Kilosmorning all05:48
Kiloshi bduk  05:53
bdukMore Kilos  and others05:55
grembleGood morning06:09
Kilosmorning gremble  06:10
superflyhi gremble and Kilos06:27
Kilosohi superfly  06:27
superflywelcome back, bduk06:30
bdukdam ekdom switch the power of fortunately i have a tab06:31
Kiloshows the family superfly  ?06:32
Kiloswow even govt power switched off06:32
bdukjip another waisted day eksdom doesnt care06:33
Kiloswhere are all those inmates gonna get pap from now06:34
Kilosbox pap06:34
superflyKilos: all good06:35
bdukdont know and dont care not my prob. Uncle Jan thought about that when he landed in the cape and install some boilers for us06:36
inetprogood mornings06:45
Kilosmorning inetpro  06:46
inetprohmm... 06:48
inetprobduk: loadshedding?06:48
bdukinetpro i thought so but apparently they are servicing our substations06:55
Kilossomeone (i think the fly) spoke about us linking up with other african countries the other night07:29
Kilosi have prepared a message to namibia admin guys, can someone please edit it for me07:30
Kilosor approve disapprove the idea07:31
Kiloshaha that chased him07:32
Kiloswb gremble  07:33
=== gremble is now known as Guest58397
Kilosor maybe give me a basic template to use07:53
Kilosplustwo  what are you breaking08:06
charlgood morning08:31
charlMaaz: coffee on08:31
* Maaz starts grinding coffee08:31
Kiloshi charl  08:31
charlhi Kilos 08:31
charlhow are you this morning08:31
Kilosdunno actually and you?08:31
charli'm good !08:31
KilosMaaz  coffee please08:31
MaazKilos: Sure08:31
KilosMaaz  with cremora08:32
MaazAh! At last someone with taste08:32
charlMaaz: with rusks08:32
MaazThere is a packet of Ouma's in the cupboard charl help yourself08:32
charlgood, good08:32
MaazCoffee's ready for charl and Kilos!08:35
KilosMaaz  ty08:35
MaazYou are welcome Kilos08:35
charlMaaz: danke08:37
charlKilos: did you hear about the web version of whatsapp ?08:37
charli can recall you asking to do pidgin whatsapp before08:37
Kilosnope charl  08:37
Kilosoh yes08:38
charlit only works in google chrome though08:38
charleven chromium seems not to be supported08:38
charland you still need a mobile phone, also one that can scan a QR code08:38
Kilosi have the plugin for pidgin working but cant get whatsapp to send me my password to the fone first08:38
Kilosthere is a way you ask for the code and they sms it to your fone but i cant get that to work08:39
Kilosall i need is that code then it will work in pidgin08:40
charlwell if you have chrome and you can scan QR codes you could try it08:40
Kilosi have no idea how to scan but let me install chrome then we can look at it08:40
charlfirst read the faq to see if it will work for you before installing chrome though08:41
Kiloshaha i have probs getting the pc to even see the fone08:45
Kiloswill wait for sis to come home and get her bb data cable08:45
Kilosim not impressed with the vodacom service with blackberry. sis has been offline for a month in this area, but it works everywhere else, even namibia08:47
Kilosim sure the prob is the tower/s in this area that arent activated with bb. but they keep telling her to take it to the shop for setting up.08:48
Kilosthats after like 10 times going through all the settings with them online08:48
Kilos10 ks from here in any direction it works08:50
charlyeah it's similar here08:52
charlwhen i was in hospital three years ago i could only get gprs and barely08:53
charland then a few KM further away it works perfectly08:53
charljust the hospital was in a blind spot08:53
Kilosif it wasnt for all the family having whatsapp id forget the idea08:53
charli was offline for almost a week08:53
Kilosya but we arent in a blind spot at all, her tablet goes online fine, its the bb>vodacom prob08:54
Kilosthe bb shows gsm connection only08:54
charlwhatsapp is a problem because it doesn't federate with any other xmpp service08:55
charlthat's why i don't use it08:55
Kilosshould show edge or 3g or something when it is connected08:55
charlit isn't suitable for use on the public internet because it doesn't comply to open standards and protocols08:55
charlproprietary applications are ok if they are only used inside a certain company though (imho)08:55
Kilosyeah , prob is about everyone has whatsapp. got look at places that sell second hand stuff and see they all give whatsapp as contact point08:56
Kilosnot places, peeps09:01
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  09:58
mazalAfternoon all11:39
Kiloshi mazal  12:00
Kilosfoget earlier slexy post. please check this one out http://slexy.org/view/s2uqc4PO0Q12:17
Kilosforget as well12:17
Kilosjust see if its fine to approach other countries with this message ty12:18
mazalLekker aand oom , cheers12:51
Kilosjy ook dankie seun12:52
grembleI'm trying out weechat. So far it seems nice :P13:44
grembleTor just doesn't want to play nice13:45
Kiloscharl also likes the new weechat13:49
Kilosstorm kom van die weste of noord weste inetpro  13:54
inetprothanks Kilos13:55
* Kilos waits for power to die. lekker wind blowing14:07
inetproKilos: eish! Too late for me already, looks like it's raining in city centre already14:09
grembleRaining here as well14:11
grembleI should convince my mother to make pancakes for dinner14:12
Kiloswonderful idea , pancakes when it rains14:14
Kilosthat custom comes down many generations14:14
Kilosgremble  did you put up a notice?14:15
grembleA notice?14:17
Kiloscloud burst here atm14:18
Kilosfor peeps to join us14:19
AlphaGgood day folks14:20
MaazAlphaG: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell alphaG Just hang around if no one answers you immediately , sooner or later someone will get to see your message, and best of all if you have a problem then state it and hang for an answer" 5 months, 2 days, 23 hours, 58 minutes and 49 seconds ago14:20
Kiloshi AlphaG  14:21
grembleI think he ended up fixing his problem14:21
Kilosthats an old message14:21
Kiloshow come you take 5 months to fix things AlphaG  ?14:21
Kilosyou worse than me14:22
grembleBecause he obviously didn't hang around14:22
Kilosi cant even remember what the problem was14:22
AlphaGwhat was that14:22
Kilosread the message above from Maaz  14:22
Kilosyou were trying to do something or fix something14:23
AlphaGeish I can't remember.. I think I was at the lab installing 14.0114:23
AlphaGI'm still using ubuntu for home theatre awesome14:24
AlphaGcan anyone assist me with a wifi problem.14:25
AlphaGmy devices keeps saying ... obtaining ip adress... failed.. 14:26
superflyAlphaG: did you check what was in syslog?14:31
AlphaGno.. its the labs wifi.. labs closed then my mobile usually pics up wifi when in range. 14:33
AlphaGI haven't connectd my ubuntu laptop in 5 months to the wifi .. 14:34
AlphaGjust want to know what could be causing this. . bc few days ago it was working.14:35
AlphaGusually connect just to update the install as I did last time..14:36
Kilossjoe tower got a whack from that bright light but seems to have survived14:38
KilosMaaz  hello14:39
MaazHello Kilos14:39
AlphaGmaaz is slow14:40
Kilosmy lag here shows 501ms14:41
KilosMaaz  hi14:41
MaazHowzit Kilos14:41
KilosAlphaG  why didnt he answer you?14:42
Kilosok what irc client are you using14:42
Kiloswhen you type a nick type the first 2 or 3 letters and hit tab it sorts the nick with caps and all14:43
inetproKilos: I see sunshine, is it over or is it coming again?15:32
Kilosover now inetpro  got 10 mm15:32
inetproapparently we had hail at home15:32
AlphaGkilos paste my question here plz15:34
KilosI.partitioned. 500gb xternal.. into 3 parts ubuntu ext4 , pagefile and ntfs for windows access and data storage.15:35
Kilosoh wait15:35
Kilos12.04 should upgrade directly to 14.0415:35
Kilosi think lets goes directly to lts15:36
Kilosinetpro  ?15:36
Kiloslts to lts just upgrade?15:36
AlphaGwill that disturb partitions and data?15:36
Kilosopen update manager15:36
Kilosit should show what it will upgrade to15:37
Kilosnear the top15:37
AlphaGdoes it not just update packages?15:38
Kilosnope it updates everything to the later release15:38
Kilosopen update manager and look15:38
Kilosnothing happens till you tell it to15:38
AlphaGI can't now.. no wifi..15:38
Kilosohy arent you here with it now?15:39
AlphaGno dude. I'm on via mobile.15:39
Kiloswait a while let me boot old pc with 12.04 on15:39
Kiloswhy did you stay away for 5 months?15:40
AlphaGdon't I will check when I'm at the lab15:41
Kilosi nearly forgot about you15:41
Kilosits np 15:41
AlphaGyeah my laptops keyboard got busted... rain dropd 15:41
AlphaGand its a schlep carrying a bluetooth keyboard to lab with external box etc15:42
Kiloseish old pc booted to 14.04 too15:42
AlphaGand the lab was closed for holidays 15:42
Kilosalright 15:43
Kiloswhen you at the lap come here and well go through it15:43
AlphaGso ya.. and I'm probably the only one here who doesn't have adsl...15:43
Kilosno there are a few of us that use 3g15:43
Kilosall peeps in outline areas like plots and farms got no adsl15:44
AlphaGand asking u guys questions over a phone is pointless if I can't do anything on the ubuntu..15:44
Kilosget a pen and write down15:44
Kilosbut anyway you can come here with fone from the lap too if you have to15:44
AlphaGmy nearest adsl is at the ilab its at the mosq its free coz I assit there.. its for the community.15:45
Kilosoh wait i have 12.04 on a flash drive15:45
AlphaGI downloaded 14. iso I have it on the external here.15:46
Kilosgood use it to make a bootable live flash15:47
Kilosuse unetbootin15:47
AlphaGI don't wana mess with it n it ends up formatn the external... wich is why I asked if I can update it online safely15:48
Kilosyou wont mess up anything, unetbootin is an app that makes lives flash drives15:48
Kilosbut if you go no data cap then upgrading is fine15:49
AlphaGso take 14.04 create live flash15:49
AlphaGboot from the flash... 15:50
AlphaGinstall ubuntu...15:50
Kilosyou point unetbootin to where the iso is and it will see your empty flash and make the flash a live install like a dvd15:51
AlphaGyeah I got that part.15:51
Kilosjust hang here a while till the guys get home then well check about lts to lts upgrade15:52
AlphaGok ill come again.. 15:54
AlphaGubuntu is free..15:55
AlphaGwhy not create a free network for ubuntu15:55
AlphaGubuntu internet15:55
AlphaGno data fees15:55
Kilosand connect with what 3g supplier15:56
AlphaGthat will change my world15:56
Kilosyeah it would15:56
AlphaGa free access to ubuntu servers15:56
AlphaGand irc15:56
AlphaGfor knowledge15:57
Kilosi think the logistics of that is out of everyones reach15:58
AlphaGnot that I'm complaining about this .. but chatting over a blackberry on irc and then traveling and paying for data just to use free o.s is .....15:58
Kiloslike who will pay telkom for using their cables15:58
AlphaGits not impossible if ubuntu is free all15:58
Kilosor voda or mtn for the 3g peeps15:58
AlphaGnevermind them15:59
Kilosthe network providersa will all want payment15:59
Kilosnothing is free15:59
Kiloseverything costs somewhere along the line16:00
Kiloseven if checkers gave away groceries you would still pay for the petrol to get there and back16:01
AlphaGdon't get me wrong...16:02
Kilosbut if you can connect to one of the wugs then they help16:02
AlphaGI'm saying create ubuntunet16:02
Kilosthat would be nice but who will pay for all the cabling etc16:04
Kilosyou would have to use telkom existing cabling and they will charge16:05
AlphaGwifi. is free.16:09
Kiloslol the whole country hasnt got wifi16:09
AlphaGthat's the idea16:10
AlphaGread my friends blog...16:10
Kilosif the whole country has wifi then the idea would be good ya16:10
Kilosyeah the idea is good16:14
Kilosbut somewhwere someone has to pay16:15
Kilossignals dont go to satelites and back for free16:16
AlphaGthere's always a way16:17
Kilosillegally only16:18
AlphaGthe sun's rays travels to earth for free.16:18
Kiloslife is all about money16:18
AlphaGwithouth the sun... 16:18
AlphaGgtg will pop in again 16:19
Kilosok 16:19
Kilosread this16:19
magespawngood evening16:57
Kiloshi magespawn  16:57
Kilosyou forgot me16:57
Kilosi go eat16:57
Kilosand the pro16:59
magespawnis he also going for ubuntu memebership?16:59
magespawnor do you mean he forgot you too?17:01
Kilosno man magespawn  he is applying with us17:21
Kilosoh sorry yes as well17:21
Kilossometimes peeps sits and thinks and other times just sits17:22
Kiloshe just sits atm, 17:22
Kiloswe need to get him thinking so he can finish his page17:22
magespawni think he is really busy sometimes17:23
Kilosyou think?17:23
magespawn]and other times he has to sleep17:23
Kilosi think he is just always tired17:24
magespawnsometimes just not often 17:24
Kilosso tired he forgets to go sleep17:24
Kilosi think he games too much17:24
magespawnhmm i thought it was work and family17:25
Kiloswell he is clever so, finding excuses will be easy17:26
Kilosevening superfly  did you see17:26
Kilosi hit major testimonials17:26
magespawni saw the invite to the meeting17:27
superflyNo. I still have no Internet at home 17:27
Kilosfrom g+17:27
Kiloseish superfly  that sucks17:27
Kilosback to 3g17:27
Kilosget 8ta17:27
magespawnhey superfly you still at work?17:28
Kilossuperfly  can you see slexy posts on the fone?17:29
superflymagespawn: no, home. I'm using Quasseldroid17:31
superflyKilos: maybe, but not right now, busy with kids 17:32
Kilosok ty17:32
Kilosmagespawn  look at this thing, you think its for real?17:47
Kilosinetpro  ping17:49
superflyKilos: yes?17:51
Kilossuperfly  http://slexy.org/view/s2uqc4PO0Q17:52
Kiloscan i send like that17:52
Kilosto the namibia ubuntu peeps17:53
Kilosi think ill try link us to a few more countries if you guys agree17:53
Kiloslooking at the map shows how bad we are doing in africa17:54
superflyKilos: ya, that's fine, but just call us all community members17:54
captineevening all17:54
Kilosok ty vm17:54
Kiloshi captine  17:55
magespawnhi captine 18:04
superflyhi captine18:05
KilosSymmetri1  ping18:16
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy  18:18
Kilosmagespawn  can you help?18:21
magespawni will try Kilos 18:23
Kilosdid you see graeme login now?18:24
magespawnlogin and out and back in18:25
Kilosim sure the unaffiliated thing isnt supposed to show all that18:25
magespawnso yes18:25
Kiloswatch if mine also does it please18:25
Kilosmagespawn  and?18:26
magespawn20:25 -!- Kilos (~miles@unaffiliated/kilos) quits [Quit: Konversation terminated!]18:26
Kilosis that all18:26
magespawn20:26 -!- Kilos (~miles@unaffiliated/kilos) joins #ubuntu-za18:27
Kilosor also twice18:27
magespawnyup thats all18:27
Kiloscool ty18:27
magespawnnot twice18:27
KilosThatGraemeGuy  you want to sort it?18:27
Kilosi think it has something to do with adding your password in the clients info18:28
magespawni think he must have logged out when it was not cloaked18:28
Kilosyes thats what i mean18:28
ThatGraemeGuyi'm not really sure what you're on about18:28
magespawnhi ThatGraemeGuy 18:28
Kilosyour first login shows you ip addy18:28
magespawnyour first login was not cloaked18:28
Kilosthen you cloak18:28
ThatGraemeGuymeh, makes no difference to me18:28
Kilosoh ok18:29
superflyKilos: client info?18:29
Kiloswhere you enter channels to join and password18:30
Kilosthere are 2 places to enter password18:30
Kilosif you put your password in both it cloaks you before the channels open18:31
Kilosi think thats it18:31
Kiloslet me see18:31
magespawnmight also depend on how you are connecting to the channel18:31
superflyI think it's to do with connecting to Freenode, not just the channel18:32
Kilosone time only18:32
superflythanks for that Kilos, I didn't know that!18:33
magespawnlearn something new every day18:34
Kilossome of the guys login twice18:34
Kilosi cant see it on konversation because each channel you add you have to enter your password18:35
Kiloson xchat and hexchat you get 2 places to enter passwords18:35
Kiloslike whats the good of cloaking if it first shows your ip then changes hosts18:36
inetprogood evening19:09
Kiloshi inetpro  19:09
* inetpro trying to catch up 19:10
Kiloswow our only up to date mirror is neology19:17
Kiloshaha inetpro  ons het van jou geskinner19:20
Kilosdit was basies om jou uit te lok19:20
magespawni wonder why? network problems?19:20
Kiloslooks like ubuntu zim is dead19:20
inetproeish... ran out of bundle and we're not even close to the end of the month yet19:21
Kilosi dont know magespawn  , maybe bad settings or maintenance19:21
Kilosandrews one is up to date19:21
magespawnalmost there inetpro 19:21
Kilosoh my inetpro  what you been doing19:21
* inetpro now back on prepaid and trying to catch up again... you guys talk too much19:22
Kilosat least we are active19:22
Kilosive mailed ubuntu namibia, will report if/when they reply19:25
Kilosmaybe they want a german mail. i wonder who we can ask to compose it19:26
inetproKilos: apart from chatting with family and having dinner I also installed the official version of Google Chrome and have now tried Whatsapp in the browser19:29
inetproand it works, actually19:29
Kilosoh my i installed chrome just now too19:29
Kilosbut i dont know how to tether this experia19:30
inetpronot sure how the data transverses between my phone and the browser but it works19:30
Kilosdid you tether the fone?19:31
inetprohate to say this but I'm happy that this is working19:31
Kiloslol i will be as well when i get it working then i can shelve the xperia19:32
inetprofinally we can start interacting with the masses directly on the PC... even if the solution sucks19:32
magespawninetpro is the phone a hotspot?19:33
inetprothey should just make it work with any other browser as well19:33
Kilosoh you tehter the fone to scan for the code?19:33
inetpromagespawn: no19:33
magespawnokay i am just confused now19:33
inetproat this stage they are just both on the same wifi network19:33
Kilosmagespawn  https://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/web/2808000319:33
inetprolet me try putting the mobile on Vodacom data19:34
magespawnand the phone is the gatewat?19:34
Kilosno magespawn  19:34
Kilosread that link19:34
inetprook, I actually switched the data alltogether on the phone19:35
Kilosi think once you got it working you can put the fone off19:35
inetprowithin seconds I get an orange notification that reads, "Phone not connected, blah blah, blah..."19:36
Kilosoh my19:36
magespawnmaybe works something like airdroid19:36
inetproso I connect the phone and a test message I typed to my wife while it was offline goes through19:36
Kilosif it wants the fone connected as well isnt it going to use data on both?19:37
inetproso essentially I guess, the browser talks to Whatsapp in the cloud but notices a disconnect on the phone 19:37
inetprobecause it has to stay in sync19:38
inetproanything I chat on the PC also appears on the phone19:38
Kilosi think the pidgin way will be better19:38
magespawnso the pc part only works if the phone is online 19:39
Kilosthen fone must has whatsapp disconnected19:39
magespawndouble data maybe if they are both going out through the same internet connection19:39
inetpromagespawn: well the PC part works in the sense that I can still read the messages on the screen19:39
inetprobut messages will not deliver unless the phone is connected as well19:40
magespawndo you still recieve the message on the pc if the phones is disconnected?19:40
inetprohave not tested the scenarion but I doubt19:41
inetprothe double data will not bother me that much to be honest... text messages are small19:41
Kilosinetpro  dont you see my messages?19:42
inetprothe convenience of being able to stay focused on the desktop is long overdue19:42
inetproKilos: I do, but I ignore them :-)19:43
inetprosorry Kilos19:43
inetproKilos: to be honest, I thought I answered them19:43
magespawni have a few users that all use whatsapp all going through the same connection, i can actually measure it when somebody posts a photo to one of the groups19:44
Kilosi asked does it scan the code for whatsapp19:44
Kilosi just need my code then ill get whatsapp in pidgin with the fone off19:44
inetprooh, missed that19:44
inetproyou need an updated version of whatsapp on the phone19:45
Kilosits only been there about 5 months19:45
inetproon the updated version of Whatsapp on your phone, go to Menu > WhatsApp Web19:48
inetproand then, scan the QR Code on your computer19:48
inetproGetting Started with WhatsApp Web http://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/web/2808000319:49
Kilosthis is hard work changing glasses all the time19:50
grembleIm using chromium and whatsapp web wants me to download chrome19:51
Kiloschrome is 40 something megs19:52
Kilosi had to put a new bundle19:52
grembleIm nog going to download chrome19:52
grembleit is the same browser19:52
Kilostry make it see the whatsapp code19:53
captinewhatsapp in the browser... interesting19:55
superflyJust use Telegram 19:55
inetproTelegram is still much better!19:55
gremblebut that is only for short messages stop19:55
superflyHahaha,  nice one gremble 19:56
grembleI'm thinking about quitting mathematics and going into stand-up19:56
inetprowith Telegram I can do a screenshot on my PC, press the copy button on KSnapshot and just paste on Telegram19:57
* inetpro just had to test it after seeing Alistair Otter doing it on Linux19:58
inetproand I think it will help Kilos a lot, if it works19:58
Kilosya man ty. the android thing is hard work19:59
inetproyou can't change the masses over to Telegram overnight, they just follow whatever advertisers tell them to do19:59
grembleI'll advertise on facebook20:01
grembleIm influential like that20:01
superflyBwahahaha 20:01
grembleyou know, I have like 10 friends20:01
gremblethat is nothing to balk at20:01
grembleAre you calling me a twit, Kilos ?20:02
* Kilos looks around20:02
superflyAlways 20:02
grembleNo, not you, the other one20:02
grembleI like that telegram uses googles material science UX20:04
Kilosimtoo stupid for this20:05
Kiloswhatsapp shows nothing that opens a menu20:05
gremblePress the button with the stripes at the bottom20:05
grembleIt may or may not look like an actual button20:06
grembleWhat kind of phone do you have?20:06
Kilosxperia mini pro20:06
Kilosit shows only chat and one thing on the right that opens contacts to choose one20:07
Kilosalso shows nothing at the bottom20:08
grembleOk, you have three buttons at the bottom. the one on the right has three little stripes. That is your menu button for all of your apps20:08
gremblethe left one is an arrow and the middle one a little house20:08
Kilosright one is arrow20:08
Kilosmiddle one one block20:09
inetproand left?20:09
Kilosleft one 4 little blocks20:09
grembleI have the phone in front of me right now. if you hold it up, the keyboard slides out to the left20:09
grembleI see that model here20:09
Kiloslol i always have it open thats why i said i see nothing at the bottom20:09
grembleThe little blocks are the menu button20:10
gremblethe square is the home button20:10
gremble(the buttons below them that they denote)20:10
Kilosthe 4 little blocks opens a menu20:10
grembleI have no idea what you are trying to do though20:10
Kilos<inetpro> on the updated version of Whatsapp on your phone, go to Menu > WhatsApp Web20:11
inetproKilos: did you upgrade your whassup?20:11
Kilosnow to look for whatsapp web20:11
Kilosi dunno how man20:11
inetprogoogle play20:12
Kilosoh i have the playstore off20:12
inetprono wonder20:12
Kilostomorrow is better. too tired to keep changing glasses20:13
Kilosyou gonna make me blinder20:13
Kiloseish now play now is upgrading20:17
Kiloscould not contact the server please try later20:18
Kilosi go sleep20:18
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:18
Kilosty for the inf and help20:18
inetprogood night20:38
magespawngood night all20:39

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