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* barry waves18:41
smoserhey barry . 18:46
barrysmoser: hi18:46
smoseri was lloking at your continuaiton of harlowja's 2to318:46
harlowjabarry thx for the work btw :)18:46
smoseri agree that getting tox going is essential.18:47
barryyw!  i am weird in that i find this kind of thing fun :)18:47
smoserwhy did you use contextlib2 ?18:47
barrysmoser: for ExitStack(), which is available in py3 in the stdlib18:48
barryi might be able to get rid of it if its a problem.  it really helps with managing complicate context managers18:48
barrysometimes you can avoid it with strategically written addCleanups but it's trickier18:49
harlowjais that just for testing?18:49
harlowjawould https://github.com/openstack/oslo.db/blob/master/oslo_db/tests/utils.py#L24 suffice?18:50
barrymostly to properly handle mock patching in the setUps18:50
barry(or more technically, unpatching in the tear downs)18:50
harlowjathinking if its just for testing we can just create something for py218:50
harlowjabut if its just for testing, then it seems ok18:51
harlowjaless runtime deps :-P18:51
barrybtw, i think there may be problems with using super() in py2.618:51
harlowjahow so?18:52
barrysuper() only really works with new style classes but unittest.TestCase is an old style class in 2.618:52
harlowjastupid old-style18:52
barrystupid 2.6 :)18:52
smoserbarry: how would you normally get py26 on ubuntu-recent ?18:53
* barry was so happy when he killed that off18:53
barrysmoser: you don't18:53
smoserbut you put 'py26' in the tox.ini file18:53
harlowjabarry ya, sadly some people run rhel6.x (yahoo right now still, moving to rhel7 sometime this year maybe, lol)18:53
barrywell, you can build it from source, but system virtualenv (which tox uses) doesn't work with it18:53
barryharlowja: i can't tell you what a bane of my existence that's been ;)18:54
harlowjarhel6 or python2.6?18:54
harlowjaor both?18:54
barrysmoser: right, my plan was to get it working for 2.6 and 3.4, then to bring up a vm to test 2.618:54
barryharlowja: yes, both :-D18:54
smoser2.7. yeah.18:54
barryharlowja, smoser i looked carefully at test_cs_util.py and afaict, even the existing tests never really test anything other than CepkoMock.  they don't touch Cepko afaict18:55
harlowjaah, cepko, no idea about that, runs away, lol18:56
barryi basically skip the whole test class in my branch because of that18:56
barryprobably the whole test_cs_util.py file should just be deleted or completely rewritten18:56
barryi can help y'all integrate coverage at some point if you want :)18:57
harlowjacoverage u say, lol18:57
barryyeah, i know, crazy talk!18:57
harlowjathats like how much your body is covered with clothes right18:57
barryharlowja: you know i work from home, right?18:57
harlowjaso does smoser :-P18:57
barrywhat is this "body covered with clothes" thing of which you speak?18:58
harlowjatrue dat18:58
smoserharlowja: is that why you were 'harwlow_at_home' earlier today ?18:58
harlowjaquite possibly18:58
barryi'm fairly sure i now understand how to translate mocker to mock, but there might be corner cases.  so my current task is to convert from mocker to unittest.mock and see if i can get the tests to pass18:59
harlowjabarry so future coverage and stuff, i'm not sure; depends on how we want to focus on https://etherpad.openstack.org/cloud-init-next and https://github.com/cloud-init/cloud-init (and the next hotness)18:59
harlowjadepends on how much we want to put 0.7.x on life-support18:59
harlowjathat decision is above my pay grade, ha19:00
barryharlowja: yep. understood.  what i'd really suggest is to get the infrastructure in place to do tox+coverage from the start with any rewrite.  don't worry about getting 100% until you have some time to spend on it19:00
smoserbarry: so for the rest of my day, how can i help you on that ?19:00
barrybut knowing is better than not knowing19:00
barrysmoser: help with?  coverage?  the py3 port?19:01
smoserbarry: the tox is in place on cloud-init 2.0, and will make sure to add coverage.19:01
* harlowja not helping u guys get your clothes/coverage on19:01
smoserfrom what you've seen on your stuff, where woudl you like me to jump in.19:01
barrysmoser: take a look at the system-image branch.  it's py3-only but should be largely translateable.  and i can help with any details.  http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-system-image/ubuntu-system-image/client/files19:02
smoserwhile you admitted to finding 2to3 porting fun, i find it quite annoying.19:02
barrysmoser: it uses some wacky tox stuff because of the different testing environment requirements between the phone and snappy, but the basics are pretty easy19:02
barrysmoser: yeah.  if you look at the tox.ini and coverage.ini files in that branch, i think you can work out how to integrate coverage19:03
barrysmoser: oh, another thing to consider is switching to nose2 which is much better than nose and the future (nose being essentially eol'd for nose2)19:04
barrysmoser: in that case, look at unittest.cfg from that branch also19:04
barryand http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-system-image/ubuntu-system-image/client/view/head:/systemimage/testing/nose.py19:04
barrysmoser: steal anything from there you want.  i cargo cult a lot of that stuff between all my projects.19:05
barrysmoser: a simpler, but similar example: https://www.gitorious.org/python-world/python-world/source/a4d9171d8e4a7815d75fd7f8f75bb38418b6c63c:19:06
barrysmoser, harlowja i'll ping y'all when i'm happy with the port.  any and all feedback welcome!  i only want to kill off py2 from the various images.19:08
smoserbarry: well, how can i help you?19:10
smoser(thanks fo rhte suggestion of nose2)19:10
barrysmoser: right now, i think i'm okay.  if i get stuck or have questions, i'l ping you.  i want to have a branch ready for review by eow (maybe eod if i get lucky).19:11
barrysmoser: thanks!19:11
smoserok then. i'll get out of yoru way :)19:11
smoserthe other no-python-3 thing is oauth19:12
smosercheetah really is not needed.19:12
smoserthe tests my insist on it, but in running practice its only used if user needs it (which is unlikely)19:12
barrysmoser: oh, that would actually be helpful.  you should switch to oauthlib.  the api is different enough that it takes some thought, but oauthlib is py3 compatible and actually maintained for the last 6 years :)19:14
barry(oauth being abandonware since 2009)19:14
smoserbarry: yes. i know about oathlib. 19:14
smoseryeah. 19:14
barryi saw the oauth imports, but promptly erased them :)19:14
barryfrom my brain19:14
barryi've done that port before, it's not too difficult but it's not entirely trivial19:15
harlowjaonly for maas i think right?19:15
barryharlowja: i can't answer that, since it would require me to actually understand the code :)19:16
* harlowja pretty sure thats right, ha19:16
harlowjawhy u no understand all the code yet, lol19:16
* barry goes clicky clacky19:17
harmwharlowja: what do you guys use for storage in openstack deploymnts?20:02
harmw(or you smoser)20:02
harlowjaharmw ah; so this is tricky area for yahoo20:02
harlowjayahoo has a bunch of cloudy storage stuff that already exists and so block-storage isn't the top contendor for us20:03
harlowjahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahoo_Sherpa is one such system20:03
harmwoh ok20:03
harlowjaceph is getting more adoption but most architects i think still prefer using the other stuff thats built if possible (which already works in mostly cloudy manner)20:03
harmwother stuff like.. :)20:04
harlowjahmmm, there are some other db-aas stuff that people built; so i think thats another one20:04
harmwi want a 2 perhaps 3 node setup, just not settled on the storage part20:04
harlowjablock-storage though is more of a slow-up-and-coming thing20:04
harlowja*since this existing stuff already exists20:04
harlowjahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MObStor is another one harmw 20:04
harlowjaprobably some other ones that are not really documented online (but are mentioned somewhere/somehow by leaks, lol)20:05
harlowjasherpa though i think is the thing that most people are getting directed to20:05
harlowja*or that db-aas stuff; since alot of groups still need sql-like-stuff20:06
harmwperhaps I'm just gonna use LVM here20:06
harlowjahttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahoo!_Query_Language is also recommended (its a query-as-a-service  in a way)20:06
harlowjaso anyways, different things :-P20:07
harmwuseless answers, again :P20:07
harmwim not even sure if I should do TripleO 20:08
harmwit looks very cool20:08
harlowjafor our current vms (due to above mentioned exsting services) its mostly local-disk (and treat your vms as cattle, put needed data in sherpa or elsewhere...)20:08
harlowjawe'll get to ceph eventually and make this more accessible (but have to convince people that is needed over things like sherpa...)20:08
harlowja^ is part of the battle/pain, lol20:09
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