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DreskHm, I just installed sshd, and I've got no idea how it keeps getting executed (sshd -D); I kill the process and it comes right back.  It's not in init.d, and having just switched to Ubuntu, I don't know of Upstarts file structure (or a proper GUI program to manage it.)  Plus, though I'm not sure, I think some stuff is launching via init.d or systemd or something else04:28
ianorlinDresk maybe try stopping the service with sudo service ssh stop04:31
Unit193Dresk: sudo service sshd (ssh?) stop, upstart is made so if the unit crashes, it'll restart it.  Kill it 5 times will also "fix" the problem.  You can make an override file to disable it without editing the main file.04:31
DreskWhere does Upstart keep this config?04:31
DreskThe man seems to say it references shell scripts in init.d for SysV stuff04:32
Unit193/etc/init/ssh.override  and use the 'manual' option.04:32
Unit193sysv compat is /etc/init.d/ but upstart units go in /etc/init/04:32
DreskSo, why don't I see a dnsmasq.conf in /etc/init ?  It's another service I installed and rely on04:34
DreskInfact it's scary because I have 2 dnsmasq processes running now that I check04:36
Unit193One is because of resolvconf.04:36
Unit193And that's an init script, IIRC.04:36
testdrUnit193: about dnsmasq started in (L)Ubunut - it is started from the network-manager and the starting with its option is hardcoded into this program. I had to create a shell-wrapper for it to make it cache dns-query because its started with a cache of zero entries11:06
Junkai get a default keyring msg upon saving a network password11:36
Junkai never experinced it before with ubuntu11:36
Junkaor xubuntu]11:36
Junkaor even lubuntu before11:36
Junkausing 14.1011:36
testdrJunka: check the program used - some use libs to store those things in the user-keyring-manager (?seahorse)11:37
Junkalubuntu has no seahorse by default11:38
Junkait has gnome-keyring though11:38
Junkashouldn't it be unlocked upon login?11:38
testdrJunka: should? should not? - can only speak for Lubuntu-14.04 and there it is not un-locked on login (you may call it a bug)11:39
testdrJunka: as far i know - the development for the windowmanager in lubuntu may go to more qt-based libs and then gnome-based things are always a bit overseen11:42
JunkaLXsession configuration has for security (keyring): ssh-agent11:45
Junkashould i switch it to gnome-keyring?11:45
SuperLagAnyone have the torrent for 14.10 i386?16:14
SuperLagthe link on cdimages.ubuntu.com doesn't work16:14
holsteinSuperLag: the one from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/14.10/release/ "doesnt work" ?16:23
holsteinwhat happens?16:23
holsteinSuperLag: got it here, no problem16:26
holsteinSuperLag: try just clicking on it in a browser16:26
SuperLagtried that already16:30
SuperLagit doens't work16:30
holsteinSuperLag: tried what?16:30
SuperLag08:26 < holstein> SuperLag: try just clicking on it in a browser16:30
holsteinSuperLag: you tried to click on it? when i click on it, it comes in, no problem.. would you like me to email it to you?16:30
holsteinSuperLag: i have it right here..16:30
holsteinhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/14.10/release/lubuntu-14.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent is the one i grabbed..16:31
holsteinSuperLag: here is from my dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/yesqjwliapcodns/lubuntu-14.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent?dl=016:33
holsteini suggest, when doing that, you confirm the md5 from the original site16:33
holsteinSuperLag: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yesqjwliapcodns/lubuntu-14.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent?dl=0 is where i go16:35
holsteinSuperLag: i open it in an incognito browser window, i click the "download" button, and i get another one of the torrents downloaded that you are trying to get16:35
SuperLagOkay. I understand it works for you. Thank you for the torrent.16:37
SuperLagbut that doesn't address the fact that it's not working from here16:37
SuperLagI've tried this from two different machines, on two different networks. Same results.16:38
holsteinSuperLag: i cant seem to get it to fail..16:38
holsteinyou can try your wget there.. wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1172535/temp/lubuntu-14.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent16:40
SuperLagthat link works fine16:42
SuperLagit's the mirror links that fail16:42
holsteinSuperLag: no.. *thats* where i got that file, friend16:42
SuperLagand that's exactly my point16:42
holsteinSuperLag: if you have what you need, check the md5, and confirm its correct.. and enjoy16:42
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SonikkuAmericaWhat's the blueprint for LXQt now?20:35
slaveworxhi guys!21:20
slaveworxI've made a script for Lubuntu that easily creates shortcuts21:21
slaveworxit is written in python21:21
slaveworxwhere should I upload it in order to make it useful for people?21:21
testdrslaveworx: you can upload it to the pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com and poste the link to it here and in the ubuntu-forum21:48
slaveworxI hope that this script can help begginers21:59

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