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lordievaderGood morning.08:48
marty_axelHello. I can t connect to my server using port 21 or 22 on my public ip address. With my localip it works only on port 21 (ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS)08:53
lordievadermarty_axel: NAT?08:54
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lordievadermarty_axel: Have you setup port forwarding?08:55
marty_axelall ports are opened08:55
marty_axeli can connect to my public ip on port 80, for example08:55
lordievadermarty_axel: Is your public ip of the server ''?08:55
marty_axelhow did u know :-o08:56
lordievadermarty_axel: Magic fingers ;) Only port 80 is open, port 21 and 22 are filtered. Do you run a firewall?08:57
marty_axelon my router yes08:58
marty_axelbut i used port forwarding08:58
lordievaderNo firewall on the server?08:58
marty_axelufw disabled enabled,doesn t matter,it doesn t work either way08:59
lordievadermarty_axel: From within the local network what do you get for "nmap -p 22 <local-server-ip>"?09:00
marty_axelfrom the computer with ubuntu i can run that command09:00
marty_axelfrom windows 7...don t know how to09:00
marty_axelunable to determine any DNS server. Host is up. 22/tcp open ssh09:01
marty_axelrevers DNS is disabled09:02
lordievadermarty_axel: The Ubuntu machine is that the server?09:02
lordievadermarty_axel: Hmm, then install zenmap on the Windows machine and try from there.09:02
marty_axelNmap scan report for
marty_axelHost is up (0.00013s latency).09:05
marty_axelPORT   STATE SERVICE09:05
marty_axel22/tcp open  ssh09:05
marty_axelMAC Address: 00:14:D1:1C:6D:77 (Trendnet)09:05
marty_axelNmap done: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 0.44 seconds09:05
marty_axelNmap scan report for
marty_axelHost is up (0.00013s latency).09:05
marty_axelPORT   STATE SERVICE09:05
marty_axel22/tcp open  ssh09:05
marty_axelNmap scan report for
marty_axelHost is up (0.00013s latency).09:05
marty_axelPORT   STATE SERVICE09:05
marty_axel22/tcp open  ssh09:06
lordievadermarty_axel: Please use pastebin when you want to paste console output.09:06
lordievadermarty_axel: Now try it with the public ip.09:06
lordievadermarty_axel: Heh, it closed even. You port forward likely isn't correct.09:08
marty_axelfrom the router?09:08
lordievadermarty_axel: Yes.09:10
lordievadermarty_axel: Inside your network things are ok, outside they are not. So the problem likely is the wall seperating the inside from the outside.09:10
marty_axelnewbie in this, so practical the problem stands inside the router, port forwarding not done corectly, am i right? :-s09:12
lordievadermarty_axel: That is likely the culprit, yes.09:12
marty_axelbut i can connect from ubuntu on ssh but cant from filezilla with my localip09:14
marty_axelssh user@ works, filezilla same thing(user password port:22) gives an error: authetication failed :-ss09:15
marty_axelthis is the only thing i don t understand right now, and i`ll try to fix the other problems today :P09:15
lordievadermarty_axel: Read the error...09:18
lordievadermarty_axel: Ah the second error likely causes the first one.09:25
marty_axelyes but why since it works on ubuntu machine with same user and pass, why not on filezilla09:40
lordievadermarty_axel: Different protocol?09:49
lordievadermarty_axel: Also is it the same machine?09:49
marty_axeldifferent,it was an error in config, i had to comment something,it works now on localip09:50
marty_axelnow i`ll try with public ip :D,untill tonight it will work! :D09:50
Azarilhi, is preseed or kickstart recommended?11:12
jamespagerbasak, do you want todo the honours on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libnss-ldap/+bug/1408478 ?11:14
rbasakjamespage: ack11:18
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ganeyI've been trying to set up MAAS on ubuntu, and get nodes on without using pxe. When i use the installation disc and enter the maas server ip to join, i just get a SIGKILL and the node restarts?13:55
Slingso during ubuntu 14.04 installation im doing software raid wrong apparently, now i have a /dev/md127 with one disk added to it, sda2, which I cannot fail or remove13:56
Slingrebooting the system did not change anything, it's busy/in use13:56
Slinghow can i remove this md device when its busy and can't be failed ?13:57
Sling(im not in ubuntu itself, only in the installer)13:57
ganeyis it loading swap from the disk? i had to resize a disk yesterday, swapoff -a, then it worked.13:58
Slingyea i assigned it to be swap during a previous attempt, swapoff -a didn't change it13:58
ganeydamn, err.. i'll have a think13:59
Slingalso I doubt swapon happened in the installation when im only at the partitioning step14:00
Slingbut just to be sure, tried it again, still says device or resource busy after 'mdadm --fail /dev/md127 /dev/sda2'14:00
Slingand i dont have 'lsof' in this baby shell so can't even see if any process has stuff referenced to that disk14:00
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tewardrbasak: ping - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nginx/+bug/1324062 is still on my radar, and now that we're almost half-way to the next LTS, we might want to consider options going forward and check with the release team and such - if 5.1 is going away come next LTS (or being demoted into Universe), and LuaJit isn't going to come up, we'll have to trim from the package the nginx lua support14:22
tewardrbasak: and yes, i'm bringing this up every release :P14:22
Slingganey: managed to remove it in the end by reassigning the raid partition to be some random ext2 filesystem and rebooting14:25
Slingvery weird :)14:25
ganeyah awesome well done sling :D14:28
zulhallyn:  just working on libvirt i put the 2 cgmanager patches together14:35
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jamespagesmoser, minor ss fix - https://code.launchpad.net/~james-page/simplestreams/i386-i686/+merge/24729614:39
jamespagegah wrong branch14:40
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smoserjamespage: what is the fallout of that ?14:41
jamespagesmoser, basically with i386, nova by default won't schedule an instance as the hypervisors all report i68614:42
jamespage!= i38614:43
smoserhm.. so its just been that completely broken for so long.14:43
jamespagesmoser, it would appear so14:44
jamespagesmoser, we might want to review other image architectures to ensure we are matching the right openstack ones14:44
hallynzul: ok, i just pushed a new libvirt to v yesterday wit ha few more trivial changes14:46
zulhallyn: ubuntu20?14:46
rbasakteward: thanks. Yeah - I'll leave it to others to manage lua itself. They'll see the reverse dependency so I hope we'll hear from them if they want to drop 5.1 from main.14:49
tewardrbasak: right, if they do drop that, then we have to drop lua from the nginx binaries in universe.  or separate -core into its own source package14:50
hallynzul: yeah that one14:55
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zulhallyn:  cool ok15:03
zulhallyn:  1.2.11 is building now15:03
hallyn1.2.12 should be out soon :)15:03
hallyn(but i'm not suggesting waiting)15:03
Elionhi, i'm looking to add some RAM in an old server that use 667mhz ddr2 fully buffered ecc ram, do i really need to use the same RAM or can i use standard ddr2 ram (not ecc nor fully buffered) ?15:15
ganeyyou might find it cheaper to replace all the ddr2 stuff with non ECC15:24
ganeyi never got on with mixed modules myself15:24
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smoserbug 116:04
smoserbug 115362616:05
fandihow to prevent oom killer on ubuntu server kill a process example glusterfs16:37
rberg_you can create exclusions for the OOM killer, but if you are out of ram something is going to get killed16:38
rbasakfandi: google? Eg. http://unix.stackexchange.com/q/5887216:38
fandirberg_: ok thanks .. i looking for that16:39
fandirbasak: ok let me check16:39
fandirbasak: thanks16:39
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rberg_is it common for VMs in openstack to not have a /dev/disk/by-id ? I do have a by-uuid.17:16
rberg_I can see the udev rules to create that in 60-persistent-storage.rules, but when I query udevadm I dont see that field17:19
rberg_should VMs in openstack have a ID_SERIAL or ID_MODEL set? I dont see those on this VM17:21
rbasakI don't know the answer, but I can see how a serial or model wouldn't make sense on a virtual device.17:22
rberg_I looked at a virtual box vm and I do see it set there17:22
rberg_maybe kvm doesnt do that, or its misconfigured17:23
xjuniorI'm having an issue with upstart (https://gist.github.com/xjunior/765ff75ff8af4391498c). It starts and monitors a PID, but then the actual process is running a different PID!17:38
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ogra_xjunior, http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#expect17:42
xjuniorogra_: well, I have an expect daemon there17:44
xjuniorwhich didn't help17:45
jpdsxjunior: expect fork ?17:49
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xjuniorjpds: sameā€¦17:50
xjuniorthen if I try to stop with upstart, it hangs17:52
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ganeyhow do i add nodes to a maas server WITHOUT pxe?19:04
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