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cmaloneyGood morning14:27
rick_h_ugh and ugh15:04
rick_h_but hey it's a new day and friday15:04
cmaloneyAt the airport?15:04
rick_h_not until 10pm15:07
jrwrenrick_h_: get the car squared away?  And... who did the radio, I want to be sure to never go to there.15:21
rick_h_jrwren: heh, so the car has heat and no sound15:22
rick_h_the audio place is getting copies of the invoices for the work done to the car and says "I know exactly what the issue is, I wish you'd called us instead"15:22
rick_h_so it's not done, because I have to go back to the audio place when I get back15:23
rick_h_but the car is usable :)15:23
jrwrenin this weather, I'll take the heat and no sound.15:23

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