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Noah______Kubuntu 14.10 is referred to as LTS on the website at one point even though I'm pretty sure it's not. Is that just a typo.02:49
Noah______Kubuntu 14.10 is referred to as LTS on the website at one point even though I'm pretty sure it's not. Is that just a typo.02:51
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somekoolI went through system upgrade (from Vivid Alpha) and I had several problems with packages at various incompatible version... I could start plasma, but kwin was not loading... apt-get install kubuntu-desktop fixed everything.... so easy, thank you05:27
valoriegood news, somekool05:30
somekoolI'm loving the new kwin theme. looks fresh. KDE5 is awesome05:31
valorieI've been running plasma 5 for a few months, and yes, I love it too05:32
valoriethere is no "kde5" as such05:32
valoriesince everything is now split05:32
somekoolplasma5 then05:32
valorieI love all the fresh energy in the KDE community lately05:33
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soeegood morning07:15
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lordievaderGood morning.08:48
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alvinWill we get some plasma5 update for 14.10 before Vivis is out?11:55
BluesKajHiyas all11:56
semi_Hi! Anyone else have problem with the external monitor not being detected after the latest update to 14.10?12:29
semi_The external monitor connected to the DisplayPort of my HP Elitebook 840 G1 is no longer detected.12:35
BluesKajsemi_, which gpu?12:37
semi_Intel 440012:37
semi_BluesKaj ^12:38
semi_xrandr lists all external ports as disconnected.12:39
semi_This setup worked fine just an hour ago, before doing the update.12:39
BluesKajsemi_, did you reboot?12:40
semi_BluesKaj, yes I did.12:40
semi_Up until the reboot the external monitor worked fine.12:42
BluesKajI hate to ask , but is the monitor powered on ?12:42
somekoolanyone know of a tool that add git integration to dolphin ?12:43
semi_Hehe, yes, BluesKaj, I can access its menu. :)12:43
BluesKajwhich kubuntu semi_ ?12:44
semi_Moreover, when I run xrandr, the monitor lights up and shows the DisplayPort logo at its corner.12:44
semi_...but soon after showing the DisplayPort logo, the monitor goes blank again.12:46
BluesKajsemi_, have you tried the hdmi ?12:47
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semi_BluesKaj, this laptop does not have hdmi -- only DisplayPort and VGA.12:50
BluesKajsemi_, i915 or i965 driver ?12:52
semi_Seems to be i915.12:53
semi_BluesKaj ^12:54
BluesKajyes that the same driver I have for my laptop with the 4000 gpu, but i don't have a displayport12:56
BluesKajI'm puzzled because intel drivers on linux have become very reliable ...wondering about the displayport connection and how it 's affected12:58
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semi_BluesKaj, that matches my experience with the intel drivers.12:58
BluesKajjust as an example , most intel hda audio drivers don't need pulseaudio support13:00
semi_I will try another reboot...13:15
semi_BluesKaj, it works!13:22
semi_The reboot did not help.13:22
semi_But unplugging and plugging the *power cord* of the monitor did the trick.13:23
semi_Go figure.13:23
semi_Anyhow, BluesKaj, thank you for your help. :)13:23
semi_Strange how merely powercycling either the laptop or the monitor did not help. I actually had to unplug the monitor...13:24
BluesKajsemi_, glad it works, strange indeed :)13:25
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Guest55456Hi, I'm trying to install AMD Catalyst in KUbuntu 15.04 and it is giving me this error: Language packs are missing from your system,13:36
Guest55456I don't understand how do I install these packages.13:36
BluesKajGuest55456, do an update and upgrade13:45
Guest55456BluesKaj: already did that13:45
Guest55456still the same13:45
BluesKajok , dist-upgrade13:46
Guest55456BluesKaj: nothing to be upgraded in this as well13:49
BluesKajstill the same error?13:50
BluesKajdo you have any ppas in your sources?13:50
Guest55456BluesKaj: The default ones13:51
BluesKajGuest55456, and do you have all the source repos enabled in your package manager /etc/apt/sources.list13:52
Guest55456BluesKaj: Everything except13:54
Guest55456## 'partner' repository.13:54
Guest55456is enabled13:54
BluesKajok Guest55456 try this, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras13:55
Guest55456Installing some packages, will get back to you after it is done13:57
Guest55456within 5-10 mins13:58
Guest55456BluesKaj: Still same error14:30
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Guest10679BluesKaj: The error about the Languages still exist.15:31
Guest10679Can't seem to resolve it. :/15:31
Guest10679How can this be achieved in KUbuntu?15:36
Guest10679To install and apply the language packs, go to System Settings -> Language Support, will install default packages, Tick System Wide15:36
BluesKajhe laguage packs are missing from his sytem and it's blocking apt from installing anything else15:44
lordievaderAnd what prevents him from installing the language packs?15:45
BluesKajGuest10679, what's the error exactly ?15:46
Guest10679Language packs are missing from your system, Install and apply language packs before continuing with the installation of the AMD Catalyst driver.15:50
lordievaderGuest10679: Does apt-get error?15:52
BluesKajGuest10679, is this a result of updating/upgrading ?15:53
Guest10679lordievader: no..15:53
Guest10679BluesKaj: Initially when I was updating, it gave Error 404 for extras.ubuntu. something..15:54
Guest10679then I removed the extras source from Sources.15:54
lordievaderGuest10679: Does apt-get error when you install fglrx?15:54
Guest10679adn the error went awat15:54
Guest10679lordievader: Yes it give error for this one15:55
lordievaderGuest10679: What exactly?15:56
lordievader!pastebin | Guest1067915:56
ubottuGuest10679: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:56
Guest10679lordievader: Unmet dependencies errors15:59
Guest10679Shall I still post the complete error?15:59
lordievaderGuest10679: Yes, please pastebin the full error.16:00
Guest10679lordievader: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9821137/16:01
BluesKajinstall fglrx-core16:02
Guest10679and this one http://paste.ubuntu.com/9821150/ is when I try to install  amd catalyst16:02
lordievaderGuest10679: What is the output of "apt-cache policy fglrx" and "apt-cache policy fglrx-core"?16:03
lordievader!info fglrx16:03
ubottufglrx (source: fglrx-installer): Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators. In component restricted, is extra. Version 2:14.201-0ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 21582 kB, installed size 90594 kB (Only available for amd64; i386)16:03
lordievader!info fglrx-core16:03
ubottufglrx-core (source: fglrx-installer): Minimal video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators. In component restricted, is extra. Version 2:14.201-0ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 14692 kB, installed size 62759 kB (Only available for amd64; i386)16:03
Guest10679!info fglrx16:03
lordievaderGuest10679: Well?16:16
Guest10679lordievader: fglrx has been installed. :-)16:34
Guest10679!info fglrx16:35
ubottufglrx (source: fglrx-installer): Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators. In component restricted, is extra. Version 2:14.201-0ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 21582 kB, installed size 90594 kB (Only available for amd64; i386)16:35
Guest10679!info fglrx-core16:35
ubottufglrx-core (source: fglrx-installer): Minimal video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators. In component restricted, is extra. Version 2:14.201-0ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 14692 kB, installed size 62759 kB (Only available for amd64; i386)16:35
lordievaderGuest10679: Hmm okay, good to hear :)16:36
Guest10679lordievader: although the http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/Latest-LINUX-Beta-Driver.aspx16:40
Guest10679is still not working16:40
Guest10679giving that Languages not installed error.16:40
* Guest10679 wonders why16:40
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BluesKajGuest10679, which method was used to install the OS?16:43
Guest10679Live USB16:45
BluesKajodd that the language packs didn't install properly16:47
Guest10679BluesKaj: Yeah16:49
BluesKajdid you md5sum the image16:50
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Guest10679Yes, first thing I did16:50
Guest10679was to check that16:51
BluesKajprevious to copying and after?16:51
Guest10679Yeah both16:52
Guest10679The same image was used to install the OS on my friend's system, he didn't face this error16:52
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Romulogood afternoon, someone managed to install kde5plasma in kubuntu 14:0418:14
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Guest61857OK, this is embarassing.  Installed 15.04 A2 (which works fine, btw) but I cannot find where to install the nvidia drivers, not used to KDE at all. :)21:06
soeeGuest61857: open terminal21:07
soeeand type21:07
soeekcmshell4 kcm_driver_manager21:07
soeethe drivers manager was ot ported yet to kf521:08
soeeso with this command you can use old one21:08
Guest61857Ah...thanks, thought I was going crazy,21:08
Guest61857need sudo?21:09
soeeuhm i dont think so21:10
soeeyou will be promped for it if needed i think21:10
Guest61857it does, thanks21:11
keithzgYikes, my ~/.local/share/baloo is 14.9GiB :(21:24
keithzgNo SystemSettings/Kcmshell option to empty that cache and refresh it after I add some major locations to the Do Not Search list?21:27
keithzghmmm and no equivalent of tracker's --hard-reset for balooctl, apparently? That's unfortunate.21:29
Drevkevachey, I wanted to try the kubuntu plasma 5 tech preview in vbox, but it just blackscreens on boot. I am using the amd64   ISO downloaded from kubuntu.org, and I have verified that the sha256 sum is correct. ANy idea why this might happen?21:29
keithzgDrevkevac: Whatcha giving it in terms of 3D and 2D acceleration, and video memory?21:30
Drevkevac128mb video RAM, but vbox says accelleration is only supported for windows guests, so 2/3d accelleration is disabled21:31
keithzg2D is only valid for Windows guests, but I don't believe that's true of 3D unless I'm remembering wrong.21:31
DrevkevacI just enabled 3d, and there was no error21:32
Drevkevacfingers crossed21:32
Drevkevacnope, same problem21:32
Drevkevacthis is what it looks like right now21:36
Drevkevacnotice the wierd resolution on the second image, whcih is a screenshot of kubuntu after having booted several minutes ago21:36
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Noah___How do I find my encryption key for my home folder. I accidentally closed the window that would have given me the key.21:52
noah_how do I find the encryption key to my home folder (asking again because I got disconnected)22:00
nagerstHi. i get error 403 on kubuntuforums.net22:27
nagerstHTTP_REFERER pollution of serverlogs with spam ads ad word bdsm, we do not link from there (REFSPAM-046).22:28
soeeworks fne for me22:28
nagerst"Either the address you are accessing this site from has been banned for previous malicious behavior or the action you attempted is considered to be hostile to the proper functioning of this system."22:29
nagersti wish i knew what the site said22:30
nagerstgoogle cache to the resque =D22:30
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