MoonlightningScreen turned off and back on, and now it's booting normally (got a passphrase prompt)00:00
MoonlightningEriC^^: https://gist.github.com/BlacklightShining/6ab4158f7de5dfdd2e4400:01
EriC^^Moonlightning: it wont boot anymore?00:03
mave_anyone have an idea what might cause this as a result of 'aptitude update'?00:03
mave_google isn't very helpful00:03
MoonlightningEriC^^: it skipped the GRUB menu and stuck on a solid purple screen for half a minute during the boot, but otherwise it booted normally00:04
EriC^^Moonlightning: if you restart will it still boot?00:05
* Moonlightning reboots again00:06
MoonlightningYep. Manufacturer's logo, then solid purple screen for about 30 seconds, then I get the usual boot messages and the passphrase prompt.00:07
kostkonmave_, already tried aptitude clean?00:08
CorvetteHaving changed hardware and not doing a fresh install of ubuntu, is it possible that this would be the reason for Ubuntu not detecting a new sound card?00:09
MoonlightningEriC^^: So…next questions. Why don't I get a GRUB menu, and why does it stick on that purple screen for so long?00:10
Moonlightning'cos it doesn't do that when I boot from the liveusb00:10
EriC^^Moonlightning: you wont get a grub menu unless you modify /etc/default/grub00:10
bufferlossMoonlightning, do you have any other OS installed? or just ubuntu?00:10
bufferlossI get a grub menu on boot, but I have windows on a separate disk00:11
Moonlightningbufferloss, EriC^^: Just Ubuntu, but I have multiple kernels (didn't do that manually; I just have them because updates) and there seem to be menu entries for each kernel in /etc/default/grub00:12
mave_good point kostkon, i will try00:12
bekksMoonlightning: So just remove old, unused, kernels.00:12
bufferlossyeah, probably, though if your grub isn't configured to show itself on boot then you won't get that option00:12
MoonlightningIn /boot/grub/grub.cfg *00:12
bufferlossyou could configure it to show if you want00:12
fermulatordoes anyone have experience with ubuntu server, after a reboot, dropping to busybox? ; It shows that the root UUID partition is missing, and when I check devices, all of my mdadm devices are missing. mdadm isn't loaded in /proc/modules :(00:12
MoonlightningThere're also recovery-mode menu entries00:12
fermulatorand, "mdadm" is not found while in busybox, so I can't manually assemble00:13
mave_still no luck kostkon00:13
kostkonmave_, ok00:13
noname i_have_not_nick00:16
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glibtsyrhey everyone00:21
rocuroniumHey guys, I seem to have a problem with the python3-apt package, which gives me errors when trying to update. http://paste.ubuntu.com/9812085/  Can anyone help me out?00:32
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adoniscikwhat's the easiest way to see the desktop of a server on 14.04?00:35
adoniscikwhich I SSH into00:35
reisioadoniscik: does it have a desktop installed?00:35
g4vr0cheadoniscik: You can't really use the desktop on a server install by default.00:35
adoniscikI don't know if I'm using the right terms. The remote server is on Ubuntu 14.04 server, and has no screen00:36
adoniscikI have the CLI but I want to work with visual applications too00:36
adoniscikso you are saying I need to install unity or something, reisio?00:37
reisioadoniscik: ordinarily you would, yes indeed00:37
reisiowhat apps do you want to use00:37
reisioand why on that remote server?00:37
adoniscikit is not enough that I have unity on the local machine?00:37
adoniscikipython notebook and a browser like chrome for starters00:37
adoniscikhell just a browser00:38
A124adoniscik: Use X11 forwarding.00:38
eddieftwroxhey everyone. its moi again00:38
A124That way you can use application without actual GUI.00:38
eddieftwroxI was curious if its possible to run windows server at the same as ubuntu and I mean bash wise00:38
eddieftwroxsince im using a dedi server ^00:38
adoniscikI tried ssh -X, A124. is that the eright way?00:39
A124adoniscik: I think so, might be maybe also something else, do not remember.00:39
elhoirhello guys, i have a serious problem with one of my Ubuntu installations - i am unable to boot into it00:40
elhoirand i have no clue about what is going on00:40
tardisguy42Quick question: Ubuntu 14.10 = USB 1,2 Not reading. USB 3.0 ports work only. For why?00:40
A124adoniscik: Latency might kinda suck depending on circumstanceds and guest software acceleration. only fast thing I ever used was NX (commercial)00:40
elhoiri tought it was the plymouth-upstart-bridge error messages storm, but if i disable plymouth it behaves the same way00:41
elhoiri need help because i am not able to use Ubuntu now :/00:41
elhoirwith any kernel i try to load00:41
A124tried single user mode?00:41
bekkselhoir: So which error messages do you get?00:41
adoniscikthanks, A124. I'll worry about latency once I get it working at all00:41
elhoirA124, how?00:41
tardisguy42Clarification: When IOMMU feature is disabled = Ubuntu 14.10 Will not Read USB 1.x, 2.x ports. USB 3 Functions only.00:42
A124elhoir: Google :P00:42
A124!singleuser | elhoir00:42
bekkstardisguy42: That would implicitely mean that IOMMU is required for USB3, which isnt true.00:42
elhoirA124, problem is, i cant boot into Ubuntu, so i cant "init 2"00:42
bekkselhoir: So which error messages do you get?00:43
eddieftwroxhello? don't know if I received a reply but is it possible to launch windows server at the side of ubuntu?00:43
elhoirbekks - plymouth-upstart-bridge stops, respawning.....00:43
elhoirbekks - but nothing else00:43
A124elhoir: Google. You press "e" to edit start command, append "single" then press "b" to boot.00:43
A124I am currently compiling kernel.. so yeah.. nothing to do.00:44
elhoirA124, append "single", at any line? doesnt matter?00:44
bekksA124: How is that going to help, better use the recovery mode.00:44
A124elhoir: Oh also you can.. remove quiet00:45
elhoirA124, bekks i have tried disabling plymouth, disabling ACPI, disabling "quiet splash" and using "text"..... none of them worked00:45
elhoirA124, i did. Didnt work00:45
bekkselhoir: And the error message didnt changed00:45
eddieftwroxcan anyone see my messages? o.00:45
A124elhoir single goes on the same line btw. .. but seems Like recovery time.00:45
elhoirbekks, well in fact there is no error message00:46
A124eddieftwrox: No idea what you mean be "at the side"00:46
eddieftwroxI mean like dual booting00:46
bekksA124: "in parallel".00:46
tardisguy42bekks, I said the IOMMU is disabled. USB 1,2 ports will not work, will not read mice/keyboard/flashdrives/Wireless stick00:46
A124Nope. But inside Linux, yes.00:46
A124Try VirtualBox.00:46
eddieftwroxso I can't do it on a dedi server? :L00:46
bekkseddieftwrox: Of course you can dual-boot, but not at the same time.00:46
A124eddieftwrox: And sualbooting should be possible too.00:46
tardisguy42bekks, only the USB3.0 ports are recognized correctly00:46
eddieftwroxyea I do00:46
eddieftwroxbecause i don't have it on a computer00:46
bekkseddieftwrox: You can use virtualbox on a dedicated server.00:47
eddieftwroxjust connected via putty00:47
bekkseddieftwrox: Why not?00:47
elhoirbekks - these are the error lines i am talking about - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221810000:47
bekkspfdma.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu00:47
tardisguy42eddieftwrox, Yes You can run windows + Linux at the same time using Xen Server00:47
eddieftwroxbecause its linux xP00:47
bekkstardisguy42: Or using KVM, virtualbox, qemu, docker, etc.00:48
elhoirbekks - these are the error lines i am talking about - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221810000:48
elhoirbeeks - but i feel that its not the problem i have :(00:48
bekkselhoir: See comment #8.00:48
tardisguy42bekks, KVM virtualbox qemu are all virtualmachines that nest in VTx amd-v. and is not a dual boot00:49
elhoirbekks, already done too00:49
elhoirdidnt work00:49
bekkstardisguy42: And Xen is a virtual machine, too.00:49
tardisguy42bekks, Xen is a hypervisor virtual platform from which linux or windows is launched.00:50
bekkstardisguy42: So is KVM, virtualbox, qemu. Please get to know what hypervisors are, how hypervisors work, and what differs a level 1 hypervisor from a level 2 hypervisor before argueing ;)00:50
elhoirbekks, already done, didnt work man :(00:52
bekkselhoir: "didnt work" is pretty unspecific. Ate least the messages seen should have changed.00:53
tardisguy42Can you dual boot on a level 2 hypervisor bekks?00:53
elhoirbekks, nope. It didnt too00:53
elhoirthats why i am so confused00:53
bekkstardisguy42: You cant dualboot on a l1 hypervisor, too.00:53
bekkstardisguy42: "dualboot" means booting _without_ involving a hypervisor.00:54
elhoirbtw i must use "noplymouth" via "e" and "b", because i cant update-grub (because i cant boot into Ubuntu :/00:54
tardisguy42bekks, I already explained that caviet to him.00:55
bekkstardisguy42: So you have to choose which OS to boot when talking about "dualboot". All other boot methods arent "dualbooting" but "booting a vm".00:55
bekkstardisguy42: you did not understand that caveat yourself ;)00:55
bekkselhoir: and which line do you add "noplymouth" to?00:55
elhoiri need help guys :(00:55
tardisguy42Once the Hypervisors online You then Boot the OS's...00:55
bekkstardisguy42: Which is not correct so far.00:55
elhoirbekks, to the linux one, isnt it?00:56
bekkselhoir: "the linux one" means which line exactly?00:56
elhoirbekks, "linux <kernel verion> splash quiet noplymouth ......."00:56
elhoirthat one00:56
bekkselhoir: remove quiet, remove splash, add noplymouth and tell us what happens please :)00:57
tardisguy42Whatever you say bekks enjoy your reality.00:57
elhoirok, i must reboot (im using that computer xD )00:57
bekkstardisguy42: I do, obviously yours is different from ours. Refer to this please: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypervisor#Classification00:57
goddardi cant restore my back up with duplicity00:57
goddardanyone have any ideas?00:57
tardisguy42Theres even a picture bekks Which comes first; the hypervisor or the OS?00:58
bekkstardisguy42: Depends on the hypervisor.00:59
bazhangcould we take the hypervisor debate somewhere else please00:59
tardisguy42 #Facepalm00:59
bekksgoddard: I guess the issue is you're trying to restore stuff to a vbox shared folder.00:59
tardisguy42Hey anyone else. 14.10 stock kernel is not running USB1/2 on my board with IOMMU disabled. NOt turning it on because Pagewalk lag.01:00
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elhoirbekks, no luck :(01:04
elhoirhow can i get the latest failed boot log?01:05
elhoir"/var/log/dmesg" seem to be successful boots01:06
avid_fanAnyone have any tips/HowTos/suggestions on fixing a "jittery" trackpad? I have a Dell Latitude e5440 and randomly, while using having my finger on the pad it will jitter in place or even randomly teleport to another part of the screen.01:08
wimtonesI have two directories of files across the internet from each other with the same files, but different folder hierarchies. Can I use rsync to do a one-time reshuffle of folder B to match folder A?01:09
juddusno idea01:10
juddusfor folder thingy01:10
mostrohi all01:10
avid_fanwimtones, perhaps. rsync will sync source and destination. But reshuffle? I dunno about that. You might need to be more specific.01:10
juddusmostro: hi01:11
juddusavid_fan: has your trackpad just started to do this?01:11
wimtonesavid_fan: well, I accidentally used SCP wrong, and downloaded all the files into one folder, when I wanted to download the files and folders exactly as they were01:12
avid_fanjuddus, no, I'd say it's done it from the start. It's not a deal breaker for me, just annoying.01:12
wimtoneswimtones: so I'm thinking maybe rsync could tell that the files are there, just in the wrong place, and create the folders and move the files into the right folders based on the source directory01:12
wimtonesavid_fan: ^01:12
avid_fanwimtones, rsync will can definitely sync source and destination, including directory structure. If you're not concerned so much with overwriting the destination, check out rsync's --delete option. That will remove any files from the destination that don't exist on the source, thereby cleaning your SCP goof.01:14
juddusavid_fan: mhm, quite annoying, so you think you got a faulty touchpad?01:14
wimtonesavid_fan: that sounds exactly like what I need. Thanks. I think I can go from here :)01:14
avid_fanjuddus, maybe. It had windoze on it, but only briefly, and not long enough to notice any problem.01:15
juddusavelldiroll: so not a driver issue then?01:16
reisiorsync ftw01:16
avid_fanjuddus, I know I've had similiar problems in the past. But they were usually fixed with some sort of update. I've tried fiddling with the controls for Mouse & Trackpad, but they haven't helped.01:16
juddusavid_fan: so when you touch the pad, the mouse just wobbles and jumps around?01:17
avid_fanjuddus, more wobbles than jumping. The jumps are not as common. I wish I could recreate the event, but it's too random.01:18
MoonlightningEriC^^: Okay, I know about the menu now. What about this wait at the purple screen?01:18
juddusavid_fan: I'm not really sure what can fix it, sounds faulty to me. Doesn't appear to have the characteristics of a software issue01:21
VanDerGrootHi guys. Having some minor problems with Samba. Not able to create files or folders but I can edit.01:21
avid_fanjuddus, you're probably right. Just thought I'd ask. Thanks.01:21
goddardi cant restore my back up with duplicity01:23
goddardanyone have any ideas?01:23
avid_fanVanDerGroot, I'd suggest checking underlying file permissions. Just because Samba says you can write, doesn't mean the file system will let you.01:23
VanDerGrootavid_fan: The user I'm logged in with has all permissions.01:25
avid_fanVanDerGroot, not trying to beat a dead horse, but all Samba permissions or all file system permissions or both?01:27
viamptoranyone able to help me out with steam error?01:28
VanDerGrootUhm, I thought samba used a filesystem user.01:28
viamptorOpenGL GLX context is not using direct rendering, which may cause performance problems01:29
avid_fanVanDerGroot, not necessarily. I believe you can force a user or group or both per Samba "share" but I don't believe it does by default.01:29
avid_fanVanDerGroot, then, of course, you can set things in/on the underlying file system iteself, including extended permissions if supported.01:30
viamptormake samba user permissions match file system user permissions01:30
anondawg1anyone here?01:31
swordsmanzanondawg1 no we are all hideinf01:31
swordsmanzTheTopBloke shh01:32
anondawg1what do you mean hidden01:32
TheTopBlokeI can't. I've been working on email servers all day. I need to get drunk.01:32
VanDerGrootavid_fan: I'm... unsure what to do or check. :P01:32
* swordsmanz stands behind a lapshade and pretends to be still 01:32
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juddusglx direct rendering01:33
juddusi was writing someting01:33
juddusmy irc derped01:33
avid_fanVanDerGroot, I guess we need to know the directory permission of the Samba share. Do you know what part of the file system you're shaing with Samba?01:34
anondawg1do you live in france juddus01:34
* swordsmanz wonders if juddus is have a problem with the amd graphics driver 01:34
elhoiri need help....01:34
judduswas going to reply to viamptor01:34
Stanley00!ask > elhoir01:35
ubottuelhoir, please see my private message01:35
juddusi live in uk anondawg101:35
squintyVanDerGroot:  might want to install  system-config-samba   (gui for setting up samba shares)01:35
Stanley00!ask | elhoir, oops, sorry01:35
ubottuelhoir, oops, sorry: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:35
squintyjuddus:  please take it to #ubuntu-offtopic01:35
avid_fanVanDerGroot, squinty makes a good point. I don't use it but it might help.01:35
elhoirubottu, you`re a bot? xD01:36
ubottuelhoir: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:36
VanDerGrootsquinty, avid_fan: I'll try that. :)01:36
elhoirok... i need help, guys, i cant boot Ubuntu01:36
swordsmanzubottu thewre is nothing to say that bots cant be intelegent, you just need a markov model and some inferance logic, dont put yourself down01:36
squintyanondawg1:  you need to read the channel rules.  please do not pm without asking participants first.  i do not pm01:36
elhoiri have seen this error message in upstart, but i dont know it its related01:36
elhoir joined01:36
elhoirUpdate Checker A HexChat update is available! You can download it from here:01:36
elhoir http://dl.hexchat.net/hexchat/HexChat%202.10.2%20x64.exe01:36
elhoir* idenkov (~Chupa@ has joined01:36
elhoir<elhoir> i need help....01:36
Stanley00!paste | elhoir01:37
ubottuelhoir: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:37
anondawg1how old is irc01:37
MoonlightningVery old, anondawg1.01:38
* swordsmanz wonders if anyone ever notices that main os chans always devolve into ppl talking about the rules instead of the topic 01:38
MoonlightningPre-90s IIRC01:38
anondawg1how do you send a msg to a specific user only01:38
elhoirok, this is the error message -- error: unexpectedly disconnected from boot status daemon01:38
MoonlightningOn booting, my laptop shows a solid purple screen for about 40 seconds between the GRUB menu and the kernel log. I can also use the GRUB shell on the Ubuntu liveusb to boot from the installed copy, and the wait is much shorter if I do that (on the order of 5 seconds). What gives?01:38
Moonlightning!pm | anondawg101:38
ubottuanondawg1: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.01:38
elhoirmay it be related?01:38
swordsmanzanondawg1 /msg01:38
juddustrue swordsmanz01:38
anondawg1swordsmanz /msg01:39
judduspeople just want to ship us away to a diff channel or reinforce the rulles01:39
swordsmanzanondawg1 no /msg then user name01:39
anondawg1then what after user name01:39
* swordsmanz points out that in his chanal ##neko hacking is always happy and there are no rules to moan about 01:40
elhoirmy Ubuntu box stops loading when switching from text console to graphical one01:40
elhoirno error message on log01:40
elhoirthe thing is, BIOS has been recently updated01:40
elhoirbut... may it be related?01:41
swordsmanzelhoir can you boot the box with a -v and tell uss about any errors01:41
elhoir-v ??01:41
avid_fanelhoir, updating BIOS = no boot? Sure, could be related. I can't say I've encountered that, but...01:41
elhoir"the box" is the laptop im running right now xD01:42
swordsmanzelhoir a verbose boot lag so it shows syslog on boot01:42
VanDerGrootsquinty: that program doesn't show the share I've created. :S01:42
spikedbananaelhoir, are you able to get to tty1?01:42
elhoirspikedbanana, nope01:42
swordsmanzelhoir when you get to grub01:43
swordsmanzselect advanced boot options01:43
elhoirswordsmanz, yes, i get into grub menu01:43
swordsmanzselect the kernal you want to boot from01:43
elhoirtypr "e"01:43
elhoir(i guess)01:43
swordsmanzand boot with a -v in the boot options01:43
swordsmanzand it will show you exactly what is woring01:44
elhoir"boot options" are "quiet splash" and so?01:44
daftykinsyou delete 'quiet' and 'splash'01:44
daftykins!nomodeset | elhoir this might also be useful01:44
ubottuelhoir this might also be useful: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter01:44
elhoirdaftykins, yes,ok01:44
elhoiroki will try it01:45
elhoirthank you guys01:45
elhoirwill be back with news01:45
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glibtsyrhey hey hey01:49
codepython7771can one connect an ubuntu box to an android using a usb wire, and use that connection as a internet access system? What command line tool can i look at to do this?01:55
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rypervenchecodepython7771: You can create a hotspot and connect to your phone's wireless.01:56
rypervenchecodepython7771: I don't remember if USB tethering is a possible without jailbreaking. But wireless is :)01:57
somsipcodepython7771: something like this? http://android.stackexchange.com/questions/14256/how-do-you-set-up-internet-pass-through-reverse-tether-on-linux01:57
spikedbananathe device would have to be rooted to use USB as a router, I believe you need additional software for ubuntu as well.01:58
codepython7771spikedbanana: what software do i need at the ubuntu end. Also is this easier to do using bluetooth, if yes, how?01:59
xanguaa hotspot using bluetooth :/02:00
xanguacodepython7771: don't you have tethering option in your phone settings? what phone/android version?02:01
codepython7771xangua: I would have to make it a wireless hub, and then use it02:02
spikedbananacodepython7771 you would need a "driver" for ubuntu, I do believe adb (android development tools) have one built in.02:02
semitoneshey yo.02:03
semitonesIf I'm ssh'ed into a server, can I use rsync to copy from the server to my host computer, through ssh02:03
idenkov@semitones You don't even need to ssh. You can pass ssh credentials to the rsync command02:04
semitonesidenkov, that's what I tried originally, but I got a version protocol missmatch error02:05
SchrodingersScatrsync also has a -e ssh that you can add02:05
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michael_pWhat's a good IRC program to use - I can't copy and paste in Xchat to get files from a bot in another channel02:06
idenkovsemitones How about the cp command? can you use this in your case?02:07
SchrodingersScatmichael_p: why can't you copy and paste?  but there's irssi, weechat02:07
semitonessemitones, it's over the internet, so I don't think I can use cp. What about using --protocol=NUM in the rsync command02:07
squintymichael_mbp:  xchat automaticlly copies any highlighted text to the clipboard.  just highlight and then right click to paste02:07
somsipsemitones: scp can be recursive, so do you need rsync functionality specifically?02:07
michael_pwhen I highlight and right click I don't see copy02:08
idenkovsemitones - http://unix.stackexchange.com/a/10648202:08
squintymichael_mbp:  reread what I wrote02:08
idenkov<michael_p> just use ctrl+c02:08
michael_pok thanks - got it02:08
semitonessomsip, yes -- what happened was I accidentally used SCP wrong and ended up with one directory with all my files, instead of a bunch of folders with files inside, so I want to use rsync to recreate the folders and put the files back in the folders02:08
semitonesthank you idenkov02:08
spikedbananasemitones: rsync -chavzP --stats user@remote.host:/path/to/copy /path/to/local/storage from localhost02:09
michael_pone other question - where does xchat put downloaded files - in the download folder in home folder - ?02:09
cromagiHi all!02:09
michael_pthanks all - i'm off to get some files - it's been 20 years since I got files from the IRC02:11
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mulgadoes anyone here have info more info on Rick Stallmans comments regarding Unity's spyware? i mean it's clear adds are being sent from search terms, but further info / links would be great. Richard Stallman is clearly a GNULin/FOSS  purist and will never compromise so i understand his point of view, however, i do love Ubuntu at the same time.02:15
mulgaonly came across a vid on youtube explaining his point of view this week02:16
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Stanley00mulga: I saw he said that in clip named "ubuntu is spyware", IIRC, did you see that?02:16
daftykinsmulga: that can be turned off so it's a moot point.02:16
=== Yukinotteru is now known as Yukitteru
swordsmanzif you dont want it on your system at all you could simply comment out anything that you dont like unity doing in scource and then recompile it02:17
mulgaStanley00: yes, that's the one i believe02:17
somsip!adlens | mulga02:17
ubottumulga: To hide online search results in Ubuntu Unity, go to System Settings > Security and Privacy > Search and toggle the option off.02:17
daftykinsyou don't have to, you just turn it off.02:17
swordsmanzalso i have an actiual problem02:18
swordsmanzthat i need help with02:18
mulgadaftykins: just because it can be disabled doesn't make it a moot point02:18
Stanley00mulga: well then, I think that's all you can get about this topic :302:18
daftykinsswordsmanz: so... ask on one line with detail?02:18
daftykinsmulga: sure it does.02:18
mulgai have ofc turned it off already02:18
swordsmanzthe amd graphics driver has goten ubuntu into a weird dependancy loop over some compilers02:18
swordsmanzand its refuseing to apt anything02:19
Stanley00mulga: I've just found this link, hope it help https://www.fsf.org/blogs/rms/ubuntu-spyware-what-to-do02:19
cromagiI cant download torrent02:19
mulgadaftykins: Stallmans point is that it is a compromise of FOSS philosophy, which is a relavent point imo02:19
swordsmanzon account of fglrx-core not being installable as its dependancys are not met02:19
mulga* relevant02:19
daftykinsmulga: this is general chat and not a support query, carry it on in #ubuntu-offtopic please :)02:20
mulgaStanley00, tnx for the link :)02:20
swordsmanzmulga yes but he is also a hypocrite02:20
mulgadaftykins: was just after a link or more info.  no probs re:  taking of topic02:20
daftykinsi'm sure someone in said channel can help you google02:21
=== nimrods__ is now known as nimrod
=== nimrod is now known as Guest76947
mulgadaftykins: humorous, much?02:21
daftykinsno i'm serious02:22
mulgaand im sarcastic02:22
bazhangmulga, swordsmanz take the chit chat elsewhere please02:22
enomhow do download stuf on lunix02:22
bazhangenom same as every other OS02:22
* swordsmanz wonders if anyone will help him 02:23
OerHeksenom, do our torrents work? http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/  if so, your torrentsource fails02:23
bazhangswordsmanz, dont do that here02:23
swordsmanzbazhang do what ?02:23
bazhangthe /me swordsmanz it just creates channel noise02:24
enombut i have lunix mint 1602:24
bazhangenom, go to the mint support channel for that02:24
OerHeksenom, sad to hear02:24
OerHeksmint has its own issues02:25
enomhow do i do that02:25
bazhangenom, its not supported here02:25
enomok thank you for your timre02:26
MoonlightningOn booting, my laptop shows a solid purple screen for about 40 seconds between the GRUB menu and the kernel log. I can also use the GRUB shell on the Ubuntu liveusb to boot from the installed copy, and the wait is much shorter if I do that (on the order of 5 seconds). What gives?02:26
Stanley00Moonlightning: so, you mean you using grub from liveusb to boot ubuntu on your hdd and it's faster?02:29
MoonlightningStanley00: Yep.02:30
Stanley00Moonlightning: hmm... so you load grub config from hdd or enter the config manually?02:30
Stanley00enter = "type"02:31
MoonlightningStanley00: `search --set=root --file /grub/grub.cfg` and `configfile /grub/grub.cfg` at the GRUB prompt02:33
Noah______I stumbled upon a website for something (i didn't read that much) I think was a way to run ubuntu and windows on the same machine at the same time like crouton does for chromebooks. Not sure if that was it but does anybody have any idea what that might have been?02:33
Stanley00Moonlightning: hmm... I think simply reinstall grub will help in this case. I'm not sure actually, but can you try that?02:34
daftykins!virtualbox | Noah______02:34
ubottuNoah______: Virtualbox is a virtualizer for x86 and amd64 architectures. It's available in the package "virtualbox" in the !repositories, and you can download the Virtualbox Extension Pack for additional, non-Free functionality at http://virtualbox.org . Additional details can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:34
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Noah______daftykins: Not virtualbox but where they are both host machines02:34
MoonlightningStanley00: as in the package? Because I've already done `install-grub /dev/sda` and `update-grub` a few times.02:35
Noah______daftykins: it was a special usb image I believe02:35
daftykinsNoah______: hmm doubt it. how would you control input for one? :P02:35
MoonlightningThis is a recent clean install, btw02:35
Noah______daftykins: how does crouton do it than?02:35
=== miceiken_ is now known as miceiken
Noah______daftykins: you go back and forth.02:36
genewitchNoah______: there's a way to trick ring0 in windows into loading an additional kernel, but last i saw it only worked on/with 32bit kernels02:36
Stanley00Moonlightning: the "install-grub" is the one. I'm out of ideas now. Sorry :(02:36
daftykinsNoah______: ok, well i'm headed off. more a general computing question than ubuntu support, that.02:36
daftykinsperhaps try ##linux02:36
Noah______daftykins: ok. checking through my google history. I should find it there02:36
genewitchMoonlightning: nvidia?02:37
egroeghi.  could someone help me w/ the apt issue?  http://pastebin.com/download.php?i=tQiYFW1R02:38
genewitchmake that not a download please02:38
Moonlightninggenewitch: What?02:38
genewitchi'm not downloading some random shell file02:38
genewitchMoonlightning: do you have an nvidia or ati/amd video card02:39
Noah______Moonlightning: he is talking to egroeg02:39
daftykinsso delete the download.php?i=02:39
egroegsorry http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=tQiYFW1R02:39
Moonlightninggenewitch: no dedicated graphics IIRC02:40
genewitchegroeg: yeah there's a bug in one of the perl modules02:40
genewitchegroeg: You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these.02:40
egroeggenewitch: did that.  its in the paste02:40
genewitchheh, such useful02:40
genewitchi know02:40
genewitchhold on that's a kernel02:41
egroegah i get you.  sorry long night ;)02:41
Noah______daftykins: Oh. Found it. It wasn't it: http://www.linuxliveusb.com/en/features. Under "No Reboot Needed"02:41
Moonlightninggenewitch: from `sudo lshw -businfo`: pci@0000:00:02.0  display  Atom Processor Z36xxx/Z37xxx Series Graphics & Display02:42
egroeggenewitch: i looked at carp.pm and there's comments about it being icky backwards compat wrapper02:42
genewitchegroeg: what says: uname -r02:42
semitonesHey! I just did a chown -R, but a bunch of nested directories don't change. The files all do. What am I doing wrong?02:42
egroeggenewitch: 3.13.0-43-generic02:43
genewitchegroeg: why are you doing dist-upgrade02:43
genewitchthat version is from recently02:43
egroeggenewitch: i was orginally just trying to install htop.  this is a 2 week old install02:43
egroeggenewitch: i.e., no idea02:44
genewitchegroeg: but dist-upgrade sucessfully worked when you ran it a week or two ago02:44
Moonlightningsemitones: post the exact line?02:44
enomhow do i download minecraaf5t02:44
genewitchsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade02:44
egroeggenewitch: yes actually02:44
bazhangenom ask in the mint support channel02:45
Stanley00semitones: first, make sure you have permision to *chown* them02:45
genewitchenom: you need a JRE (java) and the minecraft.zip or whatever from mojang/microsoft's site02:45
egroeggenewitch: i started with a 8.4 disk i think02:45
egroegsomething old02:45
genewitchdo the one-liner i mentioned above02:46
egroeggenewitch: whatever the last lts was02:46
egroeggenewitch: ubuntu server02:46
genewitchyeah i'm on that too02:46
egroeggenewitch: me?02:46
genewitchyes i am running server02:47
genewitchthe same kernel you're on02:47
egroeggenewitch: apt-get update/upgrade doesnt work02:47
egroegits all the same error02:47
MoonlightningStanley00, semitones: unless you're root or your account has a kernel permission, you can't `chown` anything. Not under Linux.02:48
semitonessudo chown -R patrick: /media/patrick/b48da965-6f00-4e43-9839-cbbae205f0b4/dDDb/phoo02:48
egroeggenewitch: linux-image-extra-3.13.0-44-generic : Depends: linux-image-3.13.0-44-generic02:48
samthewildoneI keep getting this error 'Incompatible version of libgstreamer'02:49
semitonesIt chowned the all the files fine, and the main directory, and some of the directories subdirectories, just not the directories directly beneath the main dir02:49
egroegsudo apt-get install  linux-image-3.13.0-44-generic says Array found where operator expected at /usr/share/perl/5.18/Carp.pm02:49
samthewildoneI install gstreamer and the latest version.02:49
Stanley00semitones: and then, can you check the permission of one folder that is not changed? with "ls -ld path/to/folder "02:49
samthewildoneStill I get this error as it crashes my application constantly.02:49
minimecegroeg: Did you try that hint from the pastebin/error message? --> You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these.02:49
egroeggenewitch: debconf: Perl may be unconfigured (Global symbol "$CavpLevel" requires explicit package name02:49
swordsmanzso i just removed unity02:50
egroegminimec: yes, thanks :)  tried that02:50
swordsmanzand it borked the display manager02:50
swordsmanzany ideaS?02:50
samthewildoneThis is the output of application > http://pastebin.com/nW8hw5hU02:50
semitonesStanley00, aha you found it! In reality they were changed -- it just wasn't updated in nautilus. Thanks02:51
Stanley00semitones: okay then =]]02:51
egroeggenewitch: debconf on its own just barfs immediately02:51
minimecegroeg: Ok. maybe try to remove the 'linux-image-extra-3.13.0-44' package, if you still have problems after 'apt-get -f install'02:52
milanErr http://archive.linux.duke.edu raring/main Sources (404  Not Found)02:52
milanwhere do i find more packages02:52
Stanley00swordsmanz: reinstall unity? j/k, but unity depends on many packages, and maybe they've just gone (including lightdm, IIRC), so you just need to reinstall one DM of your choice02:53
bazhang!eolupgrades | milan02:53
ubottumilan: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades02:53
bazhangraring is eol milan02:53
egroegminimec: what exactly is image extra?02:53
=== lrx is now known as Guest41181
swordsmanzStanley00 not the problem, i was really carefull to only knock out unity itself, and im not even getting as far as a console login atb just a blackscreen02:54
egroegminimec: this is a remote machine.02:54
genewitchegroeg: the kernel source tree is like over a gigabyte, extra just has some additional stuff from the source02:54
Stanley00swordsmanz: how about press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to switch to console login?02:54
samthewildoneanyone ?02:55
minimecegroeg: ... some extra kernel modules.02:56
samthewildoneThis is the output of application > http://pastebin.com/nW8hw5hU02:56
egroegnope.  suggests i Try 'apt-get -f install' again02:57
genewitchegroeg: what i'd do, probably, is reinstall perl (forced install)02:57
swordsmanzStanley00 there and hopeing this works02:57
egroega deb?02:57
swordsmanzdident let me in the first time i booted02:57
egroegok ill try that02:57
Stanley00swordsmanz: okay, good luck to you :302:58
genewitchegroeg: --reinstall02:58
egroeggenewitch: apt is broken02:59
dfdrrttrplease add Firefox v 35 in Lubuntu thx!02:59
dfdrrttrwhy is Firefox so damn slow to load?03:00
Stanley00dfdrrttr: you can get one from mozilla, I think  :P03:00
dfdrrttrneed on LiveCD03:00
swordsmanzStanley00 now its stalled halfway between bootsplash and console login03:00
lelelelhey folks I am installing lubuntu from live usb and it says unsecured partition found run swap off03:00
lelelelhow do I run swap off?03:01
somsiplelelel: sudo swapoff03:01
cfhowlettdfdrrttr, 14.04.2 will have it.03:01
genewitchegroeg: apt-get -f remove03:01
* swordsmanz trys reinsalling unity 03:01
genewitchthere's a way to tell apt to ignore a package03:01
=== Guest32398 is now known as kyle__
dfdrrttr14.04.2 ??03:02
lelelelis there need for anti virus for ubuntu or not?03:02
cfhowlettdfdrrttr, next point release - April03:02
cfhowlett!virus | lelelel03:02
dfdrrttr15.04 that is03:02
ubottulelelel: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus03:02
Stanley00swordsmanz: hmm... how about change ubuntu boot cmd from "quiet flash" to "text"? it'll boot into textmode (console login)03:02
cfhowlettdfdrrttr, false.  14.04.2 is the next POINT release for 14.0403:02
lelelelgreat linux03:03
swordsmanzStanley00 i can get to a console now03:03
egroeggenewitch: maybe im doing this wrong? http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=iL6WDXZL03:03
genewitchegroeg: oh, apt-get --reinstall install perl03:04
dfdrrttrso why is Firefox using 30 sec to load then?03:04
swordsmanzok it tourns out the x server is crashing out03:04
minimecegroeg: 'sudo apt-get purge image-extra-3.13.0-44-generic'03:04
genewitchand if needed, -f03:04
leleleldfdrrttr:  fast here03:04
cfhowlettdfdrrttr, insufficient information to analyze.03:04
leleleltry chromium also03:04
dfdrrttrusing liveusb atm03:04
cfhowlettdfdrrttr, livee USB is always slower than native install03:05
lelelelmost likely borken config also03:05
lelelelI use live and its fast03:05
genewitchegroeg: do what minimec said03:05
egroegno dice03:05
egroegYou might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these:03:05
egroegim throwing this thing out the window...03:05
dfdrrttrcan i post bug in here?03:06
genewitchminimec: it's also linux-image-3.13.0-44-generic and linux-image-generic03:06
cfhowlett!bug | dfdrrttr,03:06
ubottudfdrrttr,: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.03:06
lelelelI like win but win got viruses03:06
lelelelubuntu is better but drivers are mad for video03:06
minimecegroeg: I would do 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade' again. It seems that some of your repositories are not up to date...03:07
dfdrrttrthen nope...heh03:07
lelelelconfiguration of secured volumes failed03:08
egroegminimec: same error03:08
lelelelanyone else gets his eyes tired when using ubuntu with intel video drivers?03:09
lelelelanyway I will give it a try03:09
egroegill try again later.  thanks for helping03:09
lelelelwhat does configuration of secured vol failed means03:09
lelelelhow do I fix it?03:09
lelelelI run sudo swapoff -a03:09
lelelelwhat else to do?03:09
willys_fueguinohi everyone could someone tell me if its posible to burn an iso image from a live cd?03:10
lelelelwell any ideas?03:10
Hades__hy all03:10
lelelelhow do I install ubuntu with encrypted files?03:11
stephanhey guys, I am having fun with terminal emulator. pretty newb here and as soon as I click open terminal it appears and some text scrolls, but it closes before I can read anything. any ideas?03:11
cfhowlettlelelel, you are all OVER the place.  focus on 1 issue.  solve it.  then move to the next one.03:11
genewitchstephan: you're not clicking open terminal03:11
willys_fueguinowhen i take out the live cd to put the blank cd the xfburn app and other apps starts failing03:11
=== gerald is now known as Guest69562
lelelelcfhowlett: thats the issue - how to install with folders encrypted03:11
lelelelit gives error message03:12
cfhowlett!encryption | lelelel03:12
ubottulelelel: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory03:12
leonardo_things that work on ubuntu will work on xubuntu?03:12
stephanusing the application button and selecting terminal emulator03:12
bazhangleonardo_, yes03:12
cfhowlettleonardo_, yes, same source, different look03:12
stephanusing xfce terminal on xfce03:12
Stanley00willys_fueguino: you can't take out livecd while running, you can using liveUSB then to burn other cd03:12
leonardo_how do i answer people privately quicky?03:12
leonardo_#bahzang yes03:12
lelelelThe volume group name used to automatically partition using LVM is already in use. Lowering the priority for configuration questions will allow you to specify an alternative name.03:12
bazhang!lvm | lelelel03:13
ubottulelelel: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto03:13
dupingpinghow to use /net?03:13
swordsmanzbleh i will solve this later03:13
leonardo_!lvm|bazhang hi03:13
ubottubazhang hi: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto03:13
willys_fueguinothanx Stanley00  had the hope that there was a way to mount the entire live cd anywhere to do that =P03:13
lelelelwtf so howto03:13
leonardo_!lvm bazhang hi03:14
lelelelany simple advice?03:14
ubottuleonardo_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:14
dupingpinghow to use /net?03:14
bazhanglelelel, read the links given you and try to solve a single issue before going on to the next03:14
lelelelbazhang: thats the issue now :)03:14
leonardo_Oh, ok ubottu03:14
Stanley00willys_fueguino: some livecd can load fully into ram and you're free to takeout the cd, but not Ubuntu :P03:14
cfhowlettlelelel, simple advice: READ the wiki03:14
lelelelwiki is very long03:14
bazhanglelelel, read the links given FIRST03:14
semitonesCan someone help me write a bash script that does: for all folders in directory, if folder name = foo or bar, delete ?03:14
willys_fueguinowell... thanx anyhow... good night everyone -b03:15
leonardo_has anyone tried rainbowstream?03:15
bazhangtry #bash semitones03:15
leonardo_a really nice terminal program for twitter03:15
cfhowlettlelelel, if you are too ... to read the material, perhaps windows is better for you?03:15
semitonesthanks bazhang :)03:15
dupingpinghow to mount /net filesystem?03:15
lelelelmore like bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-auto-lvm/+bug/15408603:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 154086 in partman-auto-lvm (Debian) "Installing to HDD with previous ubuntu fails to create fresh LVM claiming group already in use" [Unknown,New]03:15
lelelelI do read however this seems to be a bug03:15
bazhanglelelel, so sign up for the bug notification, then give them more info as time goes on, follow it03:16
dupingpingthanks bazhang:)03:16
lelelelI will fix it now03:16
lelelelnow is better03:17
bazhanglelelel, no what03:17
lelelelblah I will fix it myself now then03:17
dupingpinglelelel good.03:17
dupingpingwho can help me?03:20
samthewildonecan someone help me ?03:20
samthewildoneIncompatible version of libgstreamer03:21
samthewildoneKeeps crashing my application... I tried google but no luck03:21
samthewildoneThis is the error > http://pastebin.com/nW8hw5hU03:21
Stanley00samthewildone: hmm... try rebuild your app with new libgsstreamer?03:21
=== mike is now known as Guest98982
Guest98982Hello. I have installed software on my lubuntu by extracting a tgz file. It runs if I navigate to the extracted folder and open it from there. How can I add the program to the applications menu? Thanks03:23
Stanley00Guest98982: you can make an *desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications , you can look at /usr/share/applicaltions/ for an example/template of *desktop file03:24
Guest98982can you say that in noob-speak please Stanley88 :)  I've only been on linux for 2 days!03:25
Stanley00Guest98982: okay, can you give me full path of that execute file? And I'll give you full commands :303:26
Guest98982Is that what you mean?#03:26
somsip!zh | liu03:27
ubottuliu: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:27
Stanley00Guest98982: is processing-2.2.1 the folder or execute file?03:27
dupingping!zh | liu03:28
ubottuliu: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw03:28
Guest98982the folder. the executable file is in that folder, called processing.#03:28
Guest98982it's called                       processing03:28
bazhangliu we can, but this is english support03:28
Stanley00Guest98982: I need to full path to that processing file please.03:28
bazhangliu /join #ubuntu-cn03:29
liuwhat's this?03:29
bazhangliu english support for Ubuntu03:29
Stanley00Guest98982: okay, just a min03:29
gansteed is there any way ssh into the guest vm through virsh so I don't need know the IP of the guest vm?03:30
Stanley00Guest98982: save this in /tmp with name a.desktop http://pastebin.com/download.php?i=MwnpUzeQ03:31
dsnydersHi all!  Is anyone using vsphere?03:31
samthewildoneStanley00, going to try that.03:32
gansteed Hi all!  Is anyone using KVM?  XD03:32
Stanley00Guest98982: then run this command in terminal: cp /tmp/a.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/processing.desktop03:32
Stanley00Guest98982: and you're finish :303:32
compdocgansteed, yup03:32
egroegjust in case anyone runs into the issue i had earlier.  running aptitude fixed it03:33
Guest98982where is the /tmp folder?03:33
gansteedcompdoc, :)03:33
=== gms is now known as Guest21136
Stanley00Guest98982: just type /tmp/a.desktop and press save button :303:34
Stanley00hmm... why don't just type ~/.local/share/applications/processing.desktop and press save? stupid /me :(03:35
Guest98982I'm being dumb... :)  So, it downloads automatically when I follow your link and is called desktop_file.txt      do I rename that to /tmp/a.desktop03:35
Stanley00Guest98982: well, just type in ~/.local/share/applications/processing.desktop  and press save, it's better :303:36
Guest98982Thanks. It says  bash: /home/mike/.local/share/applications/processing: No such file or directory03:37
Guest98982when you say 'type in' do you mean into the terminal?03:37
devzdesilvaGood Morning!03:37
bayarjahello guys03:38
Stanley00Guest98982: I mean the path/file name input text in download dialog.03:38
Stanley00Guest98982: open terminal, type this in and redownload the file please. mkdir -p  ~/.local/share/applications03:39
dsnydersNevermind about vsphere.  The free version is only a 60 day trial.03:39
bayarjapls recommend me that local chat room app03:43
bazhanghexchat quassel irssi weechat all work bayarja03:44
bazhangtry them and see for yourself bayarja03:44
bayarjathanks bro03:45
bazhangthe first two are gui the last two are command line bayarja03:45
mike__stanley88 - I accidentally quit XChat. Thanks for the help. It worked. Got a shortcut now. Thanks again03:47
=== deSouza is now known as capiroto
=== capiroto is now known as capirotow
bazhangbayarja, sudo apt-get install package  for any of them, they are all in the software repositories03:47
bayarjathanks weechat looks good  i'm using guake vim editor on quake term with oh-my-zsh03:49
Stanley00mike__: okay, you're welcome :303:49
pdemillyjoin #asterisk04:08
=== capirotow is now known as deSouza
divBy0hi, so i just installed xchat on utopic 14.10 and now i have an envelope icon in my notification area by the system time. right clicking it gives the option to launch xchat. how can i remove this icon?04:16
=== l3x is now known as l3x1
Stanley00divBy0: why? and btw, xchat is old, you should switch to hexchat04:17
divBy0because i like having as little clutter as possible. for me the icon is clutter as i dont use chat much.04:18
divBy0ok ill give hexchat a try but i'd still like to know how to remove the icon04:18
divBy0oh yeah, i read on a kali security training site that they were using xchat so i just assumed it would be more secure. is hexchat more secure?04:18
Ranieri_Is there a general Linux channel that addresses not just a particular distrubution?04:19
jamesdRanieri_: #linux used to exist but you may want to ask in an APP related channel or shell related channel depending on what the issue is.04:19
divBy0Stanley00: is hexchat more secure than xchat?04:20
Ranieri_jamesd, it's mostly to get answers to questions from A Practical Guide to Linux: Commands, Editors, and Shell Programming.04:20
jamesdRanieri_: just ask and someone will either answer or point you to the correct channel04:20
=== zz_saschpe is now known as saschpe
Ranieri_jamesd, right sounds good xD04:21
Stanley00divBy0: xchat is no longer maintain sice 2012 or so... so it's basically not secued anymore :304:21
divBy0Stanley00: ok. ill switch over now. will hexchat also put a notification icon? how do i get rid of those?04:22
Stanley00divBy0: about remove the icon, I don't know acctually, since I'm not using ubuntu now, but let me check, one min04:23
* Charity-UN UNITED NATIONS CHARITY IS SETUP PROPERLY http://xRcrypto.us.to : Our Server is /server irc.xRcrypto.us.to 6667 channel #UN-Dev04:25
Stanley00divBy0: okay, here's what I found, looks like many people want that icon integrate with ubuntu. You can try remove hexchat-indicator, but I'm not sure if it help https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/hexchat/+bug/136078504:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1360785 in hexchat (Ubuntu) "HexChat does not integrate with the Ubuntu messaging menu" [Medium,Confirmed]04:25
jamesdRanieri_: lets see.. most used shell is bash, if you are hardcore consider ksh, if you are newfangled shell hardcore its ksh93, if you want old school coder shell csh/tcsh, hard core editor is vi/vim noob perhaps nano, if you want old school perhaps joe a wordstar clone if you don't know what wordstar is joe isn't for you. or emacs.  for i in /usr/bin/* ; do man $i ; done will tell everything you need to know about unix/linux core; .04:25
divBy0Stanley00: ok, thanks for the help :)04:27
DreskHm, I just installed sshd, and I've got no idea how it keeps getting executed (sshd -D); I kill the process and it comes right back.  It's not in init.d, and having just switched to Ubuntu, I don't know of Upstarts file structure (or a proper GUI program to manage it.)  Plus, though I'm not sure, I think some stuff is launching via init.d or systemd or something else04:28
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Ranieri_Why are programs OS-dependent?04:51
RahulANRanieri_, what you mean by that04:53
RahulANare you comparing with windows?04:54
Ranieri_Well, when I go download Minecraft, I have to specify whether it's mac OS x or windows?04:54
jamesdRanieri_: different libraries are avabilble, and actually osx is based on freebsd and not linux or windows.04:55
Ranieri_I know.04:55
Mongo44In what ways is Ubuntu better than Debian Wheezy (which I run)?04:55
Ranieri_OS X runs the Mach Kernel, and utilities are from GNU or BSD04:55
jamesdRanieri_: you can write programs that are OS agnostic to a point but most aren't... java, javascript, python or choices to do it.04:56
jasonfungsinghi all05:03
Mongo44What happened to the waves of comments this channel used to get?05:16
inerkickmy laptop battery isn't showing charging or discharging the power. I use ubuntu 14.04 mat05:17
Mongo44inerkick you new to Ubuntu?05:17
inerkickit was working fine, but now it's not. Mongo4405:18
DalekSecMongo44: That's what happens at night, it slows down a little.05:18
Mongo44What happens when you disconnect the power cord?05:19
inerkickthe symbol of charges not changes Mongo4405:19
=== chris_wot is now known as chris_away
inerkickThe symbol of top menu bar which used to shows charging and left over battery charge or disconnected not works anymore Mongo4405:20
Mongo44Sorry inerkick don't have the answers. Seems to be a minor problem though.05:22
inerkickhmm ok05:23
adoniscikafter much effort, I managed to remotely view my headless server's desktop using xfce and x2go. Now I can't run anything on it other than the Trash, File System, and Home icons that come with the desktop. Opening a terminal returns "There was an error creating the child process for this terminal. getpt failed: Permission denied." What do I need to do to fix it?05:23
jamesdadoniscik: did you try  ssh -X  servername or ip05:31
jamesdthen turn xterm .. and the X app of your choice05:31
adoniscikjamesd, doesn't xterm need to be run inside the desktop?05:31
jamesdadoniscik: nope.05:32
jamesddo it all the time.. just need X running on your box you are viewing05:32
adoniscikso just ssh then xterm? which desktop would that start?05:32
jamesdfor windows check out Xming05:32
jamesdyes. you need -X to get the graphics auth working05:33
adoniscikthe graphics IS working; I definitely have a connection. x2go uses ssh underneath; I alredy set up ssh-agent05:33
jamesdyou don't need x2go.. just use ssh -X05:34
jamesdunless you want the full gnome/kde feel.05:34
jamesdadoniscik: another option is to use vnc server and viewer either to share your existing desktop or vnc server to run its own virutal desktop that can use as well.05:36
adoniscikI just need it to work, and run a browser. I had no luck with vnc at all. startx failed with "xf86OpenConsole: Cannot find a free VT: Invalid argument". I gather it's related to OpenVZ, which I' m running?05:41
adoniscikdid you use it with proxmox, jamesd ?05:41
jamesdyou can run a brower with ssh -X   no need fo rhte rest05:41
adoniscikhow? startx fails05:42
jamesdi use it all the time with linux and unix boxes...05:42
jamesdnever use startx over ssh05:42
adoniscikare your boxes virtualized05:42
jamesdjust the program05:42
jamesdyes, but that doesn't matter.05:42
adonisciki'm sory, which program? google-chrome eg?05:42
jamesdvirtualized is just like physical boxes.05:42
jamesdfirefox,  chromium-browser   safari05:43
adoniscikstraight from the command line?05:43
jamesdi am so old i even did it with mozilla05:43
jamesdssh -X servername   ;   then run  xterm or firefox.. doesn't matter if you have a working X on your local box it will work05:43
Mongo44Anyone explain what a headless server is?05:45
jamesdMongo44: a server without a monitor connected, possibly without a video card05:45
Mongo44What are they used for? Mining Bitcoin?05:46
adoniscikjamesd, I think I'm getting closer; now it says Error 32, errno 2: No such file or directory05:46
adoniscikReason: get_pty: not enough ptys05:46
jamesdMongo44: anywhere you don't have access or need to see a video card, datacenter... basement..05:47
lotuspsychjeMongo44: there is specific ubuntu software to run for bitcoin servers05:47
lotuspsychje!server > Mongo4405:47
ubottuMongo44, please see my private message05:48
Mongo44Thanks, anyone ever cracked the code and earned some bitcoin?05:49
lotuspsychjeMongo44: take this discussion to the #bitcoin channel mate05:50
lotuspsychjeMongo44: there are many ways to tight security on an ubuntu (bitcoin) server to prevent that05:51
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
Mongo44No I was talking about the algorithm. Every 10 minutes I think 20 bitcoin are earned somewhere.05:53
jamesdadoniscik: on your localbox try   xhost + ; then the ssh -X  servername05:53
adoniscikxhost + returned "access control disabled, clients can connect from any host"05:53
jamesdadoniscik: is this your box or managed by someone else? perhaps they enambled no-pty in /etc/ssh/sshd_conf05:56
adoniscikto be clear, I ran xhost on the local box, with the screen, and it is mine. the remote server isn't05:56
adoniscikI can edit its sshd_conf, however05:57
adoniscikor anything else really05:57
jamesdcheck your authorized key files as well.. i see it might be specified there as well05:57
adoniscikjamesd, what are they called?05:59
jamesd /etc/ssh/sshd_conf  ~/.ssh/authorized_keys   ~/.ssh/config06:00
jamesdperhpas  /etc/ssh/ssh_conf file as well06:00
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adoniscikjamesd, xterm worked after chmod 666 /dev/ptmx06:17
jamesdadoniscik: okay.. firefox or chromium-browser will work as well not that firefox wont start another copy if its running on your main desktop on the remote server06:17
adoniscikjamesd, however chrome says "failed to move to new namespace" maybe chromium will work?06:18
jamesdyo will have to pkill it06:18
jamesdits called chromium-browser on ubuntu06:18
adoniscikjamesd, I added google's ppa so it's chrome06:19
adoniscikI'll try installing chromium06:19
adonisciksame error, jamesd06:20
adoniscikit worked with --no-sandbox! good lord!06:21
adoniscikoh man 'tis a happy day06:22
jamesdyeah the sandbox makes it use a container or something...06:22
venzhelp please, software center stuck on 'applying changes'06:23
jamesdonly if you visit questionable websites...06:23
jamesdwe-will-hack-you.com is probably not a good place to visit without a sandbox06:23
adoniscikgreat, this is for work so I wouldn't be tempted to visit them in the first place06:24
adoniscikI think i'm a happy camper for now. thanks, jamesd06:24
jamesdno problem06:24
jamesdhave a great night06:24
AminHello excuse me how can i install laravel on ubuntu?06:24
Stanley00!info laravel06:25
ubottuPackage laravel does not exist in utopic06:25
jamesduse the source luke.. hope it builds correclty06:25
venzhelp please, software center stuck on 'applying changes'06:25
Stanley00venz: just wait then :P06:25
Aminlaravel is a php framework and for working with it it must be installed with a software named composer06:25
Stanley00!info composer06:26
ubottuPackage composer does not exist in utopic06:26
Amini dont know how to install composer and then laravel06:26
Aminin win i did it but i want to work in ubuntu06:26
Stanley00Amin: none of them is in software center, it must be hard then :306:27
Amini have the composer's package06:28
Aminhow to install packages ?06:28
Stanley00Amin: try look at here, but there're some dangerous commands on that site :P http://ulyssesonline.com/2014/07/24/install-laravel-4-2-on-ubuntu-server-14-04-lts/06:28
jamesdis it a .deb?06:28
Aminno it is like this composer.phar06:29
Stanley00Amin: the most dangerous one is this "curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | sudo php" use it with care ;)06:29
jzp113hi how to use ssl_vpn on ubuntu06:30
Aminwhat are the dangers?06:30
Stanley00Amin: basically, download a script from internet and run it as root is dangerous06:30
Aminoh because of that you mean. OK . thank you every body . <306:31
jamesdAmin: depends on the contents of the script it could do  rm -rf /  or  scp/upload all your important data and ssh keys to thier server, making your box owned by them.06:31
shmoonsudo update-alternatives --install /usr/bin/javac javac /usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.6.0_45/bin/javac 5000006:31
shmoonwhat does 50000 mean?06:31
jamesddepends on that arg1 passed to javac does.06:32
jamesdman javac perhaps is a good place to start06:32
bumblrshmoon: in this case the 50000 is the "priority" of the new javac alternative being added06:36
shmoonbumblr: a higher priority takes precendence by becoming the default yeah?06:38
bumblryes, but only if in auto mode06:39
Vladimirskiany suggestions on subtitles download program from the command line?07:37
Vladimirskiany suggestions on subtitles download program from the command line?07:38
hateballVladimirski: iirc subdownloader has a cli moder07:44
JuniorOne of the problems that i have with ubuntu 14.04 (both xubuntu and kubuntu) is that although i have a single printer installed, many of the network printers show up in print pop'ups from abiword, llibreoffice etc. I have disabled automaticremote print isntallation but same problem. Any ideeas?07:54
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truenetpimorning all08:01
=== zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
Mongo44Morning what is up with your computer?08:02
truenetpihere is only 9:00 AM08:04
joelio8:00 here08:05
Ranieri_3:05 am here08:05
Ranieri_where the hell do you guys live?08:05
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:05
truenetpiI from Hungary/Europe08:06
somsiptruenetpi: take it to #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to chat please08:06
truenetpiah, good idea. Okay :)08:06
somsiptruenetpi: thanks08:06
truenetpithanks someone08:06
NameIs_NoNameI live in India08:06
truenetpitakns: somsip08:06
somsipNameIs_NoName: #ubuntu-offtopic for chat please08:07
NameIs_NoNamem new to IRC...08:07
NameIs_NoNameUsing BitchX client on Ubuntu 14.04... Can anyone guide me?08:07
somsipNameIs_NoName: then type "/join #ubuntu-offtopic"08:07
NameIs_NoNameHey... Anyone here can help me??? I'm new to IRC... Using BitchX on Ubuntu 14.04... Guide me please...08:08
xtpeeps16:08 here08:09
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NameIs_NoNamehey #truenetapi08:10
somsipxtpeeps: /join #ubuntu-offtopic08:10
Mongo44That an irc client?08:10
somsipNameIs_NoName: what help do you need?08:10
NameIs_NoNameI don't know the commands properly...08:10
NameIs_NoNameAnd don't have proper knowledge over IRCs08:11
somsipNameIs_NoName: http://linuxreviews.org/software/irc/bitchx/08:11
truenetpiwhy do you hate the offtopic chat? i think the best for this channel, the talking.08:12
somsiptruenetpi: this channel is for support only. If you want to chat go to offtopic08:12
NameIs_NoNameThanks a lot... somsip08:12
Ranieri_Meh, too much off topic chat will flood this channel, and help will be harder to obtain.08:12
xtpeepssomsip: oh it's okay~08:12
hydrajumphi so I've used `xrandr --output VGA-0 --auto --same-as LVDS` to mirror the laptop screen on the external, but for some reason the external monitor VGA-0 is the same size as the laptop screen and not "fullscreen". How can I fix this?08:13
hydrajumpScreen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1920 x 1080, maximum 8192 x 819208:13
hydrajumpLVDS connected primary 1366x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 344mm x 194mm08:13
hydrajumpVGA-0 connected 1920x1080+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 579mm x 336mm08:13
somsip!paste | hydrajump08:13
ubottuhydrajump: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:13
hydrajumpsorry https://gist.github.com/anonymous/d56d67c1a14df2f46c1808:14
NameIs_NoNameIs it possible to have a signature printed over the screen wen I open up terminal?08:15
NameIs_NoNameAnyone here does?08:16
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votlonHello all08:57
maliboyvotlon, sup08:58
votlonI'm having an issue where whenever i i unplug my laptop the screen goes black then logs me out of my user or sometimes it will just hang on the black screen, any ideas on what i should look into for fixing this?08:58
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wingedevotlon: check your power management settings09:01
votlonwingede: already did and disabled any changes between on ac and on battery09:02
DJonescsdeop DJones09:05
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l3xhexchat is goog09:17
l3xi'm using it, have good interface09:17
=== l3x is now known as l3x1
momomoHow do I open a port on a ubuntu server? Permentatly09:26
jerome_HI am here just try say hi to everyone09:27
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo09:27
hateballmomomo: ^09:27
somsip!zh | jerome_H09:29
ubottujerome_H: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:29
momomohateball, I will look into that09:31
arshiaI downloaded eclipse INDIGO for c++ from the eclipse website . it works fine, but when i want to lock the app to the launcher , it will do it but after i exit eclipse , the icon will be disappeared. why ????09:33
ablest1980did you save before exit09:34
jzp113hi somebody know ssl vpn?09:34
arshiaablest1980: Are you talking about my problem ???09:35
arshiaablest1980: Yes , but the pinned eclipse will be disappeared.09:36
ablest1980right click on icon and select lock09:37
arshiaI done it before, but when i exit it, it will be disappeared.09:37
ablest1980i dont know sorry09:37
arshiaablest1980: Ok , thanks.09:38
ablest1980do you have lots of icon there09:38
arshiaablest1980: I don't think so...09:39
arshiaDoes anyone know why ????09:40
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amecan anybody help me why cant i create a directory by this command "mkdir -p $FOAM_RUN "??09:47
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ghosTM55hi all10:10
=== CatKiller_ is now known as CatKiller
abhinavHey, i want to contribute to ubuntu. can nyone guide me?10:25
lotuspsychjeabhinav: like developing?10:25
cfhowlett!contribute | abhinav10:25
ubottuabhinav: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu10:25
abhinavyeah .. like developing ... oops10:26
lotuspsychjeabhinav: #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-touch needs developers10:27
abhinavthanx lotuspsychje10:27
crazyhorse18i've got a cannot create temp file for here-document: No space left on device10:32
crazyhorse18disks aren't showing any full drives.. what should i check10:32
lotuspsychjecrazyhorse18: try bleachbit to cleanout your system10:32
LinnakHi, I use a Xubuntu based distro, I installed my language but language selector doesn't see it so I can't choose it. What's the solution?10:32
crazyhorse18i'd like to work out what the issue is10:33
crazyhorse18my main hdd has 66gb of free space10:34
cfhowlettcrazyhorse18, terminal time: df -H10:34
joe____Hey, I'm getting the error "Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) [1045]" in ubuntu while connecting to mysql server?10:36
ablest1980tmpfs                        1.0G  1.0G   24K 100% /tmp10:36
Fuchsjoe____: did you specify the password?10:36
Fuchsjoe____: e.g.  mysql -u root -p       (should prompt for it)10:36
crazyhorse18ahh hmm.. ok why would that be full?10:36
lotuspsychje!info bleachbit | crazyhorse1810:37
ubottucrazyhorse18: bleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-1 (utopic), package size 249 kB, installed size 1930 kB10:37
joe____actully i'm trying to connect through php script with other user which has credentials10:37
ablest1980hi fuch seen you in #freenode earlier10:37
venzhello, how do i install themes?11:11
lotuspsychje!themes | venz11:12
ubottuvenz: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy11:12
venzthanks :)11:14
lotuspsychjevenz: also check deviantart for nice ideas on ubuntu themes11:15
MortezaEHi... I switch on my laptop from suspension, and it freezed on login screen :( It's the first time after 8 monts! (14.04 - unity desktop)11:18
Junkahello. I have installed lubuntu, and when i save a network connection with a password a default keying msg popup to enter a new password. SHouldn't it unlock with my login?11:18
jbouronThe colors of the button are not the same as the background of the window with my theme ? Any idea ?11:18
* MortezaE is calling from tty1 now (IRSSI) and don't want to lost his works...11:20
AlecTaylorOn login (Ubuntu 14.10) after password is entered there's a delay, then it takes me back to login screen. How to troubleshoot?11:21
PCWorkerHello, I have a 250 gb hdd installed OS is Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. When I installed it, It was in a Compaq desktop. Can I put it in another desktop with a different motherboard? And if so, Do I need to re-install the OS for it to load the correct drivers?11:24
st_d3vilno, if you use device-by-uuid11:25
=== White_Cat_ is now known as White_Cat
PCWorkeris that a command line thing or is it automatically done for me?11:26
octoidPCWorker, it should have used UUID by default (you should be fine) - You can always check the /etc/fstab file to see if it is using UUIDs, and if not it will be using /dev/sdX (which you would change to the appropriate device on the new hardware)11:27
PCWorkerok, got it. thanks11:28
whyubuntuHi guys11:28
whyubuntuim trying to upgrade 12 04 lts to 14 04 lts11:28
whyubuntuon a dell laptop11:28
whyubuntuused update manager11:29
whyubuntutook forever11:29
whyubuntunow it's showing a grey box11:29
whyubunturan top11:29
whyubuntushows compwiz 10% cpu11:29
whyubuntuit was in the installation process half way or sm11:30
whyubuntuwhat to do? waited for like 6 hours11:30
whyubuntuhaven't powered off or restarted11:30
MortezaECan anyone tell me the name of the process related to login screen in unity?11:30
FuchsMortezaE: lightdm11:30
Fuchswith whatever frontend you might be using, unity has one11:31
MortezaEthank u. that  screen is freezed!11:31
whyubuntuFuchs: help plz11:32
whyubuntuupdate manager half way though 14 04 upgrade... grey screen of DEATH?? :(11:33
whyubuntuwhat to do?11:33
jbouronwhyubuntu : can you cancel ?11:33
jbouronare you downloading iles or installing them ?11:34
cfhowlettwhyubuntu, sudo init011:34
whyubuntuit's half way though install... if I cancel It might end up dead?11:34
cfhowlettwhyubuntu, how fast is your ISP11:34
octoidIs SSD TRIM done by some mechanism other than the discard option in /etc/fstab?11:35
cfhowlettand does your ISP throttle.  ubuntu .iso is over 1 gig11:35
whyubuntucfhowlett: sudo init0 cmd nt found?11:35
whyubuntucfhowlett: 8 mbps11:35
whyubuntuits' downloaded11:35
cfhowlettwhyubuntu, does your ISP throttle???11:35
whyubuntustuck in intallation!11:36
whyubuntuit was unpacking smth last i remb..11:36
whyubuntuwent away to pee and BOOM11:36
cfhowlettwhyubuntu, one more reason download the .iso and clean install11:36
whyubuntudell recovery issues11:36
jbouronLel never experienced something like that with update manager11:36
jbouronno need clean install11:37
octoidAh.. /etc/cron.weekly/fstrim :)11:37
kasranaderican anyone help me with covering my ip?11:43
tomodachiKamilion: how do you mean covering?11:44
tomodachiKamilion:  sorry wrong person11:45
Kamiliontomodachi: sorry, what?11:45
tomodachii autocompleted wrong nick :)11:45
Kamilionah, n/p11:45
whyubuntuhelp someone11:52
whyubuntuwhat is the best way to cancel upgrade 14.04 during on going install11:52
whyubuntunot best* safest way11:52
jbourondo you have bacjups ?11:53
whyubuntuyea yea11:53
jbouronthen ...11:53
whyubuntudont want to install stuff all over again..11:53
jbouronand nothing on forums ?11:53
jbouronsorry mate11:53
whyubuntumost suggest to wait in case of grey window11:53
whyubuntuwaited for 6 hours11:53
whyubuntudonno how much longer to wait :D11:54
jbourondo you need it today ?11:54
whyubuntunever shld have upgraded.11:54
jbouronIt never append to me ...11:55
BluesKajHiyas all11:56
Kamilionwhyubuntu: it should still be mostly usable during the upgrade process, just degraded performance. Old binaries will keep running until they're restarted, and while the directory entries for the old files are gone, the open file descriptors to the inodes carrying their content are still there until the FD closes.11:57
octoidwhyubuntu, if your desperate you could attempt to upgrade the old fashioned way, reboot, boot rescue mode, mount file systems r/w, enable net connection (e.g. dhclient), check /etc/apt/sources.list is now pointing at 'trusty', sudo apt-get update, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:58
octoidwhyubuntu, again - Only if you are desperate :)11:58
Kamilioninterrupting apt is done at your own peril11:59
Kamilionat the end of the upgrade process a list of packages will no longer be required, and will likely not be removed without manual intervention if you abort the upgrade.12:00
* Kamilion rubs eyes12:00
KamilionI worded that poorly12:00
skinkittenUbuntu is asking for my password on startup - it never does that & I didn't configure it that way. & 2. the password isn't being accepted. help.12:00
Kamilionskinkitten: boot into single user from grub or boot from a live iso?12:01
Kamilionskinkitten: lightdm sometimes does that to me every once in a while with autologin turned on.12:02
Kamiliontoo tired, must sleep now.12:02
skinkittenKamilion, :(12:04
skinkittentyping in my password just restarts the password screen12:04
skinkittentyping in a wrong password - shows that the password is wrong12:04
Kamilionskinkitten: switch VTs to a terminal and log in there?12:05
skinkittenKamilion, is that guess session? VTs?12:05
mjaykskinkitten: press ctrl  + alt + f112:05
mjaykthen logon there12:05
mjaykif you can12:05
PCatineanWhere can I ask questions about how to handle po files?12:07
ikoniawhat do you mean how to handle them ?12:07
skinkittenthanks mjayk - what now?12:07
PCatineanI mean I have two distinct translation files (po files) and I want to get the translations from one file to another only where the source terms match12:08
Kamilionskinkitten: you'll have to use the terminal to inspect the configuration for the display manager. for me, it's /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf12:09
PCatineanI'm using poedit12:09
PCatineanjust wanted to ask what is the right chan to ask in12:10
skinkittenKamilion, [SeatDefaults]12:10
Kamilionmine has an autologin-user=kamilion line12:11
skinkittenmine's got it12:12
ikoniaPCatinean: if it's on ubuntu you can ask, but you may be better trying to find a poedit specific resource/channel as thats quite a specific app12:12
crazyhorse18hey i've written a program which is fairly IO intensive, is there a way of seeing which current files the process has open?12:12
PCatineanikonia, ubuntu mostly, i've seen there are some command line tools that I've used a bit in the past that could work12:12
PCatineanseems poedit chan is empty12:13
Kamilionskinkitten: yeah, then you're probably getting the same glitch I see occasionally. Try rebooting, maybe it'll start working?12:13
skinkittencrazyhorse18, debug statements? Print statements when a file is opened for process?12:13
crazyhorse18yeah i've done that, didn't help12:13
Kamilioncrazyhorse18: lsof?12:13
skinkittenKamilion, did reboot-nothing changed12:14
Kamilionskinkitten: Ah, that sucks. I'm at a loss at this point, fuzzy of mind, unsure where to proceed to look next.12:14
k1l_PCatinean: their website suggests to use their mailinglists or personal mail12:14
skinkittenKamilion, :(12:14
Kamilionthe logs in /var/log/ would probably be the next stop12:15
Kamilionfollowed by searching stack overflow12:16
crazyhorse18Kamilion, ah yeah it's got 900 files open.. i think i'll change it to do 1 at a time12:16
Kamilioncrazyhorse18: make sure you're invoking lsof correctly, lol12:16
Kamilionit's got a lot of options12:16
k1l_skinkitten: when on startup it asks for the password?12:17
skinkittenk1l_, thats correct12:17
crazyhorse18so basically i wrote a program that sticks my entire hdd in an sql database12:17
k1l_skinkitten: when?12:17
crazyhorse18it's so powerful i don't know why every OS doesn't have this built in12:17
skinkittenk1l_, after the ubuntu loading screen is done loading - the one wit the dots12:17
Kamilionmicrosoft tried to for windows 8, google "ReFS" to see how much it multiplies the complexity of storage.12:18
k1l_skinkitten: was it from the beginning  since install?12:19
Kamilioncrazyhorse18: if you wanna see something REALLY cool, go look at ceph. They actually use math to figure out where a block should go, instead of looking it up in a table. It's really neat.12:19
crazyhorse18yeah but i mean you don't even have to have it live.. you could have a table that ubdates the database later12:19
crazyhorse18like spotlight on osx.. except it would be much better if it was just an accessible postgresql database12:20
crazyhorse18because then you can do some really poweful queries.. i.e. show me all the photos that were taken between this date and that date and sum them by month12:21
ikoniahow is this anything to do with ubuntu ?12:21
crazyhorse18or give me a list of duplicate folders12:21
crazyhorse18ikonia, my original questions was to do with opening files because i'm writing an application to create this database on ubuntu12:22
=== Mony_ is now known as Mony
skinkittenk1l_, today is the first day it asks to login on startup12:22
ikoniacrazyhorse18: ok, cool, so getting the answer to that, rather than rdbms design would be appreciated please12:23
k1l_skinkitten: do you had autologin enabled?12:23
k1l_skinkitten: what did you change before that happend? do you have encryption on your system? did you change something with your wifi?12:26
skinkittenk1l_, I removed anaconda...I updated to the latest curl 7.40....12:28
skinkittenthis blows12:29
k1l_skinkitten: i asked a lot more questions12:30
skinkittenk1l_, I don't have encryption setup. nothing's been done differently to the wifi. Autologin is enabled via the line in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf12:31
skinkittenk1l_, anymore?12:31
bazhanghow did you remove anaconda skinkitten12:32
skinkittenbazhang, sudo rm -rf /home/me/anaconda/12:33
k1l_is anaconda the fedora installer?12:34
=== Arclight is now known as Guest9041
skinkittenits this /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf12:34
ikoniaso not ubuntu12:34
ikoniabut a chromebook12:35
hehehi folks I am using Xfburn and it yet to detect my usd samsung dvd writer12:38
hehehow do I mount it12:38
Guest92775I don't now12:38
Guest92775Can you speak 中文?12:39
cfhowlett!cn | Guest9277512:39
ubottuGuest92775: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:39
heheactually its on12:40
hehesudo lshw -C disk shows it12:40
hehehowever Xfburn wont see it yet12:40
charlyDog90C'è qualcuno?12:41
charlyDog90ciao drone12:42
charlyDog90Hi, i need help please12:42
mjaykcharlyDog90: whats up12:42
skinkittencharlyDog90, with?12:42
juddushehe: whats the logical name for the dvd drive?12:42
ali_i want to use my samsung mobile as modem but ubuntu cannot detect configuration setting for mobile via bluetooth12:43
k1l_skinkitten: so you that changed the python stack used by ubuntu,too?12:43
charlyDog90I have problem with gpu driver12:43
charlyDog90I installed ubuntu studio12:43
hehe /dev/cdrom /dev/sr012:43
skinkittenk1l_, could be.12:43
k1l_skinkitten: i first thought it was a password request for the wifi. make sure in the wifi settings the checkbox for "every user can use this wifi" is checked12:44
Mike__BI use Xubuntu but for some reason I now boot into the gnome-desktop. How can I make sure I use XFCE again?12:44
charlyDog90i'm a new user of linux12:44
k1l_skinkitten: but since that changes the python stack and a lot of ubuntu runs on python that might be another issue there.12:44
ArtooDetoocharlyDog90: please describe the problem12:44
charlyDog90the problem is the resolution12:45
skinkittencharlyDog90, lol12:45
hehewell what Can I do?12:45
skinkittenk1l_, should I start installing/upgrading/updating python packages?12:46
heheany one?12:46
skinkittenk1l_, I just checked the wifi - its on.12:46
juddushehe: wait a sec12:46
ArtooDetoocharlyDog90: can you give some more details?12:46
charlyDog90i can't go other 640x48012:46
k1l_skinkitten: i would stop updating stuff but using the original ubuntu ones.12:47
charlyDog90I test Ubuntu standard on my pc, but Ubuntu studio work better12:47
charlyDog90and i like it12:47
juddushehe: mount -t iso9660 /dev/cdrom /media/12:47
juddustry that12:48
charlyDog90for me?12:48
juddusfor hehe12:48
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=== pvoigt_ is now known as pvoigt
charlyDog90anyone can help me?12:48
Ben64charlyDog90: you have to give more details. "i can't go other 640x480" does not make much sense12:49
cfhowlett!ask | charlyDog9012:49
ubottucharlyDog90: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:49
skinkittenk1l_, I can log-in as a guest just fine12:49
judduscharlyDog90: What was it again, your gpu driver isn't working?12:49
heheblock device dev sr0 is write protected mounting read only mount no medium found on dev sr012:49
Ben64hehe: what exactly are you trying to do12:49
heheBen64: burn iso12:49
Ben64hehe: try k3b12:49
k1l_skinkitten: make sure .Xauthority in your users home belongs to user:user12:49
heheon usb dvd writer12:49
heheBen64: I have installed it but yet to find shortcute12:50
hehewhere can I search for it?12:50
Ben64dash, or simply run "k3b"12:50
charlyDog90Oh sorry, ok i do this. Exaclty, i believe that the problem are video card drivers12:50
heheBen64: ty same message no medium present12:51
skinkittenk1l_, cat .Xauthority shows cryptic letters12:51
k1l_skinkitten: i did not talk about cat12:51
k1l_ls -al .Xauthority12:52
k1l_then see what user and group it belongs to12:52
juddushehe: you run as sudo?12:52
skinkittenme - jose12:52
hehejuddus: no12:52
charlyDog90juddus: my video card driver isn't work12:53
skinkittenk1l_, :)12:53
charlyDog90ubottu: my video card driver isn't work12:53
ubottucharlyDog90: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:53
hehejuddus: sudo same12:53
hehesome errors12:54
k1l_skinkitten: and the rest of the folders? do they belong to your user, too? see with "ls -al" in the users home12:54
heheoki I have to eat maybe will try later12:54
juddustry this hehe12:54
juddushehe: in your /dev/ folder, do you have dvd-rw?12:55
hehejuddus: how I can copy paste errors from terminal12:56
judduscharlyDog90: what graphics card do you have?12:56
juddushehe: http://termbin.com/12:56
heheyes but Ctrc C wont work12:57
hehewhen I select text12:57
charlyDog90juddus: I have an Intel grafic but i don't remember the version. How i can see it?12:57
skinkittenk1l_, yes.12:57
heheBen64:  tried it Ctrl V wont work12:57
cfhowlett_charlyDog90, did you install the intel linux graphics drivers?12:57
Ben64hehe: then right click -> copy12:57
juddusif you right click copy, just use pastebin.com hehe12:58
heheBen64: that removes hight light and does nothing12:58
Ben64hehe: what terminal emulator are you using??12:58
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charlyDog90cfhowlett_: No....i'm a new user of linux. I must to learn....how i do it?12:58
judduscharlyDog90: If you have intel graphic graphics, i don't see why you're having a problem12:59
heheQDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.12:59
heheused diff ter,12:59
Ben64hehe: anyway, if the drive shows up in k3b but says no medium, try a different disc12:59
heheBen64: I have tried 5 of them12:59
cfhowlett_charlyDog90, find your version, download the package, follow the directions here:  https://01.org/linuxgraphics/downloads12:59
heheDVD RW12:59
heheand DVD R12:59
Ben64hehe: try one that has information already on it12:59
skinkittenk1l_, I'm able to see this because I logged in my account by the ctrl + alt + f1 menu12:59
maliboywho uses DVD anymore12:59
charlyDog90juddus: my screen resolution is locked at 640x480 and i can not change it12:59
cfhowlett_charlyDog90, link to graphics drivers sent.  don't read === don't fix13:00
heheBen64:  same disks also show no media13:00
hehesomething with  that usd drive working  with ubuntu13:00
Ben64hehe: then either your drive does not function, or it just does not function in the ubuntu version you have13:01
heheBen64: 14.04.1 64 bit13:01
heheBen64: also if I want to create bootable dvd I simply select burn iso?13:01
Ben64you can't if the drive isn't working13:01
maliboyhow to turn off the touchscreen feature of a laptop in ubuntu ?13:02
sergehello from Russia!13:02
hehei got more drives13:02
Ben64hehe: if the iso you burn is bootable, then it would work13:02
charlyDog90cfhowlett_: Thank you. Then, now i go to the link and dowload the Intel Grafic installer for linux. Right?13:02
aaron83quick question im new to linux and on ubuntu studio 14.10 how do i install my nvidia gtx 750 drivers i need cuda for blender13:02
cfhowlett_charlyDog90, correct for YOUR version of linux13:02
heheBen64:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224733513:03
heheseems the case13:03
charlyDog90Cfhowlett_: what is the Intel Graphics Stack ?13:03
juddusaaron83: you downloaded the linux version of the driver from the nvidia website?13:03
cfhowlett_charlyDog90, nope.  wrong.  what is your ubuntu version13:04
Ben64juddus: don't suggest that :(     aaron83: please don't get the version from nvidia13:04
charlyDog90cfhowlett_: i installed ubuntu studio13:04
cfhowlett_charlyDog90, open a terminal13:04
charlyDog90cfhowlett_: than13:05
cfhowlett_charlyDog90, type this command and press <return>   sudo apt-get install pastebinit13:05
Ben64aaron83: for the gtx 750 you need at least version 334 of the drivers. use the ppa here for them..... https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa13:06
charlyDog90<cfhowlett_>: It say that is impossible to do13:07
cfhowlett_charlyDog90, cat /etc/issue13:07
maliboymy trackpad is not scrolling smoothly anymore, it was till yesterday13:07
maliboywhat to do ?13:07
cfhowlett_charlyDog90, what does that command return13:07
charlyDog90cfhowlett_: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l13:08
Parity"fdisk -l" returns nothing on my vps. how can this be?13:16
k1l_Parity: depends on the vps technic used.13:18
juddusParity: maybe /proc/partitions doesn't exist..13:20
arshiaCan anyone tell me why i cannot download some applications from the software center successfully ????13:20
=== Mike______ is now known as Mike__
=== mike_ is now known as Guest43079
juddusParity: try udisks --show-info /dev/sda113:22
pluesch0rhi everybody. running ubuntu 14.04 and stuck with a process in start/killed state. how do i clean this up?13:22
pluesch0rfreeradius start/killed, process 278013:22
pluesch0rhi everybody. running ubuntu 14.04 and stuck with a process in start/killed state. how do i clean this up?13:22
pluesch0rgah. sorry for the spam.13:22
pluesch0ri found the workaroung_upstart_snafu script, but that seems to only work for stop/killed state. this is horrible.13:23
strkllis it up to date?13:23
pluesch0rstrkll: are you talking to me?13:24
judduspluesch0r: service freeradius force-reload13:26
cfhowlett_arshia, well, we can guess --- or you can provide error messages!13:26
pluesch0rjuddus: freeradius start/killed, process 278013:26
pluesch0roh man. i hate my buffer.13:26
pluesch0rjuddus: reload: No such process13:27
fishcookeri got this "mysqldump: Got error: 1449: The user specified as a definer ('aUser'@'%') does not exist when using LOCK TABLES" when mysqldumping13:27
pluesch0rjuddus: the process that's referenced in some in-memory upstart table does not exist anymore.13:27
pluesch0rjuddus: and it seems that there's no way out of this misery than to reboot the whole box.13:27
arshiacfhowlett_: There is no error, it says that the Internet connection is not available(witch is not true)13:27
cfhowlett_arshia, sudo apt-get install AppName13:28
cfhowlett_arshia, test with the above13:28
skinkittenk1l_, can I install a fresh ubuntu & keep all my files?13:30
cfhowlett_skinkitten, "all your files" meaning ... what exactly?13:32
tewardskinkitten: if you mean all the files in your home directory, you need to back them up to make sure they don't get lost during a reinstall13:33
skinkittenteward, how do I back them up via the kernel?13:34
Parityvia the kernel?13:34
tewardskinkitten: via the kernel???  What do you mean?13:34
tewardskinkitten: do you mean command line?13:34
skinkittenParity, I have access to my files only through the kernel. crtl alt f113:34
Paritythats not "the kernel"13:35
cfhowlett_skinkitten, pretty sure that would be "via the terminal" ...13:35
tewardskinkitten: that's the terminal, not the kernel.13:35
skinkittensorry. the terminal13:35
cfhowlett_!backup | skinkitten13:36
ubottuskinkitten: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning13:36
skinkittencfhowlett_, I'd like to move files into a usb. How can I find the usb directory?13:39
cfhowlett_skinkitten, dd for block copy and cp for file copy13:39
cfhowlett_skinkitten, mount will display your usb13:40
=== icetea is now known as Guest51044
maliboycfhowlett_, Can you help me to disable touchscreen of my laptop ?13:43
cfhowlett_maliboy, no13:43
=== Guest51044 is now known as icetea_
skinkittencfhowlett_, mounting failed13:43
cfhowlett_skinkitten, not mounting.  MOUNT   will display all mounted devices13:43
skinkittencfhowlett_, none of what showed up is immediately obvious a usb13:46
MoonlightningOn booting, my laptop shows a solid purple screen for about 40 seconds between the GRUB menu and the kernel log. I can also use the GRUB shell on the Ubuntu liveusb to boot from the installed copy, and the wait is much shorter if I do that (on the order of 5 seconds). What gives?13:46
=== Protogon1 is now known as Protogon
cfhowlett_skinkitten, variation: mount | grep /dev13:48
cfhowlett_skinkitten, mount | grep /dev              will display mounted /DEVices13:48
cfhowlett_skinkitten, also your USB should appear under /media/13:49
skinkittenthanks cfhowlett_ but nothing is showing in /media/13:54
cfhowlett_skinkitten, then your usb is not mounted13:54
=== Protogon is now known as protogon
skinkittencfhowlett_, inserting the usb, returns [sdb] no caching mode page found - several times & doesn't complete until I press enter13:56
cfhowlett_skinkitten, try a different USB - also what your USB should be fat32 format13:58
=== JonEdney_v2 is now known as JonEdney
crazyhorse18hey i've got a process that keeps dying, is there anything i can do to kill it and rerun it every hour?14:07
Jemblinkafter boot, my usb keyboard not detect. i must replug usb keyboard14:08
Jemblinkanyone can help me?14:10
SwftI'd like to install g++ manually to compile something, but the problem is that I don't have root access! would it be possible to create a g++ binary and use it?14:10
skinkittencfhowlett_, could I set up the guest user to have access to root users files?14:10
skinkittenthe usbs are showing up in guest login, they're fat32,14:11
cfhowlett_skinkitten, !  with considerable effort but OMG why?14:11
jattyou can compile g++ manually but it will be a pain in the neck14:11
skinkittencfhowlett_, would it be easier to make a user that has the access?14:12
cfhowlett_skinkitten, easier than the guest account for sure.14:13
skinkittencfhowlett_, alright sweet. how is it done?14:13
cfhowlett_skinkitten, new user, set permissions14:14
makaveli0129hey everyone keep getting the below errro in syslog ubuntu 14.04 kerner 3.13 and i've been searching for 2 days now and can't find any fix MA: Out of SW-IOMMU space for 4096 bytes at device 0000:00:1f.214:14
crazyhorse18when writing a cronjob how do you stop a failure from running the next job14:15
mcphailmakaveli0129: do you use virtualisation?14:16
crazyhorse18e.g. * * * * * killall -9 node && cd /home/gs/Desktop/demess2 && node sha1update.js >> /home/gs/Desktop/demess2/output.txt14:16
makaveli0129like virtualbox?14:16
crazyhorse18if node does not exist it says no process found.. then quits14:16
mcphailmakaveli0129: not sure is virtualbox can use iommu, but that kind of thing...14:17
makaveli0129mcphail: no this is a pure install on the hard drive. Although i do use vbox for other things like windows but this shows up regardless if i start vbox or not14:17
mcphailmakaveli0129: you could try passing the "iommu=soft" or "iommu=pt" kernel parameter14:19
crazyhorse18i aslo tried this killall -9 node 2> /dev/null & cd /home/gs/Desktop/demess2 & node sha1update.js >> /home/gs/Desktop/demess2/output.txt &14:20
crazyhorse18but the process still doesn't run14:20
makaveli0129mcphail: using lspci it shows that this is the sata controller 00:1f.2 IDE interface: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) 4 port SATA IDE Controller #114:20
love-big-dicksfuck ubuntu14:21
love-big-dickslinux sucks14:21
love-big-dicksfuck ubuntu14:22
love-big-dickslinux sucks14:22
mcphailmakaveli0129: you need a fairly specific collection of hardware for iommu to work properly, so errors are common14:23
=== cataclysm is now known as paradise
makaveli0129mcphail: ok let me google i'm curious what those parameters do14:23
redabIs there any fix for the flixering windows bug in ubuntu? I have a nvidia card if that helps.14:33
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
CodingFreesup guys, would you know if there is any way to install a bootable Ubuntu in an external drive using Windows?14:58
cfhowlett_CodingFree, no14:59
CodingFreeand without using Windows=15:00
=== biledemon is now known as frthtfhfgik
novasdreamI have a issue with apt-get  "E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)"15:00
LuyinCodingFree: UNetBootIn15:01
=== esde_ is now known as esde
LuyinCodingFree: runs from Windows afair15:01
CodingFreeyes, but I think that it install it without any persistence15:01
novasdreamHow recovery a windows partition gtable ?15:01
cfhowlett_novasdream, english speak you must?15:04
LuyinCodingFree: what do you mean by persistence? the OS you install on the external drive (i. e. flash drive or DVD) is stored on this medium permanently15:04
novasdreamcfhowlett_,  sorry im not native english speaker.15:04
cfhowlett_novasdream, no problem.  what language?15:05
somsipcfhowlett_: not jedi, clearly ;)15:05
novasdreamI cfhowlett_  I have some issues with my old windows HD.. I replace my GPT tables15:06
novasdreamhow i can try recovery my files ?15:06
cfhowlett_novasdream, from your backups15:06
novasdreamcfhowlett_, backups cant recovery my GPT tables15:07
cfhowlett_novasdream, repartition with gdisk15:07
=== DeathCrush is now known as cynical
novasdreamcfhowlett_, windows use MBR or GPT ?15:09
cfhowlett_novasdream, windows number ???15:09
cfhowlett_novasdream, mbr no gpt15:09
novasdreamGPT is something like a usb stick ?15:10
CodingFreeLuyin: but I mean any change (for example, installing any application)15:10
novasdream( I a usb stick using dd and replace my /dev/sdb15:10
cfhowlett_novasdream, ? no usb should be fat32/msdos15:10
novasdreamcfhowlett_, I copy some data from a image from centos7 .. but to wrong device and broke my window15:10
cfhowlett_novasdream, ##windows for windows help15:11
LuyinCodingFree: if you want persistence, you have to a) use a large enough drive you can write to or b) install the system on hard drive.15:11
CodingFreeLuyin: but afaik, If I "burn" the image using unetbootin in my 1TB hard disk, If I do changes in the system, they are not permanent since it would be some kind of "live usb", am I wrong?15:12
LuyinCodingFree: Unetbootin lets you choose to allocate some filespace on the external drive you can use to write stuff to, e. g. installing apps, saving personal files etc.15:12
CodingFreebut that is limited to... 8 GB or so, is it?15:13
=== GaboXandre is now known as CD-Server
LuyinCodingFree: I think so, but then still I'd wonder why you'd want to burn a small system like Ubuntu to such a huge data store. use a flash drive15:13
LuyinCodingFree: still you could partition your TB drive and use only say 10 GB for Ubuntu + personal files and the rest for whatever purpose you wish15:14
somsip!persistent | CodingFree15:14
ubottuCodingFree: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent15:14
zapafilhello everyone, is there a plugin that can be used instead of flash?15:14
Luyinthanks somsip I was hoping for some link ;)15:14
somsipCodingFree: so you'd be following the approach in the LiveUsbPenDrive link, but using an external HD not a USB stick15:15
somsip!ingo gnash | zapafil15:15
somsip!ingo browser-plugin-gnash | zapafil15:15
somsip!info gnash | zapafil15:15
ubottuzapafil: gnash (source: gnash): GNU Shockwave Flash (SWF) player. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.11~git20140419-1ubuntu2 (utopic), package size 163 kB, installed size 642 kB15:15
zapafilsomsip, I have gnash already installed, and I can watch i.e. youtube videos. but I cannot watch videos on other channels15:16
dreamcat6is there an irc channel for ubuntu core ?15:16
zapafiland I am getting an error with my cms15:16
cfhowlett_/msg ubottu core15:16
zapafilwhich apparently requires a 'missing plugin'15:16
somsipzapafil: so you're after...? Another flash alt that plays your other channels?15:16
cfhowlett_/msg ubottu !core15:17
somsipdreamcat6: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core "Anyone who wants to get involved with Ubuntu Core should join #ubuntu-devel on irc.freenode.net first. Giving support to other people vary from one-line answers to solving problems including bugs"15:18
zapafilsomsip, the current problem is that my browser reports a missing plugin in place of an image upload bar. I dont know this has to do with flash. but usually the missing plugin problem relates to flash. this is the first problem I'd like to solve now15:18
zapafilaside from that, yes, some videos are not shown, either15:18
somsipzapafil: usually flash, possibly embedded java15:18
somsipzapafil: and the browser is...?15:19
john_doe_jrOnce you make an entry in fstab..how do you have it automatically mount?15:19
zapafilsomsip, how can I make this upload bar appear? is there a way to detect?15:19
somsipjohn_doe_jr: mount {drive or mountpoint}15:20
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
mejohi, can somebody with a recent ubuntu installation, encrypted root fs and upstart as init system do me a favour: please post the output of '/sbin/status cryptdisks-udev DEVNAME="<ROOTFS>"'.15:20
zapafilsomsip, I tried with firefox, chromium and epiphany. the last one showed 'missing plugin'. while chromium and ff simply showed a blank bar15:20
mejoI'm trying to fix a bug in cryptsetup but I don't have a ubuntu+upstart system at hand right now :-/15:21
somsipzapafil: is there a reason you dont want to use flash plugin?15:21
zapafilsomsip, yes, the same as everyone else who doesnt want to use it15:21
somsipzapafil: I lose patience at the end of the day with too much coffee. Be straight with answers or find someone else to help you15:22
zapafilif the current problem doesnt have to do with flash, I dont want to start using it15:22
cfhowlett_good advice for any time of day15:22
zapafilis there a way I can detect the cause of this15:22
somsipcfhowlett_: sometimes I'm too busy to help, but it's so frustrating to try and have to dance around to get information that's relevant. Anyway, someone else with a better underdtanding of flash is better helping him.15:23
DomenicoI have installed Steam, but does not start15:23
cfhowlett_Domenico, start from terminal and get the error messages15:23
zapafilyes, can that someone else be out there to help 'him' ?15:24
zapafiland not necessarily with flash, if this isnt the root cause15:24
DomenicoI use Ubuntu 14.04. I have installed Steam, but does not start15:25
mbeierl1zapafil: install flash.  If the problem goes away, then it is flash.  If it doesn't, then you can remove flash again.15:26
cfhowlett_Domenico, open a terminal.  type "steam"   no quotes. press <enter>.    report the error messages15:27
reginaldoalguem saberia como fazer para o Ubuntu 14.10 conseguir instalar o driver do monitor ou da placa de video para usar a resolução correta?15:28
cfhowlett_!es | reginaldo15:28
ubottureginaldo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:28
zapafilmbeierl1, there was this other flash alternative that one could install on chromium, I forgot what it was. you maybe know it?15:30
cfhowlett_Domenico, great.  now: go to steam forums or irc and report that to them15:31
mbeierl1zapafil: sorry, I don't know much about chromium.  gnash or something like that was the open flash player.15:32
Guest81083would it be possible to make a unity web app for the whatsapp web interface?15:34
zapafilmbeierl1, ok, thank you for your hint.15:34
ghotiI've got a directory with a bunch of subdirectories in it.  Some of them have Makefiles, and I want a list of those directories.  I know I can `find /path -type d -exec test -f {}/Makefile \; -print`, but is there a way to generate this list without creating a boatload of subshells, and without parsing ls?15:37
zapafilhas someone asked me why I didnt want flash? let me tell you what happened when I installed java: on the same second I got the invitation of a porn site appear as new tab.15:38
zapafiltoo much coffee is not good anyway.15:39
ArtooDetooghoti: you could use find to search for the makefiles and just remove the "/Makefile" at the end15:39
mbeierl1zapafil, just as an aside.  I have been using flash and java for many years and have not had that experience.15:41
ghotiArtooDetoo: Hmm, perhaps, though I'd be worried about parsing directories that have funny characters in them.  The old "parsing ls" problem.15:41
zapafilmbeierl1, I havent used either, and never had such a thing until now, too.15:41
=== dean|away is now known as dean
zapafilI clicked on my pages, but porn tabs popped up15:42
ghotiPerhaps...  for f in */Makefile; do d=${f%%/Makefile}; done ... then I can do things with $d within the loop.15:42
hydrajumpI need some help to determine if my SSD has failed. I can boot into the OS but some things are behaving oddly so after some troubleshooting I came across a lot of EXT4-fs ERROR messages https://gist.github.com/anonymous/24d8cf226c457fa788c315:42
hydrajumpI ran `smartctl` and got this output https://gist.github.com/anonymous/0bab67cdbc5e6dffb34615:42
hydrajumpEventhough it says tests have PASSED, has the SSD failed?15:43
compdochydrajump, always check the SMART info15:43
soulissonHi, is rsyslog used to log messages of the local system?15:43
hydrajumpcompdoc: please see my gist with the smartctl output.15:44
NoImNotNineVoltso is it just me, or is it very difficult to get a vnc server running under 14.10?15:45
compdocNoImNotNineVolt, I think since 14.04, and maybe the previous release, its a problem15:46
hydrajumpcompdoc: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/0bab67cdbc5e6dffb34615:46
NoImNotNineVoltare there any workarounds?15:46
NoImNotNineVoltbecause i spent the better part of yesterday getting x11vnc to do something and haven't seen a dollop of success yet :\15:47
compdochydrajump, Reallocated_Sector_Ct is 0, and everything else looks ok. might not be the drive15:47
hydrajumpcompdoc: ok thank you for looking!15:47
compdocNoImNotNineVolt, vnc needs a 2d desktop, and thats no longer available with unity. I use ubuntu server with a minimal Mate desktop now15:48
* NoImNotNineVolt sighs15:48
compdocNoImNotNineVolt, although I think Vino still works15:48
NoImNotNineVoltis this something that was considered when we embarked on the blind march towards unity? :P15:48
compdocbut thats only for a console connection. (have to be logged in)15:48
NoImNotNineVolti have no idea what vino is.15:49
mbeierl1NoImNotNineVolt: I have used NoMachine with 3d acceleration successfully before. https://www.nomachine.com/15:49
* NoImNotNineVolt googles15:49
compdocits the ubuntu version of remote dektop sharing15:49
NoImNotNineVolti need something standards-compliant.15:49
NoImNotNineVoltspecifically, i want to connect to my 14.10 workstation from a windows host without using some third party service.15:50
compdocubuntu server + mate desktop + xrdp = pretty nice15:50
NoImNotNineVolti really can't believe that something like this has been broken for so long. is this issue marked critical at least?15:50
NoImNotNineVoltor is it a wontfix? :P15:50
compdoccant say15:50
meisth0thi've just installed 14.10 and got pycharm from its official site, fonts are ugly as hell, is there fix other than infinality for this (i don't like infinality)?15:50
NoImNotNineVoltmeisth0th: my pycharm looks fine under a fresh 14.1015:51
NoImNotNineVoltmeisth0th: can't you change the fonts?15:51
meisth0thNoImNotNineVolt, can you share a screenshot?15:51
hydrajumpcompdoc: what can the reason be for the EXT4-fs ERROR messages?15:51
hydrajumpif the SSD is ok?15:51
meisth0thNoImNotNineVolt, my problem is about rendering, not the font itself, i guess.15:51
NoImNotNineVoltmeisth0th: unfortunately not :(15:52
NoImNotNineVoltbut i did notice some "themes" or whatever they called them did look rather ridiculous.15:52
NoImNotNineVolti think i just went with darcula or whatever they call it.15:52
=== mbeierl1 is now known as mbeierl
NoImNotNineVoltlooks no worse than eclipse :P15:52
meisth0thi am using darcula as well,15:52
meisth0thNoImNotNineVolt, have you ever run pycharm on another OS? windows or Mac OS?15:53
ePaxI have one server with LVM and RAID1 ... Now one of the disks have failed.How can i see there grub is installed in order to be able to change failed disk?15:53
NoImNotNineVoltmeisth0th: nope.15:53
john_doe_jrI'm trying to mount a file system but I'm getting the following error after entering in a fstab entry…"wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on"…any ideas?15:54
compdochydrajump, maybe you lost power and somethign was corrupted. According to SMART the SSD is ok, but maybe something else is wrong, like motherboard, power supply, cables, or bad ram. Ive never seen that error in many ubuntu systems Ive installed with ext4. has it happened before?15:54
hydrajumpcompdoc: no I don't recall seeing this error either15:54
hydrajumpI've checked the RAM with HP's memory diagnostics and it didn't find any fault15:55
compdocmemtest86+ and running the test over-night is how I test ram15:56
A_J_The installation or removal of software package failed.. what does this mean ?15:57
hydrajumpok I can do that15:57
compdocis it an old motrherboard?15:57
hydrajumpcompdoc: it's weird that it says `sda2` EXT4-fs (sda2): re-mounted. Opts: errors=remount-ro15:57
hydrajumpwhen I run fdisk -l I just have `sda115:57
hydrajumpsingle partition15:57
hydrajumpcompdoc: the laptop is ~2 yrs old15:57
compdocmaybe its the swap partition?15:57
A_J_i'm doing an ubuntu uodate15:58
A_J_it won't let me delete files too15:58
compdochydrajump, make sure AHCI is enabled in the bios15:58
hydrajumpcompdoc: http://askubuntu.com/questions/563668/how-to-fix-ext4-fs-sda1-re-mounted-opts-errors-remount-ro15:59
=== biledemon is now known as frthtfhfgik
hydrajumpregarding that EXT4-fs message in syslog seems to not be of concern15:59
compdocwhen a fs is remounted read-only, it means there was a problem15:59
compdocI wouldnt ignore it16:00
compdochydrajump, does that error show for each boot? maybe its normal16:00
* A_J_ prods compdoc 16:01
hydrajumpcompdoc: rebooting now again to see16:01
LordDragonhey all16:05
auronandacestraw evyone16:05
LordDragonthis is probably a stupid question. but is it possible to boot an install of ubuntu on one of my hdds inside a VM running in windows?16:05
compdocI think you can16:06
LordDragonoh yeah?16:06
hydrajumpcompdoc: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/18a8352c394622dec1b8 last 3 reboots16:06
somsipLordDragon: http://www.serverwatch.com/server-tutorials/using-a-physical-hard-drive-with-a-virtualbox-vm.html16:06
compdocmight depend on the hyperviser's abilities16:06
ale__اغاني افغاني16:07
somsip!farsi | ale__16:07
ubottuale__: #ubuntu-ir baraye Farsi zabanan mibashad ke channele rasmie goroohe Iran-ie ubuntu ast. #ubuntu-ir  برای فارسی زبانان می‌باشد که کانال رسمی گروه ایرانی اوبونتو است.16:07
NoImNotNineVoltdid that just happen?16:07
compdochydrajump, looks like it was mounted read-only in order to run the file system check16:08
NoImNotNineVoltsomsip: you can differentiate between farsi and arabic scripts?16:08
LordDragonsomsip: thanks im gonna try it :)16:08
somsipNoImNotNineVolt: no. I believe the !farsi factoid is the one to use. Might be wrong, but haven't had a complaint yet16:08
somsipLordDragon: just a link I found - no guarantees16:09
compdochydrajump, might not be anything wrong, but you can also boot the live cd/dvd and run fsck manually on the drive16:09
hydrajumpcompdoc: ok boot livecd and in a terminal session just fsck /dev/sda ?16:09
compdocyeah, but Im no expert with fsck. might want to google examples16:10
=== dean is now known as dean|away
hydrajumpok I'll be back with results16:10
hydrajumpthanks for now16:10
hydrajumpbooted form live cd and ran `fsck /dev/sda1` output is just `6 files 857/130812 clusters`16:19
hydrajumptakes like a second to run16:19
hydrajumpshouldn't it take longer16:19
LordDragonsomsip: ok. all setup. here goes! *fingers crossed*16:19
LordDragonlol nope16:20
LordDragon"FATAL: INIT18: BOOT FAILURE"16:20
torvil_Hi can anyone assist me with Ubuntu software download please?16:26
somsip!ask | torvil_16:28
ubottutorvil_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:28
SchrodingersScataw, i was just going to..; torvil_ what's your specific problem?16:28
A_J_somsip, what do you advise if i cannot update ubuntu16:28
somsipA_J_: I'd suggest asking your question in the open channel and not picking people randomly for advice16:29
torvil_I'm trying to download the 32bit file from the website so I can create a startup usb to try Linux for my first time. The file will not download16:29
torvil_It ge16:29
A_J_somsip, okay16:30
somsipA_J_: and give details, error messages, use !paste if needed16:30
torvil_To to the almost end of the download and I get a message "download interrupted" when I try to resume its starts all over again..nine attempts now16:30
somsiptorvil_: are you able to download the torrent instead?16:30
torvil_I havn't tried16:31
torvil_I will give that a go....16:31
somsiptorvil_: it is an alternative if it might be a connection issue16:31
torvil_Ok one from the official site I assume??16:31
A_J_somsip, i tried to purge java it failed. and updating via software center provides an error message saying unable to update or modify16:31
A_J_i'm on 12.04lts16:32
somsiptorvil_: it would be safest, and md5 it after downloading16:32
torvil_MD5 ?16:32
somsip!md5 | torvil_16:33
ubottutorvil_: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:33
torvil_Ok I'll will read up now!16:33
=== enterprisedc_ is now known as enterprisedc
aabs08  /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER aabs08 ejxqlimcjdtg16:38
somsipaabs08: ooops - plain text password alert!16:38
Nach0zaabs08: well done.16:39
torvil_Ok for some reason it has worked whilst asking on here as an ISO file on my desktop. When I open it it opens with NTI cd&DvD maker? Will this burn it as an appropriate ISO file?16:39
segioHola alguien que pueda ayudar ?16:40
SchrodingersScattorvil_: never heard of that software, but something that burns isos to disk should be worth a try.16:41
BluesKaj!es | segio16:41
ubottusegio: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:41
segioalguien que hable español que quiera ayudar por favor16:41
segiook ubuttu16:42
torvil_Ok I downloaded deep burner today I will try to open it there and give that a try thanks for the help16:42
=== CD-Server is now known as GaboXandre
=== GaboXandre is now known as CD-Server
cholbyprotectionhow do i install linux?16:46
maliboycholbyprotection, its simple, did you burn a DVD ?16:47
cholbyprotectionwhat's a DVD?16:47
Uncancelledhi ;)16:48
=== CD-Server is now known as GaboX
=== GaboX is now known as GAbox
=== GAbox is now known as GaboX
torvil_deep burner will not load the ISO file as it is not a "deep burner file"16:50
torvil_NTI doesn't give me the option to save to a usb16:50
torvil_So I'm trying to burn it to a DVD16:50
=== manjaro-kde5-use is now known as yppe
torvil_I'm out of my depth with this stuff....16:53
ryanneufeldI'm having some trouble with getting a service to start at boot16:55
torvil_Is feeling out of depth with this stuff!16:55
ryanneufeldthe symlinks are all there16:55
ryanneufeldand the service starts find manually16:55
ryanneufeldhowever, when I check the boot.log16:55
ryanneufeldIt doesn't even try to start it16:55
SchrodingersScat!liveusb | torvil_16:55
ubottutorvil_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:55
=== saschpe is now known as zz_saschpe
ryanneufeldthe service is cfengine16:56
ppfwhat kind of service is it?16:56
=== lrx is now known as Guest86707
ryanneufeldppf it's cfengine316:56
mugetsudoes anyone have issues with trying to get bluetooth to work on ubuntu?16:56
ppfsystemd? upstart? init.d?16:56
SchrodingersScattorvil_: i normally use something like imgburn, but software like unetbootin or lilo can make a liveusb for you.16:57
ryanneufeldppf: there is an init.d script16:57
ppfthen you need to run update-rc.d to have it start at boot16:57
rertehow do i install a package manual?16:58
ryanneufeldppf: https://gist.github.com/ryanneufeld/d011782149697b1a951216:58
ryanneufeldppf: I have16:58
ryanneufeldupdate-rc.d cfengine3 defaults16:58
ryanneufeld System start/stop links for /etc/init.d/cfengine3 already exist.16:58
cholbyprotectionhow do i install linux?16:58
jhutchinsryanneufeld: Many Debian daemons have a file in /etc/defaults or /etc/sysconfig that controls whether they start at boot.16:59
ryanneufeld/etc# find rc* -iname "*cfengine*"16:59
jhutchinsryanneufeld: That way the package can set up all the start links, but the script bombs out if it's not enabled.16:59
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:59
NicomachusThank you, OerHeks...16:59
jhutchinsryanneufeld: There should be instructions in /usr/share/doc/<package>/README.debian or the like.17:00
=== undecim_ is now known as undecim
ryanneufeldjhutchins: there is not17:00
=== tcpman is now known as Guest58457
rerteHow do i install a package manual with out apt-get method and on a other hard drive?17:05
ryanneufeldjhutchins: the defaults file looks fine, but it's like the init process is just skipping it17:05
ryanneufeldis there a way to interactively start the system so I can see if it's even attempting to start the service?17:05
tomodachiryanneufeld: just add something to the init script *in the beginif  of it , like:   echo "its starting"  >> /var/log/syslog17:07
tomodachiryanneufeld: then you can see in your syslog that its actually started since it wrote to yer syslog17:07
=== attila is now known as Guest80519
jhutchinsryanneufeld: https://docs.cfengine.com/latest/guide-installation-and-configuration-general-installation.html17:07
ryanneufeldthanks for slapping me with the RTFM17:08
skinkittenhow can I wipe my computer clean & start with a fresh ubuntu 14.0417:11
hydrajumpafter installing 14.04 LTS, if I do a `sudo apt full-upgrade` does that mean that it is no longer LTS?17:12
hydrajumpskinkitten: boot you computer from the ubuntu 14.04 live cd is one option17:12
hydrajumpthen wipe you internal hard drive and reinstall ubuntu 14.0417:12
compdoc14.10 isnt LTS17:12
hydrajumpcompdoc: 14.0417:12
NoobsFlyVFRIf you do a distupgrade and you're upgraded to 14.10, it's no longer LTS, hydrajump.17:13
hydrajumpdoes `full-upgrade` make it into 14.10?17:13
Picihydrajump: aptitude full-upgrade? No, thats the same behavior as apt-get dist-upgrade.17:13
ubottuA dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.17:14
hydrajumpNoobsFlyVFR: new option `apt full-upgrade performs the same function as apt-get dist-upgrade.`17:14
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest97801
compdocI think its sudo do-release-upgrade -d  that jumps to the next release17:14
NoobsFlyVFRhydrajump, I did notice, I meant to imply that how will it retain LTS support if it's already upgrading to a later release.17:14
NoobsFlyVFROnly x.04 releases are Long Term Support.17:14
bynarieanyone know how to fix the "lib mtp" error while transferring files between ubuntu and android thru MTP?17:14
compdocapt-get dist-upgrade stays with the current release, but upgrades the kernel, etc17:15
skinkittenhydrajump, could I install ubuntu 14.10 from the terminal with an internet connection?17:15
hydrajumpcompdoc: right so `full-upgrade` whcih is what I mentioned as it is the same as `dist-upgrade` the result will still be LTS?17:15
compdocIve never used full-upgrade17:16
compdocthe result will still be LTS, yes17:16
=== karel is now known as Guest87222
hydrajumpcompdoc: ` 3.13.0-44-generic #73-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 16 00:22:43 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux` that's what I have17:16
hydrajump^^ is LTS, right?17:16
compdoc3.13.0-44-generic #73-Ubuntu SMP Tue Dec 16 00:22:43 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:16
compdocthats one of mine17:17
hydrajumpgreat. NoobsFlyVFR comment is what threw me off about 14.10 I know that is not LTS, but 14.04 LTS > dist-upgrade or full-upgrade != 14.1017:18
hydrajumpskinkitten: how do yo mean? you want to download 14.10 from the internet using the terminal?17:19
=== vlt_ is now known as vlt
hydrajumpskinkitten: you're going to have to download the iso, boot your computer with it, install in the simplest case17:19
skinkittenhydrajump, nvm. downloading 14.10 image iso file. thanks much appreciated.17:19
xdexterHello, you can use the username / password logged on the computer to authenticate to the apt-get proxy?17:20
Naphatulwhere can i get the logs of a specific service?17:30
tewardNaphatul: depends on the service, it might not log to a standard location17:31
mapshello. I have finally accomplished the task of installing ubuntu server on my N54L, and finally I was able to login… I've installed unity (will most likely be uninstalled again when I've got everything in place)… my issue right now is that I am not able to change the resolution (it's set to 640x480(4:3) and I'm unable to change)… how can I fix this? is a driver issue?17:31
tewardNaphatul: your start point would be /var/log/17:31
tewardNaphatul: but it might not actually log there, it might log to syslog or such.17:32
tewardNaphatul: or its own file in its run directory (for poorly configured things)17:32
cholbyprotection ¯\_(ツ)_/¯17:35
asarchIf you use Google Chrome to wath Netflix, don't upgrade to the new release17:35
asarchIt hangs up the entire system17:36
asarchYou will need to do a full reboot to recover it17:36
=== cholbyprotection is now known as test3835
asarchAnd with a downgrade of the Google Chrome Stable package will be fixed the problem17:36
=== test3835 is now known as ch0lby_airlines
asarchThis is for AMD6417:36
OerHeksasarch, good advise .. not, to leave users with a vulnerable system.17:37
asarchSecurity it's only a state of mind17:38
=== crypt1 is now known as redonk
xjuniorI'm having an issue with upstart (https://gist.github.com/xjunior/765ff75ff8af4391498c). It starts and monitors a PID, but then the actual process is running a different PID!17:38
asarchVersion 40.0.2214.91-1 works fine with Netflix :-)17:39
TheBigDealwhat's the best way/command to go vivid vervet alpha 2 in Kubuntu?17:40
OerHeksasarch, that would be the current version17:40
ch0lby_airlines ¯\_(ツ)_/¯17:41
OerHeksTheBigDeal, upgrade with the -d development option, please join #ubuntu+1 for vivid upgrade and support17:41
TheBigDealOerHeks, Thanks :)17:42
OerHeksasarch, yes, got it a few hours ago17:42
tewardTheBigDeal: if you're doing that for an actual production environment though you might want to *not* update17:42
TheBigDealteward, development one17:42
tewardTheBigDeal: ah, okay, had to ask :)17:42
TheBigDealteward, Thanks :P17:43
tewardasarch: i know people that use alpha/beta in their prod, so... :P17:43
mapshello. I've got a fresh install of ubuntu server on my N54L with unity… my resolution is locked at 640x480 and I can't change it… how can I fix this? is it a driver issue?17:43
dgarstangTrying to mkfs /dev/xvdi. Say it's in user. fuser says it's not. What to do?17:44
OerHeksmaps, could be, sure, can you open dash: driver # and see if the restricted driver tool comes up?17:45
OerHeks* if you cannot see the whole window, drag it with ALT + leftmouse17:46
myrkraverkIs there a better way to list configured sources (from the command line) than to cat all files /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ?17:46
OerHeksmyrkraverk, that would list the added ppa's/ repository's only17:47
myrkraverkOerHeks, I know, was implying /etc/apt/sources.list too; sorry.17:47
=== gregory is now known as Gregory
linuxbox_ubuntu is cool17:48
arunhi all17:49
keyvijarun: hi17:49
mapsOerHeks, no, can't see the restricted driver tool...17:49
antimatroidis anyone here familiar with writing an alt-notify-send script to get udev etc. to push notifications to user's desktops?17:50
OerHeksmaps, oh, it pops up if i type driver in dash17:50
OerHeksmaps open softwarecenter, when open on the top panel: edit > sources > last tab drivers17:51
mapsOerHeks, it's open now on the last tab 'Additional Drivers'...17:54
OerHeksoke, let it search17:54
OerHeks* if you cannot see the whole window, drag it with ALT + leftmouse17:54
mapsshowing 'No additional drivers available'...17:54
OerHeksoke close it and open terminal: ctrl alt + T : lspci | grep VGA17:55
OerHekslets see what GPU it gives17:55
skinkittenhow do I run the bootable usb from the terminal....17:56
bottazziniHey guys, does anyone here had trouble by configuration 2 monitors with Nvidia property driver?17:57
TheBigDealDownload complete and in download only mode, cannot understand what's happening?17:58
=== zz_saschpe is now known as saschpe
antimatroidis there an easy way to get udev to call a script as "source scriptname" rather than "scriptname"?18:01
mapsOerHeks, VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] RS880M [Mobility Radeon HD 4225/4250]18:01
mapsOerHeks, is this what you were asking about?18:02
OerHeksmaps yes, unfortunatly it is an old ATI, 2xxx 3xxx 4xxx are no longer supported in additional drivers, so i think you need to make an xorg.conf18:03
arshiaHow to run .com archives on ubuntu ???18:04
jhutchinsarshia: What program were they compressed by?18:04
arshiaSublime text18:04
mapsOerHeks, I've read many online posts mentioning xorg.config, but as the information doesn't seem to be the same across all posts, I decided to ask here before trying something...18:05
jhutchinsarshia: That's not a compression program/protocol.18:05
jhutchinsarshia: try "file <file>"18:05
arshiajhutchins: terminal ???18:05
jhutchinsarshia: Of course.18:05
jhutchinsarshia: I take it ark doesn't open it?18:05
arshiajhutchins: file:///home/arshia/Desktop/Sublime-Text-2.0.2-tar-topinearth.com: ERROR: cannot open `file:///home/arshia/Desktop/Sublime-Text-2.0.2-tar-topinearth.com' (No such file or directory)18:07
arshiajhutchins: Wait a minute , maybe the archive's extension is not .com !18:08
arshiajhutchins: What can i do ???18:09
=== IKRAM_ is now known as IKRAM
skinkittenthis bootable usb is not booting18:11
=== zz_saschpe is now known as saschpe
skinkittenhow do I get this bootable usb to boot18:11
hydrajumpskinkitten: you downloaded the ubuntu desktop iso and then how did you put it on the USB drive?18:16
skinkittenhydrajump, startup applications18:18
hydrajumpwhy doesn't `xrandr --output VGA-0 --auto --same-as LVDS` fill VGA-0 but instead it start in the top left corner and there is a large unused space.18:19
hydrajumpskinkitten: "startup applications" have you folloed this http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu18:19
coolstarhi, is there a good guide for setting up OpenVPN on Ubuntu Server 14.04?18:19
Myrkurhi guys18:20
Myrkuri'm having a problem with a partition18:20
skinkittenhydrajump, word mistake. it was indeed "startup disk creator"18:20
MyrkurI can access it via the file explorer but not with the terminal even with root18:21
Myrkursomeone told me ubuntu'sroot was a bit special is that it ?18:21
MonkeyDusta bit special?18:23
idnc_skquick question18:24
MyrkurMonkeyDust: something like there's isn't a root user out of the box you need to create it MonkeyDust18:24
idnc_sk*noob question18:24
skinkittenI'm getting permission denied with sudo using the root user18:24
SchrodingersScat!ask | idnc_sk18:24
ubottuidnc_sk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:24
idnc_skhow do I get rid of that *** behaviour that whenever I plug ethNN in, my wlan gets powered down18:25
idnc_skI disabled pm for wireless18:25
idnc_skwlan0 in this case18:25
idnc_sksearched for any rfkill lines in etc(but this is not used)18:26
MyrkurMonkeyDust: I can see the directory on the explorer, but not on the terminal18:26
MonkeyDustMyrkur  use sudo to get root access18:26
MonkeyDustMyrkur  like  sudo apt-get update18:27
imastupidguestIs there some place (a directory) where database files are typically found on ubuntu 14.04? Or is there some convention on where to save database files?18:27
MyrkurMonkeyDust: i'm already using root18:27
=== _7krumper is now known as _7krumperBla
idnc_skwhenever I plug my eth cable into ethN , wlan0 gets disabled no matter what I do(and no way to get that iface running again)18:27
MonkeyDustMyrkur  great, so what's the issue?18:27
MyrkurI used su - and then ls would only display lost+find although I know there's three other directory18:27
=== krumper is now known as _7krumper
Myrkurand these directory I can see in the file explorer18:27
SacreliciousHey all, I'm having some issues with a couple games recognizing my gamepad for some reason, even though linux does recognize it. Is there any software available that will allow me to bind gamepad keys to keyboard keys? I recall using a few of these with windows in the past.18:27
MonkeyDust!root | Myrkur read this first18:28
ubottuMyrkur read this first: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo18:28
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xanthinehttp://i.imgur.com/rOo5wKQ.png anyone know how to fix this error18:32
muaazcmy monitors display isnt working with the new update. what must i do18:32
xanthinegetting this on boot now18:32
muaazci have 14.04 and since the update , my monitor isnt working18:32
hspcdHow do Ubuntu users update the BIOS if their PC vendor (HP) does not provide Linux based BIOS update utils?18:33
bottazzinimuaazc, do you use what driver ?18:33
bottazzinihspcd, i think it is not provided you should not update it18:33
skinkittenwhich file inside the bootable usb will run it18:35
muaazcbottazzini, no driver...got a laptop...18:37
bottazzinimuaazc, do you have nvidia or something ?18:38
bottazziniare you plugin an external monitor with VGA/HDMI/Display porT?18:39
muaazcbottazzini, i just installed ubuntu today, im new to it... but i got nvidia18:39
skinkittenHow do I change the boot-order on startup? is it f2?18:40
hspcdbottazzini: It is provided.  I downloaded it.  It addresses stability issues and needs to be installed.  I tried using a FreeDOS live CD but the exe from HP won't run in DOS mode.18:40
MyrkurMonkeyDust: nvmd I was just looking at the wrong disk, I thought i mounted /dev/sda5 but it was /dev/sda6 that I wanted...18:41
bottazzinimuaazc, press windows(super) key on your with your ubuntu18:42
bottazzinimuaazc, type additional drivers18:42
bottazziniand choose what video drive you want to use18:42
bottazzinithen you will be able to use a second monitor =)18:42
muaazcok thanks alot , bottazzini18:43
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skinkittenso I changed the boot order to be the bootable usb - the screen is now - Missing parameter in configuration file. Keyword: path \n gfxboot.c32: not a COM32R image \n boot: - it repeats those last two lines over & over18:45
skinkittenis the bootable usb bugged?18:46
deadmundAm I using the correct syntax?  Can I do sudo apt-file search "*java-8*" to get packages with paths containing "java-8" ?18:46
Picideadmund: You don't need sudo for that, nor do you need the wildcards.  But make sure you've run sudo apt-file update recently.18:49
squintydeadmund:  or you can also use the search facilities at http://packages.ubuntu.com/18:49
jbouronHi, how can fix wrong button colors with some theme ? For example with Siva Flat the window background is black and the buttons white O.O18:49
deadmundPici, for me, apt-file search java-8-oracle returns nothing, but I have a file on my machine:  /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracle/jre/bin/java18:50
deadmundPici, And I did update.  Any ideas why it isn't working?18:50
jbouronanyone ?18:51
Picideadmund: Probably because that was not installed by apt directly.  I believe that oracle java gets downloaded/installed by a post-install process of the Ubuntu package.18:53
deadmundPici, interesting... thanks18:53
navidAnyone know the solution to this python error on my ubuntu server ImportError: No module named 'sqlalchemy', google isnt being too helpful18:57
=== navid is now known as Navid
PiciNavid: install python-sqlalchemy via apt, or just the sqlalchemy package from pip if you are working in a venv.18:58
=== Senix__ is now known as Senix
NavidAlready have python-sqlalchemy through apt.18:59
NavidHow would I go abouts doing it through pip18:59
jbouronanyone for button color issue ? Plz. It's ugly as F***19:00
manornkHi, I used foremost to recover some .zip files, and now i have bunch of binary files. How can i fix this?19:00
NavidI did it via pip, Requirement already up-to-date: SQLAlchemy in /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages   was the returned string. Maybe its cause I have python 2.7 installed?19:01
=== knoxy_ is now known as knoxy
roothorickany tricks for speeding up boot time? My laptop seems to spend most of its time between the firmware handing off to GRUB and the kernel calling init. What can I do to shorten that timeframe?19:08
FLeiXiuSI have a 24" monitor connected via HDMI to a AMD 5870.  My resolution is 1080p but it looks as if its 640x380. Any ideas?19:16
_Trulloresolution should be 1900x120019:17
k1lFLeiXiuS: any adapters?19:17
_Trullo1920x1200 that is19:17
FLeiXiuS_Trullo, yes.  It is.19:17
flipsidecreationhello, has anyone else have issues with 14.10 and H.264 video glitching / artifacting?19:17
FLeiXiuSk1l, Adapters - nope just HDMI19:17
k1lFLeiXiuS: the ubuntu fglrx package installed?19:18
FLeiXiuSk1l, Yep.  Tried that initially.  Then installed the omega drivers from amd19:18
jbouronFLeiXiuS: I experienced this bug earlier. Check forums for solution I don't remember it sorry19:18
k1lwell, we cant know what the website drivers do or dont.19:19
chulisI have a big problem i have installed xubuntu64 on my new laptop amd a6-6310 with 4gb and almost every day it falls down my old laptop has lubuntu32 and never fall down and my answer is if i install lubuntu32 on my new laptop it will be all right? excuse for my english19:19
FLeiXiuSjbouron, It's not overscan/underscan related.  Driving me nuts..do you remember any clues as to what it was19:19
FLeiXiuSk1l, Agreed thats why I'm back on the provided fglrx packages19:19
jbouronFLeiXiuS: When you try to change resolution you only have 640*800, that's it ?19:19
FLeiXiuSjbouron, No it lists all supported and its currently set to 1920x120019:20
jbouronFLeiXiuS: So it's not the same as mine, sorry I would like to help you more :(19:21
FLeiXiuSxrandr has it set correctly as well.  Just everything is ridiculously large.19:21
FLeiXiuSLooks like something is scaling it up.  Not sure what19:21
k1lFLeiXiuS: so what drivers are actually in use there?19:22
k1lFLeiXiuS: did it work with the clean ubuntu fglrx?19:22
FLeiXiuSk1l, It hasnt worked since i switched to hdmi19:22
FLeiXiuSk1l, But I'm using 2:13.350.1-0ubuntu219:22
k1lFLeiXiuS: no change when you set it in the amd conrtl settings thingy? catalyst or what its called?19:24
FLeiXiuSk1l, Nope - no modifications made.  Only changes made were new video card using hdmi.19:24
FLeiXiuSWent from a 6800 to a 580019:24
FLeiXiuSI had performed a complete reinstall to validate the drivers were at least sane/compiled correctly19:25
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chulisI have a big problem i have installed xubuntu64 on my new laptop amd a6-6310 with 4gb and almost every day it falls down my old laptop has lubuntu32 and never fall down and my answer is if i install lubuntu32 on my new laptop it will be all right? excuse for my english19:31
lucidguyAnyone know there stuff with CUPS/printers in general?19:31
skinkittenFINALLY! I can sudo things again.19:33
SacreliciousHey all, I'm having some issues with a couple games recognizing my gamepad for some reason, even though linux does recognize it. Is there any software available that will allow me to bind gamepad keys to keyboard keys? I recall using a few of these with windows in the past.19:33
wifimiseryhello I am in need of help with Ubuntu19:33
skinkittenwhat is a good irc client for ubuntu?19:33
wifimiseryDoes anybody know how to fix broken WiFi?19:33
mittskinkitten: xchat19:34
TheEternalAbyss_does digital ocean offer a paid support service or something?19:34
MonkeyDustskinkitten  try a few, then use the one you like most19:34
k1lTheEternalAbyss_: best is to ask them, and i think yes :)19:34
wifimiseryI have posted on Ask Ubuntu but not able to get help. I really need my WiFi to work, is there anyone who can help me?19:34
k1lskinkitten: start with hexchat.19:34
mittwifimisery: describe the problem19:34
jbouronSacrelicious: do the controller works with some games or not at all19:35
wifimiseryHi Mitt, thank you. Unfortunately I can't describe much, I just can't connect to wifi... can I link to my Ask Ubuntu question, there's details on the device in use there...19:35
=== theadmin|ghost is now known as theadmin
mittwifimisery: then send us the link19:36
divBy0hi, does anyone know of a program that will give process information through a gui like maybe by moving a cursor over a window you can get the process name?19:36
k1lwifimisery: what router is it?19:38
Gregory /join #devandclick19:38
mittdivBy0: not sure about exactly what you want but gnome-system-monitor is very easy to use and the processes there are described, it's included by default in Ubuntu19:39
divByz0im just looking for a way to find the name of a process through gui so i can kill it in top19:39
wifimiseryHi Kll, how do I get the info needed about the router? The router came from my internet company which is SaskTel... my tablet and other laptops are able to connect to the WiFi though...19:39
MonkeyDustdivBy0  system monitor19:39
divByz0ok thanks monkeydust and mitt19:39
divByz0how does one register their nick in freenode?19:40
mittwifimisery: do you know the name of your wireless card? probably drivers in kernel are not included19:40
mittwifimisery: install lshw if you don't know19:40
k1lwifimisery: long story short: i had the same issue with my nexus4 android smartphone since using the cm12 nightlies form january 18th. all other devices had no issues. i deleted the entry for my nexus4s mac adress in the router settings. that solved it. router is a avm fritzbox19:41
k1l!register | divByz019:41
ubottudivByz0: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode19:41
divByz0k thanks all19:41
divBy0!register | divBy019:43
ubottudivBy0, please see my private message19:43
NoImNotNineVoltokay, my repeat-key functionality just stopped working out of nowhere.19:47
NoImNotNineVoltweird. opening the settings screen said it was still turned on.19:47
NoImNotNineVoltso i toggled it twice and that seems to have fixed it.19:47
* NoImNotNineVolt scratches head and moves on19:47
Fweddyso is adding someone to the sudo group essentially the same as "giving them root access"19:54
k1lFweddy: yes19:54
=== Adran- is now known as Adran
Fweddyok. is there a different commonly used way or is this how it is typically done?19:56
skinkittenHow do I unzip a zip from the terminal to a directory?19:56
MonkeyDustFweddy  use sudo visudo19:56
k1lFweddy: its the ubuntu way. since ubuntu doesnt handle root-access with the root-account but with the sudo command19:56
k1l!unzip | skinkitten19:57
Fweddyok thanks19:57
skinkitten!extract | skinkitten19:57
k1lFweddy: is there an issue or is this just a question in general19:57
LachezarHey all. Is it possible to use a Bluetooth headset to my Xubuntu laptop? Lenovo T530?19:57
Fweddyk1l: just a general question19:57
k1l!zip | skinkitten19:57
ubottuskinkitten: Files with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME), Ark (KDE), or Xarchiver (XFCE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression19:57
k1lskinkitten: at the bottom of that page cli usage is mentioned19:58
Fweddyk1l: Is it ok to assume that a newly created user that isn't added to any groups will only be able to browse the file system but not change anything?19:59
pbxFweddy, no19:59
LachezarWhatever I try I get 'Stream setup failed'20:00
skinkittenk1l, how can I understand the letters for untar e.g. tar jxwfuz29rewf <filename>20:00
Fweddypbx: what can they change?20:00
k1lFweddy: that depends on the file permissions set to the files and folders. if they are set to "everyone can do everything" like 777 then no. if they are set quite strict he even cant read them, like the auth.log etc.20:00
NoImNotNineVoltskinkitten: man tar20:00
pbxFweddy, anything that's world-writeable20:00
Fweddyk1l: howabout on a fresh ubuntu install. are the permissions locked down a fair bit?20:01
k1lFweddy: so most important system settings should be set as "only sudo can write" and yes, then your assumption is right.20:01
Fweddyso unless they were explicitly changed to 777 or the like. ok cool20:02
k1lskinkitten: i cant remember the letters myself and need to look them up every time.20:02
=== Amanda is now known as Guest22626
k1lskinkitten: see http://xkcd.com/1168/  :)20:02
k1lFweddy: yes. there are some very wrong howtos and "tips" which suggest to just change the permissions to 777 all the time. but they spoil that security system.20:03
NoImNotNineVoltk1l: skinkitten: `tar -xzvf something.tar.gz` to extract. s/x/c/ to create instead of extract, or something like that :P20:03
Fweddyk1l: noted20:04
NoImNotNineVolt-xzvf covers 99% of usage. when's the last time you created a tarball? :P20:04
skinkittenk1l, :) How about unzipping a zip to a directory? is there a way to grep the files in the direction I want to push it20:04
NoImNotNineVoltdon't bother.20:04
NoImNotNineVoltput the tarball in a directory by itself. tar -xzvf it. then mv as needed after.20:05
k1lskinkitten: unzip file.zip -d destination_folder20:06
k1lwhere destination_folder looks like /path/to/a/place/20:06
skinkittenk1l, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8107886/create-folder-for-zip-file-and-extract-to-it20:06
chulisI have a big problem i have installed xubuntu64 on my new laptop amd a6-6310 with 4gb and almost every day it falls down my old laptop has lubuntu32 and never fall down and my answer is if i install lubuntu32 on my new laptop it will be all right? excuse for my english20:07
bpromptchulis:    sure, though I"d rather install lubuntu 64bits though20:08
NoImNotNineVoltchulis: if you're dealing with two different laptops, it might be a hardware problem. if it's a hardware problem, changing the os might not help.20:09
chuliswith lubuntu64 will be better?20:09
chulisthe laptop es new a i think it has be ok20:10
chulisit has amd radeon r4 graphic20:10
bpromptchulis:    it'd be lighter, I assume an amd a6, is just an Acer aspire with amd cpu... so is likely either a dual-core cpu, or a 64bit single-core, so I'd go with the 64bit of Lubuntu20:11
chulisits acer aspire e16 amd cuad core20:11
bpromptand those acer aspire are usually low on ram, only 1 ram bank IIRC, that can be maxed out at 4gbs20:11
chulisamd a6-631020:12
chulisit has 4gb ram and 8 swap20:12
Swftso I have compiled a binary on my SSH server and now I need it. how can I get it? it doesn't have a web frontend so unfortunately, im stuck20:13
NoImNotNineVoltSwft: scp20:13
chulisso its better to change my distro?20:13
SwftNoImNotNineVolt, whats that?20:13
bpromptchulis:    then your "fall down" or slow down, is likely due to the ram footprint of xubuntu....Lubuntu is meant to be lighter, but I'd go with the 64bit, though apps can take advantage of the cycle processing20:13
NoImNotNineVoltSwft: ssh + cp20:13
NoImNotNineVoltif you can ssh, you can copy.20:13
SwftNoImNotNineVolt; the SSH server is different20:14
SwftNoImNotNineVolt; i mean, i didnt compile that binary on my OWN system20:14
chulisok thanks il try with lub6420:14
NoImNotNineVoltperhaps i misunderstood.20:14
NoImNotNineVoltyou want to get a file from host A to host B.20:14
Swftyes, that's right20:14
NoImNotNineVoltdoes host A run an ssh server?20:14
NoImNotNineVoltwhat OS does host B run?20:15
NoImNotNineVoltokay, on host b:20:15
NoImNotNineVoltscp username_on_host_A@host_A:/path/to/file/on/host/A/filename.ext ./20:15
SwftNoImNotNineVolt; then?20:16
NoImNotNineVoltthat's it.20:16
NoImNotNineVoltthat copies the file from Host A to the current working directory on host B.20:16
k1l!scp | Swft20:17
ubottuSwft: scp is a secure way of copying files across networks using !SSH. Usage: scp filename user@host:filename - WinSCP is a client for Windows, available at http://winscp.net/20:17
Swftlet me try20:17
NoImNotNineVoltfor more information on scp, type into a console: man scp20:17
NoImNotNineVoltit's like cp. but it works with remote files over ssh.20:18
sssss_anyone here us xchat?20:18
NoImNotNineVoltgod no. not since a long time ago.20:18
k1lsssss_: some do. but you can switch to hexchat which is the successor of xchat20:18
* Lachezar had to install pulseaudio module for bluetooth20:18
Swftk1l; do you use irssi?20:19
sssss_I'm trying to find some chat text (years old), but I can't remember the network, or even the name of the room. But I know the scrollback log would appear if I could only remember and enter the right place. Does anyone know where XChat stores scrollback logs? It would be awfully handy to find previous rooms, dates, and the text. What type of file would it be?20:19
MonkeyDustSwft  i use irssi20:19
NoImNotNineVoltah, that's a good question.20:20
k1lsssss_: its stored in the .xchat folder in the users home20:20
sssss_im using it on windows, though.20:20
SchrodingersScat!ot | sssss_20:21
ubottusssss_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:21
k1lsssss_: well, then ask the windows guys or better the xchat guys.20:21
NoImNotNineVoltsssss_: try the windows equivalent of the home directory?20:21
sssss_i assume the actual file used to store the logs is the same on any platform20:22
bottazzinisssss_, on linux would be ~/.xchat2/log or something like this20:22
sssss_okay, let me hunt20:22
bottazzinimaybe on windows would be something near this20:22
k1lsssss_: i answered you the ubuntu related storage. for other OSs please ask their support or ask xchat guys. thanks20:23
sssss_does xchat have its own irc channel?20:24
bottazziniDoes anyone know here if ubuntu will start using systemd instead of upstart?20:24
NoImNotNineVoltbottazzini: yes.20:24
bottazziniwhen NoImNotNineVolt20:24
k1lbottazzini: target is 16.04 as standard. but it will be installable from 15.04 on20:25
k1l!alis | sssss_20:25
ubottusssss_: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*20:25
bottazzinikl1 nice :)20:25
sssss_oh wow, thanks guys!20:26
sssss_in application data I found the entire folder, laballed scrollback, and it has everything neatly in folders with txts of all previous logs20:26
sssss_thank you for leading me where to find it20:26
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Ali_linuxHi!Is there any proxy app for Ubuntu 14.10 ?20:29
bottazziniAli_linux, redsocks or tsocks maybe?20:30
bekksAli_linux: what exactly are you trying to do?20:30
mucuswhere can i find builds of ubuntu phone?20:30
SchrodingersScat!phone | mucus20:31
ubottumucus: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch20:31
Ali_linuxI want to go Facebook! Facebook is blocked in our country.20:31
bottazziniAli_linux, i'm curious20:32
NoImNotNineVoltAli_linux: and nothing of value was lost.20:32
bottazziniwhere are you from ?20:32
Ali_linuxI'm Iranian.20:32
NoImNotNineVoltgreetings, persian friend :)20:33
bekksAli_linux: So you need to use a proxy server which is located outside of Iran. At that point a "proxy app" on your local computer will not help you.20:33
sssss_good day20:33
bottazziniAli_linux, have you tried Tor project?20:34
Ali_linuxBut,Tor Project site is blocked too!20:34
Ali_linuxGuys!I didn't find any Tor download link!all of them are blocked.What can I do?20:39
bbbbbAli_linux: use a proxy or something20:40
bbbbbor make a free shell and wget it there then scp it from your desktop20:40
bbbbb/j #bshellz20:40
bbbbbno problem!20:41
Ali_linuxI found a download link that was not blocked.20:42
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Jul13nmsg NickServ REGISTER jeouzan jeouzan@yahoo.fr20:49
MonkeyDustchange your password!20:50
mucusall of them20:50
xangua Not nice😈20:50
Jordan_UJustSighDudes: You should always communicate with nickserv in the server window so there is no chance of accidentally sending your password to a channel.20:50
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Jordan_UJustSighDudes: Sorry, tab completion failed since jul13n left :)20:51
marceloHey, Is wine really that effective?20:58
hwill2i'm really disappointed with how deliberately sloppy sound is in ubuntu. the help docs online aren't helpful. my sound card is detected and the channels are unmuted but i still get no sound20:58
bbbbbmarcelo: i guess it depends on what you're using it for20:58
MonkeyDust!wine | marcelo find out20:58
ubottumarcelo find out: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu20:58
bbbbbmarcelo: never used it though20:58
xanguamarcelo: depends, check wine appdb20:58
marceloubottu? is that like a bot or something?20:59
ubottumarcelo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:59
NoImNotNineVolthwill2: don't worry, the guy that brought you pulseaudio is the same guy that's bringing us systemd.20:59
marceloyep, bot it is20:59
mucusubottu is really down on itself21:00
ubottumucus: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:00
hwill2how do i just get my damn sound working?21:00
MonkeyDusthwill2  by not using profane language21:00
NoImNotNineVolthwill2: you're experiencing an isolated issue, it seems.21:01
NoImNotNineVolti hate ubuntu with a passion, but i've never had problems with audio.21:01
mucusyou hate ubuntu with a passion?21:01
mucuswhat is there to hate?21:01
NoImNotNineVoltmucus: beyond the scope of an irc rant.21:01
marcelolinux - where there's a bunch of stuff to learn21:01
mucusubuntu is a great place for plebs (like me) to get their feet wet in linux21:02
MonkeyDustmarcelo  learn ubuntu like you learned windows or mac: by using it21:02
bbbbbis there any way to get the sound working close to how good it works in windows?21:02
mucusdon't suggest arch as a first linux os21:02
SchrodingersScatit's also offtopic here21:02
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bbbbbit feels way way louder in windows and more ambient21:02
NoImNotNineVoltslackware 3.4 was my first linux.21:02
marceloI have learned ubuntu, and I fell in love with the terminal21:03
k1lbbbbb: on my machine it works as it should work (llike on windows)21:03
bbbbbk1l: did you do anything special to get it that way?21:03
bbbbbit's night and day difference for me21:03
k1lbbbbb: no. but you can adjust the volume in the soundsettings in the top bar.21:04
k1leven an own volume level for each program.21:04
bbbbbk1l: yes at the highest level it's still around 50% of windows level, and going over 100% in ubuntu makes it distort21:05
k1lbbbbb: then maybe the manufacturer doesnt ship linux firmware/drivers so they need to reversenegeneer that. which is not 100% like windows of course where they get the drivers.21:06
marceloI'm the kind of person that doesn't want to see Microsoft thriving, now with that hololens thingy...21:06
bbbbb00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 04)21:07
MonkeyDustbbbbb  in other words: ask the hardware manufacturers to support linux21:07
bbbbbMonkeyDust: it appears to be under the certified systems of ubuntu http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/component/pci/8086%3A1e20/ , maybe there's more to it, a fix etc.?21:10
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bbbbbanybody have experience with this? http://tuxdiary.com/2013/08/07/fix-low-volume/21:14
k1lbbbbb: open "alsamixer" in terminal and adjust the volumes?21:15
bbbbbk1l: let me try alsa21:16
bbbbbk1l: it's the same, i set it to 100% but it makes no difference21:17
Jordan_Ubbbbb: Which mixer channel did you set to 100%? What mixer channels are listed?21:18
k1lbbbbb: i have the same onboard audio and it works.21:18
k1ldont go up with master that high.21:18
Jordan_Ubbbbb: Only one channel was listed?21:19
bbbbbJordan_U: Master Headphone Speaker PCM ..21:19
k1li have master at 12, headphone and pcm at 100.21:19
jasonfungsinganyone tried to install ubuntu on MS surface pro 3?21:19
k1llike i said make sure the programs in the sound settings are not too low.21:19
NoImNotNineVoltis that anything like trying to install a honda b16a into a ferrari?21:20
Jordan_Ubbbbb: What are the levels of headphone, speaker, and PCM?21:20
bbbbbk1l: in sound settings the music player is set to 100%21:20
bbbbbJordan_U: 100 100 10021:20
ZiberI have a file that's space delimited that I'm using awk to pull stuff out of. One of the fields is quoted. And it's more than one words in quotes. How would I deal with that field?21:21
Jordan_Ubbbbb: Did you scroll to the right to ensure that there weren't any mixer channels beyone those 4?21:21
bbbbbJordan_U: yes there are channels Mic Mic Boost S/PDIF Beep Auto Mut ( Enabled) Internal Loopback ( Disabled )21:22
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Jordan_Ubbbbb: Please put quotes around all of the multi word channel names, or commas to delimite then, to be more clear.21:24
bbbbbJordan_U: yes there are channels "Mic" "Mic Boost" "S/PDIF" "Beep" "Auto Mut" ( Enabled) "Internal" "Loopback" ( Disabled )21:25
bbbbbJordan_U: it also says Chip: Intel PantherPoint HDMI21:26
Jordan_Ubbbbb: Are you using HDMI audio?21:27
bbbbbnot that i know of, just regular mp3's21:28
daftykinsthis is the part we learn we're plugged into a TV21:28
bbbbbdaftykins: it was plugged in earlier, but it's always low on the volume21:28
daftykinsyou might want to reboot, sounds like it's stuck on the wrong device. or select the right device in settings / the mixer21:29
Jordan_Ubbbbb: I'm not asking about what applications are playing. Are you connected to a monitor with built in speakers via an hdmi cable, and no other separate audio cables?21:29
bbbbbJordan_U: no, i'm not21:30
bbbbbdaftykins: it's always low on the volume, fresh reboots too21:30
Jordan_Ubbbbb: OK. How are your speakers connected to your computer?21:30
bbbbbit's the laptop's speakers, dolby advanced audio21:30
daftykinsthat's just a marketing label.21:31
bbbbboh, ok :D21:31
DarthShader2hey guys, need help with setting up a fresh kubuntu box. I have an nvidia gtx 750 with latest drivers, driving 2 monitors.21:32
daftykinsDarthShader2: what's the problem then?21:33
DarthShader2The first monitor, a 1080p panel, is working fine. The 1440p Catleap is "not working"(tm)21:33
daftykinswhat cable type is being used with it?21:33
daftykinsand what does "not working" mean?21:33
daftykinswrong resolution or nothing at all?21:33
DarthShader2Setup known to work under Windows, btw.21:33
DarthShader2Nothing at all.21:33
daftykinsdual link cable?21:34
DarthShader2In nvidia-settings, it's supposed to be driven at 800x60021:34
DarthShader2Yes, dual-link.21:34
daftykinswhat driver are you using? version # wise21:34
daftykinsmanual website download?21:34
DarthShader2Nope, got it from a repo, let me find which one.21:34
daftykinsDarthShader2: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit" then "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"21:34
daftykinsxorg edgers probably.21:34
daftykinsdoesn't matter21:35
DarthShader2yep, that's the one21:35
Jordan_Ubbbbb: Try disabling "auto mut". (though to be honest, I don't know what that feature is supposed to do).21:35
bbbbbJordan_U: no dice21:36
daftykinsDarthShader2: which display is the NEC?21:36
DarthShader2That's the 1080p one.21:36
bbbbbJordan_U: can i revert any effects of running this script http://git.alsa-project.org/?p=alsa.git;a=blob_plain;f=hda-analyzer/run.py21:37
daftykinsfigured, ok apparently your other one is giving a false EDID21:37
bbbbbJordan_U: it says to run as root, and mentions 'critical unforseen issues'21:37
DarthShader2daftykins: The catleap doesn't have much in terms of brains; it was labeled "DUAL-DVI" under windows21:37
daftykinsDarthShader2: some cheap korean job?21:38
DarthShader2daftykins: yep.21:38
DarthShader2daftykins Also happened to be the only 120Hz-capable 1440p IPS at time of purchase.21:39
daftykinsDarthShader2: if you're reading along with the log file yourself, you can see it's very unhappy with that display21:39
daftykinsDarthShader2: what input cable types does it support? only DVI?21:39
DarthShader2daftykins: yes, only DVI21:39
bbbbbJordan_U: i've added the option to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf as per site instructions21:39
bbbbbJordan_U: can i load it without restarting?21:39
daftykinsDarthShader2: how is the NEC connected?21:41
bbbbbJordan_U: let me try restarting21:41
DarthShader2daftykins: Also DVI.21:41
daftykinsDarthShader2: alright, have you at any point tried booting with just the catleap plugged into either of those on its' own? so leave the NEC off21:42
DarthShader2daftykins: I can try, but haven't yet.21:42
themapplzhey can someone tell me how i can make it so i can ssh to server.domain.com on my lan?21:42
daftykinsDarthShader2: ok give it a whirl21:42
DarthShader2daftykins: Sure. Will be back in a moment.21:42
daftykinsthemapplz: instead of by IP?21:42
themapplzi have to write the lan ip21:42
daftykinsthemapplz: either fix your DNS, or edit your hosts file to point to that IP.21:43
daftykinsbut it may break things using a LAN IP :D21:43
themapplzit works fine from outside but i want my full.domain.com to work inside my lan as well21:43
daftykinswhen behind NAT it's safer to just deal with it21:43
daftykinsyeah that sounds like your router's fault, probably.21:44
bbbbbJordan_U: daftykins it still says panther HDMI after rebooting, could that be it?21:44
themapplzyeah so i have to configure my router to route full.domain.com internally?21:44
daftykinsmake up a nickname and add it to your hosts file so that "nickname" = LAN IP21:45
themapplzah ok21:45
daftykinsjust don't use the hostname else it'll break things :>21:46
themapplzbut in my config file, can i have multiple HostNames for 1 Host ?21:47
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daftykinsthemapplz: why?21:49
DarthShader2daftykins: No dice. When booting, the BIOS and then the KUBUNTU logo showed up, but then the screen went black. I waited for a few minutes to make sure. When shutting down, the screen flashed some text before powering off with the PC.21:50
daftykinsDarthShader2: for both DVI ports? is the DVI cable for that one noticably thicker than for the other display?21:50
DarthShader2daftykins: I unplugged unplugging the 1080p NEC, so no. I'm using the thickest DVI cable I have for the Catleap, because otherwise it glitches and won't go above 90Hz (under Windows).21:52
DarthShader2*tried unplugged21:52
daftykinswhat do you mean no?21:52
Noah___How do I find my encryption key for my home folder. I accidentally closed the window that would have given me the key.21:53
daftykinsDarthShader2: so you didn't try the catleap on both ports?21:53
DarthShader2"for both DVI ports?"21:53
DarthShader2<daftykins> The other port is known to sometimes glitch a little with the catleap, but I can try.21:54
DarthShader2Should I?21:55
bbbbbcan someone help me out with this error? http://pastebin.com/Bx82fJQW21:55
bbbbbthis is what i'm trying to run http://git.alsa-project.org/?p=alsa.git;a=blob_plain;f=hda-analyzer/hda_analyzer.py21:56
daftykinsDarthShader2: it'd be good for the sake of completeness, after that you can play with xrandr to see if it reads anything from it, as per http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-change-display-resolution-settings-using-xrandr.html21:56
DarthShader2<daftykins> xrandr says it supports 800x600 only21:57
daftykinsDarthShader2: check this out - http://www.overclock.net/t/1225919/yamakasi-catleap-monitor-club/2110#post_1688723321:58
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daftykinsDarthShader2: have just the catleap connected then try that config, if it works out you can adapt it to allow your other display too.21:59
skirlethey all! can someone tell me how to load music (mp3s or whatnot) to my android. i am running ubuntu 1422:00
DarthShader2daftykins: thanks, will try22:00
skirletthank you!!!!!!!22:00
noah_how do I find the encryption key to my home folder (asking again because I got disconnected)22:00
k1lskirlet: connect with usb cable and open the filemanager nautilus?22:00
DarthShader2daftykins: is it normal that I don't have an /etc/X11/xorg.conf?22:01
skirletthank you! and like where do i put it on the droid? and what music app plays it??22:01
daftykinsDarthShader2: yes22:02
jhutchinsnoah_: You don't.  That's the whole point of encryption.22:02
k1lskirlet: put it in folders as you want. for android apps better ask in #android22:02
jbouronskirlet: depends on your phone I think22:02
noah_jhutchins: but I never set it up I think it gave me a random one22:02
skirletk thanks!! i'll keep on it!22:02
daftykinsDarthShader2: more on http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=203899722:04
noah_jhutchins: hello?22:05
jhutchinsnoah_: If there were a way to recover the key then anybody could "recover" it and the encryption wouldn't be worth while.22:06
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noah_jhutchins: then what command did it run at the beginning? I set this up before and it said "we gave you a random key. enter your password to see it." I did. I had to set it up again and accidentally closed that window this time.22:07
bbbbbnoah_: i think there's a way to unwrap the passphrase or something if you type your user's password, look on google for it22:07
noah_bbbbb: um... yeah. that's why i'm here. I have tried google.22:08
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ubottucrocmax: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».22:12
bbbbbnoah_: sudo ecryptfs-recover-private /path/to/dir22:15
bbbbbnoah_: it will ask if you know your user's login say yes22:16
DarthShader2daftykins: just got both of my monitors working. Just one question, why is everything (e.g. text in my IRC client and taskbar) so tiny now?22:16
bbbbbnoah_: for reference http://askubuntu.com/questions/120206/encrypted-home-forgotten-password-but-no-passphrase22:16
DarthShader2daftykins: BTW thanks for helping!22:16
noah_bbbbb: tried that. I realize now it's the mount passphrase i'm missing22:16
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bbbbbnoah_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Recovering_Your_Mount_Passphrase22:17
bbbbbnoah_: i know, but using that you can recover your encrypted dir with the user's password without the mount passphrase22:17
daftykinsDarthShader2: DPI most likely. if you run... actually i don't have a clue what controls there are in kubuntu, but since you have two displays i'm not sure how changing that will cope with two different screens22:17
noah_bbbbb: tried that. got Error: Unwrapping passphrase failed [-5]22:18
bbbbbthen get your files, anyways check the second link it should have info about recovering the mount passphrase22:18
daftykinsDarthShader2: no problem, note that i found those results by googling your display brand though.22:18
DarthShader2daftykins: I'm fine with one DPI for both screens, as long as the text is big enough. Will try looking for it.22:18
noah_bbbbb: tried that. got Error: Unwrapping passphrase failed [-5]22:19
bbbbbnoah_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/60601/unwrapping-passphrase-and-inserting-into-the-user-session-keyring-failed22:20
jhutchinsbbbbb: I'm seeing a pattern here...22:24
DarthShader2daftykins: figured out DPI, it was in "application appearance". Thanks again for the help.22:24
jbouronDoes anyone knows why I can't change my mouse sensitivity ? Xubuntu 10.1422:24
jbouronMax or Min sens. are the same.22:25
Ben64jbouron: there is no 10.14, type "lsb_release -d" on the terminal and tell us the output22:25
noah_jhutchins: bbbbb it appears, somehow, wrapped-pasphrase was deleted. Oh well. hopefully I'll never have recover the data.22:25
jbouronBen64: 14.10 sorry22:26
jbouronlittlebit tired tonight ^^22:26
DarthShader2daftykins: I know this is probably going to be asking a lot, but do you have any idea on how to make the xorg.conf only be "valid" when my catleap is detected? I'm running kubuntu from a USB stick.22:27
daftykinsDarthShader2: hot pluggable when you attach it only sometimes? not gonna happen :)22:28
DarthShader2daftykins: Ah okay then.22:28
bbbbbit appears that installing paman allows the volume to be increased without much distortion, but it's still feels like the dark ages compared to windows22:29
daftykinsyou'd have to substitute the xorg.conf and restart X each time22:29
bbbbbit says alsa is controlling the sound, is pulse better?22:30
Jordan_Ubbbbb: pulseaudio runs on top of alsa.22:31
bbbbbJordan_U: is there anything other than alsa i can try?22:38
daftykinsyou should be on pulse as default if it's normal ubuntu22:39
TrivialGravitasI'm having trouble installing wine due to a conflict with nvidia drivers22:39
TrivialGravitasnvidia-libopencl1-331 conflicts with libopencli, which WINE insists on22:40
bparkerI always have lots of problems with pulse audio and hdmi devices so I usually have to uninstall it22:40
TrivialGravitasI assume WINE will work with the Nvidia compatible version, but can't get it to install that way22:40
daftykinsTrivialGravitas: i've seen tonnes of articles online purely in passing, explaining how to avoid these conflicts22:41
daftykinsmay be worth looking at some22:41
bparkerTrivialGravitas: I'm using wine with nvidia-33122:41
TrivialGravitasbparker: the problem is just getting the package manager to do it22:41
bbbbbbparker: are you suggesting i remove pulse? and the volume might increase, i'm using laptop speakers22:42
TrivialGravitasnevermind, the problem is Aptitude has gone to seed, Apt works fine22:43
daftykinsyeah aptitude isn't recommended.22:43
bparkerTrivialGravitas: libopencl1 isn't even a package22:43
bparkerthere is only ocl-icd-libopencl1 and nvidia-libopencl1-33122:44
TrivialGravitasI've been using Aptitude for 7 years :(22:44
bbbbbbparker: how are you removing pulse? it asks to remove others as well22:44
daftykinsremoving pulse isn't the wisest of moves :P22:44
TrivialGravitaswas working great in 12.04, but I guess bit rot has taken hold as apt got better22:44
bparkerI haven't used aptitude in about 15 years22:45
NegativeFlareIf you're having trouble using programs that want direct access to /dev/dsp, use padsp or pasuspender22:45
TrivialGravitasI've usually ripped pulse out as soon as I fresh install, this is the first time it hasn't caused problems.22:45
bparkerbbbbb: apt-get remove pulseaudio IIRC22:45
bparkernot that I recommend it.22:45
bbbbbhow do i remove it?22:45
bparkerbecause I have no idea what other issues it might cause22:46
bparkerbut EWORKSFORME22:46
bparkernot that I do much with my system22:46
bbbbbit says indicator-sound and others will also be removed, including ubuntu-desktop22:46
bparkerbbbbb: I don't have ubuntu-desktop installed, but I have xubuntu-desktop installed22:46
k1lremoving pulseaudio is not an easy solution.22:46
bparkerk1l: give several reasons why </philip j fry>22:47
k1lbparker: the whole (gnome) desktop set on pulseaudio. and besides its stage last years when it was really rubbish and more of a alpha stage its very settled now and is meant to "just work"22:48
bbbbbok, i removed it22:49
Faryshtahi, if i a add .css files onthe AppAsset::$css array, it should include the files on the layout?22:52
daftykinsFaryshta: not a dev channel :)22:53
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bbbbbnope, no dice22:56
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k1lbbbbb:  removing pulseaudio is not a good solution, imho. i think your windows has some equalizer settings inside the drivers to make the build-in speakers sound "better"22:58
bbbbbk1l: it's not only better, it's way way louder and clean too22:59
k1llike i said, i think its a drivers/firmware thing. you could search for your exact laptop model if its a known issue and what people did then23:00
bbbbbk1l: ok, thanks.23:02
bbbbbis there any way to have anything i add in modprobe.d take effect without restarting?23:05
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daftykinssudo modprobe module_name_here23:07
bbbbbany idea what name i should use for alsa?23:08
daftykinsno and i'm not really into audio setups so can't help you there23:10
bbbbbno problem, thanks anyways23:11
bbbbbthis seems to do the job /sbin/alsa force-reload , i'm trying some options fingers crossed23:11
bbbbbit seems hp laptops have a history of low volume on ubuntu and people update the bios sometimes, the docs are pretty outdated so i dont know if it still applies though23:12
jb0nd38372Anyone here running Ubuntu on a motherboard with an AMD chipset? Preferably with the SB900 chipset.23:13
daftykinsmight be better to just say what's going on, jb0nd38372 - that's about as specific as you can get :P23:13
jb0nd38372daftykins, Not a good idea to start off with a specific question?23:14
daftykinsthat wasn't really a support question :)23:15
daftykinsthe likelihood fo someone running that hardware is really low23:15
jb0nd38372daftykins, well I guess I can rephrase it then. I was just trying to find a specific type of person with that chipset since nobody else could help since my problem is confined to that chipset23:17
daftykinswhy don't you say what's going on?23:18
ki7rwthis aideinit sure takes a long time to do its thing23:20
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wellyHello all. Having strange things occurring when creating a symbolic link. if I do (as an admin user) ln -nfs /home/test/production/releases/2015-01-23 /home/test/public_html it works fine however running su - test -c "ln -nfs /home/test/production/releases/2015-01-23 /home/test/public_html" to create the symbolic link as a user results in a directory public_html being created and the symbolic link underneath it. It's really odd23:23
bparkerwelly: probably because /home/test/public_html already existed when you ran as the test user, so it traversed the directory/symlink and created the link inside there23:24
wellybparker, no doesn't exist. I've deleted it first23:24
wellythis is the strangest thing because it was working yesterday23:25
bparkernever heard of that23:26
wellyalthough I did make a change to how my site was being deployed in jenkins, the actual deploy script hasn't changed much at all23:26
wellyyeah, likewise. it's weird23:26
wellyhmm.. alright when I get the script to run it as the admin user, it's creating the directory and not a symbolic link.23:27
wellyi am stumped by this23:27
jb0nd38372I'm running 2 Corsair SSD's currently in Windows 7, Raid 0 and getting 900/mb read - 750mb write performance. I want to install ubuntu to that Raid setup that has been configured in bios. Grub will not install even though the rest of the install completes without problems. Any idea why?23:28
bekksjb0nd38372: Which hardware raid controller do you use?23:28
bparkerdefine 'will not install'23:28
jb0nd38372bekks, Just the motherboard's BIOS program to configure the raid setup, the MB is an Asus M5a97 r2.0 (Chipset AMD SB9500)23:29
victor_hi everyone23:29
jb0nd38372bekks, or rather the program that loads right after the bios post (Contrl - H) enters the program23:30
victor_so... what are people talking about here23:31
bekksjb0nd38372: That controller is a software raid controller. You cannot use it as a hardware raid controller.23:31
k1lvictor_: technical ubuntu support. we have #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat23:31
jb0nd38372bekks, so I need to destroy the raid in bios and DMRaid in ubuntu?23:31
bekksjb0nd38372: Correct.23:32
victor_okay 'linux'23:32
jb0nd38372bekks, you think i'll still see the increased performance i'm seeing now?23:32
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bekksjb0nd38372: I havent used AMD chipsets for a decade, myself. I cant tell you anything about performance, just about technical facts :)23:33
bekksjb0nd38372: And that "increased performance" heavily depends on the method used for measureing.23:33
jb0nd38372bekks, well thank you anyway. My primary reason is for the speed increase more than having the space consolidated. I guess the only way to tell is to do it. Can you recommend any good disk benchmarking software I can test with?23:34
bekksjb0nd38372: I recommend a strong knowledge on how disk benchmarks works, for using and interpreting dd, iostat, bonnie, bonnie++, vdbench, iometer, and all the other tools out there.23:36
bbbbbdoes anybody have any experience using nautilus-actions-config-tool ? i'm trying to add a shortcut that adds and plays a song with no luck yet23:37
bekksjb0nd38372: Basically: there is no single benchmark that can be "just used" and will return valuable results.23:37
victor_no no single idea23:37
bekksvictor_: single idea on what?23:38
kasteHi I am trying to develop something with ncursesw and while I have all the libraries and headers I don't seem to have manpages. What am I doing wrong? I can't find a package that contains the man pages.23:38
=== mmmmaeryo is now known as maeryo
kastenvm I found it23:44
wellyI bet there is something weird about this bloody cpanel that is causing this. It keeps creating a public_html, public_html/cgi-bin folder23:45
bbbbbwelly: if you dont use su - it will work23:46
bbbbbit's probably cause it's using a login shell it's running some scripts23:46
wellyah right23:46
NForystekanybody know the update resource location line for the older version 3 of MonoDevelop for Ubuntu software packages?  I found it originally at http://www.monodevelop.com/ originally, in a browser it was just a graphic for the whole page, nothing else...23:46
NForystekplz msg me23:46
wellystupid cpanel23:46
NForystekno I'm seriouz, originally23:47
NForystekI achieved photographic equality in namespaces controls and forms in a start new project template for .NET framework 2.0 and SharpDevelop in XP and Xubuntu23:49
NForystekit's sharpdevelop that requires .NET framework 4.0, but I could just drop it over and open it and compile it the same vs versa..23:50
NForystekoh, and it didn't require command lines to get it as a icon to install from the software package browser, I'm not huge in linux23:51
Jordan_Ujb0nd38372: 1: While you *can* install Ubuntu on top of FakeRAID, I agree with bekks in that you shouldn't. Both FakeRAID and linux software RAID use the CPU to handle the RAID (your "RAID hardware" doesn't have any CPU or memory, just BIOS option ROMS that only run at boot, hence the "Fake" in FakeRAID). Linux's software RAID formats are Free, and many more people have worked on their performance and stability than any ...23:52
k1lNForystek: i still dont know what you need help with for ubuntu now exactly23:52
Jordan_U... FakeRAID code. So I would expect linux software RAID to outperform FakeRAID, in speed and stability.23:52
jb0nd38372bekks, Have you ever used HD Tune for Windows?23:52
NForystekIt is a a line where you go to the software updater, you can put it in as a resource to get packages... this one specifically had a v3 of MonoDevelop23:53
k1lNForystek: so you look for a PPA for monodevelop?23:53
NForystekwhat's a PPA?23:53
k1la 3rd party repository maintained by not-ubuntu to provide other packages or other package versions than the official ubuntu ones23:54
k1lNForystek: so you want monodevelop version 3 for ubuntu? for what ubuntu?23:55
NForystekyes that would be correct, and this one wasn't setup by Monodevelop.com I don't think, they linked it.. and it just put the icon to get it right in.. I can't get the MonoDevelop.com site instructions to work for any version..23:55
k1lNForystek: you are confusing me again. what do you want?23:56
k1lyou want an icon?23:56
fiatjafhello. I need some help.23:56
fiatjafI can't download anything from archive.ubuntu.com (nor us.archive.ubuntu.com nor br.archive. ubuntu.com). I can access these servers through the browser, but my traceroutes timeout. what is happening?23:56
fiatjaftraceroute: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9826706/23:56
k1lfiatjaf: do you use a proxy or vpn in the browser?23:57
fiatjafk11: no, nothing23:57
jb0nd38372Jordan_U, If I don't run raid, do you have any ideas on how i might increase i/o access? on a single SSD? From what I've gathered, single drive bootup on Win7 is 22 seconds (from the time you see the initial Windows logo) running under the bios fake raid  it gets cut down to 16 seconds. I'm not doing anything that demands a 6 second increase in speed, I just like squeezing all the performance I can out of my hardware safely.23:57
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NForystekI spent a day making a project between my sharpdevelop on XP and monodevelop on Xubuntu and got them to work and load in each other flawless, for a .NET 2.0 project whcih I like most because VS.net 2015 is massive stuff.. specially when I like XP better, more slap stick easy..23:58
fiatjafI'm in brazil, but see traceroute for br.archive.ubuntu.com: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9826755/23:58
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NForystekbut it was like this 4th party pimp where the resource in a browser was just a full page image..23:59
fiatjaftraceroute to fr.archive.ubuntu.com: http://paste.ubuntu.com/9826762/23:59

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