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manchicken_I'm online and ready to test.02:07
manchicken_Doing the vivid upgrade now.02:21
valoriemanchicken: how did it go?04:48
* valorie is holding off until I hear about a few successes04:48
soeegood morning07:15
soeesomeone up ?07:23
valoriehi soee, how's it going?07:24
soeevalorie: good morning, all fine thank you. I have a question07:24
valoriewhat's that?07:25
soeecan't upgrade 14.10 to 15.04 A2 because of 2 packages authentication problem, here is some workaround https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/1385271 (first answer)07:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1385271 in gdm (Ubuntu) "Error authenticating some packages" [Undecided,New]07:25
soeeand i wonder if its fine to use it07:25
valoriethat sounds a bit scary to me07:26
valoriebut it looks like it has been happening for months07:27
soeehere on my PC its utopic + Plasma 5.2 beta from next-staging so probably this might cause teh problems07:28
valoriecould be, yeah07:28
valorieI've got utopic + plasma 507:28
soeei could try ppa-purge to romve the packages etc. but probably upgrade will overwrite them anyway07:28
valoriebut not staging07:29
soeevalorie: yes but only with ppa-next07:29
valoriewhat happens if you purge the staging PPA?07:29
soeei did not tried, i do just the upgrade07:29
soeeto vivid07:29
valorieI think I would try that first using ppa-purge07:30
soeeto late :D07:30
soeedownloading upgrades07:30
valorieI want to upgrade too07:31
valorieI'm waiting until most people have success07:31
soeevalorie: im on vivid like i dont know, 2 months now ?07:33
soee@my laptop07:33
soeeand all works nice07:33
valorieso this is just an upgrade to alpha two?07:34
soeeno no, here @work i have Utopic on my machine07:34
valoriegot it07:34
soeedownloading took ~ 5min but configuring will take ~ 1 hour :)08:18
soeehave such message: Warning: Setting GRUB_TIMEOUT to a non-zero value when GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT is set is no longer supported.08:33
lordievaderGood morning.08:48
soeeRiddell: ping08:56
soeeor anybody else, how can i solve problem (after upgrade from Utopic to Vivid) that after login i have only error message that "Could not start ksm server" and im moved back to login screen08:58
Riddellhi soee 09:08
Riddellsoee: is kubuntu-desktop installed?09:08
soeeRiddell: one secodn ill check09:08
soeeRiddell: yes, is says it is in newest version09:10
Riddelllordievader: you have tests running? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/329/builds/87840/testcases09:10
Riddellsoee: you have ksmserver as a command on your system?09:11
lordievaderRiddell: Err, sort of. See my questions about the oem-config yesterday. Its gone.09:11
soeeRiddell: yes cli autocmpleats such command09:11
Riddelllordievader: if it's gone then mark it as failed09:11
lordievaderRiddell: But to what do I report a bug?09:12
Riddelllordievader: it's part of ubiquity09:12
lordievaderOke, will file a bug.09:12
soeeRiddell: any idea how to fix it? 09:13
Riddellsoee: I think you can fiddle around with starting X manually and then running startkde to see what happens, or you can declaire upgrade from utopic kubuntu-plasma5 broken and unsupported and reinstall09:14
Riddellsoee: maybe not a great testing experience but if it all worked we wouldn't need testers :)09:14
yofelsoee: anything interesting in ~/.cache/upstart/startkde.log ?09:16
soeeyofel: i have no such directory09:17
yofelwhy is that moving all the time -.-09:17
yofelsoee: is ~/.xsession-errors from today? if yes look there09:18
apacheloggerbecause silly09:18
apacheloggeryofel: plasma5 has no upstart user session thing09:18
yofelah right09:18
yofeland what happened to sitter :O09:18
apacheloggeralso mind you, we are supposed to move to systemd at *some* point09:18
apacheloggeryofel: quassel happened09:18
* apachelogger fixes this once and for all09:19
soeeyofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9816691/09:19
soeekdeinit5: (ksmserver /usr/bin/ksmserver) Pipe closed unexpectedlykdeinit5: Pipe closed unexpectedly: Resources temporary unavailable ?09:21
yofellooks like the problem, but I don't know what to do with that :S09:22
yofelsitter: I'm running systemd at home. At least wrt kde and system default stuff things work fine09:23
soeeis there startup disc creator in plasma 5 ?09:23
sitteryofel: yeah, my point was there is no use in switching p5 to an upstart session as we'd then have to switch to systemd anyway09:24
yofelah yeah, agreed09:24
sittersoee: your error sounds like a binary conflict09:25
lordievaderRiddell: Filed a bug report and finished the testcases.09:25
sitteralas, I forgot how to find out which file causes the clash ^^09:25
sitteryou could try to log into the recovery session and run ksmserver manualy maybe09:25
yofelanyone else unable to shutdown from plasma btw? Clicking on shutdown quits plasma, but that's all09:25
soeeso im doomed 09:25
Riddelllordievader: lovely thanks09:34
mparilloIs this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.searchtext=&orderby=-importance&field.status:list=NEW&field.status:list=CONFIRMED&field.status:list=TRIAGED&field.status:list=INPROGRESS&field.status:list=FIXCOMMITTED&field.status:list=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status:list=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&assignee_option=any&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_commenter=&field.subscriber=&field.09:49
mparilloused=&field.has_blueprints=on&field.has_no_blueprints.used=&field.has_no_blueprints=on&search=Search the correct bug list? If so, I will give https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/Alpha2/Kubuntu#Known_Problems some love09:49
Riddellthat's a long url!09:49
Riddellhttp://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ → vivid milestoned bugs09:50
Riddellis the one I use09:50
Riddellwhich is any bug marked kubuntu and milstond for ubuntu-15.0409:50
Riddellof course there may well be bugs that aren't tagged or milestoned which should be09:50
mparilloUnderstood on tagging. Looks like the same list. I will update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/Alpha2/Kubuntu#Known_Problems In the meantime, has anybody copied a large selection from FF and had it crash FF when pasting to kate?09:53
yofellets try that..09:55
yofelyup, crashes o.O09:55
sitterKCI-W :: W: libkwinxrenderutils5: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libkwinxrenderutils610:01
sitterKCI-W :: W: libkwineffects5: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libkwineffects610:01
sitterKCI-W :: W: libkwinglutils5: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libkwinglutils610:01
mparilloyofel: TY. Do you suspect that is a problem with FF or the klipboard? I do not think it is a problem with kate, because I used wget to get the page, and the pasted the same quantity from kate to kate.10:02
yofelI would blame firefox as that's what crashes. But just now plasmashell froze when I tried to open the klipboard too, so that seems kind of broken too10:05
mparilloRiddell: Bug list updated. I see Daily bootable images for standard PCs/laptops/netbooks in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VividVervet/Alpha2/Kubuntu#Feedback Plasama5 no longer has a separate netbook interface the way Plasma4 did. Want me to remove netbook?10:08
mparilloTY yofel. At least it is not me.10:08
yofelmparillo: right, remove netbook. That's obsolete10:10
Riddellmparillo: yes please10:10
Riddellsitter: he changed it in master only10:11
Riddellthe soversion10:11
sitterRiddell: who?10:16
mparilloLast question from last night. Is anybody running the latest version of Drop Box on Alpha2? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2257946&p=13212779#post1321277910:16
Riddellsitter: mgraesslin changed the soversion in kwin master10:18
Riddellmparillo: not I10:18
mgraesslinactually it's changed in 5.2 branch10:19
sitterRiddell: ah yeah, that doesn't change the fact that a) our packaging has bad wildcards b) no symbol tracking c) is now broken in unstable because of the bump10:19
Riddelloh is it?10:19
sittermgraesslin: are you sure because KCI is not complaining about :O10:20
mgraesslinsitter: yes see http://commits.kde.org/kwin/6b0ae95b80bbe06a1da38299abb6f99c8418176410:21
sitteroh, nvm, it is actually complaining10:21
* sitter rebases in stable branch10:21
sittershadeslayer: btw, should I ever get to the point where I can autodeploy tooling without it falling over on me I am going to capistrano it, reckon that might be useful to you as well?10:25
sitteractually I was playing with chef yesterday night, it does seem rather non-overheadish when used via chef-solo (which basically allows server-less cooking) so perhaps that would be something of use for the dci servers, plus apparently one can conveniently glue capistrano and chef together10:26
* sitter also been playing with vagrant.... seemed a bit too much for now10:27
sitterit does have a nifty lxc plugin though, so who knows xD10:27
soeeplasmashell does not start in 15.04 Alpha 2 when nbooting from USB10:30
soeeubuquity fails at selecting rgion and timezone10:38
Riddellsitter: um really? works for everyone else10:40
Riddellsorry that was to soee 10:40
sitter10:33:50 E, [2015-01-22T10:33:50.315978 #364] ERROR -- : all is vain! live PPA is not installing! :'<10:42
soeeRiddell: i plugged it in other usb port and started now10:43
soeecan't install though with Polsih language because ubuquity fails as i said10:43
soeetrying in english 10:43
soeeseems to work with english10:44
Riddellsoee: 10:48
Riddellsoee: fooey sounds like a bug, please report and note it on iso tracker10:49
soeeRiddell: also if i mark to install restricted extras it just stops on the same step if i click to go further10:50
soeebut hey atleast i installed it in english version10:50
yofelsoee: which step? It might be trying to install the nvidia driver in the background there (IIRC you had a nvidia gpu?)10:55
yofelwhich takes quite a while10:55
Riddellsoee: 10:59
Riddellsoee: installing extras worked for me, how's your internet connection?10:59
Riddellhi Sick_Rimmit, how's the fosdem posters/stickers coming?11:01
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Hello, yep I got them all back from the printers yesterday, 11:01
Sick_RimmitRiddell: I haven't opened then up yet, but the name badges look good,11:02
Sick_RimmitI think things are looking organised at my end now11:02
RiddellSick_Rimmit: 11:06
RiddellSick_Rimmit: ooh?11:06
RiddellSick_Rimmit: what posters did you get? what stickers?11:06
lordievaderSick_Rimmit: Pics or it didn't happen :P11:11
Sick_Rimmitlordievader: It was a blend of Riddell's suggestions, some mods on my artwork, a compromise11:12
soeeRiddell: connection was fine, 80mbit11:12
Sick_RimmitI don't have them on this PC, there on my home PC11:12
Sick_RimmitI'll share some artwork with you guys later this evening 11:13
Sick_RimmitRiddell: I didn't get stickers, they were way too expensive from Vistaprint11:13
RiddellSick_Rimmit: so posters only?11:17
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Posters and Namebadges11:18
Riddelloh cool11:18
RiddellSick_Rimmit: what program did you use to make them?11:18
Sick_RimmitGIMP, and Inkscape11:19
RiddellSick_Rimmit: you don't have any spare android phones we could demo do you?11:28
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Do you mean for KDE Connect ?11:28
RiddellSick_Rimmit: nah was wanting to see if we could demo gcompris which is now in the google play shop11:30
Sick_RimmitI have a Viewsonic 7 tablet, we could load gcompris onto providing the Android version is up to is, its 2.3 I believe11:31
soee_Riddell: ok so i had to reinstall system because of this ksmserver issue11:35
soee_im on Vivid now here at work and all seems to work fine :)11:35
sitterkubotu: newversion libgit2 0.22.1 new version needed for kdeframeworks ktextedit as well as kate11:45
sitterRiddell: ^11:45
RiddellI'v e11:45
RiddellSick_Rimmit: I've no idea if that'll work but worth a shot11:46
Riddellsoee_: yay11:46
Riddellsoee_: thanks for testing it11:46
Riddellsitter: yep, I think that was blocked on libgit gtk or something11:46
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sitterRiddell: how can it be blocked? one presumes that is binary compatibile?11:48
soeei copied some settings from previous installation and now Chromium shows it  windows (like select fiel to upload) styled liek windows95 o.O11:49
Riddellsoee: one presumes wrong11:49
Riddelllibgit2-21 -> libgit2-2211:49
soeewhat :) ?11:49
Riddellsitter: libgit2-glib needs a new release11:50
sitter'hey look I use C like it's javascript, pretty radical, eh'11:50
BluesKajHiyas all11:56
soeewhat wa steh package name for gtk2 apps to use breeze and qtcurve ?12:10
Riddellgtk2-engines-qtcurve is qtcurve I guess12:13
Riddellbut there is a todo item to sort that out12:14
Riddellthere's even a review in reviewboard I think12:14
* sitter managed to misplace his qml dependency linter12:37
Riddelldid you look behind the fridge? if you lose something it's nearly always there12:38
soeeRiddell: seems to work now when i installed this package, and set it in system settings, why we dont have it by deafult ?12:39
Riddellsoee: as I say there's a todo item to look into it, I was hoping there would be a breeze gtk theme somewhere12:41
soeeah ok12:41
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soeelovely, now after fresh install thsi PC is a speed monster13:17
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soeelol, can someone explain this http://paste.ubuntu.com/9819479/ 13:51
soeethey are some kind of deps ?13:51
soeealso why thers no driver manager in system settings after fresh Vivid install ?13:52
soeeit also isnt listed in menu13:58
soeebut teh package kubuntu-driver-manager is marked as installed13:58
BluesKajsoee, yeah , I asked that question quite a while ago. I guess they thought it was rhetorical and didn't require an answer13:58
soeeBluesKaj: can i fiel a bug ?14:01
soeeill add myself as affected14:01
soee*can you14:01
soeewell we can access it via: kcmshell4 kcm_driver_manager14:02
soeeso maybe thers not port for *514:02
BluesKajdon't think it's a bug 14:02
soeeand system settings lists only those for *514:02
soeeRiddell: any thoughts ^14:07
Riddellsoee: the kf5 port of kubuntu-driver-manager isn't in yet, it's waiting for the alpha2 freeze to lift14:08
Riddellif you're brave you can install it using -proposed14:08
soeeRiddell: nah, i can live without it, just was curious as i had it on my laptop with Vivid and Plasma5 and not here after freesh install. Thank you for the info14:09
soeeBluesKaj: ^14:09
BluesKajsoee, got it14:11
soeehiho sgclark14:11
BluesKaj'Morning sgclark14:12
Riddellhola sgclark 14:15
soeeshould i disable teh extras repository for good, even now after installation ?14:49
BluesKajsoee, the extras reos will just 404 until packages are uploaded14:51
soeeso just leave them as they are with 404 ?14:52
BluesKajjust comment it14:52
BluesKajonce the official release date arrives, then uncomment it14:53
sittereverytime I look at releaseme I go :O14:59
sitterso much fixme left14:59
BluesKajok, bbl , some errands to do14:59
sitterRiddell: releaseme documentation nonsense almost fixed, at least my tests pass...15:00
sitterthen again my tests might not cover all cases, this really needs some requirements pulled up, everyone does their own thing -.-15:00
Riddelltoo late to test with plasma today, the script is already running15:04
Riddellmparillo: alpha 2 is out!15:14
Riddellmparillo: since you're such a useful person how would you like to put a story on the website?15:15
mparilloWhoo-Hoo! The same news items we used to have?15:25
Riddellmparillo: copy and update the alpha 1 news item should work15:32
Riddellmparillo: /msg me for access15:32
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mparilloI believe you sent them to me a couple of years ago.15:33
Riddellthey won't have changed15:33
mparilloNeed to use rekonq, which is not ported to KF5?15:34
Riddellmparillo: yep15:38
Riddellmparillo: or konqueror15:38
mparilloNow I get to test Muon-Discover!15:39
shadeslayersitter: only if it can autodeploy to multiple servers15:49
shadeslayersitter: actually15:50
shadeslayersitter: doesn't really matter, my tooling gets updated with each job15:50
ovidiu-florinare these instructions ok: https://community.kde.org/Plasma/Packages#Kubuntu15:51
shadeslayersitter: what I really need is to some how allow privileged access to deploy scripts to places like /etc/schroot.d and what not15:58
mparilloMuon-Discover and rekonq work on Alpha-2. Anybody want to refresh: http://www.kubuntu.org/ ? I opmitted the tongue-twister, but I can re-add it if desired.15:58
shadeslayerwould be really cool to have a secure way of doing that15:58
shadeslayerwithout giving a deploy user sudo access15:59
mparilloRiddell: I have been cloning your release announcement, and I noticed that Cloud was not listed on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/329/builds16:33
Riddellmparillo: which announcement?16:33
Riddellmparillo: could you add spaces between the paragraphs on http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-vivid-alpha-2?16:34
Riddellmparillo: I think cloud is known to be broken this week in reporting to iso tracker, but it's fine otherwise16:35
mparilloDone. This announcement: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2014-December/001119.html16:39
mparilloI was changing the 1s to 2s (carefully) and noticing that cloud did not go through QA, so wondering if that paragrah should be removed16:40
Riddellovidiu-florin: no it should include notification of vivid16:40
Riddellovidiu-florin: also utopic backports when they're done but not yet16:40
mparilloSince the cloud images actually do exist, I left them in (along with the woodchuck) at: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9821715/16:44
Riddellmparillo: ooh sorry there's already been an e-mail sent out I think16:46
Riddellyep https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2015-January/001122.html16:47
Riddellit was just the web story that was needed16:47
Riddellhi RobertJDohnert 16:47
Riddellvgezer: have you seen bukai's latest website design?16:54
Riddellwe need to give him feedback so he can finish it off16:54
mparilloWalter Lapchynski left off the woodchucks16:56
Riddellmparillo: yeah we only have a quote for the alpha 1 announcement16:58
Riddellit's an unwritten rule16:58
Riddellmparillo: you can send out your e-mail to kubuntu devel if you like so it's not wasted effort :)16:58
RobertJDohnertHi Ridell17:04
mparilloMy pleasure (just Kubuntu only).17:05
Riddellmparillo: yep17:10
* Riddell out17:10
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RobertJDohnertHey guys, where can I find the stable Plasma 5 builds for 14.04?18:03
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soeeRiddell: ping18:57
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soeehiho Sick_Rimmit19:41
BluesKaj_hi Sick_Rimmit19:41
* BluesKaj_ was dozing off19:41
Sick_RimmitHi folks, I'm just going to try a share some pics of the Posters for Fosdem19:41
Sick_RimmitGive a few minutes19:42
Sick_RimmitTry this19:53
Sick_RimmitShould be 3 images19:54
Sick_Rimmit2 Posters, and 1 of Name Badges19:54
Sick_RimmitSorry those badges are the wrong ones, they don;t have Kubuntu on them19:54
Sick_RimmitAh ha here we go19:58
Sick_RimmitThose are the correct name badges19:58
soeeSick_Rimmit: work fine, nice20:11
Sick_Rimmitsoee:  :-)20:12
soeei will give free cookies and milk person, who sove the problem/bug with dubleclick on window decoration (mazimize does not work)20:12
soeesomeone on plasma5 ?20:30
yofelsoee: hm?20:36
soeeyofel: on previous installation i had new cursors variants for breeze but after fresh install they are gone - is that right ? also20:36
soeehovering window edge wont change cursor to resize icon - can you confirm ?20:37
yofelwell, I can tell you that my cursors are messed up...20:39
yofelI can choose between breeze and breeze_snow for the cursors, but when I'm interacting with the window decoration then I get oxy-white cursors20:39
soeeyofel: strange, bofoe fresh install i had other color varaints for breeze to 20:40
soeeand now cursor does not chnage on window border20:41
yofelwhat's x-cursor-theme set for you?20:41
yofel*set to20:41
soeex-cursor-theme ?20:42
yofel$ update-alternatives --display x-cursor-theme20:42
soeeyofel: it says no alternatives for it20:43
yofelah, considering that mine's set to oxy-white, I guess we can say that kwin_x11 uses that to select the cursor theme you get on the decoration o.O20:44
soeethose alternatives ?20:44
yofelyeah, feel free to install oxygen-cursor-theme and see if you have a resize cursor then20:45
yofelI filed a bug that breeze doesn't support alternatives.20:45
yofel(although kwin shouldn't be using that either...)20:45
soeeyofel: works now with teh oxygen 20:46
yofelwhee... -.-20:46
soeebut breeze has that cursor in own set, why oxygen is usd here ?20:46
soeeyofel: also can you give link to bug ?20:47
soeei like to have them tracked (bugs i have here)20:47
yofeler, check the vivid milestoned list, it's on there20:48
yofeland for some reason kwin (or kdecoration?) seems to ignore the plasma cursor theme and uses the system one20:48
yofelwhich I guess would be another bug20:49
soeeok i added myself as affected to the bug you mentioned first20:50
soeeyou know what, when i was installing Vivid i changed theme to dark and imo its much better than light ;)20:51
soeeit fits better the new wallpaper20:51
soeeah one more thing i wanted to mention you guys20:52
soeein ubiquity if we check on first screen to install restricted extras20:52
soeethe installer freezez for a 3-5 minutes and we dont have no loader ot any info that  "that somethig's going on"20:53
yofelIIRC known issue20:54
soeeim not sure what is happening in backgorund but we need there some loader or someting20:54
yofeldangit, where's the bug for what I'm thinking about20:56
soee:-) ?20:56
yofelsoee: we do know that at that point the driver manager goes installing restricted drivers (e.g. to allow some wifi cards to function during the wifi setup step), but if you have large drivers (e.g. nvidia) that can take quite a while and there's no indication that anything is happening20:59
yofelIIRC we had a bug for that, but I can't find it21:00
soeenvidia but not propriety right ?21:00
yofelyes, the proprietary blob21:00
soeeok but its not installed 21:01
soeeso why to download it21:01
yofelnot sure, I haven't really looked at what's happening. All I remember that it's the driver manager doing something. And in the case I once looked at it was messing around with nvidia21:02
soeeimo at this stage it should ignore gpu drivers, just use default one21:03
soeethan if user wants he should be able to install them from drivers manager21:03
yofelright, maybe it's simply not checking *what* it installs, but just installs all recommended drivers in the hope that some of that is useful21:03
soeelol :D21:04
yofelwell, I'm guessing here :P21:04
soee whats more i dont undrstand why we have 340 recommended not newer for nvidia21:05
soee343 for example21:05
soeeor atleast such position in drivers manager21:05
yofeldunno, #ubuntu-x will know. I'm still on 33121:05
keithzgand "nvidia-current" is . . . 304? huh?21:07
yofelubuntu-drivers autoinstall --package-list /run/ubuntu-drivers.autoinstall21:07
yofelis what I found in the ubiquity prepare code, whatever that does21:07
soeekeithzg: but check nvidias site21:09
soeewhat new version are there21:09
keithzgsoee: Yeah, I'm just confused that packages like nvidia-319 and nvidia-331 exist, yet nvidia-current points toward nvidia-304. That's quite a strange and different definition of "current" than I'm used to ;)21:10
soee!package poppler-utils21:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about package poppler-utils21:16
soee!package poppler21:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about package poppler21:16
alleeRiddell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VividUpgrades/Kubuntu I would suggest to directly open  'kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list' with Alt-F2, instead of  open a konsole; then kdesudo editor ; then close konsole again.  21:36
keithzgallee: Couldn't it be done from just "kdesudo software-properties-kde" too? (Personally I'd do it all from the terminal, but software-properties-kde seems like the most user-friendly GUI way.)21:40
alleekeithzg: mhmm, lemme try...21:40
alleekeithzg: heh, heh, I had to lookup what is the 'verbose explantaion' of extras.  but then kdesudo software-properties-kde  works also.21:45
* allee is obviously too command line centrtic21:47
* keithzg knows the feeling!21:56
yofelcommand line is the one only universal linux language :P21:59
keithzgyofel: And then you try and use some standard utility like find in an Android shell and start swearing :P22:01
soeeok small summary22:21
soeeKubuntu Vivid with Plasma 5 beta withou propriety nvidia drives (using intel card on optimus tch. machine) is smooth like baby skin :)22:22
soeeplasmashell uses ~ 200 MB ram22:22
soeesame experiance here at my laptop and erlier on my PC at work22:23
soeeat work i moved from Utopic + Plasma 5 to fresh Vivid Alpha 222:24
soeeand the difference was so huge22:24
soeewhole system works super smooth with dual monitor setup22:24
soee2 virtal desktops etc.22:24
soeeim scared how good this whole system will be with Plasma 5.3 or 5.4 :)22:25
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vgezerhi Riddell22:36
vgezersorry for late response22:36
vgezerRiddell: i just saw it. seems great, but I see so much design issues :/. is that normal? this is not a final one right?22:37
RobertJDohnertHey do you guys know where I can find the latest Plasma 5 builds for 14.04?22:41
soeeRobertJDohnert: there are such builds22:41
RobertJDohnertThats what Im asking22:42
soeeRobertJDohnert: sorry *there are not22:45
soeethat what i wanted to write22:45
RobertJDohnertWell looks like I will have to compile myself22:46
QuintasanTis' be a good read23:07
RobertJDohnertIt is a good read23:24
RobertJDohnertBut after what happened with 4, Im leary about moving to 5 for Black Lab Linux23:25
RobertJDohnertThats the reason why we are testing, testing and testing some more and then when we wake up in the AM we test some more23:26

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