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MichaelPaolipleia2 And thanks for the share.  :-)00:59
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joseGareth: still around?06:47
nhainesjose: he is everywhere.  He is legion.06:49
josenhaines: have you seen those BEAUTIFUL challenge coins?06:50
nhainesjose: I have!06:50
josealready bought each one of the coins06:51
nhainesWhat most impressed me was how close the design artwork and final artwork were.06:51
joseyeah, the guys @ LogoTags definitely do an awesome job06:56
josefrom now on I'm recommending LogoTags for patches/coins/all the stuff they produce. cheap, reliable, and most of all the people are very very nice!06:56
nhainesThat's really important.06:57
nhainesAnd super smart, if you find small fanatical communities like the Ingress community.  :D06:57
joseI believe most 'custom' patches are LogoTags made06:58
joseEssex ones at least, are made with them06:59
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Garethjose: here now.17:11
joseGareth: mind a PM?18:06
Garethjose: not at all.18:14
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