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cmaloneyGod dammit.02:48
cmaloneyThe one night that I decide to not head on out. :)02:48
cmaloneylmorchard: Yeah, we're still meeting. :)02:48
cmaloneyWas just tired this evening and rick_h_ wasn't heading out so I decided to skip02:49
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cmaloneySo it is said12:30
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jrwrenwhat is so good about it?14:07
cmaloneyIt's one more day that the universe hasn't decided to smite us14:09
cmaloneyI think that's a good start14:09
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cmaloneyI <3 Detroit15:05
cmaloneyThey've scheduled Rush on June 15th (a Monday)15:05
cmaloneyAnd they'll fill the place15:05
cmaloneybecause Detroit is the home of Rock and Roll15:05
cmaloney14th rather15:06
cmaloneywhich is a Sunday15:06
cmaloneyActually all of these dates are kind of wonky15:07
jcastrosmoser, around?21:31

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