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anpok_alan_g: hm if we copy the wrapper instead of linking it the gdb symptoms would be gone10:41
alan_ganpok_: I don't understand10:43
alan_galf_: small update, still happy? https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/improved-Rectangles/+merge/24716110:45
anpok_hm we talked about the wrapper causing troubles.. i.e. with gdb.. hmm on monday?10:46
alf_alan_g: looks good10:48
alan_ganpok_: surely the wrapper needs to be linked to execute10:49
anpok_i mean that gdb does not cope with mir_what_ever beging a symbolic link to ./wrapper10:50
anpok_when you try to restart for example..10:50
* alan_g understands now11:04
alan_ganpok_: alf_ either of you want to review this (otherwise I'll TA) https://code.launchpad.net/~albaguirre/mir/dialogs_and_tooltips/+merge/24665511:30
alf_alan_g: feel free to TA11:32
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alf_kdub: Hi! I was looking into mir_native_buffer.h and noticed we have a special case there for Android. Can we remove that special case by making Android serialize its data into a BufferPackage ?13:58
alf_kdub: (background: I am working on making the Mir core more platform agnostic)13:58
kdubalf_, which is the android-specific part?14:00
alf_kdub: #ifdef ANDROID typedef struct ANativeWindowBuffer MirNativeBuffer;14:01
kdubalf_, ah, yes, well I dunno14:03
kdubI mean, I guess we can convert ANativeWindowBuffer to a MirBufferPackage, but its tricky, mostly because ANativeWindowBuffer has a refcounting system14:04
kdubalf_, remembering a bit more... for android, we're given a native window interface, for mesa, we had to define one ourselves14:08
kdublike, the only place I see that struct needed is in the client API is in common/mir_toolkit/mesa/native_display.h14:09
alf_kdub: which struct are you referring to?14:09
alf_kdub: (btw, a branch that's up for review move mesa/native_display.h out of common/)14:10
* kdub will look14:11
kdubokay, that branch seems a good idea14:11
kduband it makes sense to me that MirBufferPackage ends up in mir-client-platform-mesa-dev14:13
alf_kdub: I see MirBufferPackage used throughout the client code (MirSurface, ClientBufferDepository etc)14:14
kdubalf_, right, it was mostly for convenience14:14
kdubbecause, MirBufferPackage is the analogue to ANativeWindowBuffer14:15
kdubso, I see a distinction in that MirBufferPackage is something we have to define for the mesa eglNativeWindow14:16
kduband its also what we happen to be using internally from convenience14:16
alf_kdub: Wasn't the point that MirBufferPackage would be a platform-independent container of buffer information interchange between server and client?14:17
alf_kdub: the platform independent parts being the data[] and fd[] arrays14:17
alf_kdub: which only the client/server platforms would know how to read14:18
kdubalf_, I suppose, but I've always thought of MirBufferPackage as more of the mesa-analogue to ANativeWindowBuffer14:21
* kdub rethinks from the perspective that MirBufferPackage is the platform-agnostic type, and mesa eglnative types just happen to use it 14:23
kdubI guess though that means that the mir_native_buffer.h header should be shipped in that new mesa package, but be used internally in the server code14:25
kduband... coming back to the original question :) I think serializing it for the purposes of the client code is okay for now14:29
kdubwith the caveat that, mir_surface_get_current_buffer() is a public mesa-specific function I guess14:30
alf_kdub: I wonder if this could be changed to be a "platform operation" instead.14:31
kdubyeah, that would be good14:32
kduband then getting the buffer for the mesa egl would just be a platform operation14:32
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