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grue_pmwgrant: StevenK said to ask you for help04:34
grue_pmassuming you are around.04:34
wgrantgrue_pm: Hi04:40
grue_pmwgrant: heya - setting up all my stuff to start trying to help with upstream projects. I have to put my launchpad id into a config file. For some reason launchpad didnt prompt me for waht I wanted it to be like the document I was reading said. Is there any way to change it to my irc nick for ...04:42
grue_pm... consistency across systems?04:42
grue_pmwgrant: StevenK said you have the power ;-p04:42
wgrantgrue_pm: Which document were you reading?04:42
wgrantLaunchpad's never prompted for a username on account creation, but you can always change it at https://launchpad.net/~/+edit.04:43
grue_pmwgrant: must have been someting I misread I have so many pages open currently I cant find it04:44
StevenKBlah, leave the project for year and everything merges into a blob of terrible confusion.04:45
grue_pmwgrant: useful to know. I still want to hunt down and eat the other grue lurking in openstack since I keep having to use variations of my usual nick and now _ isnt allowed *sigh* but thanbks04:47
grue_pmbah it's saying it'll change my openid identifier.04:49
grue_pmBack to the drawing board04:49
wgrantgrue_pm: That should be fine in most cases.04:49
wgrantgrue_pm: It only breaks OpenID consumers if you've actually entered "https://launchpad.net/~YOUR-USERNAME" somewhere.04:50
grue_pmwgrant: isnt that the ubuntu 1 thing?04:50
wgrantIt is, but it only breaks one of the uncommon forms of identifier.04:50
grue_pmwhich I've already used in stackalytics I think04:50
wgrantHow do you log into that?04:51
wgrantIf you get redirected straight to U1, your username shouldn't matter. It's only applications where you explicitly enter a URL containing your username to log in.04:51
grue_pmhmm and most sites are going off your email anyway04:52
grue_pmwhich is the same. okay I'll risk it04:52
wgrantYou can always change it back if something breaks.04:52
grue_pmYeah stackalitics says your openid url is https://login.launchpad.net/+id/.... etc04:53
grue_pmmeh since I cant change it to the same across all systems I might as well leave it alone04:55
wgrantgrue_pm: Might as well change it to grue-pm or something similar, though.04:57
grue_pmwgrant: okay done - will see if it breaks stuff.05:02
grue_pmwgrant: no problems so far and I seem to have got my stackalytics change past Jenkins so I feel like I've achieved something today. Thanks a heap for the help. I have soo much to learn.06:48
wgrantgrue_pm: Excellent. Let me know if there's anything else.07:03
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ashishb1team, I new to launchpad and linking it with gerrit08:22
ashishb1I have a query related to that:08:22
ashishb11. My launchpad ID and gerrit ID are not same08:23
ashishb1now I am not able to change my gerrit ID08:23
ashishb1trying to change launchpad ID gives a scary error:08:23
ashishb1"Changing your name will change your       public OpenID identifier. This means that you might be       locked out of certain sites where you used it, or that       somebody could create a new profile with the same name and       log in as you on these third-party sites. See       https://help.launchpad.net/OpenID#rename-account       for more information.   "08:23
ashishb1ok, so which is the best way, to proceed now? Shall I change it to match my gerrit ID or live with these two being different .. will it hurt?08:24
ashishb1any thoughts anyone ..?08:24
wgrantashishb1: You'll need to talk to whoever manages the gerrit in question. Whether it breaks gerrit is nothing to do with Launchpad.08:24
wgrantHowever, it's usually safe to change your Launchpad username. It only changes the explicit "https://launchpad.net/~YOUR-USERNAME" OpenID identifier. If you haven't entered that directly to log in somewhere, you can safely change your Launchpad username.08:25
wgrantIf a site sends you straight to login.ubuntu.com or login.launchpad.net without asking, it's safe to change.08:25
grue_pmashishb1: see I told you  they were helpful ;-p08:26
ashishb1thanks grue_pm for guiding me here :)08:26
ashishb1ok, so, are the openstack sites like git, gerrit and stackforge are safe in general if I change the launch-pad ID?08:27
ashishb1just a query as I don't know how they are stitched together with launchpad ID08:28
wgrantAs far as I know they should be fine, but they're not run by us.08:28
cjwatsongrue_pm: Fancy seeing you here :-)08:28
wgrantThe only case that you need to worry about is where you've entered "https://launchpad.net/~YOUR-USERNAME" to log into a website.08:28
wgrantI wondered if you knew each other, given the hostname :)08:29
grue_pmyeghods col!08:29
* grue_pm huggles cjwatson 08:29
ashishb1I think I have not .. so should be fine08:29
ashishb1let me do that and see if, things are fine, else I'll knock your doors again :)08:30
grue_pmwgrant: its a very very small world/internet08:31
grue_pmbut I didnt expect to see him here though maybe I should have.08:31
cjwatsongrue_pm: I'm working full-time on Launchpad now08:34
grue_pmcjwatson: ahah then I know where else to stalk you.08:35
grue_pmcjwatson: today has been my first day "upstream"08:35
grue_pmapart from general irc lurkage that is08:35
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mptThat’s weird09:13
mptIn Firefox, <https://bugs.launchpad.net/@@/footer-background.png> has gone grey09:13
mptIn Chromium, it’s the usual blue-white gradient09:13
mptAnd the same with <https://bugs.launchpad.net/+icing/rev17306/build/inlineedit/assets/skins/sam/label-top-white.png>09:14
wgrantmpt: Which Firefox?09:18
wgrantIt's still blue for me in Firefox 34 on vivid09:19
mptwgrant, 34.0 on 14.0409:24
wgrantmpt: What do you believe to be the problem with label-top-white.png?09:25
wgrantIt's not meant to be blue.09:25
wgrantOr do you mean that they're both just flay grey images, not just that one of the colours is grey?09:26
mptwgrant, they’re both flat grey images. http://i.imgur.com/RZMFF4z.png09:29
wgrantBut alpha remains respected.09:30
wgrantHave you restarted your browser or X server?09:30
mpt_wgrant, just restarted both, still happening10:28
mpt_This is odd10:28
allenapHi all. I'm having a problem with code reviews: I add a comment to a line in the diff, then click the tick (or press Ctrl-Enter), but the comment never saves; it remains unsaved. It's been doing this for a couple of days, in both Chrome and Firefox.11:10
allenapHas anyone had similar problems?11:10
wgrantallenap: Have you used the inline comments functionality before?11:13
allenapwgrant: Yeah, they've been working brilliantly for a long time.11:13
allenap(Also, hi wgrant!)11:13
wgrantWhat exactly happens when you try to save them?11:13
wgrantNone of that code has changed in months.11:14
wgrantIs it on a single MP, or does it affect multiple?11:14
allenapwgrant: The comment box reverts to having the Edit and Delete links, but the title stays as Unsaved comment. There's nothing in the JS console.11:17
allenapwgrant: Am I having a brain fart?11:18
wgrantallenap: You are!11:18
wgrantThis is why I asked if you'd used them before.11:18
wgrantYou go through the MP adding as many comments as you desire, then you return to the main comment box to send them out in one hit.11:18
allenapwgrant: I am actually a little concerned at my sanity right now!11:19
allenapwgrant: Thanks for listening to this old man, sorry for the noise.11:19
mpt_wgrant, I just noticed the same darkening happening to the junk mail icon in Thunderbird :-) Must be something weird on my PC, maybe the PNG library15:00
CarlFKssh-copy-id uses the key from the local file system.  Is there something that will pull from https://launchpad.net/~carlfk/+sshkeys ?17:29
cjwatsonCarlFK: ssh-import-id17:30
CarlFKcjwatson: thanks.  I was hoping for something like that.17:30
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bithiveis this the right place to ask about issues with the launchpad openstack installer?18:28
dobeythe what?18:30
CarlFKbithive: in general, just asj,18:33
dobeylaunchpad and openstack are basically unrelated18:33
bithiveI know, but the issue I'm hitting is in the landscape UI while following this guide: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/cloud/install-ubuntu-openstack18:33
bithivethe "at least five machines with two disks" requirement never goes green but I have 6 machines with two disks and I'm not sure how to make landscape happy18:34
dobeyyou should probably ask in #ubuntu or #landscape18:35
dobeylaunchpad isn't landscape :)18:35
bithivemight be a typo :) I opened a bunch of channels18:35
bithivethanks, sorry for noise18:35
CarlFKcjwatson: (or anyone...)   "ssh-import-id-gh loansindi" seems to just dump the keys to stdout, but "ssh-import-id gh:loansindi"  appends them to .ssh/authorized_keys  - seems like a bug that should be reported.  but where?19:37
mapreriCarlFK: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ssh-import-id19:55
mapreribet this was easy to spot by yourself ;P19:55
CarlFKmapreri: kinda.  I checked the man page and gave up in favor of trying more things.  '19:56
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