amjjawadoctoquad, hi07:25
amjjawaddarkxst, hi07:25
darkxstamjjawad, hi08:22
darkxstam busy outside atm08:22
darkxstmight be back later!08:22
darkxstamjjawad, back!10:27
darkxstepic day though10:27
amjjawaddarkxst, I know you're super tired. Forgive my Q but is there anything you would like to add to the release notes? I have had a super bad day but I just want to forget what happened to me right now11:49
amjjawadAlpha 2 arrived: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/releases/15.04/alpha-2/14:05
amjjawadI'll add the final touches to the release notes and make the official announcement14:05
LinDolamjjawad, thank you for your hard work.14:38
amjjawadthank you, LinDol for choosing and using Ubuntu GNOME14:39
amjjawadAnd, it is here15:00
amjjawad2:10am here so must sleep :)15:10
amjjawadgood night everyone and thanks a lot for all your hard work for testing A215:11
lindolamjjawad, have a good night :)15:14
amjjawadlindol, thanks :)15:14
octoquadhi amjjawad15:17
amjjawadoctoquad, hi15:18
amjjawadwas about to leave15:18
octoquadi see that15:18
amjjawadsorry, time zone :(15:18
octoquadjust got home from work15:18
amjjawadI have bad super bad day15:20
octoquadsorry to hear that. I hope its nothing to serious though15:20
amjjawadthat's why I couldn't mark the images as ready :( and not sure who did, either you or Tim15:20
amjjawadwell, it is super serious15:20
amjjawadout of 10 projects I'm involved with, I quit 5 so far15:21
amjjawadand 3 of these 5 are mine. I founded them15:21
octoquadprobably Tim. I wasn't able to test last night, I felt a bit burnt out and rested.15:21
amjjawadI hope I don't have to quit the rest15:21
amjjawadno worries, all fine with A2 and I sent the email and posted on the media channels15:21
amjjawadI couldn't sleep15:22
amjjawadI have pain in my chest and my hands are shaking15:22
amjjawadI can't believe I had to step down from projects I founded :(15:22
octoquadpersonal reasons amjjawad?15:23
amjjawadreal life, yes15:24
octoquadit happens, although, you can always assist as much as you can when things get better. It's not permanent, it's temporary and I'm sure the relevant teams understand15:24
amjjawadI hope so15:26
amjjawadI don't want to leave UG :(15:26
octoquadI hope you don't have to either!15:28
amjjawadI really hope so15:31
octoquadalthough I don't really know the situation, try to avoid making hasty decisions, especially at this time. Try to get some decent rest if you can and see if you work out a solution to your problem (if possible). If you need to chat, drop me an e-mail or talk to me in private.15:31
wolterHello, I am using Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 with nvidia binary drivers 331.113, and I have no shadows on modal dialogues and no transparency in the gnome terminal, could somebody help me fix this?15:42
sweetyshould fix the blog post for alpha 2 to read vivid vervet and not vivid verveRt18:53
darkxstricotz, hi, do we really want to bump mutter soname now? we have bumped it with spidermonkey updates the last few times?20:08
ricotzdarkxst, hi, we need to bump it every series since it breaks api/abi big time!20:29
ricotzdarkxst, did you look into libinput transition?20:30
darkxstricotz, yes ok20:33
darkxstricotz, looking into that now20:33
ricotzok :)20:34
darkxstricotz, symbols generation seems weird?20:54
darkxst+#MISSING: 0.8.0# libinput_device_set_user_data@Base 0.1.020:54
darkxst+ libinput_device_set_user_data@LIBINPUT_0.8.0 0.8.020:54
ricotzdarkxst, I havent looked at it yet21:16
darkxstricotz, have you ever seen that before? ie replace @Base -> @LIB_VERSION21:17
ricotzdarkxst, no, at least I dont remember21:28
ricotzdid you update the header of symbols file properly21:29
darkxstricotz, yes, it seems to be encoded in the libraries though21:30
darkxstricotz, http://pastebin.com/3HG9swfK21:31
darkxstmaybe it is correct, see commit dd624f50389d8ff63df8297bac9c1d3984d43fb421:33
ricotzdarkxst, full link please21:42
darkxstricotz, http://cgit.freedesktop.org/wayland/libinput/commit/?id=dd624f50389d8ff63df8297bac9c1d3984d43fb421:43
ricotzprobably correct then21:44

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