Kilosmorning all04:59
grembleGood morning05:06
Kiloshi gremble  Tonberry  05:13
bduk1More almal05:36
Kiloshi bduk1  mazal  05:39
bduk1Dankie tog dis darem amper weer Maandag05:41
grembleWhy are you excited for monday?05:45
grembleThat is unusual05:45
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inetprogood mornings06:45
Kiloshi inetpro  06:48
mazalMorning everyone06:53
mazalDoes anybody know if there is a good av program for Ubuntu. I know about clam , but that doesn't find the virusses. My headache is usb sticks that was in Win machines.06:55
mazalClam doesn't see and kill all the Win virusses06:56
Squirmwell, Clams are pretty harmless. They just sit life out in the ocean06:58
Kiloshi Squirm  07:04
mazalHey Squirm ?07:04
Kilosmazal  you can set clamtk to find all kinds of things07:04
mazalKilos, clam doesn't find the virusses07:05
mazalThis is something I searched a lot and could never find a proper one07:05
Kilosnot for linux no07:06
Kilosdont you have a win pc you can use07:06
Kiloshere is quite a good one for win07:07
mazalHere;s my problem. Our work use Win pc's , but they don't have proper av installed. So all sticks and pc is vrot. I am too low in the food chain that they listen to me. They don't want to buy proper av.07:07
mazalBut I have my one Ubuntu pc , so I want to use that to clean my sticks when I was forced to use them on the work pc's07:08
Kilosthat one and avast you can get free07:08
mazalMy own stuff that I control I don't have any issues , just here at work :(07:08
Kilosadaware does malware as well07:08
Kilosya i savvy that . try get adaware installed on a few pcs at work07:09
mazalI think I must check out avast , haven't tried that yet I think07:09
Kilosavast is very good07:10
Kilosbut i dont think it does all malware as well07:10
mazalCan't find it for Linux , just some old links of old versions07:13
Symmetrialol wheeeee gotta love it when sales plebs go complain to my boss about the fact that I'm being "obstructive" and he tells them to fuck off and follow process ;p07:18
Kilosman just choose the win pc at work you have easiest access to and install antivirus there and use that pc to check sticks07:18
Squirmhey Kilos, mazal, Symmetria07:23
SquirmAVG Free ftw07:23
Squirmand the AVG and Bitdefender boot CD's are pretty kickass07:24
Squirmlol Symmetria, good :D07:24
mazalSquirm, currently I use the AVG boot cd , but that one also doesn't remove this one specific virus07:24
Squirmmazal: if you're really stuck07:24
SquirmTry combofix07:25
mazalI does kill a lot now , but it doesn't kill all07:25
Squirmas a last resort07:25
mazalKilos, 2 problems with that. We are not allowed to install any other software than the ones provided by our work , and my work pc doesn't have direct access to Internet so getting AV updated is a pain07:26
mazalWe did add MSE on it , but that one is also very light weight and only block some virusses07:26
mazalSquirm, is combofix also a boot cd ?07:26
SquirmI hope with the AVG BootCD you did download the updates07:26
Squirmmazal: it's a standalone exe07:27
mazalyep , manually07:27
Squirmno need to install it07:27
mazalI download it with my Ubuntu pc , which is on internet and update the boot cd07:27
mazalWill check it out ta Squirm 07:27
SquirmProblem is, you might need the internet at the time to update it07:27
mazalOh boy07:28
mazalThat's always the main issue in my specific case :(07:28
SquirmYeah :/07:28
Kiloswhat a schlep hey07:29
mazalThat's why I'm looking for an Ubuntu one , as my Ubuntu pc has full access ( on a different network )07:29
Kilosmazal  where are they getting virrii from if they cant go online07:29
Kilosthat avast had something about installing on ubuntu some years ago , dont know if they gave up or what07:30
mazalKilos, their current AV is suppose to update from our Head Office on our internal WAN07:31
mazalBut A. The AV itself is old and useless rubbish and B. their updates don't work07:31
Kilosfix it07:31
mazalI have resorted to manually updating it by downloading it's manual update on my Ubu pc , and even fully updated the garbage don't see the virusses07:32
mazalIt's an old Mcafee they use07:32
Kilosoh my07:32
mazalI literally sit and check how the virus infect my files one by one and it just sits there and do nothing07:32
Kilosnegotiate with their it guy at head office07:33
mazalThat's like talking to the walls07:33
Kilosthe IT guy?07:33
mazalYeah all of them don't listen to us07:33
Kilossurely he is in the same boat as you07:33
mazalWe are cockroaches down here they don't care about07:34
mazalNo , they look after themselves , they have the best of everything07:34
mazalWorst off all , we are the IT guys on the ground level that must fix and support everything. But we have no say and no support from them07:35
Kiloshi Vince-0  07:41
Vince-0Hi Kilos07:41
mazalAnd there goes the electricity again :(07:41
Vince-0you never miss a beat07:41
Kilosinetpro  07:47
Kiloslets hope they get something good going with telkom07:55
Symmetrialol mazal dont feel bad about your power issues08:02
Symmetriathis morning we woke up in kenya with 75% of the country without powe r08:02
Symmetriabecause of a system overload that tripped most of the national grid08:02
mazalWe are close to that Symmetria 08:05
mazalBetter go to museums and start collecting coal stoves and things08:06
grembleIf that happens here it is going to be worse than simply being dark08:43
grembleThe Rand will drop like a stone08:43
magespawngood day10:00
Kiloshi magespawn  10:09
Kilosaw the fly got something broken11:07
Kilossup who_da_fly  ?11:07
who_da_flyNot at my PC today. Only just logged in.11:08
=== who_da_fly is now known as superfly
magespawngood afternoon11:15
Kiloswb magespawn  11:20
* superfly heads out again11:20
Kilostoods for now11:20
magespawnso whats up kilos?11:27
magespawneverything running as it should/11:27
Kilosnot much magespawn  doing some gardening today11:27
Kilosya nothing broke11:28
Kilosoh you dont know i sent that ssd back11:28
magespawnnice way to spend the day11:28
magespawndid you get a refund?11:28
Kilosian says he will replace it and iff not happy will give cash back11:29
Kilosbut i think he wants ians business to so thats good11:29
magespawnyes it is11:29
Kiloshows things by you?11:30
Kilosgraeme fought me for not taking advice and getting that corsair one so he cross me and left us now11:31
Kilosso in future i wont ask for help or advice with hardware11:33
magespawnjust walking around with the laptop, lost the signal there a bit11:40
mazalHey magespawn , long time no chat11:40
magespawnhi mazal, thought you had to gone on a journey to the center of the earth or something11:41
mazalhehe almost something like that11:42
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  wb11:52
mazalOom Kilos daar is omtrent nou nog net een ding wat ek nie kan uitfigure op K nie12:11
Kiloswat mazal  12:11
Kiloskom ons sien of ek kan help12:11
mazalEk lees eers gou 'n tutorial 12:12
Kilosmaar jy doen ingewikkelde goed12:12
mazalActivities oom12:19
mazalCompletely new to me. Watching a tutorial but can't hear what the guy is saying lol12:20
mazalWill watch it home with speakers12:20
Kiloso daai drie balletjies12:22
mazalOo nice , I stumbled upon the search mode of desktop.12:22
mazalThis KDE looks very nice , I must get more how-to documentation of this thing12:23
mazalAnybody can recommend good KDE documentation , want to learn this desktop12:25
magespawngoing back to cable12:31
magespawnwireless signal around the office is not stable when i am moving around12:40
SymmetriaI just hit 7.9 gig from mombassa to nairobi12:42
SymmetriaI need to turn up another 10G12:42
magespawnSymmetria: how are you going to do that?12:44
magespawntime for me to get on the road, chat later all12:56
ThatGraemeGuyhttp://www.jackdurden.com/ :-o13:39
Kiloshi kulelu88  14:14
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za14:14
kulelu88I'm not new :P14:14
Kilosyour nick is14:15
Kiloswho are youy?14:15
kulelu88tell u just now14:36
kulelu88jammer. im busy at work.16:38
Kiloswbb, just going to boot into elementary17:30
KilosMaaz, coffee on17:36
* Maaz starts grinding coffee17:36
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:40
KilosMaaz, ty17:42
MaazYou are welcome Kilos17:42
captineevening all18:36
Kiloshi captine 18:39
inetprogood evening18:49
Kilosevening inetpro 18:49
Kilosnight guys, sleep tight19:06

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