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TylershepHey guys, Im a long time user of Ubuntu and Jim have a suggestion for the design team. Why is the menu bar brown by default when the HUD, etc. are transparent?03:01
TylershepI, not jim*03:02
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Wellark_seems ALT+<num> combinations in gnome-terminal are broken in 15.04..08:17
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Wellarkwho are working on unity7 these days?08:17
WellarkSaviq: do you know? --^08:17
SaviqWellark, Trevinho could be your first target08:18
WellarkSaviq: thanks!08:35
* Wellark goes to calibrate the homing missile08:35
Wellarkoh, it seems new default shortcuts have been added to gnome-terminal to switch between it's tabs that conflict with irssi08:45
Wellarkgot my irc navigation working again by removing the shortcuts08:46
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Saviqgreyback, hey, I'm gonna need you to ACK https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/qtmir/rtm-20150116/+merge/246680, especially the .pro changes, as qtmir/rtm is still on qmake09:56
greybackSaviq: am on it09:56
Saviqgreyback, no pressure, though, rtm is closed stil09:56
Saviqjust wanted to cut your work for next week09:57
greybackbecause I don't have enough to be doing?09:57
Saviqit was the collective "your"09:57
Saviqthe Royal, even09:57
Saviqgreyback, and I know you're slacking, really, sunbathing all the time09:58
greybackin Ireland. Yeah totes09:59
seb128speaking about slacking, how is fixing qtmir/gtk going? ;-)10:02
seb128I see a branch up to review, who should be reviewing that? Saviq?10:02
greybackseb128: I asked bregma to give it a look, since it undoes a lot of what he did to enable unity8 on desktop10:03
greybacknot heard anything since10:03
seb128I can ping him later ;-)10:03
greybackseb128: you're welcome to test it. I tried it on my nvidia box, amd laptop, in emulator and on phone. But as the fix confuses me, I want a second opinion10:04
SaviqI'll try it out anyway10:04
seb128greyback, do you it in a ppa/silo?10:04
greybackseb128: no10:04
seb128would make testing easier... :-)10:04
greybacksure, I just feel like that's abusing the silo system, just to test some code on all platforms10:05
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Cimihey Saviq, you have few mins?14:42
mzanettiCimi: hey ho. where are we with this one? https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/fix-left-edge-on-spread/+merge/24340014:49
mzanettithe one test failure isn't related14:49
SaviqCimi, before standup enough?15:23
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mhall119are we going to fix the screenshot volume notification bug before Bq ships?15:34
Saviqmhall119, hopefully yes15:34
Saviqmhall119, we'll change the shortcut to be power, then volume15:35
Saviq(while holding power)15:35
Saviqthis way we don't have to delay any events15:35
CimiSaviq, you know a bit on how we open scopes/close them in the dash or is a alber question?15:39
CimiSaviq, albert15:40
mhall119Saviq: nice, that matches the normal Android shortcut too doesn't it?15:40
Saviqmhall119, no idea :)15:41
SaviqCimi, I do, what up?15:42
CimiSaviq, so to me it looks like we should call closeScope on the temp scope that opened the new scope (we're not doing it now)15:43
CimiSaviq, so if we open the cinema scope from the store, then we should close the store in background, right?15:43
SaviqCimi, yes, we're kind-a doing this, the cinema scope replaces the store scope15:43
SaviqCimi, but you're right, if we're not closing it, we should15:44
SaviqCimi, and the preview15:44
CimiSaviq, I don't think we do, I made make testDash crash :D15:44
Cimiwith Scope::closeScope got wrong scope in closeScope15:45
SaviqCimi, there might be a race here indeed15:45
CimiI think15:45
SaviqCimi, because by the time you closeScope, you already got a new scope from openScope15:45
CimiI put code in lp:~cimi/unity8/fix-open-new-scope-from-tmp15:45
CimiI didnt add closeScope15:46
SaviqCimi, you should, in onOpenScope, check if you have a scope open and close it before doing anything else15:46
CimiI have this crash when I tap back from the last scope I opened15:46
CimiSaviq, question is: how do I know if this scope is favourited or not?15:46
SaviqCimi, you only get non-fav in openScope15:47
Saviqfav you get in gotoScope15:47
Cimiok cool15:47
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CimiSaviq, what should call activate for scope?16:02
SaviqCimi, activate?16:03
CimiSaviq, fake_scope complains that the argument of the scope to close is not m_openScope16:04
CimiSaviq, m_openScope looks like is set always to mockScope916:05
Cimifrom a method called activate16:05
SaviqCimi, sounds like you'd need to read the code for the tests, I don't remember exactly what happens there16:07
CimiSaviq, nothing calls activate from tests...16:10
CimiSaviq, it was probably there for legacy or dunno16:10
CimiSaviq, I don't know why closeScope has this check for openScope, that;s why I asked16:11
SaviqCimi, can you point me at some code in particular?16:12
CimiSaviq, fake_scope.cpp16:12
CimiSaviq, line 21116:13
Guest4292Saviq: enjoy o/16:30
Guest4292why am i guest4292 bah16:31
SaviqCimi, I'd say that closeScope is expecting that you'll always open, close, open, close16:37
SaviqCimi, never open, open16:37
Saviqwhich kinda makes sense16:37
CimiSaviq, but open does what?16:37
CimiSaviq, from Dash.qml seems like just scopeItem.scope = scope;16:38
Ciminothing else16:38
SaviqCimi, yeah, the fake scopes were probably not made to support multiple different scopes through openScope16:39
SaviqGuest4292, you might wanna go '/nick kgunn' :)16:42
Saviqand thanks :)16:42
Guest4292Saviq:  :) ...had to go look up my password16:42
Guest4292did it again16:42
Saviqah NickServ, you old rat16:42
* Saviq back later today to see what died16:43
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kgunnhopefully nothing16:43
Saviqkgunn, mzanetti's on the rtm silos, so we're safe :)16:43
kgunnSaviq: my wife the old gymnast says "remember, you gotta _set_ the backflip"16:44
Saviqkgunn, you're going to have to translate that into dumbese16:53
davmor2Saviq: One Doesn't Simply Backflip......One has to _set_ it up ;)16:56
Saviqwhat malareky16:57
Saviq*malarkey, even16:57
Saviqdavmor2, context: https://owncloud.sawicz.net/public.php?service=files&t=b8143833369f9d5f0b450ef8c7e79e67&path=%2F&files=IMG_0392.MOV&download :P16:57
davmor2Saviq: ouch that's gotta hurt at somepoint :)16:59
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