bubbasauresdaftykins, We need a strawman argument bot click, that is what goes on here continually. ;)00:00
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ApplesInArraysAhh, it prompts for password00:04
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ApplesInArraysroot@user:/var/www/html# dir shows js.js.00:08
ApplesInArrays/var/www/html# scp root@IP:/var/www/html/js.js /var/www/html yields scp: /var/www/html/js.js: No such file or directory00:09
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, you should rarely use the -P option when using scp/sftp commands, as someone can go through your command history and find your password. The scp/sftp applications will both prompt you for a password when you connect00:12
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, ignore  what I said earlier00:12
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, the -P is for setting the port number to connect to on the remote system00:12
ApplesInArraysNow I'm just stuck trying to send over a little js file.00:13
ApplesInArraysI get past the password prompt, but keep getting a "No such file or directory"00:13
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, you might find sftp more user friendly than scp00:13
daftykinsgiven this user is talking of nefarious activities i don't think assisting is a good idea at all00:13
pragmaticenigmadaftykins, what do you mean?00:13
daftykinsread up if you were here00:14
ApplesInArraysI was asking what's to stop someone.00:15
ApplesInArraysthen I said (7:03:04 PM) ApplesInArrays: Ahh, it prompts for password00:15
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, you would need to know their password00:15
nownotI'm wanting to install mame on my ubuntu 14.10 machine. I have roms for mame 143, so how do I install mame .143 and not the newest amme?00:15
ApplesInArraysYes, I have 2 Ubuntu14.04 VMs00:15
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, and they'd be foolish to allow root to remotely login00:15
ApplesInArraysNow I'm just trying to transfer a 1kb js.js file to another server.00:15
ApplesInArrayspragmaticenigma: agreed!00:15
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, Look into sftp... it's a lot easier to use and still uses the ssh connection method.00:16
ApplesInArraysIt's also terminal?00:16
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, yes00:16
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)00:16
pragmaticenigmathat was unhelpful ubottu00:16
nicetiesApplesInArrays: you are wondering what's stopping someone accessing your drive over the internet. Nothing really.00:16
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pragmaticenigmasftp/scp/ssh and a few others are all part of the same suite of applications to remotely connect and manage systems00:17
ApplesInArraysYou're saying someone can go ahead and read my IP:/etc/?00:17
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, only if you haven't configured you system with a password00:17
ApplesInArraysI'm using Putty to connect to my droplet atm00:17
ApplesInArraysThey all have passwords.00:17
nicetiesApplesInArrays: true and false. You need a server running.00:17
ApplesInArraysand I type that in when it says Permission denied, please try again.root@ForeignIP's password:00:18
ApplesInArraysI have 2 VMs running. I connect to one through Putty.00:18
ApplesInArraysI want to see if I can send a js.js file to another00:18
ApplesInArraysEventually, I need to migrate this MySQL file since I'm getting "Warning: Unknown: Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/var/lib/php5)"00:18
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, your systems (droplets) may not be configured to allow root to remotely access via sftp/ssh/scp00:19
ApplesInArraysOh. that's interesting.00:19
ApplesInArraysOk, so I'll set up a proper user account for ForeignIP.00:19
ApplesInArraysI just spun it up, so haven't had time to do that stuff yet00:19
ApplesInArraysbut I'm going to keep the password p455word100:19
nicetiesApplesInArrays: there are many servers like http ftp ssh nfs00:19
ApplesInArraysOtherwise I forget00:19
ApplesInArraysThat's interesting. They block SCP for root@IP00:20
ApplesInArraysI'm learning a bit more day by day about host limitations.00:20
swordsmanzniceties those are protocols not servers00:20
daftykinsApplesInArrays: ok well this sounds like DigitalOcean, so this isn't ubuntu out of the box anyway. it's modified00:20
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ApplesInArraysdaftykins: How modified?00:20
daftykinstheir defaults are not ubuntu defaults00:21
ApplesInArraysI'll be honest, it's RIJX.com's00:21
daftykinsfor example you probably got email'd a root password, root doesn't have a password with ubuntu OOTB00:21
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, I really hope that isn't your actual password00:21
nicetiesApplesInArrays: first most servers only allow access thru certain ports. And a simple firewall can block those ports to the outside00:21
ApplesInArrayspragmaticenigma: of course not00:21
ApplesInArraysRight now I'm using WinSCP to connect to a server one at a time to transfer files. I just figure I should learn this SCP thing.00:22
swordsmanzniceties server ports are arbetry and can be set on server and client00:22
nicetiesswordsmanz: Yes but they need a server.00:22
ApplesInArraysAlright, so I should (1) create a genuine user account. (2) figure out which ports are open for SCP on receiving end.00:22
wolfy1339Is IPv6 working on the00:23
wolfy1339US deb repository?00:23
nicetiesApplesInArrays: Are you asking because you are having problem remotely accessing files?00:23
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, the ports are always 22 unless you have changed them in the config file for openssh.00:24
bubbasaureswolfy1339, Tons of US ubuntu repos, change yours to one that works,00:24
ApplesInArraysniceties: I want to be able to send files from server to server00:25
ApplesInArraysThen finally, I want to be able to migrate a MySQL database00:25
wolfy1339i am using us.archive.ubuntu.org, but ipv6 doesn't seem to work00:25
ApplesInArraysAlright, it looks like I got it00:26
nicetiesApplesInArrays: there is nfs which ubuntu uses.00:26
ApplesInArraysroot@ForeignIP's password: scp: /var/www/html//js.js: Disk quota exceeded00:26
swordsmanzApplesInArrays you might want to install a dameon for manageing multiple servers00:27
ApplesInArraysswordsmanz: what kind of Daemon?00:27
ApplesInArraysI hope to only have to do this once00:27
ApplesInArraysbut I'm interested00:27
pragmaticenigmaswordsmanz, he's migrating from one machine to the another, not mirroring them00:27
ApplesInArraysmirroring sounds cool, though!00:27
ApplesInArraysand fuck, I can't figure out why disk quota is exceeded.00:27
gadsdinI just updated from 13.10 to 14.04.1 on a KVM VM running on Ganeti, and I now get the following kernel panic when trying to boot:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9758956/   any ideas about why?00:28
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, you might want to login to your target machine and figure out what's going on there. In the meantime, if you are using a service like digital ocean, you should really contact them for further support00:28
ApplesInArraysIt's RIJX00:29
ApplesInArraysAlright. I'm back to 'df -i' showing 100% usage of /dev/simfs00:29
bubbasaureswolfy1339, .com00:30
nicetiesApplesInArrays: put port in root@ForeignIP's password: scp: /var/www/html//js.js: Disk quota exceeded00:30
swordsmanzpragmaticenigma so most decent solutions offer options for both00:30
ApplesInArraysIt's really a disk quota problem.00:30
ApplesInArraysNow I have to figure out how to move things around the server.00:30
swordsmanzas for specifics i really wouldent feel comfertable adviseing on one, there are a shit tonne of ways to do that kinda thing00:30
wolfy1339even .com doesn't work00:30
ApplesInArrays/dev/simfs is 100% full. /dev/ and /run are empty00:30
ApplesInArraysbut those don't appear when I use 'ls -la'00:31
nicetiesApplesInArrays: after foreignips put :port00:31
samthewildoneGuys I am having a NICE porter right now00:31
ApplesInArraysniceties: I used putty to log into "ForeignIP"'s machine.00:31
nicetiesReplace port with number of port ApplesInArrays00:31
ApplesInArraysbecause I forgot how dire ForeignIPs situatoin is.00:31
samthewildoneits so black; like me that, its so RICH00:31
ApplesInArraysNow, RIJX is so ridiculously cheap, they could really be overselling physical space00:32
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:32
ApplesInArraysIs it off topic?00:32
ApplesInArraysI'm trying to diagnose space00:33
ApplesInArraysI was considering a possibility00:33
pragmaticenigmaApplesInArrays, talking about your service provider is offtopic00:33
Nathan2055When loading Kubuntu (or any Ubuntu derivative for that matter) into VirtualBox, should you choose Ubuntu or Linux (Other) as the OS?00:33
ApplesInArraysAlright, fine. /dev/simfs     175000 175000     0  100% /  is the only issue at hand. there is no service provider.00:33
nicetiesApplesInArrays: if it's not the standard port. You need to tell it what port to use. And no matter what your router or even your internet provider might block the port. Your router you can fix.00:33
swordsmanzApplesInArrays dont expect internal disk managment to give you acurate readings if you are useing a hyporvisor00:34
ApplesInArraysniceties: I figured out the SCP thing. I moved on to just figuring out what's happening with disk space on ForeignIP00:34
pragmaticenigmaNathan2055, you can use either. the setting is just for presets that are considered optimal for the system you are installing.00:34
gadsdinI think I found what's wrong. My actual root partition isn't mounting properly on boot. Any ideas why this might be?00:34
pragmaticenigmaNathan2055, it just makes sure the default memory, networking and disk space setups are optimal00:35
ApplesInArrays#du -ch <--- this command tells me how much I have free? I get 36k00:35
Nathan2055So all that does is pull the default settings, which I usually change anyway?00:35
swordsmanzApplesInArrays this is a hypervised box right ?00:36
nicetiesApplesInArrays: what's wrong with a simpler protocol like ftp or smb00:36
ApplesInArraysSorry, let me look that word up.00:36
ApplesInArraysniceties: I'm no longer transfering files anywhere.00:36
swordsmanzApplesInArrays a vps00:36
ApplesInArraysIt's a VM00:36
ApplesInArraysbut according to rules, there is no service provider.00:36
Nathan2055pragmaticenigma: So all that does is pull the default settings, which I usually change anyway?00:37
swordsmanzApplesInArrays well ubuntus disk managment is not going to give you acurate readings00:37
ApplesInArraysswordsmanz: I see. I know of 'dh -i' and 'du -ch'. 'dh -i' says I'm using up my whole disk.00:37
ApplesInArraysAlright, so ubuntu disk usage is not useful for VM. Is that what you're saying?00:38
ApplesInArraysI see.00:38
swordsmanzwell a vm with a shared fs/ kernal00:38
ApplesInArraysI think that's what I'm dealing with.00:38
phixhi, I am setting up ufw, I want to setup a NAT MASQUERADE by editing /etc/ufw/before.rules, I am wondering if I set the output interface as eth0 or br0 (eth0 is added to br0 too as well as my VMs)00:38
ApplesInArraysbased on what I find for /dev/simfs00:39
rocketeerHow can I encrypt an external drive in gnome-disks?00:39
matt444I need to buy a replacement harddrive for an all-in-one desktop00:39
matt444how do I know which type to get?00:39
rocketeerI have cryptsetup installed00:39
phixrocketeer: Not sure about gnome disk, but I would use the command line app cryptsetup00:39
swordsmanzApplesInArrays if its a OpenVZ box then yes thats how OpenVZ can put so many boxes on relatively low end hardware00:39
ApplesInArraysswordsmanz: I think I'm beginning to understand.00:40
phixrocketeer: Then when I plug the drive in Nautalus will prompt you for hte key00:40
ApplesInArraysswordsmanz: Really thank you for pointing this out to me so clearly.00:40
rocketeerphix: I just don't want to mess something up by encrypting the wrong thing00:40
ApplesInArraysAnyways, I figured out SCP today, learned about the limitations of some of my machines.00:40
ApplesInArraysI thought htop was telling me the whole story.00:41
ApplesInArrayshtop, du -ch, df -i, scp00:41
phixrocketeer: I see00:41
phixrocketeer: well you can pastebin the command and I can check it if you like00:42
rocketeerAnd it's driving me nuts because there is an encrypt option in disks but it's greyed out00:42
nicetiesApplesInArrays: sounds like you punched through only to find out your not authorized to access the drive. You have no rw privileges.00:42
ApplesInArraysniceties: for the last time, I'm not transfering files.00:42
bubbasauresrocketeer, Just be aware that encrypting will keep others out including you if something goes wrong.00:42
ApplesInArraysI'm on a machine with an obese MySQL DB00:42
ApplesInArraysThat stopped working a few days ago because I have 0bytes free.00:42
rocketeerYep I know, which I why I'd like to not mess up my laptop00:42
nicetiesApplesInArrays: still sounds like an ownership issue.00:43
ApplesInArraysWhy does it sound like an ownership issue?00:43
ApplesInArraysroot@Master:~# df -i00:43
ApplesInArraysI'm root00:43
rocketeerApples: On which machine?00:44
ApplesInArraysOn "ForeignIP"00:44
ApplesInArraysWhere I have 0% free on the drive since I have an obese MySQL DB00:44
rocketeerOh ok sorry00:44
nicetiesApplesInArrays: root still may be a blocked user00:45
ApplesInArraysniceties: it's not.00:45
rocketeerman cryptsetup is probably the most opaque pages I've seen in a long time00:46
nicetiesApplesInArrays: Just a wild guess. Maybe root needs a password set on the server00:46
ApplesInArraysniceties: The disk is full. End of story.00:46
Nathan2055Does dist-upgrade preform a full upgrade to the next major Ubuntu version of just update packages?00:47
daftykinsNathan2055: just update packages00:48
daftykinsas per the man page00:48
Nathan2055The only difference between that an upgrade is that some packages may be removed, right?00:48
AsblarfNathan2055: or added00:49
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nicetiesApplesInArrays: so your mysql filled up the disk00:51
ApplesInArraysniceties: That's right.00:51
ApplesInArraysIt was scraping00:51
ApplesInArraysbut now that I have 5 shitty VMs paid for 1 year and I understand SCP, I can just get a good VM and have them all 'report' to a 'master VM'00:52
daftykinsdon't use that kind of language please00:52
rocketeer*paranoid* disks lists my external drive as /dev/sdb1, so can I run cryptsetup -y -v luksFormat /dev/sdb1 without breaking anything else *paranoid*00:52
rocketeerCan you tell I've lost drives by mistyping before00:52
ApplesInArraysdaftykins: You're right. Sorry.00:52
ApplesInArraysNow. I'm sorry, someone said before some alternatives to SCP?00:53
nicetiesSo we been through all this just to figure out You want to keep your sql data on remote servers00:53
daftykinsnot exactly the most direct of questions ever =|00:54
ApplesInArraysNah, it was learning SCP and figuring out about disk usage.00:54
ApplesInArraysThe actual application shouldn't matter, should it?00:54
daftykinsare you not wanting to resolve this full disk issue then? :P00:55
ApplesInArraysI will get a new VM (no provider), throw the SQL on there, clear out all of my other servers.00:55
ApplesInArraysThen just use them as slave IPs for scraping.00:56
daftykinsre: SCP, just create a simple user who IS allowed to SCP and use them as a go between00:57
daftykinssafer than enabling for root00:57
daftykinsplus using root in general isn't really that wise00:57
gorelativewhat am i missing with extending an LVM00:57
gorelative  Device /dev/sda4 not found (or ignored by filtering).00:57
gorelativebrw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 3 Jan 15 22:46 /dev/sda300:57
gorelativeits there 0.)00:58
gorelativeerr tahts supposed to be /dev/sda300:58
nicetiesdaftykins: I suspected it could be group/user issue00:58
daftykinsniceties: i don't even follow this guy so nevermind :)01:00
daftykinsbed for me01:00
nicetiesYes he is deep.01:00
ApplesInArraysIs "RM" a program like "SCP" is?01:01
nicetiesApplesInArrays: so you wAnt to securely move the sql01:01
ApplesInArraysI know I can type "python script.py" and it will run the script... Does that mean 'python' is the program and 'script.py' is just a parameter?01:02
NegativeFlareApplesInArrays: Yes.01:02
ApplesInArraysWhy are some parameters passed with -[letter]?01:02
ApplesInArraysThis means that rm/dir/cd are all 'programs'01:02
Jordan_UApplesInArrays: Note that since linux is case sensitive, "RM" and "SCP" are actually not valid commands ("rm" and "scp" are though).01:03
ApplesInArrayswow, you're right.01:03
ApplesInArrayscommand not found01:03
gorelativeanyone here familiar with LVM?01:03
ApplesInArraysHowever, I read somewhere i could use nicknames or something.01:03
Jordan_UApplesInArrays: They're all commands, all of them except "cd" (which is a builtin command, which is probably more than you need to know right now) could also be called programs, but we usually just call these types of things "commands".01:04
ApplesInArraysOMG, 'alias' is amazing.01:04
ApplesInArraysOk, so some commands are 'built-in'01:05
ApplesInArraysThis is very interesting.01:05
swordsmanzJordan_U acrually mv is the only one that is a command, the others are all programmes01:05
ApplesInArraysWhat if I made a nice program called 'SCP' that does financial stuff, and I wanted to be 'apt-get install scp' ? Who decides the "SCP" part?01:05
ubuntu-studiothis is weird01:05
ApplesInArraysOh, Canonical?01:06
Jordan_Uswordsmanz: What definition are you using for "program"?01:06
ApplesInArraysNo wait, it's the repositories, right?01:06
ApplesInArraysThat's why sometimes you have to add repositories to get obscure programs01:06
swordsmanzJordan_U a programme that is separte from bash, that needs compileing and stuff that is its own programme01:07
ApplesInArraysand I already know that 'bash' comes with a loaded namespace already.01:07
ApplesInArraysand that you can extend it.01:07
swordsmanzin that it exists as a seperate entity and is a programme in its own right, and is totaly seperate from bash01:07
ApplesInArraysDoes that mean you could uninstall them?01:08
bekksApplesInArrays: "bash" is a shell and has no "namespace".01:08
swordsmanzApplesInArrays yes01:08
Jordan_Uswordsmanz: Which would also include "rm" and "dir".01:08
swordsmanzJordan_U yup also programmes01:08
bekksApplesInArrays: It has a set of built in commands, but thats not what you would call a "namespace" in programming languages.01:08
ApplesInArraysI added the path to PHP to the 'namespace'01:09
ApplesInArraysso I just have to type 'php script.php'01:09
ApplesInArraysI think it's like Window's ENV Path, yeah?01:09
ApplesInArraysmaybe 'namespace' is the wrong word.01:09
Stanley00ApplesInArrays: well, it's called PATH env variable too :P01:09
bekksthat namespace is just called "path" - the absolute names of directories where binaries are searched.01:10
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phixso any insight into my ufw question?01:11
swordsmanzJordan_U well programmes is a bit of a stretch for the file management stuff, becouse they are actually commands of the programme linux not the programme bash01:14
ApplesInArraysAlright guys, another question.01:14
ApplesInArraysdf -h shows 5% used. df -i shows 100% use. I read up on what http://www.linux.org/threads/intro-to-inodes.4130/ inodes are.01:15
ApplesInArraysIt seems that If I can move some stuff around, stuff won't be so full anymore01:15
ApplesInArraysinodes are like 'pointers' to the data, not the data itself. If I could allocate more spcae to inodes, I would be able to write more, yes?01:15
Jordan_Uswordsmanz: Let's continue this discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic.01:15
phixyou there?01:15
Asblarfphix: who's your gang?01:16
phixGang of Ubuntu users01:16
phixThat's the correct term right?01:17
ApplesInArraysAlright, so I need to allocate more inodes01:17
Stanley00phix: can you please repeat the question? I've just join here, cannot see it...01:17
phixStanley00: I am setting up ufw, I want to setup a NAT MASQUERADE by editing /etc/ufw/before.rules, I am wondering if I set the output interface as eth0 or br0 (eth0 is added to br0 too as well as my VMs)01:17
Stanley00phix: well, why don't you try both to see what'll work for you. there're only two options, so easy :P01:19
wonderworldphix: you masquerade the bridge01:19
SrPxI'm trying to download ubuntu, but it links me to "ubuntu-14.04-1.desktop-amd64.iso" is that correct for a macbook pro?01:20
wafflejockApplesInArrays, it appears you can't increase the number of inodes on an existing ext4 filesystem01:20
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ApplesInArrayswafflejock: I just found out the same thing!01:20
wafflejockApplesInArrays, I wonder do you know why you would have so many inodes?01:20
ApplesInArraysSo i'm trying to figure out if every row in my MySQL DB takes up an inode!01:20
wafflejockApplesInArrays, hmm that is strange01:21
antimatroidhas anyone found a nice way to automatically prevent dropbox syncing for specific networks (eg. when tethering off my phone)01:21
AsblarfApplesInArrays: it probably does not01:21
ApplesInArraysAsblarf: That's what I think, too01:21
AsblarfApplesInArrays: that would be a pretty bad design01:21
ApplesInArraysbut df -h shows 5% usage. df -i shows 100% usage.01:21
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wafflejock!Mac | SrPx01:22
ubottuSrPx: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages01:22
AsblarfThat basically means you have a lot of very small files somewhere on your fs01:22
ApplesInArraysHmm... Maybe I can find out where01:22
phixStanley00: wouldn't that break the Internet?01:22
phixStanley00: also, what's with naming female character with the same letter for the first and last name?01:23
wonderworldApplesInArrays: no. every file has it's own unique inode. a mysql db consists of files for every table. one table in your mysql db, no matter how big it is, consumes one inode01:23
ApplesInArrayswonderworld: that makes sense.01:23
Asblarfit sure does01:24
Stanley00phix: hmm... you try, if it doesn't work, you can revert and try another. But as wonderworld said, " you masquerade the bridge"01:24
wafflejockSrPx, basically if you have a 64bit processor that looks right to me01:24
ApplesInArraysFor anyone else, does "sudo find . -xdev -type f | cut -d "/" -f 2 | sort | uniq -c | sort -n" help you figure out where your inode usage is?01:25
ApplesInArraysfor i in /*; do echo $i; find $i |wc -l; done01:25
ApplesInArraysfor /tmp it's HUGE01:25
SrPxwafflejock: hmm thanks but that is actually not very informative since my model is not listed :( anyway I just found it weird that it said amd, but alright. THank you!01:25
ApplesInArraysand I found out what it was!01:26
ApplesInArraysI have a TON of Curl cookies!01:26
ApplesInArraysmaybe I should figure out how to delete files in /tmp older than a day?01:27
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AsblarfApplesInArrays: you're so energetic, you remind me of my cat when he's on acid01:27
ApplesInArraysAsblarf: This is so exciting01:27
wafflejockSrPx, amd64 is just the 64bit architecture standard basically still applies to intel 64 bit as well it is confusing though01:27
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SrPxI see!01:28
ApplesInArraysI think tonight is a good night to figure out how to write a .sh that clears out /tmp01:29
AsblarfApplesInArrays: I can tell ;)01:29
ApplesInArraysOr does anyone else have a better route?01:29
wonderworldyou could write a book on how to troll tech channels01:30
MDTech-us_MANI tried changing the ssh port by editing /etc/ssh/ssh_config and uncommentign the "Port" directive01:30
ApplesInArraysHey, I just want to thank everyone here.01:30
ApplesInArraysinode usage back down to 20%. HD Usage still 5%. 0 cookies.01:30
MDTech-us_MANbut ssh is still listening on 2201:30
MDTech-us_MANI did do service ssh restart01:31
wonderworldyou need /etc/sshD_config01:31
wonderworldssh_config is client01:31
MDTech-us_MANI seee01:31
licnepso i put this entry in fstab to mount a windows partition "UUID=E41E58801E584E24 /media/alox/Windows ntfs-3g defaults,fmask=0000,umask=000,dmask=0000,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0", and i mount it with sudo, but then the regular user doesnt have write access, anything i'm missing?01:31
MDTech-us_MANthanks wonderworld01:32
bubbasaureslicnep, here is mine, /dev/sda7      /mnt/Windows   ntfs-3g   defaults   0   0  I subbed the UUID with the actual partition01:35
bubbasaureslicnep, No idea what you mean my sudo mount, unless it's fstab to edit, should be gksudo01:36
ApplesInArraysNow. I figure that one solution to my problem would be to create a *.sh with "rm /tmp/*" . but then it would need to run as sudo, yeah?01:36
ApplesInArraysahh, nm.01:36
licnepbubbasaures: i mean i'm mounting it from a terminal with "sudo mount", but even mounting it from nautilus the result is the same, i'll try your line and see if it works01:37
SrPxDoes anyone know why ubuntu installed in parallels desktop on a Macbook Pro Retina host, with 2880x1800 (native) resolution, looks blurry? http://i.imgur.com/O6XGNtS.png doesn't look like it is 2880x180001:38
AsblarfApplesInArrays: why would write a script that would contain a one liner ?01:38
ApplesInArraysAsblarf: so I can crontab -e it.01:38
AsblarfApplesInArrays: what about finding the source of your problem instead of fixing the symptoms?01:39
lotuspsychjeSrPx: what grafix driver active?01:39
ApplesInArraysAsblarf: I have to write all those cookies so i can scrape FinancialTimes.com01:39
ApplesInArraysor TheDiplomat.com01:39
ApplesInArraysI forget which01:39
ApplesInArraysone of them has a redirect01:39
ApplesInArrayslike an intermediate page01:39
AsblarfApplesInArrays: you can't be true01:40
ApplesInArrays#52 http://thediplomat.com/2015/01/the-indian-ocean-zone-of-peace-reality-vs-illusion/01:40
ApplesInArrays#57 http://thediplomat.com/2015/01/thailands-ruling-junta-threatens-to-take-action-if-protests-occur/01:41
ApplesInArraysWhy not?01:41
lotuspsychjeApplesInArrays: keep it ontopic please01:41
ApplesInArrayslotuspsychje: You're right. I just want to show that I am true.01:41
ApplesInArraysAnyways, I think I have the bash thing down.01:41
ApplesInArraysjust have to chmod01:41
SrPxlotuspsychje: how do I know? Also, why parallels only allows me to alloc 32mb of video memory to the guest os? Isn't that tooo low?01:42
lotuspsychjeSrPx: can you sudo lshw -C video please?01:42
lotuspsychjeSrPx: it could be a paralel issue also, ask in the mac channel for best retina settings maybe01:44
SrPxlordbachus: pastebin.com/uH8R9XMr01:45
SrPxoh damn, lotuspsychje *01:45
ApplesInArraysAlright. I have the ClearTemp.sh working every hour. Just has 'rm /tmp/*' with chmod 70001:46
AsblarfApplesInArrays: did you compile your script? You need to if you want to avoid memory leaks on the long term.01:47
lotuspsychjeSrPx: can you put on pasteubuntu plz, that pastebin lags on me recently01:49
ApplesInArraysAsblarf: I'm working on compiling the script in Ada to ensure reliability in deleting the /tmp/* files01:49
SrPxhaha sure01:49
samthewildonetouch me01:50
* samthewildone is working hard with gimp01:50
samthewildoneI'm so lazy but, for a reason.01:50
Jordan_UApplesInArrays: Just deleting all files in /tmp/ will lead to problems. Programs do expect *some* persistance of that data, just not across reboots.01:50
samthewildonewhen using images on the web whats the best format to be used for fast loading times ?01:50
ApplesInArraysJordan_U: I only find cookie Curls in there. PHP Sessions are saved elsewhere01:50
samthewildoneQuality does matter but, I don't want my image taking more than 1 second to load.01:51
ApplesInArraysOh, maybe I will just delete files that start with "CURLCOOKIE"01:51
ApplesInArraysThat seems smarter01:51
lotuspsychjeSrPx: yeah its using the product: Accelerated Virtual Video Adapter from paralel01:51
Jordan_UApplesInArrays: That sounds much more reasonable.01:51
lotuspsychjeSrPx: you could try best retina settings in your mac maybe, not sure if you will get it better then the blur01:52
ApplesInArraysrm /tmp/CURLCOOKIE*01:52
lotuspsychjeSrPx: virtualizing grafix can never be as good as the real thing01:52
SrPxI seee...01:52
SrPxokayy thank you :)01:53
ApplesInArraysHey guys, thanks for helping me keep this enterprise server together01:53
ApplesInArraysbeen a huge help with inodes/memory and bash and all01:53
Jordan_Ulotuspsychje: SrPx: Ubuntu should not be looking that pixelated though, even in a VM. My guess is that parallels isn't configured properly.01:54
lotuspsychjeJordan_U: that surely possible01:54
AsblarfApplesInArrays: cool, glad we could help01:55
hydrajumpwhy can't I get upstart to work with `start on net-device-up IFACE=eth0` ubuntu 14.04?01:56
lotuspsychje!upstart | hydrajump maybe some info here01:56
ubottuhydrajump maybe some info here: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/01:56
hydrajumpI've tried with INTERFACE=eth0 but I can't get even a simple `echo "test" > /tmp/test`01:56
hydrajumplotuspsychje: thanks I've been through it several times and googled as well, but I don't understand why specifically net-device-up isn't working for me01:57
lotuspsychjehydrajump: also try the guys from #upstart, they also might know01:57
hydrajumpah good idea01:57
jamie_hey i am having a problem with all of a sudden upstart takes over my processor for some odd reason and making the computer freeze temporally01:59
wellyHello all. I'm struggling with iptables a bit. I'm trying to open access to mysql from one U14.04 server to another01:59
wellyThis is my iptables as it stands: http://pastie.org/983445302:00
lotuspsychje!iptables | welly02:00
ubottuwelly: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo02:00
wellylotuspsychje, yep! using iptables. I'm struggling to get it working. It's fine for SSH, PING and HTTP just not mysql02:01
lotuspsychjejamie_: htop can help you find whats causing cpu 100%?02:01
andre__can someone help me with a problem i am having?02:01
=== andre__ is now known as Guest16800
Guest16800can someone help me?02:01
lotuspsychjeGuest16800: if you ask your question, we could02:01
jamie_lotuspsychje: is that a program02:02
lotuspsychjejamie_: htop in terminal02:02
jamie_okay one sec want to look it up real fast02:02
Guest16800on my taskbar, all but one of my windows i can click on to unfold them and have a white arrow next to them02:02
lotuspsychjejamie_: maybe check your logs also, syslog,dmesg02:02
Guest16800but, one has a unfilled arrow, which i cannot click on02:02
Guest16800but the application is running, as i hear its audio02:02
lotuspsychjeGuest16800: explain a bit more clear mate, taskbar and white arrow?02:04
Guest16800so, on windows a taskbar is the thing on which you can click on to unfold windows02:04
Guest16800is it the same name on ubuntu?02:05
lotuspsychjeGuest16800: on unity sidebar windows minimize back to the icon, is that what you mean?02:06
bubbasauresGuest16800, screenshot please02:06
Bashing-omandrex: State your issue, to the channel.02:06
jamie_lotuspsychje: im not really sure what to look for02:06
lotuspsychjejamie_: dmesg in terminal should show relevant problems02:06
jamie_and syslog returns no such command02:07
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
lotuspsychjejamie_: you need the log viewer icon from your programs02:07
lotuspsychjejamie_: or browse to /var/log/syslog manually02:07
jamie_that is a lot easier for me... okay one sec taking a look02:08
Guest16800see how on the left side of my screen, to the left of the google chrome logo, there is a white arrow?02:08
devzdesilvathat link's not working02:09
Guest16800if you look 3 icons below it, you will see one with a white arrow but its just an outline02:09
Guest16800oh yeah sorry02:09
Guest16800double paste02:09
lotuspsychjeGuest16800: you mean the grey icon?02:10
Guest16800a few minutes ago, i could open it02:10
lotuspsychjeGuest16800: wich package is this?02:10
Guest16800but now02:10
Guest16800i cannot02:10
Guest16800it is minecraft02:10
lotuspsychjeGuest16800: from wine?02:10
Guest16800i was developing a mod02:10
Guest16800no, the linux version02:10
Guest16800i should clarify, technic pack02:11
Guest16800for some reason it doesnt have a proper icon,02:11
Guest16800but im not worried about that02:11
devzdesilvawhy won't you just restart your comp.02:11
Guest16800im worried about the fact that i cant click it02:11
lotuspsychjeGuest16800: might be something wrong with the package itself02:11
Guest16800i have tried02:11
Guest16800Oh ok02:11
Guest16800have you ever seen anyone else have this problem?02:12
lotuspsychjeGuest16800: try also running it from terminal, see what errors you get02:12
Guest16800just wondering02:12
jamie_lotuspsychje: if i use the past bin can you take a look the end of syslog and give me a hand02:12
lotuspsychjeGuest16800: also try the reboot as devzdesilva sugests02:12
Guest16800i have tried multiple times02:12
lotuspsychjejamie_: paste to pasteubuntu plz02:12
Guest16800but, the log file in cmd is short02:12
Guest16800since its a .jar i use cmd to open it02:12
devzdesilvasend a screenshot of the terminal log...that'll help02:13
jamie_lotuspsychje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9759341/02:13
Guest16800i feel stupid02:13
Guest16800i sort of accidentally had it open behind google chrome02:14
Guest16800so maybe it thought it was open?02:14
Guest16800either way sorry to disturb u guys02:14
lotuspsychjejamie_: dont see anything suspicious there, can you pasteubuntu dmesg also?02:15
jamie_okay one sec02:15
=== achernya_ is now known as achernya
jamie_lotuspsychje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9759351/02:16
jamie_im good at solving it.... but i have no error that i see that explains it02:17
mojtabaHi, By chance do you know how to fix fingerprint in Thinkpad 440S (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)?02:18
jamie_and im used to working from error messages... kinda useless for the most part02:18
MichaelHabib1hi, is this line looks correct ?  tar -xfv wiki.tar.gz02:18
MichaelHabib1I get :02:18
MichaelHabib1tar: v: Cannot open: No such file or directory02:18
MichaelHabib1tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now02:18
lotuspsychjejamie_: wich ubuntu version is this?02:18
MichaelHabib1I know the file does exist !02:19
lotuspsychjejamie_: this doesnt look right 34.231884] systemd-logind[1132]: Failed to start unit user@112.service: Unknown unit: user@112.service02:19
swordsmanzanyone running pantheon as there WM ?02:20
lotuspsychjejamie_: did you install systemd or something?02:20
lotuspsychjeMichaelHabib1: try rar or 7zip maybe02:21
Bashing-omMichaelHabib1: Are you working in the same direcory as the .tar.gz file is ? You do an "ls" do you see that target file ?02:21
jamie_lotuspsychje:  okay.... I hate to kinda run in the middle but have to go take care of something important..... crap, Ill be back in a few02:21
jamie_help who needs it, I will be back in a little02:22
lotuspsychjejamie_: kk good luck02:22
MichaelHabib1Bashing-om: I'm , I used [TAB] to auto complete the file name and I triple checked it exists.02:22
hydrajumpisn't `sudo ifconfig eth0 down && sudo ifconfig eth0 up` equivalent to unplugging and plugging in an ethernet cable?02:23
gadsdinI'm getting a kernel panic and am currently trying to fix it using initramfs. I think my linux-image* packages may be deleted. How can I best reinstall them from initramfs?02:23
happyfr0ggIs there an Ubuntu app that allows me to record audio I hear from my headphones or speakers?02:24
aRdoRWhere do I look up hardware support for the HP Steam 11-d010nr Notebook, Looking to run Elemenrty OS or Mint from USB or Flash Card Boot.02:24
MichaelHabib1hydrajump: I think it is.. Most of the time I do  sudo ifdown -av  to shutdown all network connections (just incase you didnt know )02:25
lotuspsychjeaRdoR: only ubuntu support here mate02:25
aRdoRI havn't bought the laptop yet, I am looking for one I can use linux first and foremost but it needs to be light weight small and ideally cheap.02:25
mojtabaHi, By chance do you know how to fix fingerprint in Thinkpad 440S (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)?02:25
lotuspsychjeaRdoR: xubuntu/lubuntu are light02:25
hydrajumpMichaelHabib1: It's weird but after I do ifconfig eth0 up I get `network unreachable` and I have to reboot for networking to work agian02:26
hydrajumpvery odd02:26
lotuspsychjehydrajump: could be network-manager also02:26
aRdoRThanks Lotuspsychje: I ment lite as in pounds/grams02:26
gadsdinaRdoR: xubuntu - lightweight, good-looking, and free02:27
lotuspsychjeaRdoR: many laptops will work with ubuntu02:27
mojtabacould you please tell me what is the difference between KVM and Virtual Machine?02:27
mojtabaWhich one is better?02:27
aRdoRhydrajump: could it be Spanning Tree?02:27
=== kerosene_ is now known as kerosene
lotuspsychje!kvm | mojtaba02:28
ubottumojtaba: kvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM02:28
aRdoRlotuspsychje: is there a list kept some where?02:28
hydrajumpMichaelHabib1: sudo ifdown eth0 and sudo ifup eth0 seems to work. Now I jsut need to figure out why upstart isn't reacting to these events. thanks MichaelHabib102:28
mojtabalotuspsychje: What is its difference with virtual machine?02:28
mojtabalotuspsychje: I want to run win7 and another ubuntu machine02:28
lotuspsychjeaRdoR: there is an page that shows supported hardware yes, but ubuntu supports more hardware then the list02:28
lotuspsychjemojtaba: virtualbox will fill in all your needs02:29
aRdoRlotuspsychje: I just found this, reading it now. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225826202:29
mojtabalotuspsychje: I want to learn too at the same time!02:30
lotuspsychjeaRdoR: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/desktop/02:31
lotuspsychjemojtaba: you can install ubuntu and run w7 from virtualbox perfectly02:31
aRdoRThanks lotuspsychje: thanks, not listed. but this is indeed the link I was looking for.02:32
lotuspsychjeaRdoR: mostly you will buy an uefi machine, and ubuntu will run just fine on it02:32
mojtabalotuspsychje: what about the kvm? what can it do? (sorry for asking too much. I would really like to learn sth new.)02:33
lotuspsychjeaRdoR: ill recomend you 14.0402:33
lotuspsychjemojtaba: read that kvm trigger mate or the ubuntu manual02:33
eatyourguitardoes ubuntu lag behind new drivers for new chipsets released by debian?02:33
mojtabalotuspsychje: sure, thanks02:33
MichaelHabib1Q : can i  chmod without sudo  from command line ?02:34
MichaelHabib1(logged in through SSH )02:34
lotuspsychje!chmod | MichaelHabib102:34
ubottuMichaelHabib1: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions02:34
eatyourguitarand is it possible that ubuntu has drivers before debian does?02:34
lotuspsychjeeatyourguitar: whats your issue exactly mate?02:35
SrPxmy ubuntu came with office (wtf???????) and a lot of directories inside home... can I delete all that? wtf02:36
=== mixed_ is now known as mixed
lotuspsychjeSrPx: what do you mean?02:36
MichaelHabib1lotuspsychje: using the same login details,  I can change file permission from FTP  but when I do  "chmod" from Command-line logged in using SSH  I "Must" use sudo .. then it says my account doesnt have sudo permission !02:37
kernixhey all02:37
SrPxlotuspsychje: ~/Downloads ~/Music ~/Public (??) ~/Desktop ...02:37
lotuspsychjeSrPx: thos folders are default02:38
SrPxrm -rf ~/*02:38
SrPxI don't want those folders I want to organize it my own way02:38
happyfr0gg#elementary ----------- elementary support02:38
happyfr0gg#elementary-dev ------- elementary desktop development02:38
happyfr0gg#elementary-offtopic -- general chat02:38
happyfr0gg#elementary-web ------- elementary web development (for elementaryos.org)02:38
happyfr0gg#elementary-design ---- elementary design02:38
happyfr0gg#elementary-apps ------ elementary community apps development02:38
SrPxcan I?02:38
victorsomeone here with xubuntu?02:38
SrPxor will it cause problems?02:38
bubbasauresvictor, the real issue is what the channel needs02:39
lotuspsychjeSrPx: you can tweak what you like in your /home02:39
victorbubbasaures, you have the channel of xubuntu?02:39
lotuspsychjeSrPx: not sure of what it will do to nautilus icon (rightmouse)02:40
bubbasauresvictor, No, xubuntu is supported here, you have to describe the problem for help to the channel.02:40
eatyourguitar<lotuspsychje> I plan on buying a new computer soon02:40
eatyourguitarbut I'm not sure if I am getting a single core or dual core02:40
lotuspsychjeeatyourguitar: ubuntu will run fine on most hardware02:40
victorOk, thanks, my issue is with my external monitor02:40
eatyourguitarthe single core might have multithreading02:41
victorI already have installed the drivers02:41
lotuspsychjeeatyourguitar: a computer with ssd is recomended02:41
victorAMD drivers omega02:41
eatyourguitarI can link specific hardware02:41
victorand the external monitor is messed when i use the both on mirror conf02:41
danatohey I use a 3G dongle modem to connect to the internet, to make it work I install its driver, but it doesnt work anymore after a reboot or if I disconnect it, they way ive been doing is reinstalling the drivers each time. Is there a way to make changes permanent?02:41
lotuspsychjeeatyourguitar: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/desktop/02:41
eatyourguitarzotac zboz PI320 pico02:42
eatyourguitarcomes with windows 8.102:42
=== 7JTAB3J1G is now known as thomas
eatyourguitarI don't know if the HDMI will support sound + video in ubuntu02:43
victorYes, support video and audio over HDMI02:44
victoryou need to change the sound options02:44
lotuspsychjeeatyourguitar: there's an article here: http://liliputing.com/2014/10/run-ubuntu-zotac-zbox-pico-mini-pc-kinda.html02:44
victorin the gnome sound02:44
victorI'm leaving02:44
RonWhoCaresHow do I mount /media/rpiggott/Users as  Ubuntu boots02:49
mojtabaHi, By chance do you know how to fix fingerprint in Thinkpad 440S (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS)?02:51
lotuspsychjemojtaba: maybe this can help: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/03/how-to-get-your-fingerprint-reader-working-in-ubuntu02:52
mojtabalotuspsychje: It did not find mine!02:53
Bashing-omRonWhoCares: That can be done in 'fstab' file. See: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=283131 <-bodhi.zazen -Understanding fstab , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab . If this is a USB drive, watch the mount options.02:56
shpongulumaAnyone running kali linux or other dist on tablet?02:56
RonWhoCaresnot a USB device02:56
Stanley00shponguluma: this channel is for Ubuntu support only :P02:57
eatyourguitarso this Zotac ZBOX pico looks like the guy got it running but no wifi02:58
SuccessHow do I defragment on LUKS fs, my SSD is getting slow?02:58
eatyourguitarand it can be installed I guess02:58
bubbasauresSuccess, you don't.02:59
eatyourguitarhe was running it as a usb boot02:59
Successbubbasaures well why not02:59
bubbasauresSuccess, linux partitioning does not need fragmenting02:59
Stanley00Success: and basically, encrypting will slow thing down :303:00
bubbasauresif you fill up the HD that may cause issues03:00
lotuspsychjeSuccess: also never defrag an ssd03:01
bubbasaures14.04 has trim built in but you can tweak around with that Success03:02
=== Dr_Manhattan is now known as DrManhattan
eatyourguitaris this supported http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1685610205303:03
lotuspsychjeeatyourguitar: http://askubuntu.com/questions/395941/installation-of-ubuntu-12-04-on-nuc-d54250wyk03:04
lotuspsychjebubbasaures: you got ssd yourself on ubuntu?03:07
bubbasaureslotuspsychje, Yeah, several03:07
KentoCan ayone help me please? I have issues installing wireless rt3290sta driver..?03:08
lotuspsychjeKento: can you pasteubuntu sudo lshw -C network03:09
gwb3_Hello, I was about to revert my system to ubuntu-minimal via APT, was just curious how I would add linux-image-generic to the following line so it is correct syntax: sudo aptitude markauto '~i!~nubuntu-minimal'03:09
lotuspsychjebubbasaures: cool, check your invite03:09
bubbasaureslotuspsychje, I have pm off03:09
lotuspsychjebubbasaures: i invited with server notice03:10
Kentolotuspsychje the outpus i just : PCI (sysfs)03:10
=== Schnabel- is now known as Schnabeltierchen
bubbasaureslotuspsychje IO have a whole lot off I think on now try again.03:11
lotuspsychjebubbasaures: ##linux-ssd03:11
bubbasauresahh, doh thanks03:12
lotuspsychjeKento: it should give you more info03:15
lotuspsychje!realtek | Kento03:16
ubottuKento: some help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b03:16
lotuspsychjeKento: check also main realteks website for recent linux drivers/firmware03:16
theaftermathHi all, been googling a lot about this issue. The disable touchpad when using keyboard setting is not working for me.03:19
=== gerald is now known as Guest69264
CtrlAltDelicioushey everyone03:20
Liam`This is somewhat unrelated to Ubuntu directly, but I think someone may be able to help me. Long story short, I'm doing an extensive amount of SSH'ing into servers, and I want to be able to easily access my commands from within every server I ssh into (assuming all bash, assuming all function correctly). Currently, I have hostname/date/w all run when I ssh into a server, however when I try to set functions03:22
Liam`before I use "bash -l" (to initiate the actuall prompt), the functions aren't accessible03:22
Liam`Basically, any easy way to make a sub bash session access functions from the initial bash session, or rather, keep the initial bash session open after running the commands? idk.03:22
bubbasaureswe do ubuntu only here03:24
mynameisdeletedso ... remote login and execution of a command in 12ms03:27
mynameisdeletedaccording to time command03:28
CtrlAltDeliciousmynameisdeleted: Depends on the command?03:29
KentoCan anyone help me to install rt3290sta driver please? http://paste.ubuntu.com/9759523/03:29
mynameisdeleteduptime or ls03:30
Liam`bubbasaures: It's related to Ubuntu.03:30
mynameisdeletedrunning locally takes about 0.002ms03:30
mynameisdeletedtry timing how long it takes to use regular ssh key to log into a system03:30
CtrlAltDeliciousmynameisdeleted: That sounds pretty good, man.03:30
CtrlAltDeliciousah, yea, its uaully half a second or less03:30
mynameisdeletedsetting zsh shell and using host authentication with rlogin over private network helps a lot03:31
mynameisdeletedalso using infiniband or fiberchannel (or 10gbe) helps a lot03:31
mynameisdeletedalso using low latency kernels helps03:31
Lee-I'm trying to write a udev rule to set the autosuspend_delay_ms of my mouse whenever I connect it (to a usb3 port). My udev rule doesn't work and I've tried many variations of it without success. Can someone provide some assistance? Thanks! Here's an example of my rule: ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="1532", ATTR{power/autosuspend_delay_ms}="600000"03:31
lotuspsychjemynameisdeleted: keep it ontopic plz03:32
eatyourguitarcan I use an apple supperdrive to boot a ubuntu distro on a NUC?03:35
=== johnnie is now known as funkymuppet
KentoCan anyone help me please? I have problems installing rt3290 wireless driver . sudo lshw -C network output is http://paste.ubuntu.com/9759523/03:37
pragmaticenigmaLiam`, what your trying to do is a bit more advanced than what this room is capable of supporting. You may want to check out some of the other rooms to see if someone there could be of better assistance03:37
CtrlAltDeliciouslotuspsychje: So theres never any "fun" talk in here, when theres nothing else to talk about?03:37
Liam`pragmaticenigma: PM me possibly rooms I could ask in?03:37
hdHola, consulta sobre impresor epson l200. Como se instala?03:37
lotuspsychje!discuss | CtrlAltDelicious03:37
ubottuCtrlAltDelicious: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support  discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.03:37
lotuspsychje!es | hd03:37
ubottuhd: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:37
lotuspsychjeCtrlAltDelicious: the fun part of #ubuntu is solving problems03:38
jMylesI've been using a dual-monitor set up for a few days without issue (the built-in display on an "all-in-one" and an external via HDMI), but now suddenly the built-in won't work.  When, for example, I try to disable / enable it or change resolutions, it just briefly flashes the picture and then goes off.03:38
jMylesOf course in the back of my head, I'm dreading that this might be a hardware problem; it doesn't seem to behave properly before boot either.03:39
CtrlAltDeliciouslotuspsychje: True, but theres not really an abundance of them.03:39
lotuspsychje!xrandr | jMyles try this maybe03:39
ubottujMyles try this maybe: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1203:39
jMylesAlthough as I recall this computer was never much for display before the boot03:39
CtrlAltDeliciousbrb need to change IP addresses03:39
jMyleslotuspsychje: Will do.  In the mean time / also, is there a surefire way to determine if I'm experiencing a hardware issue with the built-in LCD?03:40
bubbasauresjMyles, test a live if you can.03:40
SuccessLee- why the highlight?03:40
jMylesbubbasaures: That had occurred to me, but again, it doesn't even work in BIOS.  I surmise that somehow my video hard has been 'hard switched' to 'external only' mode or something.03:41
Kento:(  My wireless card driver support is too bad.03:41
bubbasauresjMyles, ##hardware maybe03:41
Lee-Success, because your nick is a common word that people use when writing sentences regarding technical aspects.03:41
KentoCan anyone help me please? I have problems installing rt3290 wireless driver . sudo lshw -C network output is http://paste.ubuntu.com/9759523/03:42
SuccessLee- oh okay i thought you needed me :)03:42
Lee-I do if you can help with my issue ;)03:42
nahtnamHey! I need help uninstalling a font that I installed. To install the font, I just double clicked it and pressed install. I cant find the uninstall button, and the font is NOT in the usr/share/fonts folder either. Font info: http://i.imgur.com/mC3XoGI.png I need to uninstall this because in chrome, everything looks bold.03:43
Successoh god I wish, I have no idea what that is03:43
CtrlAltDeliciousIs there any way to get rid of Unity in the newest Ubuntu/03:45
CtrlAltDeliciousthats my big question.03:45
lotuspsychje!notunity | CtrlAltDelicious03:45
ubottuCtrlAltDelicious: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.03:45
SrPxHello, I've booted an ubuntu usb stick on macbook pro retina. It didn't recognize the partition I made using disk utils. I selected the option to chose my own partition. I found the one I made and clicked it. It asked me to chose between several different options (FAT, paging... etc). What should I chose?03:46
bubbasauresCtrlAltDelicious, sure install a different DE.03:46
CtrlAltDeliciousAh, also you used to be able to right click and edit icons to, for example, in wireshark add the gksudo command. Now when I click its just UI options.03:46
nahtnamFinally found it! it was in my home folder03:47
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bubbasaureshi raging_goblin03:49
bubbasauresgive us your sorrows ;)03:50
raging_goblincan somebody help in installing skype on ubuntu studio 14 ? its not in the repos and the skype site says 1203:50
shpongulumaIs it possible to make a galaxy tab 4 able to monitor packets etc. In networks? Like if someone wants to monitor their routers data in and out?03:51
SrPxnobody knwos? :( also, do I *need* to install that rEFind thing?03:51
bubbasauresraging_goblin, It is be sure the partners repo is open.03:51
bubbasauresraging_goblin, Look in software and updates 2nd tab03:52
raging_goblinok thanks bubbasaures i ll look that up03:52
CtrlAltDeliciousshponguluma: Depends, is it rooted?03:53
bubbasauresraging_goblin, two additional repos there independent and canonical partners I use both myself.03:53
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ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:55
martheAre irc channels sequestered on specific networks?03:55
shpongulumaIt is, yes. CtrlAltDelicious03:55
raging_goblinbubbasaures thanks man and good night03:56
bubbasauresno prob night03:56
CtrlAltDeliciousshponguluma: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=blake.hamilton.bitshark03:56
CtrlAltDeliciousInstall that, it will allow you to do full packet captures on all interfaces, and dump them to  pcap03:56
shpongulumaGreat, thanks man03:57
CtrlAltDeliciousshponguluma: My pleasuer, amigo.  Let me know how it goes.03:57
shpongulumaWill other apps with an ability to sniff air and such be opened for that aswell then?03:58
pragmaticenigmabubbasaures, skype isn't in any of the repos. he just needs to go to Skypes download page and grab the one labled for ubuntu 12, it will work on any version of ubuntu after 12.03:58
bubbasaures!skype | pragmaticenigma03:58
ubottupragmaticenigma: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga03:58
bubbasauresit is in the repos and suggested as first use03:59
pragmaticenigmaI'll take a look, bubbasaures. I just grabbed the .deb file from Skype's website and it worked just as easily04:00
CtrlAltDeliciousshponguluma: I dont understand your question.04:00
bubbasaurespragmaticenigma, I did to, however not everyone has the skills to deal with issue, common one no sound is all. Ubuntu's wiki's rhetoric is use there's is all. ;)04:01
SrPxWhat partition format should I chose when installing ubuntu with an usb stick on macbook pro?04:01
bubbasauresSrPx, ext4 is the default04:02
pragmaticenigmaAh, bubbasaures, I ran into the no sound initially too, now that you mentioned it. but it was a quick change in the config/options and got it working04:02
shpongulumaCtrlaltdelicious Well, i havent been able to monitor packets with fex a self-made ng-ettercap, checked everything so there seems to be a lock or smthn04:02
SrPxbubbasaures: thanks!04:02
pragmaticenigma!offtopic | CtrlAltDelicious shponguluma04:02
ubottuCtrlAltDelicious shponguluma: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:02
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bubbasauresSrPx, no problem.04:03
bonesddsJust added USB 3.0 card to Ubuntu Server 14.04 and now external drive gets mounted as sda1 before root. Does this matter? Can it be corrected?04:04
CtrlAltDeliciouspragmaticenigma: You BuntuNazi this room like you get paid to do it, bro.04:04
CtrlAltDeliciousThis your full time job, man?04:04
sergeurhi   bonsoir04:05
shpongulumaThought it was #android04:07
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CtrlAltDeliciouslmao shponguluma LOL04:07
bonesddsIs there a delay option to keep usb drive from mounting before root?04:07
CtrlAltDeliciousshponguluma: Im in there too, if you want to continue over there we can.04:07
shpongulumaIll just pm mate04:08
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bonesddsWow, a lot of people joining and quiting, but nobody actually talking about support.04:09
ObrienDavenormal for this channel04:10
RamchandraAptebonesdds: Often the quits and joins are merely someone's computer starting up or shutting down.04:10
bonesddsAny help on here or a better channel to ask for help?04:10
ObrienDavenot if you don't ask a support question04:10
pragmaticenigma!ask | bonesdds04:11
bonesddsI'll repeat. Installed usb 3.0 in pci-express slot and now my external drive gets mounted earlier than the root drive.04:11
ubottubonesdds: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:11
bonesddsI asked 2 time above.04:11
bonesddsWould love some help.04:12
ObrienDave!patience | bonesdds04:12
ubottubonesdds: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:12
pragmaticenigmabonesdds, it's not possible to mount an external drive before root... unless the external drive is bootable04:12
pragmaticenigmabonesdds, if that is the case, you need to access your system bios or firmware and change the bootdrive order04:12
bonesddsblkid lists usb drive as sda1, 2nd usb drive as sdb1 and root drive as sdc1.04:13
bonesddsGood tip about bios. Haven't checked there. Thanks.04:14
bonesddsNew to fstab and all this mounting stuff.04:14
SrPxWhen I boot the ubuntu install pen drive it says "the current computer has no detected operating system". It asks to erase my whole HD. I don't want that, I want to dual boot! What do I do? There is a "something else" option... but I'm not sure I understand what it will do.04:14
SrPxI'm afraid it will erase everything04:14
SrPxhow can I ensure it will not erase all my osx files04:14
bubbasauresSrPx, You get to the desktop?04:14
SrPxbubbasaures: ?04:15
bubbasauresSrPx, ah osx, I'm out, not sure, nevermind. ;)04:15
bonesddsDoes the drive name (sda, sdb, sdc...) actually matter. Everything works fine, I just am used to the root drive being sda1?04:16
ObrienDaveroot drive should be sda104:16
slainrwhere I can paste an screenshot? my linux enviroment are bugged04:17
bonesddsIt's currently sdc1. Can't figure out how to fix it.04:17
SchrodingersScat!screenshot | slainr04:17
ubottuslainr: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.04:17
ObrienDavebonesdds, check bios, change boot order04:17
bonesddsWill try thanks.04:18
pragmaticenigmabonesdds, no, the drive names do not matter04:18
slainrhey, take a look. I've change my vga cable to an hdmi and my desktop get fuck*d -- http://imgur.com/hPmuFM604:18
ubottuTo see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)04:18
bubbasaures!language| slainr04:19
ubottuslainr: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:19
SrPxseems like nobody knows right? :(04:19
nicetiesSrPx: does it see all the partitions04:19
bonesddsHave done blkid, lsusb, lspci...Have all the info other than how to fix it and will now try ObrienDave's suggestion.04:19
SrPxI guess so, I don't understand though. I recognize my main partition (300+ gb) and the partition I reservd for ubuntu (~100gb) but there are other (150mb~) partitions I don't recognize04:20
nicetiesbonesdds: don't matter04:20
slainrI dont what to solve this display problem04:20
slainrI dont know*04:20
Bashing-ombonesdds: If UUIDs are inplace the name 'sda1' in booting does not matter .04:20
nicetiesSrPx: is it Windows 704:21
bonesddsUsing UUID mounting, so it all works fine. Maybe it's just my OCD, but would like it back to the way it was.04:21
pragmaticenigmabonesdds, there are not drive letter assignments like in windows. It does not matter what the device's handle is in /dev/sd* ... the linux kernel knows where the devices are and maps them as it needs to04:22
nicetiesSrPx: and is the machine use bios or efi04:22
bubbasauresniceties, its a mac04:23
Bashing-ombonesdds: Good explanation also : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=283131 <-bodhi.zazen -Understanding fstab .04:23
bonesddsI realize all that and thank you for trying to help. Call it intellectual challenge that I want to figure out. Should be a way to delay the mounting of the usb externals until the root drive gets mounted. Will read link. Thanks.04:23
nicetiesSrPx: Are you using the 64 bit version of ubuntu04:23
SrPxniceties: it is a macbook pro04:24
SrPxthe one you download from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop04:24
bonesddsYeah, read this last night. Didn't see anything that would "fix" what I'm describing.04:25
nicetiesSrPx: You need refind program.04:25
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bonesddsold 32 bit hp proliant server, headless, so ssh and command line are only options.04:26
SrPxI have it....04:26
nicetiesSrPx: install it. Shut off computer. Not a restart.04:27
bonesddsBased on recent comments, it doesn't sound like changing bios settings will change anything.04:28
pragmaticenigmabonesdds, no, bios doesn't affect the OS once the OS has taken over. I can understand it's a little annoying that what should be your main drive might not be listed as /dev/sda; however it is also why the documentation recommends not using the device path to reference a drive anymore04:29
nicetiesSrPx: then start up into osx. Using disk utility shrink the drive enough to install ubuntu but don't partition.04:30
SrPxniceties: hm04:31
pragmaticenigmabonesdds, what is likely happening is the UUID generated for the external is alphanumerically listed before the internal drives, which is possibly why the ordering ends up that way04:31
nicetiesSrPx: Did you instal refind04:32
bonesddsI'll right, I'll give up trying to make things the way I want them and accept the way they are. Thanks for the info.04:32
bonesddsAlright. (sp?)04:33
nicetiesSrPx: Did you power off not a restart. After starting did refind boot manger show.04:34
SrPxnot now, a few moments ago, it is working04:34
bonesddsIt's not the order of UUIDs. Good idea though. The first digit is 0,4,7,9 of the four drives and the a,b,c,d don't follow the order.04:35
nicetiesSrPx: don't boot ubuntu USB yet. Boot into osx and use disk utility to shrink the drive. Don't partition it.04:35
bonesddsThanks anyway. Good night.04:35
SrPxI have done that :(04:36
SrPxniceties: is this what you mean? http://imgur.com/oyDA8aP (I already had the other partition before...)04:37
eatyourguitaris this arm9 box supported? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA40U1PS367104:37
eatyourguitarI read this https://gist.github.com/vvuk/498693304:38
eatyourguitarbut it might be old by now04:38
nicetiesSrPx: so. Hd2 what is that. Is that an empty partition?04:38
eatyourguitarit shares the mali GPU with the chrome stuff04:38
shpongulumaCan a samsung tab run ubuntu?04:39
nicetiesSrPx: do you have 2 hard drives. Or is hd2 a partition.04:41
SrPxniceties: it is a partition04:41
SrPxI have one hard drive04:41
happyfr0gg<shponguluma> yes, a samsung tablet can run Ubuntu. Search youtube for examples. Also try searching the XDA Developer site.04:42
nicetiesSrPx: Did you make it to install ubuntu on04:42
SrPxyes... before you asked04:42
shpongulumahappyfr0gg yeah ive seen but only trough vnc..04:42
nicetiesSrPx: Just delete it04:43
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nicetiesLeave the empty space unformatted SrPx04:43
SrPx... okay04:44
SrPxnow what04:44
happyfr0gg<shponguluma> I don't recall which websites but at one time I think I read that there was a way to dual boot Android and Ubuntu on a tablet.04:44
shpongulumaYeah that im aware of04:45
nicetiesUbuntu can't see Mac formatted partitions during install. SrPx04:45
SrPxevery site asked me to do it :( but ok04:45
SrPxso now I just reboot and it will see it?04:46
nicetiesYes after removing that partition. Leave the empty space. Reboot with USB install.04:47
nicetiesYes after removing that partition. Leave the empty space. Reboot with USB install.  SrPx04:47
happyfr0ggSearch Google for ways of creating a virtual machine of Ubuntu, Windows, etc inside the Android operating system and then install and run the Android app: aFreeRDP (http://www.freerdp.com/)04:47
SrPxill try it then, brb04:47
happyfr0gg<shponguluma> aFreeRDP allows you to use Windows 7 and Ubuntu specific apps as if they were installed locally on the Android system.04:49
shpongulumaCool thx04:50
wadI've got a bunch of photos that I need to crop. I could use gimp, and do them one at a time.... is there another tool you guys know of for this sort of thing?04:51
wadAlso, a bunch of them need to be rotated.04:51
nicetieswad: all cropped the same size?04:52
shpongulumahappyfr0gg thx man04:52
nicetieswad: bulk photo processing.04:54
* wad nods04:54
nicetieswad: sudo apt-get install gimp-plugin-registry04:55
nicetieswad: or try sudo apt-get install phatch04:56
wadThanks for these suggestions, trying them out.04:57
vbgunzdoes anyone know what can cause an ssh terminal to actually lag from letter to letter?04:58
vbgunzIf I just typed that into an SSH terminal to a specific machine, it would still be typing itself out04:58
vbgunzdoes anyone know what can cause this?04:58
nicetiesWad imagemagick is command line. Gthumb is a simple one04:59
vbgunzhmm, seems something I've done may have fixed the problem05:00
vbgunzdamn was it bad05:00
nicetieswad: nautilus-image-converter works inside the folder.05:01
* wad tries that one05:02
imnicholI'm looking for a way to see if this bug is reported in launchpad: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=737840#c405:03
ubottuGnome bug 737840 in general "Spurious warning when expanding external entities containing ID attributes" [Normal,Assigned]05:03
wadHmm. So I've installed that nautilus extension, but I don't know how to use it.05:05
nicetieswad: I think phatch has most features.05:06
wadI'm just looking for a quick way to rotate and crop a few thousand photos.05:07
wadBy hand, each one needs to be cropped rotated or cropped differently.05:07
nicetieswad: http://coalaweb.com/images/Docs/ubuntu/bulk-resize/Selection_373.png05:08
wadHmm. Maybe I need to reboot? I installed that nautilus thing, but I don't get that menu when I right-click.05:09
wadI'll try gthumb.05:09
nicetieswad: Did you install phatch05:10
wadNot yet. Trying gthumb now. :)05:11
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SuperLag_I have a W530 with the switching graphics. What can I do to force the Nvidia to kick in, just so I can know the switching works like it's supposed to.05:17
=== SuperLag_ is now known as SuperLag
wadgthumb lets me crop, but it errors out when I try to save the cropped image. >_<05:18
wadAnd there is no "sort by similarity".05:18
* wad tries phatch05:18
jamie_hey i was on earlier and had to go, I was haveing a problem with upstart for some odd reason taking up most of my processor05:20
jamie_SuperLag_: have you already restated the computer05:21
jamie_never mind just reread that never mind05:21
wadFail. Just going to do them by hand with gimp./05:22
nicetiesSuperLag: that's a hybrid gpu05:22
SuperLagjamie_: it's running the Intel card, right now... I want to make it switch to the Nvidia, but I'm not sure how to do it.05:22
jamie_SuperLag: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HybridGraphics05:22
blackyboyNow i have Ubuntu 13.04 i want to upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS how can i do ? Will it upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS if i use sudo do-release-upgrade or it will upgrade to 14.10 ?05:24
nicetieswad: http://photobatch.wikidot.com/install05:25
nicetieswad: http://photobatch.stani.be/download/index.html05:26
nicetiesUse that wad . It might be newer than what's on ubuntu server05:27
jamie_SuperLag: did that answer you question05:27
bubbasauresblackyboy, You. have to use a eol upgrade and  go up one by one to 14.0405:27
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades05:27
bubbasauresblackyboy, I would just be backed up is all, if you go the upgrade route.05:29
jamie_oh, and can someone help me with this.... i almost forgot... for some odd reason my computer at times will suddenly start to put all the cpu power into upstart and makes my machine start to freeze05:29
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blackyboybubbasaures: any document for this process ?05:30
bubbasauresblackyboy, Oh yeah, i's in that bot message above on eol05:30
bubbasauresjamie_, Your not swapping when this happens?05:31
jamie_well for the most part is happening when using gimp05:32
jamie_I have the syslog in the general time frame http://paste.ubuntu.com/9759351/05:32
bubbasauresjamie_,  what is your cpu and memory?05:34
jamie_bubbasaures:  do you mean the type and amount of ram05:34
nicetiesjamie_: do you have any program or background process running when CPU spikes05:34
bubbasauresjamie_, Yeah.05:34
jamie_bubbasaures: I5 quad core and 4gb05:34
bubbasauresjamie_, Thanks, ubuntu in it's stock swap state will start swapping a little more than using half of that 4 gigs, you can change this with swappiness.05:35
jamie_bubbasaures: what is the problem occuring05:36
jamie_and I tend to uber-multi task05:36
jamie_never ran into this problem before05:36
bubbasauresjamie_, Try setting the swappiness lower so it takes longer to kick in, I think your probably just overusing it.05:37
nicetiesjamie_: disable swap if you have enough memory.05:37
jamie_how much would be concidder enough05:37
nicetiesjamie_: 4-8 gb05:38
bubbasauresjamie_, Do you know what I'm talking about?05:38
jamie_bubbasaures: yes05:38
jamie_it currently says i am using 10 mb of swap out of 3949 mb05:38
bubbasauresjamie_, This is a guess we or you have to like do the research dude. ; )05:39
nicetiesOpen system monitor jamie_ . See how much swap space is used.05:39
jamie_I just said that05:39
bubbasauresjamie_, So you have changed the swap05:39
jamie_I have htop running05:39
jamie_nope, its has been at 10 since i started htop05:40
nicetiesjamie_: also system monitor you can sort processes to see if any are spiking the CPU. It may not be the swap.05:41
jamie_it is upstart, using about 24-40 percent05:41
bubbasauresjamie_, run this command and pastebin all of it cat /proc/sys/vm/swappiness05:42
bubbasauresactually you can just post it05:42
nicetiesjamie_: when did this start happening. Did you reboot.05:43
bubbasauresjamie_, That is your swappiness, not sure what the "10" you mention is, change the swapiness to say 10 itself.05:43
jamie_the 10 was 10 mb of the swap being used05:43
bubbasaureshttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq read this on changing the swappiness05:44
bubbasauresjamie_, I never asked you how much swap used, on a soinning HD swapping will make it freeze05:44
jamie_miss read sorry05:45
bubbasauresjamie_, I missread as well, I was not sure we were even communicating. ;)05:46
nicetiesjamie_: sometimes swap partition fails to get mounted at boot05:47
jamie_i dont know..... I use linux on a daily basis and have been testing since 9.... and have never ran into this problem.... and have been running 14.10 for several months now... and this just started today05:47
bubbasauresjamie_, I use a conky to watch this stuff myself, there are 1000's out there people have coded, a thread on the ubuntu forums of them.05:47
jamie_and i have restarted twice05:47
jamie_nice.... I kinda almost fell behind on ubuntu due to fxos05:48
bubbasauresjamie_, If your swapping on a spinning HD you will see a slow down, or freeze or even what seems to be a crash.,05:48
nicetiesjamie_: Did you open system monitor and see if swap space is being used.05:48
jamie_yes there is 10mb of 3900 mb being used05:49
bubbasauresSSD here not even noticeable when swapping05:49
nicetiesjamie_: then it's not swap causing issue.05:50
akurilinHey guys, am I correctly understanding that a default 14.04 server does not run ntpdate by default?05:50
akurilinon a regular basis05:50
jamie_Yea... i really need to get a new hd... my good one broke about a year ago.... and i just shoved what I had in it... 75gb hd...... and i updated the rest of the computer and forgot the hd05:50
bubbasauresjamie_, If you change the swappiness you would not be swapping with the exact same use is all. We have gotten stuck however on a simple test and a guess really, but probably the issue.05:50
jamie_I dont know for sure... i can run test for yall to help diagnose..... i just really need this to work..... I work on my computer and go to school on my computer05:51
nicetiesjamie_: something else is firing upstart to crush your CPU05:52
jamie_is there something yall know of i can run to further diagnose.......05:52
jamie_I can work all day from errors.... Im not sure if its not telling me what is going on05:53
bubbasauresjamie_, You could just turn the swap off and see if you clear up, before changing anything, the memory is about 60% use is all before swapping.05:57
jamie_you want me to set the swappieness to 005:58
bubbasauresjamie_, That does not shut off swap, that link tells you this I believe, from the command line or gparted to turn it off.05:59
jamie_okay one sec06:00
bubbasauressudo swapoff -a06:01
jamie_is that a temp change06:01
bubbasauresjamie_, Yeah just turns it off, you can turn it back on06:01
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Guest78436is there any way to install 32bit version of stdbuf on 64 bit ubuntu?06:01
Guest78436trying to install coreutils:i386 will uninstall the regular coreutils06:02
Guest78436which seems bad06:02
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bubbasauresjamie_, back on is  sudo swapon -a06:03
dan____or alternately, get the included stdbuf to work on 32 bit programs06:05
jamie_but also on the other part, will it disable the swap for hibernation06:06
bubbasauresjamie_, when of yes. this is just a test.06:06
bubbasauresback on and your good to hibernate06:06
jamie_okay im gonna do what i was doing when it kept freezing06:07
bubbasauresjamie_, What we are doing is isolating if the swapping is the issue.06:07
jamie_okay give me a few minutes06:07
bubbasauresjamie_, No problem take your time I will be here. ;)06:07
rjsaltswith nfsv4 the nolock and local_lock parameters to mount are meaningless, correct?06:08
jzp113hi vsftpd stop/waiting what happen?06:09
bubbasauresfunny thing multi tasking has been disproved statistically as faster or even equal to not doing it06:09
bubbasauresno faster*06:09
Nathan2055What happened to Wubi?06:10
bubbasauresNathan2055, got past being supported is all.06:10
Nathan2055Is there a way to do a simple dual-boot install like that?06:11
bubbasauresNathan2055, A vm, or real dualboot, wubi was a file in windows.06:11
bubbasauresNathan2055, even the developer of wubi said only use it for test in lieu of a dualboot.06:12
* Nathan2055 shrugs06:12
* bubbasaures ignores06:12
strahmwhy would someone use ubuntu over debian?06:18
bubbasauresstrahm, Might get answers in #ubuntu-offtopic06:19
bubbasauresno prob06:19
ICantCookHey guys, I screwed up my CA bundle in ubuntu 14.0406:20
ICantCookhow can I reinstall the CA certificates?06:20
ICantCooktried this06:20
ICantCook update-ca-certificates06:20
ICantCookUpdating certificates in /etc/ssl/certs... 0 added, 0 removed; done.06:21
jzp113hi vsftpd stop/waiting what happen?06:21
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wachpwnskiI have a KVM that I didn't install any drivers that I know about on windows, but when I tap numlock twice on the keyboard it switches inputs, but on linux it does nothing. Is there some way I can send the key signal to the kvm on linux?06:33
jamie_bubbasaures: it all seems to be running fine now.... no spikes other than the normal06:34
kernixhey all06:34
bubbasaureshi kernix06:35
kernixbubbasaures: how are u ?06:35
bubbasauresgood, good06:35
bubbasaureschillin watching charlie rose and playing with the cat06:36
jamie_bubbasaures: is there a way to set it to still be enable for hibernation06:37
bubbasauresjamie_, Cool, Turn the swap on and it will hibernate, you should just change the swappiness to 10 per the link\.06:37
bubbasauressudo swapon -a06:38
bubbasaureswill tuen it back on06:38
jamie_okay what exactly does that nuber mean.... it takes haveing only 10 percent of your ram left before using swap06:38
MACscrcan i disable gpg checks fo a single repo like i can with yum repos?06:38
bubbasauresjamie_, Yeah to some extent yes a percentile, you have got it!!!06:39
MACscri dont want to do it per check, i want to do it for all checks on that particular repo. its my private one06:39
jamie_okay... i need to do that through the actual doc using gedit06:39
bubbasauresjamie_, Yeah easiest I think in a edit gui and do the restart of that proc06:40
jamie_okay... sorry for the odd typing... i dont exacly have a q-markj or an apostrophie... i need a new keyboard for my laptop06:41
bubbasauresjamie_, Heh, you are fine, one you set that new swap amount close it a restart with  sudo sysctl -p06:41
jamie_okay one sec06:42
andy__I pressed alt-w in xubuntu and it says that there is no default browser.06:42
andy__Google Chrome was my default.  I guess I could just reinstall it?06:43
bubbasauresandy__, Settings/Settings Manager/Preffered Applications06:43
SrPxdidn't work quite well after all :(06:43
SrPxgpu on all the time so my fan was screaming thunders and the temperature increased to the point of burning my skin06:44
andy__Hello again.06:51
bubbasauresandy__, Fixed?06:51
kernixhi andy__06:51
andy__I got it to work.06:51
bubbasaures;) great06:51
andy__It says, "Your profile could not be opened correctly.06:51
andy__Some features may be unavailable.  Please check that the profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents."06:51
andy__I guess it is not fixed yet.06:52
bubbasauresandy__, again the key prompts06:52
andy__bubbasaures, I think you are referring to alt-W?  That works now.06:55
bubbasauresandy__, Yeah context is the key here.06:55
andy__I had to logout, and then log back in, and it worked.06:55
jamie_bubbasaures: okay it returned vm.swappiness=1007:00
bubbasauresjamie_, Great I think you set now.07:01
jamie_bubbasaures: thanks... now i need to head back to moznet...07:02
blu3ski3shey guys, im sick of being on windows and having to cywin everything, but i also use windows app's alot. anyone running ubuntu + windows (vm)?07:02
bubbasauresjamie_, no prob.07:02
jamie_actually i think i will actually stick around here for a little and see if there is anything i can help with07:02
bubbasauresblu3ski3s, The actual issue is more appropriate here. ;)07:03
blu3ski3sok no problem, just wanted to discuss best solution, issues around having linux+windows (vm). no real issues just wanted people's experience/thoughts07:04
jamie_bubbasaures: odd question, what do you think of fxos07:06
bubbasauresjamie_, Not sure what it is.07:07
jamie_fire fox os07:07
bubbasauresjamie_, Have not checked it out.07:07
jamie_oh..... you should look into it07:08
jamie_its a phone not a computer os07:08
bubbasauresprobably will I run just about everything once07:08
bubbasauresthought it was a phone yeah07:08
jamie_hey do you run the firefox browser07:08
jamie_well not too sure about the standard, but do you know how to use the addons07:09
bubbasauresjamie_, You would just add them from the addons tab or go to the website.07:10
bubbasauresboth require a search in general.07:10
jamie_okay then, i can tell you how to set up the simulator if you want... its built into the browser not your computer07:10
andy__blu3ski3s, Have you tried installing windows in a vm yet?  It sounds interesting.07:11
jamie_andy__ its rather simple what do you want to know07:11
bubbasauresI'm fine thanks07:11
jamie_okay, just an offer, sorry auto thing with fxos07:12
Ben64jamie_: not really on topic here in #ubuntu07:12
bubbasauresjamie_, I'm just an armchair user, my computer is a pretty basic setup, I just run many OS is all.07:13
jamie_Ben64: okay.... sorry07:13
coolstarwhat's the minimum amount of RAM required to run Ubuntu Minimal?07:13
coolstarjust need it to be able to run a DNS server and hostapd really07:13
coolstarand an OpenSSH server07:14
coolstarthat's all really, no need for a GUI07:14
jamie_bubbasaures: its kinda an auto thing.... sorry, I do work for them07:14
Ben64coolmadmax: 192MB is listed as the recommended system requirements for server version07:14
bubbasaures;) nice to have a job, anyway I'm gonna follow Ben64s' prompt07:14
jamie_bubbasaures: thats fine sorry07:15
jamie_sorry for the disturbance people i guess07:15
andy__jamie_, I was just wandering whether blu3ski3s had tried it yet.07:15
coolstarBen64: hmm, I wonder how low I can push that RAM amount07:15
jamie_andy__: okay, sorry to intrude07:15
Ben64coolstar: what are you trying to run it on?07:15
coolstarBen64: I'm trying to set up a WiFi network from my computer07:16
coolstarBen64: but the Realtek Drivers are outdated and need 32 bit Ubuntu 13.0407:16
coolstarand my computer has 64 Bit Ubuntu 14.04 and Linux Kernel 3.18 so it's too new :/07:16
coolmadmaxBen64, you talking to coolstar or to me?07:16
Ben64coolmadmax: oh sorry, tabbed you by mistake07:16
coolstarand I can't downgrade the kernel either because of the Haswell graphics07:16
ghost_hey guys, im wondering if my pc can run the newer ubuntu distro, how would i be able to know for sure?07:17
jamie_well on that note im gonna drop out of here and go back to moznet, se yall later07:17
Ben64coolstar: well 13.04 is definitely not supported here07:17
coolstarBen64: which is why I'm putting it in a VM and not on my actual machine :P07:18
coolstarstupid Realtek drivers :(07:18
bubbasauresghost_, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements  does not hurt to test, sveral lighter desktops.07:18
Ben64coolstar: doesn't make any sense07:18
coolstarBen64: ideally I'd run hostapd and the wifi network natively on Ubuntu 14.04 64 bit07:18
jamie_coolstar: try #ubuntu-offtopic\07:19
coolstardon't know how well it'd play nicely with my Edimax EW-7811Un though07:19
ghost_ubbasaures: so far running lubuntu pretty snappy on 14.1007:19
andy__blu3ski3s, Have you tried the app store that is in Linux?07:20
jamie_well on a older computer set to originally run run vista with a duo core and had to run lubuntu 12.0407:21
bubbasauresghost_, you can just install other desktops if you want07:22
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ghost_bubbasaures: ill try it out see what result i get (:07:26
bubbasauresthat's the spirit07:26
rzekaHola. I am about to use one of my servers for backup. I was wondering, which way people prefer -> to pull backup from production machine into backup or to push from production to backup?07:29
=== sulabh_ is now known as sulabh
ra0specimenI still have Windowsbobulat0rz on my PC07:30
ra0specimenCan someone guide me quickly to RHEL ISO newer than 6!07:30
bubbasaures!topic | ra0specimen07:31
ubottura0specimen: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic07:31
cfhowlettra0specimen, eh?  check your channel = RH this ain't07:31
ra0specimenSlave for Gates :)07:32
* ra0specimen tap tap07:32
cfhowlettra0specimen, move on please.07:32
ra0specimenThis is about as adept as I can get mister!https://www.dropbox.com/s/vsm0eg5mr42ick4/520171.png07:34
andy__bubbasaures, I mean, thanks for your help.  I think google chrome is back to normal.07:34
cfhowlettra0specimen, this is ubuntu support.  stay on topic or seek a more suitable channel.07:34
cfhowlett HexChat: 2.9.6 ** OS: Linux 3.13.0-44-lowlatency x86_64 ** Distro: Debian jessie/sid ** CPU: 2 x Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU       T4300  @ 2.10GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.20GHz ** RAM: Physical: 3.8GB, 84.4% free ** Disk: Total: 436.0GB, 31.0% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel ** Ethernet: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8040 PCI-E Fast Ethernet07:35
cfhowlettController ** Uptime: 9m 33s **07:35
NickwizHave compiled vim from source and want to install it. Guess it is a good idea to first remove the installed vim. However when I try to uninstall vim-tiny it also want's to remove ubuntu-minimal ? Is that OK?07:36
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ra0specimenInjects 2 Ubuntu's. I will grant you funny money for more!07:37
NickwizI run Ubuntu 14.10 with Unity/GNOME.07:38
ghost_i should be able to run 14.10 no isssue07:40
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niytrohello all =)07:46
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
niytroim currently running live lubuntu disc because the encrypted install failed on a known bug saying unsafe swap detected, there is a workaround with the swapoff command but I would like to have everything encrypted so could someone help me with setting up partitions07:47
cfhowlettniytro, workaround; switch off /swap, set up the encrypt, then /swapon07:48
niytrocfhowlett, do i setup something manually?07:49
niytrocfhowlett, im still n00b with linux sorry07:49
cfhowlettniytro, here's what I'd do based on your description; set up your partitions including an empty space for the swap, i.e. DO NOT SET THE SWAP during install.  get things where you want/encrypted.  THEN do a post-installation swap07:50
cfhowlett!swap | niytro07:50
ubottuniytro: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info07:50
niytrocfhowlett, sry I disconnected for a sec, I read that its better to encrypt the swap as well so the key cant be taken from the data07:52
cfhowlett!swap | niytro07:53
ubottuniytro: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info07:53
cfhowlettniytro, here's what I'd do based on your description; set up your partitions including an empty space for the swap, i.e. DO NOT SET THE SWAP during install.  get things where you want/encrypted.  THEN do a post-installation swap07:53
niytrocfhowlett, i dont know how to do that and im barely understanding07:54
niytrocfhowlett, so i swapoff then run encrypted installation, then do something with it post install?07:54
cfhowlettniytro, install as normal.  DO NOT set a swap partition.  DO set some empty space aside for swap07:54
BalTunhello, men. I need some help. Problem is that sometimes in XFCE changing language function is getting down - doesn't work and begins to work only after restarting whole system. How I can restart deamon which do this function without restarting?07:58
niytrocfhowlett, i really dont know what im doing here so is there maybe a link or resource with a step by step?07:59
cfhowlettniytro, boot ubuntu USB.  "Install ubuntu"  "something else"  [for manual options]07:59
niytrocfhowlett, okay well im in the live disc now08:00
cfhowlettniytro, perfect. :)08:00
niytrocfhowlett, i have to reinstall unfortunately, i ran chkrootkit about half an hour ago and it said /usr/init was infected with a "suckit" rootkit... =(08:01
niytrocfhowlett, it was recommended to me to install encrypted so thats why im doing this08:01
cfhowlettniytro, understood.08:01
niytrocfhowlett, or rather why its important i figure it out08:02
niytrocfhowlett, im running the install08:02
cfhowlettniytro, 14.04??08:02
niytrocfhowlett, yea but the point release08:02
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niytrocfhowlett, lubuntu 14.04.108:02
cfhowlettniytro, perfect!08:02
niytrocfhowlett, why perfect?08:03
bubbasauresniytro, most likely a false positive.08:03
cfhowlettniytro, I can mirror the install on my side via virtualbox08:03
niytrocfhowlett, okay great08:04
DrManhattanI have upgrade my samba to version 4.1.6 but Im still getting the talloc memory leak error. Is there any way I can keep samba password sync to user accounts and get rid of this memory error?08:04
=== calcmandan_ is now known as calcmandan
DrManhattanno talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory08:05
OerHeksDrManhattan, on Utopic, samba current is 4.1.1108:05
OerHeksMaybe worth to upgrade08:05
bubbasauresniytro, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server-bugs/2014-April/111700.html08:05
DrManhattanI am on 14.0408:05
niytrobubbasaures, upon suckit rootkit search i see someone saying false positive cause of chkrootkit problem08:06
niytrocfhowlett, okay im in the partition manager thing08:06
niytrobubbasaures, either way i want to encrypt my stuff anyway08:06
cfhowlettniytro, you should have partitions already, right?08:06
bubbasauresniytro, Yeah and encryption only stops the HD accessed once up your as open a not encrypted is all.08:06
bubbasauresyour up08:07
bubbasaurescarry on you have great help niytro08:07
bruceleeif netsat -l shows this: tcp6       0      0 [::]:9200               [::]:*                  LISTEN08:08
bruceleebut not *:920008:08
niytrobubbasaures, cfhowlett okay but listen before we go any farther, to back track just a bit more for the reason i did the rootkit test... i was in firefox after just switching from chrome and a new tab appeared out of nowhere and at the bottom it said waiting for centrexity.com08:08
bruceleeam i supposed to be able to connect to it via
cfhowlettniytro, irrelevant.  you're reinstalling.  I can help with that.08:09
Ben64brucelee: connect to what? you gotta give some context08:09
cfhowlettniytro, note: I'm no rootkit expert and have never (?) had one08:09
niytrocfhowlett, okay i have sda1 and sda508:09
cfhowlettniytro, paste a picture.08:09
niytrocfhowlett, eh trying08:10
omerrzeka: I would push since you might have to take the production down for a few seconds to take sql backups and etc.08:10
niytrocfhowlett, i took a ss but how do i post08:10
cfhowlettniytro, imgur08:10
cfhowlett!paste | niytro08:10
ubottuniytro: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:10
bruceleeBen64: what i mean is if netstat doesnt show that its listening on *:<port> but its listening on :::<port> meaning its listening on an ipv6 address (correct me if im wrong here), then i shouldn't be able to connect to <port> right? because thats an ipv4 address right?08:11
DrManhattanOerHeks, is there any way to use the 14.10 sanba package on 14.04?08:11
bruceleeBen64: let me know if thats still uncelar08:11
Ben64brucelee: possibly08:11
Ben64DrManhattan: no08:11
DrManhattandamnit - SAMBA08:11
DrManhattanBen64, so basically the "stable, long term support" release has a known bug with no fix and there's no ETA for a fix and no way to fix it ourselves?08:12
OerHeksDrManhattan, nope, that is why i suggested to upgrade08:12
Ben64DrManhattan: i run samba here on 14.04 with zero problems08:12
DrManhattanBen64, sorry, but this is a known bug, it's reported all over the place. I get it on a fresh install and apt-get upgrade does not help08:13
niytrocfhowlett, working, sorry livedisc is slow08:13
cfhowlettniytro, no worries08:14
rzekaAnd is it possible now to check, on receiving machine, if rsync is done?08:14
Ben64DrManhattan: dunno man, i have no problems, computer is on 24/7, samba is connected 24/708:14
DrManhattanBen64, well, all those reports must be false then08:14
Ben64DrManhattan: i'm just telling you what's happening here08:14
niytrocfhowlett, http://imgur.com/E809YRZ08:14
DrManhattanI punch that error into google and get About 3,420 results (0.38 seconds08:14
DrManhattanso good for you but it's a known bug and no one seems to be addressing it08:15
Ben64DrManhattan: you can punch almost anything into google and get thousands of results...08:15
cfhowlettniytro, is this an HDD?  do you have any other storage devices?08:15
cfhowlettniytro, and is this a server?08:15
niytrocfhowlett, its older hardware thats why im on lxde08:15
niytrocfhowlett, now its a laptop for personal use08:15
niytrocfhowlett, no*08:16
Ben64DrManhattan: wheres the bug listed08:16
DrManhattanAnyone else? Memory leak in Samba? Any way to upgrade?08:16
cfhowlettniytro, 3 questions, 3 answers: ...08:16
DrManhattanBen64, https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=5&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0CEEQFjAE&url=https%3A%2F%2Fbugs.launchpad.net%2Fbugs%2F1257186&ei=Nce4VL7mO4azoQTAqILoAw&usg=AFQjCNEON7O_l3XTWqBOURrFJF9lbb9b8w&sig2=vW7T21W2XI2wL3_Zmst4kg&bvm=bv.83829542,d.cGU08:16
niytrocfhowlett, no, no, no08:16
* cfhowlett loves it when he gets clear info08:17
cfhowlettniytro, OK well ... wait 108:17
niytrocfhowlett, i appreciate your help08:17
cfhowlettniytro, is there any data you need to save in those partitions?08:18
Ben64DrManhattan: a fix is listed there under #1408:18
niytrocfhowlett, no08:18
cfhowlettniytro, brilliant.  delete /sda 1 and sda 508:18
niytrocfhowlett, done08:19
DrManhattanBen64, that isn't a fix. It disables password sync with user accounts08:19
Ben64DrManhattan: yep, stops the problem08:19
DrManhattanBen64, not a fix, sorry.08:19
cfhowlettniytro, wait 1 ... screenshot coming08:19
Ben64fixes the problem, yet isn't a fix?08:19
DrManhattanBen64, please stop trolling.08:20
Ben64DrManhattan: have a nice day, you may want to work on your attitude08:20
DrManhattanBen64, you were no help at all. You may want to work on yours.08:20
rohankanojia420Hello to all...08:20
DrManhattanAnyone else? Memory leak issue in samba? Any kind of ETA for a fix?08:21
DrManhattanmaybe I should ask in devs08:21
rohankanojia420Can somebody tell me difference between Gtk+ and Qt???08:22
OerHeksDrManhattan, they would suggest to upgrade, i presume08:22
DrManhattandoubtful. This is a long term support release, supposedly.08:22
* bubbasaures can't stop rolf08:23
Ben64DrManhattan: if you actually read the bug page you linked to, there are even more solutions and an answer to your other questions08:23
cfhowlettniytro, http://oi58.tinypic.com/4hfteg.jpg08:24
DrManhattanBen64, Thanks but they don't work AND they break things. Perhaps if you read the page you keep insisting is full of fixes...08:24
Ben64DrManhattan: i seriously doubt you've read it08:24
DrManhattanBen64, anyhow, what happened to my "have a good day", etc. Thanks but no thanks to you sie.08:24
DrManhattanBen64, you are trolling. Please stop.08:25
cfhowlettniytro, /dev/sda1    is mount (OS filesystem)/ /dev/sda5 is the free, unformatted space at present for the futuure /swap, /dev/sda6 is the home.  resize partitions for your system08:25
Ben64DrManhattan: not trolling, not appreciating your attitude at all08:25
DrManhattanBen64, you are now ignored.08:25
* cfhowlett thinks "Can't we all get along?"08:25
Ben64he wants to be hand held to the solution, and i'm not about that08:26
cfhowlettniytro, awake???08:26
niytrocfhowlett, im trying to figure size for the partitions08:26
cfhowlettniytro, for OS: 8, swap = RAM x 2, /home = whatever's left08:26
cfhowlettniytro, by comparison: i've got xubuntu ... slightly heavier than lubuntu.  ON top of that, I've got ubuntustudio AND all the ubnuntustudio suggested alternatives.  Full load: 11 gbs.08:28
=== John[Lisbet is now known as John[Lisbeth]
DrManhattanI have upgrade my samba to version 4.1.6 but Im still getting the talloc memory leak error. Is there any way I can keep samba password sync to user accounts and get rid of this memory error?08:32
DrManhattanno talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory08:32
niytrocfhowlett, almost done sry08:32
cfhowlettniytro, standing by ...08:32
niytrocfhowlett, http://imgur.com/mnKvnvF08:33
cfhowlettniytro, by jove, I've think you've got it!08:34
TheVergeI have Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 installed and have an AMD 5450 GPU installed08:34
TheVergeI changed to the propriety driver and now the system wont boot :(08:34
Ben64TheVerge: you might have to use the open source driver with a gpu that old08:34
TheVergeHey Ben6408:35
DrManhattanTheVerge, that happened to me when I did a dist-upgrade on my kernel08:35
TheVergehow did you fix it DrManhattan08:35
DrManhattanTheVerge, I used the previous kernel08:36
Ben64Not really relevant to the issue here though08:36
niytrocfhowlett, im f&$%#*@ proud of myself08:36
DrManhattanI may have reinstalled to make sure I didn't have any random packages on there, but when I booted after the dist-upgrade, it was all bad. I couldn't get anything functional out of my 787008:37
niytrocfhowlett, ive really never done that though08:37
cfhowlettniytro, as well you should be.08:37
niytrocfhowlett, haha okay well i shall proceed...08:37
TheVergeBen64, Is there some magic button I can hold while it boots to enter a recovery mode type screen08:37
DrManhattanI now use that system as my HTPC, works like a champ08:37
Ben64TheVerge: spam the shift key when its booting to get the grub menu to pop up, then you can choose recovery08:37
DrManhattanTheVerge, have you tried selecting one of the previous kernels from the grub boot menu?08:38
niytrocfhowlett, im assuming i when i set swap after installation it can be encrypted?08:39
cfhowlettniytro, as I understand it, yet08:39
=== Guest24421 is now known as typ
niytrocfhowlett, moving forward then08:39
DrManhattanI have upgraded my samba to version 4.1.6 but Im still getting the talloc memory leak error. Is there any way I can keep samba password sync to user accounts and get rid of this memory error? no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory08:40
TheVergeShift key isn't working on reboot. It POST's etc, ask if i want to enter setup or PXE boot and then I just get a flashing underscore08:40
Ben64TheVerge: there is a pretty narrow window in which that works08:40
TheVergeI was pressing it from the very start of the boot08:41
TheVergereminded me of track and field lol08:41
Ben64i'm just saying, mash it harder! :D and use the left one08:41
DrManhattanI used to love the javelin throw08:41
DrManhattanthere was another one, same theme but different games, and I got very good at the high dive08:42
niytrocfhowlett, im going to duckduckgo encrypting swap, maybe i can read the right article so you dont have to hand-hold08:42
cfhowlett!swap | niytro,08:42
ubottuniytro,: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info08:42
cfhowlettniytro, actually, pretty sure that if you add partitions under an encrypted systems, new partitions inherit the encrypted protection08:43
niytrocfhowlett, oh okay.. makes sense08:43
cfhowlettniytro, anywayz, seems like you've got momentum.  best of luck to you.08:44
niytrocfhowlett, cant thank you enough08:45
TheVergeShift aint working  :(08:45
Ben64niytro: type this by itself in here then..... no quotes...  "!cookie | cfhowlett"08:45
cfhowlettniytro, no need.  pay it forward.  :)08:45
niytroBen64, lol thats a sarcastic cookie08:45
Ben64no its real!08:46
niytrocfhowlett, heard08:46
cfhowlettniytro, I heard.08:46
=== DLange_ is now known as DLange
niytrocfhowlett, you know im entering user information and there is only the option to encrypt home folder. Im assuming this isnt the same as encrypting the whole installation?08:47
DrManhattanI have upgraded my samba to version 4.1.6 but Im still getting the talloc memory leak error. Is there any way I can keep samba password sync to user accounts and get rid of this memory error? no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory08:48
EriC^^hi francesco_08:48
ubottufrancesco_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:48
cfhowlettniytro, nope.  /home only.  you can encrypt the whole thing.  might be worth considering installation >>> encryption >>> /swap        workflow08:48
TheVergeAm I goosed then Ben64?08:49
niytrocfhowlett, eh.. yea I wanted to encrypt dee whole ting. duckduckgo time?08:49
Ben64TheVerge: can you do CTRL+ALT+F1 after ubuntu boots08:49
cfhowlett!ecrpytfs | niytro,08:50
cfhowlettniytro, man ecryptfs will inform you08:50
EriC^^niytro: choose lvm + encryption08:51
EriC^^if you're at the user creation, you'll have to reinstall08:51
TheVergeNo Ben6408:51
niytroEriC^^, unfortunately lubuntu 14.04.1 has a bug where encrypted install fails08:52
niytroEriC^^, 14.10 too08:52
DrManhattanI have upgraded my samba to version 4.1.6 but Im still getting the talloc memory leak error. Is there any way I can keep samba password sync to user accounts and get rid of this memory error? no talloc stackframe at ../source3/param/loadparm.c:4864, leaking memory08:52
TheVergeBen64, am I going to have to do a full reinstall?08:54
Ben64TheVerge: you just need to hit shift at the right time08:56
DrManhattanTheVerge, I did, eventually08:56
Ben64TheVerge: or if you have an install cd, you can edit the file and make the menu actually appear for a set number of seconds08:56
TheVergeI keep trying Ben64 and no joy :-(08:57
TheVergeNow this is more like it Ben6408:57
TheVergeI like this idea08:57
TheVergeLet me get the DVD08:57
DrManhattanTheVerge, good luck.08:57
dammit123hi, how do i find all available vesions of a package? `apt-show-versions -a ...` only shows the current version08:58
OerHeksDrManhattan, as far as i understand, the fix with 4.1.11 will be applied in 14.04.209:00
Ben64OerHeks: i tried, he got mad and ignored me, good luck09:00
DrManhattanwhen is the ETA for 14.04.2?09:00
=== yena_ is now known as yena
OerHeksapril '1509:00
TheVergeWooHoo no idea why but this time on restart it's booted as normal Ben6409:01
DrManhattanJesus H christ - so production systems just suffer from a memory leak until April09:01
DJonesDrManhattan: 5th February according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule09:01
DrManhattanTheVerge, congrats.09:01
DrManhattanDJones, thank you - I can definitely wait 2 weeks.09:01
DrManhattan2.5, whatever09:02
OerHeksoh, my bad, i was thinking of the 15.04 release09:02
DrManhattanTheVerge, did you do anything different this time?09:02
Ben64TheVerge: interesting09:04
gr33n7007hdammit123, maybe try: `apt-cache madison <pkgname>`09:04
bimmai've a quesion for you :D09:04
bimmaI would mount via fstab a windows network share with  possibility to change permission, with chmod, of the subfolder... with cifs is not possible...09:04
dammit123gr33n7007h: also only shows the current version09:05
Ben64bimma: you asked the same thing in #ubuntu-offtopic and already received the answer...09:05
DrManhattanbimma, I don't think Unix file permissions mean anything to Windows hosts09:05
Ben64err.. #ubuntu-server09:05
gr33n7007hdammit123, sorry, don't know then :(09:05
Ben64dammit123: apt-cache show <package> ?09:06
dammit123Ben64: nope09:06
Ben64dammit123: works here09:06
dammit123Ben64: this works? apt-cache show libstdc++6 | grep 4\.909:07
dammit123im looking for libstdc++6 4.9, cause firefox 34 depends on it >.<*09:08
dammit123(cause firefox 35 broke selenium)09:08
Ben64well i have 4.8, so no, it doesn't return 4.909:09
dammit123well, found it thought browsing the repos manually... libstdc++6_4.9.1-16ubuntu6_amd6409:09
Ben64sounds like you're on the road to breaking your install09:09
EriC^^dammit123: apt-cache search libstdc++6 | grep 4\.909:09
dammit123Ben64: and i was looking for a solution to find all available versions of a package09:09
dammit123Ben64: yeah, might be. but i need to get these test working...09:10
dammit123i wonder why firefox 34 even depends on libstdc++6 4.9 and then it got downgraded to 4.8...09:11
Ben64dammit123: what version of ubuntu are you on09:11
dammit12314.04 LTS09:11
Ben64because 4.9 isn't on 14.0409:11
dammit123must have been09:13
dammit123apt-get install firefox=34.0+build2-0ubuntu2 -> http://ix.io/fNo09:13
Ben64nope, and firefox 34 requires libstdc++6 >=4.609:13
Ben64then sounds like you've already succeeded at breaking your install09:14
dammit123i doubt09:14
Ben64considering libstdc++6 4.9 isn't in 14.04, i'm fairly confident09:15
Ben64dammit123: what is the output of "apt-cache policy firefox"09:15
dammit123how did you check to which libstdc++6 firefox 34 depends on?09:16
=== goat is now known as Guest68839
dammit123Ben64: http://ix.io/fNp09:17
Stanley00dammit123: * ldd "$(which firefox)" * will list that09:18
Ben64dammit123: you must have some weird repository stuff going on09:19
gr33n7007hdammit123, sudo apt-get install whohas && whohas -d Ubuntu libstdc++09:19
mihael_k33hlHi, I've installed Ubuntu 14, and my google chrome keeps on freezing, even though I have enough memory free as per "free -m"09:20
dammit123so what would be the correct command to downgrade firefox to 34?09:21
DrManhattanmihael_k33hl, out of curiosity - are you running samba?09:21
Ben64dammit123: easiest way would be to use synaptic09:22
mihael_k33hlDrManhattan: nope09:22
dammit123Ben64: this is a headless server09:22
Ben64dammit123: but it's very likely you're mixing repositories or something else  bad09:22
dammit123Ben64: tell me http://ix.io/fNq09:24
dammit123should this be the correct version? apt-get install firefox=34.0+build2-0ubuntu209:25
EriC^^dammit123: how us cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*09:25
dammit123EriC^^: see my last posted link09:25
EriC^^dammit123: yes09:26
dammit123ah wait09:26
EriC^^!info firefox trusty09:26
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 35.0+build3-0ubuntu0.14.04.2 (trusty), package size 38215 kB, installed size 87979 kB09:26
Ben64I don't think old versions stay in the repositories?09:26
dammit123EriC^^: http://ix.io/fNr09:27
EriC^^Ben64: apparently they do, or it's using my cached deb, i have 3 firefox's when i apt-cache show09:28
Ben64i get two, 28 and 3509:28
EriC^^i have 35, 34 and 2809:28
Ben64are you still on 34?09:28
EriC^^Ben64: yeah, it's updating now09:29
Ben64then there you go, it'll disappear after09:29
EriC^^i guess 28 is like a fallback or something09:29
Ben6428 is from the original 14.04 release09:29
Ben6435 is from ubuntu-updates09:29
dammit123hmm, i wonder what that firefox 34 here then is http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/f/firefox/ its also missing the ubuntu release version09:29
EriC^^dammit123: i think you should install the 35 one09:30
dammit123EriC^^: i would, if it wouldnt break selenium09:30
Ben64theres a deb here ... https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+build/659970409:31
dammit123so the question is, where do old ubuntu packages go?09:31
=== Riddelll is now known as Riddell
OerHeksdammit123, old browsers are removed, who wants them anyway ? it is a security issue, by mozilla i guess09:32
EriC^^dammit123: they're all still in the repos09:33
EriC^^dammit123: search for "firefox_" and they'll show up09:33
EriC^^( in that webpage you linked )09:33
=== Peanut_ is now known as Peanut
dammit123so which part of the version do i need to use for `apt-get install firefox=...` ?09:35
MaxFramescan you confirm that ddrescue logs only when the task is completed, and not in real time?09:36
MaxFramesI am trying to save a failing hdd to an image file09:36
MaxFramesthis is the command I issued:09:36
cfhowlettMaxFrames, I believe you can set the level of verbosity09:36
MaxFramessudo ddrescue -d -v -n -p /dev/sdc /media/sysadmin/Elements/ps3.hdd /media/sysadmin/SYSADMIN/ps3.log09:36
=== eduardo is now known as Guest46653
EriC^^dammit123: if you type apt-cache show firefox | grep Version , what do you get?09:37
MaxFramesthe /dev/sdc is the failing hdd, the first path is the path to the image file on an external hdd, and the third path is the path to the log file on a thumb drive09:37
MaxFrameswhat I am seeing is this:09:37
MaxFrames1) despite the -p switch, the space has not been preallocated on the target drive, the image file is growing in size09:38
MaxFrames2) still no log files on the thumb drive09:38
MaxFrames3) despite the -v switch, I can see no messages on screen09:38
dammit123ok, installed the deb manually, thanks Ben64. (still dunno how im supposed to do that with apt-get)09:38
Ben64dammit123: don't think you can in this case09:39
EriC^^dammit123: that's not recommended09:39
EriC^^dammit123: btw you installed the utopic firefox09:39
MaxFramesI _think_ it is doing something since the image file is growing, but I cannot see what09:39
dammit123Ben64: you mean only old versions of firefox gets removed from the repos?09:39
Guest46653hello i m facing weird bug... if i open chromium with 14.04 i have and error message about login error.. i have to click on ok about 6 or 7 times with a message every time09:39
MaxFramescan you help?09:39
Guest46653i googled and found temporal solution going and delete file WebData.... and the problem is gone... till i reboot the system.... any solution ?09:40
dammit123EriC^^: the first one i tried from the repos? yeah, i get the impression now too09:40
EriC^^dammit123: i mean that webpage you linked to is for utopic09:41
EriC^^dammit123: when you type apt-cache show firefox | grep Version , do you get a 34 version?09:41
dammit123EriC^^: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ubuntu/ppa/+build/6599704/+files/firefox_34.0%2Bbuild2-0ubuntu0.14.04.1_amd64.deb looks like 14.04 to me, and selenium works again09:41
Ben64not the best solution, but is a solution .... kinda09:42
Ben64now you're stuck with an outdated browser ... yay?09:42
dammit123until selenium gets fixed09:42
dammit123and till then i can still work. yay!09:42
dammit123Ben64: and its not me whos stuck with old browser, just our testing system (for our webapp) :D09:45
TheVergeAre you still around Ben6409:49
dammit123thank you all for the help! back to work.09:49
Ben64TheVerge: kinda09:49
TheVergeBen64, I got the system booted and changed back to the original recommended driver09:51
Ben64sounds good09:51
TheVergeBen64, I have just tried to play an MKV video file and the audio is fine but the video is a bit choppy09:52
TheVergeBen64, My system specs are here http://n40l.wikia.com/wiki/Base_Hardware_N40L09:54
Ben64TheVerge: yeah, i'd imagine it'd be choppy... kind of low on specs09:55
TheVergeI am also running Ubuntu Desktop 14.04 32bit09:56
TheVergeBen64, I thought it would be fine with the new GPU. My Pi plays them fine over NFS09:56
Ben64if you had an nvidia gpu, sure. it has hardware acceleration, just like the Pi does09:56
Ben64i'm not very well versed in amd, they might as well, but you have an older one09:57
TheVergeBen64, I wanted an nvidia card but they wouldn't fit inside the case :(09:58
TheVergePlus I believe they have better compatibility with Linux09:59
Ben64there are small ones... gtx 750 is short10:00
TheVergeIt's more the heatsink and fan that are the issues10:00
Ben64and yeah, I haven't had AMD gpu in my computer since like 2004 :) Nvidia works so much easier10:00
yourbeauhow secure is SSL connection to freenode ?10:04
yourbeauif I use Ubuntu10:04
MaxFramesssl v3 256 bits.... :(10:04
yourbeauMaxFrames, ain't it TLS ?10:05
MaxFrames[10:01:46] [SSL] Cifrario della trasmissione attuale10:05
MaxFrames[10:01:46] [SSL]:  Cifrario: DHE-RSA-AES256-GCM-SHA38410:05
MaxFrames[10:01:46] [SSL]:  Versione: TLSv1/SSLv310:05
MaxFrames[10:01:46] [SSL]:  Bit 256 (usati 256)10:05
=== peng_ is now known as Guest5318
MaxFrameswhat do you reckon?10:06
Ben64yourbeau: you should ask network questions in #freenode10:06
=== ppf_ is now known as ppf
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest75059
yourbeauMaxFrames, does it provide us enough security from sniffers ?10:09
yourbeauBen64, ok10:09
dufferI've downloaded some packages (via the "-d" switch) on 12.04. Now I'll be installing 14.04 (from an ISO) Can I use those deb files on 14.04 as well?10:19
colonolGroni have ubuntu installed now installed another OS. how can i update grub? just doing grub-mkconfig >> /boot/grub/grub.cfg and then run update-grub?10:19
=== madmarcel_ is now known as madmarcel
colonolGronhm there is not update-grub..is lubuntu using grub2 or grub by default? so i can reinstall update-grub...10:21
bubbasaurescolonolGron, sudo update-grub10:22
bubbasauresit is grub 210:23
colonolGronbubbasaures: no grub-mkconfig needed?10:23
cfhowlett!grub2 | colonolGron10:23
ubottucolonolGron: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub210:23
bubbasaurescolonolGron, Never seen it used to update grub10:24
colonolGronokay, thanks10:24
dufferbubbasaures: Do deb files from 12.04 work on 14.04? or do I need to download them again?10:25
bubbasauresduffer, This is not pick a nick and ask.10:26
bubbasauresnever use packages from another release10:26
Ben64duffer: you do not want to mix packages for different versions10:26
dufferare all packages version specific?10:27
diverdudehello, when i do:  umount /media/DISK791/ i get: umount: /media/DISK791: device is busy. How do i figure out what process is using that device? sudo fuser -vm /media/DISK791/ returns nothing and neither does lsof. what can i do?10:28
Ahmuckhi.  i've been testing browsers (text) and i noticed they have a primary link "canoical".  Is ubuntu appending all http traffic or have modified all browsers to ...10:28
xtpeepsNo one online... oO10:35
blackyboyHow can i Control a user not to Access crontab Command in Ubuntu Desktop and server10:45
cfhowlettblackyboy, only administrator users should be able to access that.  so make a regular deskto user = lower privileges10:48
blackyboycfhowlett: i have admin privilege now i want to disable cron access for other users only i want to access10:49
cfhowlettblackyboy, so long as those others users are NOT admin ... done!10:49
blackyboythere is sudo vim /etc/at.deny available to disable at option but there is not cronjob10:50
diverdudewhen i do sudo lsof /media/DISK791/ nothing happens, but still i get device is busy when i try to umount it. what is happening?10:54
rrr_how to use rsync?10:54
cfhowlettrrr_, man rsync for details10:55
rrr_cfhowlett: i used scp. it is very slow it seems just hung there.10:56
rrr_cfhowlett: so rsync is the same usage as scp?10:57
cfhowlettrrr_, never used either so I've no experience to base an answer on10:58
=== doh is now known as Guest55613
vmassuchettoI can't install Skype due to unmet dependencies in 14.04. I had already tried something with no success: http://pastebin.com/naq4cKNP Any clue?11:03
=== Guest55613 is now known as doh_
Ben64rrr_: the man page for rsync should explain it better than anyone else could11:09
=== michael is now known as Guest53324
cfhowlett!test | xtpeeps11:24
ubottuxtpeeps: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )11:24
xtpeepsO  okey....so is there a test channel?11:25
cfhowlettxtpeeps, read the above ...11:26
xtpeepsTesting... testing...11:26
uporotxtpeeps  u test android andchat ?11:27
xtpeepsuporot: How do u know that ?11:29
uporotxtpeeps , info11:29
uporotxtpeeps , where u from &11:30
xtpeepsU mean country?11:31
uporotxtpeeps , yes11:32
xtpeepsuporot: Com from China11:33
xtpeepsuporot: :)11:33
gagalicioushow do i detect nic network card in my pc11:34
uporotxtpeeps , i frm Russia11:34
cfhowlettguys  please socialize elsewhere.  this is the support channel11:34
uporotcfhowlett, ok11:35
cfhowlettgagalicious, try this:  http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/LinuxTutorialNetworking-Add_NIC.html11:36
xtpeepscfhowlett: ok11:36
gagaliciousyeah i am looking at it11:36
gagaliciousbut funny my network card is not detecting!11:36
gagaliciousi mean it doenst work with /etc/network/interfaces...11:36
gagaliciouseven if dhcp already on11:36
gagalicioushow do i check what name is m y network card?11:36
vaikaiLXLE support here?11:37
gagaliciousi have a question11:39
cfhowlett!flavors | vaikai11:39
ubottuvaikai: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.11:39
gagalicioushow come my eth3 starts with eth3??? how do i make it start with eth0?11:39
vaikaiwireless network connection is connecting and disconnecting every 8-15 seconds. Strength is 65%. Internet is working.11:41
vaikaiHow to get stable connection?11:42
EriC^^vaikai: type lspci | grep Wireless11:45
BobBallHelp! Why does my upstart keep running multiple processes?  e.g. ps aux | grep 'upstart' shows 2 each of udev, socket and file.  I don't care about those, but I do have my own upstart script which can only have one instance running at a time11:45
uhhimhereso why is MIR "loved" so much by the linux community?11:57
cfhowlettuhhimhere, discuss in ##linux or #ubuntu-offtopic...this channel is for #ubuntu support.  thank you.11:58
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MaxFrameshey I have put lubuntu 14.04 iso on a thumb drive with unetbooting (from windows) but it boots to a busybox prompt. what gives?12:03
cfhowlettMaxFrames, verify your .iso and the usb.  one or the other is likely bad12:04
cfhowlett!md5sum MaxFrames12:04
MaxFramescan a bad usb drive cause lubuntu to morph into busybox?12:04
cfhowlettMaxFrames, bad hardware can do all manner of strange things.12:05
cfhowlett!md5sum | MaxFrames12:05
ubottuMaxFrames: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:05
oddeyedMaxFrames: Busybox isn't another distro, it's just a shell which you get dropped to if stuff goes wrong.12:05
MaxFramesI see12:06
MaxFramescould it be it can't boot on the hardware?12:06
MaxFramesi.e. good iso, good usb drive, incompatibility with the hardware?12:06
cfhowlettMaxFrames, test: get a different drive.  but verify your .iso first12:06
MaxFramesI don't have another usb drive :/ I can only redownload the iso and/or md5 test it12:07
cfhowlettMaxFrames, ALWAYS verify your .iso!12:07
MaxFramescfhowlett: the only reason I didn't do that yet is that I already used this very ISO, multiple times12:07
cfhowlettMaxFrames, md5sum : 1. .iso  2. USB12:08
cecjafirst time you install an iso from this stick? maybe it's an old grub fucking with you12:08
cfhowlettcecja, good point but please - !language12:08
MaxFramesI have used this stick before12:08
MaxFrameswhen I boot, it shows a blue unetbootin screen with just "default" and "exit" as choices12:09
MaxFramesit should have shown the lubuntu live screen12:09
cfhowlettMaxFrames, in the time since I first suggested you verify your media, you could have done both and eliminated 2 possible sources of trouble.12:09
CodmadnessproSo I plan on migrating servers but i'm not sure what software to use for this, I don't really want to pay $100 for a migrate, so is there anything free?12:10
cfhowlettCodmadnesspro, perhaps a good question for #ubuntu-server12:10
cecjadd the iso to the stick if you don't want to debug anything and the iso formerly workerd12:10
cfhowlett!cn | xuelanghu,12:10
ubottuxuelanghu,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:10
cecjaCodmadnesspro: the question is more about the scale of your operation.12:11
BluesKajHowdy folks12:12
IndustrialHi. I'm running the xmonad Window Manager. I am using `nitrogen` to save and restore wallpaper settings. When I start Nautilus it resets the wallpaper to the Ubuntu wallpaper.12:14
IndustrialCan I get it not to do that? Anything with the desktop?12:14
IndustrialI can't find anything about this in the Nautilus options.12:14
IndustrialI dont need or want an account to be able to do a bug submit :-(12:17
IndustrialWell, now I need to replace nautilus :S it has very weird behaviour when you start it thats not modifyable in its settings.12:18
IndustrialWhy should a file manager have anything to do with a desktop wallpaper?12:18
cfhowlettdevzdesilva, ask your ubuntu questions here12:19
=== tcpman is now known as Guest35228
jpds_Industrial: They all use the same settings backend.12:21
=== awakecodh is now known as awakecoding
Industrialjpds_: Thats fine, but I'm not going to make my toaster cook eggs12:22
cfhowlett!ask | devzdesilva,12:22
ubottudevzdesilva,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:22
blu3ski3si just installed ubuntu and currently in the process in setting up vm's using virtual box. Does anyone know how to setup vm per each tty (if that makes sence) eg: ctrl+alt 2 will display windows 7 vm (full screen & loaded on boot). i tried to google it but no success12:25
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
EriC^^blu3ski3s: what's the tty have to do with anything?12:26
blu3ski3swell this is likely why im asking for help but isnt the shortcut to tty2 for example ctrl+alt 2? (ive seen it implemented at uni)12:28
blu3ski3sthen tty4 for example is red hat12:28
blu3ski3si might be mistaken, any pointers will be appreciated12:29
EriC^^blu3ski3s: ok, with the tty you wont have a gui12:29
EriC^^blu3ski3s: can you explain what you want to achieve?12:29
=== silverfox_ is now known as silverf0x
blu3ski3s2 vm's booted on boot and can simply switch between them12:30
IndustrialI get it now. Using dconf-editor.12:30
EriC^^ok, you can boot the vm's from the command line in your startup apps12:30
IndustrialThat's not really nice though :( should be GUI options for this12:30
blu3ski3sthats fine i dont mind12:31
Industrialthis system gives me the chills (dconf) it reminds me of the windows registry12:31
Industriallike.. who thought it was a good idea to copy THAT >_>12:31
Industrial(as opposed to homedir config files)12:31
blu3ski3shaha, it was probs the same guy that did it for windows12:31
blu3ski3sso evil12:31
gagaliciouspossible to have my thin client running even if the server is shut dow12:33
gagaliciousbasically my thin client do an nfs over the network to the server system filesystem12:33
EriC^^blu3ski3s: you can press right ctrl, then alt+tab to switch between the vms12:35
blu3ski3snot smooth though, the system i saw was literally just like it was multiple desktops. almost like a kvm12:36
wodrowanyone here?12:38
blu3ski3swodrow: nope12:38
EriC^^blu3ski3s: you could put it in a workspace that way you'd only have the vm's in the alt+tab12:38
cfhowlett!ask | wodrow12:39
ubottuwodrow: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:39
blu3ski3sEriC^^:  yeah, but would i have to put it in full screen mode etc every boot?12:39
EriC^^blu3ski3s: i think you can start a vm in full screen mode12:40
blu3ski3sEriC^^: Valid tips, but i want it more professional looking. So if i have to implement it other places ill know how.12:40
blu3ski3sok np ill have a look into it more, thanks12:41
blu3ski3show bad is empathy compared to mirc lmao12:41
=== Guest68332 is now known as knob
DeaDSouLhey guys... does anyone know what could be the idealist processor for a high-end NAS server ?12:45
tomodachiDeaDSouL: ideal is something very relative12:45
cfhowlettDeaDSouL, that's a great ##hardware question ...12:45
DeaDSouLtomodachi: I want it for NAS server12:45
tomodachiDeaDSouL: if i was running  a nas server i would probably not even run it on linux , but use Freenas (based on freebsd)12:46
tomodachisince it has zfs12:46
tomodachithere i would go for at least 2ghz whatever with 1 gig ecc for each Terrabyte of Data12:46
DeaDSouLtomodachi: why would you do that? what if you want to change your main nas-server os later?? with all the zfs filesystem ?? it is gonna be a real problem,, I guess12:47
=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
=== RichiH_ is now known as RichiH
DeaDSouLtomodachi: specially if you go with one of the zfs raids ...12:49
DeaDSouLam i right ?12:50
stevenmYou know how Firefox gets a special exception when it comes to updates (i.e. LTS will get new versions of firefox as they come out even *if* it means introducing new features) - does this apply to Thunderbird too? and how about LibreOffice - will it follow whatever LibreOffice considers to be 'Still' (the stable release) ?12:50
DeaDSouLsince freenas has developed their own thing for zfs.. i think it'll be really hard to get those data from the harddrives with linux later on...12:51
ngaiois there much point in filling a bug for a repeatable kernel crash on 14.10?12:51
cfhowlettstevenm, best to ask the support channels/forums of those products about their development protocols.   not ubuntu sponsored or managed12:51
stevenmcfhowlett, it's ubuntu that is choosing to package the latest firefox and put it in main - even if the LTS is meant to be frozen for new features (security fixes and bugs only) - so it's ubuntu making that exception12:52
stevenmcfhowlett, nothing to do with the original authors12:52
OerHeksngaio, sure, first look if there is a known related bugreport to confirm.12:53
stevenme.g. firefox is now on version 35 - it's in 12.04 and 14.04 main - but it only got to version 35 only 3 days ago12:53
ngaioOerHeks, even if it's a hardware problem and the Ubuntu kernel team may not have access to that particular hardware? (an external USB hard drive case)12:54
survietaminehello, I want to fix this "Jan 16 12:04:47 mailhub-02 dovecot: config: Error: net_accept() failed: Too many open files", so I added "limit nofile 20480 20480" into /etc/init/dovecot.conf12:55
OerHeksngaio, sure, unless it is custom made ofcourse12:55
ngaioOerHeks, I think it's JMicron12:55
survietaminebut the limits are still 1024 4096 after restarting with restart dovecot12:55
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OerHeksngaio, is it a usb3 issue?12:55
OerHeksngaio, oke then i would go for it. lots of issues with usb3 to solve.12:56
ngaioOerHeks, okay thank you. I'll install that hardware crash package then12:56
ngaioOerHeks, to report it so it's of any use, do I need to install one of the 600MB kernel ddeb packages?13:00
cfhowlettstevenm, I can't find it but there actually was a discussion on the issue you raise.  If I can regurgitate from memory: some packages, e.g. firefox, are considered critical and qualify for update during the LTS lifetime.  Some packages are not so critical, so no upgrade.  Sorry, no more I can add to this.13:01
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:02
OerHeksnot sure you need to install anything, ngaio13:02
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stevenmcfhowlett, ok I'm asking around in #ubuntu-mozillateam - it seems thunderbird gets the same deal too13:02
cfhowlettstevenm, I'm sure there's a list somewhere but I can't direct you.  sorry13:03
OerHeksngaio, i am thinking about what package you need to file a bug against, maybe the kernel ?13:03
stevenmcfhowlett, you'd think LibreOffice would get the same deal so it follows the stable release (which the LibreOffice call 'Still') - it's at least as important and as useful to the desktop environment as firefox13:03
=== li is now known as Guest28847
cfhowlettstevenm, I tend to agree :)  but then ... I'm only a user.13:04
ngaioOerHeks, I have no idea. All I know is that when I plug in the external drive, the kernel locks up. Here is where I found the link about install the 600MB debug kernel: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DebuggingSystemCrash13:04
riz0nHi, has anyone else noticed with the latest LTS that you have to sign in, then sign out, then sign in again to get an accurate number of updates Ubuntu needs (or if the system needs a restart)? What gives with this, and is there a solution to fix it? I don't think I can go another 2 and a half years like this LOL!13:05
cfhowlettriz0n, sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:06
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riz0ncfhowlett: I use sudo aptitude safe-upgrade13:07
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shauryaneed some help13:11
cfhowlett!ask | shaurya13:11
ubottushaurya: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:11
=== sharkasdf_ is now known as sharkasdf
shauryai'm installing the badgekit api from mozilla. anyone know why im getting this error when I run a script? http://pastebin.com/p26qNmVG13:13
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/13:15
linuxmintAny suggestions why sound won't work on Ubuntu 14.04 until I unpluged the HDMI and plug it in again?13:19
tomodachiDeaDSouL:  yes13:20
lotuspsychjelinuxmint: sound on pc or external tv?13:22
linuxmintlotuspsychje: sound on TV. No sound on pc.13:22
lotuspsychjelinuxmint: you need to adjust sound settings, to the device you want to hear sound13:23
linuxmintlotuspsychje: I mean the computer has no speakers to make any sound. I only need the sound on the TV, which has the speakers.13:23
lotuspsychjelinuxmint: did you change sound settings to hdmi audio then?13:24
gagaliciousmdadm: cannot open /dev/sda3: Device or resource busy13:25
gagalicioushow can i solve this?13:25
linuxmintlotuspsychje: on Ubuntu? Yes. On the TV, to HDMI 1, which worked, but now only works when unplugging the HDMI cable from the TV HDMI port (or the computer's HDMI port I think?) and plugging the HDMI cable back into the HDMI port.13:25
lotuspsychjelinuxmint: i think its because ubuntu boots default sound on Os, and not on tv13:27
lotuspsychjelinuxmint: note sure howto boot sound into external devices13:27
linuxmintlotuspsychje: thanks. Will try to figure it out.13:32
Lee-linuxmint, a simple solution would be to disable the audio device in BIOS13:32
BluesKaj_linuxmint:  the soundcard should pass the spdif signal to the hdmi port if spdif is enabled13:33
BluesKaj_linuxmint:  check alsamixer13:33
linuxmintBlueByte: yes, checked alsamixer and volume is up. I'll try disabling the audio in BIOS.13:34
linuxmintLee-: thanks, I'll try that tomorrow.13:34
BluesKaj_linuxmint:  spdif output should be enabled  , no MM13:35
linuxmintBlueByte: in the Alsamixer settings?13:36
BluesKaj_linuxmint:  yes13:36
linuxmintBlueByte: what's MM?13:36
linuxmintBlueByte: k, will try tomorrow. Thanks.13:36
BluesKaj_and my nick is BlueShark13:36
BluesKaj_BluesKaj: )13:37
linuxmintBlueShark: ooops, sorry. Thanks BluesKaj_13:37
linuxmintBluesKaj: ok.13:37
antimatroidso I'm trying to get a script to run whenever I connect to a wireless network (so I can stop drobox when tethering to my phone). I have added the script to /etc/network/if-up.d and made it executable, but it still doesn't seem to run. I've seen some comments suggesting I need wlan0 in /etc/network/interfaces, but I'm not really sure how to add it properly? I tried adding "auto wlan0; post-up /etc/network/if-up.d/scriptname" to the file, but then networking 13:44
OpenSorcesh: 1: Syntax error: "|" unexpected13:44
OpenSorceLinux wolfmothe-EL460AA-ABA-a1247c 3.13.0-44-generic #73-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 16 00:23:46 UTC 2014 i686 athlon i686 GNU/Linux13:45
OpenSorceTrying to remap middle mouse button to backspace13:45
OpenSorceNot having much luck with xmodkeys13:46
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blu3ski3shey is it possible to load VM at login (when you select what desktop eg, gnome kde etc) - virtualbox14:01
blu3ski3si believe they are called Desktop Environments, is it possible to load vm throught that?14:04
madlybadDo you meet with a strange thing? =Xubuntu 12.04 sometimes has sound, sometimes no...14:05
cecjablu3ski3s: do you mean a WM=Wibdow Manager or VM=Virtual Machine?14:05
blu3ski3scecja, sorry i dont understand your question. basicly boot into ubuntu get to login & based on Desktop Environment selected boot into say win7 or red hat etc14:07
ubottuFilippo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:08
ZoneX-CryptoL33t Dodo Hacker H4x0r14:12
ZoneX-CryptoWhitehat Christian Hacker Team14:12
ZoneX-Cryptohi ubuntu14:12
ZoneX-Crypto<ZoneX-Crypto> dodohacker14:13
ZoneX-Crypto<ZoneX-Crypto> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz14:13
ZoneX-Crypto<ZoneX-Crypto> http://dodohacker.us.to14:13
ZoneX-Crypto<ZoneX-Crypto> just release couple 0day14:13
blu3ski3scan you stop spamming the channel please14:14
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang14:14
PiciZoneX-Crypto: Are you done?14:15
blu3ski3skids these days...14:15
blu3ski3si feel ubuntu > windows 7 vm will League of legends good :)14:16
blu3ski3spretty quick atm14:16
mucuschange ownership of a folder and all subfiles is chown newowner -R /directory ?14:17
blu3ski3sall depends on graphics drivers i guess14:17
ramsramboI got an error install ubuntu 14.04.01 desktop - fatal error unable to install bootloader14:17
blu3ski3sramsrambo, retry install check install disk14:18
blu3ski3sramsrambo, also why not use 14.10?14:18
ramsramboblu3ski3s : anyway's of fixing this bootloader issue now14:19
blu3ski3syeah liveboot and do grub install ill find a link for you14:19
blu3ski3stry this http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd14:20
blu3ski3sor this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing14:21
pragmaticenigmamucus, yes... however that will also change all the files inside that directory to have the newowner as well14:22
mucuspragmaticenigma: that is the intent14:22
mucusdirectory + all contained14:22
pragmaticenigmamucus, depending on the folder, you may also want to change the owner and group.  for that it would be "chown newowner:newgroup -R /path/to/dir"14:23
mucuswhat differentiates group from owner?14:23
pragmaticenigmablu3ski3s, because 14.04 is LTS support14:24
pragmaticenigmamucus, different permissions can be set based on how a user is accessing a file or directory14:24
mucushm, then i better do group and owner14:24
pragmaticenigmamucus, if I own the file, but want all the system admins to have access as well, I can change the group to the sysadmins group and set the permissions as needed14:25
pragmaticenigmamucus, so I would still have ownership of the file, but the group could access it as well.  It's not as important in a single user environment, but more so when multiple users use the same machine14:25
mucusbut can't anyone with sudo access the file?14:25
blu3ski3spragmaticenigma, sorry i thought 14.10 was LTS, im on 14.04 too14:26
mucusor is this just another set of users in addition to owner and super users?14:26
pragmaticenigmamucus, not always true. sudo usually can get past some of the permissions, but it's not always the case14:26
blu3ski3snot really :P zzzzzz14:27
pragmaticenigma!list | blu3ski3s14:28
ubottublu3ski3s: pragmaticenigma: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:28
blu3ski3sSHIFT IS STUCK14:28
blu3ski3swerid, better now14:29
pragmaticenigmathat happens every now and then when I'm using VNC14:31
blu3ski3spragmaticenigma, im pretty sure it was just because i switched between windows VM and ubuntu14:32
pragmaticenigmausually the same thing happens to me... go from something on my local machine to my VNC session, and the VNC client gets confused about the state of alt or shift key presses14:33
chebithello, I have Ubuntu 14.10 64bit, AMD Phenom II X4 965, Graphics VeSA I have various issues, One is that nautilus sometimes no response when I write the name of directory14:37
chebitor rename this.14:38
chebitperhaps the video card settings?14:38
f3lixHow would I go about "squashing" uid/gid on an ext4 or btrfs filesystem? Like an NTFS or vfat filesystem is mounted — everything is owned by root, but always 666 or 777 and everything written there automagically becomes the same…14:39
chebitI have ATI AMD Radeon HD 567014:39
blu3ski3s5650 here from memory14:39
blu3ski3si dont have any issues on 14.0414:40
pragmaticenigmachebit, video card is unlikely preventing you from renaming files in nautilus. can you describe, in the best detail you can, what happens as you attempt to rename the folder. include all the steps taken from when you click on rename to when you finish.14:40
chebitWith 14.04 it was all good !14:40
blu3ski3sany reason why you upgraded?14:41
pragmaticenigmaf3lix, NTFS doesn't support unix/linux file persmission. the driver that allows you to write to the drive is setting fake permissions to allow the OS to read and write14:41
chebitpragmaticenigma, ok I'll try14:42
f3lixpragmaticenigma: exactly, and I'd like to mimic that behavior on an fs that does support proper permissions14:42
pragmaticenigmaf3lix, that is not recommended or best practice. that will open your system up to all sorts of vulnerabilities14:44
f3lixpragmaticenigma: i know, but I'm wondering if it's possible14:44
chebitThe other problem is on gedit - text editor, sometimes blinks and closes when It's has long text, I 'll try see log files.14:44
f3lixpragmaticenigma: and to be precise, it'll open up that FILEsystem, not my system ;)14:44
pragmaticenigmaf3lix, I don't fully understand what you are trying to accomplish then.14:45
f3lixpragmaticenigma: I'm trying to mount a regular linux filesystem so that it behaves like a FUSE-mounted NTFS or vfat filesystem would: Squashing all content to be owned by root:root, but readable and writable by all14:46
survietamineafter adding a line with "limit nofile 50000 50000" into some upstart config file. I can see this is applied only after a reboot. Is it possible to apply it without rebooting, please?14:46
pragmaticenigmaf3lix, check out the documentation for fstab14:48
pragmaticenigma!fstab | f3lix14:48
ubottuf3lix: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions14:48
f3lixpragmaticenigma: in particular?14:48
f3lixassuming you have an idea on how to do it?14:49
pragmaticenigmaf3lix, you can set options when the drive or partition is mounted there... I don't recall the exact method or options, but I've done something similar to mount samba shares locally14:49
mindless_chaosOkay, Seems like every time I update, it breaks my video driver. I have the AMD prop driver installed, and I am running 14.04. SO I have an update pop up today, I checked and it is set to leave my driver alone, and there are no driver and or kernel updates....14:50
mindless_chaosWHAT TO DO ...14:50
f3lixpragmaticenigma: I'm assuming you haven't read the fstab man page yourself, as mount options aren't discussed here; they're totally up to the fs to implement ;) And CIFS and NFS are a totally different ballgame, here we have e.g. root_squash to do it. Which is why I specifically asked about ext4 or btrfs. But thanks anyway :)14:51
* ZoneX-Crypto location location :p14:52
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koichiroseHello. Not sure if this is the right channel. I'm succesfully tailing multiple files at once with '-f', now I'd also like to grep only one of them. My not working attempt: http://pastie.org/9835395 - hints?15:15
Picikoichirose: You might want to look into multitail before going down the scripting route.  It has, somewhat complicated, but powerful matching and filtering features.15:17
koichirosePici: I'm looking at it but I'm not sure if it can filter just one file15:18
mindless_chaosOkay, So I updated, and it didn't seem to break my video, however, after I login, the login screen lockes up... I know there is something to do when this happns to fix it... some one remind me15:18
mindless_chaoshave to reinstall the greeter or something15:20
mindless_chaosany one have any idea15:20
serversideupDoes anyone have any thoughts on connecting an Ubuntu 14.04 Server to a Cisco ASA VPN? I found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/546677/vpn-between-ubuntu-server-14-04-1-lts-and-cisco-asa-5510 but all I need is to join 1 server as a client to the VPN. Is that link a little too over the top of what I am looking for?15:21
Picikoichirose: your example would be something like multitail --follow-all -e 'table_name' /var/log/mysql/error.log /var/log/apache2/error.log15:22
EriC^^mindless_chaos: what exactly is the problem?15:22
mindless_chaoshi eric15:22
mindless_chaosOkay, so I updated ubuntu15:22
mindless_chaosI have this issue everytime I update it breakes fgrlx15:22
mindless_chaosthis is a fresh install of 14.0415:23
mindless_chaoswith amd driver15:23
mindless_chaosthis time it didnt break fgrlx15:23
mindless_chaosbut after putting in my password on login screen it locks15:23
mindless_chaosI can ctrl+alt f2 to terminal, thats how I am on irssi15:23
mindless_chaosbut the login screen is currently locked15:24
EriC^^mindless_chaos: locked how?15:24
mindless_chaosI know there is something that has to be done like reinstalling the greeter15:24
EriC^^you still have the login screen but it's frozen?15:24
mindless_chaoshit enter, accpets password, and I just see the login screen background15:24
mindless_chaosand it sits15:24
mindless_chaosI can still use term15:24
mindless_chaosbut the login is locked15:25
EriC^^mindless_chaos: ok, did you try the guest account?15:25
koichirosePici: I'm reading the docs :) thanks15:25
mindless_chaosOH wait, I have another account on here15:25
mindless_chaosIll try that. If I get in what do I do?15:25
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mindless_chaosmaybe I should add that user to sudoer15:25
koichirosePici: I don't understand what '--follow-all' does15:25
EriC^^mindless_chaos: you'll need to remove the config file that's causing the problem on your main account15:26
mindless_chaoslet me try15:26
panther__um.. is this the support channel15:27
Picikoichirose: actually, maybe you don't need that.  It means that if the file gets renamed, now follow the renamed file.15:27
Picipanther__: indeed.15:27
panther__ok then, i have a wireless network question15:27
panther__I just did a fresh install of Kubuntu 14.04 on an Acer netbook15:28
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panther__and the wireless network seems to not work15:28
mistawrighti am having an issue where rsyslog will be restarted by log rotate. once it is rotated rsyslog only sends locally logged items instead of the other logs it was set to send as well15:29
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panther__i can see all of the networks in my area, it's just that when I connect to mine, KDE says 'Connection (my network) Deactivated'15:30
panther__lspci says15:30
panther__07:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4313 802.11bgn Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)15:30
panther__My network is secured,  btw15:31
panther__and I have entered the right password15:32
mindless_chaosno go on the alternate login15:32
mindless_chaosI think I need to reinall unity15:32
mindless_chaosso I think I will make some breakast, then give it a go15:32
mindless_chaosI am pretty sure I have seen some doc on this issue, will let you know if it worked.15:33
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panther__i have looked at the dmesg and it says that ERROR @wl_cfg80211_get_station : Wrong Mac address15:35
* ZoneX-Crypto my God , there is Another Operating System Windows from dodohacker team?15:35
EriC^^mindless_chaos: ok15:40
EriC^^mindless_chaos: still there?15:41
mindless_chaosdidnt work15:42
mindless_chaosim makin some omlets then im gonna reinstall unity15:43
crippahello. I installed fail2ban and set this jail rule: "port: all", "filter:sshd", "logpath:/var/log/auth.log", "banaction:iptables-allports". Now there's sombody trying to ssh to all my ports 3 times each port, but his IP doesn't get blacklisted. why?15:49
adunosineSMP any one have information ??15:53
OerHeksadunosine, about ?15:54
adunosineOerHeks: symmetric multiprocessing15:54
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OpenSorceWould anyone here try to answer a lxde question? Just want to know before I flood the channel with it.15:56
OerHeksadunosine, what is your real question about smp? from 12.04 and up it is enabled default http://askubuntu.com/questions/193560/symmetric-multi-processing15:56
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adunosineOerHeks: thank you im using 14.04 lts15:57
EriC^^OpenSorce: ask your question and if somebody knows they'll answer15:58
OpenSorceThank you EriC^^, Ubunut 14.04.1 fresh install older single core machine. LXDE installed from the repos. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong, but does lxpanel support background imaes with transparency?15:59
EriC^^OpenSorce: what do you mean?15:59
Arizonhi i'm getting setting capabilities for gnome-keyring-daemon using linux capabilities failed16:00
EriC^^OpenSorce: you mean the lxpanel at the bottom if it can be transparent and show the background behind it?16:00
Arizonwhen i did sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade on my nvidia jetson board that came with ubuntu pre intsalled16:00
Arizonit's stuck on a loading line and isn't going anywhere now... please help...16:00
Sintoni'm new16:01
OpenSorceNo. I know how to do that. It supports using an image in the lxpanel. I was wondering if it is supposed to support using images with transparency in the image. Like a png.16:01
=== ck is now known as Guest20895
OpenSorceEriC^^, if so it's not working for me.16:02
Arizonam i good to just restart?16:03
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Pgx13heello  people =) does anyone knows why I can't fully change the menu setting in gnome flashback?  https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/NfuKvneQQAKNB28AAuCy https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/uny7toyHQ72h7uQr2GTA16:17
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basichashwhat's a great cli program for money management?16:18
pragmaticenigmabasichash, a plain text file?16:19
tewardbasichash: i don't think you'll find one, really - why do you need CLI though?16:19
=== spideyman is now known as Guest16233
basichashpragmaticenigma, teward: something with good keybindings, where i can easily add a new purchase or whatever, rather than have to fck about with a GUI16:21
pbxbasichash, your comment about keybindings makes me think you mean terminal-based, not CLI?16:24
pbxin that case perhaps emacs has an answer for you. e.g. http://emacswiki.org/emacs/SpreadSheet16:24
basichashpbx: i thought they were effectively the same thing16:27
pbxbasichash, no, CLI means you are typing commands one at a time at a prompt.16:27
pragmaticenigmabasichash, depends on who you talk to. some think of CLI as being an execute only environment, non-interactive16:27
tewardbasichash: please don't use the bad language either - this is a family friendly channel16:28
basichashteward: i left out the u, don't worry16:28
Pgx13heello  people =) does anyone knows why I can't fully change the menu setting in gnome flashback?  https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/NfuKvneQQAKNB28AAuCy https://www.filepicker.io/api/file/uny7toyHQ72h7uQr2GTA16:29
SchrodingersScatbasichash: obfuscation doesn't earn points here, just leave it out entirely please.16:29
pragmaticenigmaSays the person with fecal matter in their name, SchrodingersScat16:31
basichashfair point16:32
basichashtalk about the tupperware calling the china black16:32
wonderworldindeed :)16:32
pragmaticenigmabasichash, I don't think there are a lot of money management applications written for a text only interface. I get what you are trying to do, was a big fan of the old DOS version of quicken16:32
basichashpragmaticenigma: ah that's a shame. I generally don't use a mouse, so i was hoping i could find a tool that allowed me to record transactions, etc with some decent speed. guess i'll have to use my mouse then16:33
wonderworldif you just need to add up purchases, you could write a very simple script for it. maybe 10 line.16:33
pragmaticenigmawonderworld, I think they intend this to be an everyday need16:34
basichashwonderworld: yeah it needs to be a little more complex than that unfortunately16:34
pragmaticenigmabasichash, there are some applications where the developers have added a lot of shortcut keys to the application to make navigating and simple tasks easier to process16:34
basichashpragmaticenigma, any recommendations?16:35
pragmaticenigmabasichash, I'm not too familiar with them as I run an instance of Quicken within WINE, which serves my needs16:35
nicetiespragmaticenigma: usually the shortcut keys are defaulted by the developing environment used.16:36
OpenSorce14.04.1 fresh install. How would I change the look of lightdm from Unity? Trying unity-tweaks-tool but I don't see the option for it.16:36
SchrodingersScat!info ledger16:37
ubottuledger (source: ledger): command-line double-entry accounting program. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.0+dfsg3-1 (utopic), package size 1755 kB, installed size 4593 kB16:37
pragmaticenigmaOpenSorce, lightdm is not an interface, but a backend display manager. If you are looking to "skin" the login window, there are tools for that16:37
pragmaticenigmaneat SchrodingersScat, I might have to check that one out too16:38
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nicetiesOpenSorce: that's why I like xubuntu. Its easier and does use lightdm16:38
mindless_chaosubuntu tweak has options to change the background16:38
mindless_chaosbut there are some decent progs out there to really tweak it16:38
OpenSorcepragmaticenigma, I understand what it is. I was hoping Unity had advanced as far as KDE did many years ago and included a front end to do this.16:39
nicetiesOpenSorce: meant it doesn't use lightdm16:39
OpenSorceniceties, yeah think I'll switch to something a little more user friendly. Or at least something more familiar. I wonder if gdm and kdm are still around? :-P16:40
pragmaticenigmaOpenSorce, Unity is canoncals attempt at giving a simple interface for all to Linux based OSs... They intentionally made it difficult to tweak things like the login window16:40
NickwizWhy is there no /usr/lib/python2.7/config/ in Ubuntu 14.10 ?16:41
OpenSorcepragmaticenigma, again, I know what it is. But thanks!16:41
mindless_chaosI'll tell you what, regardless of the dificulty of changing unity, I really like it for it's simplicity16:41
NickwizHave sinatelled and re-installed bot python2.7 the -dev package etc. But none gives the config dir16:42
pragmaticenigmaOpenSorce, http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/04/ubuntu-14-04-change-login-screen-background-remove-the-white-dots/16:42
mindless_chaosubuntu tweak has option for dots16:42
* mindless_chaos likes dots16:43
pragmaticenigmamindless_chaos, he's looking to change the image16:43
mindless_chaosubuntu tweak>tweaks tab>login settings>Click unlock and put in password>then click button to change login screen16:45
Voyagehow to install imap for apache?16:45
OpenSorcemindless_chaos, yeah not seeing the tweaks tab... likely because I am trying to launch it from lxde16:45
Voyagein ubuntu16:45
OpenSorcemindless_chaos, thanks a bunch for looking that up though man!16:46
pragmaticenigmaOpenSorce, did you see the link I posted?16:46
MaxFrameshello please help with ddrescue16:47
MaxFramesI've been running it all day to copy a failing 80 gb hdd to an image file16:48
MaxFramesthe target file size has grown up to 74.5 gb, it took hours and hoursù16:48
MaxFramesnow the onscreen message is saying "copying non-tried blocks..." and the target file size has perhaps stopped growing16:48
MaxFramesI need to know if it's anywhere near the end of the process because I'll have to go home in half an hour16:49
OpenSorcepragmaticenigma, yes, yes I did. Using dconf-editor and advising users to run commands as root just to change a background image in the login screen? Seems pretty irresponsible.16:49
MaxFramesI cannot leave it running all weekend.....16:49
MaxFramesnor I am willing to redo from scratch......16:49
MaxFramesI have never used ddrescue before so please help me16:49
sfdebughi, i'm in a trouble, i locked my desktop ("Windows Key" + l), after that, i didn't touch the keyboard nor mouse, so the screen fades into black, after some time, i came back and moved the mouse, but the login screen appeared without the "Password field", does anyone has any idea what can i do? I don't want to miss the session, thanks in advance!16:50
Babycaz2Who need a bit of shit ?16:50
pragmaticenigmaOpenSorce, it is not irresposible, what do you think Ubuntu Tweak is going to need to make the change permanent?16:50
OpenSorcepragmaticenigma, not a user at the CLI running as root?16:50
mindless_chaosthink I have him in the right direction16:51
Babycaz2j. Who need a bit of shit ?16:52
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang16:52
pragmaticenigmaOpenSorce, if it was easy, you wouldn't be asking for help16:52
undecimOpenSorce, the login screen background is a system file, so yeah, you need root.16:53
MaxFramesanyone please?16:54
mindless_chaosanyone what?16:55
MaxFramesplease see backlog16:55
pragmaticenigma!anyone | MaxFrames16:55
undecimI don't have one16:55
MaxFramesscroll up I mean... I wrote many lines16:55
undecimI know. My IRC client is glitched16:55
pragmaticenigma!patience | MaxFrames16:55
ubottuMaxFrames: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/16:55
undecimI could exit, but then it would disappear16:55
OpenSorcepragmaticenigma, if it was east it wouldn't be Unity. And I would need to ask. :-)16:56
mindless_chaosi have never used ddrescue16:56
mindless_chaosnot sure16:56
undecimSurely you could write a single-line summary16:56
MaxFrameshow can I tell the % progress of ddrescue=16:57
MaxFrameswhat does "copying non-tried blocks" mean16:57
undecimMaxFrames, with dd, you can use a command in another terminal: sudo killall -SIGUSR1 dd ; not sure about ddrescue16:58
alkisgsfdebug: try pressing alt+ctrl+f1 to switch to a console, then login, then run `ps aux | grep screen` to see the screensaver pid, then `pkill pid` to kill it, then switch to alt+ctrl+f7=graphics again16:58
pragmaticenigma!hello | erichf16:58
=== soee_ is now known as soee
pragmaticenigmaubottu fail16:58
MaxFramesbut I dont want to kill it16:58
undecimMaxFrames, -SIGUSR1 wont kill it16:59
MaxFramesIf i kill it, a whole day of work will be lost16:59
undecimAt least not normal DD16:59
undecimMaxFrames, check the manual16:59
MaxFrameswhat will it do then?16:59
undecimOr do a test run with another ddrescue process16:59
undecimWhat package is ddrescue in?16:59
erichfI am getting `WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /run/user/1000/keyring-vL7qEf/pkcs11: Connection refused p11-kit: skipping module 'gnome-keyring' whose initialization failed: An error occurred on the device` --> Here is the bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-keyring/+bug/1379728 --> Telling me to install from https://packages.debian.org/sid/gnome-keyring... I go the install page and am confused17:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1379728 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu) "gnome-keyring crashes in using GNOME-Shell 3.14" [Undecided,Fix released]17:00
SchrodingersScat!info gddrescue17:00
ubottugddrescue (source: gddrescue): GNU data recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.17-1 (utopic), package size 93 kB, installed size 212 kB17:00
sfdebugalkisg, oh, good man, let me try that!!!17:00
undecimAh. I saw the g in front and thought it was a GTK frontend XD17:00
erichfubottu is pretty cool17:00
ubottuerichf: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:00
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!17:00
=== luckybunny is now known as lbaway
erichfWhich architecture do I choose? amd64?17:01
MaxFramesit has been slowly building a 74.5 gb file on the target drive, it took about 8 hours, and now it's stuck on that message17:01
sfdebugalkisg, do you know the name of the process?17:01
alkisgsfdebug: what environment, unity?17:01
sfdebugalkisg, yes17:01
MaxFramesat the same time the message came out, the log has finally begun to be written17:01
MaxFramesup to then, no log file was created17:01
=== makije_ is now known as makije
alkisgsfdebug: sorry I'm not using unity, don't you see it with ps aux | grep screen?17:02
sfdebugalkisg,  appeared "unit-panel-service" and "gnome-screensaver" services17:02
alkisgkillall gnome-screensaver then17:02
undecim MaxFrames, probably it's hitting the bad part of the drive then17:03
=== lbaway is now known as luckybunny
undecimMaxFrames, The log file is for logging failed operations, I think17:03
MaxFramesI don't get what it has been doing for 8 hours17:04
=== Guest18670 is now known as jordanm
MaxFrames"non-tried blocks", what can it mean? the manual does not explain17:04
=== TheSojourner is now known as mjulian
alkisgMaxFrames: open another terminal, and type this after reading/understanding it: sudo -i (press enter here) while pgrep ddrescue; do sleep 1m; done; sync; poweroff17:05
alkisgMaxFrames: this will close your pc when ddrescue ends17:05
MaxFramesbut it's a laptop which means it would be plugged in for the weekend, which I am not comfortable with17:06
MaxFramesalso the failing hdd is plugged in to a sata to usb adapter, which means it would be powered on for the weekend17:06
cartnamdoes the gcc that comes with ubuntu compiles automatically with c11?17:06
MaxFramesI cannot do that17:06
undecimMaxFrames, why for the weekend?17:07
undecimYou goign somewhere?17:07
MaxFrameshttp://www.manpagez.com/info/ddrescue/ddrescue-1.18.1/ddrescue_5.php => can anyone figure out what "non-tried" means in ddrescue jargon?17:07
MaxFramesundecim: it's friday... I'm at the office17:07
undecimMaxFrames, Sounds like blocks that ddrescue hasn't tried to read yet17:08
undecimThose 2 devices should be fine to be plugged in over the weekend17:08
sfdebugalkisg,  i killed unity-panel-service but it came again without the password field... :(17:08
MaxFrameshey finally it is beginning to display some real time data!17:09
user549p20where can i go to get help with linux mint17:09
MaxFramesthe "rescued" field is now constanlty increasing17:09
alkisgsfdebug: why did you kill the panel service and not the screensaver?17:09
SchrodingersScat!mint | user549p2017:09
ubottuuser549p20: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:09
sfdebugalkisg, i killed screensaver first...17:09
sfdebugalkisg, after, i saw that and nothing changed...17:09
sfdebugalkisg, so i killed the panel too...17:09
alkisgsfdebug: for me, in gnome-flashback session, killall gnome-screensaver works17:10
=== tcpman is now known as Guest38062
=== JIoJI is now known as WickedGame
sfdebugalkisg, i found something here that i'll test: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1311316/comments/1317:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1311316 in Unity 7.2 "After locking screen there is no input field to type password for unlock" [High,In progress]17:12
MaxFrameswait, isn't the whole purpouse of the log file to be able to resume ddrescue?17:13
MaxFramesso I can perhaps stop now, and resume monday17:14
MaxFramesit should begin from where it left off17:15
lachmIs there a straight forward way of listing all the programs installed with apt that are not depended on by any other apt installed programs17:15
lachmThanks in advance17:15
natusHow to disable wireless on startup ? I use mainly ethernet17:16
theadminnatus: Ubuntu will usually prefer Ethernet. If it's not plugged in, then it will move over to a wireless network.17:16
ra1stl1n‪/nick ra1stl1n17:17
natustheadmin: I know but wireless still activated (I must everytime disable it manualy)17:17
natustheadmin: I live in a campus they are not wifi only ethernet connection17:18
alkisgnatus: google for something like that:  dbus-send --system --type=method_call --print-reply \    --dest=org.freedesktop.NetworkManager /org/freedesktop/NetworkManager \    org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Set string:org.freedesktop.NetworkManager \     string:WirelessEnabled variant:boolean:$bool_state17:18
alkisgSorry no time to guide you exactly17:18
MaxFrames"If you use the logfile feature of ddrescue, the data is rescued very efficiently, (only the needed blocks are read). Also you can interrupt the rescue at any time and resume it later at the same point. "17:20
undecimIn a bash script, how do I test if a command fails?17:20
MaxFramesthat is from the manual17:20
MaxFramesI should be ok then right?17:20
alkisgundecim: if command; then echo ok; else echo not; fi17:20
alkisgOr, use $?17:21
undecimalkisg, I was hoping there was an "if not" to simplify when you only need code for false17:21
alkisgundecim: ls asdf || echo "not exists"17:22
alkisgor, if ! command; then...17:22
undecimits several lines17:22
alkisgif ! command then17:22
undecimokay, that's what I was looking for17:22
alkisgif ! ls asdf; then17:22
alkisgline 117:22
alkisgline 2...17:22
undecimIt just seemed weird to have an empty "then" section17:23
Piciundecim: fyi, #bash exists and is very helpful17:23
EchoNightmy disk space is full and it won't start kubuntu. what to do?17:24
erichfHello, I can't seem to get KDE fully UNinstalled17:24
EchoNightit's an asus chromebox with 8/8gb partitions17:24
erichfHAs anyone had experience with this?17:24
undecimPici, Yeah, but i was already in this channel17:24
undecimtyping the join command is so much work...17:25
Piciundecim: well, for next time, they are very knowledable there.17:25
undecimI figured it was a pretty introductory question, too. I'll head over there for my bash needs from now17:25
=== ansivirus__ is now known as ansivirus
natusalkisg: I don't find anything about it did you "make" it yourself? Must I do some bash script to run it everytime17:25
alkisgnatus: yes I made it myself a couple of years ago and I put it in my startup programs so it runs automatically17:26
natusalkisg: oh very clever run it like a startup program I'll test it in vm thank you17:27
alkisgnatus: your VM has a wifi interface?17:27
alkisgAlso, it's part of a program, it won't work without changing a variable there17:27
alkisgThat's why I proposed that you googled it instead...17:27
natusalkisg: can you just send me to a man page or something i'll try to do it myself17:28
alkisgnatus: it's a dbus interface, I don't think it's in a man page17:29
alkisgIt's an api of network manager17:29
natusalkisg: complicated stuff for me :( I didn't know that it will be so "complicated"17:30
* alkisg thought you'd find some blog with that command explaining the details...17:31
undecimThere's no man page, but it should still be documented17:31
HigshbhCan someone help me condigure tor to access on my uni network?17:36
SchrodingersScatHigshbh: have you heard about bridges?  they were planned to help people in freedom hating areas.17:38
hio__hi, how do i get qtcreator 3.3.0 via apt-get?17:38
HigshbhHow do I get a bridge?17:39
ActionParsnipHigshbh: https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en17:39
ActionParsnipHigshbh: http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Tor17:39
ActionParsniphio__: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue17:41
ActionParsniphio__: its a single line, so no need to pastebin17:42
FBIActionParsnip: lsb_release do exist17:43
FBImore reliable than /etc/issue17:43
sfdebugalkisg, worked with unity --replace, i was able to go to the session again, but the windows was buuged, but i could save everything and do a logout... :)17:44
ActionParsnipFBI: how do you get "more reliable" ?17:44
ActionParsnipFBI: /etc/issue is a GNU standard file, so will work on MAc too.17:45
FBIActionParsnip: many people customize /etc/issue17:45
ActionParsnipFBI: yes, to the distribution they are using17:45
FBIlsb_release actually works on osX too btw17:45
FBI(asuming a fairly up to date version)17:46
FBIActionParsnip: my /etc/issue doesn't say anything about which distro the machine runs btw17:46
ActionParsnipFBI: the output of either can be changed, its software17:46
alkisgsfdebug: nice, although it's weird that killing screensaver didn't kill it17:47
ActionParsnipFBI: so "more reliable" doesnt apply here at all17:47
FBInor do any of the work machines17:47
ActionParsniphio__: waiting on that output dude....17:47
Mobixhey guys my monitor is CRT and when i run firefox my screen goes meshy what should i do?17:47
ActionParsnipMobix: is it only firefox that causes it?17:48
hio__ActionParsnip: Ubuntu 14.10 \n \l17:49
Mobixusually yes17:49
ActionParsniphio__: I cannot find a PPA with the newer version. There is an offline installer I have found but its not a deb http://www.qt.io/download-open-source/#17:49
ActionParsnipMobix: have you tried other browsers to test?17:49
hio__yeah i know, but i cant run that installer silently17:50
=== newbie is now known as Guest58282
jhutchinsMobix: You could try setting your screen to a lower resolution and see if that works better.17:50
bomb4hAnonymous #opCharlieHebdo targets: http://pastebin.com/RUAraVSX17:51
bomb4hAnonymous #opCharlieHebdo targets: http://pastebin.com/RUAraVSX17:51
Guest58282I want to figure out why I can't burn a video DVD with K3b, brasero, devede, or dvd styler.  I found a command line thing called "hdparm" for my SATA DVD burner ... could someone walk me through how to use that?17:52
ActionParsnipGuest58282: devede will make an ISO which you can then open in any burner. I like xfburn personally17:52
SchrodingersScatI don't think hdparm does what you think it does?17:53
Guest58282ActionParsnip: I'd be willing to try, but what concerns me is that I want to be sure that it isn't a hardware problem before I try something.  The video files are in FLV format (off of Youtube)17:53
Guest58282SchrodingersScat: What do you think hdparm does and what do you think I want to do with it?17:54
SchrodingersScatGuest58282: I could ask you the same.17:54
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest67871
Yakisoba-Is it possible to make the laptop with the cover closed worked some time, and then turn off? Explain: I run the program, close the cover, notebook works, and after 30 minutes the laptop itself shuts down?17:55
Guest58282SchrodingersScat: I typed "man -k SATA" and the only thing that came backwas this.  My idea is to look at the SATA DVD burner to see if there is a hardware problem.17:55
Mobixjhutchins,  how can i do it?17:55
SchrodingersScatGuest58282: normally I see it being used for hdd functions, like quick erase, etc.  If you're having trouble either authoring a dvd or burning an ISO, then those seem like different issues.17:55
Guest58282SchrodingersScat: Before I do anything else17:55
Mobixi didnt have no Xorg.conf17:55
Yakisoba-my question was about Ubuntu17:56
Guest67871just done system update and now xubuntu wont open my windows drives...any ideas how i get round to mount them17:56
Guest58282SchrodingersScat: ActionParsnip: Is FLV from youtube normally the correct video format (as opposed to 3gp or mp4)?17:56
SchrodingersScatGuest58282: not for dvd, should use mpeg, but that's why you either convert yourself or use something like devede to convert it and package it up in the vob files, etc.17:57
undecimGuest67871, Have you rebooted since the update?17:57
ActionParsnipGuest58282: not sure, as long as devede doesn't moan then I assume its fine17:57
=== Guest78540 is now known as hxm
BluesKajGuest58282, flv files are flash player files as on youtube17:58
Guest67871undecim,  yes but have this message displayed on screen evrytime i click to access it  http://paste.ubuntu.com/9762817/17:59
Guest58282SchrodingersScat: ActionParsnip: I'm going to look into xfburn and get back ... also look into MP4 (I don't see mpeg as format offered) ... and eat dinner ... see ya soon?17:59
undecimGuest67871, Did you follow the instructions in the error?17:59
Guest67871undecim,  im a newbie, dont even understand what it says18:00
undecimGuest67871, Basically, when you closed Windows, it didn't shut down, but hibernated18:00
undecimGuest67871, So now the Windows partition is "still being used" even though the Windows OS is away18:00
=== alx is now known as alx__
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=== alx_ is now known as alx___
Guest67871undecim,  hows that possible, it wasnt like this before update18:01
undecimGuest67871, You can either use the terminal to mount it "read-only" so that you can't change any files (i can help with that), or you can start Windows again and shut down windows properly18:01
Guest67871undecim,  what should i do then ?18:01
undecimGuest67871, You haven't used windows lately?18:01
undecimGuest67871, i.e. since you were last able to open the drive?18:02
Guest67871undecim,  i did, its the same pc /dual boot, so i dont understand how is this possible since i have now log in xubuntu18:02
undecimGuest67871, I would definitely try the Windows shutdown before continuing.18:02
Guest67871undecim,  so how should i shut it down ? i dont understand18:03
undecimGuest67871, it's possible that the error is not correct in what the problem is. If18:03
undecimGuest67871, What version of windows?18:03
Guest67871windows 8.118:03
squintyGuest67871:  you may have caused an improper shutdown on the Windows side of things.  boot into windows and shutdown properly.  you can also run chkdsk on the windows side to make sure your file system is ok18:04
undecimGuest67871, Have you disable Fast startup? That might have something to do with the drive state18:04
Guest67871undecim,  8.1 pro media centre18:04
undecimGuest67871, I don't think you can even boot Xubuntu with fast startup enabled, but it won't hurt to check.18:04
undecimlet me find a link to the info for that18:04
Guest67871is that in BIOS ?18:04
undecimGuest67871, Its a Windows option18:04
krishanchaitanyai need a nginx webserver to proxy two localhost applications on a single bootstrap template. can anyone please tell me how to do that?18:05
squintyGuest67871:  please address the person you are responding to with their nick18:05
undecimGuest67871, When in windows, follow the instructions here to ensure that Fast Startup is disabled: http://winaero.com/blog/how-to-disable-or-enable-fast-startup-in-windows-8-1/18:05
undecimsquinty, the recipient knows who he is18:05
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)18:06
undecimGuest67871, Then, make sure you click the "Shut Down" option (not neccesarily the power icon)18:06
Guest67871squinty, undecim  is there a command in trminal to check current state of windows..e.ii hibernating/in use,etc..??18:06
undecimGuest67871, I'm sure there is some way to do it... But the NTFS driver says the drive is in a bad state, and you shouldn't trust Linux to fix that18:07
Guest67871undecim,  ok ill check link, also, you mention to run check disk for eror, is that in windows or do i run this command from terminal ?18:08
bubbasaures!uefi | Guest67871 this is the official wiki18:08
ubottuGuest67871 this is the official wiki: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:08
bubbasauresread that first18:08
Guest67871bubbasaures,  what ?18:09
undecimGuest67871, any checkdisk operations for NTFS disks should be run from windows18:09
ZaitzevDoes anyone here happen to have an ASUS laptop, of newer date?18:09
bubbasauresGuest67871, That linik is the official ubuntu wiki on this exact sistuation.18:09
ZaitzevI'm wondering what the F-key for quick boot menu is (I guess F9 but might be wrong)18:09
lotuspsychjeundecim: testdisk can test ntfs partiotions also18:09
undecimGuest67871, NTFS is a Windows thing. So by definition, Windows does it right18:09
undecimlotuspsychje, What kind of information does it give?18:09
lotuspsychje!info testdisk | undecim18:10
ubottuundecim: testdisk (source: testdisk): Partition scanner and disk recovery tool, and PhotoRec file recovery tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.14-3 (utopic), package size 314 kB, installed size 1269 kB18:10
ActionParsnipZaitzev: how is that Ubuntu related?18:10
undecimlotuspsychje, I can google testdisk. You just seemed to have the information in context...18:10
ZaitzevIt's going to have Ubuntu installed on it from a USB drive18:10
squintyGuest67871:  chkdsk    ask in Windows related channel.18:10
Guest67871bubbasaures, undecim , ubottu  ok thx gents, guess i g a bit of reading to start weekend18:10
undecimActionParsnip, You need to know it to boot Ubuntu. A lot of Ubuntuers have needed to know the info...18:10
ActionParsnipZaitzev: then you dont want quick boot, you want the boot menu to choose the boot device, so you can select usb...no?18:11
undecimZaitzev, You can Google your computer model to find out18:11
ActionParsnipZaitzev: that's not "quick boot"18:11
ZaitzevI tried, no dice18:11
ActionParsnipZaitzev: F11 or F12 is usual18:12
Zaitzevthank you :)18:13
SrPxHello, could anyone recommend a premium notebook / ultrabook that gives the same feeling as a macbook, except for ubuntu? I tried installing ubuntu on my mac and it was terrible. GPU on 100% of the time, overheating, it doesn't know how to deal with closing the lid (system error instead of sleep), etc etc. :(18:14
ActionParsnipSrPx: this is ubuntu support, try in #ubuntu-offtopic18:15
SrPxmy bad, thank you :) ActionParsnip18:15
ActionParsnipSrPx: or do you want to troubleshoot your curret system?18:15
EncryptHello there o/18:15
SrPxActionParsnip: not now, thanks! :)18:15
EncryptAny Tox user on Ubuntu here?18:15
ActionParsnipSrPx: nw :)18:15
EncryptI'm joining the dev team of Tox18:16
EncryptAnd I'll implement (if I succeed) the Ubuntu integration with Unity18:16
EncryptI'd like to know what you'd prefer18:16
egregiusi prefer lil boys18:17
* squinty sighs18:17
squintyboth of you take it elsewhere18:17
egregiusi got this sweet fleshlight18:17
ActionParsnip!ops egregius18:17
egregiusplugs in usb18:17
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang18:17
ActionParsnip!ops | egregius18:18
ubottuegregius: please see above18:18
TingelTangelTomHello all, i have a question to start to programs with one click, who can Help me?18:21
TingelTangelTomSry i mean two programs18:21
undecimTingelTangelTom, Sounds simple. You using normal Ubuntu? (not Xubuntu, Lubuntu)18:22
TingelTangelTomYepp 14.10 LTS18:22
ActionParsnipTingelTangelTom: 14.10 is not LTS18:23
ActionParsnipTingelTangelTom: 14.10 is only supported til July 201518:23
undecimTingelTangelTom, So what you need to do is create a custom launcher script18:23
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undecimTingelTangelTom, the first answer on this page explains that: http://askubuntu.com/questions/78730/how-do-i-add-a-custom-launcher18:24
TingelTangelTomright undecim18:24
TingelTangelTomi look at the link, thx dude18:24
undecimTingelTangelTom, For the exec line, you need something like Exec=sh -c 'command1 & ; command 2 &'18:24
undecimThis will run both commands (apps) simultaenously18:25
undecimYou could also just write a shell script and put it on your desktop. It's quicker, but uglier (no custom icon, no option to add to unity menu)18:26
TingelTangelTom@undecim hui many input for me noob...18:26
undecimTingelTangelTom, what?18:26
TingelTangelTom@undecim I will start an ADS-B decoder and than the WebServer, now i start two terminal windows and write the commands18:28
TingelTangelTom@undecim i think they give an "easier" method18:28
TingelTangelTomSry for my terrible english18:29
undecimTingelTangelTom, It's okay18:29
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!18:29
undecimTingelTangelTom, Do you need the terminal windows to remain after the applications are started?18:30
PraiseTorvaldsstop segregation between user and kernelspace! software should be able to decide where it wants to run on its own!18:30
TingelTangelTom@undecim no, oppiste direction... terminal starts the programm18:30
undecimPraiseTorvalds, But what about the owners of the kernelspace! what about THEIR rights?18:30
bubbasauresPraiseTorvalds, just free helpers here bro not really a ubuntu support issue.18:31
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bubbasaureswe are just the users of the software18:31
undecimTingelTangelTom, That is what happens currently?18:32
Guest62641hello ubuntu community. is anyone using ubuntu studio?18:32
bubbasauresGuest62641, There are on their chanel18:32
Guest62641how do I get to their channel?18:32
TingelTangelTom@undecim, i need a noob friendly manual to write a shell or what ever18:33
bubbasauresGuest62641, same OS as here so you have full support here #ubuntustudio I think18:33
undecimTingelTangelTom, You want is this?: One click will open 2 terminal windows, each already running the commands?18:33
undecimTingelTangelTom, Or one click will launch the commands, without using terminal windows?18:34
TingelTangelTom@undecim Sry No, i will take one click and then start up the decoder and than the webserver18:35
undecimTingelTangelTom, Will the terminal windows be visible or not visible?18:35
TingelTangelTom@undecim, yeah the last message is it18:35
squintyGuest62641:  #ubuntu-studio18:35
bubbasauresmine was correct18:36
TingelTangelTom@undecim, that is not important18:36
bubbasauresboth get there however ;)18:36
squintybubbasaures:  yep :)18:36
TingelTangelTom@undecim Can we talk in a dialog?18:36
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TvL2386hi guys, I just upgraded from 14.04 to 14.10 but noticed I have kernel 3.13 and not 3.16. Should I do something to get it?18:43
TvL2386is it as easy as "apt-get install linux-image-3.16.0-29-generic"?18:44
compdocnothign but apt-get dist-upgrade18:44
bubbasauresTvL2386, Should of happened in the upgrade.18:44
TvL2386already tried that compdoc, but it doesn't find anything to update18:44
TvL2386already done "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade"18:45
bubbasauresTvL2386, What do you see if you run sudo update-grub18:45
TvL2386bubbasaures, it only finds: Found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-3.13.0-5-generic18:45
TvL2386Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-3.13.0-5-generic18:45
compdocTvL2386, you dont think you have the kernel youre supposed to?18:45
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TvL2386compdoc, I thought 14.04 had 3.13 and thought I would get 3.16 when upgrading to 14.1018:46
bubbasauresTvL2386, your correct as you should have a 3.16,18:46
TvL2386I'm mainly upgrading because some btrfs filesystem full errors that have been haunting are supposed to be solved in 3.1418:46
TvL2386so: if I would install linux-image-3.16.0-29-generic can I expect to be on the correct train afterwards?18:47
YamakasYin which package is get ?18:47
bubbasauresYamakasY, "get"? Context?18:48
YamakasYbubbasaures, get, url18:48
YamakasYno whet18:48
bekks"get, url" - which contect?18:48
bubbasauresYamakasY, never seen it here is all.18:48
TvL2386I did have GET at some point in ubuntu18:49
Guest66688undecim,  it work ... switch off the fast log in on windows 8 and drives now mount fine in xubuntu18:49
YamakasYTvL2386, which I neede18:49
TvL2386I have YamakasY18:49
bekksHTTP GET is not a commandline tool.18:49
YamakasYit should be possible18:49
bekksIt isnt.18:49
TvL2386libwww-perl: /usr/bin/GET18:49
undecimGuest66688, Good to hear. Thanks for reporting back18:49
bekks!file /usr/bin/GET18:49
TvL2386gonna install kernel 3.1618:50
bekksAccording to ubottu, /usr/bin/GET is in no known package18:50
Guest66688 thanks for help gents...much appreciated18:50
TvL2386bekks, my apt-file search /usr/bin/GET on freshly update 14.10 begs to differ18:51
compdocThe Ubuntu 14.10 release delivers a v3.16 based kernel. This brings a significant number of bug fixes and new hardware support including expanded architecture support for Power 8 and arm64 platforms.18:51
TvL2386yeah compdoc: I do "apt-get install linux-image-generic" and output is: "The following extra packages will be installed: linux-image-3.16.0-29-generic linux-image-extra-3.16.0-29-generic thermald"18:51
bekksTvL2386: So which package provides /usr/bin/GET ?18:51
TvL2386<TvL2386> libwww-perl: /usr/bin/GET @bekks18:52
compdocTvL2386, when you boot, if you hit a key when it asks, you can select the kernel to boot. ever try that?18:52
DominiqueHmpf, wondering why Ubuntu 14.04 desktop decides to mess up the partition table upon install with encrypting the disk..18:52
DominiqueIs this a known issue?18:53
TvL2386compdoc, I did update-grub as bubbasaures asked to show the available kernels and I only had 3.13....18:53
ActionParsnipbekks: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/all/libwww-perl/filelist18:53
bubbasauresDominique, table damage no18:53
ActionParsnipYamakasY: why not use wget?18:53
compdocTvL2386, very strange18:53
undecimHow can I execute a shell script on the desktop in 14.04?18:53
bekksActionParsnip: Yeah, just searched for it, too.18:54
macobo_Stupid question - what's might cause for this: after running a python script, bash doesn't echo my input anymore. Hitting enter stacks my prompt lines.18:54
macobo_To reset, I need to run the `reset` command.18:54
Dominiquebubbasaures: Well it created a GPT partition table with boot flag on a fat32?! partition.18:54
macobo_But I'm curious to why my program is causing that18:54
ActionParsnipundecim: gnome-terminal --command="some commands here"18:54
ActionParsnipmacobo_: try:    source ~/.bashrc18:55
undecimActionParsnip, No, I mean there is launch.sh on ~/Desktop, and I want to launch it withotu a terminal18:55
bubbasauresDominique, sounds like a uefi bios and a uefi boot.18:55
undecimActionParsnip, It just opens gedit. Context menu gives no option to execute (permissions are good)18:55
ActionParsnipundecim: so, in the background?18:55
macobo_ActionParsnip: I know how to get rid of the error once it appears, but I'm curious as to why it's happening.18:56
bubbasauresDominique, You know that the partitions from the outside look like unallocated? Details are really key here for the channel. ;)18:56
hmghello, Im trying to run some really old 32-bit software. does anyone know whats the oldest version of 32-bit ubuntu that works on virtualbox? I tried installing Warty (4.10) but it couldnt find any physical hard disks to partition18:56
ActionParsnipmacobo_: sounds like its playing with variables in $env18:57
Guest66688undecim, just 1 more question, trying to install xarawebstyle using wine, however get message saying that i require internet explorer version 5 or above, any ideas how to get round this problem18:57
TvL2386compdoc, Linux laptole 3.16.0-29-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Mon Dec 15 22:27:29 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux18:58
bubbasauresDominique, From the live disc/usb show the channel sudo parted -l in a pastebin it will give more detail, I have to take off to do some work. ;)18:58
Dominiquebubbasaures: the fat32 is allocated and so are the others; there is a 244MiB ext2 partition which I recon is the actual boot partition, and yes the machine is likely in uefi as it's a business laptop which normally comes with Windows18:58
undecimGuest66688, No clue18:58
undecimGuest66688, Try google18:58
Guest66688undecim, ok thx18:58
ActionParsnipundecim: does it need to run at startup each time?18:58
macobo_ActionParsnip: Interesting theory, what causes you to think that? If I remove the explicit environment munging from the script, after running it it still doesn't echo my keypresses.18:59
DominiqueI'm not really asking for help on how to fix it, just wondering if it's a bug that it creates a partition with fat32, seems like one to me.18:59
ActionParsnipundecim: you could add it to /etc/rc.local   use su to run it as your user and you may need a "sleep" command to add a pause if the command requires the X server to be running18:59
undecimActionParsnip, no, I'm helping TingelTangelTom create a launcher. Created a shell script, and thought i could execute it with right-click or double-click like in previous versions of Ubuntu.19:00
undecimBut there is no option at all19:00
ActionParsnipmacobo_: if:  source ~/.bashrc" resolves it, then the default settings from the file are being clobbered by the script19:00
SuperLagI have a ThinkPad W530 with Nvidia & Intel GPUs in it. I've got Optimus *DISABLED* and I have the graphics card set to Discrete. That's supposed to load only the Nvidia card, but it's not working. Now I'm only getting a blinking cursor on boot19:00
apb1963I had to reboot this morning because kwin was hogging the cpu, load was over 12... and when it came back up the resolution was all wrong.  I can't figure out how to change the resolution.   ubuntu 14.04 with kde.19:01
BluesKajSuperLag, think nvidia-prime is the driver you need for such a setup19:01
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SuperLagBluesKaj: when I installed nvidia-331, nvidia-prime was one of the packages that got installe19:06
SuperLaginstalled, that is19:06
BluesKajyes, for optimus setups19:06
SuperLagBluesKaj: I'm confused.19:06
k1liirc is nvidia-prime a depency for the nvidia driver at all.19:07
BluesKajSuperLag,  afaik  there's no need to disable the lower level motherboard gpu with the nvidia-prime on linux19:08
z0rani just installed xubuntu on my laptop, the only problem is i dont have net only for my browser....what did i do wrong19:09
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pentagrassI have a process running that I would like to give more CPU and more resources.. how would I do this? nice? renice? I'm not too familiar with the two19:09
SuperLagBluesKaj: well, if I leave it on Nvidia Optimus and let it do the switching, i have no blank screen with a blinking cursor. However, when I plug my laptop into its docking station, where the two external displays are connected, it should switch to Nvidia.19:11
SuperLagBluesKaj: and let me activate the two external displays... but that's hot happening19:11
mittz0ran: you had net during the install?19:12
z0rani can ping and update19:12
mittz0ran: error messages?19:13
TheNetnah I wasn't there19:13
z0rani cant find none...only the browser is saying that is page not available19:13
z0rani can ping google19:14
z0rani can install packages also19:14
BluesKajSuperLag, ok, a docking stn setup is different and beyond my experience19:14
mittz0ran: try another browser and/or check  Firefox preferences19:15
Pgx13how can i make a clean reinstallation of unity on 14.04 lts?19:15
z0rani did try chrome, same thing19:15
mittPgx13: install synaptic, click reinstall on unity-desktop19:15
mittz0ran: try add addtional DNS server with
mittin nm applet19:16
Pgx13mitt, can i do it from gnome?19:16
z0ranmitt ff was using proxy by default...taht was problem....thank you anyway :)19:17
mittPgx13: of course, it would be even better, in terms of if you don't like the way Unity works, you can purge it, and then install, would be cleaner19:17
mittz0ran: now works?19:18
NedalHey guys, I can t read audios on firefox .. I have to install extra media plugins but it doesn t work. they say toterm-plugin-viewer requires to install plugins to play media files when I go install, a window comes out with the following content ( Package depencies cannot be resolved) ... Anyone can help ??19:18
Pgx13mitt, I unistalled by apt-get autoremove --purge unity and i''m in gnome now, shall i just reinstall unity?19:19
z0ranmitt, now is great :)19:19
SuperLagBluesKaj: oh. I thought you knew *everything* about *EVERYTHING* :)19:19
mittPgx13: you wanna do apt-get purge unity-desktop, apt-get autoremove, and then reinstall it19:20
mittz0ran: cheers19:20
Pgx13thank you19:20
BluesKajSuperLag, sorry to give that impression, definitely not meant that way :)19:20
Nedalcan anyone help ... please19:21
mittNedal: don't write things like this in IRC, just ask:)19:22
Nedalmitt I asked but no one answers19:22
pragmaticenigma!patience | Nedal19:22
ubottuNedal: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:22
mittNedal: sorry, didn't see; install synaptic,then it will find broken dependencies19:23
mittor in terminal19:23
bekksNedal: So whats the content of that window popping up, regarding the missing dependencies?19:23
nokiomanzHi all, My machine memory is getting lower as day go by after a few search i found out that the command slabtop show that dentry is getting bigger and bigger. Is there a way to find out what is filling the dentry?19:24
Nedalbekks it says  Package depencies connot be resolved ( This error could  could be caused by required additional software packages which are missing or not installable)19:25
bekksnokiomanz: Just look at the VSZ and RSS columns of "ps aux", e.g.19:25
bekksNedal: nothing more?19:26
mittNedal: this means you do not have some repositories19:26
Nedalbekks Furthermore there could be a conflict between software packages which are not allowed to be installed at the same time.19:26
Nedalmitt What should I do ?19:26
avid_fanNedal: Looks like Totem has a support IRC channel of its own, irc://irc.gimp.org/#totem. You might also try there.19:27
mittNedal: first try install these packages via terminal, it will say what is missing, then go to http://packages.ubuntu.com/, find missing ones and add repositories19:28
SuperLagBluesKaj: no, I know better. Just being silly. :)19:28
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Nedalmitt I will try and see if it works19:29
BluesKajSuperLag, yeah, a little humour is good when try to solve problems :)19:30
nokiomanzbekks: I did but nothing out of the ordinary which is what got me confused19:30
avid_fanNedal: What version of Ubuntu, Firefox, and the Totem plugin are you using? Is it possible to get the URL with the audio you're trying to play?19:31
nokiomanzbekks: for information the dentry says it is 11G in size19:33
Nedalavid_fam Ububtu LTS 14.04  Firefox 35.0 .. and I dont know what Totem plugin means19:35
bishopstixUrgent help needed, I have downloaded a package from nooblabs apps, it did not fully install, now I can remove it nor reinstall it, and it has paralyzed my apt-get, can't update or upgrade or do anything. Also my boot space is full! I have tried everything clean, autoclean, synaptic manager, etc19:39
bekksnokiomanz: That value is totally meaningless without seeing ps and free -m :)19:39
mittbishopstix: you can locate installed parts of the package with catfish or like it, and delete them manually19:40
BluesKajbishopstix, sudo dpkg -r nameofpackage , then try to reinstall if you're brave :)19:41
TheVergeHey folks19:41
TheVergeI have a playback issue for media files19:42
bishopstixBluesKaj: I tried that! no way I reinstall!19:42
bishopstixmitt: haven't tried catfish will try now thanks19:42
TheVergeI recently got a radeon 5450 to go inside my n40L to turn it into a htpc19:42
TheVergeWhen I try to play the video files, sometimes they play choppy, and othertimes they play fine but the audio is out of sync19:43
TheVergeany thoughts19:43
TheVergeI'm running ubuntu 14.0419:43
mittbishopstix: or force the removing of your package19:43
bishopstixmitt: the problem is that ubuntu is not recognizing that the package is installed19:44
bishopstixmitt: so can't purge, can't remove can't use dpkg etc19:44
apb1963 I had to reboot this morning because kwin was hogging the cpu, load was over 12... and when it came back up the resolution was all wrong.  I can't figure out how to change the resolution.   ubuntu 14.04 with kde.19:45
avid_fanNedal: It's definitely old, so I'm not sure how relavent it is, but Totem is/was a media player for Ubuntu. It has/had a plugin for Firefox. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxPlugins#Totem_Plugin19:46
mittbishopstix: then locate this package in your system, parts with catfish19:46
avid_fanNedal: There might be a different plugin for Firefox that would allow you to play the content from the website.19:48
xanguaavid_fan: totem is the default gnome player, what website¿19:48
avid_fanxangua: Don't have that info.19:50
undecimIs there an app that will allow you to write a shell script and create a launcher for it? Because if not, I will create it19:52
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TheVergeAnyone :-D19:53
semitonesHey all -- i have dropbox in ubuntu's startup programs, but it never starts unless I run it manually. Can someone help me troubleshoot this so it will start automatically?19:53
bishopstixmitt: installed catfish from .tar.gz (as I can't use apt-get) after running it, it can't find my package..19:53
bubbasauressemitones, This your command dropbox start -i19:54
BluesKajNedal, install ubuntu-restricted-extras19:54
Jordan_Usemitones: How did you configured "ubuntu's startup programs"?19:54
semitonesJordan_U, the startup programs application from unity's search. and bubbasaures, it is ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd19:55
mittbishopstix: don't forget to change the folders you checking, from $USER to File system19:55
avid_fanTheVerge: What are you using for playback?19:55
TheVergeSMPlayer at the moment19:56
OerHeks undecim not yet AFAIK, maybe this page is any help creating such app https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UnityLaunchersAndDesktopFiles19:56
bishopstixmitt: yes just did that and so if I manually delete this it will be good?19:56
mittbishopstix: yes, this will work fine19:56
semitonesJordan_U, are you familiar with the startup programs application?19:57
semitones"Startup Applications"19:57
bubbasauressemitones, that was from dropboxes load to the starup applications19:57
squintysemitones:  if you didn't use the dropbox installer from the dropbox site, suggest you try that.  after initial install, click on dropbox in menu, and the rest of the install should proceed.  dropbox will automatically set your system up to start dropbox upon booting19:57
bubbasaurestheir load19:57
undecimI justed helped someone create one and the process was longer and more error-prone than previous Ubuntu versions. Used to be I could just write a shell script, chmod a+x, then double-click it. The click-to-launch doesn't work anymore19:57
semitonessquidly, I did use it though, but it didn't automatically start up19:57
avid_fanTheVerge: I've not used SMPlayer, but have you tried to use MPLayer straight from command-line?19:57
undecimIt's a regression, in my book.19:57
NedalBlueKaj what s that ?19:57
TheVergeavid_fan, no i havent19:58
semitonesbubbasaures, I'm sorry, I'm not sure I understand19:58
TheVergeavid_fan, although I believe SMPlayer is an MPlayer front end19:58
NinjaCowboyMy Windows parition is the first partiton on my hard disk, and my Ubuntu partition is the second. Is there a way to shrink a partition from the beginning of it? By that, I mean shrinking the Ubuntu partition from the beginning to make more room for the Windows partition.19:58
xanguabishopstix: why you can't use apt? and if you install from soruce it won't appear in your package manager of course19:58
semitonessquinty, when I installed it, the main installer didn't point to the latest version, so I found the latest version and installed that using whatever instructions it had19:58
avid_fanTheVerge: Right, if you try to play from the terminal, you might get some output from MPlayer as to why the issue(s).19:59
TheVergeavid_fan, which driver should I use, the open source one or the proprietary one?19:59
bubbasauressemitones, close dropbox and run that command in the terminal. Dropbox on install puts the startup application together for you.19:59
avid_fanTheVerge: Also, I'd suggest trying VLC for playback.19:59
avid_fanTheVerge: I can't speak to the AMD driver. Don't have one.19:59
squintysemitones:  please reread what I typed.  I just installed it on another box using that exact method last night without any problems19:59
mittTheVerge: my favourite one is Parole media player, never had problems with it20:00
squintyNinjaCowboy:  http://gparted.sourceforge.net/display-doc.php?name=help-manual20:00
semitonesbubbasaures, I don't think I have "dropbox" on a command on my system20:00
semitonesok listen everybody20:00
bubbasauressemitones, are you going to try?20:00
semitonesi have a simple problem20:00
semitonesbubbasaures, yeah "dropbox is not installed"20:01
semitonesI have a simple problem that a command I want to run at startup is not running20:01
mittsemitones: first to know if startup programme is running or not you need to reboot20:02
bubbasauressemitones, YOU say it can be started than it is not installed, that makes no sense.20:02
jrghm. i was discussing this earlier20:03
semitonesbubbasaures, it's installed in my local directory, not systemwide20:03
jrgwhat is the best thign to use in order to sync an iphone/pod?20:03
jrgusing ubuntu20:03
semitonesmitt, It's been in startup applications for months now and I have to start it manually each time I reboot20:03
mittjrg: from the cloud?20:03
jrgotherwise i'd just use plex :/20:03
NinjaCowboysquinty: Thanks. Looks like a nice program.20:03
wonderworldsemitones: try to use the full path to the program in the properties for the launcher in startup applications20:04
jrgmitt: plex doesn't agree well when connected to my car via usb or bt20:04
jrgso i guess i have to actually use the iphone music player20:04
squintyNinjaCowboy:  yw.   you can installe20:04
semitoneswonderworld, thanks, I'll try that and see if it works20:04
mittsemitones: did you check out that application you've been advised? Called "Startup" or like that? type in the Dash to open20:04
jrgah ok.. seems lkethat has some information for it20:04
=== Mathis|2 is now known as Mathis
jrgseems like banshee might be the best bet20:05
jrgi should try it out20:05
squintyNinjaCowboy:  gparted is available in the repo's but it is also available on the livedvd (ubuntu iso) and the recommended method is to use that to boot from20:05
TheVergeavid_fan, mplayer  says my system is too slow to play the file lol20:05
avid_fanTheVerge: lol. Awesome.20:06
mittjrg: if you want to find the best bet; you got a big choice20:06
bubbasauresBen_g, welcome20:06
Ben_gI've connected a PS3 controller to my laptop, but for compatibility reasons with games, I need to emulate it as an xbox controller20:06
avid_fanTheVerge: Well there's your problem.20:06
Ben_gI've tried sudo xboxdrv --detach-kernel-driver --mimic-xpad options, but that gives me an error20:06
jrgmitt: ?20:06
jrgmitt: what is the big choice? heh... i just wnt to sync my iphone music library with ubuntu20:07
jrginstead of using itunes20:07
Ben_gThis is the error it gives me: [ERROR] spawn_exe(): options: exec failed: No such file or directory20:07
jrglooks like the best choice on that ubuntu help page is banshee20:07
jrgso i'll try that out.. i can live without syncing playlists20:07
Ben_gIs there a way to get it to work?20:07
mittjrg: rhythmbox also has some syncing features20:07
bishopstixmitt: man it's just stuck.. i deleted all files and it still tells me that the package needs to be reinstalled when i try to install my other packages20:07
mittbishopstix: compile that noobslab package from the source, if it's Ambiance or whatever colour suite, they provide the source tarballs on their website20:09
avid_fanbishopstix: Just curious, what's the name of the package?20:09
Ben_gOr is there maybe an other way to emulate a PS3 controller as xbox controller?20:09
TheVergeavid_fan, :-(20:10
madukoHi all, is there any way to boot into recovery mode when a computer has full disk encryption?20:10
jrglet me try out banshee20:10
semitonesmitt, I've been using that from the getgo :)20:10
jrgworst i'll do is screw up my iphone lol20:10
semitonesit's called startup applications20:10
bishopstixmitt: i just tried to reinstall the package i think it worked but now I got a new error.. arghh20:10
bishopstixavid_fan: package is xix-media-player20:10
bubbasauresmaduko, You might address the issue why you want recovery.20:11
squintyAytac:  take it elsewhere or the ops will ban you20:11
bubbasauresAytac, stop please20:11
DJonesAytac: Please stop spamming that link20:11
madukobubbasaures: I'm on a trip and I locked myself out of my computer.20:11
madukobubbasaures: been using stumpwm and I changed the keyboard with xmodmap and now there is no way to do anything :(20:12
bubbasauresmaduko, Ah, bummer, I would address that if i were me, you want to be careful if you want the stuff inside, if at all possible now.20:12
undecimmaduko, You should be able to change the keyboard back from a vt20:13
madukoundecim: vt? virtual terminal?20:14
undecimmaduko, press ctrl+alt+f1, log in, type "export DISPLAY=:0", and you should be able to run xmodmap as if it were in a terminal on your desktop20:14
undecimmaduko, assuming that :0 is your current display. you can use the "w" command to check20:14
bubbasauresundecim, really where when locked out?20:14
madukoundecim: thanks, I'll give it a shot right now20:14
undecimbubbasaures, If X is locked, it should affect the vt?20:15
bubbasauresundecim, It is the computer not X20:15
bekksundecim: No.20:15
undecimHow is the computer locked?20:15
=== SharkMa-san is now known as Sauna-kun
madukobubbasaures: I can log in since I know the password, I just can't do anything once it boots into stumpwm because my keyboard is changed20:16
bishopstixavid_fan: now it looks like the xix-media-player is working but I got an error while trying to update linux-image-extra-3.13.0-44-generic and boot space is almost full20:16
bubbasauresmaduko, Ah, well helps to know all of what's going on.20:16
TheVergeavid_fan, I installed the gui using apt-get install ubuntu-desktop from the server edition20:17
squintybishopstix:  use synaptic package manager to remove older kernels.  recommended is to leave one or two of the older ones for emergencies20:17
TheVergeavid_fan, how would I now remove it to get back to the server edition?20:17
bishopstixsquinty: ok thanks20:18
Ben_gdoes nobody know how I can fix the xbox360 gamepad emulation?20:18
squintybishopstix:  search for "linux-image" in synaptic (installed ones will have green box) also look for install  "-extra"'s associated with a linux image version20:19
undecimTheVerge, You could use a program called aptitude to deselect ubuntu-desktop, then reselect ubuntu-server. All ubuntu-desktop packages that are not part of ubuntu-server will be removed20:19
undecimTheVerge, There's probably some way to do the same thing with dpkg, but I couldn't tell you20:19
xanguaundecim: no, they won't; ubuntu-server is just a metapackage20:20
bishopstixsquinty: mark for complete removal?20:20
xanguaas ubuntu-desktop20:20
undecimxangua, I've done it before....20:20
undecimxangua, when you re-select ubunt-server, at adds all the packages it depends on20:20
OerHeksBen_g, you are the first one who wants to emulate xbox gamepad with a ps3 controller20:20
mugetsuhi i'm running ubuntu 14.04 lts and i need help troubleshooting my bluetooth20:20
undecimActually, i correct myself. You don't select the package with aptitude. You select the section20:21
undecimI think its under "tasks"20:21
squintybishopstix:  yes20:21
Ben_gOerHeks: Some steam games don't work correctly with a PS3 controller20:21
TheVergeundecim, is that a gui application20:21
xanguaundecim: got it wrong, thought you were saying removing the metapackage will remove the other packages ;)20:21
undecimTheVerge, it is a curses applications20:21
mugetsuthere are no hard blocks or soft blocks, but none of my blue tooth devices are disoverable20:21
undecimxangua, I thought that's what i was saying too XD20:22
TheVergeundecim, a what lol20:22
Ben_gAnd I know xboxdrv is supposed to support it, but for some reason it just errors on my laptop20:22
undecimTheVerge, CLI application20:22
Ben_g(the PS3 drivers do work though)20:22
undecimTheVerge, curses just means that instead of being line-by-line, it has a gui-like screen. You'll see what I mean20:22
TheVergeundecim, now I see what you mean yes20:23
undecimTheVerge, The bottom section is called "Tasks"20:23
undecimTheVerge, In there you should find ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-server20:23
bishopstixsquinty: looks like everything is working thanks!20:23
TheVergeinstalling it now20:23
undecimTheVerge, highlight ubuntu-desktop, press "-", then highlight ubuntu-server, press +20:23
squintybishopstix: good to hear and thanks for the update. :)20:23
mugetsui've tried a few things but i don't know what to do20:23
undecimTheVerge, then press "g" and make sure the package removal list looks sane20:24
bishopstixsquinty: It is you guys to thank for helping us!20:25
undecimTheVerge, hmm. Looks like the "ubuntu-server" task was renamed to "server"?20:25
undecimTheVerge, Just make sure all your important packages are still there.20:25
undecimBefore you press "g" a second time to commit the changes20:26
OerHeksBen_g, oh, the steam community has an article about that https://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/0/558748653738497361/20:26
mugetsuare there other users having problems with bluetooth connectivity on 14.04?20:26
undecimmugetsu, I can't get bluetooth to work at all20:27
undecimmugetsu, My hardware is recognized by the bluetooth stack, but just doesn't work20:27
mugetsui can't get any of my devices to be seen by my PC, but the devices are discoverable20:27
undecimmugetsu, You might be suffering from the same bug as me20:28
mugetsuyour hardware as in the PC hardware or the devices?20:28
undecimmy PC hardware is seen, but I can't get it to do anything (including discover devices20:29
undecimCan other devices see your PC?20:29
mugetsuinteresting, my phone is picking up the bluetooth id of my pc when it was running windows20:31
undecimmugetsu, Same here20:31
mugetsui wonder if there is a command to reset it20:32
undecimmugetsu, I suspect it is firmware issue20:32
mugetsuthe hardware all works, but i think that since it was used by windows there might be some issue there.20:32
TheVergeundecim, thanks :)20:33
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undecimmugetsu, What model PC and/or dongle are you using?\20:33
madukobubbasaures, undecim: Huzzah! I got root with recovery mode so I should be able to change xmodmap and have everything work. Thanks for the help!20:33
mugetsuan asus e1 572 with onboard bluetooth20:34
undecimmaduko, Nice20:34
mugetsui thinks its integrated with the wifi card20:34
undecimmugetsu, what is your wifi card chipset? (see "lspci")20:34
mugetsu Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)20:35
undecimmugetsu, we're in the exact same situation then. I've search for a solution, but not found one.20:36
lamppid_how to create efi parition20:38
undecimmugetsu, From what I could find, we're lucky that our wifi works20:39
mugetsuthat is messed up20:43
undecimI know it20:44
arshiaI don't know is my USB destroyed or not. it does not have any file system. what should i do ?20:44
undecimI'm poking around with hci tool right now to see if I can get anything out of it...20:44
undecimarshia, probably get a new USB20:44
arshiaundecim: I'm not sure is it destroyed or not. how to find that ??20:45
undecimarshia, Try "sudo dd if=/dev/sdX of=/dev/null" where /dev/sdX is your USB drive20:45
undecimarshia, if it runs into an error, then there is a problem with the drive20:45
undecimarshia, there's also a tool called badblocks for this sort of thing20:46
arshiaundecim: The terminal is not respondig ...20:47
undecimarshia, It will take a minute20:47
undecimarshia, it's reading every bit of the drive20:47
undecimarshia, If there is a read error, it will tell you20:47
undecimarshia, it doesn't test write though20:47
arshiaundecim: You said i should use badblocks. why ??20:48
undecimarshia, it is capable of testing write20:48
arshiahow to get badblocks without the terminal ???20:49
undecimarshia, You could also do "sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX".  just make absolutely sure that /dev/sdX is the right drive. It will write the entire drive with zeros20:49
undecimarshia, badblocks is command line application... i'm not sure if there is a GUI for it20:49
arshiaundecim: where is it ?20:50
arshiaundecim: I cannot enter a command for the terminal.20:50
undecimarshia, open a new terminal20:50
undecimarshia, or press control+c to cancel the DD command20:50
gorelativeanyone here familiar with debmirror?20:51
arshiaundecim: Terminal is working on the new command ...20:52
arshiaundecim, How many times it will take ?20:53
squintygorelative: better to just state your problem rather than "does anyone...."  :-)     https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Debmirror     never used it myself so hopefully someone else will be able to chime in20:54
undecimarshia, That depends on the drive, the USB link, and the alignment pattern of Saturn, Neptune, Alpha Centauri, and several undiscovered heavenly bodies20:55
gorelativesquinty: yeah figured.. i run debmirror it syncs things up.. when i go to run apt-get update apt complains of binary-amd64/Packages missing20:55
gorelativeso i go into that dir and all i see are Packages.gz and Packages.bz220:55
arshiaThe drive is SilliconPower.20:56
arshia8 GB20:56
arshiaundecim: Why the filesystem is null ???20:57
undecimarshia, probably because the first sector was erased/corrupt20:57
arshiaundecim: What first sector ???20:57
undecimarshia, You can get an idea of how far along it is. Type "sudo killall -SIGUSR1 dd" in another terminal, then look at the terminal with the dd command20:58
undecimarshia, The first 512 bytes of the drive20:58
arshiaGot it.20:58
arshiaundecim, What will "sudo killall -SIGUSR1 dd" do ????20:58
isthisreallifeis it possible to set dolphin as default file manager in ubuntu?20:59
undecimarshia, sends a signal to all running dd processes that causes it to output its progress20:59
gorelativeThis is my question on askubuntu http://askubuntu.com/questions/574547/debmirror-not-downloading-packages-404-not-found20:59
undecimarshia, also try: sudo watch 'killall -SIGUSR1 dd'20:59
arshiaundecim, No result for "sudo killall -SIGUSR1 dd" , it will ignore it.21:01
undecimarshia, The result appears in the terminal with the dd command21:01
=== maeryo is now known as mmmaeryo
arshiaSaw that.21:02
arshiathe massage is :21:02
=== mmmaeryo is now known as maeryo
arshiaundecim: the result is : 2401257+0 records in21:03
arshia2401257+0 records out21:03
arshia1229443584 bytes (1.2 GB) copied, 486.918 s, 2.5 MB/s21:03
arshia2504297+0 records in21:03
arshia2504297+0 records out21:03
arshia1282200064 bytes (1.3 GB) copied, 504.384 s, 2.5 MB/s21:03
arshia2571329+0 records in21:03
arshia2571329+0 records out21:03
bekksarshia: How much data are you trying to transfer using dd?21:04
undecimbekks, its a read test for 8GB usb drive21:04
undecimarshia, Did the command complete, or that is the result of the killall command?21:04
bekksundecim: To see how slow it will be? :)21:04
undecimbekks, to see if it's borked21:05
arshiai think it is the result of killall21:05
undecimarshia, it's at ~15% then.21:05
bekksundecim: Then badblocks would have been more usefull.21:05
arshiaundecim, What's that mean ????21:05
undecimarshia, Means that the first 1.3 GB reads21:05
undecimarshia, I would stop at this point and try to create the FS with gparted21:06
imbezolyou're not going to get a good speed with default blocksize21:06
undecimarshia, It's not a read error preventing the FS from being recognized if the first 1.2G is good21:06
Neldogzis there a command that will power off an external Western digial hard drive? Within the disks utility there is a power off button.. what command actually does that?21:06
arshiaundecim: Ok , next ??21:06
undecimarshia, It might not write though. Create an fs and try copying files to it. Then make sure the files can be read and are identical to the source21:06
undecimarshia, use gparted to make a filesystem21:07
imbezolNeldogz: if it's properly unmounted you can just unplug it21:07
arshiaundecim, How to create a FS ???21:07
undecimarshia, use Gparted21:07
bekksarshia: Create a partition with a filesyste on it, using gparted.21:07
Neldogzimbezol, the reason I am looking for a command is to add it to a cronjob on shutdown events.. WoL conflicts with external hard disks.. Causes the system to reboot instead of shutdown if the external hard drive is plugged in and turned on.21:08
arshiabekks: Explain more ... how  ???21:08
bekksarshia: BY clicking on the appropriate button in gparted?21:08
imbezolNeldogz: if the harddrive has power it's on.. there's no way to power it off21:08
Neldogzimbezol, if you open disks.. and you have an external hard drive connected.. do you also see a power off button?21:09
arshiabekks: I don't see any appropriate button .21:09
bekksarshia: So which buttons do you see? :)21:09
imbezolNeldogz: i don't have an external harddrive sorry21:09
Neldogzanyone know what command will correspond to this power off button in disks?21:10
undecimarshia, gparted.org/display-doc.php?name=help-manual#gparted-create-new-partition21:10
arshiaI don't know is it solved or not. i added a FAT32 filesystem to the USB.21:10
arshiathe default was FAT3221:11
Neldogzok more information, disks is actually gnome disks21:11
Neldogzand it uses udisks21:11
undecimarshia, now press the green check21:11
undecimarshia, And it will commit the changes21:11
pentagrassI'm using byobu (a wrapper for screen).. is there a way to protect a terminal from me hitting ctrl+c or ctrl+d??21:12
undecimIs it possible to sniff HCI traffic?21:13
kirklandpentagrass: define "protect"...21:13
undecimi.e. the link between Linux and the bluetooth hardware21:13
pentagrasskirkland: I don't want to accidentally hit ctrl+c and stop the process. I tried ctrl+s but I think that pauses the process21:13
arshiaundecim: I see a green box , and the fs is fat32 , is it ok ????21:13
undecimarshia, Sounds good21:14
kirklandpentagrass: sure, you can tell Byobu to just "ignore" all ctrl-c presses21:14
arshiaundecim: Well , lets test it !21:14
arshiaundecim: How to see the USB files ???? I don't see it ?21:15
arshia? __> .21:15
undecimarshia, After Gparted completes the changes, remove the USB and plug it back in21:15
bekksarshia: you have to copy files onto it...21:15
bekksgparted doest do that :)21:16
arshiabekks: I don't see anything. is it bad ????21:19
shadalooi want to uninstall "Videos"21:19
shadaloowhat package is this?21:19
kroq-gar78shadaloo I believe it's 'totem'21:20
bekksarshia: Did you mount the newly created filesystem?21:20
arshiaundecim: Why i don't see anything again ???21:20
shadalookroq-gar78: that's right, good call sir21:20
arshiabekks: Not sure.'21:21
bekks!mount | arshia21:21
ubottuarshia: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount21:21
undecimarshia, You don't see the drive in the file browser?21:21
arshiaundecim: No,21:21
arshiaubottu: I cannot mount it now.21:22
ubottuarshia: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:22
undecimarshia, If you used gparted correctly, then the only conclusions I can come to is the drive is broken21:22
bekksusuario: I dont come to that conclusion.21:22
bekksundecim: ^21:22
bekksarshia: Mount the fs manually, then copy files to it, and compare them to the source.21:23
arshiabekks: Wait a minute...21:23
b43can anyone provide assistance in creating slideshows on lubuntu?21:24
arshiaI think it is mounted.21:25
undecimb43, LibreOffice Impress is used for creating slideshows21:25
b43oh, is that the one like powerpoint?21:25
undecimb43, yup21:25
b43ok tyvm21:25
jrgneat. my keyboard cover thing for this laptop showed up. i hate not having one on a keyboard21:25
jrgseems like an iphone 5s is impossible to get to work in ubuntu directly. blah.21:26
jrglooks like i have to use a vm i suppose21:26
arshiaundecim, I applied the operations. is it works ????21:26
jrgtoo bad MS can't release some microVM that simply installs stuff like this. or virtualbox can run a faux kernel and forward it to the xserver21:26
arshiaundecim: The Mount menu was disabled , so i applied the operations.21:27
arshiaundecim: I can see the USB , thanks form Everyone.21:28
arshiaundecim: The second time i repluged , it doesn't see it in gparted and FIle explorer . why ?????!!!21:37
undecimarshia, check dmesg21:37
undecimarshia, in a terminal, do "dmesg | tail"21:37
arshiaundecim: [ 3469.843265] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through21:38
arshia[ 3521.553074] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Test WP failed, assume Write Enabled21:38
arshia[ 3521.555314] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Asking for cache data failed21:38
arshia[ 3521.555320] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through21:38
arshia[ 3573.265058] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Test WP failed, assume Write Enabled21:38
arshia[ 3573.267303] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Asking for cache data failed21:38
arshia[ 3573.267311] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through21:38
undecim!paste | arshia21:39
ubottuarshia: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:39
undecimarshia, Your voice will come back soon21:39
arshiaundecim: What the hell is going on here ????!!!! Why the second time it has a problem ???21:40
undecimarshia, give me a pastebin of the dmesg command21:40
arshia[ 3469.843265] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through21:41
arshia[ 3521.553074] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Test WP failed, assume Write Enabled21:41
arshia[ 3521.555314] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Asking for cache data failed21:41
bubbasauresarshia, read the bots message to you21:41
arshia[ 3521.555320] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through21:41
arshia[ 3573.265058] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Test WP failed, assume Write Enabled21:41
arshia[ 3573.267303] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Asking for cache data failed21:41
arshia[ 3573.267311] sd 6:0:0:0: [sdb] Assuming drive cache: write through21:41
undecim!paste | arshia21:41
undecimYou have to use paste.ubuntu.com21:41
chompyHey guys. I am trying to do something that requires the java plugin in firefox. Every time I try to use it, it crashes21:42
chompyhttp://www.geforce.com/drivers is the link I'm visiting21:42
bubbasauresarshia, do not swear and use pastebin21:42
chompycan anyone give me some advice on how to keep it from crashing?21:42
tewardchompy: what exactly is crashing21:42
tewardthe java plugin, or firefox, or neither?21:42
chompyteward: the java plugin21:42
tewardchompy: and define "crashing" in context - what actually are you seeing21:42
apb1963 I lost my virtual desktops....  ubuntu 14.04 with kde... any help getting them back?21:42
chompyteward: a message at the top of the browser from firefox informing me that the java plugin has crashed, and to reload the page21:43
chompyteward: from terminal, The issue I see is that "Channel error: cannot send/recv"21:43
bubbasaures!details | apb196321:44
ubottuapb1963: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)21:44
chompyteward: [Parent][MessageChannel::Call] Error: Channel error: cannot send/recv21:44
arshiaundecim: Please give me the result !!! I'm in hurry !!!21:46
apb1963  I lost my virtual desktops when I removed .kde/   ubuntu 14.04 with kde... any help getting them back?  I don't know if this is related to plasma-desktop but I'm unable to reinstall it either.21:47
chompyteward: you there? I don't mean to nag.21:47
arshiaundecim: I don't know how to use PasteBin21:48
bubbasauresapb1963, "virtual desktops"?21:48
apb1963bubbasaures: yes21:48
chompyarshia: visit pastebin.com and paste code. press submit and give undecim the link21:48
tewardchompy: i'm doing a lot of tasks at once - hate to ask but you arne't using java 8 are you21:48
chompyteward: I believe I am21:48
bubbasauresapb1963, a question mark indicates an explanation of what you mean.21:48
chompyteward: I am21:49
tewardchompy: hate to ask if you can hunt for the java 7 plugin21:49
tewardchompy: just to humor me and test...21:49
tewardchompy: (Java 8 is evil)21:49
chompyteward: alrighty21:49
chompyplease hold21:49
bubbasauresteward, could we stick with facts, and if an opinion state that.21:50
chompyteward: I can't seem to find a dl link for it21:50
apb1963bubbasaures: duplicate, independent, desktops, each with it's own "environment" for lack of a better way of expressing it.  I put application XYZ on desktop 1, app ABC on desktop 2, etc.21:50
bubbasauresapb1963, regular install multiple desktops?21:50
tewardbubbasaures: i've seen java apps on sites blow up before in java 8 but work fine in java 7, hence why i suggested it21:50
tewardbubbasaures: hence saying "humor me and test"21:51
bubbasauresteward, It was this "teward> chompy: (Java 8 is evil)"21:51
chompyteward: mind helping me hunt down a link?21:51
arshiaundecim: Can u give me the result ??????????????????21:51
apb1963bubbasaures: I don't understand the question... it's a part of kde I think21:51
tewardbubbasaures: be more specific next time, but i'm not the only one with those opinions.21:51
bubbasaures!fud | teward21:51
ubottuteward: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt21:51
bubbasauresdude you are over the dege21:52
undecimarshia, I need you to go to paste.ubuntu.com and paste the dmesg output there21:52
undecimarshia, Then send me the link to the page you get21:52
arshiaundecim: Ok : http://paste.ubuntu.com/9763956/21:52
undecimarshia, Okay, nothing interesting there. Can you do the same with the command "sudo blkid"?21:53
bubbasauresapb1963, I can't be any clearer I afraid, you are making up terms, that does not help.21:53
arshiaundecim: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9763998/21:54
undecimarshia, Nothing indicating the drive is there.21:54
arshiaundecim: What is that meaning ???21:55
undecimarshia, it means Ubuntu does not see the drive21:55
arshiaundecim: Why the first time it saw it ????21:55
undecimarshia, compare the output of "lsusb" with the USB inserted and with the USB removed21:55
undecimarshia, Most likely because the USB drive or USB link is unstable (i.e broken)21:55
bekksOr because it is not mounted.21:56
undecimbekks, blkid will can unmounted drives21:56
bekksundecim: remember to empty the blkid cache before, using sudo blkid -g; then scan using sudo blkid21:57
undecimbekks, didn't know about that21:57
undecimarshia, see bekks' comment ^^^21:57
arshiaundecim: I see the USB now , after an unplug operation.21:58
arshiaundecim: What is this ? A game ?????21:58
arshiaThe result of CMD is :21:58
undecimarshia, Yeah. You get to a d20 to see if your drive shows up21:59
bubbasauresMathis, welcome21:59
Mathiswhen using a UMTS USB modem (ZTE MF667), I read about disabling the emulated CD drive... is this permanent or just until the device loses the power?21:59
undecimroll a d20*21:59
arshiaundecim: Yes , i see it.21:59
arshiaundecim: What the hell is my USB's problem ????22:00
Neldogzanyone know how to power on a disk, basically the reversal of udisksctl power-off --block-device /dev/sde122:00
undecimarshia, I don't know. I'm not your USB22:00
noahi am having wifi problems22:00
bubbasauresnoah, Give the hardware and the issue to the channel.22:01
arshiaundecim, I say why the USB is avilable at a time, after Eject , Unavilable and after another unplug , Returns ???!!!22:01
undecimarshia, Sometimes, that's how it breaks22:01
undecimarshia, Or the connection isn't good22:01
bekksarshia: So just unplug it and plug it back in.22:02
undecimarshia, Or your motherboard is messed up (try another USB and see if its the same problem)22:02
bubbasauresnoah, lspci in the terminal will show the wifi info22:02
noahbubbasaures: I can connect, but network-manager is having trouble managing the secrets22:02
arshiaundecim: Maybe , Well , thanks for now.22:02
bekksundecim: The problem persists, its a long known desktop environment bug :)22:02
bubbasauresnoah, secrets, you mean the password?22:02
undecimarshia, anyways, I have to go. I'll still be on my phone (undecim-phone), but I haven't used this app before, so I don't know how well it will handle switching cell towers22:02
bekksundecim: Solution: unplug it, plug it. :)22:03
Neldogzanyone know how to power on a disk, basically the reversal of udisksctl power-off --block-device /dev/sde122:03
bekksNeldogz: Replace power-off with power-on ? :)22:03
undecimbekks, I've never seen or heard of the problem before22:03
bekksundecim: I never tried mounting an USB after I ejected it :)22:03
Neldogzbekks, that option does not exist22:03
noahbubbasaures: don't know, but syslog calls them secrets.22:04
bubbasauresnoah, Not recognizable by me, maybe others know this, sorry about that.22:04
bekksNeldogz: my udisksctl doesnt support power-off, too.22:05
bekksMathis: On what?22:05
frozenlockI decided to try the proprietary AMD drivers. When I saw no real benefit, I switched back to using the X.org X Server. However, now my fonts are all fuzzy... Any ideas what I might have broken?22:05
NeldogzI understand that udisksctl power-off does the following:  the effect is that the USB device will be deconfigured followed by disabling the upstream hub port it is connected to.22:05
Mathisrepeating... when using a UMTS USB modem (ZTE MF667), I read about disabling the emulated CD drive... is this permanent or just until the device loses the power?22:05
bubbasaures!patience | Mathis pleas don'y anyone the channel.22:05
ubottuMathis pleas don'y anyone the channel.: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/22:05
Neldogzso i guess the question is how do i re-enable the USB device?22:05
bekksMathis: It will last until powering it off.22:06
noahbekks: do you have experience with network-manager. It is being scitzophrenic22:07
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mugetsuhow can i set up using the arrow keys to scroll?22:11
mugetsuubuntu 14.04 lts22:11
bekksnoah: And whats the problem with network-manager?22:12
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noahbekks: it's having trouble communiacting with kwallet (kubuntu's default pw encryption service)22:13
bekksnoah: Can you define "trouble"?22:14
noahbekks: I save a network. It works. I can disconnect and reconnect. I can log out and log in. The trouble comes when I restart.22:15
bekksnoah: Can you define "trouble"?22:15
noahbekks: once I restart and try to connect, it stays there until finally saying "no secrets were provided". then clicking connect works.22:16
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pengin_can anyone help me out with some bash regex? this should be working, I think i've got everything escaped as necessary, but it's still failing. possibly due to string vs value? https://gist.github.com/dlutsch/f39e361a2bf8855f07bb22:18
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noahbekks: did u get my last message?22:23
kubuntoI am having severe internet issues on one of my machines22:23
kubuntodns failure is all I am aware of22:23
kubuntoand i can still use ssh if i give it an ip22:24
shumankubunto: any chance for alternative drivers?22:24
kubuntoshuman: open to suggestions22:24
shumanmy broadcom sometimes (after updates) begins to act the same way22:25
noahkubunto: what is the issue. I'm may be able to help, unless it's hardware-related.22:25
kubuntonoah: shuman root is that i can connect for a max of a minute or so22:25
shumankubunto: wifi?22:25
Ben64kubunto: but you said it works if you use ip?22:25
kubuntoBen64: yes22:25
kubuntoshuman: not only wifi22:26
Ben64kubunto: then set a [different] dns server22:26
kubuntoBen64: ive tried to set the name server to 8.8.8 and it does nothing22:26
Ben648.8.8 is not an ip22:27
kubuntoBen64: dns suggestions?22:27
Ben648.8.8.8 is one22:28
Ben64and how are you setting it22:28
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kubuntoBen64: network manager in ubuntu22:28
Ben64kubunto: are you experiencing the issue now22:29
kubuntoBen64: i wont be able to tell until i getthe ssd back into the other machine22:29
Ben64well you need to be able to test things22:29
kubuntoright now I am writing an image to an ssd22:30
mnatureHello , I keep getting a window on login telling me my xscreensaver is out dated22:30
kubuntomicro sd*22:30
drekiA few days ago(I'm not even sure what I was trying to do now) I changed the chmod settings on /media/ and now whenever I try to mount an external USB it mounts without access permissions. Can someone help me set chmod back to its normal default chmod settings?22:30
mnatureCan anyone tell me how to get rid of it22:31
drekiI meant to say can someone help me set /media/ back to its default chmod settings.22:31
Ben64mnature: can you post a screenshot of it22:31
mnatureno t only stays there for a few seconds22:32
mugetsuhow can i remove the joined and left notifications?22:32
mugetsuit's bugging the crap out of me22:32
DJones!quietirc | mugetsu22:32
ubottumugetsu: To ignore joins/parts/quits in your favorite IRC client, see http://wiki.xkcd.com/irc/Hide_join_part_messages22:32
Noah_wah thanks i was wondering same thing22:33
Ben64mnature: i'd need to see it in order to tell what's going on22:33
mnaturehow to take a screen shot ?22:33
noahNoah_: hey! another Noah.22:33
Ben64mnature: print screen button22:33
Noah_hi other noah :)22:34
noahI'm having wifi secrets issues22:34
mnatureAlright I'll reboot , bbs22:34
A124Hello. I will be straightforward.. how do I get ReiserFS back to Ubuntu?22:35
Basketballlhello who needs help22:35
kubuntoill be backs22:35
A124Basketballl: I need help22:37
A124Getting ReiserFS back to Ubuntu.22:37
A124(On already installed system)22:37
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BasketballlA124, sorry never heard of that22:37
mugetsui'm new to ubuntu anything i should know or programs i should install/22:37
A124Basketballl: What? That is filesystem. One of the best filesystems ever.22:38
Ben64!reiser | A12422:38
ubottuA124: reiserfs is a journalling file system, which outperforms many others on I/O operations, but has drawbacks (such as increasing likelihood of data loss, and introducing latency unsuitable for gaming or real-time audio). Using !ext4, the default on Ubuntu, is *highly* recommended. A read-only Windows driver is available at http://p-nand-q.com/download/rfstool.html22:38
SchrodingersScat!reiserfs | A124, it's so murderous22:38
ubottuA124, it's so murderous: reiserfs is a journalling file system, which outperforms many others on I/O operations, but has drawbacks (such as increasing likelihood of data loss, and introducing latency unsuitable for gaming or real-time audio). Using !ext4, the default on Ubuntu, is *highly* recommended. A read-only Windows driver is available at http://p-nand-q.com/download/rfstool.html22:38
bekksA124: LOL. BAsically, it is dead, for a decade now.22:38
eggbeatermugetsu: it depends. what do you plan on doing?22:39
mugetsusomething new. im exploring operating systems other than windows for now.22:39
A124bekks, Ben64, SchrodingersScat: I Do not care if it is dead or not, I know that. I asked to to get it to Ubuntu.22:39
A124mugetsu: I personally do not like the default Ubuntu GUI spin.22:40
Ben64A124: then go for it, good luck22:40
mugetsui figured there has got to be something better than windows so here i am22:40
SchrodingersScatA124: there was no link in the !reiser, I have nowhere to go from here.22:40
A124mugetsu: Want a tip? My few most used apps: htop, less, mc, nano22:40
bekksA124: you have to patch it yourself: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/reiser422:41
A124bekks: If it works, AWESOME! Love you.22:43
mnature/home/mnature/Pictures/Screenshot - 01162015 - 04:41:31 PM.png22:43
A124Getting another kernel cause of that is a Pita, but whatever.22:43
Ben64mnature: you can't paste photos in irc.... upload to somewhere like imgur.com and give us the link22:43
eggbeatermugetsu: Most everything you need is preinstalled...web browsers, office suites, the works22:43
bekksA124: Thats one of the downsides.22:43
eggbeatereven games >_<22:43
A124bekks: Yeah, thoguht about going Archlinux, which I may for this purposes, but for now on I got a generic machine. Got kind of specific setup with specific tools with specific parameters, which does tremendously boost workflow speed eliminating multiple layers implementation and specific usage. Else I use ext4 as usual.22:45
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Guest63111Hey quick question:  Did that huge Freenode hack ever get resolved?22:47
Guest63111I feel iffy being on Ubuntu Freenode22:48
=== Guest63111 is now known as piter-de-vries
Ben64piter-de-vries: ask in #freenode for Freenode stuff22:48
piter-de-vriesokays thx22:48
arcskywhat ftp client (GUI) do you guys recommend? i love flashfxp but its only for windows :/22:48
mnaturehere it is   https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=786026018145567&set=a.108444489237060.17055.100002145278334&type=1&theater22:48
Ben64mnature: facebook? :|22:49
Jordan_Uarcsky: Nautilus.22:49
Ben64mnature: try imgur.com22:49
A124arcsky: FileZilla :D22:50
A124But usually I just use mc22:51
arcsky FileZilla any other ?22:51
A124As I said, mc22:52
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mnature_here it is  http://i.imgur.com/r5u8bBd.png22:54
Jordan_Uarcsky: Did you see my recommendation?22:55
piter-de-vriesWhatre the bot commands?22:56
arcskyJordan_U: doesnt support FXP22:56
erichfhello, is there a way to killall chromium-browser that works?22:56
chris13365hi.  i am setting up a network printer and need to know the device's URI.  The ip address is, is that what the URI is also?22:56
piter-de-vries!seen vader_51822:57
ubottuI have no seen command22:57
frozenlockHere is an screenshot of my 'blurry fonts' http://i.imgur.com/U8oxDYQ.png . I have this since I reverted to the open source drivers for my ati card. Any ideas how to get normal fonts back?22:58
Bashing-ommnature_: Xscreensaver is is the repo (Version: 5.15-3ubuntu1), what have you done that the old version is still on your system ?22:58
mnature_nothing it's on my siister's pc too22:59
frozenlockI tried switching back to the proprietary drivers and the fonts look great. (But it's killing my wifi... that rabbit hole...)22:59
mnature_I tried reinstalling unbuntu 15.04 byt still there23:00
Bashing-ommnature_: How did you install Xscreensaver ? Maybe you can 'remove' it and install afresh from the repo ?23:00
A124Should I update to latest kernel or not? (LTS version, clean install)23:00
mnature_i didn't , it just appeared23:00
erichfkillall chromium-browser* && killall chromium-browser* works23:01
erichffor some reason I have to execute the command twice23:02
A124Yeah, cause of the main re-spawns children.23:02
pragmaticenigmafrozenlock, it looks like the anti-aliasing settings for your display might be off23:02
chris13365I am setting up a network printer.  Is the "device URI" the same as it's "ip address"?23:02
frozenlockpragmaticenigma: any ideas how to turn it back on?23:03
Bashing-ommnature_: Well, we do not know, yet . Any result from terminal command -> apt-mark showholds <-  ?23:03
sudormrfhave a throwback here....is there a program (graphical is preferred) for creating an "iso" of a floppy disk for ubuntu?  I know ISO isn't the right format, but that is to illustrate what I am trying to do23:05
pragmaticenigmafrozenlock, spooling up an instance of ubuntu now (don't currently have unity setup)23:06
mnature_I wonder why it stay on my hard drive even after I eraced the whole drive ?23:06
Ben64sudormrf: dd23:06
frozenlockpragmaticenigma: thanks a lot23:06
frozenlockIt's such a small thing... the font... but really it's giving me a headache23:07
pragmaticenigmafrozenlock, I agree, i'm very sensitive to that sort of thing myself.23:08
Bashing-ommnature_: Is it ? what does the package manager know ? -> dpkg -l xscreensave <- .23:09
Bashing-om^^ dpkg -l xscreensaver *23:10
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A124bekks: Just realized that is Reiser4, not Reiserfs. But will try anyway. Not sure if Reiserfs is not in kernel or I cannot find mkfs for reiser23:13
bekksA124: Do you really want the ancient reiserfs v3?!23:13
bekksGood luck with that one :)23:14
A124It was enabled by default on kernel config.23:14
A124As a module.. so I might find a kerne.. yep.. it is thre.23:15
A124Now I am missing userspace tool to makefs.23:15
mnaturehanks for your help , I figured it out in the terminal , It's gone now23:16
ki7mtI just looked at my supported file system, I don't see Reiser* anything being supported in the generic kernel. not that I want it, was just curious.23:18
chaotixhey.  what is the login and password for CUPS, on Ubuntu 14.04?23:20
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ki7mtwhoops, belay my last reiserfs is there: ls /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/fs23:20
Jordan_Uki7mt: How are you checking for supported filesystems?23:20
mindphucki have a slight, mysterious issue, there are 3 or 4 folders i have on my external hard drive that show up in windows explorer, but not in linux, any suggestion?23:22
ki7mtJordan_U, I was looking at /proc/filesystem, which I think is listing only those that are currently in use at the moment.23:22
bubbasauresmindphuck, ctrl-h to show hidden23:23
mindphuckbut they arent hidden, they are just regular folders that contain files,23:23
csmuleHow do I supress errors in upstart jobs so it doesn't abort?23:23
bubbasauresmindphuck, did you check if hidden in ubuntu?23:24
mindphuckyep, first thing i checked23:24
mindphuckso originally i thought i deleted them by accident, and went back to windows to get a data recovery program, then i just took a gander in the folder and low and behold there they were23:24
bubbasauresmindphuck, with any details it will be a dead duck here.23:25
A124bekks: modprobe + package reiserfsprogs, solved!23:26
A124Might try to compile and play with Reiser4 for the fun.23:26
mindphuckwhat about ducks?23:26
A124Reiser4 was heading into phenomenal heights, but thanks to the arrest of the author it .. went astray sadly.23:26
bekksA124: And reiserfs v3 was replaced by reiser4 long before.23:27
A124bekks: That is the point.23:27
bubbasauresmindphuck, You have this nick and you do not kn ow what I mean, by the way it is really offensive.23:28
bubbasaureswhy it is allowed I would not no23:29
noahI am having issues with kwallet and wifi.23:29
mindphucki didnt come in here for you to tell me what nickname i should choose, did i? no i didnt think so, and how in the hell is it offensive? are you that much of a prude?23:29
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csmulemust be from california23:34
noahi'm back23:37
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ScuniziAny reason why kmail from within Kontact won't switch from the "Welcome to Kamil 4.14.2" screen after downloading from gmail?23:41
A124Kernel compilation.. I got error when checking platforms I do not care about.. how can I ignore that?23:43
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A124Another problem apache.. have vidrtual host on a directory in /opt/ yet it displays /var/www23:55
A124And I ahve no idea why.23:55
linuxmintHello, no sound on Ubuntu 14.04 unless I unplug and plug the HDMI cord back in.23:59
linuxmintI just turned of Audio in BIOS.23:59
linuxmintAlsamixer has no SPDIF or MM to adjust?23:59

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