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ahoneybunhas anyone tried to use the GPS or something to count steps?02:27
AkivaAvrahamahoneybun, mmmmmm havn't heard of anything like that.02:28
ahoneybunAkivaAvraham, someone at a event was asking if there was a running app in the Ubuntu Store and I could not find one02:28
ahoneybunseems like this would be used for it AkivaAvraham https://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/QtSensors.Gyroscope/02:44
AkivaAvrahamahoneybun, hmmm interesting02:55
ahoneybunAkivaAvraham, I just started writing a app for running02:55
AkivaAvrahamahoneybun, ah nice!02:55
AkivaAvrahamsecond or third app?02:55
ahoneybunbut when it comes to using that02:55
ahoneybunwell if you could webapps like 6th02:56
ahoneybunbut I don't so 3rd02:56
ahoneybunfirst time using sensors though02:56
AkivaAvrahamnever used them myself02:56
ahoneybunAkivaAvraham, so learning lol02:56
ahoneybunI'm writing out the UI for now02:56
cpyargerAkivaAvraham: Do you have a copy of your book in pdf format?03:01
AkivaAvrahamcpyarger, of the "Learn c++ the qt way"?03:01
AkivaAvrahamcpyarger, why?03:01
cpyargerIt would be easier to refrence if I printed it out and used my friend's binder on it03:02
AkivaAvrahamcpyarger, mmmmmm sounds practical. You can order the book off amazon.03:04
* ahoneybun does not know why his items are overlaping03:06
cpyargerI was unable to find that specific book on amazon lol. The Intro to design patterns in C++ with QT4 is there.03:07
ahoneybunAkivaAvraham, sad news, seems it would really hard to do with how ubuntu treats background tasks right now03:16
AkivaAvrahamahoneybun, yah there is something to that.03:16
AkivaAvrahamcpyarger, did you check the ics website? I think they link it. Maybe not though.03:17
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dholbachgood morning07:40
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dpmmorning mzanetti, other than talking to JoeO and testing the offline mode, I've not had the chance to spend much time on Reminders this week. The main issue for him for using it was Online Accounts freezing/hanging09:12
dpmother than that, I've not much to discuss today09:12
mzanettidpm: did you get push enabled?09:12
dpmno, it's not enabled yet09:13
mzanettidpm: did you manage to request that already?09:13
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! :-D09:35
nik90rpadovani: hey, I have another MP at https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-alarm-locale/+merge/247242 that needs your reviewing. Not urgent. Whenever you find time would be good enough.09:44
nik90popey: hi, morning09:48
nik90popey: , I want to include https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-alarm-locale/+merge/247242 in the upcoming upload to the store. I have given it some thought and tested the fix.09:48
popeywe won't submit to QA till tomorrow09:48
nik90your response was way quicker than i expected09:48
popeyso you have time.09:48
nik90zsombi, t1mp: Can one of you assign https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ux/+bug/1338138 to yourself to fix for later. That's the last bit of the clock app which isn't following the user locale.09:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 1338138 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "[sdk] Time Picker component does not respect user locale" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:51
zsombinik90: I guess this is a bug that is related to the Qt-locale problem...09:56
zsombinik90: as DatePicker is presenting teh tumblers based on the local format09:56
nik90zsombi: I thought previously you said the picker doesn't follow local format since there was no design for 12-h mode?09:57
zsombinik90: I just read it once more... yes09:57
zsombinik90: I see UX marked as Fix Committed :D I don't see any sign of that :D09:58
nik90zsombi: I saw the design in the document attached in the bug report..let me get you the page number09:59
nik90zsombi: check out page 18 in that design doc ... the time picker specification is provided there with the new 12-h mode09:59
zsombigventuri: dude, where is the committed fix for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ux/+bug/1338138 from your side?09:59
ubot5Launchpad bug 1338138 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "[sdk] Time Picker component does not respect user locale" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:59
zsombinik90: aah, indeed... well, that's a new stuff then...10:00
zsombinik90: ok, I've picked it10:01
nik90zsombi: cool, thxn for triaging the bug.10:01
zsombinik90: yw10:02
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mzanettiSturmFlut: hey, how's the traffic on your blog today? :D11:01
mivoligomzanetti: hi, got any reviews yet? I've checked https://appstore.bhdouglass.com/app/com.ubuntu.developer.mzanetti.machines-vs-machines but I see no reviews there11:16
mzanettimivoligo: yeah... there's 5. I already reported a bug to that web store  about it :D11:16
mivoligomzanetti: :) any negatives?11:17
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mzanettimivoligo: http://i.imgur.com/wmgsIyd.png and http://i.imgur.com/KZq93n8.png11:19
mzanettiactually it's 6 by now :)11:20
mivoligomzanetti: so far so good :D11:20
mivoligomzanetti: have a plan for an update in the near future?11:23
mzanettimivoligo: I gotta take care a bit about some other apps, but yes, will fix those new bug reports and do an update11:24
mzanettiso if you want to have something changed, report it as a bug11:24
mzanettiI'll look at it then before doing the update release11:25
mivoligomzanetti: sure, I'll try to come up with the graphics for the tutorial in the meantime but not this week11:26
mzanettiyeah... really gotta do a release for kodimote and then work a bit on the reminders app too11:26
mzanettiI've dropped everything else in the last few weeks in order to get this game ready11:27
mivoligoI bet you made some people happy and unproductive :P11:28
mzanettiyeah, seems like justCaraka's boss won't be happy about it11:28
dholbachwhere is the unofficial webview of the software store again?11:46
mivoligodholbach: https://appstore.bhdouglass.com/apps12:07
dholbachthanks mivoligo12:09
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zizhellow bantus15:24
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Guest92135hi peeps ---whats the diff btn this sdkand the androisd one15:28
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om26eroSoMoN, Hi!16:07
oSoMoNom26er, hey, what’s up?16:07
om26eroSoMoN, feature request: Can you please add a little shadow in the webbrowser tools menu. :)16:07
om26erOther apps have that, so perhaps a toolkit feature to flip switch for.16:08
oSoMoNom26er, right, that’s because currently we don’t use the UITK-provided menu, but a custom one16:10
oSoMoNom26er, can you please file a bug to track the request, so I don’t forget about it?16:10
om26eroSoMoN, ok, I will.16:10
rpadovanipopey, actually, calculator has support for complex numbers, try to do sqrt(-1): our problem is how we manage it in the store, so it's NaN in the history16:32
rpadovanibut the result in the grey area is i16:32
sturmflut-workWhat is the recommended way for rendering the content of a QML item using native OpenGL calls? There seems to be more than one way.17:27
sturmflut-workmzanetti, popey: Maybe you know?17:28
mzanettisturmflut-work: I guess you want a ShaderEffect17:28
mzanettilemme find an example17:28
sturmflut-workmzanetti: I want to use the QML item as a viewport and render triangles etc. inside it.17:30
mzanettisturmflut-work: yeah, so the ShaderEffect basically is your QML item to render into, you can use other qml items as input (or not - if you don't want to)17:32
mzanettiif that's not enough, you probably can come up with a QQuickItem in c++ and do gl things by overriding it's paint() method (or update or similar)17:34
t1mpwith the ShaderEffect in QML you won't be doing any opengl calls as you would do from c++17:34
t1mpbut you can easily implement shaders like that17:35
t1mpso shaders yes, your own opengl geometry no17:35
mzanettiright. t1mp definitely has more experience with this than I have17:35
t1mpwith shaders (in qml and outside of qml), and with drawing opengl geometry yes. I didn't mix my own opengl geometry calls with Qt/QML.17:36
t1mpthe latter is indeed tricky17:37
sturmflut-workmzanetti: That's what I was trying, building something with QQuickItem. There even is an example, http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtquick-scenegraph-openglunderqml-example.html, I ported it over into a QML extension library and it works, as long as the resulting "Squircle" component is at the root of the hierarchy. Once I put it inside a MainView etc. it no longer works.17:37
mzanettioh, you probably want to look at the ubuntushape code then17:37
sturmflut-workI think it is important to find out how this is supposed to work. If we offer both libSDL2 and QML+OpenGL, lots of existing games can be ported.17:42
mzanettizbenjamin, bzoltan_: do you have any thoughts on this? https://github.com/mzanetti/kodimote/pull/2418:00
mzanettimainly the conversation if you scroll a bit down18:01
bzoltan_mzanetti:  good text18:02
mzanettiany recommendations on how to deal with loading qml files from a) the click package, and b) the build dir on desktop18:04
mzanettithe current template does it with a qrc file, which is why I tried that now18:04
mzanettibut that just moves the problem around if you really need to load some file that can't be in the rc18:05
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AkivaAvrahambzoltan_, zbenjamin ping; get around to viewing the plugin?18:31
bzoltan_AkivaAvraham:  sorry, we are badly busted with other stuff. We came to realize that the master cmake plugin diverged from the release we based our cmake support... and now we have a major work in our hand to migrate back to the safe track. It takes all our time and attantion.18:33
AkivaAvrahambzoltan_, np. When should I bother you next?18:33
AkivaAvrahamnext week?18:33
sturmflut-workmzanetti, t1mp: I finally did it. You derive your QML item from QQuickFramebufferObject and the renderer from QQuickFramebufferObject::Renderer. Inside QQuickFramebufferObject::Renderer::render() you render the scene using normal GL calls..18:35
bzoltan_AkivaAvraham: yes, Tuesday morning will be good18:50
t1mpSturmFlut: awesome :)20:01
t1mpSturmFlut: do you have the code somewere? I'd like to see also how to do it20:01
t1mpSturmFlut: I don't need it today, but if you have something working eventually I'd be happy to check it out :)20:02
SturmFlutt1mp: I'll put it on github later, have to make sure that it actually works on the phone too. My OpenGL ES skills are mostly non-existant :(20:11
nik90rpadovani: ping20:59
rpadovaninik90, pong20:59
nik90rpadovani: can I bug you for another MP review?20:59
sverzegnassipopey: ping20:59
popeysverzegnassi: pong21:00
rpadovaninik90, of course you can :-)21:00
nik90rpadovani: https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-alarm-locale/+merge/247242 thnx :-)21:00
rpadovaninik90, in one hour I'll do :-)21:00
nik90rpadovani: cool21:01
sverzegnassipopey: hi! would you like to test some new stuff?21:01
sverzegnassiWhat I need from you is an opinion about performance (pages loading faster, huge memory usage and so on...)21:02
sverzegnassiSeems to work much better, and zoom is working now21:03
nik90I like to test as well :)21:03
* nik90 downloads the click21:03
sverzegnassiYeah, more voices is better!21:04
nik90sverzegnassi: Compared to the click package I tried during your MP reviews, this time it takes longer to open the same 2.1 MB pdf. Also the scrolling performance seem to be slow.21:12
nik90and this is the only app I am running at the moment21:13
nik90smaller size pdf < 1MB load pretty much instantly as expected. Zoom there also works nicely21:13
sverzegnassinik90: Still have to solve some bottlenecks, since I had to write a substitute for QML ListView21:13
sverzegnassiAt the moment it's a lot of JS to manage delegate, and it's not good for performance21:14
nik90what's the difference from the older clicks from 2 days back with respect to the backend?21:15
nik90the old one seemed more responsive with larger pdfs21:15
sverzegnassiThe older click package it uses a ListView to dynamically load the PDF pages21:15
sverzegnassiThere were two issues: zooming (seems impossible to overwrite internal Flickable properties) and the order it loads pages (e.g. current page is the 4th, it loads the 1st, the 3rd, the 5th and then the 4th)21:17
sverzegnassiPoppler takes a lot of time to render pages, so it was important to get a proper ordering of the requests21:17
popeyunity crashed after I clicked a pdf to download and open21:18
* popey reboots and tries again21:18
nik90for me the app was unresponsive the first 2 times I tried to load the big pdf..3rd time it took some time but loaded eventually.21:19
popeydefine big?21:20
sverzegnassiYes, I tried a 150MB PDF document (only images) and it was dramatically slowly. But with the "Getting started with Ubuntu" PDF (the one I use for testing) seemed to work faster21:20
popeyerk, now browser wont even load21:21
sverzegnassiI think I need to fix something about threading (ActivityIndicator seems not running)21:21
nik90well big as 2.1 MB with about 530 pages21:21
popeyCaught exception at Mir/EGL driver boundary: /build/buildd/mir-0.8.2+15.04.20150115~rtm/src/client/rpc/stream_socket_transport.cpp(164): Throw in function virtual void mir::client::rpc::StreamSocketTransport::send_data(const std::vector<unsigned char>&)21:21
popeyhow rude21:22
nik90sverzegnassi: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/141137621:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1411376 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "ActivityIndicator does not spin if the main thread is blocked" [Medium,In progress]21:22
nik90sverzegnassi: it just got fixed recently and should be in the next qa validated rtm image21:22
sverzegnassiOk, then the problem is the number of delegates to load in the Scene Graph21:23
sverzegnassi\me takes a look on launchpad21:23
sverzegnassinik90: In this case I think it depends on the changes I did, since ActivityIndicator works in the release on the store21:26
SturmFlutmzanetti, t1mp, popey: https://github.com/Sturmflut/ubuntu-touch-squircle-example21:27
nik90sverzegnassi: well it could be that in the new click, the main thread is too busy loading the pdf while in the old one it was done in a different thread21:27
popeysverzegnassi: if I scroll a little quickly I see blank pages... then a few seconds later they load..21:28
popey(this is a fairly big PDF though21:29
SturmFlutLinux Voice! Hooray!21:29
popeyyeah, making use of their creative commons first issue21:29
popeysverzegnassi: scrolling speed is not bad at all.21:30
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nik90popey: I created a common folder with all the weather app assets. Do you use your gmail or canonical email for drive?21:30
popeysverzegnassi: zoom is a bit slow - ~4-5s to zoom a page in21:30
popeynik90: either is fine. canonical probably better21:30
nik90popey: okay I shared with you, ahayzen and vthompson. I dont have m-b-o's email id21:31
nik90could you do that21:31
sverzegnassipopey: which is the screen resolution of krillin? so that i can make a comparison with the version in the store?21:32
sverzegnassinik90: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9825112/21:32
ahayzennik90, thanks21:32
popeysverzegnassi: whatever the screen res of those screenshots is :)21:32
sverzegnassipopey: uh, right! :P21:32
popeynik90: for reference his email is his first name at his last name dot net21:32
nik90ahayzen: np21:33
popeynik90: are these new copies of the doc the design team made?21:33
popeybecause we want to make sure any comments / feedback goes in their copy.21:33
popeyso they see them21:33
sverzegnassiI think the bottleneck is from line 58 (200ms in the GUI thread)21:33
nik90popey: well I clicked "Add to my drive", not sure if that creates a copy or a link to my drive21:34
popeywell, we'll see21:34
popeynik90: you may have to share it, i dont think i can21:34
popeyoh, looks like I can when I press the right button21:35
popeygo me!21:35
nik90popey: I did it21:35
nik90popey: I send a link to gventuri as well just in case21:35
* popey secretly looks forward to higher resolution devices from that chinese manufacturer21:37
* ahoneybun really like the screen on the HTC One M7 vs the Nexus 421:38
popeysverzegnassi: i like the splash screen http://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2015-01-22-213715.png - nice and clean.21:39
popeySturmFlut: so, explain that github repo like I'm five.21:42
SturmFlutpopey: The colorful thing you see is rendered by native C++ code, using native OpenGL calls, into a QML widget. The text is a native QML item. Mixed mode with OpenGL.21:46
popeyi should try building it first21:47
popeythis will fail to build due to some dependency needed in my schroot?21:47
SturmFlutpopey: Which one? I built it against my 14.10 chroot21:48
popeymine is a 14.1021:48
* popey builds21:49
popey-rw-rw-r-- 1 alan alan  48K Jan 22 21:47 squircle.sturmflut_0.1_armhf.click21:49
popeylook at you with your fancy new namespace21:49
SturmFlutIt should also work on the desktop21:49
popeygreat success.21:51
popeyYour work here is done.21:51
SturmFlutAll your device are belong to me21:52
SturmFlut...and I still want to get libSDL2 working, with OpenGL21:53
SturmFlutImagine SuperTuxKart on the phone!21:53
t1mpSturmFlut: you made the squirgle a real qml component that you can put anywhere in the qml scene?21:53
t1mpSturmFlut: the example only shows how to draw it *under* the qml, so all other Items are rendered on top of it, no mixing21:54
SturmFlutt1mp: In this case that's on purpose.21:54
SturmFlutt1mp: And it is not rendered under the QML, but under the Label, and on top of a Tab21:55
t1mpawesome :)21:55
sverzegnassinik90: found the problem - 25ms for updating the visibility of 139 items (on desktop). With 530 pages on phone they become much more... need to optimize the code.21:56
popeysverzegnassi: nik90 I am still of the opinion that the pdf reader on the phone will mostly be used for displaying 2 page airline boarding cards sent via email.21:57
popeyrather than 60 page full colour magazines :)21:57
nik90popey: true, but on a tablet for instance ppl might open bigger pdfs and we are targetting for convergence21:58
ahayzennik90, i've got this up :) lp:ubuntu-weather-app/reboot ... the cmake doesn't do anything yet though lol just a copy from the old app21:59
nik90ahayzen: oh nice21:59
* nik90 needs to bookmark new weather app links21:59
ahayzenpopey, what about my 90 page lectures notes i want to read on my phone? ;)22:00
nik90ahayzen: we can start building on top of this....if we can get it to build and run on the phone, that's good enough for the time being22:01
ahayzennik90, note there isn't a .qml file yet :P just the click stuff .desktop etc22:02
nik90ahayzen: well me and popey will call you the biggest nerd :P22:02
nik90ahayzen: yeah yeah I saw the source..22:02
ahayzenit was more just to get a branch up :)22:02
ahayzennik90, so how are we going todo this until we get jenkins?... still propose mps and one of us manually merge it in?22:02
nik90ahayzen: yup the person who top-approves manually merges it22:03
nik90just need to make sure they include the full commit message included in the MP for clarity22:03
ahayzenand set the right author of the commit :)22:03
nik90how do you do that?22:05
sverzegnassitime to go guys! good night!22:05
SturmFlutpopey, t1mp: If you want to see something really crazy, pull the squircle repository again, start the app and wait for a couple of seconds22:05
nik90bzr merge lp:branchname && bzr commit -m "commit message"22:05
ahayzen..check author and type the name <email> .... (in bzr explorer ;) )22:05
nik90sverzegnassi: nite22:06
SturmFlutsverzegnassi: Good night!22:06
ahayzennik90, read the custom authors bit of bzr commit --help22:06
nik90rpadovani: thnx for the review22:06
ahayzennik90, so bzr commit --author "John Doe <jdoe@example.com>"22:06
ahayzenwith your -m as well obviously22:06
nik90ah sweet22:07
nik90I haven't used that argument before22:07
* ahayzen uses the GUI22:07
nik90ahayzen: have you used --fixes lp:12304234 to automatically pull in a launchpad bug?22:07
ahayzenyeah the gui does that for me as well :)22:07
popeywait what? gui!?22:07
ahayzenbzr explorer is the best ever!22:08
popeyI've been using the command line all this time like a freaking cave man!22:08
ahayzen*highly* recommend22:08
ahayzeni haven't touched cmdline bzr in years22:08
* nik90 has already started installing it22:08
ahayzen...it was written by canonical as well ;) http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/explorer/en/22:09
popeyin the past it seems22:09
ahayzenyeah still works though :)22:10
popeyis it brown?22:10
ahayzenno ;)22:10
popeyI mean... SturmFlut \o/22:11
SturmFlutpopey: It has to be noted that the effects are controlled by QML transitions and are then applied to the canvas by Qt. The OpenGL code doesn't even know what happens22:13
nik90popey: let me know when you contact QA tomorrow for clock, I can be there in case they have any questions about the release.22:18
gcollurapopey, hey :) sorry if I wasn't at the calculator meeting today, I was studying :( could you please see if this https://code.launchpad.net/~gcollura/ubuntu-calculator-app/swipe-copy-button-improvements/+merge/247357 fixes the bug with the landscape keyboard? thanks a lot! :)22:21
popeygcollura: no worries, of course!22:22
gcollurapopey, thanks!22:23
popeythank you!22:23
popeygcollura: http://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2015-01-22-222330.png22:26
popeydo you think the date should be fully on screen or off screen, or being cut in half like that is okay?22:26
popeyi think it needs design input perhaps.22:27
gcollurapopey, we could guess the button size from the view ratio22:44
gcollurapopey, I've updated my branch with this particular behavior, if you want tomorrow take a look :)23:08

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