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mappstimeto start 12 monkeys :)03:17
mappsi got 2 pis..diff locations..same exact ones, same sd card, wireless adapter etc - one of them is slow as hell when i run say sudo apt-get install x..anyone have any idea why?04:05
m0nkey_running on battery?04:29
mappsBoth on mains04:30
mappsiots reallly slow when doing apt-get besides that seems fine..and not the downloading but reading package list 1%..2 etc04:30
Guest53371mornig all08:03
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selinuxiumHello o/08:43
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sebsebsebpopey: about a week to go ;d08:59
sebsebsebfirst two interesting other things though for me ;)09:00
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Laney We promised to tell you if anyone launches a new tariff that could save09:22
Laney   you more than £1 a week09:22
Laneythanks EDF!09:22
selinuxiumWeek til what?09:22
Laneybut one of the tarriffs they list is with First Utility who currently are nicking some of my money, so ...09:24
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! :-D09:35
* DJones Wonders if the cat really wants to know why I'm holding a kebab stick09:37
* awilkins wonders where his cat is and why he didn't know he had one09:40
davmor2JamesTait: Charlie Says Meow Meow, Mew Mew Meow Meow09:55
sebsebseboh I joined here earlier09:55
sebsebseb,but put noting in here about Wndows 10 hmm09:55
sebsebsebtwo other channels though yes09:56
sebsebsebanyway seems Desktop Linux will get some real compettion from it09:56
sebsebseband most users wil get it for free when upgraing from Windows 7 or 8 to it seems.09:56
bashrcugh. it's closed source. How can anyone trust that?09:57
sebsebsebbashrc: so is Apple or most of it, but yet the amount of users09:57
bashrccode that you can't see is code that you can't trust09:58
sebsebsebindeed, but most computer users don't really know about that09:58
davmor2sebsebseb: no it won't Desktop linux has never been competition for windows in reality,  Chrome OS on the other hand is the closest thing that Microsoft have to real competition and that again is pretty closed too09:58
sebsebsebwell  and Android09:58
sebsebsebthat's competion to09:58
sebsebsebdavmor2: well  Desktop Linux was meant to replace Unix, it's just for  lots of people or usauly it can replace using WIndows to yeah09:59
sebsebsebif that's what you meant09:59
popeythat doesn't mean they see it as competition09:59
davmor2sebsebseb: no microsoft is trying to be competition to android on devices, MS already lost that battle and is playing catch up09:59
popeyin fact I had a marketing VP of Microsoft tell me "We have no competition"09:59
sebsebsebpopey: I think there was some old  thing from a few years back,  where  on Microsoft's competition list or well potential threats competion list, they actaully put Canonical as well09:59
bashrc"convenient and powerful", but probably bugged10:00
sebsebsebpopey: yeah  Apple aim at a diffenrwdt market really, so even that, isn't really porper compeition to them10:00
davmor2sebsebseb: no I mean that when you own 90% of the desktop market the other 10% split between your competition they are not really competition10:00
bashrc"universal" meaning the apps only run on Windows10:00
popeyit's less that they have no competition, more they are somewhat arrogant to think they have no competition10:00
sebsebsebdavmor2: espeically with Apple yeah, and what's that like10:00
sebsebsebdavmor2: aiming for  those who want to pay premium prices10:01
sebsebsebinstead of pretty much anyone10:01
sebsebseband those who think the Apple design and look is so  something, but that's another hting10:01
sebsebsebanyway  Windows 10 wil move most of the computer using world forward,  because like it or not, that's what most computer users are going to use on lap tops and destkops  that are being used at the time, or well probably10:03
bashrcor backwards10:03
sebsebsebor backwards maybe yeah, depending on how it's looked at10:03
popeysebsebseb: its still not open source / free software :)10:03
bashrcmore centralised, closed crap10:03
sebsebsebpopey: maybe 30 years time they open source Windows :d10:04
sebsebsebwhen  it's  not realy used anymoe heh10:04
sebsebsebthey did that with a version of DOS actually10:04
popeynot really10:04
popeythey made it available for a museum10:04
popeythey didn't "open source" it10:04
bashrc"harmony in your household"10:04
sebsebseboh, well I don't remember quite hten, but I think I may have read that it got open sourced,  but as I said I don't remember uqite10:04
bashrc"co-engineering project"?10:05
bashrcat the end of the advert I think they're trying to coopt some of the language of open source10:05
sebsebsebin fact maybe in 30 years time,  ReactOS wil be ready to replace WIndows being used by most people or not,  shame really about the such slow development of ReactOS since lack of developers, I mean imagine that if it was more developed much more developed10:05
popeyyes, people thought "ooh, source code" and thought it meant "open source"10:06
popeygiven how many thousands of developers microsoft has, reactos will _always_ be playing catch up10:06
popeyand some way behind10:06
popeyMS had some thousand or so people working on one device for example.10:06
bashrcthat MS had a thousand developers on a device shows how inefficient they must be. It must be quite hard to coordinate a team of that size10:14
popeyoh I dunno. it takes a lot to make a whole new device10:14
popey(Microsoft HoloLens)10:14
sebsebsebHoloLens ???????10:14
sebsebsebwhat's that or was that a joke?10:14
bashrcthat's true, but a thouand? That seems like an incredibly large team10:14
popeySamsung recently moved a thousand people to work on Tizen10:15
* sebsebseb waits for first Ubuntu Phone :d10:15
popeythese are huge companies10:15
sebsebsebyeah OS's take time to make.....  how long depnds on how made, waht people etc etc,  but right we all know that here I guess anyway :d10:15
* bashrc thinks open source is maybe a thin blue line10:15
popeysebsebseb: http://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2015/01/hands-on-with-hololens-making-the-virtual-real/10:24
awilkinsSure a lot of those thousand are people making demo content and apps, people marketing, etc10:26
awilkinsIn general I like Microsoft peripheral hardware10:26
awilkinsTheir mice / joysticks / gamepads are all solid and good quality10:27
selinuxiummsg: popey Hi fella. Got a few Ubuntu Business questions you might be able to help steer me towards so answers if that is OK?10:47
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:49
MooDoomorning brobostigon10:55
brobostigonmorning MooDoo10:55
selinuxium'lo Brobo10:56
brobostigonmorning selinuxium11:10
cybernovahi, i have a 20£ voucher for HelloFresh from Amazon, dont know what to do with it, so if you want it the code is HFNYAMZ1 and is valid only for UK and NI11:19
awilkinsAnyone want the worst job ever? : http://jobview.monster.com/getjob.aspx?JobId=144461403&jvs=cf,can-6342,can,0&WT.mc_n=olm_sk_feed_ziprecruiter11:47
awilkinsHmm. cybernova may just be some kinda innovative spammer, but who spams IRC channels....11:50
awilkinsAnd this HelloFresh thing looks like my kinda thing actually.11:50
* Myrtti_ just cooks from the Hairy Dieters books and orders stuff from Tesco11:51
awilkinsReally, I should just adopt a routine of committing to opening one of the vast quantity of recipe books I have and cooking a new thing at least once a week11:56
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awilkinsBut I think this addresses the whole "mental effort" thing11:56
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)11:57
popeyawilkins: i have used gousto12:04
popeywhich is very much like hellofresh12:04
popeyyou pick recipes, they send you the exact ingredients and a recipe card12:04
Myrtti_incidentally I've lost nearly 12kilos since we started Hairy Dieters. With occasional relapse into a chicken kebab and Christmas without gaining any weight.12:06
Myrtti_we started in September I think12:06
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awilkinsMy problem is lack of exercise12:06
awilkinsDoing this new job working at home and my home/life balance is still wobbling about12:07
Myrttiso is mine, but if I go exercise with all this bulk I'll break my knees to even worse condition12:07
Myrttiso, weightloss with a food regimen first12:07
awilkinsNeed to set a timer or something and delineate when worktime stops and exercise time starts12:07
awilkinsMyrtti, build some muscle mass as well ; a great passive slimming aid12:08
awilkinsShould be able to do that with low-impact exercise12:08
* awilkins shuts up and concentrates on his own health12:09
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Myrttiyeah, that is the long time plan. I'm just a bit limited with my options on low-impact and having already once hurt myself in the gym permanently, it's a bit scary to start over.12:33
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daftykinshi sir20:56
popeythink i need to do that21:00
mappsanyone familiar with enabling ssl on squid?21:11
mappsor do i need to download the source and compile..cant do it from a repo install?21:11
mappswhy lol?21:11
daftykinsmapps and his antics :P21:11
mappsi did google and have a quick read and seems i may have to use source21:12
daftykinsVPNing not enough anymore?21:12
mappsmy friend wants to use my connectioon remotely21:12
mappsand hes an idiot..he wont manage to use a vpn21:12
mappsit'd be easier for me to explain setting a browser to use a proxy:)21:12
daftykinsso give a shell account over SSH and explain PuTTY tunnel + SOCKS proxy in firefox ?21:13
daftykinsnext to no setup21:13
mappsalso..any idea on why my 2nd pi is sloooow compred to my one back in stoke? any apt-get command is slow as anything...yet same pi/power supply/sd card21:13
mappsLOL ssh dream on..he'd be lost21:13
daftykinsyours involves way more faffing on your part though21:13
mappsany idea on the pi?:(21:14
daftykinsexplaining how to download PuTTY and configure the tunnel, zero effort21:14
daftykinsidea on what with a pi?21:14
mappswhy it's so damn slow..running any apt-get command21:14
daftykinsprobably because they suck for network and disk IO21:14
mappsbuilding dependency tree...x % TAKES AGES21:15
mappsyea but then my other one is like 10x faster21:15
daftykinsdunno, SD card speed etc etc21:16
daftykinsnever used one and don't intend to break that tradition now :)21:16
mappsall same as other one:)21:16
daftykinsgo the shell account route, simples.21:16
daftykinsi SSH to my VPS up in England to proxy via when i need to pretend to be English21:17
daftykinsor more to the point establish why your mate is wanting to browse weirdly 0o21:17
daftykinsi wouldn't have anyone else slowing me down :D21:17
mappsok next q..my IP here changes..on bt i wanna use a dyndns hostname and auto update the IP..but the pis behind the router..will it work? the no-ip client asks for my internet facing interface..well neither are really21:18
daftykinsit'll work it out.21:19
daftykinsit doesn't matter that it's not a direct interface, NAT takes care of that21:20
daftykinswhy don't you just try these things :P21:20
mappstrying anything on this pi21:20
mappsis SLOW as i was saying21:20
mappselse i would21:20
daftykinsoy vey.21:20
shaunoit's quicker to just ask dafty :)21:20
shaunoyou don't learn anything that way, but ..21:20
mappsshould i bother trying win10 in a vm..no doubt it'll suck:D21:21
daftykinsit's nothing like the latest presentation, unless they've put out new media yet21:21
mappsyou try on a vm or as main os?721:21
daftykinsi'm not an idiot, so VM21:22
mappscould be an old or empty machine if youd put it as main os21:22
daftykinsi only have a pile of craptops21:22
mappsfinally got my pesky nexus7 to turn on..when they run down completely..man they take AGES to charge up..like ages21:22
daftykinsmaybe that's down to the charger ampage we were talking about the other day?21:23
mappsi think it's a known 'problem' if it gets to 0% the nexus acts like a brick for ages21:23
mappsi was using trhe charger it came with21:23
daftykinsoh i see21:23
daftykinsyeah that's big with all such devices i think really21:23
daftykinsyou shouldn't ever let tablets go flat21:24
daftykinsheh yesterday i updated a guys old laptop that we hadn't booted since April21:24
daftykinswhen we got its' replacement probably XD21:25
mappssuper old?21:25
daftykinsmmm, kind of21:25
daftykinscore 2 duo mobile, 4GB RAM and SSD21:26
daftykinsin a carbon fibre shell21:26
daftykinsit's done him well for years, gets taken all over the globe for business use21:26
daftykinsstill does at least 6hrs battery i would expect21:26
mappsthats not bad21:27
mappsmy laptop didnt last too long..used on flight for a bit..and on the bus 10mins..dead21:27
mapps3-4hrs max21:27
daftykinswas more like 8-9 hrs new21:28
daftykinswe went through a few generations of sony ultraportables before, during and after the whole netbook thing21:29
mappsthis film chained is good21:32
shaunoI'm watching 'kon tiki', but I'm starting to suspect it should have had subtitles21:34
daftykinsmapps]: logged in and i see the updated win10 tech preview image is 'coming soon'22:21
diddledanshauno, were you n0rty and downloaded it accidentally?22:22
shaunolol - naw22:23
daftykinsi can't be a traitor since i don't run desktop Linux :D22:23
shaunoI used something that looked like win8 on a server recently?22:24
diddledanshauno, no, i meant the kontiki thing22:24
diddledanshauno, I notice though that you said that almost an hour ago22:24
diddledanI suck22:24
shaunoit's okay dan.  we're way past expecting you to make sense :)22:24
diddledanthis looks really fun: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3339966/22:30
diddledanit helps that it's entirely original tv rather than "marvel's <insert random comic book hero du jour here>"22:34
diddledanthe world is surely going to get fed up with marvel soon22:35
diddledanif it hasn't already22:35
daftykinsi'm already on season 5 of 6, of my Sopranos bluray set22:35
diddledanjeez, louisae22:35
diddledanyou been busy22:36
daftykinsthere are only 13 eps per season for 1-5, ~50 mins each22:36
diddledanaah, that helps22:36
daftykinsbut yeah pretty much watch one or two every day22:36
diddledanusual run for an american series seems to be about 20ish?22:36
daftykinsthey seemed to make them do that for season 622:37
daftykinsi was gonna watch that windows 10 event, but 2 hours? ugh22:37
diddledanbritish tv on the other hand is 6 eps22:37
daftykinsthe brief recaps will suffice ;)22:37
daftykinsSopranos was thankfully from a time before all this tendancy to become poorly written due to being pushed for ratings, it seems like22:42
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