dholbachgood morning07:40
dholbachpleia2, elfy: so https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8DesktopIso suggests using "disks" for burning an ISO07:58
dholbachballoons, ^07:58
elfymorning dholbach :)08:01
dholbachhola dpm08:11
dpmmorning dholbach08:11
elfydholbach: thanks, that at least works from vivid, test will be from the other possibles :)08:17
dholbachgot the tip from seb128 :)08:18
elfyI guess that's installed in Ubuntu default - won't be in other flavours08:20
elfybut then neither is anything other than dd :D08:20
dholbachright :)08:21
elfyI didn't actually know you could do that with disks08:22
dholbachyeah, same here08:30
elfydholbach: so that tool is one up on startup disk creator - it works from trusty :)09:26
dholbachnow we just need to update all our docs /o\09:26
dholbachballoons, ^09:26
elfymorning czajkowski09:36
dholbachballoons, I don't know which pages should be updated10:56
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams/Testing probably?10:56
knomedholbach, updated https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentSetup yesterday10:57
knomebut i got to run now, bbl10:58
dholbachok, so http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu should probably be updated as well10:58
dholbachI'll start a discussion on ubuntu-devel@ about this10:58
dholbachdpm, do you have time tomorrow at 11 for a call with asac?12:21
dpmdholbach, yeah, definitely12:21
knomedholbach, we'll probably have to describe parts of that in the wiki as well but sure, never hurts to update that; it's linked from the main download page for ubuntu too16:19
knomedholbach, the problems with SDC have been more or less weird, eg. if you create a vivid disk in trusty with it, the image won't boot16:20
dholbachI'm no expert16:20
knomemore on that on #ubuntu-quality16:20
dholbachI just felt that this needs discussion16:20
knomeme neither, but i've heard about problems with it16:21
dholbachthat's why I started a thread on ubuntu-devel@16:21
dholbachit'd be good to agree on something well-maintained together16:21
dholbachupdate docs and move on :)16:21
knomei've also heard people report that SDC and unetbootin work/don't work alternating release to release16:21
knomeso yes, it would be very awesome if the documentation was fixed, but also SDC, so that it always worked16:22
dholbachelfy did some testing earlier16:22
dholbachSDC is?16:22
knomeSDC = startup disk creator16:22
dholbachah ok16:22
knomei've had successes and fails with it as well16:23
knomewhen it fails, i just use unetbootin (or the other way), but this can't be the way we tell people/testers to act :)16:23
knomebut yeah, not complaining - i'm available for updating the wiki for this too when we have something laid out on a technical level that should just work (tm)16:24
mhall119knome: https://launchpad.net/planet-ubuntu has been created and the branch attached to it16:48
knomemhall119, great16:53
knomemhall119, while i'm at it, was there something else you wanted done re: the CSS ?16:54
mhall119knome: not me personally, I think this was all brought up because of some post overflowing to the right of the main column though16:55
knomemhall119, yep16:55
knomemhall119, there you go: https://code.launchpad.net/~knome/planet-ubuntu/prevent-image-overlap/+merge/24732316:58
knomemhall119, do you want an IS ticket for that?17:03
mhall119knome: not until it lands17:03
knomeok, but aren't the people approving/merging it the same people who push it to production? :)17:04
knomecorrect me if i'm wrong..17:04
mhall119knome: the web team (ant) will review/merge it, and then either he or you can file an RT for IS to push it17:04
dholbachall right - have a great rest of your day you hippies!17:53
dholbachsee you tomorrow!17:53
pleia2later dholbach17:54
dholbachbye pleia2 :)17:55
popey\o/ hippies18:05
jcastroheya hippies19:27
jcastroI'd like to add things to find-a-task19:27
pleia2jcastro: https://github.com/ian-weisser/asknot19:30
jcastroack, will try to PR something for this evening19:31
pleia2hm, there's also https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community-website19:31
pleia2ian-weisser: where should folks submit patches19:31
jcastrothis is for adding new tasks right?19:39
jcastronot like, working on asknot itself?19:39
pleia2the tasks are inline with the code19:40
knomepleia2, i was told to "tell people"19:52
knomejcastro, ^19:52
pleia2knome: bug report?19:52
knomeit isn't maintained in a branch, the content in production is in a database19:52
knomebug report or ping mhall119 i guess19:52
mhall119pleia2: that branch isn't used, the data is in a Wordpress page so any editor of the website can add to it20:02
mhall119so I believe any member of ~ubuntu-community-website-admins can do it20:03
knomehow's the code changes managed?20:04
knomeis it a plugin or just a page template?20:04
knomehow do people contribute to that/the CSS?20:05
mhall119knome: just a page template20:06
mhall119knome: the CSS is an uploaded media file. We might want to roll that into the theme branch though, as it shouldn't be updated as frequently and it's a bit of a hack to use WP's uploads for it20:06
knomeso the page template is maintained with the theme as well?20:07
knomewhere does that live?20:07
mhall119knome: the page uses the default template, nothing special about it for find-a-task20:07
mhall119the page's content is maintained through the Wordpress admin interface20:08
mhall119and it's that content that powers find-a-task20:08
knomeis it echoing in here? :)20:08
knomei guess fair enough if the team managing it is big enough.. though currently, it's a bit hard to understand the scope of the tasks20:08
knomei mean, if only there was an index of all tasks and their destinations and description available...20:09
mhall119well....it's in the page source20:10
knomewhich is not publicly available20:10
knomeand didn't you just say it is in the database? :)20:11
pleia2the browser page source20:11
knomewell, right...20:11
knomeeh, http://community.ubuntu.com/contribute/quality/ is pointing to an nonexistent image file on facebook20:19
pleia2knome: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community-website/20:22
pleia2dholbach usually fixes things20:22
knomewell bah,20:22
pleia2I watch it too so I can confirm bugs20:22
knomewe need a bigger overhaul of the page at some time soon20:23
knomeso it's probably not a biggie to have the fail for a few more days20:23
hggdhhave you seen http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.os.openbsd.misc/219461 ?20:39
balloonsknome, pleia2 I filed https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community-website/+bug/1413739 to generally overhaul the section20:41
* balloons noticed there is no bugbot here20:42
knomeask for one from Unit19320:42
jcastropopey, hey so, do you know anyone who's gone from btrfs raid to btrfs jbod (single)?20:52
popeynot that I can think of20:54
* ian-weisser wakes up21:18
balloons::yawn:: ian-weisser ?21:19
ian-weisserjcastro: mhall119 really just needs to know the four items you want to add for each Find-a-Task role: Category, Role name, Very short description, Landing URL.21:20
jcastrooh ok21:20
jcastrothat's way easier21:20
ian-weisserAnyone with edit access to the community website can add it, but he's the one who has actually done it before.21:20
balloonsian-weisser, love find-a-task btw, thanks much for making it real21:22
ian-weissermhall119 took the LP branch code and changed it to inside-wordpress content. So the branch is not used (marked 'rejected')21:22
ian-weisserballoons: Thx.21:22
ian-weisserFor anyone tracking, find-a-task is *entirely* within the page source code. It's just HTML, not a database. However, the wordpress host stores that page in _it's_ database...which means Find-a-Task is non-searchable.21:23
ian-weisser(and it wasn't intended to be searchable)21:25
ian-weisserThere is no master list of volunteer roles. The intent of Find-a-Task is that teams can add and delete and change roles as they need. It's a living job board.21:27
ian-weisserIt merely lacks a lof of the job-board bureaucracy.21:28
ian-weisserHappy to see teams dropping by to add to it.21:29
* ian-weisser nods off to sleep again21:29
knomewell, just because i can...21:49
knomethere's a greasemonkey script that takes the find-a-task url and converts it into a list of all the tasks in the database21:50
balloonspleia2, your input here would be helpful too: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams/Testing. I trust it makes the page easier22:10
pleia2balloons: thanks, I'll have a look this evening (and maybe add some things if you don't mind?)22:13
balloonspleia2, yes go for it. I consider what's there a rough cut. I tried to cut out the extraneous content and simplify it. It still needs work, so dive in22:14
knomeworking on many of the QA team wiki pages, i've noticed many of them has this weird, marketing-style speech that goes on and on... and then the heading promises that the content begins... and you'll have more marketing speak and a link to an external page which is million lines long and badly formatted22:16
knomethat makes me sad :(22:16
knome(also see my recent comments on the -quality channel)22:17
ian-weisserknome: That is a fabulous greasemonkey script. Thanks for sharing.22:26
knomewell, you're welcome22:26
knomebut you can also not use it if you want to keep the tension.22:26
ian-weisserI like the tension.22:27
knomegetting it out like that is useful for several occasions22:27
knomefor example, seeing and updating your own tasks22:27
knomeor seeing what else is there to avoid duplicating with your tasks22:27
ian-weisserThe former is the one I was thinking of.22:28
knomealso in a Gist: https://gist.github.com/knomepasi/08d651fa7f666c445f8922:46
josejcastro: hey J, did Antonio get back to you on that email?23:05

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