pleia2fyi: site is down for a little bit "The physical hardware that your Linode resides on requires emergency maintenance and we feel the most prudent course of action is to migrate your Linode to new hardware."02:27
pleia2it's gone down twice in as many weeks due to hardware issues, so I'm not surprised or unhappy about this, glad they're finally moving it02:28
nhainespleia2: who is Debra Williams plz?02:32
pleia2nhaines: oh! she's the woman I work with at pearson for my books02:34
pleia2Matthew must have forwarded the thread02:34
nhainesCool.  I sort of imagined that but wanted to make sure.02:36
nhainesMy editor from Apress is going to be at SCALE too.  :)02:36
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