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rionHi. I have an app which has tray icon with context menu. When I choose something from menu, windows open in background. It's expected to open them in foreground by user input. I can't find any api for that07:21
rionIt qt app. With sni-qt in Ubuntu 14.04.07:22
rionI guess I have to call some X11 functions directly but I believe there should be better way07:26
rionHm I knew it's useless to ask something in irc.. Gotta review unity sources..07:31
tsdgeosCimi: mzanetti: what's the status of https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/unity8/fix-left-edge-on-spread/+merge/243400 ?09:06
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tsdgeosCimi: is this what we use https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/fix-1363400/+merge/247129 in rtm or there's a corresponding rtm branch for systemsettings?09:32
tsdgeosor is the bug for vivid only atm?09:33
tsdgeosdednick: you seem the most indicate to review this one liner https://code.launchpad.net/~seb128/unity8/set-inline-reply-hint/+merge/24076609:40
tsdgeosdednick: i looks good to me, but i'd appreciate you having a quick look09:40
tsdgeosdednick: morning btw :D09:40
dednicktsdgeos: :) good morning to you as well09:41
dednicktsdgeos: i'll take a look09:41
tsdgeoscool :)09:41
dednicktsdgeos, seb128: nearly there09:46
dednickjust update pot file.09:47
seb128dednick, you do that in individual mps? don't that make difficult to avoid merge conflicts when trying to land several branches?09:47
seb128tsdgeos, ^09:47
dednicki dont actually know. maybe not09:48
tsdgeosseb128: we actually do, don't have that many strings (new or changes) so it's not really an issue09:48
seb128we stopped doing that in settings because we kept having conflicts09:48
dednickyeah, i guess all of our strings come from third party09:49
tsdgeosyou probably have much more changes there than us09:49
seb128anyway, going to update the pot09:51
seb128thanks for the review :-)09:51
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seb128dednick, tsdgeos, updated with the pot update (rebased on trunk as well)10:11
tsdgeosdednick: do you do the honors?10:13
dednicktsdgeos: seb128: approved10:14
tsdgeosone more down!10:14
seb128dednick, thanks10:15
tsdgeosCimi: how busy are you. Since https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1411748 is quite critical, want me to take it?10:15
ubot5Launchpad bug 1411748 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[Arale] News aggregator scope has a white scope background in cards" [Critical,New]10:15
Cimitsdgeos, I started 5 mins ago10:15
tsdgeosCimi: ok10:18
tsdgeosCimi: is this what we use https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/fix-1363400/+merge/247129 in rtm or there's a corresponding rtm branch for systemsettings?10:18
Cimitsdgeos, there is another one, but is for ubuntu system settings10:19
Cimitsdgeos, I am trying to see if it works with the binding10:19
tsdgeosCimi: can you cross link them?10:19
Cimitsdgeos, I tried with the binding before, It didn't work, trying again10:21
tsdgeossince they're basically "the same" review probably, no?10:21
tsdgeosso once we get one don't the other should be good too?10:22
Cimitsdgeos, yes10:23
Cimitsdgeos, I didn't cross link them10:23
Cimitsdgeos, I added both to the bugreport10:24
tsdgeosoki, so some links in the description or something would be useful10:24
tsdgeosah that makes sense, but can you do the link in the description for lazy people as me ? :D10:24
Cimitsdgeos, it doesn't work with the binding10:26
Cimitsdgeos, because it needs onNetworkNameChanged10:27
Cimitsdgeos, which isn't a property10:27
Cimitsdgeos, you get it through a binding10:27
tsdgeosit isn't?10:27
Cimitsdgeos, http://paste.ubuntu.com/9817316/10:28
Cimitsdgeos, currentNetworkMode is the only property, but it doesn't change when you switch wifi10:28
tsdgeosthat's weird10:29
tsdgeosand contradicts http://doc-snapshot.qt-project.org/qt-mobility/qml-networkinfo.html10:29
tsdgeosCimi: where you got that paste from?10:32
dandradermzanetti, ping10:36
mzanettidandrader: pong10:39
dandradermzanetti, did you go running yesterday?10:39
mzanettidandrader: nope... weather doesn't play nice these days10:39
tsdgeosCimi: but yeah you're right it's not a property10:40
tsdgeosCimi: ok then, can you explain so in the MR?10:40
mzanettidandrader: fyi, yesterday I saw the issue with a vivid device10:42
mzanettidandrader: just for having it in my pocket for a minute or two10:42
mzanettiobviously not logging10:42
dandradermzanetti, this is actually good news10:44
dandrader(that is also happens in devel-proposed)10:44
dandradermzanetti, I think the problem is your pocket :D10:45
mzanettiprobably :D10:45
Cimitsdgeos, doing10:52
tsdgeosCimi: i did10:52
Cimitsdgeos, was replying to phablet :)10:52
tsdgeosseb128: since https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/ubuntu-system-settings/fix-1363400/+merge/247131 has both a u.s.s and a unity8 MR i guess only one of us should review it? You guys do or we do?11:02
greybackseb128: hey, the gtk fix is in silo 12, can I ask you to test?11:55
dandradermzanetti, why it didn't build for arm? https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/+recipe/unity8-debug-edges11:59
tsdgeosi think only some special ppa's build on arm12:00
tsdgeosthat's why we use the right-edge ppa12:00
tsdgeoseven it's not about the right-edge anymore12:00
tsdgeosor that's my understanding12:00
tsdgeoscould be wrong12:00
mzanettidandrader: you have to ping someone to enable arm builds, however you still only get a qemu builder then12:02
mzanettiwhich won't work because of a bug that it crashes when running tests12:03
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Cimitsdgeos, https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/fix-1411748/+merge/24727812:09
* tsdgeos clicks12:10
* tsdgeos reviews12:10
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tsdgeosCimi: i'd change the commit message12:37
tsdgeosto "Background is no longer visible for horizontal cards with art and summary that don't specify a background"12:37
tsdgeosor something like that12:37
tsdgeosi mean it'll be visible if specified, no?12:38
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seb128greyback_, hey, sure can, doing that in a bit14:12
seb128tsdgeos, whoever has free slots first, if you want to do it please do14:12
dandradermterry, hey, all fixed in https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/unity8/unifyLightDMMocks/+merge/24459314:13
mterrydandrader, yar ok14:14
tsdgeosCimi: i changed the commit message of https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/fix-1411748/+merge/24727814:20
tsdgeoswhat do you think?14:20
mterrydandrader, the unity8.application_lifecycle.tests.test_application_lifecycle.ApplicationLifecycleTests.test_greeter_hides_on_app_focus test fails...14:22
mterrydandrader, it doesn't on trunk for me14:22
tsdgeosCimi: also added some comments14:39
paulliuhi. https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical/unity8/pair_with_paul/+merge/24633014:41
paulliuCan anyone please review this for me? I think I'm not good for review because I wrote some code.14:41
Cimitsdgeos, ok pushing now14:50
tsdgeospaulliu: who wrote it? you and allan?14:50
tsdgeosyou and leo?14:51
paulliutsdgeos: yes. Leo and me.14:51
dandradermterry, it passed here14:56
dandradermterry, did you run it more than once?14:56
dandradermterry, maybe this test is unstable14:56
mterrydandrader, it failed in jenkins14:57
tsdgeosCimi: https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/fix-1411748/+merge/247278 looks good, let's wait for jenkins to finish14:59
dandradermterry, many other AP tests failed there. And the very same set also failed for this other, unrelated, MP: https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/fix-1363400/+merge/24712915:01
dandradermterry, so to me there AP failures seem unrelated to the MP changes15:01
mterrydandrader, I just see one failure there?15:01
mterryand it's not the same one15:01
dandradermterry, click on "Test Result"15:02
dandradermterry, and you will get the full set15:02
mterrydandrader, still see one?15:02
dandradermterry, ah, I misread the page. it has "All failed tests" and "all tests"15:03
dandradermterry, so the common failure is unity8.indicators.tests.test_indicators.IndicatorPageTitleMatchesWidgetTestCase.test_indicator_page_title_matches_widget(Messaging,Native Device)15:04
mterrydandrader, right.  I don't think that's related to your changes15:04
* dandrader clicks on "rebuild" and hopes for the best15:04
mterrydandrader, but there is a greeter failure that might be15:04
dandraderoh, my VPN seems to be broken :/15:05
dandraderthe underlying cause of the failure there is a dbus connection error in the code introspection15:09
tsdgeoswe have 36 qmltests failing?¿?¿?¿?¿15:15
tsdgeoshow did that happen :D15:15
* mzanetti hides15:21
tsdgeospaulliu's branch has that many and has autopilot only changes so it would seem15:23
tsdgeosi'm building mster to test atm15:23
seb128greyback_, silo 012 fixes gtk apps for me (well, gedit doesn't run but that's probably another issue, gnome-calculator and a small test program I had to test click events work)15:24
greyback_seb128: yay15:24
greyback_seb128: tho strange, gedit worked for me >1 week ago.15:24
greyback_seb128: did you test phome/emulator by any chance?15:24
seb128greyback_, not yet, looking at gedit15:25
kgunnbug 141174815:28
ubot5bug 1411748 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "[Arale] News aggregator scope has a white scope background in cards" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141174815:28
mzanettimterry: hey, in testShell, the greeter shows up in tablet mode15:34
mzanettiany idea what could have happened?15:34
mterrymzanetti, huh...15:34
mterrymzanetti, that's based on width/height I think15:34
mterrymzanetti, in short no, I'm not sure why that would have changed15:34
mzanettimterry: seems "multiUser" is true15:35
mterryah that would do it too15:35
mzanettimterry: so probably the wrong LightDM mock is loaded?15:36
mterrymzanetti, sounds like it15:36
Cimihttps://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/fix-1363400/+merge/247129 is failing15:53
Cimimaybe I need qml-module-qtsysteminfo for build?15:53
Cimiin debian/control ?15:54
Cimimterry, ^15:54
Cimibecause it is used in tests I believe, since we load qml components that need qml-module-qtsysteminfo15:55
mterryCimi, yeah, I'm not sure how jenkins runs the qmluitests, whether it installs the packages or just the build-deps15:56
mterryCimi, but you are clearly getting "module "QtSystemInfo" is not installed" errors15:56
mterryCimi, so I'd guess it just installs build-deps and you should add it15:56
Cimimterry, thanks, pushed16:00
seb128greyback_, reading the upstart log, it seems gedit/gtk-mir calls regularly gdk_mir_display_request_selection_notification, that's not the case when running under the mir test server (where gedit runs without issue)16:02
seb128not sure if that's where it goes wrong though16:02
greyback_seb128: I've no clue why that might be. Sounds like separate issue to the rendering bug though. Think it worth a separate bug16:04
seb128the rendering issue is fixed16:05
josharensonSaviq: can you review this if you have time? It should resolve the issue you found in my screenshot branch. https://code.launchpad.net/~josharenson/unity-system-compositor/handle_screenshot_button16:07
greyback_josharenson: Saviq on hols this week16:07
josharensongreyback_: explains why he isn't on any other channel :-)16:07
greyback_josharenson: only time he is marked away from IRC is if he's half-way up a mountain16:08
josharensongreyback_: haha ok16:08
rion4ikCan someone tell me what api I should use to force activate/bring to front window in unity?16:09
larsurion4ik: depends on the toolkit you're using16:09
larsurion4ik: in gtk, it's gtk_window_present()16:09
rion4ikI use qt16:10
rion4ikBut it's not a problem to link with anything16:10
larsudon't link with gtk if you're writing a qt app. There's probably some api on QWindow that does this16:11
rion4ikActual problem is that my app can't still focus from another focused app.16:13
larsuthat is a window manager feature - your app shouldn't do that16:13
greyback_rion4ik: that's something the window manager is designed to prevent you from doing16:14
rion4ikMy app has context menu in tray. When user wants to open options for example he chooses corresponding item from context menu but sees nothing since options were opened in background16:15
rion4ikQuite annoying to click again to activate window16:16
larsuthat's probably a bug in compiz :/16:17
rion4ikProbably when user clicks on tray compiz should mark current focused window as to be able to transfer focus to another app16:18
rion4ikSorry for my English. Not native)16:19
rion4ikShould I report it?16:20
greyback_rion4ik: yes please do16:21
greyback_rion4ik: this is a workaround, but use it with care: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/trunk/view/head:/libunity-2d-private/src/unity2ddeclarativeview.cpp#L24916:21
mzanettipaulliu: hey, you guys forgot the checklist here: https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical/unity8/pair_with_paul/+merge/24633016:22
paulliumzanetti: yeah. indeed. Let me paste the checklist.16:22
mzanettipaulliu: thanks16:27
mterryHow can I tell if a qml object has been deleted out from under me?17:51
mterryer, scratch that, I have to go afk, but am interested in answers sitting on irc in meanwhile...17:52
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riongreyback_: the workaround works perfect! 😃18:59
greyback_rion: happy to hear it. Use with care though, bringing random windows to the front will annoy users! :)19:00
riongreyback_: sure. Thanks 😃19:10
Wellarkhey, who is the current unity7 guru ?20:01
WellarkI have very weird graphical glitches on vivid desktop with fglrx driver which makes working on the machine almost impossible or highly irritating at least20:02
Wellarkbasically the gl textures for different windows are wrong20:03
Wellarkif one window updates, part of it's contents are filling the window on top of it20:03
Wellarkand now I have qmlscene running as the bottom window20:03
Wellarkand on top of it there are multiple terminals and what not20:04
kgunnWellark: best bet is prolly mlankhorst for graphical stuff on unity720:04
Wellarkbut the surface of the qmlscene window keeps popping up on top of the different windows constantly when something in it changes20:04
Wellarkkgunn: is he on irc?20:05
kgunnunless bregma has an opinion20:05
Wellarkit's like the z-ordering is totally off20:05
kgunnWellark: yeah...might check ubuntu-devel20:05
kgunnor ubuntu-desktop20:05
kgunnhe's somewhere in europe iirc20:06
WellarkI know sam was constantly battling these issues on proprietary drivers20:06
Wellarkbut it's the fglrx.. so I would kinda hope that unity7 on 15.04 would still be usable :)20:06
Wellarkkgunn: or you could switch on your slave driver hat and get unity8 for the desktop ready by 15.04 so that I could switch over ;)20:09
* kgunn cracks whip20:11
kgunn& sings Rawhide20:11
bregmaWellark, can you possibly revert to a previous version of Compiz?20:14
bregmasounds like a buffer problem, either fglrx (likely) or a recent change to Compiz to fix a problem seen with nVidia drivers20:16
* davmor2 pictures kgunn like this now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdR6MN2jKYs20:21
Wellarkbregma: I can.. if you tell me how :)20:36
Wellarkbregma: I so do not envy the fact that you guys have to battle these issues20:37
Wellarkso hat off and free pints for the whole team! :)20:37
Wellarkbregma: I now manually got a new driver from AMD20:40
WellarkI will first try it20:40
kgunnbug 139039320:47
ubot5bug 1390393 in unity8 (Ubuntu RTM) "It's too easy to trigger a volume notification when taking a screenshot" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/139039320:47
kgunnjosharenson:  wrt ^20:47
kgunnso i got your usc branch reviewed20:47
josharensonkgunn: cool20:48
kgunnis that going to need to be landed along with the unity8 branch?20:48
josharensonkgunn: no the USC branch shouldn't affect anything20:48
josharensonuntil the unity branch is mergec20:48
kgunnjosharenson: getting a little pressure on trying to land that one for rtm too :-/20:48
kgunnjosharenson: is there any benefit to landing them seperately ?20:49
josharensonkgunn: It should be good to go, I ported mzanetti's earpiece changes into it already20:49
josharensonkgunn: no, the USC branch is less risky20:49
kgunnjosharenson: ok, i'm gonna put a vivid silo together then for those 220:49
kgunnjosharenson: i think tsdgeos indicated a merge conflict tho...if you don't mind addressing20:50
josharensonkgunn: I haven't tested the most recent changes thoroughly yet (to the unity one)20:50
josharensonkgunn: yeah that was expected, working on it now20:50
mzanettijosharenson1: ping21:08
josharenson1mzanetti: pong21:08
mzanettijosharenson1: hey, just had a look at your input branch. one small thing:21:09
Wellarkbregma: if you could give me the instructions how to downgrade the compiz version, that would be great :)21:09
Wellarkthe new fglrx from amd hosed X.org21:09
Wellarkso I reverted back to whatever is in the restricted repo21:09
mzanettijosharenson1: could you please change the PhysicalKeyMapper.onKeyPressed() to return a bool if the key has been handled or not21:10
Wellarkreboot seems to have reduced the problem21:10
mzanettijosharenson1: instead if then re-comparing the keys in shell.qml21:10
Wellarkbut I suspect it gets worse over time21:10
mzanettijosharenson1: otherwise that'll drift over time and we return event.accepted = false while instead it has been handled or vice versa21:10
mzanettiso that shell only has a event.accepted = physicalKeysMapper.onKeyPressed(event.key);21:11
josharenson1mzanetti: someone told me a while back to do the exact opposite... it makes more sense the way you are saying21:11
mzanettioh well then21:11
josharenson1mzanetti: I could even move the media keys into PhysicalKeyMapper21:11
josharenson1if PhysicalKeyMapper returned a bool21:11
mzanettiyeah, I'd say that would make sense21:11
josharenson1mzanetti: I'm for doing it your way21:11
mzanettiwho told you to do it the other way round?21:11
mzanettiif it was Saviq, it takes precedence :)21:12
josharenson1mzanetti: it was a while ago, so I'm not sure...21:12
* mzanetti wouldn't think saviq would do that...21:12
mzanettiif you agree too, let's change it...21:12
josharenson1mzanetti: no it was either dandrader or tsdgeos21:13
josharenson1mzanetti: ok I'm changing it.. Do you think I should move the media keys too? Have to get the CallManager into the PhysicalKeysMapper21:13
mzanettiif that opens a can of worms, no, if its simple to do, works and looks cleaner, yes21:14
josharenson1mzanetti: ack21:14
mzanettisorry... I should have reviewed this earlier... but LP somehow doesn't show your commits between the comments, so I thought it was still WIP21:15
mzanettii.e. not responded to the last comment yet21:15
bregmaWellark, try checking to see if you have an older version of *compiz*.deb in /var/cache/apt/archives -- you might get lucky21:22
bregmaWellark, are you on vivid?21:23
Wellarkbregma: yes, on vivid21:34
Wellarkbregma: I should be able to install older version by forcing it with apt-get21:34
Wellarkthe older version is still available in the archives, right?21:34
Wellarkjust tell me what version number I nee21:34
Wellarkalthough I'm not seeing much of problems right now after a reboot, but they tend to manifest after the system has been running for a while21:35
Wellarkbregma: btw, totally unrelated question21:35
Wellarkif I grab unity7 source code21:36
Wellarkam I able to run the local build inside a window for testing purposes21:36
WellarkI have one crazy prototype I want to try21:36
Wellarkif it's not possible, then I guess I can set up a virtual machine where I can actually install and restart unity7 when needed21:36
rionWellark: I have the same issue on VirtualBox.22:31
rionNot sure if gl related. Start screen of qt creator partially overlaps windows on top of it22:34

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