bluesabrebrainwash: done00:02
bluesabreUnit193: question when you're around00:02
bluesabrebrainwash: since this one came up again today, does it fix the issue for all keyboard shortcuts, or does it only apply to the one? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-settings/+bug/129229000:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1292290 in xfce4-settings "[SRU] Window manager keybindings don't work after reboot" [Medium,Confirmed]00:05
Unit193bluesabre: Not quite here, but still.00:15
bluesabreknow a lot about rm_conffile?00:15
Unit193A little, man dpkg-maintscript-helper00:17
Unit193http://manpages.ubuntu.com/dpkg-maintscript-helper 00:17
bluesabrethat answers my question00:18
bluesabrethanks Unit193!00:19
Unit193Hah, well glad I could help.00:19
brainwashbluesabre: the updated keyboard shortcuts file from vivid fixes the maximize action in utopic and the maximize action + workspace actions in trusty00:20
brainwash-> everything should be fixed then00:20
brainwash(in xubuntu at least)00:20
bluesabrealrighty, thanks brainwash00:21
brainwashshould we pick the patch for bug 1314829 ?00:30
ubottubug 1314829 in ristretto (Ubuntu) ""Set as Wallpaper" doesn't work" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131482900:30
brainwashit seems to me that there won't be a new ristretto version any time soon00:31
bluesabresure, seems reasonable.  low priority, so poke me about it if its not done in a few days00:32
brainwashmaybe let debian do the job00:33
brainwashbut you are right, it's a low priority task00:34
bluesabrebrainwash: uploaded xubuntu-default-settings for trusty... waiting for approval now.  01:50
bluesabreUnit193: did we have an ITP for xfdashboard or soundmenu at any point?02:21
Unit193bluesabre: Nope.02:40
Unit193I can give you a list of xfce4* ones though, and skippy-xd had one, but that's it.02:40
Unit193bluesabre: Not really sure how to do this either.  It'd make more sense to push xfdash 2.x stable series to Debian, but in Xubuntu we use and it makes sense to use 3.x series.03:10
ochosibluesabre, brainwash: well, some ristretto patches have been merged recently, so might as well do a drive-by git-snapshot instead of integrating the single patch (then we also get other patches and translations). as soon as we get release-rights, there'll be a 0.6.4 though07:59
ochosipleia2, elfy: nice work on the stickers article!08:06
elfymorning ochosi 08:07
elfynot actually seen it yet08:08
ochosioh :)08:11
ochosiwell i presumed you were involved there08:11
elfyI was here and there :)08:11
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elfyochosi bluesabre - did you see the comment from jjfrv8 re "black screen bug when I set to lock on suspend" 08:39
elfyI see the same here with the new xfpm too08:39
ochosii did see some of the comments of jjfrv8 08:42
ochosianyway, i'm not entirely sure what sort of permission/polkit? issue he's having there08:42
ochosibut that black screen bug might be resolved when resetting xfpm's settings08:43
ochosiat least that's where i would start08:43
ochosiplus, the light-locker.desktop file in your ~/.config/autostart should be reset not to pass any parameters08:43
elfyI don't have a file in there08:44
ochosiwhen did you install vivid?08:44
elfy3 weeks ago perhaps08:44
Unit193On the daily or just uploaded?  Shouldn't be much difference I wouldn't think.08:44
ochosihmm, might be that the autostart file is in a system folder still08:45
ochosior it got cleaned out in case you removed light-locker-settings08:45
elfyprobably :)08:45
elfyI'll check it out later from a clean one08:45
ochosieither way, maybe a good idea to just do a "apt-get install light-locker --reinstall" to be sure08:45
ochosiok, that's also an option :)08:45
elfytime for that later today or tomorrow08:46
elfyand I'll try and get a call out to test it this weekend08:46
ochosii'll be away over the weekend btw, will only return in a week08:47
elfyok 08:47
ochosimight be around at some points though, but mostly for reading up, likely won't have much time to get things done08:48
ochosiwas following up on our xdg-utils merge today though, so hopefully it'll be merged in the afternoon08:48
ochosithen the bug where parole (and others) reset your screensaver time will finally be a thing of the past08:48
elfythat one just confused me completely :)08:49
ochosibrainwash: in case that xdg-utils MR gets merged today, could you prep the SRU for it? i'll be gone for a week after today08:49
ochosiknome: hmm, that -dev wallpaper...09:57
knomehmm hmm09:57
* knome ponders if it gets ready by ochosi pondering09:57
knomei can probably look at it later today, but i'll have to leave to meet a client in about an hour, so no can do now09:57
ochosisure, just felt like poking you about it again09:58
knomeyep, i know it's late09:58
ochosias i mentioned earlier, i'll be more or less gone for a week09:58
ochosiso i wanted to poke around before taking off09:58
knomestarting from what again? :)09:58
knomewell bluesabre is around, we can organize a surprise for you09:59
knome(but don't hold your breath)09:59
ochosiknome: any opinion on doing another highlight-color for 15.04?10:02
ochosisomething teal maybe10:02
knomepersonally, i think we've messed up with people's systems enough already10:03
knomebut otoh, if we did that every cycle...10:03
knomei guess i don't have a strong opinion, i'll revert back to the default anyway10:03
ochosiyeah, same here10:04
knometo try to think it objectively..10:05
knomewe have playfully shown that customizing is easy... what would the another custom color be for?10:05
ochosithe idea was that the highlight color could be a small reference to the release name/animal10:05
ochosibut yeah, that could be a problem10:05
ochosimany animals are brown10:06
knomeif it's about being distinct from cycle to cycle, then that might be a good argument10:06
knomebrown, yeah, and even if we had the most exoticly colored animals, we'd run out of colors "soon"10:06
knomeor end up redoing similar things10:06
ochosithat is the downside of it10:07
knomeand i don't knwo if it's worth the maintaining burden10:09
knomewhich is not much by itself, but it happens surely every cycle, and thought has to be put into it...10:09
ochositrue that10:10
ochosiand it potentially makes the wallpaper creation more work10:10
ochosibecause you might get a weird color of reference10:11
ochosialthough that could also be an advantage10:11
knomewell if it's done before the wallpaper creating has begun, it's not more work10:11
knomebut it might be limiting creativity10:11
ochosinot getting stuck and redoing wallpapers in the same style / color-palette10:11
ochosiyeah, well up to you10:11
knomeyeah well, we can change the wallpaper palette anyway10:11
ochosiwe can also do it the other way round10:11
knomei don't think that should be the deciding factor10:12
knomesure, but then we essentially lose the relation to the animal color :)10:12
ochosiwe could sync the highlight color with the wallpaper palette10:12
ochosiyeah, i know, it's just a different idea i just had ;)10:12
brainwashochosi: will anyone do the packaging for trusty xdg-utils?11:10
brainwashwhat about the recent security patch for xdg-utils? both patches could be bundled11:11
brainwashbluesabre: should I subscribe the sru team to the keybind report?11:19
brainwashI did not yesterday, because the package was not uploaded yet11:20
bluesabrebrainwash: I just added them and set the status to "In Progress"11:25
brainwashbluesabre: thanks :)11:25
bluesabrefor the record, vivid might not be a good testing ground for light-locker... I disabled light-locker completely, shut my lid, opened it back up and my whole laptop was frozen...11:31
bluesabrescreen on, time standing still11:31
brainwashuhm.. meh11:32
brainwashthe kernel could be the cause11:32
bluesabreyeah, who knows. If I install the nvidia drivers, I can't get a graphical login and the greeter will run at 96% cpu11:36
bluesabrehopefully that's another driver issue, I don't want to have to fix that11:36
brainwashyou greeter? my xorg runs at 100% while the graphical user session is active11:40
brainwashopen source radeon driver11:40
bluesabreno graphical login, drop to VT1, login, view processes, the lightdm-gtk-greeter binary running at 96%, but only with the nvidia proprietary11:43
bluesabreshould probably check what its doing with nouveau as well... I'll get to that later today11:43
brainwashthe greeter package in vivid seems to be rather outdated11:43
brainwashor do you run master anyway?11:44
bluesabreno updates since then.  Running whats in vivid.  We'll be releasing 1.10/2.0 sometime very soon11:44
brainwashnew upload will fix some issues11:46
brainwashlike bug 141077011:47
ubottubug 1410770 in LightDM GTK+ Greeter "corrupted display after login and before desktop loads" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141077011:47
bluesabreah cool, hadn't kept up with that one11:48
bluesabrestill catching up to everything I missed11:48
brainwashbluesabre: do you have a trusty system available for testing?11:58
bluesabreto what extent?  I have a trusty server I can vnc into11:59
brainwashjust to test random xubuntu stuff11:59
brainwashlike bug 136596511:59
ubottubug 1365965 in xfdesktop4 (Ubuntu Trusty) "[MRE] Please update xfdesktop4 to 4.11.8 in Trusty" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/136596511:59
brainwashto make sure that it does not cause anything strange12:00
brainwashso that we can finally push this upload to -updates12:01
brainwashI did not notice anything strange, and we use 4.11.8 in utopic + vivid12:02
brainwashthe icon position reset might not be fully fixed, but it does not seem to be worse than in 4.11.612:03
bluesabrewe just need to get that fixed, release 4.11.9, and then SRU that in for good measure12:04
brainwashshould I close the report then?12:04
bluesabreor comment saying that its not worse than before and the other fixes warrant an upload, and mark it verification-done12:04
bluesabreyour call12:05
bluesabregotta run to work12:05
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jjfrv8ochosi, after several reboots and changes to xfpm settings, I am no longer getting the notifications I posted last night13:52
jjfrv8however, the machine still won't suspend if I have "lock on suspend" enabled. It does suspend and wake up fine without locking.13:52
jjfrv8now when I wait > 1 minute to try to come out of the black screen/non-suspend mode, I get: http://en.zimagez.com/zimage/xfpmbug04.php13:52
jjfrv8and my network connection is broken, I can't log out, restart, etc.13:52
jjfrv8this morning, I reinstalled light-locker like you suggested and tried things again.  Same symptoms.13:52
jjfrv8I can try a clean install on other hardware tonight.13:53
jjfrv8no snow day today, gotta go to work :(, bblte14:01
ochosijjfrv8: as bluesabre pointed out today, unfortunately vivid doesnt seem to be the most stable testing ground wrt suspend. even without xfpm or light-locker we're getting troubles with suspending, so it could also be related to the kernel or graphics drivers14:15
ochosii would suggest to hang in there and as soon as things have stablized a bit more (which they'll hopefully do), we can get to more testing...14:16
ochosibrainwash: good news, xdg-utils just got sponsored14:46
ochosihas that security patch you're referring to been already packaged for xdg-utils in ubuntu?14:47
ochosihaha, nice fail on the release-ml. "alpha 1 released"15:20
brainwashochosi: I don't know what ubuntu is doing with that security patch, or if they even know about it15:26
brainwashthey should know, because debian patched it some days ago15:26
ochosifrom what i see xdg-utils isn't too well maintained15:26
elfyochosi: don't laugh too much - I put me down for doing the community side of it for beta 115:27
ochosiso i guess if you want it, you'd have to do something about it15:27
elfyand if I'm missing I out you as second :D15:27
ochosielfy: that's very nice of you15:27
ochosioh, that's not very nice of you15:27
ochosii'll remember to be offline around b1 then ;)15:27
elfywell it was kind of - better had as wxl did this one - and riddell did the last - there'd be no-one to do the next ... 15:28
ochosii'd say the bar is not too high for you though, considering that a2 was just announced as a1 ;)15:28
ochosianyway, time to grab a coffe15:29
brainwashochosi: can't find anything in launchpad regarding https://www.debian.org/security/2015/dsa-313115:30
ochosiwell it's 4 days old, and as i said, xdg-utils isn't very actively maintained15:31
ochosiwhich is illustrated by the fact that i have two consecutive patches in it15:31
brainwashbut there is a ubuntu security team15:31
ochosiwith half a year diff15:31
ochosiwell, feel free to bring it up with them15:32
brainwashif we have to inform the team about this stuff, then something is wrong15:32
ochosibrainwash: why? they're people too15:50
brainwashpeople who read the debian security announcements15:51
brainwashanyway, I filed a report15:51
brainwashochosi: ubuntu is not affected, because xdg-utils is old and does not even include the commit which introduces the vulnerability 16:18
ochosihaha, nice16:18
ochosieither way, if you have time to prep the SRU for xdg-utils, that'd be great16:19
brainwashwill anyone do the packaging for the timeout patch?16:19
brainwashdrop the obsolete upstream patch, include the timeout one, create a package16:20
ochosiwell, it has been sponsored/uploaded16:20
ochosiso yeah, obviously it has been packaged16:20
brainwashthe SRU team will do it for trusty/utopic?16:21
ochosiyes, that's the idea16:21
ochosicause we don't have upload rights for xdg-utils anyhow16:21
brainwashok, I'll do the sru then16:21
ochosithanks a bunch16:22
ochosii gotta go in the next 20mins16:22
brainwashbut first I'll test the vivid package, so it won't be today16:22
ochosithen i'll be back next week16:22
ochosiyeah, that's ok16:22
brainwashok :)16:22
ochosimy absence is one reason why i wanted to ask you to look into it16:22
ochosijust so that things keep moving forward16:22
ochosialso, you know the bug/patch, so you can formulate the sru16:23
ochosiso yeah, thanks!16:23
knomebrainwash, if you need help with the SRU (in the case you get stuck), you can ask bluesabre or me16:24
brainwashthat should not be the problem, I was just afraid that I would have to prepare the packages for trusty/utopic too16:26
brainwashwhich is a bit messy16:26
brainwashochosi: bad news, xdg-screensaver is broken in vivid17:41
brainwashnot my part, but the DE detection17:41
brainwashsomehow caused by dropping the obsolete upstream patch17:47
elfyevening ali1234 20:31
elfyso I did run audio bug collect from a live-session, then changed it afterwards to point at indicator-sound instead of alsa20:32
ali1234looks good20:33
elfygood 20:34
elfyreferred to the other bug - so I guess anything that the old one included they can find20:34
elfynot much else I can do :)20:34
ali1234you could post the crash report for indicator-sound as well20:34
elfydidn't appear to do that this time - or I confused it by running ubuntu-bug almost immediately 20:35
elfybut it is easily reproduced :)20:35
ali1234it's still there in /var/crash20:35
ali1234i can see the whoopsie errors in your dmesg20:36
elfythat dmesg is from livesession 20:36
elfyas I said easily reproduced - just boot the livesession20:37
ali1234let's see if there's anything on e.u.c.20:38
ali1234there is a trick you can do to make apport send reports to launchpad instead of e.u.c.20:41
ali1234can you tell me approximates the last time you submitted a report?20:41
elfywhich is?20:41
elfyit was either sometime between 7 and 9:30 am or sometime after 4 pm today 20:42
ali123464 bit?20:44
ali1234         FLAGRANT SYSTEM ERROR        Computer over.        Virus = Very Yes.     20:45
ali1234there are no reports for those time periods :(20:46
ali1234and now the site is down20:46
elfywas definitely today and I was out between 9:30 and 4 20:47
elfyLP says 4 hours ago actually 20:48
ali1234if apport is refusing to send the report to the right place20:48
ali1234no, i don't mean bug report on launchpad20:48
ali1234i mean when was the last time you sent as automatic error report (which takes no user input other than clicking "send")20:48
elfyoh - I bet I forgot to do that to this install 20:49
elfyI did ... 20:52
elfyok - done that and also unignored the crash20:58
elfyali1234: so I did those things, restarted the indicator, got the pop-up, which is now reporting it to launchpad 21:04
elfyshall I actually do that - again 21:05
elfywell I did - currently it's set to private for some reason but bug 141374721:12
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 1413747 could not be found21:12
brainwashali1234: I was using your xfwm4 zooming feature and noticed that there is a 1px line at the bottom which is not zoomed21:37
brainwash1680x1050, but the zooming area is only 1680x104921:39
ali1234that is impossible21:41
ali1234unless you mean it is just a black line21:41
ali1234even then, still impossible21:41
ali1234zooming only modifies the transformation parameters21:42
brainwashinteresting, no the it's the actual screen content21:43
ali1234it doesn't touch the source and destination regions at all21:43
ali1234it zooms the entire composited buffer21:43
ali1234drawing part of it unzoomed would require two drawing operations and there is only one21:43
ali1234it could be not redrawing that part of the screen i suppose21:44
ali1234just leaving the old contents21:44
ali1234but i think even that is impossible21:44
brainwashrestarted the session and it's still reproducible21:45
ali1234i can't reproduce it (obviously)21:46
brainwashI placed a text editor with some text at the bottom to easy spot this strange glitch21:46
ali1234what happens if you use a video player?21:47
brainwashit does not update the 1px line while zooming21:49
brainwashdriver related?21:51
ali1234probably not21:52
ali1234well, maybe21:52
ali1234basically i have no idea21:52
brainwashit's easy to test, so maybe someone else could try and test it21:56
brainwashI don't know if it worked properly at some point, because I've accidentally triggered zooming and noticed it instantly, because there was some text at the bottom21:59
brainwashali1234: works fine with the open source driver22:29
brainwashinteresting.. I lock the screen of my session in VT7 via light-locker. now, the unlock screen aka gtk greeter also spawns in VT722:54
brainwashbluesabre: ^ ?22:56
brainwashif I unlock and lock again, then things will be broken22:57
bluesabrethat's a new one22:57
brainwashdid they break lightdm? :)22:58
brainwashso you can spawn the greeter in the same VT?22:59
brainwashcurrently it's a bug and should not happen, but it seems to work somehow, well temporary23:01
brainwashali1234: bug 1413784 any idea?23:09
ubottubug 1413784 in xfwm4 (Ubuntu) "Window Border Corruption on Systems Using Intel Integrated Graphics" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/141378423:09
ali1234graphical corruption is very common with intel chipsets23:23
brainwashyes, especially with the "new" accel method SNA23:26
brainwashfixed upstream https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8003323:26
ubottuFreedesktop bug 80033 in Driver/intel "[sna] Occasional artifacts on window borders (theme dependent)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]23:27
brainwashreporter is using 14.0423:27
bluesabrebrainwash: lightdm tends to break alot during development cycle... usually test-mode is gone until after last beta23:46

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