation-015:41
=== Lcawte|Away is now known as Lcawte
shaunoI think 'project west ford' takes the title of the largest constellation ;)15:48
shauno(1960's americans were crazy.  the UK's first satellite was destroyed by a US high-altitude nuke test)15:59
diddledanand we stayed being friends after that?!16:00
shaunono kidding16:01
daftykinsyou'd think they'd have perhaps phoned up and asked what it was first16:01
shaunoif wikipedia's anywhere near accurate, they took out 1/3rd of low-earth-orbit16:02
shaunohttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Starfish_Prime#Aftereffects  makes it sound like they had little idea what it'd actually do16:05
shauno(sorry, bored :)16:06
daftykinsfrom what i recall hearing once, scientists thought a nuke in the atmosphere might ignite the atmosphere and destroy the world :>16:06
shaunowell, there's only one way to find out!16:07
diddledanthanks to the americans we know it doesn't16:09
daftykinsi'm getting tempted by nipping down to a Costa branch for a panini and coffee...16:09
diddledanI'm glad we took the risk to find out16:09
daftykinsgiven it's about 30m from my front door16:09
shaunoand to think, they were worried that we were going to accidentally create a black hole under switzerland16:09
diddledanworth the risk16:10
diddledanwho cares if the planet disappears?!16:10
daftykinsmaybe we were never here to begin with! :D16:12
diddledanare you in my dream, or am I in yours, or are we in someone else's?16:12
ThomasRedstoneNo more Vim heresy! it broke my internet tubes! :-(16:25
shaunoone typically doesn't vim their tubes?16:25
ThomasRedstoneno, but Vim is essential to the very fabric of the universe...16:28
shaunoso are tubes.  this is why they should never meet.16:28
ThomasRedstoneOh wait, that's emacs: http://xkcd.com/378/16:28
shaunoemacs doesn't actually exist, it's just an elaborate prank16:29
popey\o/ Pre-ordered GTA516:32
awilkinsGTAV .. for Linux?16:34
popeyfor "PC"16:35
daftykinsi remember first getting it and teasing mr.popey16:37
daftykinsall that time ago16:37
daftykinsquite a shame i didn't wait for the newer consoles really16:38
bigcalmIs is home time yet?16:49
bigcalmActually at the office means I get to go home a some point, doesn't it?16:49
bigcalmThe office connection is somewhat pants16:49
davmor2bigcalm: haha16:52
daftykinsi had this IT support job at one point where the boss said "don't download on our leased line, download large files on the ADSL service in the break room instead"16:53
daftykinsand this lovely nugget "instead of using RDP, go into the server room more"16:53
daftykinsall a bunch of rubbish to make it look like we did more, is all i can think16:54
jpds_daftykins: "Instead of using SSH, go to the server room and use a TTY".16:57
daftykins;) no it was a Windows admin job :P16:58
daftykinsoh wow16:59
daftykins"eclipse internet - because our service got eclipsed years ago"16:59
diddledanwow that's slow17:00
davmor2bigcalm: HAHA!!17:00
bigcalmFriday afternoon17:00
bigcalmThat's ADSL17:00
bigcalmWe're waiting for our FTTC connection to be installed17:01
popeycould do with some help here, if I have missed any? https://pad.riseup.net/p/LinuxPublications17:02
NET||abusehey guys. having a pain here, have local rendering of awstats output, years worth of montly ftp stats, trying to wget -r -p http://localhost:8080   and it just doesn't bother downloading any images.17:06
diddledanNET||abuse, are the images included as <img> tags in any html pages?17:11
NET||abusefor eg...  <img align="bottom" src="http://localhost:8080/icon/other/vk.png" width=6  etc...>17:12
NET||abusethe idea is i'm trying to tar this up to email to a non-technical guy for his use.17:12
diddledanso as it's local, why not just tar up the dir?17:13
NET||abusebecause all the links int he html are /icons/other/vk.png   blah blah    , so 1. would go looking on the root of my fs and    2. wont work on windows17:14
diddledanyou'll need to run it on a webserver anyway if you're rewriting the urls to http://localhost:808017:15
NET||abusewget --k/--convert-links   states it should deal with converting the links.17:16
diddledanyou didn't say you were using that option :-p17:17
davmor2bigcalm: My Speed :: 91.7 Mbps  My Speed :: 5.7 Mbps17:17
NET||abuseahh, i added it since i was saying earlier, hasn't worked.17:17
awilkins10% slower! Wooo!17:17
bigcalmdavmor2: indeed, leaving the home isn't worth it17:17
NET||abusereally confused as to why wget just isn't getting these images17:22
intrbizbigcalm: when does the FTTC line get put in?17:34
davmor2intrbiz: a skip by the sound of it :)17:35
intrbizdavmor2: ?17:35
davmor2intrbiz: I read it as what not when sorry :)17:35
intrbizI'm still waiting for BT to get off their arse and FTTC enable our exchange, was meant to be complete by now, no evidence they've started17:37
intrbizah, the date seem to have been pushed back till march, sigh17:39
NET||abusei've tried every switch i can find in the man pages, wget just wont download the images17:44
bigcalmintrbiz: no idea when it's happening. Somebody needs to get in touch with the ISP17:47
intrbizbigcalm: when was the ADSL put in?17:50
intrbizbigcalm: it'll train for the first few days so can fluctuate17:50
intrbizbigcalm: might also be worth looking at the internal wiring if the sync rate is really that bad17:51
diddledanthis page is evil to grok: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AppStore/Interfaces/ApplicationId17:53
diddledanI can't make heads nor tails of it17:53
aquarius_diddledan, it is17:53
diddledanwhat's with that table in the middle?!17:54
diddledanwhy can't you just specify one thing for the different parts to match against instead of many?17:54
diddledanwho cares where each comes from - it's the final result you worry about17:55
aquarius_diddledan, that page pretends that it's appdev documentation, but it isn't; it's reference docs for the people making the OS themselves.17:55
aquarius_You don't have to think about an appid ever, unless you're doing push notifications.17:55
diddledanwell that's silly17:55
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diddledanit really doesn't explain what jamie was meaning in the mailing list tho17:56
diddledanif anything it confuses the division between package and application name more17:57
aquarius_oh? I don't read the list; what was jamie saying?17:57
diddledanthis is the beginning of the thread: https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg10900.html17:58
aquarius_it's all changing?17:58
diddledanit seems the specific email that linked to that page hasn't been archived yet17:59
aquarius_Still, I've got sil in Launchpad, so I'll have it in the store.18:00
aquarius_But I think this is a crap idea. :)18:00
diddledanit was basically in response to https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg10907.html saying that jamie doesn't understand the difference between the two, and explains that he thinks of them as per the applicationid page18:00
popeyI don't quite understand why we have to do this either.18:00
diddledanpopey, it makes no sense to change IMO18:01
popeywell, there's some sense18:01
diddledanpopey, there's absolutely nothing wrong with backwards-domain style naming18:01
popeysay that in #snappy :)18:01
diddledanwould I get my head bitten?18:02
* popey goes to make food18:02
diddledanme too. or rather, chocolate18:02
diddledanand instead of "make" more like "buy"18:02
* diddledan enjoys having a news agent within 30seconds' walk18:03
aquarius_so snappy packages are the same?18:03
aquarius_I can go and register "elasticsearch" as my snappy name and get in before the elasticsearch people?18:03
diddledanaquarius_, yeah it seems that way18:03
aquarius_oh well. Mine is not to reason why, etc.18:04
diddledanI don't get the proposed solution being any better - instead of com.domain.package they want package.developer18:04
diddledanthere's no real difference I can discern between the two other than ordering18:05
aquarius_So now my stuff will be readability.sil instead of org.kryogenix.readability.18:05
awilkinspackage.developer would be annoying18:05
awilkinsdeveloper.package makes more sense18:05
aquarius_It's fractionally more useful, because to find the "readability" package I type "readability" and hit tab18:05
aquarius_rather than finding the "readability" package by typing "org.kryogenix.reada" and hitting tab.18:06
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aquarius_that is: one no longer has to know the name of the developer to find a package by name -- imagine if, say, to install inkscape you had to do "apt-get install ted-gould-inkscape". That'd be way annoying.18:07
diddledanwell you wouldn't tabcomplete for discovering a package, though, you'd use a search function in the installer CLI18:07
diddledane.g. click search package18:07
diddledanthat could show you all the names and you then choose one and tabcomplete that18:08
aquarius_diddledan, if you're not typing package names in then it doesn't matter to you *what* a package name looks like. It could be 5e039421-51ea-417e-8a3c-82f00994fc68-riddling for all you care.18:09
aquarius_but for people who *are* typing in package names, that's really annoying.18:09
aquarius_just wasted a uuid there. :)18:10
diddledanomg, wasting uuids is a heinous offence18:10
zmoylan-piwell if it's an ms api generating the uuid it might reuse the uuid for you.  they can be fun like that :-)18:16
awilkinsWith MS it's a GUID though18:18
awilkinsHmm, the uuid command exposes your MAC by default18:19
aquarius_depends which uuid you pick.18:20
aquarius_the above one is a uuid4 :)18:20
aquarius_cat  /proc/sys/kernel/random/uuid # :-)18:23
diddledanso what's the diff between uuids generated by the kernel and those generated by uuidgen?18:27
awilkinsNot sure there is a functional difference18:30
awilkinsThey are a v4 uuid18:30
awilkinsSeen v3 ones used a lot in systems that wants reproducible content-addressible identifiers18:32
intrbizv4 uuids should be random, v1 mac + time based18:33
diddledantime to settle down for an evening watching stream of a hacker conference19:27
daftykinsdiddledan: o rly19:33
diddledanlol @ opening image: https://mrkr.io/453o9m8pCv19:35
diddledanyes that is ZORK 1 in the bottom19:35
DJonesSo thats why shmoo & soapturtles minecraft server lags occasionally19:36
DJonesooh, Brian Blessed alert on Film4 - Flash Gordon19:47
zmoylan-pigreat great movie.  awesome over acting and queen soundtrack...19:48
diddledanthat is one of the best films ever19:49
ali1234what is that android usb file transfer protocol called?21:07
ali1234the one that isn't USB storage21:07
ali1234it's like MFP or something21:07
daftykinsi once heard it comes from microsoft's plays for sure tech21:10
aquarius_no. mtp got invented because of the problems around having separate SD cards.21:10
ali1234yeah USB storage is a block device21:11
ali1234so you can't access the same filesystem over USB storage and also locally on the phone21:11
ali1234cos the twwo sides would get out of sync21:11
aquarius_*nod* which causes massive problems, so you need the phone and the external thing to access at the same time, hence mtp.21:11
ali1234MTP operates at higher level using filenames, so it's more like http or something21:12
daftykinsthing is it only seems relevant to phones with only the one volume of storage21:12
ali1234well yeah21:12
ali1234it's not for USB hard drives21:12
daftykinsshame it's become the norm for even devices with microSD access, since it seems so slow and pants21:12
ali1234it's for phones, cameras, and mp3 players21:12
aquarius_true, but phones with two volumes became increasingly problematic21:12
aquarius_which is why manufacturers have largely stopped doing them.21:13
ali1234nah, that's a red herring21:15
daftykinsseems there's lots of issues with up to date ubuntu systems mounting every smartphone you throw at them?21:15
ali1234all phones have several partitions21:15
aquarius_they're not removeable, though.21:15
ali1234yeah, being removable is irrelevant21:15
ali1234it's simply confusing for the user that they can't access their files on the phone and on computer at the same time21:16
aquarius_putting apps on removeable partitions means the OS has to work a lot harder to deal with apps because it might have a bunch of symlinks pointing at stuff that isn't there, and ou can't cache anything.21:16
ali1234there are still plenty of phones with SD card storage21:16
aquarius_there are, yep. But they've either also got quite a lot of *internal* storage too (in which case the extra SD stuff is largely, although not completely, not needed), or they have not much internal storage in which case you can have the stupid spectacle of your phone refusing to install apps because it has no space, despite containing an empty 16 gigabytes of micro SD, which is what all the early Android phones ha21:18
aquarius_d and everybody hated it21:18
daftykinsany thoughts on a bluray drive reading a disc at 2x when the drive allegedly does 4x guys? it's not changing from dat at the start vs. the end, so i don't think it's simply a position issue. just read about "hdparm -E 4 /dev/sr0" or "eject -x 4" but i don't think that's working21:21
popeybluray passed me by21:21
daftykins:) i got that Sopranos set for Christmas, so have been playing with playback and ripping on Linux21:22
aquarius_me too21:22
diddledanbluray is a bad name for someone who hasn't heard it said out loud before21:22
diddledan"what do you mean it's blurray?"21:22
aquarius_er, me too on passing bluray by, not on getting a Sopranos set :)21:22
zmoylan-pihey, i have trouble spelling dvd :-)21:22
daftykinsali1234: dat?21:22
ali1234dat? dat dat?21:22
daftykinsoh yeah21:23
daftykinsi wonder what dafty was on about just then21:23
zmoylan-pidat was beginning of the end for sony21:23
diddledandaftykins, it's encrypted21:23
ali1234how do you know what speed it is reading at?21:23
daftykinsno idea how i typed that, i meant it didn't change from 2x at all across the entire span of the disc21:23
daftykinsno, makemkv replaced libaacs and libbd and so it's decrypting *whistle*21:24
diddledandaftykins, probably find that makemkv is reporting the raw data rate of the video copied after decryption rather than raw data rate of the transfer off disc21:24
daftykinsas per - https://www.dropbox.com/s/u0cpypcqp18cwgg/mmkv.png?dl=021:24
daftykinsah you may well be onto something there, yes21:24
ali1234what am i looking at?21:25
daftykinsjust saying that i'm ripping and not got an issue with encryption21:25
ali1234yeah ut where are you reading the speed?21:25
diddledanI don't get this concept that makemkv is "in beta" when it's been that way for years21:26
diddledanit's clearly working for most things so why the beta status?21:26
daftykinsbut it's good, keeps it free ;)21:26
zmoylan-pisee gmail :-)21:26
diddledanevery 30 days, just download the new version21:26
daftykinswell at any moment there is the issue that a company could release titles with new keys that'd render the program useless until it's updated21:27
ali1234it would still be able to rip all old discs21:27
diddledanto be fair it's a pretty impressive piece of engineering to be able to strip aacs to begin with but even bd+ is rippable21:27
ali1234have you tried eject -x 0?21:28
daftykinsi have not21:28
daftykinsdo you think those two commands are meant to work mid process, or should i stop and then retry?21:28
ali1234they should work mid process because they are at the drive level21:28
daftykinsno change from eject -x 021:29
ali1234it's probably showing the video rate then as diddledan said21:29
ali1234or the drive straight up isn't 4x21:30
ali1234also possible that the disc is marked as 2x only21:31
ali1234although i would expect that only on writable media, i guess it's possible they can set it in pressed media too21:31
ali1234you generally don't want the player spinning up to max speed when watching a film cos they get really loud21:32
daftykinsyeah, i didn't expect anything on the system to act like a player though, if you get me21:33
daftykinscertainly claims 4x for dual layer data, but ho-hum :) it is pretty ancient21:33
daftykinsthanks for your input anyways :) much appreciated21:33
ali1234sure. but certainly for writable blu-ray media, the drive can read what speed the disc is rated for21:33
daftykinsthere's a chap playing with x265 in another channel, be neat to transcode to half the bitrate of x264 :)21:36
daftykinsnot that anything i own would play it :D21:36
daftykins*presently own21:36
ali1234i would like to see some graphics card deliver the kind of motion compesation you get in high end TVs these days21:37
ali1234and HFR without the stupid 3D stuff21:38
diddledanthere's the so-called advanced video codec iirc?21:52
diddledansorta 264 on steroids but still 264 I think I recall?21:53
diddledanor rahter still mpeg421:53
daftykinsnah, it's HUVC and became H.26521:53
diddledanthat makes sense21:53
diddledandoes anyone use divx anymore?21:54
diddledanthat used to be the go-to for download video (not necessarily legal video)21:54
daftykinslol, XviD had replaced it for ages before that ship sailed21:55
diddledanthey're still making new versions21:55
diddledanxvid is the old opensource divx codec but divx have superseded it21:55
daftykinsseems a bit pointless now, even standard def content comes in H.264 or variants thereof21:56
daftykinsoy vey, i've now lost complete track of where i am in watching this series21:58
daftykinsit seems like the actual blurays are wrong O_O21:58
diddledansometimes the boxsets of series follow the non-chronological schedule of american air-date - i.e. the series is aired in america in the wrong order and they use that as the sequence for the disc21:59
daftykinsindeed, however in this case the episodes ripped from disc 3 don't even match the labels in the packet22:00
daftykinsanywho i must get food started whilst i investigate this22:02
daftykinscrisis averted, 4 episodes on the disc - they're on in reverse order so i watched the first which was meant to be the fourth =|22:14
daftykinsa sneaky trap to trick the rippers!22:14
zmoylan-pii usually look for the episode titles after ripping episodes of tv series and then number them from wikipedia list22:15
daftykinswhat's weird about this show is i don't think it even says the title in the intro, so you have to go by the first scene to tell22:16
daftykinsfunny part is it's nicer to watch the blurays on my xbox one as it's quieter than the HTPC's fans running to play the rips off the server XD22:35
daftykinsi'd upgrade to a nice modern NUC if i still had disposable income22:35
daftykinsbut now's a bad time since HUVC decode hardware support would be desirable22:35
mapitothis eries te myseries of laura is quite good23:31
mapitohm chained (2012) sonds promising for a horror..decent enough rating23:31

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