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cjwatsonwgrant: Please have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/txpkgupload/fix-leak/+merge/247276 as soon as you get a chance; we've had three outages due to memleaks in the last couple of days, and while I don't fully understand why txpkgupload is suddenly so much worse than poppy was (possibly it's just slightly different organisation of the top-level classes causing different amounts of leakage, I'm not sure), this renders it ...21:59
cjwatson... stable for me and I'd like to get it rolled out before the weekend21:59
cjwatsonIt's not desperately elegant use of Twisted before or after, but I argue it's at least less entirely unidiomatic now :-P22:00
wgrantcjwatson: How very odd.22:41
blrwgrant: cjwatson: going to need pygit2 for integration testing this charm, suppose I need to track down the libgit source tarball - do we want the one from jessie or sid?23:00
wgrantblr: I'd backport the latest libgit2 from sid to the ~launchpad PPA.23:01
blrwgrant: sounds good. want to have some functional tests for smart-http/ssh and possibly pack frontend/storage23:03
wgrantblr: We have full end-to-end tests, but calling the git binary itself. It will be useful to be able to eg. inspect the repositories in the tests using libgit2, though.23:04
blrwgrant: yep of course, but still think there's value in ensuring the services are exposed correctly after deployment23:05
wgrantOh, in the charm? Right.23:05

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