DammitJimman, I just moved an ubuntu server from one host to the other using vSphere migrate13:57
DammitJimwhy would my network not work anymore?13:57
DammitJimI even removed and added the network adapter13:57
mhall119DammitJim: different network configs?14:49
DammitJimmhall119, thanks for the reply... I just figured out that the new host where it got migrated to had no connectivity to that subnet :(14:49
DammitJimso, duh me... how are ya?14:49
mhall119doing good, how about you?14:50
mhall119the family doing well?14:51
DammitJimfamily is alright... got a little one with strep or something, but otherwise good :)14:54
DammitJimhow about yours? How is Michelle?14:54
mhall119doing okay, we manage to not drive eachother all crazy :)15:17
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