* balloons floats in00:00
knomesee what i did to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentInstall00:00
balloonsI'm seeing the updates flow :-)00:00
elopioveebers: I assume we can drop it. But to do so we need to change the packaging too. That's certainly not something we have time to do in this release.00:00
veeberselopio: ack, agreed. It's worth putting on the backlog thought00:01
balloonsknome, that's nice00:01
knomeballoons, "installing" should be called something else though00:01
elopioveebers: can you please make a card for it? for both projects, please.00:01
knomeand the last section isn't probably fit for that page00:01
knomeor very useful00:01
balloonsI always thought 'development install' was a bit weird page, but it's random tidbits loosely tied00:02
knomewe can definitely rename it now if you want00:02
elopioI have the autopilot cards ready. I think the three of them :D00:02
elopiowill mark it for review.00:02
veeberselopio: which cards are they?00:02
knomeballoons, taking the context into account, that page should describe how to set up an environment to test in00:02
balloonswoot elopio00:02
balloonsknome, right.. and how to maintain the enviroment I assume is what the bottom of the page is about00:03
veeberselopio: also, that MP looks good, the only style thing I would comment on is the closing paren on a new line (or lack of in this case :-)). diffline lo6 for example.00:03
elopioveebers: launching, assertions, and make. I just copied what was in rick's branch :D00:03
veeberselopio: I can make the cards, were abouts do I make them?00:03
veeberselopio: nice!00:03
elopioveebers: lets discuss about the closing parentheses when I return from the gym. I'll ping you.00:04
knomeballoons, isn't it about maintaining any installed ubuntu system really?00:04
elopiothanks for the review.00:04
veebersack, nw00:05
knomeballoons, and tbh, with ISO testing, you don't really want to "maintain" anything, you just want to destroy after destroying00:06
knomeballoons, so maybe a more valid point there would be to tell people how to manage their virtual machines00:06
balloonsknome, well the development install is more about actually running ubuntu devel on your box00:06
balloonsor machine if you choose00:06
knomejudging by the context where we are linking to that page, not really00:07
knomeit's referred to as a guide to get set up for testing00:07
elopioveebers: in the UEQA: Projects board.00:08
veeberselopio: awesome, thanks sir00:08
elopioon the line that's not sanity.00:08
veebersheh, is there any sanity in qa? ;-)00:08
knomeballoons, but i'll happily move the setup guide to somewhere else if you think we need another page for maintaining a development install00:08
knomeballoons, but really, how does maintaining that differ from maintaining a regular release?00:09
knomeballoons, now that this bit is done, we can simply link to it from any page that needs instructions on how to set up a development ISO on hardware, or a virtual machine00:10
knomeballoons, i just changed the "installing" headers to something more suitable00:11
balloonsknome, the only difference really is partial upgrades00:11
knomeballoons, technically those can happen with regular desktops as well00:12
balloonsand you are right; I guess we don't necessarily need to maintain that type of documentation00:12
knomeballoons, and have happened for me00:12
balloonsknome, yes I know :-)00:12
knomeit's much more likely when you are using a non-main server too00:12
balloonsyou are convincing me.. if we can simplify, let's do it00:12
knomewe can keep it there for now00:12
knomeuntil we find a better place or are sure we don't want it00:13
knomethat being fixed...00:13
knomei just understood what is weird with https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Roles/Tester00:13
knomeit talks about setting up a development version before it talks about the activities you can do00:13
knomemaybe we should list the activities first, then list all the guides that are/might be needed for them00:14
balloonsthe setup? yea, it's being pushed, as is the 'getting stuck'00:15
knomei'll do a PoC page for what i think would work well for the role pages00:15
knomebut tbh, i don't know if we need the subpages for them after i've done this00:16
balloonsfeel free to directly edit; you certainly aren't going to hurt my feelings :-)00:16
knomeno, i want to make sure it works00:16
knomeit might take some time00:16
balloonssure, just letting you know00:16
knomemaybe 15 mins :P00:16
knomedon't understand me wrong, but i don't mind if your feelings are hurt... if we can improve something ;)00:16
balloonsknome, LOL.. very very true00:18
knomeballoons, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Roles/TesterN00:28
balloonsthe top chart.. fancy!00:28
* balloons loves visuals00:28
knomeyeah.. one thing that i'm not sure of is the maintaining burden with that table00:28
knomeit isn't automatical00:28
knomeotoh, we can bump those banners to the main Roles page00:29
knomeand you can get a better overview of the activities00:29
knomethough, what i'm thinking is that the "other activities" should all go under one common page00:29
knomeor maybe not like that00:30
knomebut at least "reporting bugs" and "triaging bugs" could have different targets00:30
knomeballoons, wondering how much https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/QATracker is different from the tracker walkthroughs linked at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Roles/TesterN ?00:44
knome...and whether there could be one page to serve them all00:44
balloonsthere's a qatracker page explaining generically what it is, then walkthrough for each type00:45
knomeexcept the link i pasted is quite a walkthrough itself00:45
balloonsyea, indeed00:45
knomeso imo either cut that down, or,00:45
balloonsit covers fairly unique info though00:46
knomemake it a bit broader, and then do some specific comments about the specific trackers00:46
knomei'm pretty sure that once a person has learned to use one of the trackers, they have little or no problems jumping into the next one00:46
knomeespecially if they learn the ISO tracker first, which is using the features to their max00:46
knomei personally believe that one page could serve as a walkthrough for them all, especially with links to your video walkthroughs, which show off the specific trackers00:48
balloonsknome, well let's consolidate then00:49
knomethen we also have these pages:00:50
knomewhich i think are...00:50
knomenot very useful00:50
balloonsweird.. I edited them at least00:50
* balloons fires up the powershredder00:51
knomethey aren't linked to from anywhere else except the FAW00:51
knomei'll remove the links from the FAQ then00:51
balloonsso we should migrate logging in over to qatracker, not much else I'd guess.. maybe executing the testcase. you are right I think almost everything can be in one place00:52
knomeso once that's done, the Tester page is much better and concise already00:53
knomeand i just figured what "Other activities" should be called00:54
knome"Supporting tasks"00:54
knomethat makes sense and helps us categorize what belongs there00:54
knomeand what is essential for the nature of that role00:54
charlesthomi, ping01:00
thomicharles: hello01:00
charlesI've got a question about proper use of matchers01:00
charlesLeo had a nice suggestion about using something like01:00
charlesself.assertThat(indicator.get_icon_name, Eventually(Equals(expected['icon_name']))01:00
charlesin this line, is the first argument "indicator.get_icon_name()" periodically re-called and compared to expected['icon_name']?01:01
knomeballoons, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Roles/TesterN is better now01:01
charlesI mean, I understand the intent, that's clear & readable enough01:01
charlesI'm just wanting to confirm which parts of this line get re-evaluated during Eventually01:02
knomeballoons, and as i go with this, i realize we shouldn't try to teach the people reading these role descriptions what's involved with each activity or task, that they should be in a separate place, like the tracker guide01:02
thomicharles: so..01:03
thomicharles: yes, if you pass a callable, it will be re-called inside the Eventually() matcher. HOWEVER, we realised that was a bad idea, so it's best not to use it01:04
thomias you point out, it's not very clear01:04
thomiit also breaks the matcher API :D01:04
alesageget off this team01:04
alesage;) kidding!  with love, always :)01:05
thomicharles: however, you can use testtools.matchers.AfterProcessing01:05
thomialesage: O.001:05
thomicharles: does that help?01:05
charlesthomi, yep, totally does01:07
knomeballoons, concerning https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/VirtualBox ... i would think it's mostly useless now (could be replaced with a video tutorial on how to set up a virtual machine, which even probably exists already)01:13
knomeballoons, the streamlining section isn't useful as is, but as i said, we might want to cover managing the virtual machines *somewhere* (or maybe not, people will learn workflows that fit them easily)01:14
knomeballoons, but the one thing (tm) we could snatch from that page is the guest addition thingy - maybe we should cover how to install them briefly01:15
knomeballoons, all that being said, i'd just redirect that page to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentSetup01:16
knomecan somebody confirm if you still manually need to add users to 'vboxusers' on first install?01:17
balloonsyou don't01:18
knomeok, so redirect it is01:18
balloonsoi, that page is quite old, but yea, info should be maintained there not within our docs01:18
knomei mean ultimately, if people can't figure something out by reading the wiki, they will *ask* us anyway01:19
knomeor if they aren't bothered to do that, they aren't bothered to read a long wikipage either01:19
balloonsthere's also your favorite search engine, askubuntu, the forums, irc ;-)01:19
knomeirc ftw ;)01:19
knomeredirect to same page?01:20
knomemeh, the sibling/children listings should not list redirected pages :)01:21
balloonscare to mention and linking to kvm too? then yes01:23
charlesalesage, elopio, updates pushed for leo's round 2 comments01:23
knomecan do that, and vmware01:23
alesagecharles, thx--veebers or thomi, more to say there? https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/unity8/indicator-power-autopilot-test/+merge/24707901:24
balloonsknome, ahh right right..01:24
knomeupdated that01:25
knome## page was copied from Testing/Testing_The_Devlopment_Release01:25
knome## page was renamed from Testing/Virtual_Machines01:25
knome## page was renamed from Testing/QATracker01:25
knomehaha :)01:25
balloonsmy inbox is officially flooded01:25
knomethat happens when you let a wild knome loose in the wiki01:26
knomeancient, mentions alternate CD01:26
knomethat... doesn't seem to bring much to the table either01:26
knomehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Includes - woot!01:27
knomeshould i point that to the QA Tracker page?01:28
veebersalesage: ack, will hit it in a moment01:28
thomialesage: lookinh01:29
knomeballoons, ^ "that" being "InstallMethods" :P01:29
knomeballoons, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/FixesToVerify hardy-age stuff, delete?01:30
knomeballoons, you're lagging :(01:31
* balloons is sleepy01:48
alesageelopio, I'm having some trouble with paul's branch on mako devel-proposed, is this where you've been running it?  not getting a unity8 launch01:48
knomeballoons, sleepy? it's almost 4am here. :)01:48
balloonsknome, yes delete01:48
balloonsoi, you're utc + 2? wow01:48
balloonsI thought +1 maybe01:48
knomephysically live in +2, technically living in a different TZ...01:49
knomeso what to do with QATeam/phillw?01:49
balloonswhat's https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Includes?01:49
knomelooks like it's a lot of screenshots01:49
knomefrom 200801:49
knomeprobably something that was related to the ancient testcase website01:50
balloonsknome, hmm.. it's his I wouldn't want to remove it01:50
knomethen let's not01:50
balloonswow, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Includes is wild01:50
balloonswe don't need it01:51
knomegoing then01:51
knomeneed a redirect? :P01:51
balloonsnah, I've never seen it01:51
knomeand are you sure, we can't get attachments back :P01:51
balloonsbedtime for me knome, lol.. maybe not for you but :-)01:51
knomewell gone already ;)01:52
balloonsold school photos! sad01:52
knomeyou can re-enact them!01:52
balloonsbahahah.. it's still there: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Ubuntu/Screenshots?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=Aboutme.png01:52
balloonsmy eyes! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Ubuntu/Screenshots01:53
balloonsthat's a fun page to load01:54
knomemy bandwidth!01:54
knomeanyway, nighty ;)01:54
knomelet's get back to this tomorrow or sth01:54
knomei'll redirect that to QATeam/Contact01:55
knomewe'll need some reorganization there anyway01:55
thomialesage_: still around?02:32
alesage_thomi yes02:32
alesage_strange, I got booted02:32
thomican I ask you some questions about that merge proposal?02:32
alesage_thomi go ahead02:32
alesage_don't know if charles is around also02:33
thomicharles: too, I guess :D02:33
thomiso, the MockBattery class02:33
alesage_may need to catch up on that02:33
thomiI'm a little concerned that it should just be a function instead. What's the rationale for making it a class? Why not just have a function that takes three arguments?02:33
alesage_thomi wouldn't that be a new pattern for us, if it's a 'helper'?02:34
thomiin general, a class with an __init__ and one method is like a massive warning bell for me02:34
thomialesage_: I don't think it's controversial02:34
thomiremember that you can always use functools.partial to bind the first N arguments, ifyou want to call it many times with different values for the third argument02:35
charlesthomi, it was kind of a compromise approach:02:35
charlesthomi, elopio's suggestion was that the battery be owned inside the MockUPower class, so that some of the complexity such as its object_path can be encapsulated there02:36
charleswhich makes sense02:36
charlesbut, that limits some of the tests that we might want to write with MockUPower, e.g. on laptops we want to be able to mock two batteries02:37
thomihmm, ok02:37
charlesso MockBattery is there to enapsulate some of the dbus impl, but also to leave a little wiggle room for future tests02:37
thomialesage_: charles: review posted. still has a few issues, but much closer now :D02:44
alesage_thomi thx for that02:44
alesage_thomi could I get an "in principle" kind of review for this pdf-generation in a few?02:44
thomialesage_: charles: one thing I didn't mention is that you fail pep8 in quite a few places02:44
thomialesage_: sure02:44
thomialesage_: not sure what that means, but I'll do my best LD02:44
alesage_that was kind-of a tears of laughter emoticon02:45
elopioalesage_: I've been running the tests in krillin unity8 devel-proposed. What is your error?02:46
alesage_elopio, I just don't get a unity8 session on mako, updated and am trying again in a sec02:46
sakThis will be an interesting question. Not good with words. How is one suppose to file a bug found in an iso if it was never installed?02:47
sakI was testing the ubuntu server i386 and was unable to install the system as one of the test requirements.02:47
elopioveebers: ping. About the closing parenthesis...02:49
alesage_elopio prognosis better after reflash :)02:50
elopioveebers: we have already discussed about it, but I'm not sure if you were part of that team. So feel free to reopen the discussion.02:50
elopiowhat we decided at that time was that, as pep8 mentions both styles as valid, we can use anyone. But trying to be consistent with what the rest of the code does.02:50
charlesthomi, I was using to flake8 to look for pep8 failures, and only see one warning. To what are you referring?02:51
alesage_elopio don't mean to keep you up but could we get some responses to charles' questions? https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/unity8/indicator-power-autopilot-test/+merge/24707902:52
elopioalesage_: of course.02:52
thomicharles: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/9813456/02:52
veeberselopio: ack, fair enough, I'm pretty certain that 99% of autopilot code puts the parens on it's own line (i.e. that's what I'm used to at least)02:52
veebersI agree that either are fine and that being consistent is the considering factor02:53
charlesthomi, should we do pep8 fixes to code that isn't otherwise touched in the MP?02:53
elopioveebers: yeah, and being consistent with what is an issue. In unity8, a good bunch of code have the closing parenthesis on the same line as the last argument.02:54
charlesthomi, this MP doesn't touch tests/autopilot/unity8/shell/02:54
elopioveebers: I actually don't care. If you prefer, I can follow the autopilot style everywhere, starting from this branch.02:54
charlesIMO that would be more cleanly handled by a different MP02:54
alesage_thomi https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/autopilot/pdf-build/+merge/247249 also veebers elopio02:55
veeberselopio: oh wait yeah you're right this is for unity8 rats sorry. That's all good then :-)02:55
veeberselopio: remind me which MP this is for and I can re-review and approve if you like02:56
thomialesage_: whitespace changes make me crazy :(02:57
alesage_thomi I feared as much02:57
thomialesage_: so.. please remove. as to your problem...02:57
veebersballoons: if you're still around and have a moment could you please re-visit this MP (after our discussion before) https://code.launchpad.net/~veebers/autopilot/adding-run-instructions-readme/+merge/24708802:58
thomiMake isn't bash (although it is fairly close). You can byass the problem with "sh -c find ...."02:58
alesage_thomi of course, have tried, get hung up on the "$1" item within, doesn't parse02:58
alesage_thomi those are em-dashes or some such being changed to hyphens02:59
thomialesage_: wha?02:59
elopioveebers: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical/unity8/pair_with_paul/+merge/24633003:00
alesage_thomi LaTeX error log concerned not supporting that unicode char03:00
thomialesage_: remind me why we care about PDF output again?03:02
veeberselopio: coolio thanks. Also, did my email make sense or did I miss the point03:02
alesage_thomi hah03:02
alesage_thomi ask our stakeholders?  balloons ^^ ?03:02
thomialesage_: otherwise, this looks promising: https://sites.google.com/site/nickfolse/home/sphinx-latexpdf-output-with-svg-images03:03
elopioalesage_: charles: thomi's comments make sense to me, and I think I have nothing else to add.03:04
elopio just that this will need to be merged with the display branch. Well, the one that is landed last needs to be merged.03:04
alesage_thomi I think that's effectively the same, making pdfs out of .svgs, i.e. depending on inkscape instead of imagemagick03:05
elopioveebers: yes, your mail makes sense.03:05
alesage_which reminds me that I need to add that build-dep03:05
thomialesage_: right, but that page shows how to do it in a Makefile03:05
charleselopio, thomi, thanks03:05
alesage_thomi ah but yes the Makefile schizzni would be helpful03:05
charlesworking through thomit's comments now03:05
thomialesage_: which I don't understnad, but you should be able to copy that as a starting point03:05
thomicharles: no problem03:05
alesage_funny that was tedg's suggested solution, to invest more heavily in make :)03:06
alesage_thomi ok otherwise please do give more comments, may not get to tonight03:06
elopioalesage_: charles: actually, I'm missing some things:03:10
elopioRename Indicator(main_window, name) to PowerIndicator(main_window)03:10
elopioMove it so it to the indicators module so that it can be called as indicators.PowerIndicator.03:11
elopioGet back the py2-compatible super calls.03:11
elopioyou already had some of this things, it seems that on one review we ask for them and in the next we ask to revert them. Sorry about that.03:11
alesage_elopio, particularly as it's late, it'd help to get the definitive review first ;)03:12
elopioalesage_: definitive, we need py2 compatibility because we are installing the package in the py2 path.03:14
elopioabout removing the helpers module, veebers agreed so if you agree, lets do it.03:14
elopioabout renaming Indicator to PowerIndicator, that improves readability. But we haven't discussed this one, so feel free to tell me if you think it's not good.03:15
charlesanother round of feedback fixes pushed for https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/unity8/indicator-power-autopilot-test/+merge/24707903:32
charlescome at me! :D03:32
thominow it's a challenge :D03:33
thomicharles: I think the get_icon_name method on diff line 32 would be nicer if it actually returned a list, rather than a comma delimited string - what do you think?03:34
thomiwhat's more, icon_matches wouldn't need to change at all03:35
charlesContains() does a substring search on strings, and looks for matching list items in a list, yes?03:35
charlesI like that suggestion03:35
thomiContains() doesn't, but the 'in' keyword does03:35
thomihmm, actually, maybe Contains() does03:36
alesage_charles you got there: the uncertainty threshold03:36
thomicharles: also, multiple imports (diff line 57) should be split over multiple lines inside ()03:36
charlesthomi, do a thought experiment for me03:36
elopioalesage_: I agree with your other comments in the pair_with_paul branch. Hopefull he'll fix them before I get in tomorrow :)03:37
charlesif Contains() didn't behave like that, how would you express it s.t. Eventually works03:37
thomicharles: I thought there might be ListContains() or similar, but I was too lazy to look it up03:37
elopioalesage_: I left a comment on why I don't agree about rotation_lock_is_enabled.03:37
charlescurrent line is self.assertTrue(indicator.get_indicator_name, Eventually(Contains(expected['icon_name']))03:37
alesage_elopio, saw that, thanks for the reminder03:38
thomicharles: yeah, should continue to work03:38
charlesis there a way in python to wedge an "in" in that assertion s.t. Eventually would work?03:38
thomicharles: Contains('foo').match(['foo', 'bar'])03:39
thomiyou're good to go03:39
charlesactually after all that I'm going to walk it back, we shouldn't split that string into a list03:40
thomicharles: why not?03:41
thomiIMO it *is* a list (you even call it a list in the docstring)03:41
charlesthat string is GIcon's semi-private format03:41
charlesthe fact that it's human-readable as a string is a side-effect03:41
thomiwell, in that case your entire test is based on that side-effect03:41
thomior... do you think it liekly that the ',' will change to '|' or something?03:42
alesage_thomi when's your EOD?03:42
thomialesage_: very soon now03:42
charlesthomi, I don't think the delimiter will change; I'm thinking more of the leading "image://theme/"03:42
alesage_thomi noooo03:42
thomicharles: ahhh, ok, good point03:43
alesage_thomi anything else on the pdf MP?03:43
thomialesage_: sorry, did you hve an updated version?03:43
alesage_thomi nope03:43
thominothing else after I sent you that link03:43
alesage_thomi can you predict whether or not there will be more?03:44
charlesthomi, multiline import tweaked to do pep 32803:47
thomialesage_: sorry, I don't follow03:47
thomialesage_: the MP seems fine, except for... you know... it not working :D03:47
alesage_thomi ok got it thanks03:48
thomicharles: LGTM03:49
charlesthomi, you should mark it as Approved before you EOD then03:49
charlesthere's not enough green on that page03:49
thomicharles: I have!03:50
alesage_charles hi-five o/03:50
* alesage_ is 'left hanging', in US slang03:51
veebersalesage_: :-(03:56
veebershah, that's even better ^_^03:59
=== chihchun_afk is now known as chihchun
elfyballoons: re what to use - tested disks in trusty/utopic and vivid - all bootable for me09:26
knomeelfy, did you see some updates on the wiki ? :P09:39
knomestart with these09:40
knomehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Roles/TesterN (WIP)09:40
elfyjust about to wander to work ...09:41
knomei was up until 4am or sth, had to stop because balloons went to bed09:41
knomeanyway, have a nice day @ work09:42
knomeand tell me if DevelopmentSetup answers some of the questions for xubuntu :)09:42
elfyI did say last night that the ubuntu tool didn't work doing a trusty burn of a vivid image09:42
knomei noticed that09:42
knomeas you can see, the USB part is still quite barebone..09:43
elfygood enough if it works :)09:43
knomebut i would hope to have the one place (tm) for those instructions, so if there are exceptions like that, we should probably mention them there09:43
knomewas there a workaround for that?09:44
elfyor recommend something that works ... just saying :)09:44
knomeor was the workaround to just use another tool?09:44
knomei've had both good and bad experiences with SDC, but when it works, it's a nice tool to use09:44
elfyyea - same as any workaround for the com32 error - <tab> then use live or unetbootindefault depending on what used09:44
elfyyep - agreed09:45
pittijibel: are we still doing automatic EFI install/boot tests?11:44
pittijibel: I just installed current vivid with "-bios OVMF.fd" and the omvf package; install works fine, but boot fails as it can't find ubutu11:45
pittijibel: do we use the omvf package, or a download from tianocore?11:45
jibelpitti, I didn't check if it is still running since the move. I was using tianocore12:09
pittijibel: hm, I tried with manual partitioning and automatic, and fails to boot both times :/12:19
* pitti tries with a different BIOS12:19
jibelpitti, in a VM with vivid?12:37
pittijibel: right, with today's daily12:38
* jibel tries12:39
pittijibel: boot from cd works fine, and the install works too, but booting the installed system doesn't12:39
pittijibel: don't waste any time on it for now please; I mostly just wanted to know which OVMF.fd we use in the automatic tests, and whether they still run12:39
jibelpitti, well, I've known good BIOS, if the image is broken it's good to know and report it12:41
jibelpitti, you tried today's desktop image? installation fails for me because extra.ubunut.com doesn't exists13:19
* jibel tries without network13:20
jibelI also had a crash in ubi-console-setup13:20
jibelpitti, it's definitely uninstallable. I'll try with a server image.13:26
pittijibel: hm, console-setup was fixed with the latest casper13:42
pittijibel: are you sure it's from today? that fix landed earlier this week13:42
pittijibel: I installed with network13:42
jibelpitti, ah current has not been updated for the past few days13:43
jibelI'll try with pending/13:43
pittijibel: oh, I see -- I changed my rsync script to /pending a few months ago13:44
pittiand then forgot about it13:44
jibelpitti, promotion to current failed because systemd is uninstallable13:46
jibelJan 22 07:00:57 in-target: The following packages have unmet dependencies:13:46
jibelJan 22 07:00:57 in-target:  systemd : Depends: libsystemd0 (= 218-3ubuntu3) but 218-3ubuntu4 is to be installed13:46
pittierr, huh? mirror out of date?13:46
pittihow odd -- how would it have different versions of binaries for the same source13:47
jibelthis is with build 2015012213:47
jibelon amd6413:47
jibelpitti, actually this is for server, for desktop it's different13:48
jibelpitti, looks like a CI issue13:48
* jibel sees utah in the log and runs away13:49
jibelpitti, so nothing to do with the image there is a connection refused to a server in the logs.13:52
jibelpitti, this bios works with latest server and desktop images http://people.canonical.com/~j-lallement/junk/bios.bin.2014101414:19
jibelpitti, the version in the archive has to be refreshed I guess14:20
pittijibel: I got http://cznic.dl.sourceforge.net/project/edk2/OVMF/OVMF-X64-r15214.zip and that failed too; that seems to be the latest version14:21
pittijibel: thanks, I'll try your's then14:22
balloonselfy, knome thanks for the updates. And yes elfy knome went through the wiki with a fine toothed cinv15:42
=== chihchun is now known as chihchun_afk
elopiorhuddie: I did the comments again on your process control branch.16:05
elfyballoons: saw that :)16:05
rhuddieelopio, oh thank you. I'll take care of that. weird they seemed to disappear!16:06
elopioI don't like inline comments, I'm not sure why I'm still doing them.16:07
balloonselopio, yea I always feel like people won't see them16:09
elopioballoons: can you please merge this one with trunk?16:12
balloonselopio, sure.. I rebased all my branches last night, do I need to do so again/16:13
elopioballoons: not sure. The failure says 11 hours ago.16:13
balloonsI'll re-merge them all16:13
elopioballoons: that's the last one of yours in review.16:13
balloonselopio, ahh, that'd be the ticket then.16:14
balloonsI have this too: https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/autopilot/apdocs-install/+merge/24723216:14
balloonsyea, since the page object one went first it messed up the others16:15
balloonsI should have had it depend on the first16:15
alesageelopio, ready for another review https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/unity8/indicator-power-autopilot-test/+merge/24707916:16
elopioballoons: that one doesn't have a card. I'll review it.16:16
balloonselopio, yea, more bug fodder I found while diving in. I needed to close it so I did16:16
knomeballoons, my work is not done yet, but looking good so far ;)16:18
balloonselopio, I rebased both mp's, should be good I hope16:25
balloonselopio, bah, sphinx warnings after merging :-(16:25
alesageelopio do we need another review of paulliu's branch from our team, I wonder? https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical/unity8/pair_with_paul/+merge/24633016:27
elopioalesage: oh, they approved it without making your two changes.16:37
alesageelopio, they were teensy style things :)16:38
alesageelopio, more importantly we need to get charles' branch approved, can you review?16:38
elopioalesage: I'm on it.16:39
balloonselopio, ok again I believe everything should be ready on my remaining two mp's.16:40
alesageballoons, needing reviews?16:41
balloonsalesage, yes; https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/autopilot/apdocs-restruct/+merge/246599, and then https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/autopilot/apdocs-install/+merge/247232 which depends on the first16:41
balloonsohh, you approved the one already16:42
alesageballoons, thx for the convenient linkings16:42
paulliuelopio: I fix one of the changes.16:48
paulliuelopio: But for the _is stuff. there are actually 3~4 there already. start with "_is" or "is".16:49
elopiopaulliu: oh, thanks.16:49
elopiopaulliu: actually, the recommendation is to start with is. So they are ok.16:49
rhuddieelopio, what is happening with meetings today? do we still have a sprint review meeting starting in an hour?16:57
elopiorhuddie: just figuring that out.17:05
elopiorhuddie: I'll move our delivery meeting to tomorrow. Lets just do the retrospective today.17:05
elopiothat way I'll have time to merge the pending things.17:05
elopioballoons: charles: can you meet in one hour for the retrospective?17:06
balloonselopio, I planned to be around for the first half of the meetin'17:06
knomeballoons, when do you plan doing the merging work for the tracker wiki pages?17:08
rhuddieelopio, ok. if we're starting at the earlier time in about 50 mins I'll need to go now and will be back then17:09
elopioballoons: the retrospective shouldn't be long.17:09
alesageelopio, last fixes https://code.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/unity8/indicator-power-autopilot-test/+merge/24707917:10
elopioalesage: give me a minute.17:10
balloonsknome, I 'm happy to be around and help when it's convenient for you. Re-doing the video tutorial is ?, but the rest should be quite doable17:11
knomeballoons, i thought you would do it17:11
knomeballoons, you seemed to have a clear image of what needed to be done17:12
balloonsknome, sure, happy to. I guess it doesn't matter if you are around when I do, you can see it after, heh17:12
knome(for once i know that the screenshots need to be smaller on the wikipage to be followable, but i can take care of that...17:12
* alesage pokes elopio repeatedly17:12
balloonsso I'll do the rough edits17:12
knomei'm on and off all evening and into the night, so feel free to ping me if you need any feedback17:12
balloonsperfect thanks knome17:12
alesagepoke poke poke17:13
elopioalesage: looks good.17:14
elopioalesage: now we need to figure out which should be the prerequisite of which. Heads or tails? or as paulliu's was approved 1 hour ago, it should go first?17:14
alesageelopio, I'm already dancing in the endzone17:15
alesageelopio, actually I'm not a football fan, for the record17:16
alesageelopio, no matter17:16
elopioI don't understand why you use your hands while playing football, but I like it.17:16
knomeballoons, i think https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Roles/TesterN is as good as it'll come for a while17:20
knomeballoons, happy with it? (eg. should i copy it over the Tester page)17:21
knomeballoons, and/or should Ubuntu Touch testing be a main activity or a supporting task/activity?17:21
balloonsknome, yes. I'll likely do some more tweaking work at some point17:21
balloonsunity8 testing should move to main likely17:22
balloonsthe unity8 pages needs some wiki page cleanup of it's own17:22
balloonsok, I'll start on the qatracker merge now; I have a few mins17:23
alesageballoons, do you have time to give this a test drive?  pdf output https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/autopilot/pdf-build/+merge/24724917:38
elopiocharles: ping. Will you be available to meetin in 20 minutes?17:38
charleselopio, sure17:39
=== pgraner is now known as pgraner-otp
elopionote to self, take holidays on thursdays :)17:39
alesageelopio, hey have time to try this pdf review?  https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/autopilot/pdf-build/+merge/24724917:40
* alesage still needs coffee17:41
elopioalesage: can you add to the docs how to build the pdf?17:41
elopioand there are some changes on docs/man.rst on your diff that I don't understand.17:41
alesageelopio, I'll mark up the MP17:42
elopioalesage: why are you leaving that #find commentedd out?17:42
alesageelopio, corrected, pushed17:43
elopiook, let me give it a try, because I don't understand it.17:44
alesageelopio, comments on MP17:45
elopioalesage: my imagemagick crashed.17:46
alesageelopio, ok that's bad news :) , does it convert manually?17:47
elopioalesage: do you have a command for me to try?17:47
alesageelopio one sec, just want to test again17:47
alesageconvert foo.svg foo.pdf , or find ./docs/images -name "*.svg" -exec sh -c 'convert "$1" "${1%.svg}.pdf"' _ {} \; elopio17:49
alesageveebers my good man, quick review my MP! https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/autopilot/pdf-build/+merge/24724917:54
elopioveebers: and, please merge this one with trunk17:54
elopiowhat a warm welcome.17:54
balloonsnothing says happy friday like being slammed with reviews before you've had coffeee17:54
alesagethomi too! https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/autopilot/pdf-build/+merge/24724917:54
alesageactually out of coffee here17:55
alesagewhere by coffee I mean diet cola17:55
thomicutting it a bit fine aren't we alesage? ;)17:56
thomialesage: I think you need a packaging review17:56
alesagethomi from whom should I procure such?17:56
thomialesage: a DD or UD17:56
thomiplenty of choices at this time of the day :D17:57
veebershey alesage o/17:58
alesageveebers, woo!17:58
charleselopio, not seeing the meeting in my calendar -- got a link?18:01
balloonswait, is the meeting in 2 hours or now elopio ?18:01
thomiit's now?18:01
balloonsbrillant, others have come18:01
elopiocharles: balloons: alesage: veebers: thomi: https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/qa-scrum-sprint?authuser=118:01
=== pgraner-otp is now known as pgraner
elfyballoons: so - what do we do, if sdc is not working to produce bootable vivid images currently - let it go and use the other one which does appear to be a constant?20:18
balloonsthe other one?20:19
balloonsLetozaf_, howdy20:19
balloonsdid you see the troubles with rssreader?20:19
knomeballoons, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqAkPZgIGjU20:20
elfyno knome - not unetbootin20:20
knomeoh? :)20:20
knomewhat other one then...20:20
knomei've never even heard that name, promise!20:20
elfymust have been reading with your eyes shut then20:20
knomei haven't always been logged in this channel, nor ever read most of the discussions :)20:21
elfythe most recent was at 20:02 UTC in x-offtopic :)20:21
Letozaf_balloons, hey20:22
Letozaf_balloons, yes I just ran the tests now20:22
Letozaf_balloons, the work fine on my desktop20:22
knomeelfy, lol, yeah, referred as "the disks thingy" :D20:22
elfyyep - that one :D20:22
Letozaf_balloons, I had seen something with Roman yesterday evening20:22
* balloons listens20:23
Letozaf_balloons, I will review the mp now, looks good to me20:23
elfyknome: obviously I'm only one person testing it - but it did work properly and constantly for me - the one time I did it from each :)20:23
elfywhich is more that can be said for anything else I tried yesterday/today other than dd20:24
elfyand I'm not recommending that to people20:24
balloonslol elfy . If it doesn't work, I guess it doesn't work. I'm not sure what to say about that. I'd prefer we pointed people at the official tool.. and it *should* work20:24
elfywell yea20:25
elfyso would I20:25
elfybut I can't as it doesn't work :)20:25
Letozaf_balloons, how do you get tests to be launched by Jenkins ? specifically Shorts app ones I was curios to see if the worked there20:26
balloonsLetozaf_, any new commit will trigger it, or I can do it20:27
balloonselfy, heh, but just for trusty..20:28
elfyballoons: the main issue for me is that for *us* we have to tell people to actually install something, as neither of those are defaults for us - and I would rather recommend to *my* testers something I know works20:28
Letozaf_balloons, do you think it's the case to see if this works on Jenkins ? : https://code.launchpad.net/~mrqtros/ubuntu-rssreader-app/ubuntu-rssreader-app-new-devel-period/+merge/24465620:28
elfyballoons: yes - but we're possibly going to see people using the LTS20:28
balloonselfy, ahh right, indeed they have to install sdc20:28
elfyor gnome-disks20:28
balloonselfy, in theory although it is affected by a bug at the moment, it should work20:28
balloonselfy, of course. that's the #1 use case, the lts20:29
elfyyea - I realise that - but in less than a fortnight - pleia2 is running a ugj specifically for xubuntu testing20:29
knomeif we go that route, in theory, i am a millionaire..20:29
balloonselfy, so I don't think an alternative is out of the question, just in case someone encounters a bug20:29
elfythat's my priority currently20:29
balloonswhich at the moment they most certainly would20:30
knomeelfy, ack20:30
balloonselfy, yes I know too.20:30
elfyballoons: yep20:30
balloonsLetozaf_, do they work running in a sandbox?20:30
Letozaf_balloons, let me try that now20:30
balloonsLetozaf_, you can see the one failed test on that mp.. it should be good though right?20:30
balloonselfy, so I don't like unetbootin, but otherwise I'm impartial I guess as to the alternative20:31
Letozaf_balloons, yes I saw that yesterday evening with Roman and he fixed it, it's ok now20:32
* balloons runs20:32
knomeballoons, autopilot is python, right?20:33
elfyballoons: I'm not going to recommend that either - currently 2 (3) things work for me regardless of where I burn it from - dd (and mksub) and gnome-disks20:33
Letozaf_balloons, so yes tests run without failures also in sandbox20:34
balloonsLetozaf_, hmm, locally I had 2 failures actually20:36
* balloons re-runs with logs20:36
balloonsknome, yes autopilot is python20:36
Letozaf_balloons, where ? I did not have failures I ran the tests on desktop and desktop in sandbox20:37
Letozaf_balloons, look like Jenkins passed the tests20:39
balloonsLetozaf_, so it might be occassional failures. I'll push to trunk, but we should get a bug filed and have a look at some point20:40
balloonsLetozaf_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9824606/ is my sandbox run20:40
* Letozaf_ is looking20:41
Letozaf_balloons, so looks like getting text field focus fails when adding a feed20:42
Letozaf_balloons, but did you run the tests on a VM ?20:43
elopioveebers: instead of opening the file during the init and closing it on del, isn't it better to open and close it on every method?20:43
Letozaf_balloons, I was wondering how to reproduce this error20:43
veeberselopio: perhaps, that is another good idea. It could still be a fixture though as that is a good pattern20:46
Letozaf_balloons, oops now I saw you ran it in sandbox20:46
Letozaf_balloons, should I file a bug or are you going to ?20:46
balloonsLetozaf_, right I ran it in the sandbox, but the jenkins bug I suppose is relevant also20:47
balloonsLetozaf_, go for it20:47
elopioveebers: that's the thing I wanted to ask you. Making it a fixture would be really nice to get it back to the original orientation.20:47
elopiohowever, according to ricmm, we can't query the orientation from the sensors library.20:47
veeberselopio: heh, as per my comment. I might be wrong there that it belongs at a higher level. It would be good to happen here20:47
elopiothat's something that unity calculates.20:47
veeberselopio: hmm, perhaps then there can be a helper in unity (or somewhere) that wraps this and does the cleanup20:48
elopioveebers: right, sorry, you wrote your comment faster than my question.20:48
veebersyou can have a fixture that has a fixture20:48
veebersheh ^_^20:48
Letozaf_balloons, you mean this failure:
elopioveebers: that's what I was thinking. but then it doesn't make sense to return to the original orientation. It only makes sense to stop using the fake sensor and get back to the orientation the phone is in. I think.20:49
veeberselopio: hmm good point20:50
elopioveebers: that's why I wanted to put it in the test, to get a better picture of what to request.20:50
elopioI need some minutes.20:50
veebersack nw20:50
elopioveebers: is there a way to get the process id from the proxy object?20:50
veeberselopio: um, yes? perhaps not. let me check the code20:51
balloonsLetozaf_, yes20:54
balloonsLetozaf_, you can probably generically say the trunk tests sometimes fail, and give some examples. It will need more investigation certainly20:55
veeberselopio: yes and no, this is a bad part in AP. If you use NormalApplicationLauncher the proxy object will have set_process called on it, but not for clicks etc.20:55
Letozaf_balloons, oh, so I will report just one bug for both issues, right ?20:55
elopioveebers: um, this is started by calling initctl unity8 directly, which probably is wrong.20:56
veeberselopio: where do you see that?20:56
elopioanyway, I can get the pid.20:56
elopioveebers: unity8/process_helpers.py20:57
veeberselopio: ah right ok20:57
balloonsLetozaf_, yea, I would. The bug is more or less "trunk tests are flaky"20:59
Letozaf_balloons, ok thanks21:00
knomedid the wiki just die?21:02
balloonsknome, not for me21:02
knomei've been in the community wiki blacklist several times for "editing too fast"21:03
balloonsahh.. hmm21:03
Letozaf_balloons, bug 141374621:03
ubot5bug 1413746 in Ubuntu RSS Feed Reader App "Autopilot trunk tests are flaky" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141374621:03
knomeprobably not that this time, just lagging21:03
balloonsI updated the community.u.c/quality page21:03
balloonswe need an image for it.. any thoughts?21:03
* knome ponders what a rural english "gentleman" could reply to that... "image my ..."21:04
knomebut seriously speaking, anything that isn't hosted on facebook ;)21:04
balloonsknome, I'll have it site hosted :-)21:05
knomethe englishmens bottom? i'm up for it!21:05
elfyI was born in Malta ...21:06
knomedoes that make your bum as smooth as baby's? :P21:06
elfymight have done years ago :)21:06
balloonselfy, really?!21:07
elfyreally which?21:07
balloonselfy, hah, the malta thing21:07
knomeyou know what's weird? when your ringing tone starts playing randomly from the music player21:07
knomeballoons, lol!21:07
knomeelfy, and you too.. ;)21:08
elfyballoons: parents in the RAF - born in a RN hospital21:08
knomeballoons, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Roles21:16
knomesorry for breaking the monotonous marketing speech page :(21:16
elfytoo much grey21:18
knomethat's a disgrace for the whole team :(21:19
knomei'm so sorry for that21:19
elfyshould be more blue21:19
balloonsknome, I'm loving all the changes21:19
elfyor teal ...21:19
balloonsit's like you have a magic wand . . .21:19
knomeballoons, you know what you have to do next?21:19
knomeget the content in shape in all pages we are linking from the role subpages21:20
balloonsit's worthy of it now!21:20
elfyballoons: well I'll hammer at the manual testcase pages at least21:21
elfyknome: ^^21:22
balloonselfy, that would be lovely.. As you may have noticed, we've been working on fixing the automated testing docs and the developer.u.c website21:22
balloonsso it's documentation month it seems :-)21:22
elfyI'm afraid I'd not have notice that :(21:23
elfydragons there for me ...21:23
balloonselfy, ahh right, why did I saw you would've.. silly me21:23
knomeelfy, you're welvome :)21:23
knomewelcome too!21:23
balloonselfy, ok circling back quickly though.. the image testing stuff. The wiki is in better shape, but the tool concerns. I guess we all agree we should recommend a single alternative tool. is it gnome-disks then?21:25
balloonsif yes we should recommend an alternative, and gnome-disks is it, let's get to editing those wiki pages then. I need to update the ugj/testing page also21:26
elfyballoons: I'd guess that once we're sure it works - then sdc, but currently it's causing issues so - gnome-disks21:26
balloonselfy, do we feel we need an alternative in the wiki?21:27
balloonsit's still possible for sdc to be fixed in time21:27
balloonsbut beyond this incident, do we think it's needed?21:27
elfyI don't think that an alternative is a bad idea21:28
elfyand given the problems with unetbootin and dd perhaps being a bad idea for someone who *might* be new(ish)21:28
elfygnome-disks would be a sensible alternative21:29
balloonselfy, ok, so we should mention it on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentSetup21:33
elfyballoons: other than the little bit on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8DesktopIso I can't find any docs for gnome-disks21:41
balloonselfy, lovely; heh21:43
elfyI'd add something - but I hesitate to make knome's nice page look all used again :p21:52
elfydone for today anyway - back tomorrow :)21:53
elfyI'll start looking at those manual testcase pages tomorrow too21:53
knomei'll fix it if you spill the milk on it ;)21:54
balloonsnighty night!21:54
* balloons is editing already21:54
balloonselfy, I should have a fixed up ugj page for you to look at in a second21:55
elfyI'll hang about for a short while then ...21:55
elfycan't wait - I'll look in the morning :)22:03
knomegood night elfy22:04
balloonselfy, :-)22:04
balloonselfy, have a look then: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Jams/Testing22:04
balloonsthere's some cleanup to do, but that's more or less it22:05
knomeballoons, i would try to cut down on the headings22:11
knomethere are too many of them now, and it's hard to follow a page which is formatted like22:11
knome1 line paragraph22:11
knome1 line paragraph22:11
balloonsknome, I can agree. I've been cutting content and trying to make it flow better. Feel free to edit it, but I think I'm going to let it sit for a bit and come back with fresh eyes22:12
balloonsthere's still stuff out of place and stuff to merge22:12
balloonsI however lack your magic wand to make it look pretty :-)22:12
balloonsthe old page was horribly long22:13
balloonsthanks for looking!22:13
knomelet's see some time ;)22:13
knomei guess my main interest lies in the wide end of the branch...22:13
knome..to get the first few steps right22:13
knomein a way, the stuff behind that are more or less area for longer descriptions22:14
knomeand that's fine... but i don't feel like i know enough of them to write them22:14
balloonsyes, very true.. just need to make sure the net is proper22:14
knomenor do i think every one of those pages needs to look awesome22:15
knomeas long as the content is in good shape and it flows well (visually as well)22:15
=== txspud is now known as txspud|away
elopioveebers: on your display proposal, you mention an __orientationAngle23:47
elopio how do I get it?23:47

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