pleia2putting a2 announcement on fridge16:47
josethanks, pleia2 :)16:47
wxlyes indeed16:47
wxlhopefully you saw the one on -devel-announce16:47
wxlas the one on -release has some errors in it16:47
wxlmy bad16:47
wxlbut it's an alpha release, so you can expect bugs, right? :)16:47
pleia2I'll use the devel-announce one, thanks :)16:49
wxlpleia2: there's also a proper one at VividVervet/Alpha2/ReleaseAnnouncement16:49
pleia2we have a script that converts mailing list posts, then we reference the mailing list announcement16:50
joseit's automagic!16:50
wxlmind blown16:51
pleia2that's what you get when technical people run your news team ;)16:52
wxlyou guys don't have a link check script do you?16:53
pleia2anyway, it's up now, will land on planet in like 2423 hours16:53
pleia2we have a few, but wiki.ubuntu.com is annoying and I think Unit193 just uses a website now to do that16:53
pleia2(the wiki times out too quickly for most link checkers)16:53
wxlhuh cuz i was thinking about something that could grab all the subpages of a particular wiki and check them all16:53
pleia2unfortunately the wiki is very slow to load16:54
wxlUnit193: whatcha think about link checking the wiki?16:54
PaulW2Uwxl: the devel-announce item was added to the prep doc *ages* ago17:01
wxlPaulW2U: just checking :)17:01
* PaulW2U thinks issue #401 is going to be a big one17:06
pleia2somehow spammers are using the ubuntu/ubuntu user account (bypassing SSO?) and creating lots of spammy drafts, submitted a ticket with IS about it20:05
wxloh great20:05
wxljust when they're backed up :(20:05
pleia2they're always backed up20:06
wxlwell the holidays didn't help20:06
pleia2ah, yeah, long break for canonical folks20:07
pleia2I think I've got 3-4 tickets in flight with them now :\20:07
pleia2they must love me20:10
pleia2in the "oy, her again!" way ;)20:10
Unit193wxl: What page?20:54
wxlUnit193: in general20:59
Unit193Have fun.20:59

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