brainwashbluesabre: any plans for lls and trusty? could a new version or single patches be backported?00:01
bluesabrebrainwash: does trusty need a new LLS?00:15
Unit193bluesabre: See anything upstream that might have broken that?00:17
bluesabreUnit193: broken what? (on phone)00:18
Unit193bluesabre: Ah, not really important, but: xfpm and stuff fail to build, xdt-autogen tries to copy stuff into m4/ before creating the directory...00:18
bluesabreOh right. Haven't had a chance to look yet.00:19
bluesabreShould be able to resolve easily though00:20
Unit193Yes, but what caused it and shouldn't that be fixed?  In the latest xfce4-screenshooter I just did a mkdir m4 :P00:23
Unit193Anywho, figured I'd share. :P00:23
pleia2bzr: ERROR: Connection error: while sending POST /bazaar/: [Errno 110] Connection timed out02:46
pleia2from a canonical server to the code on lp02:47
Unit193Hah, even better than normal.02:48
pleia2works ok at home o_o02:48
pleia2knome: it's a bit hokey becuase the server doesn't want to talk to bazaar.launchpad.net, but static and docs are updated02:55
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ochosimorning everyone09:44
ochosihey slickyma1ter 09:55
ochosior slickymasterWork 09:55
slickymasterWorkhey ochosi 09:55
slickymasterWorkochosi -> http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/01/15/%23xubuntu-devel.html#t15:2309:56
ochosioh good09:56
ochosithanks for that, i overlooked it09:57
elfymorning 10:03
elfyochosi: thanks for mailing laney - I scrubbed us off the wiki - no idea why amijawad thought he could add us :|10:04
ochosiah thanks, hadn't noticed that :)10:04
* Unit193 scratches head.10:11
ochosiUnit193: right, so i guess we're stuck with pushing new versions of xdg-utils to ubuntu then10:16
ochosibrainwash: i suggest you file a merge-request against xdg-utils in ubuntu to get your blanking patch in (or i can do it on top of my other MR for it if you don't wanna)10:33
jarnosCould someone fix that Ctrl-Esc would launch applications menu in 14.04?10:58
jarnosCurrently it tries to launch xfce4-popup-menu that does not exist and I can not override the setting.11:00
jarnosActually, I am using mythbuntu, but isn't it the same?11:01
elfyno it's not - if mythbuntu don't install something, try #ubuntu-mythtv11:16
brainwashbluesabre: trusty does not need a new lls, but it's always nice to push a bug fix release -> long term support. maybe it's not worth the effort though11:24
brainwashochosi: but my patch is not that important (unless we want to backport it to 14.04/14.10)11:27
brainwashochosi: you patch xdg-screensaver to make it compatible with ll, and the new ll already inhibits screen blanking11:29
brainwashin 15.0411:29
bluesabrebrainwash: https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~light-locker-settings-team/light-locker-settings/trunk/view/head:/NEWS11:30
bluesabrenot many bugfixes happening other than supporting libraries post trusty11:32
brainwashlocalizations not being used and some startup crash fix11:33
brainwashso yeah, probably not worth the effort11:33
brainwashbluesabre: any thoughts on the compton shadow workaround/fix?11:34
brainwashbasically adding a new shadow rule to the xubu default settings compton config11:35
bluesabreshouldn't hurt to add it to trunk11:35
brainwashwhich disables shadows for windows with CSD11:35
brainwashbecause these windows draw their own shadows now11:36
jarnosI don't like that you reserve keyboard shortcuts Super+number. I have used to use these for setting certain video modes, some for multi display configuration.11:36
jarnosThey are very handy, if you loose access to display for some reason.11:37
brainwashbluesabre: want to add it or should i create a branch? it basically just "shadow-exclude = [ "_GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS@:c" ]"11:38
brainwashbluesabre: https://github.com/chjj/compton/issues/18911:38
brainwashI've tested it and it works fine so far11:38
bluesabrecreate a branch and I'll merge for you11:38
ochosibrainwash: not sure i get what you're saying. either way, your patch is ready, the ll patch isn't is the point. and until we have ll support in xdg-screensaver, yours will work just fine11:39
brainwashjarnos: that's our default keyboard shortcuts configuration, you can easily reassign keybinds11:39
brainwashochosi: I mean that with your planned changes to xdg-screensaver and the new ll in 15.04, my patch won't be crucial anymore to fix reported bug on launchpad11:42
brainwashthe reported11:42
ochosii know11:42
ochosigetting it merged in is the first step in getting it SRUd to trusty (if we decide to go through with that)11:43
brainwashsadly, it's not sru worthy11:45
jarnosbrainwash, oh, for some reason I can not do that for Ctrl-Escape in Mythbuntu, where it is bind for nonexisting xfce4-popup-menu.11:49
jarnosbrainwash, I mean the keybinding I set will be added to the list, but the original one is kept and used anyway..11:50
brainwashjarnos: try to clear the existing keybind more than once11:50
brainwashand the reassign your new one11:51
jarnosbrainwash, no matter how many times I remove it, it stays in the list.11:52
jarnosbrainwash, maybe because it is default binding.11:52
brainwashjarnos: look at bug 141076011:54
ubottubug 1410760 in xfce4-settings (Ubuntu) "Can't assign Ctrl+Fn as global hotkey" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141076011:54
brainwashplease read the comments11:55
ochosibrainwash: who told you it's not sru worthy?11:59
ochosialso, we can always throw the patched version in a PPA12:00
ochosisince it'll work with older versions of light-locker too12:01
brainwashochosi: according to launchpad it's just a small bug and there is no major uproar which usually forces the devs to do something12:02
brainwashPPA sounds ok12:03
brainwashUnit193 will gladly do the packaging, right? :)12:04
jarnosbrainwash, I don't see how it is relevant.12:06
brainwashjarnos: you have problems with a Ctrl keybind12:07
brainwashjarnos: I suggest that you look at your xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts-xml12:09
brainwashalso, if this is a mythbuntu specific issue, then you should contact the mythbuntu devs and/or file a bug against mythbuntu12:10
elfybrainwash: the ctrl+esc is myth specific - it calls something that's not installled 12:11
elfyI checked ;)12:11
brainwashstill, the user should be able to reassign the keybind without problems12:11
jarnosbrainwash, I have three of them.12:12
brainwashjarnos: three of what?12:12
elfybut the default of reserving ctrl+f1 - f9 is in us too - seems rather overkill for workspaces especially when we don't do anymore than give people 1 workspace now12:12
bluesabreSettings Manager -> Keyboard, find what is using Ctrl+Esc, click Edit, change the application being called12:13
jarnosbrainwash, xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts-xml12:13
elfybluesabre: yea - that's not anything for us to worry about 12:13
elfyand it's f1- f12 reserved for workspaces 12:13
bluesabreI kmow, just trying to help reduce the amount of walking around the actual steps here :)12:14
bluesabreother place is Settings Manager > Window Manager > Keyboard12:14
knomepleia2, ough. well, at least it's easier for me to tell you what i want changed :)12:15
ochosibluesabre: is the bluetooth icon issue fixed for you?12:15
bluesabreochosi: haven't tried yet12:15
bluesabrefix was in e-xfce or something else?12:16
brainwashjarnos: there should be only one in your .config directory12:17
bluesabrebrainwash: why edit the xml instead of using settings manager?12:18
ochosibluesabre: yeah, should work for both e-xfce and e-xfce-dark*12:18
brainwash don't want to edit it, we want to check if the file is broken12:18
brainwashbroken = contains invalid entries :)12:19
bluesabrecheck permissions if it is stuck... sometimes people run things with sudo and give up ownership of their own files12:19
ochosibluesabre: i'd say if it works, we could do an update of xubuntu-artwork with pulling in the icons from git and get that to the archive. i think the icons should be more or less gtk3.14-ready now12:19
bluesabresudo menulibre = x.x12:19
bluesabreoh yeah12:19
bluesabreyou marked numix and greybird done.... ready to package for release with git tags and all?12:20
ochosiknome: do you think you can get that dev-wallpaper ready soonish? i'd like to update xubuntu-artwork soonish with the icons, so that could go in too12:20
ochosibluesabre: i need to mark greybird 1.5.1 actually since more fixes came along after 1.512:20
ochosibut in git it's all done12:20
ochosiwanted to give it a few days to see whether more theming issues show up12:21
ochosiand to see what you think of the catfish-sidebar and popovers now12:21
bluesabrek, tag me some releases and let me know when to package ;)12:21
bluesabrealso, new tag for ali123412:21
bluesabre's orion?12:21
ochosiwell that depends, it isn't actually finished12:21
ochosihe said there were some padding issues12:22
ochosiso no MR yet12:22
bluesabrethat can come in later then12:22
ochosipriority is greybird+numix for now12:22
ochosione more thing that'll have to be fixed in the theme/s is the spinner12:24
ochosinot sure why that's not working12:24
ochosilarsu said he had it on his todo-list, so i'm waiting for him to figure it out12:24
ochosi(not even sure whether it's strictly a theme issue or some problem with gtk3 itself)12:24
bluesabreubuntu-gtk issue?12:24
ochosii'd rather wait than invest time in such an issue12:25
bluesabrei'd poke satya to test with fedora/ozon12:25
bluesabrealso, does it work with adwaita?12:26
ochosilarsu claimed it does, but i couldn't confirm that tbh12:27
ochosiwith adwaita there's just no spinner at al12:27
ochosiyou can test it easily with the printer-dialog or catfish12:27
bluesabrek, I'll have a look tonight12:28
bluesabreneed to get ready for work now, bbl12:28
ochosisure thing, ttyl12:28
bluesabreI'll be around tomorrow morning btw, don't know the rest of my schedule12:28
ochosimorning would be like now?12:29
ochosior later cause it's a saturday?12:30
knomeochosi, i guess so :)12:38
bluesabreprobably like now12:43
jarnosbrainwash, it has only type="empty" lines for property name="<Control>Escape"13:26
brainwashjarnos: which ubuntu release? the notation has been changed (Control -> Primary) in 14.0413:45
jarnosbrainwash, 14.0413:46
brainwashso, the linked launchpad report is relevant13:46
brainwashI assume that mythbuntu installs a custom keyboard shortcuts xml in /etc/xdg/..13:47
brainwashand it has not been updated yet13:47
brainwashjarnos: got any more question? if yes please query me instead of using this channel13:59
slickymasterWorkok knome, we can then put a stone on the docs conversion, at least for the moment14:14
knome? :)14:24
* slickymasterWork wonders to what does knome question refers 14:28
* ochosi wonders what slickymasterWork's reference to "stones" refers to14:28
ochosiaren't stones usually rolling?14:28
knomeslickymasterWork, i was wondering what you were referring to? :P14:29
slickymasterWorkyour cahnges to the whiteboard of the docs blueprint´14:29
slickymasterWork* changes14:29
knomere: PDF export?14:30
slickymasterWorkochosi, is a portuguese expression, when you put a stone on a subject you intend to mean that it's a dead subject14:31
knomeyeah, i think it's not really worth it14:32
* slickymasterWork won't question knome's assessment on the subject 14:33
ochosiyeah, i think we don't really need it14:34
knomeif it was only a trivial change/task to get it right, then maybe14:37
knomebut since it means dragging in relatively large build deps and then the output is less than sub-ideal...14:37
elfywe're a great community :) dholbach says so 14:49
knomegood to hear that from somebody outside14:50
slickymasterWorkyou could also have mentioned the lack of translators elfy 14:53
knomewe should tweet14:54
knometweeted; pleia2, if you want to social mediaze it more: https://twitter.com/Xubuntu/status/55610239020276121714:55
elfyslickymasterWork: I tend to forget those 14:57
elfysorry - I did you see you join the channel - you could have ;)14:58
silviuanybody help me to creat a ppa?15:10
silviumy linux its xubuntu15:11
slickymasterWorkyeah, I joined but something come up here and I was unable to participate15:11
knomeslickymasterWork, see https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA for information15:12
elfyslickymasterWork: such is life 15:12
knomesilviu, see https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA for information15:12
slickymasterWorklol knome 15:12
knomesilviu, or you can ask #launchpad15:12
elfyslickymasterWork: that said, it's entirely likely that any translation comment would have got a "yea - others say the same thing" 15:13
knomei think we've got more interest with the calls15:14
knomeat least one finnish guy asked about helping out15:14
elfygood 15:14
elfyat least that's positive - no idea what to do about testing 15:15
slickymasterWorkmost probably elfy 15:15
knomeelfy, if only we would know *why* people don't test :/15:15
elfyrather - why they don't report - because I would have to  hope are testing 15:16
slickymasterWorkI think people 'do test' knome, thing is why don't they report it15:16
knomebut as you implied, their testing could be put in parenthesis...15:16
slickymasterWorkput in parenthesis ?!15:17
slickymasterWorkwhat do you mean knome ?15:17
knomewhat i'm referring to is that many people "test" xubutnu15:18
knomemaybe it can be called exploratory testing15:18
elfyI'll ask - see if people respond15:18
knomeelfy, ++15:18
elfylate posting that - should read I've asked :p15:19
elfyif it really is something like PaulW2U said -= then I'll say what we said in here 15:19
elfyrather you reported bug against xubuntu-foo than not at all 15:20
slickymasterWorkwhat did he say?15:20
knomeelfy, maybe we can try to improve http://xubuntu.org/contribute/qa/15:20
elfyhard to know what to report issues against - which I can understand15:21
elfyknome: possibly - lets see what sort of responses we get 15:21
slickymasterWorkyes, I can see that elfy, but that doesn't explaing why aren't people reporting test in the tracker15:21
elfyknome: I for one go all cross-eyed when I look at that triage page15:22
ali1234you already know my feelings about the qa trackers15:22
knomeif you do exploratory testing, then you basically can't; because you aren't following the testcases15:22
elfyslickymasterWork: because if you tested and there's a bug and you don't know what to report it against - you can hardly mark it passed 15:22
knomeelfy, triage page on the website or the wiki one? :)15:22
elfyknome: the wiki 15:22
knome"In a hospital, triage happens the instant a patient arrives through the emergency room doors. His vital signs are checked, his status assessed, and he gets sorted in amongst all the other patients waiting for treatment."15:23
knomethat's a good way to start..15:23
elfythat's just like "We'd love you to help - but we're going to make it as hard as we possibly can for to you make any sense of the next 5000 words"15:23
elfy^^ the wiki15:23
ali1234the other day i "tested" the iso and found two bugs15:24
ali1234i reported them both on launchpad15:24
slickymasterWorkwell there's always the possibility of marking a test, whether is a failed one, or not, and then just write some sort of a brief explanation in the commentary section15:24
knomeit might sound duplicating, but what if we set up our own contributor documentation (as discussed before)15:24
knomewe could explain things in an easy to understand way there15:24
knomeand once we get things done, copy that back over to the wiki15:24
ali1234bug 1408495 and bug 140901515:25
ubottubug 1408495 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Vivid) "Ubiquity crashes prior to keyboard configuration in 15.04" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140849515:25
ubottubug 1409015 in Ubuntu Start Page "about:startpage is in wrong language" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140901515:25
ali1234what i don't understand, is what am i supposed to do with the qa tracker?15:25
knomeali1234, we've gone through this discussion before...15:26
ali1234yeah, i never got a good answer15:26
knomeali1234, you don't have to understand it, testing and reporting bugs is enough15:26
knomeali1234, or you never wanted to accept the answer15:26
ali1234no answer was given15:26
knomebut please let's not waste time again listening how you think the trackers suck15:27
elfyslickymasterWork: you can't fail and not give a bug15:27
ali1234just hand waving15:27
knomeali1234, reporting bugs in the trackers is the only way to measure how many people ran the pre-determined tests15:27
ali1234i don't know how to report bugs in the trackers15:27
elfyfor better or worse - the trackers is the only thing we have to gauge that 15:27
ali1234expecially the ISO tracker15:27
knomeali1234, it also helps us know which bugs were experienced with which flavors/dailies15:28
elfyali1234: you don't report bugs IN the tracker - you report bugs ON the tracker - you have to have the number first 15:28
knomeali1234, you are supposed to file the bugs just like you do now, and then list their numbers on the tracker15:28
ali1234knome: you're justifying the existence of the tracker, you're not saying what it is you want me to do with it15:28
slickymasterWorkI know elfy, I was referring to situations where you go all the way through the test, you face a bug and don't no against package to file it, but the test itself isn't a fail15:28
knomeali1234, i want you to report that you tested a certain ISO with a certain testcase to 1) know you did that 2) know which bugs are present with specific dailies15:28
ali1234i didn't follow any part of the test case15:29
knomeali1234, then you shouldn't report a test in the tracker15:29
slickymasterWorkin those cases, one could just write a brief description of what happened in the commentary section elfy 15:29
elfyali1234: but the install testcases cover what you did I would suspect 15:29
elfyslickymasterWork: yes - but you still then have to pass it 15:29
ali1234well then, the reason i don't report tests in the tracker is because i shouldn't report tests in the tracker.15:29
knomeali1234, no, you should, but only if you follow the testcase instructions.15:30
knomeali1234, which is, like elfy said, pretty much what you did anyway15:30
ali1234except i didn't15:30
knomeali1234, but to make sure, you should know what the testcase says15:30
ali1234i didn't even read them15:30
elfyali1234: so what did you actually do with the iso when you 'tested' it ?15:30
knomeali1234, then read them,.15:30
ali1234elfy: i installed it15:30
ali1234elfy: actually i should say i attempted to install it15:31
ali1234it didn't work15:31
elfyok - something else, clean, auto-resize - os some other variable that we don't bother to report 15:31
ali1234all of the above15:32
knomeali1234, next time you are running "tests", please read the testcases to confirm you are going through all the steps mentioned in them15:32
elfythen you don't actually need to read them - the testcases are just a list of the things that you have to do to install 15:32
knomeali1234, and then report a tracker report with any bugs you found15:32
elfyif you're doing an install - you really don't need to read it - you can't install the wrong way 15:33
ali1234there's three different test cases for installing15:34
knomeali1234, you just said you did all of what elfy mentioned15:34
knomeali1234, eg. each of the test case once15:34
ali1234so you want three reports?15:34
knomeif you installed three times.15:34
ali1234i failed to install three times, yes15:34
knomethat counts.15:35
elfyand if you failed to install - then they are critical bugs 15:35
knome^ and the test status is failed15:35
ali1234so just to be clear this is the list of things i need to do when i find a bug:15:35
ali12341. generate hardware profile for my computer15:36
elfyali1234: nope15:36
knomeali1234, you can omit 1, but if you do it, you only have to do it once and then relink to the same URL15:36
ali12342. format computer and attempt to install xubuntu15:36
elfyI don't do that15:36
ali12343. confirm bug still exists15:36
ali12344. report on iso tracker15:36
ali12345. repeat another 2x15:36
knomeyes, or you can only try installing one way15:36
knomeunless you want to use more time installing15:36
knomejust doing one test is *fine*15:37
knomeand 3) file a bug if one doesn't exist15:37
ali1234as i said, i already filed a bug (it's on the way to being fixed actually)15:38
elfyali1234: all that you're really doing in effect is reporting the bug in one extra place - that is easy for all to see 15:38
knomeali1234, yes, just to clarify15:38
ali1234yeah i would be fine with just reporting that i found this one bug on the tracker15:38
elfythat's really all we are asking15:39
ali1234no, it isn't15:39
knomehow come?15:39
elfyit's all I'm asking 15:39
ali1234well i can't report it now because the iso i used to install from is like 4 days old15:40
knomethen zsync a newer ISO and retest15:40
knomeand next time, report on the same day15:41
ali1234right, you're asking me to retest the installation every time i find a bug if it has been more than a day since the last one15:41
ali1234reinstalling is a two hour process15:41
ali1234reporting a bug takes 5 minutes15:41
knomeali1234, that's the only way to measure accurately if the bug still exists15:41
knomebut really, we aren't asking you to retest every day15:42
knomeyou reinstall/-test as often as you feel like15:42
ali1234unless i find a bug every day15:42
ali1234which isn;t unusual at all15:42
knomein installation?15:42
knomeor in the installed system?15:42
ali1234in the installed system15:42
knomethat's what the package tracker is for.15:42
ali1234where is that?15:42
ali1234and how do i use it?15:43
knomethe same way15:43
ali1234if it's the same way then i do have to reinstall every day15:43
knomethe same way except the testcases are different15:43
knomethey describe a process to test the applicaiton15:43
knomewhich is why you should READ what the test cases say15:43
ali1234i'm just going to start filing reports with comment "did not read the testcase but this thing is broken so fail anyway"15:44
knomeplease don't15:44
knomethen rather just don't file the testcase reports15:44
knomefiling the bugs for the applications is good enough15:45
ali1234for example, the firefox testcase doesn't even test for the bug i found15:45
ali1234so i should pass it on that basis?15:45
knomeof course, test cases can't cover everything15:45
knomehere's the thing15:45
elfyno idea - the firefox test is not listed in the xubuntu packages 15:45
knomei don't mind if bugs that aren't mentioned on the testcase are reported on the tracker, BUT15:46
knomeif you aren't reading the testcase, then you really shouldn't report in the tracker15:46
ali1234the point is i'm not going to follow the testcase anyway15:47
knomethen don't report on the tracker15:47
knomebut please also don't come telling us how you don't understand the trackers15:47
knomeif you aren't going to use them as they are intended15:47
ali1234okay, but please don't act like you can't understand why nobody is using the trackers15:47
ali1234when you just told me not to use the tracker15:47
knomeali1234, i told you not to because you said you aren't going to use them in the intended way anyway15:48
knomeali1234, i'd love you to use them if you were to use them in the intended way15:48
knomeali1234, i wouldn't want you to file bugs either if you were not going to file them the way they are supposed to, either15:49
knomeelfy, ochosi: http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/tester-of-the.png16:03
ochosihaving my real name there and elfy's elf-name is just weird16:04
ochosiother than that, not bad ;)16:04
knomei wondered about that, but also, first draft16:04
ochosiit does look very formal16:04
ochosii guess that is intended16:04
knomeit's following the ubuntu certificate style16:04
ochosiwasn't aware of that at all16:05
ochosi"has contributed ... contributions"16:05
ochosiwho writes like that ^ ?16:05
ochosiah, now it works16:12
elfysaw them - the look ok with only the one contribut(ed/ion) 16:14
brainwashwho will be our first TotW? :)16:38
drc???   TOTW: Taste of the Wild: TotW: Tales of the World (game) TOTW: Topic of the Week: TOTW: Top of the World: TOTW: Temple of Three Winds ???16:39
ochositester of the week16:55
drcah...thanks.  Didn't think it referred to dog food (much).16:56
brainwashheh :D17:09
brainwashah, so that's the reason why ali1234 is interested in iso testing17:09
drcpleia2: http://www.everydaylinuxuser.com/2015/01/an-everyday-linux-user-review-of.html17:14
pleia2drc: cool, thanks17:23
drcYou still want them here rather than -ot, right?17:23
pleia2it's on topic :)17:30
drcOnly if it's a good review :)17:30
pleia2oh, I did some drafting of QA+stickers blog post: http://pad.ubuntu.com/QAIncentive18:54
pleia2given the timetable, we can publish whenever and then re-promote each time the beginning of a milestone/month begins18:54
elfypleia2: which bit of it? 19:17
elfyoh nvm - assume the bit right at the bottom :)19:18
pleia2bottom of the pad, if that's what you're asking :)19:18
elfyit was - then I woke up :p19:18
pleia2I never know what to put in the testing instructions section19:18
elfyohhh - I see that 19:18
davmor2pleia2: pretend you have a new user, walk them through 1 step at a time on how to use the thing you are testing.  Mkaing sure you are using it the correct way, that then sets the test step that should in theory always give the same results.  If you are not sure on how to use something then you might not be the person to write the test, but you can follow someone else to ensure you get the same result and confirm19:27
davmor2 the steps as good19:28
davmor2I hope that made sense19:29
elfyit did to me - but not really what's needed for this 19:29
davmor2elfy: I hope it would to you ;)19:30
elfypleia2: added some stuff 19:33
elfyand moved it to the beginning of the page19:37
pleia2davmor2: I meant to include in a simple blog post about testing :) there are lots of docs (and a video or two) that walk folks through how to use the trackers, but I often don't know what to point people to19:42
elfyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Roles/Tester 19:46
elfyis a basic one pleia2 19:46
elfybut at some point a Xubuntu specific thing will be useful19:47
* pleia2 nods19:48
elfycertainly not going to look this cycle - but maybe next cycle I will 19:48
pleia2suppose I should figure out if testdrive still works19:49
pleia2since all the docs still talk about it19:49
elfyochosi: and we need to make a decision about who's going to get stickers 19:49
pleia2I figure you give me a list and I run a random script against it19:50
elfywut? 19:50
pleia2a list of names of all the testers for each timeframe19:50
elfyoh 19:50
elfythat's not at all what I envisaged 19:50
pleia2oh, what did you have in mind?19:51
elfyand something I'll have nothing to do with :|19:51
pleia2top tester?19:51
elfyyea 19:51
elfythat's what the discussion has hinged around for months and months :)19:51
pleia2sorry, I misunderstood19:51
pleia2I'll reword the blog post19:52
pleia2probably "top tester who isn't part of -team and hasn't already received stickers"19:52
elfyimagine in a period - we have 10 people, 9 do 1 test, the 10th does 20 :)19:52
elfywell - that's what we need to make a final decision on 19:52
pleia2well, I figure we recognise them specifically with a pack at the end of the cycle if that happens :)19:52
pleia2but I doubt it would19:53
elfyleft out specifying -devel deliberately - I call on users towards the cycle end as well 19:54
pleia2hm, so which list should we link to?19:54
pleia2they need to know how to get on the list :)19:55
brainwashali1234: bug 1307657 is now fixed in trusty, hooray19:57
ubottubug 1307657 in unity-gtk-module (Ubuntu Utopic) "[SRU] UBUNTU_MENUPROXY should not be set in Xfce" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130765719:57
elfypleia2: got both in :)19:59
elfyMaybe we could add that we'll be looking at t-shirts too during this LTS cycle, books too - no reason why we can't apply to the fund for that stuff 20:01
pleia2good idea20:03
elfypleia2: knome was playing with  certs too - did you see those ^^ 20:05
elfyhttp://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/tester-of-the.png and http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/certificate-blank.png20:06
pleia2I should get a color printer :)20:07
* pleia2 practices forging ochosi and elfy's sigs20:08
elfymine's really easy 20:08
elfyX ... 20:08
elfyha ha ha20:08
drcIs that printing or cursive?20:09
Unit193Just like in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.20:09
elfydrc: cursive is hard with a blunt 6" nail20:10
drcThen use a Nine Inch Nail.20:10
elfytoo loud for me20:14
ochosipleia2: mine is just my name in Comic Sans 1420:46
Unit193ochosi: Set your terminal to comic sans, see how long you last (and see how seriously you take everyone too. :P )20:47
ochosiyeah, good idea for people starting flamewars20:48
ochosicalm them down with Comic Sans ;)20:48
elfyha ha 20:48
knomepleia2, was thinking we can just send those out as PDF's with fake sigs :)21:02
knomeor copies of real, if signign people want that21:03
elfyI guess it would be *nicer* if one of the two signing actually sent them if we did pdf's21:14
knomeyeaah, but is that really logistically possible (or sane)?21:19
knomethat same person should be the one sending the stickers then as well to save in shipping21:19
elfyyou were talking about pdf's :)21:20
elfyI've never received a pdf through the post ... 21:20
knomeheh, right21:24
knomesorry, am a bit unfocused21:24
elfythat's ok :)21:24
brainwashbluesabre: will you take a look at the xfpm bug which I've already linked several times? I want to create a branch which inverts the logind-handle-lid-switch value, but as of now I don't know if it's needed or not23:48
brainwashmmh, if I create it and request it to be merged, then you will have to check the report to understand the reasoning behind it :>23:50
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash

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