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RAOFGah! Stupid bloody kernel that loses my USB hub.01:59
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backjlackHas anyone seen problems like netfilter not NAT-ing some ports?15:37
backjlack(or stop nat-ing some ports after a while)15:37
plasmasnakehi all, i'm just curious, any chance that linux 3.20 will make it into Ubuntu 15.04 if the RC comes around before april?17:07
apwplasmasnake, it more depends how likely full release is to be out before release17:11
plasmasnakeapw: i see, yeah i guess based in historical data it's probably gonna be neck-and-neck17:13
plasmasnakethe open-source radeon driver is finally going to be getting fan control, so that's my main reason for asking17:13
apwwe need v3.20 to be a few week before to be viable17:13
plasmasnakeah, probably extremely unlikely then17:14
jdstrandjsalisbury: I responded to your question in bug #1413238. I put the bug back to New-- I'm not sure if that was correct to get it on your radar17:16
ubot5bug 1413238 in linux (Ubuntu) " Intel i915 driver pauses and tracebacks" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141323817:16
jsalisburyjdstrand, that will work.  Thanks, I'll take a look.17:17
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